How to prevent blockage of the vas deferens in daily life?

The vas deferens, as a channel dedicated to transporting sperm, has a great impact on male fertility. If the vas deferens is blocked, it will have a very big blow to the male who wants to give birth, and it is also detrimental to the health of the male. Do have a good understanding of blocked vas deferens. So how to prevent vas deferens blockage in daily life?   How to prevent vas deferens blockage in daily life    1. Pay attention to personal hygiene: Men pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, wash and change underwear frequently, and avoid unclean sex.  2. Bad lifestyle habits: Men must have good lifestyle habits, avoid smoking and alcoholism. Tobacco and alcohol are important factors that cause the severity of various diseases, so patients with blocked vas deferens must quit smoking and alcohol.  3. Eat less meat with higher cholesterol content: Eat more meat with lower cholesterol such as chicken and fish, which will help prevent the occurrence of abnormal male infertility. 4. Raise awareness of prevention and do regular andrology examinations: Because vas deferens blockage is a relatively hidden disease that can only be found during many examinations, men should have regular andrology examinations to detect the disease in time, and also need to grasp some physiological characteristics and find that the testicles appear If an abnormal situation occurs, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.  5. Prevention of various inflammatory diseases: As inflammatory diseases are also the main cause of blockage of the vas deferens, it is necessary to prevent urinary system diseases and avoid affecting the vas deferens. The prevention methods for blocked vas deferens are introduced above. The occurrence of blocked vas deferens causes a lot of trouble for our patients. Such diseases can cause male infertility. Therefore, we should learn more about the basic common sense of blocked vas deferens and be positive. Prevention and treatment.