After the girl’s stomach pain, what is wrong?

Some women said that after sharing the room with their husbands, abdominal pain will occur, causing disharmony in their sexual life and affecting the feelings of the couple. Abdominal pain in the same room may be physiological or pathological. Reasons for women’s abdominal pain after sex: 1. Physiological pain: During sex, women’s vagina and cervix will be stimulated to some extent, causing pain, but because of the state of sexual excitement at that time, women cannot feel it. After calming down, this pain sensation becomes obvious. Physiological pain is usually not too severe, can be tolerated, and can resolve on its own. 2. Pelvic organ congestion and spasm: When stimulating the vagina, adjacent pelvic organs such as the urethra, bladder, uterus, etc. will also be stimulated and congested, producing a stress response, contracting spasm, leading to abdominal pain, which usually occurs in the first sex life Later, it will gradually ease in the future. 3. Bladder urethritis: Because a woman’s bladder and urethra are adjacent to the vagina, during sex, if the bladder and urethra are inflamed, they are susceptible to irritation and pain, especially when they change position and press the bladder. 4. Vaginal Cervical Pelvic Inflammation: If a woman already has vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, her lower abdomen will have persistent pain, and sexual life will cause local irritation to it, congesting the pelvic cavity and aggravating the symptoms of pain. This pathological abdominal pain is easy to distinguish from the physiological abdominal pain mentioned above. This abdominal pain lasts a long time and does not subside after the end of sexual life. Most women can see the doctor for gynecological examinations. Cause. 5. Rupture of the corpus luteum: If severe abdominal pain suddenly appears during the course of sexual life, the corpus luteum may rupture after being squeezed and shaken, causing bleeding in the abdominal cavity and causing severe abdominal pain. This is a more critical situation and requires See a doctor immediately. 6. Ovarian cyst pedicle torsion: If the female has ovarian cysts, the process of sexual intercourse is too intense, it may cause ovarian cyst pedicle torsion, causing severe abdominal pain, if not paid attention to, the time is long, the ovary may be due to ischemic necrosis. It is serious, so it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately. 7. Abdominal pain during pregnancy: In the same room during pregnancy, prostaglandins in semen may cause uterine contractions and abdominal pain, and in severe cases may cause miscarriage and premature delivery. 8. Allergies: Very few women are allergic to men’s semen or contraceptives used, which can cause allergic symptoms throughout the body and abdominal pain. When the contraceptive method is changed, this abdominal pain will disappear. 9. Rough movements: the movements in the same room are too rough, the pressure of the female abdominal cavity rises sharply, the position of the pelvis and abdominal organs may change, involve the surrounding tissues, cause abdominal pain, and also stimulate the intestinal tract, reverse peristalsis, causing abdominal pain This abdominal pain will relieve itself after a break. What about abdominal pain after the same room? The abdominal pain in the same room first needs to be clear about the cause. If the abdominal pain suddenly appears and is very severe, it may be a more urgent situation such as rupture of the corpus luteum and torsion of the ovarian cyst, etc., and you need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately. It can alleviate on its own, which is probably a physiological pain that occurs occasionally and does not require excessive tension. If it is not only after sex life, but also the hidden pain of the lower abdomen on weekdays, it is necessary to consider whether there is inflammation of the reproductive tract and urinary system. If necessary, go to the hospital for examination and timely treatment. If it is during pregnancy and abdominal pain occurs after sex, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the abdominal pain can relieve itself. If the abdominal pain is painful, it is necessary to have threatened abortion or threatened premature birth. You need to go to the hospital immediately. Of course, during pregnancy, we still recommend reducing sex life. In addition, during sexual life, the actions should avoid excessive roughness, if women are allergic to men’s semen, then appropriate contraception should be used.

The occurrence of xìng dysfunction such as “sheep tail, date crab” is also related to women!

This is a true story of a patient. According to his statement, he once had a girl appointment online. After the two met, it was a little unpleasant because of the money, but the two finally opened the room. Since he was the first time, the time was over in a short time. Originally, he wanted to “double the score”, but the other party said he was “not only short, but also” date crab “”. Since then, he began to feel inferior. Later, he had a girlfriend, but when he was in the same room, he always remembered what the girl said, and then sadly found himself “sheep tail”. In fact, the occurrence of “sheep tail, date crab” is sometimes related to the other party’s words and deeds. The other party ’s incomprehension and even verbal mocking can lead to men ’s “sheep tails, date crabs”. In the above story, the woman adopted a behavior of humiliation and harmed the man because she could not “understand” the man ’s short time His self-esteem is the problem that caused him to have functional dysfunction. Sometimes, even a mockery of the man’s character, work, appearance, etc., will cause the man to lose interest in xìng’s life. The other party’s lack of coordination can also lead to men’s desire to diminish. Some girls refuse to share the room due to fear of pain or dissatisfaction with their feelings. Over time, they can also lead to men’s desire to diminish. obstacle. Generally speaking, this kind of situation occurs mostly in newly-married couples with no life experience or in conflicts after marriage. After the wife is pregnant and giving birth, the man may also appear “date crab, sheep tail”. Some men abstain from abstinence for too long during the wife’s pregnancy, and after delivery, both parties’ energy is concentrated on taking care of the baby, and the “date crab” will appear in the same room. However, this “date crab” will be better after a while. In addition, some men do not know much about medical science, and after the childbirth has seen the delivery process, there is a shadow in their hearts, and there may be a “sheep tail”. In fact, through the above introduction, we can see that to want harmony, in addition to men wanting to establish their own confidence, they cannot do without the joint efforts of both parties.

Can’t get pregnant? These 3 tips will help you!

In fact, pregnancy is a matter of great luck. It is not like a computer program, as long as you set the parameters, you can follow the steps set in advance. Sometimes, we know that pregnancy requires high-quality sperm and eggs, and we know how to accurately calculate the ovulation period, but we ca n’t interfere if the sperm and egg can meet or combine. Pregnancy is not a common phenomenon. Clinically, the chance of getting pregnant for three months of pregnancy is only about 25%, the chance of getting pregnant for half a year is 50%, the chance of getting pregnant for 9 months is 75%, and the chance of getting pregnant for one year is only 90%. 100%. This is still based on the premise that both spouses have a normal sex life. However, if you can’t remember it, here are three tips. 1. The effect of relaxing mood on pregnancy exceeds people’s imagination. Many people have been pregnant for many years after adopting a child, and suddenly became pregnant. Superstitious people will think that this is a good person and good news. In fact, this is the result of women’s emotional relaxation. If a woman’s mood is not good, it will not only cause low libido and affect the same room effect, but also change the vaginal environment, making it difficult for sperm to survive, which in turn leads to infertility. 2. Physical Examination Some friends will have doubts: the ones that have been examined before, and both of them are in good health, why should they be checked? In fact, our physical condition is not constant. Many factors such as weather, work, environment and so on will cause changes in our physical condition. So if you are pregnant for a long time and you can’t get pregnant, you may wish to do a comprehensive examination. 3. Good steel is used on the blade. We often say that if you want to get pregnant, you must have a normal sex life. Generally speaking, young people should have three or more roommates a week. However, you must pay attention to the same room, it is best to be in the same room when the female ovulation period comes, so that the chance of pregnancy will be greater, blind blind room not only can not improve the chance of pregnancy, but also a great waste of energy. If you can’t remember it, you may wish to try the above three techniques. A good pregnancy may be after the next room!