What does it look like when a boyfriend applauds for love?

A girl asked: her boyfriend always watched movies to promote interest, and often looked at the screen during the snapping process, which made her feel very uncomfortable, is she not sexy? In fact, this alone cannot explain anything. Since the introduction of smartphones, many male prostitutes have had the experience of watching reeds when they applaud for love. As for the reasons, there are multiple possibilities: 1. Observe. Although reeds are not formal educational films, it is undeniable that there are some new “knowledge” that can be “learned”. 2. PK. Some male prostitutes want to prove their “hard power” by PK with the protagonist in the film. 3. Fantasy. Some men are watching reeds to lose weight and imagine themselves as the protagonist to conquer more of the opposite sex in the film. 4. Stimulation. Some men do not know how to communicate with their partners, and can only seek more physical and mental enjoyment by looking at the reeds. 5. Helping. Some men choose to look at reeds to increase excitement when they feel apricot life is more tedious (combined with the girl’s problem, the problem is likely to be at this point). …………Although girls can completely close their eyes while boys are looking at the reeds, they can see and feel upset, and can fully enjoy all this. But this is not the most desirable. It can completely turn passive into active: 1. Watch and “discuss” with him, and “learn” one or two for acceptable posture. 2. In normal times, you can communicate more to inform yourself of your likes and dislikes. It should be noted that men have a most distinctive feature when they look at reeds: they wanted to look like a dog, and once they watched it, they were ugly. So, just after applauding for love, just stop talking about the details in the film.