Lens removal method for orthokeratology lens (2)

Lens removal method for orthokeratology lens (2) Routinely, it is necessary to clean the lens with protein-removing care products once a week. We take AB solution as an example. How to use AB solution: 1. After cleaning the lens daily, put the lens in a special protein removal box (to distinguish the left and right eyes). &nbsp.2 ​​Pour one liquid A and one liquid B into the soaking box, close the lid, and soak the lens for 30 minutes. 3. Take out the soaked lens, rinse the lens thoroughly with special care solution, and put it in the special lens box for later use. &nbsp.&nbsp. Tip: If the lens accidentally falls out, the treatment method:&nbsp. If the lens is facing up, you can directly pick it up with your hands. &nbsp.If the back of the lens is buckled on the table, it needs to be sucked up vertically with a suction stick, and then thoroughly rinsed and cleaned with a special care solution to check that the lens is intact and free of scratches or damage. &nbsp.