After more than 10 years of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, after 3 months of training, I was reborn

More than three months have passed in the blink of an eye. Compared to the anxiety, coercion, nervousness, and crankiness that should have begun, there is now more peace, permission and acceptance. Thankfully I can meet the book “Victory of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”. Through practice, I found the method of observing breath and restfulness to be useful, and it has obviously improved my situation, but there will still be certain symptoms. This may be me Symptom is too serious. Sometimes there are thoughts of fancy and fear. With the persuasion of my family, I started taking the medicine again. It is a new medicine. After using it for a while, I found that the medicine did not have much effect on my situation. I decided to continue to follow the “Fighting Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” book. Method exercises. I’m thinking that if I practice strictly according to the method in the book, will I get better? Will my comprehension ability be as bad as before? Is it social or timid? There are many unknowns. I first practiced according to the method of viewing and resting, sitting cross-legged, closing my eyes, and focusing on the breathing of my nostrils. No matter what thoughts or feelings I produce, I will always ignore it, without thinking, judging, and maintaining equality. From the first 10 minutes to 20 minutes, I found that after the practice, the psychology was really different from before the practice, the eyes became brighter, and my heart was a lot calmer. I can do it for 30 minutes in a week, this process is particularly painful, but every time I retreat, I will look at those in the book “Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” and go out of the patient’s sharing and encouragement, and constantly cheer myself up . A month later, the method of watching interest, once every day in the morning and evening, one hour each time, persevering practice every day, the emotions are better controlled than before. According to the progress of the book, I added the practice of Yizhi. Yizhi is to add marks to the current whether it is heard, seen, smelled, and thought of to mark, whether it is good or bad, bad or not. The same is true for the above. After more than half a month of practice, the state of crankiness is better, but sometimes there will be fear and anxiety in the event. About two months or so, it was the beginning of my obvious improvement. The oath and perception experience in the book had a clear effect at this time. The oath in the oath inspired me a lot: ” Equality teaches permission and acceptance. From today on, I will learn to live with this permission and acceptance, to do things, to treat all the thoughts and feelings I have experienced. “” I put down the past, from now on From now on, I am willing to love myself, accept myself, I am willing to accept myself and everything I do, without any comments or criticism, I give myself enough attention and attention, how am I important to me, etc. ” . I found that there are a lot less negative thoughts in my mind, and more allow and accept. The practice of perception is to sense the body, such as the face, head, chest, legs and other surfaces and maintain an equal heart. With the strengthening of time, I would have been unconsciously turbulent in the past. The tremors of the body and legs rarely appeared, and the concentration was also greatly strengthened. Maybe when your state has improved significantly, your practice has been relaxed, and you did n’t realize it at first, because you often read the book and found your own problems, such as Yifa, although equality is not enhanced Less, but awareness needs to be strengthened. I find that I have n’t done enough time to observe and practice the observation method. Sometimes the observation method at night is not as diligent as before. I will improve my condition. Practice, strengthen my awareness and equality. After a month of practice, I have stopped the medicine. At first, I will have some withdrawal reactions, but now the situation is much better. The previous social barriers and poor understanding have improved. Many, inexplicable fears and anxieties are almost gone, more is quiet, permission and acceptance, I found that my awareness is much better than before, I also see a lot of things, I will learn to do some things I like. Looking back over the past three months, I am very grateful to have encountered such wonderful and good methods in my life, the “observation method” and “Yizhi method”. Now I am really refreshed, and the family is especially happy for me. In the future, life, work, marriage, buying a house, etc., I will be all right. I also believe that I will get better under constant cultivation. The practice is my life’s homework.