“Autumn Tiger” is angry and becomes more humid

   As the saying goes, “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”, health preservation in summer is mainly to remove moisture and cold from the body. If cold and dampness accumulate in the body, it will affect health. In summer, the weather is dry and hot, and people’s emotions are also easily affected. , So we use summer to “use heat to force the cold” to remove dampness and cold to make the body healthier.   In summer, the focus is on getting rid of dampness! Remember the three not to do. Three things not to do after a meal: 1. Don’t drink water immediately after eating. A problem that many people have when they eat is to drink water immediately after a meal. Some people think that after eating, there is a taste in the mouth, they will drink water immediately. Suck your mouth and clean your mouth and intestines. In fact, this is very bad for the body. Drinking water after eating will dilute the stomach acid and increase the digestive burden on the stomach. It is easy to have indigestion.   Although the human body is prone to lack of water in summer, drinking water after a meal will increase the burden of digestion, affect normal blood circulation, and make the body cold and wet.   So it is best to wait for 20-30 minutes after eating to drink water, which can reduce the burden of gastrointestinal digestion. In addition, you should pay attention to drinking water in your daily life and drink slowly, so that your body can absorb water better.  2. Don’t eat fruit immediately after eating    Many people like to eat some fruit after a meal and think it can help digestion. In fact, eating fruit immediately after a meal not only does not help digestion, but also easily causes gastrointestinal discomfort. There are many kinds of fruits in summer, and many people like to eat watermelon. Watermelon itself is a cold fruit. Eating too much will increase the cold and dampness in the body. Eating fruits just after a meal can easily stimulate the gastric mucosa, and it is not conducive to the body’s nutrient absorption of fruits.   So do not eat fruit immediately after a meal, you can replenish the body with fruit two hours after eating. 3. Don’t take a shower immediately after a meal. The summer is hot. Many people may be sweating profusely after eating. They will feel sweaty, sticky and uncomfortable. They will want to take a shower immediately. In fact, take a shower immediately after a meal. It will affect the normal gastrointestinal digestion function, because we have just eaten, most of the blood in our body is concentrated in the stomach to help digestion.   When taking a bath, it will stimulate the blood, allowing the blood to flow to the skin, and the intestines and stomach are prone to ischemia, which affects the digestion of food, and bathing after a meal is more likely to cause dampness and cold to invade the body, which is not good for health. If you want to get damp in summer, the best time to take a bath is noon. In summer health preservation, in addition to paying attention to these items that cannot be done immediately after a meal, we must also learn how to dehumidify and expel cold, maintain health and maintain health!    1. Take good care of your mouth, eat less cold food, and drink more tea to dispel dampness Detoxification is hot in summer. Many people like to drink cold beer, eat popsicles, and eat some cold foods, but these can’t really relieve the heat, but also stimulate the stomach and let cold and dampness enter the body. There is a record in the Compendium of Materia Medica that the Chixiaodou, Coix Seed, Gorgon, Poria, Gardenia, Orange Peel, Winter Melon, Lotus Leaf, Licorice, brewed with hot water, can remove aging moisture.   If necessary, you can purchase the following dehumidification and anti-cold “magic”, with a reasonable ratio to make your body healthier.  2. Do more foot baths    There is a note in the acupuncture point book of Chinese medicine that the feet are the most dense organs in the human body. Soaking the feet before going to bed will help promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.   Soaking feet before going to bed can speed up the body’s metabolism, expel toxins and garbage, and can smoothly expel moisture, and use heat to make cold. 3. Press the axillary “Detox Kou” frequently.    There is an acupuncture point in the axillary called “Jiquan Point”. This acupuncture point is located at the apex of the axillary and is a dehumidification port of our human body.    Chinese medicine believes that the nerves and blood vessels related to the heart are gathered here , Is an important acupoint in the Heart Channel.   Therefore, if you massage the Jiquan acupoint frequently, it can help expel the dampness and coldness from the body. You must apply force during the massage, and the intensity is evenly relaxed, and it can be gentle and gentle at the beginning.