Why do I need to bite the glue carefully according to the doctor’s advice in invisible correction?

Today’s topic: 【Why do I need to bite my gums seriously according to the doctor’s advice in invisible correction? 】Answer: The chewing gum is a kind of silicone rod specially produced for invisible orthodontics. After some small partners put on the invisible braces, they only use the force of the fingers to place them. This often causes the braces of some teeth to not fully buckle the accessories, causing derailment, and then leading to treatment errors. And every time the braces are worn, the chew can not only confirm the position of the accessories, ensure the fit between the braces and the teeth, and accurately realize the orthodontic mechanical system carefully designed by the orthodontist. And sticking to the chewing gum can also exercise our chewing muscles, which can avoid the appearance of braces to a certain extent.

What is the swelling of the male foreskin

&nbsp.&nbsp. Recently, many men with red and swollen foreskins have been admitted to the hospital. They didn’t feel much at first, but later they felt a little tingling before coming to the hospital. Therefore, in today’s “The Hidden Male Inflammation” column, we will talk about “What is the matter with the edema of the male foreskin”, let’s take a look at it in detail. &nbsp.&nbsp.The main reasons for foreskin edema:&nbsp.&nbsp.1, excessive masturbation:&nbsp.&nbsp.If masturbation occurs for a long time, and the foreskin is damaged by excessive force, the foreskin edema will be formed when the damage is infected. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, frequent sex:&nbsp.&nbsp. Too frequent sex leads to excessive friction of the penis and increases the hyperemia of the glans and foreskin. The symptoms caused by obstructed lymphatic drainage and intense sex can also lead to red and swollen foreskin. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, the lower body hygiene is not in place:&nbsp.&nbsp. Male lower body genital hygiene is not in place, if there are people with too long foreskin, do not clean the foreskin dirt in time every day, eventually leading to inflammation will also lead to foreskin edema. &nbsp.&nbsp.4. Balanitis:&nbsp.&nbsp. Red and swollen foreskin is a typical symptom of foreskin balanitis. Although there are many causes, it is mainly inflammation caused by bacteria. &nbsp.&nbsp.5. Postoperative infection of lower body: &nbsp.&nbsp. Men who have undergone male surgery, if care is not taken during the recovery period, it is easy to cause lower body infection and edema. &nbsp.6. The foreskin is too long:&nbsp.&nbsp. The foreskin area is not cleaned in place, which may cause local inflammation. &nbsp.&nbsp.Experts remind: In summary, I believe everyone knows that no matter what causes the foreskin redness and swelling, it is inseparable from inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary for the patient to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, and a detailed reproductive organ examination should be performed to determine the cause before symptomatic treatment. &nbsp.&nbsp.Reminder: The most common cause of redness and swelling of male foreskin is inflammation caused by improper cleaning. Therefore, if the foreskin is too old, men should wash it every day, especially in summer, to avoid bacterial invasion of the foreskin and urinary system. I hope the above article is helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, you can consult online or call our hospital’s 24-hour hotline: 028-85004633.

Invisible correction, what you must know

Every patient wants to have a “perfect” treatment effect, but often forgets the doctor’s bitter “medical advice”. It is important to know that invisible treatment depends more on the cooperation of patients than traditional fixed treatment. The perfect treatment effect is only doctors and patients. Only by working together can you get it by fighting side by side. Today, let us analyze the tasks that patients with invisible orthodontics must complete: 1, Do you have enough braces for enough time? & nbsp. The invisible appliance must be worn for no less than 22 hours a day, which means that the appliance must be worn during the rest of the meal, and the meal should not be too long. So the question is, if it is less than 22 hours, will it work? My experience varies from person to person, if you want to get the best correction effect, the wearing time must be as long as possible. Some of my patients wear only a dozen hours a day, and their teeth also walk very well, but no one can guarantee that they are such a lucky person. Another question is whether each pair of appliances must be worn for two weeks? Two weeks is a safe time. At the beginning of the determination of the wearing cycle, Yinshimei Company did a lot of experiments to prove that the movement of the tooth preset in the two weeks is the most adequate. If it is three weeks or four weeks, of course, there is no problem , But the total time is unnecessarily extended. If the amount is less than two weeks, there will be some movements that cannot be expressed adequately. This means that wearing it for two weeks is definitely good and the safest. If it is less than two weeks, it may be okay, but it may also have a negative impact on the correction process. It should be emphasized that one should never use one’s subjective feelings as a basis for braces replacement. Some patients feel that the braces are loose and weak after wearing them for a week, and they will change to the next one on their own. It is likely that there will be problems slowly, even if you have worn them for 22 hours a day. & nbsp.2. Is your picking method correct? & Nbsp. It seems to be very simple to take off the appliance, but if the method is not correct, it may cause damage to the appliance or accessories and affect the effect of the treatment. When wearing an appliance, wear the anterior teeth first. When the anterior teeth are more than half in place, the posterior teeth of the appliance will often open to both sides of the dental arch. At this time, you need to use your fingers to face the posterior teeth of the appliance Push in the direction of the midline. After the posterior teeth are basically in place, use your fingers to fit all the appliances in place. The direction of removing the appliance is the opposite. First, use your fingers to hook the inner edge of the last tooth appliance to loosen it, and then use your fingers to push the posterior teeth of the appliance to the outside, that is, the direction of the cheek, so that the appliance and accessories Break away. After the back teeth on both sides are completely loosened, remove the front teeth. What needs to be said here is that you must take off the appliance before eating every day, and clean it immediately. You can use toothbrush and toothpaste, and some people use a tall ultrasonic cleaning machine, of course. After drying the appliance, put it back in the storage box (try not to bring water). If you do not put it in the box, it means that you will most likely lose the appliance one day, and it will be troublesome and time-consuming to reproduce. Brush your teeth after eating, so it is important to prepare a dental appliance that you can carry with you. Use the chew after wearing the appliance, and finally put the chew back into the small box. & nbsp.3. Why do doctors often ask me to bite the glue seriously? & Nbsp. Here I will focus on the role of chewing. Everyone knows that the correct correction force can only be obtained if the appliance is closely attached to the tooth surface, but in fact, due to the attachment on the tooth surface, it is difficult to push the appliance completely in place by simply pushing with your fingers. The official name of chew is “Chewie”, which is a silicone rod specially produced for invisible orthodontics. The correct use of chew is an important factor to ensure the effectiveness of invisible correction. It should also be emphasized that before using the chew, you must wear the appliance in hand. If you bite directly before it is fully seated, it may cause damage to the appliance or produce incorrect corrective force, which may affect the treatment. effect. Chewie comes in a variety of colors, with no difference in effect. & nbsp.4. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Do you have the habit of self-checking on weekdays? & nbsp. Due to the longer interval between invisited treatments, patients are advised to do a self-examination each time they wear a brace. If they find a problem, they should immediately contact their orthodontist to eliminate the problem.