What should I pay attention to before liposuction?

Many friends ask, what should I pay attention to before liposuction? First of all, it is necessary to have a full communication with the doctor, tell the doctor fully his needs, and then the doctor will give you an obviously better suggestion according to the situation you feedback, and finally reach an agreement; the second point is We carry out various pre-operative examinations, so especially for this general anesthesia operation such as liposuction of the thigh and waist and abdomen, preoperative examination is very important, so that we can rule out some cases that are not suitable for surgery; Point, we need to not take anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin half a month before surgery, and then do not smoke or drink alcohol a week before surgery. If you are a woman seeking beauty, it is best to arrange your time reasonably and avoid the menstrual period The fourth point, it is best to take a bath before the operation, so as to ensure relative cleanliness during the operation, and also avoid some inconveniences such as not being able to take a bath early in the operation.