She thinks that being a daughter-in-law should make her grandparents happy

Author: Liu Yingya a friend after marriage I do not know how to, with the notion that a wife would make the elderly happy. Because of this idea, she chose to take care of the elderly life with her children. Every day she put her in-laws first, and racked her brains to think about cooking for her in-laws. Now that she was feeling helpless and helpless, she didn’t even know if this was the normal state? Obviously not the normal state. If life is to make anyone happy, it is often unhappy. In particular, I want to make my in-laws happy, but how to choose a way of life, I feel a bit empty. Because these two elders are not very dear to the daughter-in-law. No matter how respecting the elderly and loving the young, you will not choose a life that is not from your heart. Even if you choose, it has insufficient stamina and lacks motivation. In addition, who can take care of your life, and take care of your own life helpless and helpless. Even if your immediate descendants, you can only accompany and support. Therefore, this choice must come from your own choice, and it is a choice made for yourself. It may also be a temporary workaround. But why are you so unhappy with some choices? Of course, the first reason is that this is not the life you want, or this choice is not helpful for your goals, or it is too costly. How did I suddenly think of the recent hot stalls? I feel that sometimes people will put their lives on the street and greet them. Perhaps it may be because their lives are too lonely. It is not difficult to crack. As far as I know, this woman may have a stronger personality than me. I really want to take the virtuous route and arrange my life first. To arrange your own life, you must have goals and be responsible for your goals. Arrange your life, and then consider your children and loved ones to assist. After all, children and lovers are the obsessions of their own lives. Under normal circumstances, this is already the thing most in-laws would like to see: you are a good wife and a good mother. Put your son and grandchildren at ease. If they still blame you for not washing and cooking them, there is nothing to make them happy to do things, they need to face their own ideas. Of course, for the daughter-in-law, it is just their thoughts, they have the freedom to think, but the relationship needs to establish boundaries. For the daughter-in-law, the key is to be a happy person, and the one who is lively and fragrant is the most virtuous, which is much better than hurting others. Is there any gain after reading? Follow me and teach you to use psychology to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love to help you understand love and marriage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Class Two Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Physical and Mental Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Network Emotion Instructor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychological work, focusing on family marriage and love , Personal physical and spiritual growth. Public number: psychological consultant Liu Yingya WeChat: psyajfz Weibo: