Classic Moments-Dr. Haishu repeats the Internal Classics-Forbidden Service 0811

[Original] Huangdi said: Cunkou masters, people welcome the master, the two correspond to each other, if the lead rope is the same size. People are slightly bigger in spring and summer, and cunkou is slightly bigger in autumn and winter. If so, the name is flat.   Renying is twice as big as Cunkou, and the disease is in the foot Shaoyang; double and irritable, in the hand Shaoyang. People are greeted twice, sickness lies in the sun; twice and irritable, sickness lies in the sun. People welcome three times, the disease is in the foot Yangming; three times and irritable, the disease is in the hands Yangming. Prosperity means heat, deficiency means cold, tight means pain and numbness, and generation means chaos. If it is prosperous, it will relieve it, if it is deficient, it will replenish it, if it is painful, it will be divided into flesh. On behalf of it, blood will be taken and medicine will be taken. If it is depression, it will be moxibustion. People welcome four times as big and count, and the name is Yiyang. Yiyang is extravagant and will die. It must be reviewed according to its roots and ends, to observe its cold and heat, to examine the disease of its viscera. [Translation] Huangdi Dao: Cunkou pulse examines the internal five internal organs, the person in the neck welcomes the pulse to the six internal organs outside the main examination, the Cunkou pulse and the human welcome pulse echo each other and communicate with each other constantly, their pulsation is like pulling a rope That’s consistent. In the spring and summer, the pulse is slightly larger, and the Cunkou pulse is slightly larger in the fall and winter. If the pulse appears above, it is a healthy person.   The pulse of Renying is twice as large as the Cunkou pulse, and the disease is in the foot Shaoyang meridian; when the pulse is twice as large and is agitated, the disease is in the hand Shaoyang meridian. Renying is twice as large as the Cunkou pulse, and the disease is in the full sun meridian; when the pulse is twice as large and agitated, the disease is in the hand sun meridian. Renying’s pulse is three times larger than Cunkou’s, and the disease is in the Foot Yangming Meridian; when the pulse is three times larger and restless, the disease is in the Hand Yangming Meridian. When the pulse is grand, it is heat, the pulse is weak is cold, the pulse is tight is pain, and the pulse generation is mild or severe. People use the purging method to welcome the grand pulse, the replenishing method for the pulse deficiency, the pulse tightening and pain bi acupuncture at the transfusion points between the flesh, the pulse disease is bleeding in the blood collaterals, and the decoction is taken together. If the pulse sinks, it can be treated with moxibustion. If the pulse is not prosperous, the usual method is used for treatment, which is called “meridian acupuncture.” The pulse condition of the Cunkou pulse is four times larger. It is grand and rapid at the same time. It is the overflow of yang qi. Overflowing yang is the phenomenon of yang being rejected by the yin qi (called Waige). Waige is a death certificate and cannot be cured. In addition to the above, it is necessary to examine the entire process of the disease, distinguish the cold and heat of the disease, and identify the specific lesions of the internal organs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Doctor Haishu: It was a pavement before. How to keep everyone healthy or recover is the knowledge. Good morning [rose]