The two types of dishes that restaurants often see, people with low platelets should eat less!

Assistant Hu Guisheng WeChat: dd326751 Now people are pursuing food diversification, like to taste dishes, and taste more decorative and diverse cuisines. However, such dishes, people with low platelets are better to eat less! 1. “Boiled” is not just for cooking. Many people will order “boiled fish” and “boiled meat” in the restaurant. In fact, during the processing of this kind of dish, a lot of oil is added, and the heating is repeated. There is a great danger to health. There will be a lot of peppers in it, which hinders the circulation of blood, stimulates the human digestive tract, and affects the gastrointestinal function. Therefore, people with low platelets should eat less. 2. “Dry pan” is actually heated many times. “Dry pan cauliflower” and “dried pan tofu” are also often seen in restaurants. These are actually heated during the processing. You don’t know how many times to heat the vegetables The nutrition has been destroyed, and it will burn easily if heated for a long time, and there is a lot of salt in it. Eating too much will increase the risk of hypertension.  Can’t eat roasted, roasted and roasted foods: The grilled roasted products have a hard skin, which can cause friction and cause mucosal bleeding; on the other hand, such foods are not easy to digest, hinder the spleen and stomach luck, and easily cause intestinal digestive dysfunction.   Then, people with low platelets can eat more high-protein, high-vitamin and easily digestible foods, can supplement vitamin C, K, eat peanuts, red dates, walnuts, longan and other foods that benefit qi and nourish blood. If there is deficiency of the spleen and kidney, and the syndrome of deficiency of both qi and blood, more warm diet therapy can be performed. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Breakfast can be based on porridges that invigorate the spleen and blood, for example, astragalus porridge, etc., water can also be replaced by peanut yijian soup tea.   Therefore, don’t be greedy for food, not necessarily good for people with low platelets. In fact, diet can supplement treatment in life. As the saying goes, “three points depend on governance, and seven points depend on raising.” In addition to cooperating with hospital doctors, nursing is still very important. From eating, you can adjust the body’s functions, improve immunity, and have some help to the disease.

What are the ways to prevent insomnia in life

Insomnia, this is a disease that many people will encounter in life, and it is more common in middle-aged and elderly people. This disease actually has a very wide range and is prone to cause insomnia. There are also many causes for insomnia. There will be very serious harm. Here are some of the ways to prevent insomnia in life? First, avoid excessive excitement or excessive thinking before going to bed, otherwise insomnia symptoms will easily occur. If you don’t watch too intense movies, TV, novels before going to bed, and don’t think about excessive sadness to relax your mind, it will help you fall asleep.   Second, the diet must be reasonable: to treat insomnia, reasonable eating habits are very important. We have to guarantee three meals a day, eat less at dinner, and avoid big fish and meat and spicy spicy food. There is a famous saying in Chinese medicine: “Stomach discomfort, and restless.” It is said that eating uncomfortably will cause insomnia, so supper should not be overeat, and eat light, digestible food as well.   Third, create a sleeping atmosphere: This is also relatively easy to understand. Before sleeping, white-collar workers should choose a good bed and pillows, quilts and other sleeping items. The spring mattresses that white-collar workers usually prefer are actually not good for sleep. In terms of good health, it is better to have a wooden bed. If you want a spring bed, do not choose too soft.   Fourth, try not to stay up late: due to fierce social competition, many people work overtime every day. In the evening, drink strong tea and coffee to refresh and continue working. Over time, it disrupts the body’s biological clock, disrupts the sleep pattern, and causes insomnia. So do not drink strong drinks such as strong tea and coffee before going to bed. In short, the above introduces some common methods of preventing insomnia in life. In fact, many people are prone to insomnia. This disease is mainly related to bad habits. In fact, if you want to relieve it, you should develop early sleep. A good habit of getting up early, avoid strenuous exercise or extreme mood swings before going to bed.

Do you want to take away the cats and dogs at home? Actually, it is not necessary

Once in a state of pregnancy, many female friends will definitely be persuaded to send domestic animals to live or lodge so as not to cause a bad impact on the fetus. In fact, many families are now raising pets. With the extension of parenting time, many pets have become members of the family. In fact, it is very beneficial to the communication and cultivation of our emotions, and even the cultivation of emotions during the growth of the baby. During pregnancy, pregnant women are afraid of being infected with some pathogenic bacteria brought by cats and dogs, so they dare not touch pets or even send them away, which is actually not necessary. Because the diseases transmitted by cats and dogs are mainly through several ways: one is microorganisms, that is, the most common and most common toxoplasma gondii. In addition, for example, after being scratched by cats and dogs, these scratched diseases are infected, such as our rabies problems. In fact, if cats and dogs are healthy during this process, it is actually safe to have regular vaccinations. If you do not have close contact with your pet when you plan to become pregnant, and then avoid scratches, bites, etc., cats and dogs at home will not increase the chance of your baby becoming unhealthy after pregnancy. Many people have misunderstandings about Toxoplasma gondii. In fact, Toxoplasma gondii only exists in cats, and dogs will not be infected. And cats must first eat mice or dead poultry and raw meat if they are to be infected with Toxoplasma gondii. People who are infected with Toxoplasma gondii must be exposed to cat feces. So if you understand this process, in fact we have very few chances of real contact. So if we are in close contact with cats, for example, it is important to wash our hands before eating, then we pay attention to personal hygiene, then cats and dogs also do regular vaccinations, can be pregnant on the basis of keeping pet .