Married people take the initiative to fall in love with you and want to divorce you, what do you think?

& Nbsp Author: Liu Yingya married person you fell in love with the initiative, and to divorce you. It’s not that your charm is big enough, but that the person Ta has big problems. Let’s take a look at these issues: First, sacrifice, renunciation, and redemption rely on sacrifice and renunciation in exchange for feelings, not infatuation. Rely on sacrifice and give up your important things in exchange for or begging for a relationship or a relationship. If this is the case. That person is in a state in need of salvation, a person in need of salvation; or he has an undivided purpose. He thinks that your affair is worthy of him giving up like this. He may believe this religiously, or it may be just a gamble. His piety is not his piety to feelings, but his urgent need for salvation. His focus is on the need for salvation, not on feelings. Such a person cannot have authentic love. Second, ability depends on sacrifice and giving up in exchange for affection because of lack of ability. He has no ability to grasp his real life, including his feelings. In fact, these two aspects are often connected. People who can grasp their own real life can often also grasp his feelings, and vice versa. This tests a comprehensive ability. Third, the attitude of responsibility is to sacrifice and give up in exchange for feelings. This person does not care about what responsibility is. His attitude towards real life is not a determined attitude, a self-responsible attitude, or a responsible attitude towards real life. The same is true for feelings. If real life is unsatisfactory, or emotional life is unsatisfactory, hopping and re-opening is a very important idea for him. Instead of creating your own life and feelings with your heart. Fourth, psychological barriers rely on sacrifice and giving up in exchange for feelings. These aspects that he has given up may be the obstacles in his heart. He has grievances or hostility towards these abandoned things; he lacks a certain balance in these aspects. For example, marriage, promise a person to give up marriage for this person, even if he and this person can be a positive result, their relationship or marriage will not end well. One of the reasons why he could not die well was that his inner heart for marriage was unbalanced. Even, he does whatever he wants. It is difficult for him to bring a stable life to the people around him, and it is difficult for him to have a stable life himself. Of course, stability is not a clear demand in his heart. Maybe he lives completely whatever he wants, or maybe he lives in a stream of consciousness. If you want to establish a stable and meaningful relationship with such a person, you may make yourself very meaningless. For someone who wants to sacrifice some important aspects of himself, or give up some important aspects of himself, to get moved by you is too scribble. I am Liu Yingya, a psychological consultant. I use psychology to analyze love, marriage, family life and make intimate relationships a classroom for self-growth. Welcome to follow. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Level 2 Psychological Counselor. A researcher on the emotional family of both sexes in marriage and love, and a researcher on the growth of personal, physical and mental. More than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family relationships and personal growth. &nbsp.