Faced with pervasive fear and coercion, this is the way to release

Introduction: Everyone will worry about the occurrence of “in case” in life. This kind of worry is a kind of self-protection, or a kind of prevention awareness of our ordinary people to seek benefits and avoid harm. This is a normal reaction. . But if a logic of “just in case” keeps your mind from stopping and falling into one or more uncontrollable states, it is an abnormal performance. For example, this student in the following “dialogue” is already a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dialogue: He (student): “I am usually a very timid and cautious person. This timid prudence extends to all aspects of life. For example, the quality of the window switch is good or bad, and I am worried that the dust from outside may come in, or On rainy days, rainwater will run into the bedroom room and destroy some important things. The whole person becomes very nervous, and will always tell parents not to open the bedroom window no matter the weather is sunny or rainy, and even write large letters on the paper. Don’t open the window ‘, post it on the wall to remind them. “I: Hmm ~ He:” This kind of tension and anxiety will also be expressed in other aspects, like some plots and words in TV dramas, such as rape, homosexuality, teasing, Obscene, what sexiness, sexual pleasure, etc., others may pass by when I hear it, and I will be very uncomfortable. “& Nbsp.” And there are words like curse coming into my head, I will judge which is right. People can’t say these curse words, to whom can they say these curse words? Then in case I curse these curse words to those who can’t scold them, but I don’t scold these curse words to the curse people What should I do? In case I scolded my family, and then caused the family to quarrel, then fight, and then think about suicide by jumping off the building? Wait for a series of fear and imagination. “I:” Well, you always worry and imagine all kinds of bad things. Happened? “He:” Yes, I always worry about all kinds of accidents, and feel that I have unlimited accidents. “I:” Well, have you analyzed your own problems, for example, why did you become the present? This way? “He:” Yes, I have read many online and related psychology books. I think my problem will have some relationship with my personality. My personality is the kind that is willing to think about it. “I: um ~ He: “There is still a relatively big blow, was suspended from school, and the psychological discomfort has been for a long time.” I: “Well, how long have you been in such a situation of coercion and anxiety?” He: ” I have been there since high school, and now I am in my sophomore year. ”I:“ Have you ever been healed during this period? ”He:“ Yes, but not very effective. However, I recently invented a self-implication method for coercion and fear. , Seems to have Some effects, but I still want to receive comprehensive psychological training from the teacher. “I deliberately ridiculed:” Okay, then what I let you do, you have to do. “He:” Haha ~, sure, certain, As long as it can make me good, let me do anything. “He continued:” Also, when talking to people, always check whether it is right, right. When the teacher is giving a slide show, other students take it again. That ’s all, and I have to shoot 7 times, 8 times or more to stop. Ask a word, be sure to ask if it ’s right, right, of course, I ’m afraid to repeat it outside, I know that people outside must not It will keep me asking whether it is right, right, more often I will always ask my family members like father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother if it is right, right. “& Nbsp.I:” Well, you do n’t think to ask, no When I go to prove it, is it psychologically uneasy, uneasy, uncomfortable? “He:” Yes, yes, yes! “I:” Well, I understand, is there any more? “He:” Also, I will Set a rule for family members, that is, do not use toothpicks or Put things with angles next to the water cup. In case one day this thing ran into the water cup, in case anyone who was drinking from the water cup would be choked to death, I thought it was a danger that could easily occur. Repeatedly told the family. “Also, I will tell my family that I have to bring my own keys when I go out, and I will open the door when I come back. I wo n’t open the door for them at home. They promised me, but I still do n’t worry, let them write in On the paper, including some rules are also written on the paper, let them do it one by one in accordance with the rules, especially can not let me open the door. “I:” Well, why can’t you let the door open? “He:” I think so, in case I am doing my homework or sleeping, I am very committed to doing something