What’s going on with Minoxidil? Several questions I have to read before using minoxidil

Please note: This answer has 3000+ words, and it takes about 7 minutes to read it~Fayou A: “Doctor, I heard that someone who uses Minoxidil not only does not grow hair, but hair loss is even more fierce, is this the case?” (Knock on the blackboard!!! This is a must-have question!!!) Friend B: &nbsp. “Doctor, I’ll give you feedback. The Rogaine&nbsp. in the United States feels better than our own domestically produced Mandy. Some of the things are not good. And the hair loss after using Mandy is very greasy! It affects getting up in the morning to make a hairstyle.”Fat C:&nbsp.”Doctor, I feel that the effect of minoxidil is average? It took two months. I don’t see any effect, and it feels the same as useless.” These three questions are basically the most asked questions by those friends who are confused when using Minoxidil [&nbsp.Minoxidil]. I briefly summarized it, and the next step is to answer it slowly for everyone. First of all, let me answer the most important question that everyone cares about most: Minoxidil, is there a period of madness? The answer is: what is the “crazy period”? The so-called “crazy period” is literally meaning! It refers to the phenomenon that a large number of hair loss patients temporarily lose their hair when they use minoxidil for about 2 to 4 weeks. Many patients dare not use minoxidil because of the fear of the “crazy period”, or stop using minoxidil because of the “crazy period”. As everyone knows, this is actually a normal phenomenon. Moreover, the hair shedding is unhealthy hair itself, minoxidil only accelerates the shedding, it is not the root cause of hair loss. So why is there a “crazy period”? First of all, we need to understand the hair growth cycle: the hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period (about 2 to 8 years), regression period (about 2 to 3 weeks), rest period (about 3 to 4 months) . After the hair enters the rest period and falls off, new hair will grow out and enter the growth phase. The hair loss of a person is normally caused by too much hair in the regression phase and rest period. Before the hair enters the growth phase, it must first undergo the regression phase and rest period. Simply put: one radish and one pit. This pit is about to grow new radishes, so you have to pick the old radishes. Therefore, after using minoxidil, it can shorten the rest period of unhealthy hair and promote healthy hair regeneration. Experiments have shown that the hair resting period of mice using minoxidil is reduced from 20 days to only 1 to 2 days. When the hair in the rest period falls off in a large amount in a short period of time, the so-called “crazy period” appears. So is it a good thing or a bad thing for hair loss people to appear in a period of madness? Of course it is a good thing! Isn’t there a sentence: “The old one does not go, the new one does not come” Minoxidil, the chemical name is 6-(1-piperidinyl)-2,4-pyrimidinediamine, 3-oxide, once As a potassium channel opener in the clinic, it was originally used to treat hypertension. Later, in the clinical treatment of hypertension, it was found that its “side effects” that make the hair (beard) grow longer and thicker, and was subsequently developed as a drug for the treatment of hair loss. In 1988, the US FDA approved a 2% concentration of minoxidil solution for external use to treat androgen-induced hair loss; in 1997, the FDA approved a 5% concentration of minoxidil solution as a treatment for androgen-induced hair loss. The higher concentration of minoxidil solution has not yet passed the US FDA certification. Minoxidil 2% concentration for women Use minoxidil 5% for men (Drug use, use under the guidance and advice of a doctor, do not use drugs at will!!!) ——————Fragmentation principle Line————————About the germinal principle of minoxidil 1.&nbsp. Promote angiogenesis and increase local blood supply (1) Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) plays an important role in promoting angiogenesis, which can be promoted by promoting hair follicles The supply of nutrients to stimulate hair growth and increase hair follicle diameter. Compared with normal hair follicles, the expression of VEGF in the hair follicles of bald areas of male patients with male detachment was significantly reduced. Foreign scientists have found that minoxidil can increase the expression of VEGFmRNA and its protein and promote hair growth. (2) In addition, there are research experiments on the local application of minoxidil to mice. The results show that: minoxidil can dilate the capillaries of the hair follicle hair bulb and increase the local blood supply. So speculate that minoxidil increases

Who is suitable for beard planting technology

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Who can’t grow beards? Men’s beards have always been a sign since ancient times, a sign of success and mature charm. But men with scarce beards are very distressed. For this reason, we also asked the doctors at the Hair Transplant Research Center to give you a detailed explanation of what is a beard transplant. I hope to help male friends who have troubles. Now let’s take a look at what kind of people is suitable for beard planting?   Who is suitable for beard planting technology? Although beard planting technology works well for sparse beards, beard planting technology is not suitable for all friends with sparse beards, mainly for To a friend: As long-term hair transplantation must choose autologous hair, so the recipient must have a certain amount and density of hair, followed by hair loss is better in a relatively stable period. You can rest assured that the beard implant technique is safe, because hair transplantation is usually done under local anesthesia. Microsurgical techniques are used to remove the healthy occipital hair follicle tissue, and then transplant it to the transplanted site after special careful separation. The operation is not painful, and the patient can go home after the operation. The entire operation time is usually about 2 hours. After the hair follicles survive, they will grow healthy new hair, maintaining all the biological characteristics of the original hair.   Next, the doctor will introduce the characteristics of the beard transplantation:    1. Design the shape of the beard according to the characteristics of the individual’s head shape, face shape, temperament and age.   2. Transplant according to the direction and distribution of normal beard growth.   3. The transplant area will not leave any marks or scars.   4. There is no difference between the beard after transplantation and the normal beard, and it needs to be repaired regularly.  Precautions for beard transplantation, the doctor introduced:    1. Patients with hypertension and diabetes should inform the doctor in detail at the initial diagnosis.   2. Do not drink alcohol the day before the operation.   3. Make sure you are healthy before the operation without any infectious diseases or other body inflammations.    4. Take a bath before the operation and keep your head clean and hygienic.

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”?

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”? In real life, there are many male bald men and many women with baldness, but women do not have so many hair loss problems. Men don’t pay attention to the obvious hair loss problem. If you don’t pay attention, there will often be a big problem. The big problem that women face is “female diffuse hair loss.” This type of hair loss often starts from adolescence, thick hair will gradually become thinner, gradually fade from dull and shiny to dull and dull, if at this time there is greasy scalp at the same time, menstrual disorders, it can be sure that the male hormone is the cause . Over time, the scalp growth environment will become poor, and the hair will become thinner and thinner. After understanding the forming factors of women’s “diffuse hair loss”, how can this phenomenon be prevented? First, you must maintain an optimistic attitude. When you meet many of these girls, especially those who suffer from love, they are entangled in the hair disaster every day. The tea is not fragrant, the sleep and sleep are uncomfortable, the work is unintentional, the depression is all day long. on. Second, administer the right medicine: reduce the androgens through regular hospitals if the hormones are too high; deficiency of qi and blood can be regulated through health care and physiotherapy; nutritional deficiencies quickly balance the diet, nutritional deficiencies caused by digestive problems must adjust the gastrointestinal tract; mental stress must find channels To release yourself; if parents, grandparents, cousins, cousins, cousins ​​and cousins ​​also have hair loss, such family problems, you have to recognize the reality, maintain and delay hair loss, from the early days, the sooner the better! Third, this type of hair loss must be strictly prohibited from dyeing and scalding once. It is dozens of times more destructive than the normal hair girl. You can’t stand this toss, don’t touch it! Fourth, choose big-name shampoos, mainly weakly acidic, supplemented by alkaline, cross-use; Fifth, comb the scalp thoroughly, dredge the meridians of the head, and promote blood circulation to the capillaries of the head. Add oil to the body to supplement the hair follicles!

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss?

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Food supplement to prevent hair loss! 1. Black cereals such as black sesame, black beans, black rice and other grains have great benefits for hair, especially black sesame contains a lot of oleic acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, vitamin E, calcium and other hair needs Trace ingredients. It nourishes the scalp. Not only inhibits hair loss, but also allows hair to get rid of dry and yellow and restore softness and moisture. These cereals can be boiled into porridge, supplemented daily, long-term adherence, can prevent hair loss, hair quality will become better and better. 2. Nuts walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and other nuts. Cysteine ​​deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. The best way to supplement cystine is to eat nuts. But it is worth noting that the consumption of nuts should not be too much. 28g per day is the most suitable. If it is more, it will cause excessive intake of blood lipids, causing blood sugar fluctuations, and the nutritional value of nuts will be greatly reduced. 2. How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Staying up late Many people know that staying up late is the culprit of hair loss, because staying up late will affect the normal metabolism of the nervous system. Not only that, staying up late will also cause endocrine disorders, skin damage, and decreased resistance. 2. Reasonable diet Excessive dieting to lose weight will lead to hair loss, hair quality will become yellow, which is not conducive to the normal metabolism of the body. Weight loss should be achieved through a reasonable diet and reasonable exercise. Blind dieting will lead to a decline in body immunity, hypoglycemia, and hair loss. problem. 3. It is not advisable to over-perm and dye your hair. Many girls who love beauty want to toss their hair, and they are permed and dyed, dyed and hot, but they do not know that perming and dyeing will cause the hair protein to degenerate and damage, dry and yellow, hair loss and split ends, hair dyeing for one year No more than two times with perm. 4. Hair also needs sunscreen. We all know that skin needs sunscreen, but neglected that hair also needs sunscreen. In fact, the protein in our hair is also easily oxidized by light, especially when going out in the summer with extremely strong ultraviolet rays. Or wearing a hat can effectively block the ultraviolet rays to prevent hair from being burned by ultraviolet rays and causing hair loss.

What can’t Taiyuan’s patients with epilepsy take during medication?

Epilepsy disease is a common chronic disease in neurology. Clinically, its treatment cycle is long, and there are many factors that can induce its seizures in life. Therefore, in the treatment of epilepsy disease, adhere to formal scientific targeted treatment and do Good and good disease care is the most important, and only when the two are combined with each other is the foundation for ensuring the therapeutic effect of patients. So, in the process of taking medication, what should be paid attention to in the daily life of patients with epilepsy? Wang Wensheng, epilepsy in Taiyuan Epilepsy Hospital, will give you a detailed introduction. Epilepsy Wang Wensheng pointed out that in order to ensure that patients with epilepsy are not stimulated by food and induce abnormal discharge of brain neurons, in daily diet, patients with epilepsy must avoid eating hair. Hair is a kind of food for people with special body, which will cause allergies, affect the efficacy of medicine or cause disease after consumption. So, for our patients with epilepsy, what hair can not eat? 1. In the diet of hormones or hormone-like substances, most of the foods containing hormones are sow pork, rooster, fish roe, etc., because after being cooked, the synthesis of hormones will promote some hyperfunction or metabolic disorders in the human body, thereby stimulating brain nerves Abnormal discharge leads to the patient’s illness. 2. In the life of allergic foods, many people will be allergic to shrimp and crab seafood. This is because seafood contains more histamine, which will lead to increased vascular permeability, dilation of microvessels, hyperemia and gland secretion Symptoms such as hyperactivity, therefore, disrupt the body’s immune system and cause epilepsy patients to relapse. 3. Spicy stimulating foods In the daily diet, the most direct impact on epilepsy patients is spicy irritating foods, which causes excessive irritation to the gastrointestinal tract and the body, which will directly stimulate the patient’s brain neurons to make a long time. The reaction may cause abnormal discharge of the neurons of the patient, so this is also prohibited by the patient. For epilepsy, drinks or foods that have an exciting effect on the nervous system, such as strong tea, coffee, and alcohol, can often induce seizures. Epilepsy Wang Wensheng pointed out that for patients with epilepsy, good diet care is very important for the treatment of patients. Patients with epilepsy must adhere to a varied diet in addition to the three major nutrients of carbohydrate, protein and fat, as well as sufficient vitamins and minerals to maintain normal function. The timely supplement of trace elements that the body lacks, do not drink too much water, and at the same time, avoid ingestion of hair, ensure good eating habits, and actively cooperate with drug treatment, is the key to ensuring the therapeutic effect.

How to get rid of white things on armpit hair

The following two diseases can be considered. 1. Axillary tinea capitis usually occurs in the armpit hair, and the pubic hair can also be invaded. There are tiny nodules scattered on the hair shaft, which are hard in nature and firm in adhesion, and can sometimes wrap the hair shaft in a sheath shape. Axillary trichophytosis, caused by the pathogenic coryneform bacterium, invades the axillary hair and pubic hair, and is parasitic in the cells and cells of the hairy skin. People who are sweaty are prone to this disease. Occurs mostly in armpit hair, pubic hair can also be invaded, and hair in other parts is not easily invaded. There are tiny nodules scattered on the hair shaft, which are hard in nature and firm in adhesion, and can sometimes wrap the hair shaft in a sheath shape. Nodules are generally yellow, sometimes red or black (yellow in our country are more common), obvious in summer when sweaty, dry winter is not easy to find. The affected hair loses its luster, and if pathogens invade the surface layer of the hair, the hair shaft may be damaged and the hair may be easily broken. The color of the nodules can stain local sweat and clothing. The skin is generally unchanged, and most patients have no symptoms. Treatment: 1. Shave the axillary hair of the affected part, apply 5-10% sulfur emulsion or erythromycin ointment, if the local sweaty, you can give 1% formaldehyde solution. 2. Chinese medicine: after shaving off the axillary hair of the affected part, apply compound snake bed wine (15g for snake bed, sophora flavescens, 100 parts each, 250ml of liquor. Soak for 7 days, filter the residue, and use it. Prevention 1. Pay attention to personal hygiene Chengqin take a good bath, wash hands and feet, change the underwear and footwear good hygiene habits. 2. Keep the skin dry. 3. Avoid contact with ringworm patients and clothing, do not touch and play with animals with ringworm. 2. Body lice Or pubic lice infection. Body lice or pubic lice parasitic on the human body, a series of reactions that repeatedly bite the skin. The eggs can attach to the body hair and appear small white spots. Of course, there are corresponding reactions on the skin in addition to the hair. The first treatment Method: Shave off the hair, then apply 50% Hundred Tincture or 25% Paraben Emulsion. For second-line drug treatment, apply 1% permethrin cream to the affected area and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Pyrethrin and piperonin Ether is applied to the infected area and rinsed off after 10 minutes. The third-line drug treatment 0.2% phenothrin emulsion is applied to dry hair and washed after 2 hours. 0.5% malathion emulsion is applied to the affected area and 12 hours after application Wash. Oral ivermectin, repeated use after a week, children under 15 kg are not suitable for use. No matter what kind, please consult the doctor after confirming the diagnosis and then use the drug.&nbsp.

Popular science|Some common questions about freezing hair removal

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Summer is approaching, and it’s almost the season of hair removal. There are still many beauty seekers who have doubts about freezing hair removal, so let’s give you a popular science. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Will freezing point hair removal grow again? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After freezing hair removal, it will grow again. There are two main reasons. One is because freezing hair will leave small hairs; the second is that freezing hair removal is not a one-time removal. With all the hair, it takes multiple hair removals to not grow out. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2. Why does freezing hair removal grow longer? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Freezing hair removal is only effective for growing hair. When freezing hair removal, it only destroys 90% of the hair that is visible to the naked eye, and we have non-growth hair on our body. These hairs also need to be depilated when they enter the growth phase, so as to avoid hair hair removal. Then grow it again. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. After freezing hair removal will leave small sweat hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. This is mainly because the body’s hair follicles have strong repair and regeneration capabilities, Hair follicles that have been damaged by freezing energy may continue to grow hair, or they may still grow fine hair (like the soft and fine hair on the baby’s skin) after a few years. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4.It is not effective for thin light hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.If you are a person with thin hair and light color , Then it may grow faster after doing freezing point hair removal, because the energy of the laser mainly acts on the melanocytes in the hair follicles, and there are fewer melanocytes in the lighter hair, so for thinner and shallower Hair and freezing point hair removal have little effect on weakening the growth ability of hair follicles, so people with thin hair and light hair color may grow faster when doing freezing point hair removal. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5. The freezing point hair removal will not grow for a few times&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Normally, freezing point hair removal needs to be done 4-6 times, each time It is best to freeze the hair removal interval between 30-45 days, which is determined according to the growth cycle of the hair follicles, so as to have a better hair removal effect. The specific frequency of freezing hair removal is determined by the number and location of individual hair. Generally, lip hair is a dense hair part. Individuals need to perform hair removal 7 or more times, so that the hair will not grow out at a faster rate. . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.6. How to reduce the re-prolonging probability of hair removal at freezing point The hair removal agency is related. If you want to avoid the freezing point hair removal is still long, you should go to the regular hospital from the beginning, find a professional skin manager for freezing point hair removal. Because professional skin managers can regulate the energy of the freezing point hair removal instrument more accurately, which can maximize the hair removal effect without causing damage to the skin. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For the final effect, be sure to go to regular institutions to do freezing hair removal, so as to have a satisfactory effect. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “hair removal”, you can ask me questions.

Why are there so many young girls losing hair now?

Why do more and more people suffer from baldness and hair loss, and even the hair loss of the younger generation after 90s has become more and more serious? Hair loss manifests itself in that the speed of hair loss is greater than the speed of hair growth, and the balance between hair loss and hair growth is broken. In the final analysis, the growth of hair follicle cells is hindered. There are many reasons for hair loss. Genetic factors, seborrheic alopecia, chronic diseases, endocrine disorders, excessive brain use, stress, dietary malnutrition, hair style effects, etc., may all cause hair loss. &nbsp. Focus on this, why do girls lose hair? &nbsp. Reason one: Androgenic alopecia is also called seborrheic alopecia, AGA in English, and FAGA in women. Although male hormones are written, it is possible for women to develop the disease (don’t doubt, women also have male hormones), the probability is about 60%. Although compared with men, women’s symptoms will be slower and the symptoms will be milder. It usually starts at the age of 20, and the high incidence age is around 50 years old, which means that the young and middle-aged time is the key period. And this is a genetic factor, which is considered a genetic disease, so a cure is impossible. The whole process starts from the forehead or the top of the head, and the hair follicles of the original healthy hair begin to shrink into thin, short and fragile hair with atrophy, and then start to fall. &nbsp. Reason two: Nutrient metabolic alopecia Many girls will also diet and lose weight, in fact, this may be the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the business intake is not balanced, such as protein deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, etc. In addition, certain metabolic diseases such as arginine succinic aciduria, homocystinuria, hereditary orotic acid Urinary disorders and methionine metabolism disorders are also the causes of hair loss. So if you want to have a lush hairstyle, you must pay attention to the intake of nutrition. The girl who wants to lose weight and lose hair must be crying. Can she have both thin and hair? ! Don’t worry, Xiaoxiao sauce will bring you several medical and aesthetic methods to deal with hair loss. I believe there is always a way for you! &nbsp. Surgical Treatment-Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is to transplant the hair, and cut the tissues around the hair follicle together to remove it from the original position of the scalp, and then transplant it to the location where the hair needs to be increased. In fact, it is essentially a method of “demolition of the east wall to make up the west wall”, but at least visually it seems that the hair has become even and beautiful. There are two methods of hair transplantation-FUT method and FUE method. Remember, there are only these two methods in the world at present, and the rest of the strange technologies are mostly hospital gimmicks. The FUT method, full name follicleunittransplant, is the transplantation of hair follicle unit, that is, the hair follicle flap is extracted from the posterior occipital region, the hair follicle unit is cut and separated, and implanted in the receiving area. To be more clear, it is to cut a scalp about 1cm wide and divide it into hair follicle units with a magnifying glass. Each unit has about 3-4 hairs and is placed in the hair transplantation area with instruments. The damage to the scalp is small, but because the wound that needs to be sutured to extract the hair follicle flap will affect the donor area, leaving a strip of scar. But don’t worry too much, this is not so exaggerated, as long as you don’t shave your hair, you can only see the white scar. FUT hair transplant technology has extremely high requirements for the technical level and stunning of hair transplant doctors, but the adapted hair transplant area is also relatively large, and the survival rate of hair follicles is high. Generally, an operation can last 3000-4000 roots, and the price is relatively cheap. The full name is follicleunit extraction, also called hair follicle unit extraction, that is, the hair follicle unit is directly extracted from the back pillow part, and the hair follicles are separated and cultivated, and then implanted into the receiving area. In this way, the hair follicles are taken directly, and no special treatment is needed on the scalp. The scalp will heal automatically after taking out, without suture and suture removal, which is similar to the feeling of transplanting rice seedlings. This hair implant technology is more suitable for small-scale hair transplantation, more delicate, suitable for hairline, eyebrows, temples and other parts of the transplant, and the price is relatively high, the advantage is no scars after surgery, the wound is punctate, fully automatic healing pain. In addition, FUE surgery can be transplanted with hair from other parts of the body, such as chest hair, hand hair, leg hair, etc., but the characteristics of the hair follicles removed may not be the same as the original parts, so it may not be completely suitable. &nbsp. Tong reminds everyone that any operation is risky, I suggest you go to a professional and regular hospital to choose an experienced one

What are the precautions after hair transplant?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Polluted living environment, stress at work and life, diseases and other factors can cause hair loss. No one wants to have convex light on their heads, so hair loss patients will choose hair transplantation to regain their lush hair. Take a look at what you need to pay attention to after hair transplantation. &nbsp.  Hangzhou Shiguang Plastic Surgery Hospital experts said that hair transplantation is a delicate surgical operation, which has very high requirements for doctors’ experience and technology. Many patients choose the wrong hospital, causing waste of hair in the supply area, which leads to surgery failure. Therefore, please choose a regular medical institution for hair transplantation to ensure hair transplantation.  Precautions after hair transplantation:    1. Due to the use of narcotic drugs during hair transplantation, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other discomfort may occur, so take more rest.   2. After the hair transplantation, the doctor’s orders must be kept in mind and executed according to the doctor’s orders to recover smoothly and reduce postoperative discomfort.   3. Use a higher pillow when sleeping.   4. Do not exercise within 5 days after hair transplantation, avoid vigorous exercise for 3 weeks, and pay attention to protect the operation area.   V. Return to the hospital on the second day after hair transplantation for reexamination and dressing change.   6. Hair washing cannot be done within 4 days after hair transplantation. After 4 days, the hair can be shampooed and the hair transplant area should be rubbed gently.

How powerful is maternal genetic hair loss? Three years of hair loss, one year of prevention and control!

Speaking of hereditary hair loss, it makes people feel big. As if hair loss is destined, how can you still struggle to escape the fate of hair loss? Maternal genetic hair loss has always been regarded as a “necessary” relationship. In other words, if the paternal line is losing hair, the child will not necessarily be inherited, and the maternal line will lose hair, then the child will lose hair in the future. Recently, there is a friend who has good hair, but his hair loss has reached Grade 3+ in three years. Upon careful inquiry, he learned that his mother has very little hair, and her grandfather and uncle have very serious hair loss. Do you think that you have found the reason for his hair loss? Although the probability of genetic hair loss is very high, there are many causes of hair loss. In other words, if there is hereditary hair loss, but it has not been induced, then it may also avoid or delay hair loss. There is an obvious hair loss site in the third stage of hair loss, indicating that the hair follicles in this part have shrunk and closed, which can only be improved by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation takes about one year to achieve a stable effect. Use this year to let the planted hair Good growth, so that the original hair will not take off, it is not a dream! Just do the following: &nbsp. Correctly wash your hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Do not wash your hair without special circumstances within 7 days after surgery. If necessary, wash under the guidance of a doctor. When washing your hair for the first time on the 7th day after surgery, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails. After moisturizing your scalp and hair, apply foam to the palm of your hand, apply the foam to the planting area, and then rinse with water twice . Regular diet and rest &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Avoid spicy, greasy and other irritating foods within 1 month after surgery, and do not smoke or drink alcohol, do strenuous exercise, can make the planted hair better adapt to the new environment, and help wounds After recovery, you can eat some grains, greens, fruits and white meat regularly. Using drug control&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. About 1 month after surgery, the planted hair will fall off to varying degrees, don’t worry, this is normal “changing stubble”, and the hair will grow again afterwards. For those who have atrophy of the original hair, they can also use minoxidil according to the doctor’s advice at 1 month after surgery. Male hair friends who continue to lose hair also need to take finasteride tablets internally. Note: Any medicine needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Use the medicine correctly. After washing your hair every day, spray or apply 1ml (approximately 6 to 7 times) of minoxidil to the atrophy area of ​​the hair follicle and massage it with your fingers for easier absorption. The postoperative shedding period will last for 2 to 3 months, that is, 1 to 4 months after the operation belongs to postoperative shedding. However, about 15 to 30 days after the use of minoxidil or finasteride at 1 month after surgery, there will be a drug shedding period, which coincides with the postoperative shedding period, and there is no need to go through two shedding periods. &nbsp. Reducing physical and chemical damage to the hair. Generally, hair can be trimmed after 1 month after surgery, but if you want to perm your hair, you have to wait 6 months after surgery. However, Xiao Dong here reminds me warmly that perm dyed hair is more harmful to the hair, ranging from scalp allergy and folliculitis, to worsening hair loss, and even causing serious skin diseases. In daily life, it is necessary to protect the scalp and hair from hair damage caused by external forces, such as bumping, pulling the hair, and pulling too tight braids. Don’t care about the rapid growth period of the planted hair 4 to 10 months after the operation. The hair will obviously start to become thicker and darker. This is also the time when the hair friends are easy to relax. The hair doctor reminds you to continue to maintain a regular diet and work habits, and insist on using the medicine for at least one year in the area where the original hair has shrunk. Under the guidance of the doctor, the hair growth is relatively stable 11 to 12 months after the drug is stopped. In addition to the consistent healthy life and medication, the original hair also grows very well, and there is no sign of hair loss. Many hairdressers who use medicine to cure off will have plans to stop the medicine. Xiao Dong reminds that the medicine needs to be slowly reduced under the guidance of the doctor, and it must not be stopped suddenly to avoid relapse. The doctor will formulate a withdrawal plan for the friend based on the actual situation of the friend.

25-year-old guy transplanted 2000 units of hair, his girlfriend was stupefied that he did not

Mr. Du is 25 years old and he is very young. Everyone must have guessed that Yong He’s editor would like to talk about hair loss at a young age. Thinking about Mr. Du’s hair loss at the age of 25, it’s very young. In fact, it’s more than this young age. Push it forward for another 3 years, that is, when she is 22 years old, she is already bald. Hair loss in the middle age and young age. This has to start from 2017. Mr. Du of Hubei was 22 years old, but the hairline moved a lot backwards, and the backward movement was sparse, giving the impression of a large forehead. At the age of 22, he is still a doll in the eyes of many elders. In fact, he has a baby face, but it is the brain of the light. What can I do? Mr. Du is hereditary hair loss, there are people in the elders Hair loss. 22 years old is an age that has just entered the society. How do you fight for life with baldness? He is very anxious. He ran to know the solution of the hairline, so that he knew about hair transplanting, planting hairline, and then understand To Yonghe plant hair, and Wuhan has a direct management of Yonghe. Mr. Du ran to Wuhan Yonghe Hair Transplantation Hospital, listened to the doctor’s explanation of hair transplantation, and read many cases. Only then did he trust in Yonghe transplantation and decided the surgery. Du’s hair loss is relatively mild compared to people with large areas of hair loss, but it is severe hair loss compared to the age of 22 years. This is one of the reasons why he is anxious to plant hair. On December 19, 2017, Wuhan Yonghe planted 2000 units for Mr. Du with FUE, 450 hair follicle units with single hair, and 1550 hair follicle units with multiple hairs. The ratio of single to multiple roots for the average person is 1:1 , But the ratio of Mr. Du’s single root to multiple roots is 1 to 3, indicating that the quality of the hair follicles of the back pillow is very good. Some people may wonder, I and others are planting 2000 units, but the effect in the later period looks slightly different. In fact, there are differences in the quality of hair follicles. Your 2000 unit is 3800 hairs, and the other 2000 units are 4500 hairs. It’s 700 short. In addition to the hair transplant process, Mr. Du said that it was carried out in local anesthesia. There was basically no pain. The nurse and sister on the side still chatted with him to ease the tension. Immediately after the operation, the hospital sent delicious lunch and cared for the friends. Half a year after the operation, the image will change, the hairline will return, where will the new hair grow and survive, and in the next few months, with the final effect, the hair image is more handsome, plus the dress, the overall temperament Become handsome. Mr. Du has been planting hair for 2 years now, and because of his handsomeness, he has found a girlfriend. Guess what? Once, he told his girlfriend that my hair was planted, and his girlfriend touched his head and said that it was grown out by himself, not planted, otherwise the planted hair has one with the original hair The stubble…Mr. Du kept saying that the hair was planted, and his girlfriend kept saying that no hair was planted. (Mr. Du’s hair before surgery, hairline receding) (this makes it easier to see the hairline receding at a glance) (pillow hair before and after surgery) (long hair and short hair to determine the planting area) (hair follicles separated during surgery) (the day after surgery ) (Planting area on the day after surgery) (7 days after surgery, the blood scab was cleared) (7 days after surgery, the back pillow) (3 months after surgery, the hairline did not fall) (still 3 months after surgery) (postoperative Back pillow in March) (June postoperatively) (June postoperatively, lifted up to look, hairline fell) (October postoperatively) (October postoperatively) (October 1 year postoperatively) ( 1 year after operation (October 1) (Cheers for Mr. Du’s hair! Cheers for Mr. Du’s handsome) (Good hair, temperament male)

Can hair transplant make hair thicker?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Most female friends with fine hair do look pretty good, but male friends generally don’t think so, so male friends with scarce hair use a variety of methods to improve hair quality. For example, hair milk, ginger, etc., but none of them can achieve good results, so can hair transplantation make the hair thicker? Let’s take a look at the science of experts in Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery Hospital. &nbsp.   Many friends have lost their favorite jobs and people they like because of their hair scarcity. Scarce hair can make people feel more exhausted, without the vitality of young people, so many people are very worried about hair problems. How to solve the problem of hair thinning? Hair implant surgery can help you solve the problem of hair thinning. 1. The hair transplantation is sexual hair transplantation, which is the self-existing hair that lives on the skin of the body and will not fall off. It is completely consistent with the hair nature and growth rule of the original hair supply site. Second, the hair that is initially planted has a rest period. It takes about 3-6 months, and the hair just planted during the rest period may still fall off, but the hair planted after the rest period begins to recover and new hair grows.   3. The survival rate of autologous hair transplantation is high.    4. Autologous hair transplantation process is not painful and very safe.    5. Autologous hair transplantation does not produce scars.

How to deal with girl hair loss?

How to deal with girl hair loss? The woman has a bright and thick hair, like a black waterfall pouring down from the top of the head, it is not soft and charming, but bodybuilding, free and easy, has a very simple and natural charm. What a tempting hair, what a striking temperament, what a beautiful picture. However, female hair loss severely damaged this beautiful picture, and made the woman lose her most beautiful back. It is just a saying: “A piece of rotten meat breaks a pot of soup.” So how does hair loss treat good? Let me take a look at my experience of preventing hair loss and hair growth. 1. Relieve stress. The long-term stress of the nerves that relieve tension will not be released, which will not only cause hair loss, but also cause lesions in various parts of the body. Effective relief of pressure can make your mindset change, and your thoughts are clearer and more Help to carry out the work. At the same time, it relieves nervous nerves, and also greatly benefits the hair growth environment, thereby increasing the effect of preventing hair loss and development. 2. Change the regularity of work and rest to ensure sufficient sleep time. Long-term staying up late is the biggest damage to the body. The best time for hair growth is from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. If sleep cannot be guaranteed during this period, it will seriously damage the hair follicles. The soil for metabolism and hair growth. Split ends, greasy hair, and broken hair ensue, eventually causing a lot of hair to fall. Third, adjust the diet to ensure nutrient supply. Hair growth, like other parts of our body, requires adequate supply of nutrients. Use more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. Of course, sufficient protein is also necessary. Only in this way can we ensure the supply of nutrients needed for hair, prevent hair loss and hair loss caused by insufficient nutrition. Fourth, care for hair properly, refuse to dye hair, and perm. Don’t underestimate the damage to scalp hair caused by external bad conditions. In order to prevent hair loss and hair growth, keep away from dangerous chemicals, such as hair dyeing and perming. The hair dyes currently on the market all contain high-risk chemical ingredients, which can easily damage the hair and hair. Seriously disrupt the balance of hair growth. Long-term use of chemical ingredients such as hair dye is the main reason for young people’s hair loss. The above method can effectively reduce the phenomenon of hair loss, but the effect of hair growth is that it is a little weak. To thoroughly prevent hair loss and hair growth, it is necessary to choose a professional product.

Before treating leukoplakia, what types of vitiligo should be understood?

   Vitiligo is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat. In addition to its complicated causes, it is also related to its diverse types. Vitiligo has a very big impact on patients, especially in appearance and body and mind. Some people who do not understand will feel that the skin disease is painless and itchy, and it does not have much impact when they are affected. In fact, some patients because of this Symptoms of depression appear in all skin diseases. So what kind of vitiligo should be understood before treating leukoplakia?    1. Scattered vitiligo is diffusive, and the leukoplakia will be scattered in multiple parts of the body with a certain symmetry. The total area of ​​the leukoplakia does not exceed 100% of the body area fifty. Second, the generalized type of vitiligo skin lesions cover multiple parts of the patient, the area exceeds 50% of the surface area of ​​the human body, and the leukoplakia is connected into a large piece, the shape is irregular, often because of limited type or sporadic vitiligo treatment is not timely As a result, the condition is more serious.   Three, localized type    localized type vitiligo leukoplakia is limited to one place, the area is small, the number is small, any part of the body may appear. Exposure can cause burning pain, erythema and blisters, and rarely disappear spontaneously. Most cases will gradually increase and expand, and may even spread to the whole body. After the disease, it is easy to cause homogenous reactions.   IV. Acrolimus   Acrolimus vitiligo initially occurs on human extremities, such as face, fingers, toes, etc. Most of them are symmetrically distributed, and some are arranged along the nerve stage. In addition to skin damage, some mucous membranes can also be involved. This kind of white spot is located in the position where the human body is exposed and has a large amount of activity, and the absorption of the drug effect is relatively weak, and the recovery of the disease is slow. 5. Hair follicle type vitiligo refers to vitiligo that grows on the hair site and the white spots have whitening symptoms, but not all hairs of the patient’s white spots have discolored, and the hair in a white spot can also be part or All turn white. The whitening of the hair at the leukoplakia indicates that the condition of vitiligo is aggravating, that is, vitiligo is in the advanced stage.  If you have vitiligo, you should go to the hospital immediately to avoid further development of the condition. Although early vitiligo is painless and itchy, if the disease continues to develop, not only will the area of ​​the leukoplakia expand, but also some complications.  

Science Post|What does professional hair follicle detection look like?

Recently, I have received a lot of personal messages from friends, asking what the hair follicle test looks like? Hair follicle detection is an important basis for judging hair loss! The principle of the hair follicle detection equipment is the principle of electron microscopic magnification. The magnified scalp is filmed into pieces, and various parameters of hair are calculated according to the microscopic imaging obtained by the computer. Through the special hair follicle detection and analysis software, the test report is finally generated to provide a reference for the doctor to diagnose. During the test, you can clearly see the healthy environment of the scalp, hair thickness, density, etc., and the doctor can analyze the hair health and hair loss trend based on such test report. There are many brands of hair follicle testing instruments on the market, and the magnification of the fiber microscope lens is different. The following conditions can generally be known through the test: 1: Hair loss degree classification identification test 2: Whether the hair follicle is healthy or normal, or has shriveled and atrophy necrosis 3: Sebaceous gland physiology Metabolic measurement 4: Scalp toxin analysis 5: Analysis of damaged hair condition The significance of hair follicle detection for hair transplantation The distribution density of hair follicles in the posterior occipital region: The area of ​​the posterior occipital longevity healthy hair follicle area can be detected, and how many hair follicle units can be extracted under this area. The quality of the hair follicle resources in the posterior occipital region: Everyone’s hair follicle resources are not consistent. Some hair follicle units have only one hair, and some people have more than one hair follicle unit. The quality of the hair follicle resources in the planting area: the hair is generally dense and dense, and the first three to five rows of the forehead area are generally single hair follicles (one pore only grows one hair), but there are some not only the first three to five Row, there are mostly single roots in larger areas. Summary of hair follicle testing. According to the results of hair follicle testing, if the hair follicles are not atrophy in the early stage of hair loss, they can be treated with medicine. If the hair follicles are atrophy and closed, then you need to choose hair transplantation. In addition, some pathological hair loss will also be reflected on the scalp, which requires the doctor to make judgments and give advice.

Don’t take silicone oil shampoo anymore, when “Flood Beast” it is suitable for these types of hair!

Recently, many friends asked whether silicone oil shampoo is good or not? Why did the sales lady say that the silicone oil shampoo was not suitable for me when I went to buy the shampoo? There may still be dandruff after long-term use. Is this true? Is it necessary to use silicone-free oil for shampoo in the future? What is the difference between silicone-free oil and silicone oil shampoo? Since everyone is so entangled, let’s talk with you today to find out whether silicone oil shampoo really affects hair quality. 1. What is silicone oil? Since the final entanglement is in the body that contains no “silicone oil”, let’s understand what is “silicone oil”. Silicone oil&nbsp.Scientific name: Dimethicone, is a common ingredient in shampoo, is a commonly used polymer organic compound, which is a synthetic chemical. The structure is stable and has a good moisturizing effect. It has been widely used in the field of hair care and hair care for a long time, and it is very safe! 2. Will silicone oil cause hair loss? Does silicone oil shampoo really cause hair loss? This statement is incorrect! The correct conclusion is: silicone oil may cause hair loss indirectly, rather than directly cause hair loss. Because of the absorption characteristics of silicone oil, after shampooing with silicone oil, silicone oil will adhere to the hair, increase the weight of the hair, the hair will collapse and press on the scalp, the permeability of the scalp becomes weak, plus the greasiness of silicone oil Feeling will cause the scalp to easily produce oil. Coupled with improper cleaning of scalp grease, it causes Malassezia to multiply. This fungus specifically eats the oil on human scalp and secretes free fatty acids, which stimulates the hair and itchy dandruff. Strong scalp oil secretion can also cause excessive keratosis of the hair follicles, which affects the nutrition of the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to shrink and destroy and cause hair loss. Therefore, silicone oil does not directly cause hair loss, but it is a cause of hair loss. 3. What hair type is suitable for silicone oil shampoo? Friends, remember that dry hair, rough hair, and damaged hair are suitable for shampoos containing silicone oil. Dry hair is easy to get static electricity, and silicone oil has a good sealing property, which can keep the moisture in the hair from losing; for rough hair, silicone oil can make the hair soft and compliant, and for permed hair, silicone oil It can fill in the damaged scales after perming and make the hair look thicker.

Hangzhou beard planting, a good man must

Beards represent the maturity of a man. A bearded man gives a mature and stable feeling, and women can’t help but approach you. This is the charm of a bearded man! So what about those without beards? Xiaobian, I have a “little way”, that is, beard cultivation! This will be a very good choice! Let’s take a closer look at how to grow beards! Beard transplantation is a kind of autogenous hair transplantation. Its principle is to use the principle of micro-surgery dispersing punching to remove a part of the healthy hair follicle tissue in the posterior occipital region. After careful processing and cultivation, it is artistically transplanted to the patient’s face in accordance with the natural beard growth direction. unit. Since the beard transplant must choose autologous hair, therefore, the recipient must have a certain amount and density of hair, followed by hair loss in a relatively stable period.   Beard transplantation is generally done under local anesthesia. Microsurgical techniques are used to remove healthy hair follicle tissue from the occipital region, and then transplanted to the transplanted site after special careful separation. The operation is not painful and the patient can go home after the operation. The entire operation time is usually about 2 hours. After the hair follicles survive, they will grow healthy new hair, maintaining all the biological characteristics of the original hair. As long as the hair follicle transplant operation can successfully grow hair, it is the same as the previous beard growth status. The effect after implantation is yes. Before surgery, the doctor should design the model according to the innate conditions such as the hair density of the applicant. The surgery is generally used Single root planting, that is, separating the patient’s own hair follicles by hand and transplanting them to the site where hair needs to be planted.   Note: After planting, you should pay attention to light diet, avoid spicy irritating food and too greasy food, and pay attention to local skin hygiene.  

Beards that men like-Hangzhou Beard Planting

Compared with women, men like a lot more things than men. Not so much, women spend a lot of energy and money on maintenance, but men also have a lot of sports equipment, etc., And now the trend is that men have become more and more beautiful. Let’s talk about the one that men care about, that is the beard! How long can we grow beards? Let’s talk! The more prominent male characteristics are the beards. Men with beards will be more attractive and masculine, giving women a sense of security. Now it seems that bearded male stars have become more and more popular. Bearded men Star is more sexy than before. Some people are not naturally hairy, but they also want to have a charming beard, so we can use it in the beard cultivation project. Time doctor introduced that the beard planting is to take a piece of own skin with hair and divide it into single root, double root or three roots, and implant it into the part where the hair needs to be planted. After one month of planting, part of the hair will fall off, and it will re-grow after six to nine months, so that the hair after transplantation will look more natural.  How long does it take to grow a beard? The entire process of beard implant surgery takes 1-2 hours, usually under local anesthesia, and you can go home after surgery. Three months after surgery, a new nutritional environment and a blood transport environment were established and the newly transplanted beard began to grow.   Half a year after the beard planting operation, the initial beard planting effect can be seen, and the beard starts to grow naturally without falling off again. You don’t need to be hospitalized after the operation, you can do general mental work and daily work. Avoid participating in heavy physical labor. The transplant site can be cleaned on the fourth postoperative day. The thread was removed on the tenth day after the operation and recovered completely. Beard implant surgery is not subject to age restrictions, as long as the hair in the donor area of ​​the patient is good and the doctor is qualified, the operation can be successful.

Which parts can directly reflect the fertility of women?

Female body parts are very mysterious. In addition to embodying the charm of women, these parts of women are more mysterious and can directly reflect fertility. ●The lips are dull and dry ◆After the weather is dry or the diet is too heavy, we can all feel the lips’ need for moisture. However, in addition to lack of water, dry lips may also be lack of vitamin A. In this case, women need extra vitamin A supplements. They can eat more eggs, dairy products, animal livers, etc. in their daily diet. If pregnant women lack vitamin A, the chance of a fetal defect will increase. ●Less little sun on the nails ◆Small sun on the fingernails is a symbol of human health. Under normal circumstances, the more the little sun, the easier it is for women to conceive. The less the Sun, the worse the various aspects of the human body, such as low immunity, poor physique, and prone to mental insecurity. Many women have noticed the phenomenon that the small sun on their fingers is full at first, and gradually, the small sun is getting less and less. In fact, Little Sun is affected by many factors, staying up late, poor living habits, excessive indulgence, etc., will make Little Sun less. If the small sun appears only on the thumb of both hands, or there is no small sun in ten fingers, then most of these women are cold in constitution, poor in color, and often difficult to conceive. It can be seen that these little suns are also very important! ●Unknown swelling of the finger ◆If the woman finds that her finger is swollen when she comes to the aunt, it may be that the thyroid function has declined. This is an endocrine disease. After such women become pregnant, the fetal brain development will be affected. If a woman discovers this situation, on the one hand, she should reduce salt intake, on the other hand, she should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and then prepare for pregnancy after treatment. ●Private hair is too prosperous ◆Women’s private hair is tight and healthy. If the woman finds that the hair on the inner thigh is too strong, it may be polycystic ovary syndrome. The hair of normal women’s private parts has an inverted triangle. If the shape of the hair evolves into a square, then the possibility of illness is high. The thick and disordered pubic hair in the private parts may cause hormone disorders in women and ovulation will also be affected.

Can forehead hair loss recover? What is the cause of forehead hair loss?

Can forehead hair loss grow? In fact, as long as the hair follicles are not necrotic, they can grow hair. However, once the hair follicles are necrotic, they cannot resume growth, so treatment for hair loss should be treated as soon as possible. Forehead alopecia is seborrheic alopecia, which is mainly affected by genetic factors, male hormones, and long-term high nervousness. Some patients start to lose hair from two frontal angles until there is less hair on both sides of the forehead, which is called M-shaped hair loss. Due to the strong androgen secretion in the body, which leads to excessive oil secretion, it is often accompanied by seborrheic dermatitis, causing symptoms such as excessive dandruff and itchy scalp, especially for middle-aged men. Causes of forehead alopecia 1. Seborrheic alopecia; the causes of seborrheic alopecia are mainly related to the androgen Shuangqing testosterone DHT, which can damage hair follicles and stimulate oil secretion, resulting in a large number of dandruff and oily hair abnormalities, and there are Bad smell and itching. This kind of hair loss symptoms mostly occur in young adults. For the treatment of this hair loss, we must first avoid it, spicy and greasy food to prevent the increase of fat. Wash your hair frequently to clean up excess oil on the scalp. Use minoxidil solution locally to reduce dandruff and reduce inflammation and itching. 2. Androgenic alopecia; we also call this type of hair loss “Xie Ding” The cause of this hair loss is related to the male hormone metabolite Shuangqing testosterone DHT, which belongs to an incurable type of hair loss . First of all, hair loss begins on the forehead, and it mostly occurs in male friends engaged in mental work. The age is often between 20 and 30 years old. From the beginning of the forehead, it gradually spreads to the top and sides of the head, the forehead hairline begins to move backward, and the forehead becomes higher. As the age increases, the hair loss becomes more and more serious. The hair gradually becomes thinner and the scalp is gradually exposed. . 3. Neurological alopecia; the main reason for neurological alopecia is caused by excessive mental stress. When the cerebral cortex is under excessive mental stress, it will cause the scalp to erode muscle contraction, and the capillaries that deliver nutrients to the hair follicle. When contraction occurs, local blood circulation is impaired, resulting in changes in the hair growth environment and nutritional deficiencies. Excessive mental stress can also cause excessive sweating and strong secretion of sebaceous glands, and dirt on the scalp, which greatly reduces the living environment of the hair and aggravates hair loss.