Past and present of androgenic alopecia

The past life of androgen hair loss is not black and black, quality science! The content of popular science for everyone today is androgen alopecia, which is also commonly referred to as seborrheic alopecia, and it is an increasingly common disease in our daily lives. According to the hair loss survey released by the National Health and Health Commission, the number of people who have lost hair has exceeded 250 million, and one in six people has symptoms of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia accounts for an absolute proportion. Data source: It is generally difficult for the National Health and Welfare Committee to have a sensitive understanding of hair volume, until Teacher Tony said that your hair volume can no longer support the hairstyle you want. Closer to home! Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a general term for alopecia, which usually begins in adulthood and gradually shows two typical “male type” and “female type” manifestations. Caused by sensual hair follicles. What does male and female mean? For this disease, male and female hair loss performance is different. The genetic susceptibility can be understood as carrying AGA-related disease treatment genes. It is currently believed that the pathogenesis of male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss are the same. But at present, the pathogenesis of male and female pattern hair loss is not yet fully understood. Current research shows that androgens play a decisive role in the pathogenesis of AGA; other factors including inflammation around the hair follicles, increased stress in life, tension and anxiety, poor life and eating habits can aggravate the symptoms of AGA. AGA is the most common, common, and most common cause of hair loss. Some scholars believe that this process is a normal biological phenomenon, not a disease. Some people with AGA think that it is abnormal or socially unacceptable. For example, Louis XIII of France wore an extra large wig because of baldness, and asked his subjects to accept this hairstyle. So how was AGA discovered? In 400 BC, in ancient Greece, Hippocrates, regarded as the “father of medicine” by the West, for the first time noticed that the castrated men and children were not bald. It was later noticed that men who were castrated before puberty did not have AGA unless they took testosterone. In a pioneering work in 1942, Hamilton first determined the relationship between androgens and AGA. The next work focuses on type II 5α-reductase, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The levels of 5α-reductase in the hair follicles of male and female AGA patients increased. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) formed by testosterone via type II 5α-reductase binds androgen receptors, which are located on the outer root sheath and hair papilla of the hair follicle. The hormone-receptor complex subsequently activates the gene and is responsible for gradually transforming the large hair follicles into small, miniaturized hair follicles. In simple terms, it can be seen as a “serial case”! In addition to this mechanism, women have another enzyme that regulates the effect of androgens on hair follicles. The content of this enzyme in men is very small, it may lead to different tendencies and performance of women AGA. Today’s popular science is here, I’m Li Hanlin, goodbye everyone! We don’t produce hair follicles, we are just the porters of hair follicles~

Why can someone else’s hair loss grow?

Hello, everyone, I am the hair doctor Liu Changchun~ The same is hair loss, why do some people lose hair and still grow, yours is Tu? Clogged hair follicles are a problem that many people have with their hair. Will clogged hair follicles directly cause hair loss? Looking down, when you do not wash your hair for a long time or the oil secretion is too strong, it will cause the oil to condense into oil particles, block the outlet of the sebaceous glands, and produce a series of adverse reactions that affect the health of the hair. The presence of oil can reduce the damage of hair traction on hair follicles, and it has certain benefits for hair. Only fungal infection caused by excessive oil can affect scalp health (dandruff). Under normal circumstances, clogged hair follicles will not cause direct hair loss, even for seborrheic hair loss, which is most closely related to oil secretion, the root cause of hair loss is also male hormones, not oil. Male alopecia, also known as androgen alopecia or male alopecia, is mainly due to the stimulation of hair follicles by DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a key factor in hair loss. Adult men and women may lose hair due to changes in androgen metabolism in the body, and men are more common. To clarify the concept here, DHT does not directly let the hair no longer grow after shedding, but inhibits the ability of the hair follicle to generate hair, and the process of making the hair thinner and thinner slowly. People with a tendency to inherit hair loss are particularly sensitive to the effects of DHT. As the hair follicle slowly shrinks, the growth of hair is delayed, either the growth period is shortened or the dormancy period is extended, causing abnormal hair growth. The result is that the hair on the forehead or (and) the top of the hair becomes thinner and thinner: with each growth cycle, the hair shaft becomes thinner and thinner, and finally reaches the stage of vellus hair, or stops growing. In male hair loss, most people can be attributed to the effect of DHT on hair follicles. The amount of DHT in each person is almost entirely determined by the genetic makeup: the more DHT is produced, the larger the range of hair follicle atrophy and the more serious the hair loss. If the hair follicle is clogged and the hair loss is severe, it is still necessary to find the correct cause and medicine.

The former teenager did not change, but “Benian early baldness” lost her hair

On the weekends, paint the variety show “Make Life Beautiful” at home. Originally, it was simply to brush variety shows to pass the time, but I am dedicated to myself. When I am resting and entertaining, I always have an “occupational disease” upper body, and I never forget the science of hair care and hair care. In the episode I watched, Li Chen found that he had a white hair when he looked in the mirror, turned around and asked her mother to pull it out. Screenshot source: Tencent video “Make life look good” apologizes for seeing this scene, Mai Zi really wanted to tell him, don’t pull out your hair, don’t pull out your hair! The correct method should be to cut off the roots of white hair with small scissors or nails. Because frequent hair removal can easily cause inflammation of the hair follicles, leading to increased hair loss. Moreover, adhere to a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive and reasonable diet, there is a certain chance that white hair will naturally turn black. When it comes to life pressure, many young people in modern times are working more and more under pressure due to the accelerated pace of life. Irregular daily life, heavy stress, and staying up all night have caused problems with hair loss and reduced hair volume on this group of young people. According to statistics, there are about 250 million hair loss people in China in 2019, including about 163 million men and about 808 million women. Among them, people around 30 years old have the fastest growth, 20 years earlier than the previous generation’s hair loss age! Pay attention to these details and avoid “Benian early baldness”. The scalp is the second thinnest skin in the human body. It ages 6 times faster than the face and 12 times faster than the body. The scalp secretes 2 times more oil than the face. It is different. In the general 28-day metabolism cycle of skin cells, the metabolic cycle of scalp cells is only 14-21 days. If improper scalp care, it is easy to cause hair loss or white hair and other problems. There are three major indicators to measure whether the scalp is healthy: oil, flora and metabolic balance. If the scalp lacks nutrition for a long time, the hair follicle roots will also be prone to shrink. Proper care can play a protective role on the scalp, can reduce dandruff and hair loss. (Hair loss caused by genetic factors requires timely medical attention) Excessive dandruff: Dandruff is a product of the metabolism of human epidermal cells. The epidermis forms cells from the basal layer and proliferates and divides. Keratin is also gradually formed, becoming a non-nucleated, inanimate cuticle, and the dried dead cells are scaly or lamellar and automatically fall off. When the scalp is infected by a fungus, the excessive growth of the fungus will stimulate the scalp cells, produce a large number of immature keratinocytes, aggregate and fall off to become dandruff. Therefore, when you find that your dandruff is abnormally increased, you must be extra vigilant and seek medical attention in a timely manner to check the cause. Anti-dandruff shampoo contains zinc hydroxypyridinethione (ZPT) ingredients can effectively dandruff, but if the shampoo is not cleaned, it is also likely to cause dandruff. In addition, do not use arbitrarily strong or alkaline shampoo without permission. Such shampoos are very defattable and dehydrated, which can easily cause dry hair and scalp necrosis. Give the scalp a relaxing environment: long-term external forces pulling hair (such as ponytails), frequent hair dyeing and perm, mental stress, and emotional instability, these factors can cause hair loss problems. Many people suffer from scalp pain and scalp acne, which are also related to these factors.

Why don’t many people choose hair transplant?

Why don’t many people choose hair transplant? This is a question from a person on a certain platform. In fact, this is not just a question from a person, but a certain representative. Yong He Xiaobian is here to make an answer. This is a typical choice problem, but I see that many people have hair loss without hair transplantation, but I don’t see or want to see many people who have hair loss after hair loss. Because of the tendency, the problem itself is not objective. . A similar example is that when you walk out of a restaurant at noon and see people coming and going on the street, you ask: Why do many people not eat lunch? Why are there questions about “Why do not many people choose to plant hair?” One is a fact that can be seen, and the other is an illusion that is not easy to see. When you walk on the street, you will find one after another hair loss, or small or big baldness, they are bright and bald, which shows that there is no hair transplant, and there are many such people, so you ask “why Don’t choose hair transplant”? Let’s talk about the illusion of not being easy to see. Still walking on the street, you see that a lot of people who have hair loss have no hair transplant, and you see more people who do not have hair loss, because you pay too much attention to “hair loss” and ignore the latter category, which is precisely the latter category. Someone has planted hair, and you look at his handsome hair, which is actually the effect of hair transplant after hair loss. You didn’t ask and investigate, but thought it was natural hair. Of course, this is the most error-prone thinking we ask and judge. The observation on the street is too superficial. If you want to investigate “many people don’t have hair transplants”, it is best to go to the medical frontline, that is, choose a few designated hair transplant hospitals, and see one after another hair loss people consult, one after another. When people come to plant hair, you may have a reverse question at this time: Why do so many people choose to plant hair? Some investigations must be “balanced” so that they are not “unbalanced” when asking questions. (This is Yonghe’s hair development meeting held in Beijing in 2014. You see, so many people consult hair transplantation.) You ask “Why don’t many people choose hair transplantation”, we can provide you with the reverse facts, take Yong Let’s talk about it, only more than 5,000 operations were performed in 2015 and more than 400 operations in a single month. Since then, for three consecutive years, the annual increase in surgery has almost doubled. For example, in 2016, more than 10,000 operations were performed. In 2017, more than 20,000 sets were made…and now the number of operations in one month is four or five thousand in 2020, and the number of operations in five years has increased by 10 times. Our conclusion is: more and more people choose to transplant hair! This is your question Quite the contrary. Of course, the question in the title of this article also has a reasonable component. As a hair doctor, I do not avoid this question. There are indeed a lot of people in life who don’t have hair transplants, what is the reason? One is that he doesn’t understand hair transplants, he has never heard of hair transplants, and he can’t talk about hair transplants. Hair transplantation is a “young medical treatment” in China. For 20 years, let alone ordinary people, many doctors have not heard of hair transplantation. The other is that he heard about hair transplants, but he did not believe in hair transplants. Many hair loss people were frightened by various remedies and drugs. Now they suddenly hear that hair transplants are not trusted. Another thing is that he heard about hair transplants and trusts hair transplants, but they don’t have the money to plant hair or have time to plant hair, and they will have a lot of hair transplants in the future. The last one is that he has booked a hair transplant surgery, and now he is just walking on the way to the hair transplant hospital. Someone once asked, “Why don’t the stars grow hair?” It is also a biased question. In fact, some stars are planted, but you don’t know. Now you ask the ordinary people “Why don’t you plant hair” is exactly the same. At the end of this article, make a conclusion: Instead of asking one-way “Why many people don’t choose hair transplantation”, it is better to ask two-way, both “Many people don’t plant hair”, and “Many people plant hair”, especially the latter question Let you follow the pulse of the times, or the pulse of fashion, let go of hair loss does not matter attitude, but actively improve the image, that is, decisively to plant hair. As mentioned earlier, some of the hair loss people you see are actually on the road to the hospital for hair transplantation. Now you are also on the road to the hospital for hair transplantation, because this is a road to beauty and handsomeness. (This is Yonghe’s hair transplant effect)

Fun Science | How realistic can a wig be?

Realistic wigs can not only deceive other people’s eyes, make people think it is your own hair, but also save lives at critical moments! For example, in the TV series “If Allure Time”, the heroine escaped the attack of drug dealers by wearing a wig. The drug dealer attacked the heroine from behind, quickly, accurately, and ruthlessly grabbed the heroine’s wig, and then… It is estimated that the person who attacked the heroine from behind also had this kind of operation? It seems that wigs can really cover the sky? A really good wig can be very realistic, and stars will also create images through wig sets and wigs. Generally, it is not seen as a wig, but such wigs are generally expensive, and each one costs tens of thousands. For example, Xu Zheng in the movie and the character wig in Mommy’s Mom were very successful. They could not see the wig at all. It looked like the hair of a middle-aged man. The style of Yang Ying’s shooting of Jiaren magazine was also created by wig sets. The day before, the short hair styling took the magazine, and the next day was the long hair to attend other activities. In addition to saving lives and shaping the image, wearing a wig is also the primary choice for many hair loss people to cover their hair loss. Here the butler wants to explain that in fact wearing a wig is the best way for a hair loss person to maintain dignity. It is not recommended to wear a wig often, because wearing a wig for a long time will cause the following problems on the scalp: wearing a wig will easily cause a rash, covering the prickly heat wig is like a hat. Speeding up makes the scalp sweat more, and the wig is stuffy on the head and is not breathable, it is easy to cover prickly heat and rash. Wearing a wig on your scalp will itch the wig. Poor breathability, covering your head, the sweat on your head cannot be discharged, the scalp will be very hot and itchy scalp will cause eczema. Wearing a wig can also lead to more serious hair loss. Most wigs on the market are not real human hair. These artificial human hairs contain certain chemicals. Long-term wearing of this wig can damage the scalp. Moreover, wearing a lot of fake sweats, the hair secretes much oil, and the accumulation of oil on the scalp will cause the hair follicles to block and cause hair loss. It causes swelling of the scalp because wearing a wig requires a wig first and then a wig. The wig is sometimes stretched too tight, which can easily cause swelling of the scalp caused by external forces. Realistic wigs can achieve the effect of being fake, but the cost performance is not high. A good wig is at least tens of thousands, and the life of the wig is at most one year, plus at least two wigs need to be changed and washed…The cost of the one year is actually not as cost-effective as the hair transplant, after all, the hair of the hair transplant is its own , And the wig is always fake. It is recommended that if you only occasionally concave shape, you can try to buy a wig to wear or choose a thinner wig piece to concave shape. Of course, if you find that your hair volume is gradually decreasing, the hair on the top of the head is sparse, and the hairline is moving backward, then please see a doctor in time. Just use a wig to cover up, the longer the time, the more serious the hair problem, the better the effect of improving hair loss.

Hair care | IQ tax on these hair care roads you must avoid!

For the sake of beauty, which little fairy is not diligently maintaining herself, raising IQ tax on the road, the housekeeper teaches you to avoid it. 1. The hair care method of applying food to the hair. Egg white hair care. I don’t know when it was. The hair care method forwarded in the article of the circle of friends uses egg white to apply hair to the hair. I don’t know who wrote this. Have you ever wiped egg whites on your head? Will it become full of egg blossoms with another flush of water? ! After washing your hair, you can soak your hair with milk. You can wash it without water. It is said that it can supplement the protein of the hair and make the hair shiny. If you put milk on your hair and don’t wash it carefully, you’re sure it won’t be rancid? I have also done science in this media before. The main component of hair is keratin, which is a type of fibrous protein with connective and protective functions. External milk foam hair cannot supplement the hair with protein, because the hair cannot be absorbed. Eggs and milk are high-quality foods supplemented with protein, and eating directly into the body is more effective than external use. 2. Be sure to use amino acid shampoo to be gentle. Amino acid shampoo is very gentle. For sensitive scalp, it can gently clean up the dirty things on the scalp. But for oily hair, the amino acid shampoo is too gentle to completely clean up the oil secreted on the scalp. This will make the oily hair more and more oily, and it will breed bacteria, especially Malassezia bacteria. It will cause dandruff, itching and even hair loss…Oily hair is suitable for non-silicone or soap-based shampoo. It can well clean the excess oil on the scalp and make the hair fresher. 3. Anti-hair loss shampoo does not treat hair loss. Generally, anti-hair loss shampoo will be advertised. It contains ginger essence, which can effectively prevent hair loss, but in fact, I have also specialized in science before. Ginger extract is a weapon to inhibit hair growth, don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at the clinical trials conducted by Professors Miao Yong and Hou Chun from Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University and the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. Through a control experiment on mice, it was proposed that the main active ingredient in ginger, 6-gingerol, can inhibit hair growth. It is believed that 6-gingerol can damage hair follicles, not as an anti-hair loss drug, but as a drug that permanently inhibits hair growth. in conclusion. [1] Looking at the results of the experiment, the 6-gingerol mice in the picture showed a significant reduction in Mao invention after 11 days of use. Clinical trials have found that 6-gingerol can cause apoptosis of hair follicle dermal papilla cells in hair follicles, thereby inhibiting hair growth, and animal experiments have shown similar results. So the real medical value of ginger is for hair removal. Rather than using various home remedies and anti-hair loss shampoos, it is better to consult a doctor for regular treatment of hair loss, you will find that improving hair loss is actually very simple.

Obviously there is not much hair loss, but why is the hairline getting higher and higher?

We often say that 100 hair loss per day belongs to normal metabolism. However, there are still many male friends who are troubled, obviously there is not much hair loss, but the hairline is moved up, and even baldness, and women have a lot of hair loss every day. Today we will talk about the reasons for this phenomenon. A normal person has about 150,000 hairs, and normal hair also has a regular physiological cycle: 1. The growing period (average about 2 to 6 years)   accounts for about 90% of all hairs, most of our hair is in continuous Growing state. It is difficult to lose hair during this period, if you want to pull it hard, your scalp will feel pain. 2. The degeneration period (on average about 2 to 3 weeks) accounts for less than 1% of all hair. The growth rate slows down, and the hair roots will advance toward the surface of the skin, but the hair is still not easy to fall off. 3. Rest period (average about 2 to 3 months) &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. accounts for about 10% of all hair. At this time, the hair has completely stopped growing, the root position is very shallow, and the hair is easy to fall off. The hair that falls easily when we comb our hair is all hair in rest period. When the hair falls out, new hair will grow back in the hair follicles, and so on. Generally, there are about 150,000 hairs on the human head, and about 10,000 hairs are in the easy-to-shed stage in the resting period, so it is estimated that it is normal for an adult to lose about 100 hairs a day. But this does not apply to all situations, as long as your hair follicles are healthy, if the amount of natural hair is less, and the damaged hair follicles cause hair loss, this situation may cause the hair growth rate to not catch up with the speed of falling, even if it only falls every day. Drop 50 roots, for a long time, one day may be bald. Why do men have more hair loss and more severe symptoms than women? Summarize the following three reasons. 1. In fact, regardless of men and women, most of the hair loss is caused by androgens. Androgens and 5α-reductase on the top of the head synthesize dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to attack fragile hair follicles. Male androgens are mainly produced by the testes, in order to maintain the characteristics of males. The daily secretion content is 5mg. Females also contain a small amount of androgens, which are mainly synthesized by the adrenal glands and ovaries and converted from androstenedione. The content of 0.1-0.4mg. This shows why men have more hair loss than women. 2. There are a lot of aromatase in women, aromatase can prevent the synthesis of androgen and 5α-reductase, so the hair loss condition of women is generally not as serious as that of men. 3. Men’s hair is short, it is difficult to visually find a lot of hair loss, and hair loss may be unconsciously already very serious. And women’s long hair will always fall within our visual range, such as pillows, clothes, and sewers. Hair Loss Solution: Medication/Initial Hair Loss-Oral (finasteride) + topical (minoxidil) finasteride is a male-only oral drug that can prevent and reduce the synthesis of androgens and 5α-reductase The presence of dihydrotestosterone to prevent DHT from attacking our hair follicles can be taken under the guidance of a doctor. The main role of minoxidil is to open potassium channels, stimulate the normal development of hair follicles, dilate capillaries, and transport enough nutrients to our hair. Men can use 5% solubility, women recommend 2% solubility, it is best to consult a doctor before use. The above applies to patients with early hair loss, that is, when the hair follicles are not closed and atrophy. Mid to late alopecia-no effect of drug use. In patients with scalp exposed, scalp hair follicles should be closed and atrophy. Only hair transplantation can solve the problem of scalp exposure. Hair transplantation also requires sufficient hair follicles in the back pillow, so hair loss must be Treat it as soon as possible, and when the hair loss reaches level 7 or above, no way can save it!

Sorry, your hair resources are not enough for hair transplant

Hello, everyone, I am the hair doctor Liu Changchun~Hoo~hu~hu~ When the cold wind blows, the top of the head cannot be covered. Some friends come to consult for hair transplantation, but the hat is picked, the hair follicle test is seen, and the hair follicle resources in the back pillow Limited, the hair loss area is very large, so it is really impossible to plant hair. Knock on the blackboard, if you want to plant hair, these must be remembered: When does the hair fall out? When hair loss started, many people did not pay attention to it, and did not intervene, so hair loss became more and more serious. The level of hair loss refers to the step level divided according to a certain rule according to the severity and manifestation of hair loss. The medical profession generally divides the level of hair loss into seven levels. Different levels of hair loss show different forms. The higher the level, the more serious the degree of hair loss . First-level hair loss performance: hairline, frontal horn hair is slightly sparse; second-level hair loss performance: hairline, frontal angle slightly backward; third-level hair loss performance: the frontal angle on both sides is severe, the hairline is slightly moved; fourth-level hair loss performance : Forehead is obviously bald, the overall head is sparse; Grade 5 hair loss performance: the forehead and head rotation are completely lost, and a broken band is formed in the middle; Grade 6 and 7 hair loss performance: severe hair loss on the forehead and head and no longer have hair. The number of hair follicles required for each hair loss grade is different, which has a great influence on the hair density after hair transplantation and the postoperative effect. Hair transplant surgery also has certain limitations. When hair loss has reached level six or seven, the hair follicle resources in the posterior occipital area are not enough to solve large-scale hair loss. Hair transplant surgery cannot be performed because of insufficient resources. This has reached the point where the image cannot be saved. Therefore, if you have hair loss, you should seek medical treatment in time, otherwise you can’t even have a hair transplant. Regarding the hair resources of the posterior occipital follicles, the extraction of the posterior occipital resources of patients with hair loss is limited and cannot be arbitrarily extracted, and the location of extraction is also strictly limited. Before the hair transplant, a professional doctor will test the hair follicles, and accurately calculate the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted at the hair loss site, in order to prevent the situation before or after thinning. Some people may shave their hair because of their hairstyle. If they shave their hair for a long time, it will also affect the hair follicles in the back pillow. Hair transplant should be early. Most hair loss friends can easily ignore the problem of hair loss in the early stage of hair loss, and delaying it again and again may cause the resources available for hair transplant to decrease, and the effect after hair transplant will be greatly reduced. How many seeds can bear many fruits. In order to achieve the best hair transplant effect, the hair in the back pillow should also be well maintained.

Grasp this sparsely above your head, you still have the chance to counterattack!

I always like to comb my hair into the appearance of an adult, but when I grow up, I find that the adult does not have any hair. Don’t laugh. This is not a paragraph, it is a real thing! How true is it? The previous set of data gives you a feel: The data from the “Chinese Hair Loss Survey” shows that there are about 200 million hair loss populations in my country, and 90% of them will not improve. Among them, the number of male hair loss is about 130 million. The male hair loss rate in my country is nearly 25%. &nbsp. But you are still saved, and your hair will come back. Let me take you to witness the “miracle” moment. The young man (Xiao Lei) after 95 has seen the scalp clearly because of hair loss. When I came to see my hair, Xiaolei said that every time he cut his hair, he was helpless. Even Teacher Tony was a little helpless with his hair. It was really difficult to rely on “supporting the central government on both sides”. According to Xiao Lei’s hair loss and facial contours, he designed a hair transplant plan for his forehead. Xiao Lei was very satisfied. He decided to have hair transplant surgery that day, and also made a decision-shave his hair and start over! The forehead line drawing area is Xiaolei’s hair planting area. We will extract hair follicles from the back pillow evenly and plant them to the front. ——Creating “miracle”——After the 7th day of hair transplant, Xiao Lei came to the hospital to review and clean up the blood scab. The whole looks natural and refreshing. After 1 month of hair transplantation, she is still experiencing the period of shedding and stubble replacement. Compared with the small stubble of 7 days, the hair will look a little sparse, but this is normal. Generally, it will enter a rapid growth period after 3 months. After 3 months of hair transplantation, my hair has grown a lot and I still feel a little sparse? Don’t worry, the effect is still in the back, and now only 30% of the “power” of hair transplanting has been exerted for 6 months. Can you still see the scalp? Is there a thick feeling that the hair is thicker visible to the naked eye, put on his confident travel photo and change the style again, come to set up a little literary hair, and even look down and think it looks cool, and finally attach the pre-planting and Comparison of the effect after two years of hair transplant↓

My buddy, I advise you to eat this kind of food as little as possible.

Recently, a small friend left a message saying: Dr. Liu Changchun recently I feel that I have become a man, but I don’t feel like it. How to judge the detachment? I wonder if I have been caught in the “poison” of Xiongtuo! Don’t worry, friends, we have talked a lot about Xiongtuo! Today, I will study with you again. How do you judge yourself? What foods can’t be eaten and so on. 1. What is androgen androgenic alopecia? As the name implies, it refers to the type of hair loss caused by abnormal male hormone secretion in men. This kind of hair loss lady can’t get it. For men, treatment also needs to be adjusted from the endocrine to improve hormone levels in the body, in order to truly solve the problem and reduce hair loss. Second, how to judge the oily condition of male hair loss If the hair is oily, itchy hair is also a phenomenon of increased dandruff. This means that your sebaceous glands are secreted by androgens, which means that you are male. Especially if the oil is very serious for a period of time and the hair is particularly itchy, then you really need to pay attention! To see if the hair is normal, it is recommended that your friends can compare the hair loss with the hair in the back pillow. If the hair loss is very thin and soft, it means that you may be male. If the hair becomes very fine and soft for a long time, or if it grows, it will be small fluff, and it will fall soon, which is really a problem of male detachment. Teach you a small method to stretch your four fingers into your forehead and the hair on the top of the head and gently stretch up, observe the amount of hair in your finger joints, and then use the same method to test your back pillow and side If the amount of hair on the top of your head and forehead is significantly larger than the back pillow and side, it means that you are probably a male hair loss. Third, Xiongtuo diet small taboos do not eat spicy and greasy food. This has been said many times. Spicy and greasy food is not only for males who do not eat males. Those who are at risk of hair loss are advised to stay away from spicy foods! Because they stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive oil, which leads to increased androgens and increased oil output from the scalp. Isn’t it terrible, so stay away! The three hobbies of not smoking, drinking or burning are really unsuitable for you! The study found that people who smoked 20 cigarettes or more a day had a higher proportion of moderate and severe hair loss than those who did not smoke. Alcohol can affect the hormonal system such as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, resulting in abnormal androgen secretion. Alcohol can affect the liver’s ability to process estrogen in the body, resulting in increased or disordered estrogen in men. &nbsp. Finally, alcohol will affect the intestinal function. The nutrients in normal food are difficult to be absorbed by the body, so that the hair follicles can not get enough nutrients, the hair follicles are insufficiently nutritious, and naturally shrink and even hair loss. It’s hot, I believe the friends know its harm! Not much to say here! Don’t dye your hair frequently! Insufficient sleep and mental stress that do not stay up for a long time will shorten the growth cycle of the hair follicles, causing dry hair and hair loss.

Take advantage of the lunch break to plant 1800 units! It’s not so handsome.

You are a hair loss person, now you have 1 extra hair, and it is completely ignored in the entire bald area, and 10 extra hairs are also ignored. 100 extra hairs may be partially changed, and with the new hair in the future Increased, more and more changes, basically a proportional change, but when the new hair breaks through a certain amount, it will exceed the proportional, but a geometric image change. For example, if you increase the image of every 100 hairs by 1 point, by the 900th hair, the image will increase by 9 points, and by the 1000th hair, the image will not increase by 10 points but by 20 points and 30 points. Produce qualitative changes. The case that appeared today is similar to this. His planting volume is not very large, but the hair transplanting effect in the later period is quite large, it is a geometric level effect that is larger than the proportional, it can be said that the planting is not too handsome, it is a lot This kind of superplanting is also a great value! Mr. Li in Hubei is in his early 30s, not too old, but his hair loss has crawled over his forehead, the hairline has receded, and the two frontal angles receded more, compared to those with large areas of hair loss For those of you, his is nothing, and can be ignored, even leaving some long hair to comb forward can cover up. Well, different people have different sensitivity to hair loss. Although Mr. Li’s hair loss is not serious, but his heart There is still a lump, and I feel that the hairline is retreating. He thought of hair transplanting. Hair transplants are now available in almost every province. Hair transplant hospitals are mainly clustered in the provincial capital, as is Hubei. Therefore, Mr. Li set out to choose a hair transplant hospital from Wuhan. Wuhan Yonghe was finally locked for three reasons: first, Yonghe entered Wuhan early, in September 2011, and other professional hair transplant hospitals were stationed in the later period, and the clinical accumulation was not as good as Yonghe. Second, Yonghe A large number of hair transplant cases can be found. The public number, official website and the department have comparison charts and videos of real cases, and the effect is very real. Third, Yonghe has a good reputation and no consumption traps. On September 24, 2017, Yonghe used FUE to plant 1800 units for Mr. Li, a hair follicle unit with a single hair of 700, and a hair follicle unit with multiple hairs of 1100. Originally, it was estimated that 1700 would be planted before surgery. Speaking of the operation time, you will enter the operating room at 11:40 and leave the operating room at 14:40, for a total of 3 hours. This time period is also the lunch break. Mr. Li took advantage of a lunch break to do hair transplant. Compared with other people who planted two or three thousand plantations or four or five thousand plantations at a time, Mr. Li’s 1800 units are considered to be small areas of hair transplantation. But his later effects are not small changes, but big changes. Half a year after the operation, the hairline moves forward. Where the new hair grows is basically where the survival is. People obviously look a lot younger and handsome. New year, all the hair is in place, and the handsomeness is rising. His planting area can be described as the finishing touch. The new hair comes out. The hairstyle changes, and the face shape changes. The entire image is a geometric rise. (I don’t think there is a lot of hair loss in this way) (a head down, watching the two frontal angles recede more) (post-pillow hair before surgery) (hairline and implantation area) (hair follicles separated during surgery) (the day after surgery) (operation On the day after the implantation area, there is blood scab, normal) (1 month after surgery) (planting area on 1 month after surgery, shedding period) (posterior pillow on 1 month after surgery) (half a year after surgery, is it cool) The top of the head in the second half of the year, thick) (the back pillow half a year after surgery) (1 year and 3 months after surgery) (still 1 year and 3 months after surgery)

What’s going on with Minoxidil? Several questions I have to read before using minoxidil

Please note: This answer has 3000+ words, and it takes about 7 minutes to read it~Fayou A: “Doctor, I heard that someone who uses Minoxidil not only does not grow hair, but hair loss is even more fierce, is this the case?” (Knock on the blackboard!!! This is a must-have question!!!) Friend B: &nbsp. “Doctor, I’ll give you feedback. The Rogaine&nbsp. in the United States feels better than our own domestically produced Mandy. Some of the things are not good. And the hair loss after using Mandy is very greasy! It affects getting up in the morning to make a hairstyle.”Fat C:&nbsp.”Doctor, I feel that the effect of minoxidil is average? It took two months. I don’t see any effect, and it feels the same as useless.” These three questions are basically the most asked questions by those friends who are confused when using Minoxidil [&nbsp.Minoxidil]. I briefly summarized it, and the next step is to answer it slowly for everyone. First of all, let me answer the most important question that everyone cares about most: Minoxidil, is there a period of madness? The answer is: what is the “crazy period”? The so-called “crazy period” is literally meaning! It refers to the phenomenon that a large number of hair loss patients temporarily lose their hair when they use minoxidil for about 2 to 4 weeks. Many patients dare not use minoxidil because of the fear of the “crazy period”, or stop using minoxidil because of the “crazy period”. As everyone knows, this is actually a normal phenomenon. Moreover, the hair shedding is unhealthy hair itself, minoxidil only accelerates the shedding, it is not the root cause of hair loss. So why is there a “crazy period”? First of all, we need to understand the hair growth cycle: the hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period (about 2 to 8 years), regression period (about 2 to 3 weeks), rest period (about 3 to 4 months) . After the hair enters the rest period and falls off, new hair will grow out and enter the growth phase. The hair loss of a person is normally caused by too much hair in the regression phase and rest period. Before the hair enters the growth phase, it must first undergo the regression phase and rest period. Simply put: one radish and one pit. This pit is about to grow new radishes, so you have to pick the old radishes. Therefore, after using minoxidil, it can shorten the rest period of unhealthy hair and promote healthy hair regeneration. Experiments have shown that the hair resting period of mice using minoxidil is reduced from 20 days to only 1 to 2 days. When the hair in the rest period falls off in a large amount in a short period of time, the so-called “crazy period” appears. So is it a good thing or a bad thing for hair loss people to appear in a period of madness? Of course it is a good thing! Isn’t there a sentence: “The old one does not go, the new one does not come” Minoxidil, the chemical name is 6-(1-piperidinyl)-2,4-pyrimidinediamine, 3-oxide, once As a potassium channel opener in the clinic, it was originally used to treat hypertension. Later, in the clinical treatment of hypertension, it was found that its “side effects” that make the hair (beard) grow longer and thicker, and was subsequently developed as a drug for the treatment of hair loss. In 1988, the US FDA approved a 2% concentration of minoxidil solution for external use to treat androgen-induced hair loss; in 1997, the FDA approved a 5% concentration of minoxidil solution as a treatment for androgen-induced hair loss. The higher concentration of minoxidil solution has not yet passed the US FDA certification. Minoxidil 2% concentration for women Use minoxidil 5% for men (Drug use, use under the guidance and advice of a doctor, do not use drugs at will!!!) ——————Fragmentation principle Line————————About the germinal principle of minoxidil 1.&nbsp. Promote angiogenesis and increase local blood supply (1) Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) plays an important role in promoting angiogenesis, which can be promoted by promoting hair follicles The supply of nutrients to stimulate hair growth and increase hair follicle diameter. Compared with normal hair follicles, the expression of VEGF in the hair follicles of bald areas of male patients with male detachment was significantly reduced. Foreign scientists have found that minoxidil can increase the expression of VEGFmRNA and its protein and promote hair growth. (2) In addition, there are research experiments on the local application of minoxidil to mice. The results show that: minoxidil can dilate the capillaries of the hair follicle hair bulb and increase the local blood supply. So speculate that minoxidil increases

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”?

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”? In real life, there are many male bald men and many women with baldness, but women do not have so many hair loss problems. Men don’t pay attention to the obvious hair loss problem. If you don’t pay attention, there will often be a big problem. The big problem that women face is “female diffuse hair loss.” This type of hair loss often starts from adolescence, thick hair will gradually become thinner, gradually fade from dull and shiny to dull and dull, if at this time there is greasy scalp at the same time, menstrual disorders, it can be sure that the male hormone is the cause . Over time, the scalp growth environment will become poor, and the hair will become thinner and thinner. After understanding the forming factors of women’s “diffuse hair loss”, how can this phenomenon be prevented? First, you must maintain an optimistic attitude. When you meet many of these girls, especially those who suffer from love, they are entangled in the hair disaster every day. The tea is not fragrant, the sleep and sleep are uncomfortable, the work is unintentional, the depression is all day long. on. Second, administer the right medicine: reduce the androgens through regular hospitals if the hormones are too high; deficiency of qi and blood can be regulated through health care and physiotherapy; nutritional deficiencies quickly balance the diet, nutritional deficiencies caused by digestive problems must adjust the gastrointestinal tract; mental stress must find channels To release yourself; if parents, grandparents, cousins, cousins, cousins ​​and cousins ​​also have hair loss, such family problems, you have to recognize the reality, maintain and delay hair loss, from the early days, the sooner the better! Third, this type of hair loss must be strictly prohibited from dyeing and scalding once. It is dozens of times more destructive than the normal hair girl. You can’t stand this toss, don’t touch it! Fourth, choose big-name shampoos, mainly weakly acidic, supplemented by alkaline, cross-use; Fifth, comb the scalp thoroughly, dredge the meridians of the head, and promote blood circulation to the capillaries of the head. Add oil to the body to supplement the hair follicles!

Hair loss, what should I do?

“Hair loss” is a topic that has rarely attracted young people’s attention in the same way as “hair loss” in recent years. Young people care about their images and pay attention to their emotional life, but this “two hair loss” has pierced the hearts of young people. Speaking of hair loss, in fact, not only modern people are deeply affected by it, but in ancient times, there were also many famous characters. For example, Sun Shuao, most people know his water control skills-the famous water conservancy project on the Huaihe River-Shaobei [quèbēi], and he also has a proper noun-“sudden baldness”. Most people don’t know. The famous Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei once ridiculed: Sun Shuao suddenly became bald. Naobu Sun Shuao’s hair loss area. There is also the well-known Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Shi and Su Dongpo, who are not only good at writing poems, but also self-taught people, ridiculed to do their own hair loss problem once had a poem: Heavy [chóng] Qiu feet cold knowledge cream heavy , Xinmu head feels light and dilute. The general idea is that you can wear several pieces of clothing and it can’t be lower than the cold. After washing your hair, I feel that my head is lighter. It should be that my hair has thinned again. Hair loss in ancients is a problem, not to mention modern people. In fact, with the development of medical treatment, hair loss is not limited to writing poems, using sesame and ginger remedies to prevent and cure hair loss. From the perspective of modern clinical medicine, there are many types of hair loss, but now most of the hair loss belongs to androgen-derived hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is also known as seborrheic alopecia, premature baldness, male pattern alopecia, and hereditary alopecia. The incidence of males is higher than that of females, mainly due to greasy head skin and desquamation, which may be accompanied by itching. Progressive hair loss at the top and subsequent high hair loss, but the posterior occipital area is less involved in causing hair loss, and the cycle of male alopecia is generally longer. The current view generally believes that the level of androgen in the blood circulation of AGA patients is normal, which is due to the increased expression of androgen receptor (AR), which results in the scalp hair follicles being extremely sensitive to circulating androgens. Androgens affect the growth of hair, dermal papilla size, dermal papilla cells, keratinocytes and melanocytes by changing the interaction of mesenchymal-epithelial cells in hair follicles. There are two subtypes of 5-a reductase, namely type Ⅰ and type Ⅱ, which catalyze the conversion of testosterone (T) into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the circulation. The latter has an affinity for AR five times that of T. These two differences The structure plays a certain role in the metabolism of androgens. The hair follicles of the scalp gradually shrink under the action of dihydrotestosterone, shrinking in size, and eventually losing the hair growth function to cause hair loss symptoms. The characteristics of androgenesis are actually very clear. Under the influence of genetic factors, dihydrotestosterone continuously attacks the hair follicles in the hair loss area, which is usually irreversible. However, this type of de-discovery can be effectively treated in medicine, and the treatment methods are relatively mature. At present, there are two internationally recognized drugs for the treatment of hair loss, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved minoxidil and finasteride for the treatment of AGA. The two can be used not only alone or in combination, but also combined with non-pharmacological therapy. Minoxidil: Minoxidil was the first drug used to treat high blood pressure. It has strong side effects during treatment: long hair at the top of the baldness. After research and development, the pharmaceutical factory developed minoxidil for the treatment of seborrheic alopecia, of which: 2% concentration was approved by the US Food and Drug Safety Commission in 1988 and 5% concentration was approved by the US Food and Drug Safety Commission in 1998. Approved for listing. Currently, it is used by dermatologists in over 110 countries around the world as an over-the-counter medicine for the treatment of seborrheic alopecia and alopecia areata. (The 5% concentration of the drug in 60ml is used twice a day, 1ml each time. After the drug is given, the scalp is given a massage time of 3 to 5 minutes to help the absorption of the drug) (Females cannot use 5% concentration, only for 2% The concentration is the best, and the usage and dosage are the same as above) Finasteride: Various studies conducted by Merck’s Pharmaceuticals in the United States have proved that one milligram of finasteride tablets has a certain effect on seborrheic alopecia. The US FDA formally approved the drug in January 1998 for the treatment of androgen alopecia. Finasteride, which can inhibit 5α-reduced enzymatics, reduces the concentration of DHT and slows hair follicle atrophy, thus effectively improving hair loss and preventing further hair loss. It is the only oral and effective treatment for androgen alopecia. (1 mg drug dose, use 1 mg per day, the drug is absorbed in the small intestine, can be used before and after meals, liver metabolism, liver function abnormal people with caution) (women can not

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss?

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Food supplement to prevent hair loss! 1. Black cereals such as black sesame, black beans, black rice and other grains have great benefits for hair, especially black sesame contains a lot of oleic acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, vitamin E, calcium and other hair needs Trace ingredients. It nourishes the scalp. Not only inhibits hair loss, but also allows hair to get rid of dry and yellow and restore softness and moisture. These cereals can be boiled into porridge, supplemented daily, long-term adherence, can prevent hair loss, hair quality will become better and better. 2. Nuts walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and other nuts. Cysteine ​​deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. The best way to supplement cystine is to eat nuts. But it is worth noting that the consumption of nuts should not be too much. 28g per day is the most suitable. If it is more, it will cause excessive intake of blood lipids, causing blood sugar fluctuations, and the nutritional value of nuts will be greatly reduced. 2. How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Staying up late Many people know that staying up late is the culprit of hair loss, because staying up late will affect the normal metabolism of the nervous system. Not only that, staying up late will also cause endocrine disorders, skin damage, and decreased resistance. 2. Reasonable diet Excessive dieting to lose weight will lead to hair loss, hair quality will become yellow, which is not conducive to the normal metabolism of the body. Weight loss should be achieved through a reasonable diet and reasonable exercise. Blind dieting will lead to a decline in body immunity, hypoglycemia, and hair loss. problem. 3. It is not advisable to over-perm and dye your hair. Many girls who love beauty want to toss their hair, and they are permed and dyed, dyed and hot, but they do not know that perming and dyeing will cause the hair protein to degenerate and damage, dry and yellow, hair loss and split ends, hair dyeing for one year No more than two times with perm. 4. Hair also needs sunscreen. We all know that skin needs sunscreen, but neglected that hair also needs sunscreen. In fact, the protein in our hair is also easily oxidized by light, especially when going out in the summer with extremely strong ultraviolet rays. Or wearing a hat can effectively block the ultraviolet rays to prevent hair from being burned by ultraviolet rays and causing hair loss.

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall?

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall? The hair transplant we learned is the process of dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. It is derived based on observations and known cell, factor and hair follicle cycle positions. The superior hair follicles are transplanted to the sparse area. Since the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not affected by androgens, they belong to long-lived hair follicles and can not fall for a long time. The long-lived hair follicles in the back of the head are less likely to fall off, but this does not mean that the hair in the posterior occipital area will never lose hair, and the physiological characteristics of hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia are not stable. So for hair loss patients, it is to transplant a hair that is unpredictable in the future to the hair loss area, which means that you may or may not lose hair in the past. There is no uniform answer to long-lived hair follicles. This difference with the individual is also related to the professional skills of the doctor. Faced with hair loss and hair transplantation, hair friends who are not familiar with them often have many misunderstandings. For example, for hair transplants, the first impression of many people is-“Don’t you just dismantle the east wall and make up the west wall?” Described as such. So, is this really the case? In fact, it makes sense to compare hair transplanting to dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. The principle of hair transplantation is to extract the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region, and then plant them in the area of ​​hair loss after separation and other treatments. That is, transplanting a part of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region to the hair loss area is like removing the east wall and repairing the west wall to facilitate understanding. But in fact, hair transplanting is not simply dismantling the east wall to make up the west wall. Because brick walls are made of bricks, and hair transplants are made of hair follicles, the distribution of hair follicles is completely different from that of bricks. According to statistics, the human scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles, and 80-120 hair follicles are distributed per square centimeter of scalp. Therefore, human hair follicles are very dense. Even if 20%~40% of the hair follicles are taken away, they will not appear to become thinner. Doctors usually use the decentralized collection method when extracting the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region. That is to say, take a point here and take a point there, which does not affect the overall density at all. Generally, the hair removal area after hair transplantation is basically indistinguishable. There will be no worry that the east wall will be demolished. In short, planting hair is far from a simple “demolition of the east wall to supplement the west wall”, but a scientific method of resource optimization and redistribution. So why do hair transplants have to use the hair follicles in the back pillow? This is the next question we want to discuss. How was the East Wall selected? How did the Eastern Wall choose? Since it takes a lot of money to transplant, it is of course necessary to choose the “East Wall” carefully. I don’t know if you noticed it. Generally, hair loss starts from the forehead and the top of the head until it develops into baldness, but the hair in the back of the head does not fall very much. The study found that the androgen receptor (AR) of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area is much lower than that in the forehead alopecia area, which means that the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not vulnerable to DHT attack and shrink. Moreover, the characteristics of the hair follicles will not change with the location of the hair follicles, so the hair follicles of the posterior occipital region will still retain the original characteristics when transplanted to other areas, and will not fall off permanently. Therefore, the hair follicle in the back pillow has become the primary choice for the east wall. Otherwise, if the hair follicles will shrink after transplantation, the hair transplant will be meaningless. Of course, if the area of ​​the hair loss is too large, the hair follicles in the back pillow cannot meet the demand, and there is no way to transplant the hair. Therefore, if the hair loss develops to the middle and late stages, the area has basically formed, and the hair follicles are difficult to recover through drugs. It is recommended that you treat them as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassment of “no hair can be implanted”. &nbsp.

Why are there so many young girls losing hair now?

Why do more and more people suffer from baldness and hair loss, and even the hair loss of the younger generation after 90s has become more and more serious? Hair loss manifests itself in that the speed of hair loss is greater than the speed of hair growth, and the balance between hair loss and hair growth is broken. In the final analysis, the growth of hair follicle cells is hindered. There are many reasons for hair loss. Genetic factors, seborrheic alopecia, chronic diseases, endocrine disorders, excessive brain use, stress, dietary malnutrition, hair style effects, etc., may all cause hair loss. &nbsp. Focus on this, why do girls lose hair? &nbsp. Reason one: Androgenic alopecia is also called seborrheic alopecia, AGA in English, and FAGA in women. Although male hormones are written, it is possible for women to develop the disease (don’t doubt, women also have male hormones), the probability is about 60%. Although compared with men, women’s symptoms will be slower and the symptoms will be milder. It usually starts at the age of 20, and the high incidence age is around 50 years old, which means that the young and middle-aged time is the key period. And this is a genetic factor, which is considered a genetic disease, so a cure is impossible. The whole process starts from the forehead or the top of the head, and the hair follicles of the original healthy hair begin to shrink into thin, short and fragile hair with atrophy, and then start to fall. &nbsp. Reason two: Nutrient metabolic alopecia Many girls will also diet and lose weight, in fact, this may be the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the business intake is not balanced, such as protein deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, etc. In addition, certain metabolic diseases such as arginine succinic aciduria, homocystinuria, hereditary orotic acid Urinary disorders and methionine metabolism disorders are also the causes of hair loss. So if you want to have a lush hairstyle, you must pay attention to the intake of nutrition. The girl who wants to lose weight and lose hair must be crying. Can she have both thin and hair? ! Don’t worry, Xiaoxiao sauce will bring you several medical and aesthetic methods to deal with hair loss. I believe there is always a way for you! &nbsp. Surgical Treatment-Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is to transplant the hair, and cut the tissues around the hair follicle together to remove it from the original position of the scalp, and then transplant it to the location where the hair needs to be increased. In fact, it is essentially a method of “demolition of the east wall to make up the west wall”, but at least visually it seems that the hair has become even and beautiful. There are two methods of hair transplantation-FUT method and FUE method. Remember, there are only these two methods in the world at present, and the rest of the strange technologies are mostly hospital gimmicks. The FUT method, full name follicleunittransplant, is the transplantation of hair follicle unit, that is, the hair follicle flap is extracted from the posterior occipital region, the hair follicle unit is cut and separated, and implanted in the receiving area. To be more clear, it is to cut a scalp about 1cm wide and divide it into hair follicle units with a magnifying glass. Each unit has about 3-4 hairs and is placed in the hair transplantation area with instruments. The damage to the scalp is small, but because the wound that needs to be sutured to extract the hair follicle flap will affect the donor area, leaving a strip of scar. But don’t worry too much, this is not so exaggerated, as long as you don’t shave your hair, you can only see the white scar. FUT hair transplant technology has extremely high requirements for the technical level and stunning of hair transplant doctors, but the adapted hair transplant area is also relatively large, and the survival rate of hair follicles is high. Generally, an operation can last 3000-4000 roots, and the price is relatively cheap. The full name is follicleunit extraction, also called hair follicle unit extraction, that is, the hair follicle unit is directly extracted from the back pillow part, and the hair follicles are separated and cultivated, and then implanted into the receiving area. In this way, the hair follicles are taken directly, and no special treatment is needed on the scalp. The scalp will heal automatically after taking out, without suture and suture removal, which is similar to the feeling of transplanting rice seedlings. This hair implant technology is more suitable for small-scale hair transplantation, more delicate, suitable for hairline, eyebrows, temples and other parts of the transplant, and the price is relatively high, the advantage is no scars after surgery, the wound is punctate, fully automatic healing pain. In addition, FUE surgery can be transplanted with hair from other parts of the body, such as chest hair, hand hair, leg hair, etc., but the characteristics of the hair follicles removed may not be the same as the original parts, so it may not be completely suitable. &nbsp. Tong reminds everyone that any operation is risky, I suggest you go to a professional and regular hospital to choose an experienced one

What are the precautions after hair transplant?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Polluted living environment, stress at work and life, diseases and other factors can cause hair loss. No one wants to have convex light on their heads, so hair loss patients will choose hair transplantation to regain their lush hair. Take a look at what you need to pay attention to after hair transplantation. &nbsp.  Hangzhou Shiguang Plastic Surgery Hospital experts said that hair transplantation is a delicate surgical operation, which has very high requirements for doctors’ experience and technology. Many patients choose the wrong hospital, causing waste of hair in the supply area, which leads to surgery failure. Therefore, please choose a regular medical institution for hair transplantation to ensure hair transplantation.  Precautions after hair transplantation:    1. Due to the use of narcotic drugs during hair transplantation, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other discomfort may occur, so take more rest.   2. After the hair transplantation, the doctor’s orders must be kept in mind and executed according to the doctor’s orders to recover smoothly and reduce postoperative discomfort.   3. Use a higher pillow when sleeping.   4. Do not exercise within 5 days after hair transplantation, avoid vigorous exercise for 3 weeks, and pay attention to protect the operation area.   V. Return to the hospital on the second day after hair transplantation for reexamination and dressing change.   6. Hair washing cannot be done within 4 days after hair transplantation. After 4 days, the hair can be shampooed and the hair transplant area should be rubbed gently.

How powerful is maternal genetic hair loss? Three years of hair loss, one year of prevention and control!

Speaking of hereditary hair loss, it makes people feel big. As if hair loss is destined, how can you still struggle to escape the fate of hair loss? Maternal genetic hair loss has always been regarded as a “necessary” relationship. In other words, if the paternal line is losing hair, the child will not necessarily be inherited, and the maternal line will lose hair, then the child will lose hair in the future. Recently, there is a friend who has good hair, but his hair loss has reached Grade 3+ in three years. Upon careful inquiry, he learned that his mother has very little hair, and her grandfather and uncle have very serious hair loss. Do you think that you have found the reason for his hair loss? Although the probability of genetic hair loss is very high, there are many causes of hair loss. In other words, if there is hereditary hair loss, but it has not been induced, then it may also avoid or delay hair loss. There is an obvious hair loss site in the third stage of hair loss, indicating that the hair follicles in this part have shrunk and closed, which can only be improved by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation takes about one year to achieve a stable effect. Use this year to let the planted hair Good growth, so that the original hair will not take off, it is not a dream! Just do the following: &nbsp. Correctly wash your hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Do not wash your hair without special circumstances within 7 days after surgery. If necessary, wash under the guidance of a doctor. When washing your hair for the first time on the 7th day after surgery, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails. After moisturizing your scalp and hair, apply foam to the palm of your hand, apply the foam to the planting area, and then rinse with water twice . Regular diet and rest &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Avoid spicy, greasy and other irritating foods within 1 month after surgery, and do not smoke or drink alcohol, do strenuous exercise, can make the planted hair better adapt to the new environment, and help wounds After recovery, you can eat some grains, greens, fruits and white meat regularly. Using drug control&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. About 1 month after surgery, the planted hair will fall off to varying degrees, don’t worry, this is normal “changing stubble”, and the hair will grow again afterwards. For those who have atrophy of the original hair, they can also use minoxidil according to the doctor’s advice at 1 month after surgery. Male hair friends who continue to lose hair also need to take finasteride tablets internally. Note: Any medicine needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Use the medicine correctly. After washing your hair every day, spray or apply 1ml (approximately 6 to 7 times) of minoxidil to the atrophy area of ​​the hair follicle and massage it with your fingers for easier absorption. The postoperative shedding period will last for 2 to 3 months, that is, 1 to 4 months after the operation belongs to postoperative shedding. However, about 15 to 30 days after the use of minoxidil or finasteride at 1 month after surgery, there will be a drug shedding period, which coincides with the postoperative shedding period, and there is no need to go through two shedding periods. &nbsp. Reducing physical and chemical damage to the hair. Generally, hair can be trimmed after 1 month after surgery, but if you want to perm your hair, you have to wait 6 months after surgery. However, Xiao Dong here reminds me warmly that perm dyed hair is more harmful to the hair, ranging from scalp allergy and folliculitis, to worsening hair loss, and even causing serious skin diseases. In daily life, it is necessary to protect the scalp and hair from hair damage caused by external forces, such as bumping, pulling the hair, and pulling too tight braids. Don’t care about the rapid growth period of the planted hair 4 to 10 months after the operation. The hair will obviously start to become thicker and darker. This is also the time when the hair friends are easy to relax. The hair doctor reminds you to continue to maintain a regular diet and work habits, and insist on using the medicine for at least one year in the area where the original hair has shrunk. Under the guidance of the doctor, the hair growth is relatively stable 11 to 12 months after the drug is stopped. In addition to the consistent healthy life and medication, the original hair also grows very well, and there is no sign of hair loss. Many hairdressers who use medicine to cure off will have plans to stop the medicine. Xiao Dong reminds that the medicine needs to be slowly reduced under the guidance of the doctor, and it must not be stopped suddenly to avoid relapse. The doctor will formulate a withdrawal plan for the friend based on the actual situation of the friend.

Why is my young hair loss so severe?

Recently, the age of my hair friend who came to consult me ​​has reached a new low, a 15-year-old junior high school student. It’s a shocking question. I don’t know whether I should lament the current child’s awareness of preventing hair loss, or whether I should explore why hair loss is so age-neutral. The child should be carefree, but he still has to worry about his hair. As a doctor, he is deeply distressed. Today, the hair loss population is sinking in age. There is a data from Netease and other three major portals in conjunction with Merck, which surveyed 10,000 netizens and found that 60% of men have hair loss before the age of 25, and hair loss before the age of 30. Accounted for 84%. Many scientists believe that male baldness may be an inevitable trend of human evolution, and another German scholar said surprisingly: “All adult men will become bald within 100 years.” The prediction may not come true, but the hair loss is younger The trend is true. Reasons for the youth of hair loss: Stress: Modern young people stay up late and have great mental stress, which is an important cause of severe hair loss. In addition, irregular lifestyles, insufficient sleep, and eating too greasy and other bad lifestyles may induce androgens. Secretory disorders, worsening hair loss or causing it to occur earlier. Some time ago, Professor Zhang Wenhong also talked about hair loss caused by young people. He believes that hair loss is the result of a comprehensive factor. Sleeping late and getting up late may not be the most important factor. The most critical factor is the pressure plus the current social culture. The importance of personal image and face value has been greatly improved, and hair problems have also been attached to it. In the previous concept, hair loss does not involve life and health problems, and now young people are more pursuing spiritual life and social entertainment. The problem of hair loss even touches the hearts of young people and makes people worry. Reason two: Androgenic hair loss in young people, most of them are male androgenic hair loss, I often use the son of natural selection to describe this kind of hair loss, because male hair loss is related to genetics, and genetic problems are inevitable. In addition to heredity, an important cause of hair loss is androgen, androgen testosterone in the body. When testosterone is catalyzed by an enzyme called “5α-reductase” into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it affects the hair follicles and causes hair follicles. Gradually shrink. The mechanism of androgenic alopecia is as follows: For young people, once they notice a hair loss trend, they should pay attention to it. Although it may not prevent hair loss, it is also very important to effectively curb hair loss. The relevant research of the First Affiliated Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital recorded the clinical data of 363 male androgenetic alopecia patients and 30 scalp scars without hair loss in the hair transplant center from 2008 to 2016. Conclusion: The average incidence of hair loss Those with a genetic history are 25 years old and those without a genetic history are 27 years old, suggesting that early intervention and control of hair loss should be made before the age of 25 years. Priority: Hair loss requires early intervention and control. According to my more than 11 years of experience, the effect of hair loss treatment also clearly shows that the smaller the age of hair loss, the better the effect. Treatment methods: There are three main types of treatment methods at present. Drug treatment and maintenance can be improved in the early stage. If the hair loss is serious, the medication and improvement effect is not great, or the timing of treatment is missed, then you can also choose hair transplantation. Of course, the treatment of hair transplant is not to say that it must be treated according to this process, all treatment should be based on the treatment effect and my satisfaction. ① Drug treatment: Minoxidil, Finasteride Applicable: The initial hair loss condition of hair follicle atrophy. These two drugs are believed to be familiar to many people. This US FDA (FDA) certified drug is not much authoritative. Controversy, from the past and present life of the drug, the drug is more stable and effective, so the use rate is more. Minoxidil, a liniment for external use, can be used by both men and women, with 5% for men and 2% for women. The principle is to open potassium channels, relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation, thereby prolonging the hair growth cycle and promoting hair growth. According to the summary of clinical experience, the use of minoxidil generally has an effect after 6 weeks of use, and a significant effect after 3-6 months of use. Note: There is also a difference in the effect of the drug when using minoxidil. Some people may have drug resistance after using it for a few years, and some people may have a lot of hair loss after stopping the drug. These need to be administered under the guidance of a doctor, and regular Withdrawal. Finasteride, taken internally, is only used for male androgenic alopecia. Finasteride is a 5α reductase inhibitor, the principle is