Gastroenterology is always repeated, diet adjustment is very important, these 4 types of fruits, it is best not to serve on the table

Many friends have a bad stomach, which is a problem of old stomach. For the “old stomach disease” that is difficult to cure completely, it is better to do a lot of conditioning and maintenance of the stomach than taking medicine for a long time. It is called “three-point treatment and seven-point nutrition”. Do friends with stomach problems need to pay attention to fruits? We usually recommend fruits and vegetables as a healthy food. Whether it is a friend with stomach problems or a balanced supplement for body nutrition, fresh fruits are recommended foods, but this is not to say that friends with stomach problems are There are no taboos for fruits. We have to do a good job in the maintenance of our stomachs. It is necessary to have a choice in diet, and fruits are no exception. Let’s talk about the principle of lowering the diet of the stomach, and then combine the principles to analyze several fruits that should not be eaten by patients with stomach problems. If you want to pay more attention to your diet and adjust your stomach health, there are three main principles. On the one hand, if you eat the diet, you should try not to cause adverse irritation to the stomach, such as some spicy and irritating food, containing Alcoholic beverages, etc., are not recommended to eat more friends with stomach problems; on the other hand, combined with their stomach conditions, if they have symptoms of indigestion, they should also pay attention to the diet as much as possible not to eat some indigestible Food increases the digestive burden on the stomach, such as the diet of some friends with big fish and meat, and the eating habits of overeating, will also increase the digestive burden on the stomach, and should be controlled as much as possible; third, for some people who often have stomach Friends of acid reflux heartburn symptoms, and friends with excessive gastric acid secretion should also avoid some sensitive foods and reduce the excessive secretion of gastric acid stimulation, such as some sweet foods, such as sweet potatoes, etc. Some friends will eat excessive acid reflux, which Under such circumstances, you should try to avoid this aspect of the diet, so as not to cause acid reflux problems. For friends with old stomach problems, it is important to pay attention to the selection of fruits, which is also the principle of the above three aspects. Therefore, for the following types of fruits, friends with stomach problems should pay attention to eating in moderation when eating — —Persimmons, for those who have stomach problems and have stomach problems, it is generally not recommended to eat persimmons. Although persimmon has a sweet taste, it is a fruit that is not easy to digest. It contains a large amount of dietary fiber, and also contains tannic acid, pectin and other ingredients. It will react with stomach acid and affect digestion. Fresh dates: dates are sweet and sour, rich in vitamin C, which is a good healthy food, but for friends with stomach indigestion, it is not recommended to eat too many dates, but the same, the dietary fiber content of dates Very high, it is a fruit that is not easy to digest, so friends who have stomach problems can easily cause stomach upset if they eat more. Grapefruit: Friends who have acid reflux in the stomach often have this experience. Although eating grapefruit is not very acidic, it will stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid, resulting in increased acid reflux. Therefore, eating grapefruit will stimulate the stomach If a large amount of gastric acid is secreted to cause discomfort, you should eat less or not. Hawthorn: Hawthorn is sour. It is a kind of fruit for appetizing the spleen and appetizing for friends without stomach problems. It is also a food with the same origin as medicine and food. Hawthorn also has a good effect on the indigestion caused by eating meat. If you have a stomach problem, the hawthorn sour will stimulate the further secretion of stomach acid, but it may cause stomach upset. Also pay more attention. It should be pointed out that the above-mentioned fruits are only examples. For friends with stomach problems, the diet should still be based on the principle of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach, not increasing the digestive burden of the stomach, and not stimulating the excessive secretion of gastric acid. Own fruit, if you eat a certain fruit, it will cause stomach upset problems every time, then try to eat this fruit as little as possible, which kind of specific, due to different individuals, different conditions, stomach conditions The difference is not generalizable, the one that suits you is the best. Written at the end: The old stomach problem is indeed a problem for many people. In our daily life, in addition to good diet conditioning, we should also develop good eating habits, regular meals three meals a day, do not overeating, and at the same time In terms of psychology, we must maintain a calm and optimistic attitude, minimize adverse emotions and adversely affect the health of the stomach, and at the same time combine our own condition and cause, actively treat the symptomatic symptomatic causes, reduce the adverse factors that hurt the stomach, and then can we truly Regulate the health of the stomach, and really do it well.

What are the hazards of vitiligo patients sleeping late

   Vitiligo is a kind of skin stubborn disease that is well known in life now. The presence of vitiligo will make patients with vitiligo feel painful and annoying. Vitiligo is a disease that will harm the health of patients’ friends. And young people nowadays prefer to stay up late. Their circadian clocks only go to bed late at night or they can’t sleep, and then they get up at noon. This kind of day-and-night reversal of work and rest is very common among young people today, and it is still very common in life. However, this irregular lifestyle can easily induce the disease of vitiligo. So, what harm will the vitiligo patients sleep late?    Frequent staying up late will cause great damage to the skin of vitiligo patients, and vitiligo This kind of disease can also cause some damage to the skin of friends with vitiligo, and may also aggravate the condition of patients with vitiligo by stimulating the skin. Patients with vitiligo should pay attention to whether their skin pores become larger. After all, the outside dust and some harmful substances will enter the skin of the patient’s friends through the pores of the skin, and it is not easy to clean out because of this reason It may also cause acne on the skin, which is also very unfavorable for the treatment of vitiligo.  Our body generally automatically enters the state of rest adjustment after 11 o’clock. Once the vitiligo patient’s friend stays up late, the patient’s friend’s own regulatory function will be disordered, which will also lead to endocrine disorders. This will also inhibit the synthesis of melanocytes in our body, making the condition of vitiligo patients worse.   Vitiligo friends who stay up often will not only damage their own health, but also cause a decline in immunity, and may also make the body’s ability to resist low, which may also affect the health of patients with vitiligo. In the long term, this may also affect the treatment of vitiligo, making the treatment of vitiligo more difficult, and it will also increase the difficulty of treating vitiligo. Vitiligo is a stubborn disease, so pay attention to go to a professional hospital in time after finding it, after checking the cause of vitiligo, actively cooperate with the doctor to treat vitiligo, and pay attention to maintaining a positive attitude towards life, Keep a good mood. Eat less foods with too much vitamin C in your life or products that can easily cause seafood. These foods will affect the production of melanocytes and will also hinder the treatment of vitiligo.

What are the treatment methods for rheumatoid arthritis?

&nbsp. Rheumatoid arthritis, although not a very serious disease, but tormenting patients is also very powerful, as long as the friends who have experienced, I believe it will be the pain of understanding the disease. Generally friends who suffer from this disease are friends who are old or have old problems. Therefore, when the joint is injured, it must be treated well, and it is easy to get rheumatoid arthritis after leaving the disease. Although rheumatoid arthritis is not a major disease, it is also very difficult to treat. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the progress of rheumatoid arthritis treatment in time. Regardless, rheumatoid arthritis should be treated properly so that you can get rid of this uncomfortable pain. But the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is not a matter of two days a day, it is the key to adhere to treatment. As for the progress of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, I will give a good introduction to my good friends today, hoping to help those in need. Let’s take a look below! Rheumatoid arthritis is an allergic disease that is one of the main manifestations of rheumatic fever. It is usually caused by acute fever and joint pain. The typical manifestation is mild or moderate fever. Walking polyarthritis. The affected joints are mostly knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, etc. Large joints are often transferred from one joint to another. The lesions locally show redness, burning, and severe pain. Some patients also have several joints.  Atypical patients only have joint pain and no other inflammation. Acute inflammation usually resolves within 2-4 weeks without sequelae but often recurs. If rheumatic activity affects the heart, myocarditis may occur and even left heart valve disease. Pay more attention to life care during treatment, such as adding clothing in time when the weather turns cold, and avoid eating chili, curry, pepper, pepper, mustard, ginger and other food seasonings in the diet, these foods will excite the nerves, Causes the onset of arthritis.  &Nbsp.Physical therapy  Physical therapy includes electric therapy, infrared radiation, hyperthermia and other methods. All patients who have done physical therapy know that they will be more comfortable when they do physical therapy, and they will be the same as before.  &Nbsp. Tuina acupuncture    is basically the same as physical therapy. It is mainly to relieve patients’ clinical symptoms, not to cure them.  &Nbsp. Food therapy   Ginger chicken: Use a rooster just opened, ginger 100~250g, cut into small pieces, stir fry and cook in the pan without oil and salt. Drinkers can put a small amount of wine and finish it within 1 day. They can eat it every other week or half a month. It is used for those who suffer from cold joint pain and those who are warm and afraid of cold

When I drink a beer, I always run to the toilet. I don’t even drink a few bottles of urine. Which is better?

Summer is here again, and many friends are in the season of drinking beer. Friends from three to five meet, drink cold beer, and live a happy life as a child. Many male friends will observe each other who will go to the toilet first, who will go to the toilet most frequently, and which will run frequently when drinking together, especially when drinking beer. People in the toilet are often ridiculed for having “kidneys”, and those friends who often run to the toilet often laugh at themselves and say “run and run”. People who frequently go to the toilet after drinking beer are really “kidneys are not Ok? Today we have come to refute the rumor. Beer itself is a drink with a high water content, and it is also an alcoholic beverage. The beer is drunk too much, so the urine is too much. In fact, it is not surprising at all. It is not necessarily related to the health of the kidneys. Why do some people always run to the toilet when drinking? First of all, beer itself contains a lot of water. Drinking beer is equivalent to ingesting more water in our body. During the process of filtration and reabsorption, the kidney naturally discharges more water. When urine is stored in the bladder When it is enough, it will stimulate the body’s urinary center, urination, and need to go to the toilet to urinate, drink more, and have more urine, which is not surprising. The alcohol contained in beer can pass through the blood circulation, pass the blood-brain blood-brain barrier, and enter the brain to affect the cerebral cortex. In addition to making people feel euphoria, excitement or drowsiness, alcohol will also affect the brain Pituitary formation is an inhibitory effect. The pituitary gland is an important hormone-secreting gland of the human body. Among the hormones it secretes, there is a hormone called “antidiuretic hormone”. The role of this hormone is to enhance the kidney’s reabsorption of water. Reduce the amount of urine produced, and alcohol will suppress the secretion of this antidiuretic hormone by the pituitary gland, which will cause the kidneys to reabsorb the function of water, so that more water will enter the bladder and form urine to be excreted. This alcohol The diuretic effect is also one of the main causes of frequent toilet running after drinking. In many cases, not only drinking beer frequently goes to the toilet, but some friends drink other wines and also frequently run to the toilet because of this reason. Therefore, some friends will go to the toilet soon after drinking beer, and often run the toilet frequently. This is not related to the health of the kidneys. People who frequently run the toilet do not mean that the kidneys are unhealthy. Those who are able to sit still do not necessarily have a healthier kidney. Why do some people drink a few bottles and do not go to the toilet? There are also a lot of people who are not going to the toilet after drinking a few bottles, so how does this difference come from? We will analyze it from various reasons. The first is the individual’s physique differences, whether it is the sensitivity of alcohol to the pituitary gland or the size of the bladder capacity, which requires factors that may lead to huge differences in urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends drink alcohol after drinking The pituitary’s hormone secretion inhibitory effect is not obvious, the bladder capacity is relatively large, and the natural urine is less. After drinking some friends, alcohol has a more obvious effect on the pituitary gland, which can obviously inhibit the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. There will be more. In addition to individual differences, differences in eating habits can also lead to differences in the frequency of urination. For example, when some friends drink alcohol, they like to drink water at the same time, while some friends drink alcohol alone, drink beer and then drink water, the natural intake of water is more, and the urine output will naturally increase. Some friends like to eat light vegetables and other foods when drinking, and patting cucumber is a good appetizer, while some friends like to eat high-protein foods when drinking. At the wine table, everyone eats food The difference will also affect the filtration reabsorption of the kidneys. In the same person, if you eat more high-protein foods, high-protein intake will accelerate the filtration rate of the kidneys, and it will also cause urine to increase, and some foods have A certain diuretic effect will also further promote urination. These factors may cause different people to have different urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends will deliberately hold urine on the wine table in order to show their “strong kidney function”. In fact, this method is the most undesirable. According to the relevant knowledge we introduced earlier, everyone should understand that urination after drinking beer More or less, sooner or later, there is no inevitable connection with kidney function, and forcibly holding back urine is a bad habit that will seriously affect kidney function, especially after drinking a lot of alcohol, there will be a lot of urine accumulated in the bladder.

Limb weakness in summer? Poor appetite? Chest full? Heavy body? Stool is not formed?

This article wants to talk about the topic. The recent weather is really hot enough. Some friends in the outpatient clinic have weakness in the limbs, poor appetite, full chest, heavy body, no stool formation, yellow urine, white tongue coating, greasy pulse The phenomenon of emptiness and weakness, such a situation is actually because it belongs to the constitution of qi deficiency, and it is caused by the evil of summer dampness. In such a hot day, many people who are already qi-deficit can’t resist the temptation to eat too many cold melons, ice cream, and cold air conditioning at one time. This is more likely to happen. At this time, I will give patients and friends Qingshu Yiqi Decoction is added and subtracted for conditioning. This decoction itself evolved from Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, which consists of astragalus, ginseng, licorice, angelica, orange peel, atractylodes, atractylodes, Alisma, cohosh, pueraria root, divine song, green peel , Cork, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra, usually I like to use red astragalus, wild Codonopsis, 15-year-old tangerine peel to add or subtract this recipe to maximize the effect, this recipe has its own heat and qi, health The efficacy of the spleen and dampness is recorded in the “Internal and External Injury Theory”. This prescription proves that “all are injured due to eating disorders and labor, and gradually become ill due to their spleen and stomach, taking the summer days.” In fact, the use of Qingshu Yiqi Decoction as the base for addition and subtraction is still very high in summer, and the disease types used are very wide, from the general white-collar cervical spondylosis to the postoperative conditioning of cancer patients. Opportunity and as long as the effect is grasped, it is often very good. This is the same treatment for different diseases of traditional Chinese medicine. If you like Wang Dian let doctors share knowledge, welcome to send to the circle of friends to help friends around, in addition, I do not charge tuition, I only pay attention, I do not want fans, I just want friends, haha, thank you. &nbsp.&nbsp.

How to solve the gregarious children?

&nbsp.&nbsp. So, how to help children integrate into each other’s collective? In fact, the method is very simple, you may wish to invite your child’s partner to your home to eat, live, play and learn, and have fun with your child. The process of being together is an example of mutual guidance. On the contrary, you can also let your child play at a friend’s house. &nbsp.&nbsp. In addition, the child is reluctant to communicate and play with other children, which is caused by the pressure brought by the strict requirements of the parents, because his character blockade can not be expressed, so the future education should be as easy and happy as possible Don’t put too much pressure on him. In fact, there are several reasons for a child’s personality: parents pay too much attention to the child and arrange everything for them, which often makes the child lose the opportunity to develop social interaction. Parents often pay too much attention to him, give him something and hug him, which prevents children from fully developing their interests. Such children rarely greet people because their parents always talk first and then teach him to be uncle or aunt. Parents often like to show off to others, but this embarrasses their children. When children are sick, parents always take care of them without sleeping. Similarly, when children are naughty, parents often take things too seriously and make big mistakes. &nbsp.&nbsp. How to solve children’s out-of-group? &nbsp.&nbsp.Teach children the principle of making friends: If you want your children to be together, then you must let your children understand some principles of making friends. For example, we should respect friends, be considerate of friends, and consider ourselves where we are. Children understand the principle of making friends, and naturally make it easier to make friends&nbsp.&nbsp. Bring more children out: If parents often leave their children at home, the children will have the idea of ​​refusing to make friends in closed places. Therefore, parents should always remember to walk around with their children so that they can see their peers outside. &nbsp.&nbsp. Give your child the chance to make friends: most of the time, the child is with his parents. If parents take up too much time for their children, they will not have time to make friends. Therefore, parents should be generous and dedicate their precious time to their friends. Generally speaking, there are many children in communities, playgrounds and zoos. At this time, parents should quickly let their children play with their companions. &nbsp.&nbsp. Let children watch less TV: Children like to watch TV all day. Cute goats, wolves and bears are really good. But when children stay at home and watch TV every day, where do they have the time and energy to contact their friends? Therefore, children should watch less TV, which will not only hurt the eyes of the child, but also hurt the connection between the child and friends. &nbsp. &nbsp. Many children are cared for by different generations. If they don’t like talking outside, they will also be adversely affected. They like to stay at home and rarely go out. As time goes on, it will inevitably lack experience in dealing with people. Such children are not suitable for crowded places. &nbsp.&nbsp. Finally, I hope that every child can grow up healthily and happily. This is not only the common wish of our doctors, but also the common wish of our parents. I hope all children have a beautiful and happy tomorrow. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me about autism.

What are the treatment methods for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis, although it is not a very serious disease, but it is also very powerful to torture patients. As long as the friends who have experienced it, I believe it will be the pain of understanding this disease. Generally, friends who suffer from this disease are friends who are old or have old problems. Therefore, when the joint is injured, it must be treated well, and the remaining patients will be prone to rheumatoid arthritis. Although rheumatoid arthritis is not a major disease, it is very difficult to treat. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the progress of rheumatoid arthritis treatment in time. No matter what, rheumatoid arthritis should be treated well so that you can get rid of this uncomfortable pain. But the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is not a matter of one or two days, it is the key to insist on treatment. As for the progress of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, I will give a good introduction to all my good friends today, hoping to help those in need. Let’s take a look below! Rheumatoid arthritis is an allergic disease that is one of the main manifestations of rheumatic fever. It is usually caused by acute fever and joint pain. The typical manifestation is mild or moderate fever. Walking polyarthritis. The affected joints are mostly knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, etc. Large joints are often transferred from one joint to another. The lesions locally show redness, burning, and severe pain. Some patients also have several joints. Atypical patients have only joint pain and no other inflammation. Acute inflammation generally resolves within 2-4 weeks without sequelae but often recurs. If rheumatic activity affects the heart, myocarditis may occur and even left heart valve disease. Pay more attention to life care during treatment, such as adding clothes in time when the weather turns cold, and avoid eating chili, curry, pepper, pepper, mustard, ginger and other food seasonings in the diet, these foods will make the nerves excited, Causes the onset of arthritis. Physical therapy Physical therapy includes methods such as electrotherapy, infrared radiation, and heat therapy. All patients who have done physical therapy know that they will be more comfortable when they do physical therapy, and they will be the same as before. The purpose of massage acupuncture and physical therapy are basically the same. It is mainly to relieve patients’ clinical symptoms, not to cure them. Therapeutic ginger chicken: Use a rooster just opened, ginger 100 ~ 250g, cut into small pieces, stir-fry in a pan and simmer, without putting oil and salt. Drinkers can put a small amount of wine and finish it within 1 day. They can eat it every other week or half a month. It is used for those who suffer from cold joint pain and those who are warm and afraid of cold

[Do you want to be friends with your ex? 】

Author: Liu Yingya former is still a man’s man’s address book, two people will be New Year SMS New Year, of course, also possible that the mass. Sometimes the friends in the circle of friends applaud each other. For this reason, the woman has been talking to the man for a long time, and the man feels that the woman is unreasonable. Do you want to be friends with your ex? Different men and women have different viewpoints and starting points. Another couple. The woman said: All my predecessors are my good friends. The man said: I have deleted all the contact information of my ex-girlfriend. A person who can be a friend may not be a couple or a couple. Those who have been couples and couples and are unsuccessful, there is really no need to be friends, especially good friends. A successful couple relationship, husband and wife relationship, two people must be able to become good friends, able to understand each other, willing to understand each other, willing to pay for each other, willing to support and accompany each other, … successful couple will be the best friend. Is there any gain after reading? Follow me and teach you to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love with psychology to help you understand love and marriage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Second-level Psychological Counsel, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Body and Mind Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Network Emotion Tutor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychology work, focusing on family marriage and love , Personal physical and spiritual growth. WeChat public account (psychological consultant Liu Yingya), the same name WeChat (psyajfz)

An easy way to make you happy

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Have you ever had an orgasm? There is a good way here. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Oh, oh… I have a question for you: Have you ever had an orgasm? No? Let’s talk about it…&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Everyone’s sexual experience is different. Some friends can get the orgasm regularly, in different ways. Some friends can reach orgasm only when men are pressed on it. There are also friends who only get a climax when they touch. There are also friends who often get orgasm during sex but do not know how to masturbate. Let me tell you now. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you want to get the climax but don’t know how to do it, here is a simple method: jump the water temperature in the bathroom to the right temperature, then lie in the bathtub and spread your legs to let the water flow Slowly hit your vaginal opening. Wait a moment, if you want, you can feel free to sexually fantasize or just relax your mind, and just stay a little longer. Then, you know what happened. It’s that simple, do you want to try it?

What should be paid attention to when suffering from vitiligo

Vitiligo is a relatively common skin disease in today’s life. Treatment of this disease is more difficult. Vitiligo disease will have a great impact on the appearance of patients and friends, which will also affect In terms of their physical and mental health, many friends of patients with vitiligo also feel very inferior because of the white spots on their bodies. After suffering from vitiligo, you should not only go to a hospital for professional treatment of vitiligo in time, but also pay attention to the care of vitiligo in your life. Then, what should you pay attention to when you have vitiligo? 1. Vitiligo patients in life Attention should be paid to avoid exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure will have a very adverse effect on friends of patients with vitiligo. Friends of patients with vitiligo should avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time when going out, and pay attention to sun protection when going out. 2. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to skin care in life, and pay attention to avoid skin trauma, scald and scald in life. White spots caused by trauma are also one of the causes of vitiligo, so pay attention to protection in life Your own skin, to avoid some damage to the body. Friends of patients with vitiligo should pay attention to the method of bathing in their lives. They should pay attention to avoid damage to the skin of the patients due to incorrect bathing methods. Friends of patients with vitiligo should also pay attention to avoid using hot hot water for bathing. Pay attention to avoid rubbing the skin vigorously. Some bath products with whitening effect should also be avoided. 3. Vitiligo patients should also pay attention to products such as cosmetics in their lives, because during the treatment of vitiligo disease, the skin of friends of vitiligo patients is relatively fragile. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to avoid blind use of some cosmetics and avoid irritation of their skin. Health, this will easily lead to the occurrence of undesirable conditions such as pigmentation, which will affect the treatment of vitiligo. 4. Patients with vitiligo should pay attention to strengthening exercise in their lives. Patients with vitiligo can often participate in some physical exercises, such as jogging and brisk walking, which will not only make their bodies stronger, but may also increase their resistance. To reduce the appearance of vitiligo disease. Friends of patients with vitiligo should pay attention to the treatment of vitiligo in a timely and professional hospital after discovering vitiligo, pay attention to the medication under the guidance of the doctor, and pay attention to the guidance of the doctor when stopping and reducing the drug. In life, we should pay attention to eating less vitamin C food, avoid excessive consumption of vitamin C and affect the production of melanin in the body, affect the treatment of vitiligo. At the same time, spicy, greasy, cold food, friends of vitiligo should also pay attention Avoid eating.

Psychology: I’m always troubled by the achievements of others beyond myself, what should I do?

I am a junior high school student. I took a mock test in the online class. I think that the review is not bad and the test scores are satisfactory. However, the teacher ranked the grades of the class from high to low. Although I rank high, but my good My friend is much higher than me, and suddenly I feel very uncomfortable. Because we usually have similar results, this time she suddenly did so much better than me, I felt very uncomfortable. In fact, this kind of feeling has always annoyed me. We are both friends and competitors. As long as her results are surpassed by her more than I surpass her, I will be uncomfortable. She is my best friend. It stands to reason that I should be happy for her, but I just can’t be happy. Is there any solution? Hello, thanks for your letter. Judging from your situation, you can feel that your self-esteem is strong, and your self-esteem tends to be compared with others. You and your good friends have excellent grades in the class and love learning. It is a good thing to have such a friend to promote learning together. The reason why you feel uncomfortable is because you are compared with your own group, and your focus is always on your friends, so that your mood is fluctuated, which is caused by self-esteem. Psychology has a theory called “social comparison theory”. In social comparison theory, our evaluation of self is mainly based on social comparison. Social comparison is divided into downward social comparison and upward social comparison. The more common point of a downward society is to compare with people who are less capable than themselves; the upward social comparison is to compare with people who are worse than themselves. People with the same behavior may have different levels of self-esteem, which is related to the different objects they compare with. When people compare with people who are worse or better than themselves, the impact on self-esteem may be positive or negative, depending on the emotional distance to the person being compared. Your friend is a member of your class group and is very close to your emotions. Therefore, if you compare her with hers and find that she is better than you, your happiness will decline. But if you don’t compare with your group, but compare with the strangers you don’t know, and the grades of the strangers are better than you, you won’t feel that way, because you don’t have any intimacy and emotions with strangers. The distance is far. To this end, I make the following suggestions: 1. Change your comparison object. As mentioned above, you will be affected when you compare with the people in your group. Whether you test well or your friends test well, happy And sad emotions will be reflected in you. Therefore, you set a goal for your psychology before the exam. The target object should not be your own group, but a person who is not familiar with yourself. In this way, your heart will not have too many waves. If you always have people who are close to your emotions in your eyes, your inner emotions will be constrained and your mentality will not improve. Therefore, when you change your comparison object, your inner troubles will be much less. 2. Take your daily or staged progress as the goal and encourage yourself to compare with others often. If the abilities and advantages of others are not as good as you, you will not feel sad; but if others not only learn well, other abilities It’s also very strong, and your heart will easily feel inferior. For this reason, you should learn to accept yourself instead of comparing others with yourself. No one is perfect, even if you are very good, you will always encounter something better than you. It’s better to pretend to be in your eyes, set yourself a small task every day, and absorb a little new knowledge every day. As long as you learn and master today better than yesterday, you will be better than the past. Today’s accomplishment of today’s goal is excellent. When you look at yourself, you are no longer pursuing perfection, and you are no longer upset because some classmates in the class surpass you. Your mentality will be better, your worries will be less, and your learning efficiency will be higher. I hope my answer is helpful to you, and I hope you learn faster. Psychological counselor Zhang Yinling, graduate degree, psychology major, engaged in psychological and emotional counseling for 15 years! Please pay attention to me @心理咨询师张银玲, encounter psychological, emotional, parent-child education and other aspects, private letter me, let me help you!

How does Yonghe’s hair transplant doctor have so many people who have hair loss?

A hair friend suddenly asked: How did Yonghe’s hair transplant doctor have so many people who lost hair? This hair friend has never been to Yonghe Zhifa, and he doesn’t know a certain employee of Yonghe Zhifa. Why did he ask this question? It was Yonghe Zhifa My official account revealed the mystery. In the past two years, the hair transplant doctor who has published Yong He from the media has also planted his own hair, and there are pictures to testify. The hair transplants have been sent from his family one after another. This friend has read more , And then push back: Yonghe ’s employees have many people who plant hair for themselves, that is, many people who have hair loss! Yonghe Xiaobian answers this question. First, Yonghe Zhifa’s public account does publish a lot of pictures of his family’s hair transplantation. At present, hair transplant hospitals have internal staff who give their own hair transplants, but there are few that can be disclosed, and Yong He is the most public. Other hair transplant hospitals are about one or two a year, and Yong He is one or two a month. The editor of Yonghe counted the time he wrote this article. This public account released 20 cases of Yonghe people planting hair for themselves in the past two years. Well, Yong He disclosed that his hair transplanting cases are seven or eight times that of others. No wonder some friends have reversed and marveled: you have more hair transplants for employees, of course, there are more hair loss! Second, Yong He Hair loss employees with hair transplants say much but not much. Not much to say, the hair loss population is roughly evenly distributed. There are hair loss people in all units, including medical and administrative staff in hair transplant hospitals, and there are a certain percentage of hair loss people. Even if the average number is different, it will not be particularly bad. Speaking more, it is from the absolute number. The reason behind it is that Yonghe is the largest hair transplant hospital in the direct management hospital, and the staff base is also the largest. So multiplied by the average percentage, the number of hair loss employees is also the largest. Right now, Yonghe has 40 direct-operated hospitals across the country, and three or four new direct-operated hospitals will open in the next one or two months. Our employee base has further increased, and the number of hair loss employees who have been introduced in reverse according to the average proportion of hair loss Will increase slightly. (Photo of Liang Lifen’s consultation doctor in Nanning Yonghe before the operation.) (Liang Lifen’s head before surgery, the scalp is partially sparsely seen) (September after Liang Lifen’s hair transplant) (Liang Lifen’s head 1 year after surgery) Third, Yong Wo does not discriminate against hair loss people, and does not discriminate against hair loss employees. As a brand hair transplant hospital, Yonghe people deal with hair loss people every day and solve problems for them. The joy and sorrow of hair loss people are our joys and sorrows. It is precisely this spirit of “making hearts together”. Yonghe people do not discriminate against any Hair loss, treat every hair loss. We regard this spirit as the “core”, that is, it does not discriminate against hair loss employees. Some people have good professional abilities when recruiting but only hair loss. We still accept them as employees. Hair loss employees can grow hair for themselves in this hospital after a certain number of years. Because of Yonghe’s non-discrimination policy, the proportion of internal employees’ hair loss may be higher than that of some colleagues. Yonghe Zhifa hopes that all units can treat hair loss people well, give them a chance, and give them a job! Fourth, why does Yonghe ’s hair loss employees scramble to plant hair for themselves? There are two reasons. First, they see a lot of friends. Good results have been achieved in Yonghe Zhi. The patients are their “hair role models” and then they have to grow their own hair. The other is to see that Yonghe ’s hair loss colleagues have planted good results one by one, so they also want to try to plant hair for themselves. It is precisely this driving effect that Yonghe ’s employees planted for themselves. In fact, this is a kind of contrast, indicating that Yonghe’s hair transplanting technology is really good, which not only attracts friends from outside, but also internal employees. Let ’s assume: Yonghe ’s hair transplanting technology is general. Can it attract internal staff to grow hair? It can be said that almost every direct hospital of Yonghe has internal staff to transplant hair. You need to see the real effect and come to Yonghe at any time. Observe the effect of Yonghe employees’ hair transplantation! Why are there so many hair loss people in Yonghe’s employees, why are there so many hair loss people in Yonghe planting hair? At present, there are 10,000 or 20,000 hair loss people who consult with Yonghe Academy every month. Among them, there are four or five thousand people who choose to perform surgery. Both of them are leaders in the industry. The reason behind it is Yonghe’s brand strength. So many hair loss people choose Yonghe, and so many Yonghe employees choose Yonghe, what are you worried about Yonghe?

Friends with a bad stomach can give it a try

A friend has had a stomach problem for many years, and it has gone through various treatments. He had a stomachache when eating together, and it hurt badly. He said: “I have had gastritis for many years, and it often hurts. My stomach is really bad.” I asked him if he said this often. He said that he often said that his stomach was bad. I said to him, can you change the way of speaking, for example, you say to it: I’m sorry to make you work hard for decades. You are really amazing, I have to thank you. And so on. A friend said: Is this useful? I talked about the results of my research. He shook his head and said he was in severe pain at the moment, unable to speak. I said, just talk about it now, don’t worry about how painful it is, if you say yours, try to speak to it with a smile. Under my persuasion, my friend started talking while holding his stomach in pain. The first time there was no effect, I told him the technical essentials here, do it again, do it again, the miracle happened, the stomachache gradually eased, and finally stopped. He was a little unbelievable for a moment, he touched and touched, realized and realized, and felt “it’s weird ~”. After that, he practiced every day. Not only did he never commit a stomachache, he used this method to treat his eyes and cervical spine. After years of visual fatigue and cervical spine pain, he also cured. Another friend had problems with his prostate for many years. After drinking tea together, he went to the bathroom many times and could n’t help laughing at himself. His prostate was a little “uncontested”. I asked him if he could change the word. I told him that the prostate and the entire male department are organs that are particularly easy to talk to. You have to say gratitude and praise to it. Think about it, how easy is it to serve you for decades. The friend said that he couldn’t find “the feeling of talking with the prostate” for a while. I told him how to find this feeling and instructed him to do it on the spot. As soon as he did it, he felt that the part was surprisingly comfortable, which surprised him. He further discovered that his inner “prostate anxiety disorder” (his own term) disappeared. He said that he had been “anxious” for the prostate for many years. “This kind of psychological change is really wonderful.” This friend insisted on practicing after returning home, frequent urination Symptoms such as urgency have gradually disappeared. “You can drink tea with your friends to the end.” What made him particularly proud was that he was able to get through and used the method I taught him to successfully lose weight, minus ten kilograms. There are many examples like this. Everyone seems to cherish the body, but what is true love, we “love the body” is often expressed in dissatisfaction with the body. For example, the two friends mentioned above had bad stomachs and said that they had bad stomachs. If they had bad prostates, they said that they were not satisfied. Some people were frustrated when they saw wrinkles on their faces in the mirror. If you have a headache or cervical spine, which part of your body is uncomfortable, you will frown, sigh, and anxiety, which means dissatisfaction. Just like those parents who seem to love their children, they are anxious, complaining, nagging, nagging, and urging at the sight of their unsatisfactory performance. In fact, they are all a lot of dissatisfaction. No matter how much such parents devote their efforts to their children and how hard they work with them, they do not really love their children. It is difficult for children to improve. And if you are really good at understanding and appreciating the praised children, the enthusiasm is mobilized, and the child’s performance will immediately be judged by two people. If you want, you can treat your stomach as your child. She is a part of your body in your body. She has accompanied you and accompanied you for so many years. Usually you eat and drink or do not pay attention to diet. Satisfied with her taste buds, but she has been overwhelmed by her work, she tried to talk to her, sincerely apologize to her, praise her, praise her, I believe that with your praise and praise, she also It will get better soon.

What are the symptoms of death syndrome?

Female friends want to conceive successfully, they must have healthy eggs, combined with male sperm, so as to successfully conceive, but some men are diagnosed as dead sperm by doctors because of low sperm survival rate, many patients friends compare Curious about what are the symptoms of death syndrome, let’s take a closer look at it together. What are the symptoms of dead sperm syndrome? 1. When a male friend learns that he has dead sperm syndrome, it will seriously affect his usual life. When he has sex with the opposite sex, his body will feel fatigued and mentally exhausted. Unbearable. 2. Death spermia will make the resistance of the male friend’s body decline and make the body weaker and weaker. The functions of various organs of the male patient’s body will also become weaker. These symptoms are after suffering from death sperm disease. Of the patients ’symptoms. 3. Men suffering from death syndrome will also have some concurrent inflammations. If these inflammations are not treated in time, it will cause more serious consequences. After suffering from this disease, the patients’ mental health will be severely hit, and the psychological burden will be imposed. It also loses men ’s need for sex. 4. In the seminal plasma test, the mortality rate of male sperm is very high, and the number of dead sperm is over 40%. And sometimes, purulent cells often appear in seminal plasma routine or prostate fluid routine. The above is the relevant answer to “What are the symptoms of dead sperm disease”, I hope that male friends will pay attention to understand the related symptoms. Death sperm syndrome often makes you feel tired easily, and it is also easy to be mentally tired. It can even cause male friends to have premature ejaculation, impotence, and no desire for sex. Treat the relevant symptoms on your body in time to avoid aggravation of the condition and endanger physical and mental health. Get pregnant early.

What causes premature ejaculation to become younger and younger?

What causes premature ejaculation to become younger and younger? [Free consultation telephone 0931-4523019] Premature ejaculation is a disease that seriously harms the physical and mental health of men. In recent years, more and more young people have begun to suffer from earlier, thus giving Their daily lives have a great impact, and even affect fertility issues. There are many reasons for the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Male friends need to attract attention. When they find that they have symptoms of premature ejaculation, they should go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible. 1. Pre-marital sex: In recent years, many young people have had pre-marital sex, leading to bad emotions such as tension and excitement during the first sex experience, which is easy to cause them to ejaculate early, resulting in poor changes after marriage. Established ejaculation mode. 2. Interruption of sexual life: The lack of sexual knowledge is easy to cause men to have some bad phenomena during sexual life, such as sudden interruption of sexual behavior, or excessive frequency of sexual life, which will not only cause great harm to themselves, Premature ejaculation can also occur. 3. Masturbation: Many male friends have some fantasies about sex during puberty, which leads to masturbation. If men masturbate frequently in their lives, it will lead to fatigue in the central nervous system due to long-term excitement, thus Cause premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation prevention methods: 1. Pay attention to diet: eating spicy food, smoking and alcohol can cause premature ejaculation. Therefore, friends should quit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating food, eat more seafood, soy products, fish and shrimp and other foods to help Yang fill the essence, enhance physical fitness. 2. Avoid frequent masturbation and restraint sexual intercourse: Frequent masturbation or excessive sexual intercourse will make the body in a state of fatigue, and excessive fatigue will cause the body to be weak and prone to premature ejaculation. 3. Correctly grasp the knowledge about sex: Many parts of clinical are due to lack of sexual knowledge of couples, or incorrect understanding of sexual knowledge, resulting in excessive mental tension and high excitement of sympathetic nerves. Therefore, sex education should be conducted for both husband and wife to properly grasp relevant sexual knowledge. 4. Active treatment of related diseases: some urogenital system inflammation can cause premature ejaculation. Therefore, patients with urogenital system infection and inflammatory diseases should go to the doctor in time to avoid premature ejaculation. Reminder: The above are the main reasons and prevention methods of male premature ejaculation getting younger Treatment, rather than blindly self-medication, will only delay the treatment time, resulting in aggravation of the condition. 》》》 How much is the treatment of premature ejaculation in Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital?

Facial Care | What are the medical and aesthetic items for people in their 20s who have poor skin condition?

Recently, Cha Xi received the most questions: “I am in my 20s, and I already have a lot of facial problems. What should I do?” With the development of society, the living habits of young people have changed dramatically. Staying up all night to play mobile phone chase drama, work stress, insomnia, etc. will aggravate facial problems. For these 20s friends, what medical and cosmetic projects should be done to improve facial problems? The skin problems encountered by young people around the age of 20 are mainly four aspects: lack of water, acne, spots and enlarged pores. Skin lack of water: generally do not need to do medical treatment, choose some skin care products and masks with good moisturizing effect; if the water shortage is serious and the skin problem is serious, it is recommended to do moisturizing and other moisturizing items. Acne: Skin care products are generally useless for acne. Maintaining good habits will help reduce the increase in acne. Usually, you can choose some safe and non-irritating medical beauty masks to help recovery; if the acne is serious, you can also use micro-needles, red and blue light to improve it. Color spots: Color spots are generally inherited and related to sun exposure. In addition to sun protection, you can choose intense pulsed light, you can also choose picosecond laser and other items to remove pigment. Large pores: generally due to strong secretion of sebaceous glands and improper skin care habits. Eat less sweets and use appropriate skin care products in your daily routine. Medical beauty projects can choose water light, fruit acid peel, strong pulse light, radio frequency dot matrix and so on. In addition to skin problems, there are also facial contour problems. Friends of this age are energetic and recover quickly after the operation. It is also the age of beauty and beauty. In addition to skin problems, you can also do some double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, face-lift needles, apple apple, Feng Chin, etc., will recover faster! The above is the popular science about the projects suitable for 20-year-old partners today. If you have any questions, you can come to my clinic to communicate with you ~

Unexpectedly, so many young people have trouble with hair loss, the main reason for hair loss is this

Good morning friends, have you lost your hair today? Yesterday, Miss Design and the younger brother of the video quarreled because of hair loss. The theme of their quarrel was “What is the cause of hair loss? How to treat it?” Miss Design said: “The hair loss must be due to heredity, Liu Did n’t the doctor say it? The genetic cure is not good! ”The younger brother of the video said:“ Now that hair loss is definitely due to, endocrine reasons, how ca n’t be cured! ”Who he said is right, of course they are both By the way, I told you about the causes of hair loss before. There are many types of hair loss. Before treating hair loss, we have to figure out, what is the cause of hair loss? Take a look today with Dr. Liu Changchun! Five major causes of hair loss 1. Genetic factors Genetic factors are the main factors for young people ’s hair loss. The friends who carry the hair loss gene, the hair follicles on the top of the head and the forehead are very vulnerable to androgen and atrophy and degeneration, first It is very obvious that the hair becomes thin and soft, and the hair in the local area becomes villi to the final baldness, which is a very obvious hair loss performance. This is why some people do not stay up late, have a regular life, exercise regularly, do not order takeaway, do not eat greasy, irritating food, why hair loss is still very serious. Why on earth? Now you should know the reason, that is, genetic factors are doing the trick! 2. Endocrine factors Our hair growth is affected by a variety of hormones, so endocrine disorders will trigger alopecia areata, and will also increase androgen alopecia. At the same time, my friends are often depressed and stressed. This tight state can also cause hair loss. Human mental factors actually affect the endocrine balance to a large extent. These tiny hormones can affect all aspects of the human body. And hair is one of the most sensitive places, for example, alopecia areata is often caused by mental factors. Irregular work schedule and excessive fatigue can also cause hair loss, because such behaviors are also endocrine disruptors. We often say that staying up late will cause hair loss, why is staying up late to lose hair? Because staying up late has a great impact on the human body’s endocrine, it will also cause a lot of organ function disorders, and it will cause a whole body to move, and it is not surprising that hair loss. 3. Nutritional reasons Some people are malnourished, leading to hair loss, such as partial eclipse, which leads to imbalanced nutrition and lack of protein. Some people have excess nutrition, and obese people are prone to hair loss. The oil in the hair is the waste produced by the metabolism of saturated fatty acids in the body. If the hair is in an oily environment for a long time, hair loss will also increase. 4. External irritating factors such as frequent work in places with radiation, outdoor work, dust, and chemical environment will cause hair loss; frequent perm and dye hair, tight braids, infrequent shampooing, etc. will cause Hair loss. For young people, perm hair dyeing, especially when using inferior hair dyes, is very damaging to the hair, and some people will never even recover their previous good hair. 5. Normal metabolism According to research, the lifespan of hair is generally 2-6 years, as long as the hair loss is within 100 per day, it is normal metabolism and will not cause hair loss. But at some specific moments, such as changing seasons and stress, hair loss will increase, and there is no big problem, because these can be recovered. This should be done to prevent hair loss. ◎ Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, combine work and rest, often take deep breaths, take a walk, do relaxation gymnastics, etc. to relieve stress and eliminate fatigue. ◎ Pay attention to hair hygiene, take care of hair, and use less hair dryer to blow hair. Try to reduce the frequency of dyeing and perming. ◎ It is best to use weakly acidic shampoo, not too alkaline. It is best to choose cleansing products that strengthen the scalp and hair follicles. ◎ Balanced diet, eat foods rich in vitamins to correct the bad habits of partial eclipse. Eat more fish such as protein-rich fish, soybeans, eggs, lean meat, seaweeds and shellfish rich in trace elements, spinach, asparagus, bananas, and pig liver rich in vitamin B2 and B6. ◎ Ensure adequate sleep. ◎ The correct shampoo posture and shampoo time will not be elaborated here, I believe my friends are already very clear.

These five foods are called natural birth control pills. No wonder you ca n’t get pregnant

Many couples are going to get pregnant after they get married. Pregnancy is a matter between two people. Sleeping less is not allowed. Many friends are worried about why they can’t get pregnant. We like eating very much. No wonder we can’t get pregnant. Today, the editor will introduce 5 kinds of “natural contraceptives” food, couples who are pregnant should pay attention, knock on the blackboard! These five kinds of foods are called natural birth control pills, no wonder they ca n’t get pregnant 1 ,celery. Studies have shown that eating more celery can reduce the number of sperm, why? Because celery can inhibit the production of testosterone and achieve the effect of killing sperm, it will make the number of sperm less and less. But it ’s worth paying attention to buddies that celery can affect conception, and it cannot be said to be contraceptive, but friends who eat celery should watch it. 2. Pickles. Try not to eat pickles during pregnancy, because the pickles will produce harmful nitrite components during the fermentation process, and pregnant couples will eat sauerkraut will cause the quality of sperm and eggs to decline, so friends during pregnancy Let’s try not to eat pickles. 3. Papaya. Papaya contains a special ingredient that can contribute to infertility and the incapacitation of progesterone implanted in the uterus. In India, papaya is used for contraception. 4. Alcohol. Ethanol, the main component of alcohol, can affect the secretion of male hormones, affect pregnancy, and even cause infertility. 5. Tofu. Men who like to eat tofu and soy products should pay attention. Daily consumption of tofu and soy products will make men’s sperm count decrease significantly, and the probability of erectile dysfunction is more than three times that of people who do not eat it often. Reminder: Do n’t eat more tofu when a man has asthenospermia or is planning to have a baby. Friends who want to be pregnant should pay attention to the impact of diet on pregnancy. I hope everyone will be pregnant and pregnant.

Foreign friends are asking urgently: I want to go to China to plant hair, but I can run into an epidemic. What should I do?

A few days ago, a Chinese friend sent a private letter to the editor of Yonghe abroad, saying that it was originally planned to return to China to plant hair on May 1st National Day. However, it was not easy to return to the country because of the epidemic. What should I do if I asked questions about hair transplant? Question, the editor of Yonghe inserted a tidbit. Last week, when I was hanging out on an online platform, I suddenly encountered a Chinese in Canada, who was involved in construction issues, and then exchanged professional information. She said she was studying in Canada, and I said I was working in the hair industry. I thought that the average person did n’t know about hair transplanting, and now she was given a hair transplanting name. It is estimated that she knew nothing. As a result, she was surprised to say: You are in the hair transplanting industry, there is a Yonghe planting hair in China …… It is really a service, A girl is far away in Canada and knows Yonghe Hair Planting in China! Why do foreign hair friends come to China for hair planting, because the domestic hair planting industry is not bad, especially there are a number of well-established hair transplanting hospitals, which are technically comparable to developed countries. If this is the case, foreign friends can plant hair locally, for example, those in the United States will grow hair in the United States, those in Canada will grow hair in Canada, and those in Europe will grow hair in Europe, but the problem is not limited to this. Also important is the low cost of hair transplants in China. Foreign hair transplanters value technology and value for money. This is the case. They plant hair abroad seven to eighty thousand yuan, or even more than one hundred thousand yuan, while domestic hair transplantation is only 30,000 yuan. Even if foreign hair friends come to China to plant hair, The round-trip airfare hotel fee is also cheaper than abroad. (In 2010, a foreign hair loss person planted hair in Yonghe.) (Indian Ji Qiao planted hair in Yonghe in 2017.) (Dolls followed his father to Yonghe, and his father planted hair in the operating room. He was playing outside. Yonghe Academy in 2016 .) (He was very bald on the left. He studied abroad. In 2017, he returned to Beijing to produce good results in Yonghezhi.) Yonghe Zhifa has hairdressers from overseas for hair transplanting almost every month. Some of them are foreigners who work and study in China. Some people are flying hair directly from abroad, some are foreigners, and some are Chinese abroad. With this background account, Yong He Xiaobian again answered the questions at the beginning of this article. In the past month, the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States has been severe, and the flights back to China are restricted. Even if you return to China, you have to be quarantined for 14 days, and even have to extend the quarantine in Beijing for a few days. In view of this, it is unrealistic for foreign hair friends to return to China for hair transplantation. Yonghe’s view is that your hair transplant should be delayed first, and wait for the epidemic situation abroad to ease. Note that this is the first time that Yong He ’s editor said, “Let hair transplant be delayed first.” In the past, we always emphasized “early hair transplant and early benefit”. Now we must have a big picture in the face of foreign epidemics. When the epidemic conflicts with hair transplant Time, hair transplant can be delayed. Have you heard about it from overseas friends? Don’t go back to China to plant hair for the time of the epidemic, and then come back to plant hair when it alleviates later. I hope everyone can understand the advice of the Yonghe people. However, for domestic friends, this problem will not be faced. Now the hair transplant hospitals across the country are resuming work, and Yonghe ’s direct operation hospitals in 40 cities across the country are also resuming work, including Wuhan Yonghe, so everyone is still early. Hair transplantation, or pre-order the May 1st hair transplant surgery. Well, another 7 days is the May Day holiday, you have to pay more attention. Foreign friends who come back to China to plant hair will take a break first. Hair transplants by domestic friends need to be done early. ——The “double standard” that Yonghe people have today is rare!

What are the common symptoms of death syndrome? What are the treatments?

Men who want to get pregnant must guarantee the quality of sperm. However, there are many men who are found to have dead sperm during examination. Death syndrome will cause male infertility, which will seriously affect men’s health and family happiness. This is a very serious disease. Therefore, men should understand the symptoms of death syndrome, so that they can be detected and treated in time. So what are the common symptoms of dead sperm disease? What are the treatment methods? What are the common symptoms of dead sperm disease? One, affects sexual life: It will cause male friends to experience weakness in sexual life, easy to fatigue, and seriously affect male friends Normal sex life. Second, physical weakness: Male friends will experience physical weakness, dizziness, soreness, weakness and other symptoms, which will damage the health of male friends. 3. Premature ejaculation, impotence: It will cause premature ejaculation, impotence, and no desire for sexual life in male friends, which will cause great harm to the physical and mental health of male friends. Fourth, genital inflammation: male friends suffering from dead sperm disease can not get effective treatment for a long time, it will cause prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesicle inflammation and other genital inflammation. Fifth, infertility: male friends suffer from dead spermosis, which can cause sperm to fail to combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs, which can lead to infertility. What are the treatment methods for dead sperm? 1, drug treatment In order to avoid the misunderstanding of medical treatment, patients need to know that drug treatment mainly cooperates with Western medicine and Chinese medicine according to the cause, regulate the body, clear the veins, and make the reproductive function normal. 2. Minimally invasive treatment There are many causes of death sperm disease. Determine the cause and achieve effective treatment through minimally invasive surgery. 3. Physical therapy Using domestic and foreign high-tech treatment equipment, according to different conditions, choose different ways to treat the lesion locally. Choosing equipment such as extracorporeal short wave and luxurious extracorporeal short wave hyperthermia can treat the lesion locally and enhance the absorption of drugs at the lesion. The combination of drugs and physiotherapy can quickly absorb drugs and break through the drug barrier. What are the common symptoms of dead sperm disease? What are the treatments? Dead sperm disease is not an irreversible disease. As long as the treatment is reasonable, the patient can recover. Everyone needs to pay attention to scientific conditioning methods and health care matters. It is necessary to go to a professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to affect future fertility. It is also very important to do a good job in defense. In daily life, we should pay attention to improvement methods and reasonable diet. In addition, we should pay more attention to rest and avoid excessive fatigue. Only scientific adjustments are more beneficial to the recovery of the disease.