Factors that determine the width of both eyelids

The precise design positioning of the double eyelid line is only a small step before surgery, because the design line is only an important factor in determining the width of the double eyelid. In clinical practice, such a situation often occurs. The line design of the eyes on both sides is basically the same, but the width of the lines after the operation is different. Sometimes the design lines on the two sides are obviously different, but the width of the double eyelid line is basically the same. &nbsp. Next, I will analyze the factors that determine the width of the double eyelids. The factors of the skin suture position are often written in textbooks 6-8mm to explain the design width range of the double eyelid. In fact, there are many factors that determine the width of the double eyelid, and it is not as simple as drawing a line. The pre-operative design line is to determine the location of the stretched skin, which is very close to the width of the double eyelid. Within a certain range, the higher the design position, the wider the double eyelid fold line. &nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Factors of the levator muscle or meibomian suture position (including the levator muscle opening and closing factor) in addition to the design of the point of care, the muscle strength of the levator muscle also has a very important effect on the width of the double eyelid and folds. &nbsp. When the levator displacement is different, the width of the double eyelid line is also different. 1. When the normal muscle strength is open, a deep double eyelid fold is formed; when the levator muscle is weak, the mobility is poor, and the double eyelid line is shallow and wide. Patients with ptosis cannot form a deep double eyelid fold, which is the reason for the insufficient displacement. In other words, although the double eyelid fold is relatively wide, it appears to be inexplicable due to the low corneal exposure rate! &nbsp. Under normal muscle strength, even if the design line of the double eyelid is the same, if the position of the levator muscle or the eyelid plate is different, it may result in a different width of the double eyelid. three. The factor of skin peeling amount has a great influence on the width of double eyelid. Under the premise that the muscle strength is normal, the design line of the double eyelid is the same, and the position of the levator muscle or the eyelid plate is the same, the more loose the skin, the more the upper lip skin covers the lower lip skin after reflexion, the more the double eyelid fold line appears narrow. It can be seen that, within the limit and reasonable range, the greater the amount of peeling during double eyelid surgery, the wider the double eyelid width. &nbsp. Factors of the volume of the lower lip tissue&nbsp. The height difference of the eye is limited by the fold line of the double eyelid, the relative height of the incision upper lip (the area between the double eyelid line and the eyebrows) and the lower lip (the area between the double eyelid line and the eyelashes) . Generally, the upper lip should be higher than the lower lip: the upper lip is slightly thicker, forming a sense of high-land fold, and the lower lip is easily folded into the upper lip, forming a natural and beautiful double eyelid appearance. &nbsp. Factors of tightness of incision adhesion The more firmly the double eyelid incision is adhered, the firmer the site of suture and attachment point is. Whether the thread is buried or the double eyelid is cut, the tissue of the adhesion site will gradually relax and shift downward. That is, the position of the fixed point of the double eyelid suture is also moved downward, and the width of the double eyelid will be narrowed. The double-embedded thread is most likely to loosen because the scar is lightly adhered and the nylon thread is cut.

What should I do with sagging chest?

Why does the breast appear sagging? a. Congenital: some girls have congenital sagging breasts with nipples facing down. b. Pregnancy: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast will go from hyperemia to enlargement, and then to become smaller again, which may cause sagging. Usually, each pregnancy will make the problem worse. c. Lose weight: As the weight increases, the skin and supporting structure of the breast will stretch. When weight loss, if the tissue is not elastic enough to restore its shape, it will sag. d. Aging: The skin and supporting structure of the breast will lose its tone and elasticity over time. Gravity stretches these tissues and the breasts sag. To solve this problem, we need to judge the degree of breast ptosis: from left to right: a. Normal breast morphology, nipple position is above the level of the lower breast fold fold b. Mild sagging, where the nipple is located under the breast fold . c. Moderate sagging, where the nipple is below the level of folds under the breast, but still above the lowest point of breast tissue. d. Severe sagging, where the nipple is below the level of the folds under the breast and at the bottom of the breast. e. Pseudo sagging. It is not a true sagging breast because the nipple is above or horizontal to the fold under the breast. However, most breast tissue parenchyma has fallen below the fold level. f. The substantial distribution is uneven, the lower breasts are not full, the folds under the breasts are high, and the distance from the folds to the nipple is relatively short. I saw a friend mentioned in the answer to this question that you can help correct the sagging of the chest by exercising the pectoral muscles and strengthening the support of the pectoralis major base. Basically, the more reliable way to correct the sagging chest still needs to rely on the intervention of plastic surgery. For different types of sagging and different breast volume, we use different surgical methods to raise the breast. At the same time, autologous fat / prosthesis filling (mild drooping) or partial gland resection (moderate to severe drooping) should be given. Can give you a brief introduction: a. The double-loop leather cap method is mainly for mild to moderate breast ptosis, and the nipple lifting distance is estimated to be below 6cm before surgery. In simple terms, you need to remove the strong skin around the nipple to raise the nipple position. After the skin is peeled off, different treatments should be done according to different situations. & nbsp. Double-loop design indicates low-volume sagging: Separated from the inferior fold to the head side, attached to the muscle of the rib end of the broken pectoralis major muscle, bluntly peeled out of the cavity under the muscle according to the preoperative design range of peeling, and placed before surgery The breast prosthesis is designed so that the prosthesis is located under the pectoralis major muscle above and below the breast. High-volume sagging: According to the preoperative prediction, the volume of glandular tissue needs to be removed, and the wedge-shaped part of the lower glandular tissue is removed. The glands on both sides were pulled together and sutured. b. Elevation method For moderate to severe breast ptosis, preoperative evaluation of nipple lift distance above 6cm is used to avoid the obvious wrinkles around the areola. Also after the scribe design, part of the breast epidermis is removed to determine the new nipple position. & nbsp. The upper pedicle design design indicates low-volume ptosis: preoperative evaluation of patients with pre-enlarged breast volume, part of the muscle of the rib segment of the pectoralis major muscle is attached and the cavity where the prosthesis is placed is peeled from under the muscle, and the corresponding size is placed Prosthesis. High-volume sagging: according to the situation of breast enlargement, the gland tissues under and on the two sides of the line between the two points of CD and the areola under the areola are properly removed, and the wound edges on both sides of the gland are sutured. Effect example & nbsp. Double ring method combined with prosthesis transplantation, before the operation vs. one year after the effect is summarized, starting from plastic surgery, the determination of breast sagging treatment plan should comprehensively consider the degree of sagging and breast volume, combined with the individual subjective needs of the beauty seeker Conduct comprehensive considerations. Generally, the scars and breast morphology produced by the operation after three months can be restored, and the ideal effect of correcting sagging chest is obtained.

The difference between single eyelid and double eyelid, and how to change the double eyelid?

There are no two identical leaves in the world, just as there are no two identical people. Human eyes also have the difference between double eyelid and single eyelid. So what is the difference between these two types? In people’s concept, double The difference between eyelid and single eyelid is obvious. In fact, there are aesthetic differences, morphological differences and anatomical differences between the two. Single eyelid, also called single eyelid, refers to the smooth skin between the lower edge of the upper eyebrow arch and the eyelid margin. When the eyes are opened, the formation of no folds is called single eyelid. Double eyelid, also called double eyelid, means that the upper eyelid skin has a shallow groove above the eyelid margin. When the eye is opened, the skin below this groove moves up, and the skin above this groove relaxes and hangs down at the double eyelid groove to fold down into one Wrinkle the skin horizontally and weigh the eyelids. From the morphological point of view, the difference between single eyelid and double eyelid, except for the difference between whether there is horizontal folds on the upper eyelid, the skin of the entire upper eyelid of the single eyelid is thicker and appears more bloated, the skin is slightly sagging, covering The eyelid margin, the root of the eyelashes is not visible when looking up. The skin of the upper eyelid of the heavy eyelid is thin, but it is clear, the skin of the upper eyelid does not sag, and the eyelid margin is all visible. Those with single eyelid had short and narrow palpebral fissures, while those with heavy eyelid had long and wide palpebral fissures. The eyelashes of the single eyelid are short and sparse. When you look straight, the eyelashes are inclined downward. Sometimes, the eyelashes will cover the pupils, affecting the visual field and vision. The eyelashes of the heavy eyelid are longer, and the eyelashes are slightly upward when they are looked up. The inner canthus angle of the single eyelid is rounded due to the inner canthus skin, and the inner canthus of the heavy eyelid is generally pointed and generally has no inner canthus skin. Because the occurrence of single and double eyelids is affected by factors such as race, region, genetics, and age, there are significant differences in morphology, so there are also obvious differences in their anatomical structures. The skin of the single eyelid is thicker, the subcutaneous tissue is higher, the orbicularis oculi muscle is more developed, and the fat behind the orbicularis oculi muscle is more. The single eyelid has a thin and narrow eyelid, and the muscles that open the eyes-lift the eyelid muscle Underdeveloped. The double eyelid is the opposite. The position of the orbital septum in patients with single eyelid is generally low, and the fat of the orbital septum can be prolapsed on or in front of the meibomian plate, and the position of the orbital compartment of the double eyelid is higher, and there is no prolapse of the orbital septal fat on the upper or Before the meibomian. Based on the anatomical structure, when the single eyelid is opened, the skin in front of the meibomian and the orbicularis oculi muscle cannot be lifted together with the meibomian, so the upper eyelid cannot form a fold and behaves as a single eyelid. When the double eyelid is opened, the skin below the double eyelid line and the orbicularis oculi muscle can be lifted together with the eyelid, so the upper eyelid folds appear as double eyelids. In order to have beautiful big eyes, we must know the difference between inner double eyelid and single eyelid. At present, the development of plastic surgery technology can make us change from single eyelid or double eyelid to double eyelid girl, making us more confident and beautiful. Double eyelid surgery can achieve women’s desire for beauty, what are you waiting for?