Can papaya really breast?

The rumor of papaya breast enhancement seems to be heard from a young age: “You have such a small breast, you should eat more papaya” and “more papaya will make you bigger”. Today, let me explain to you to see if papaya is really so “powerful”: diet breast enhancement is a diet therapy, but there is no scientific basis and relevant data support in all theories, so it is not possible to achieve breast enhancement through papaya Real breast enhancement effect. Therefore, papaya breast enhancement is a rumor. In fact, the state of female breast development is related to the secretion of estrogen and prolactin in the individual. The better the development of these two items, the better the development of the breast. Papaya is indeed rich in vitamin a, but vitamin a does not stimulate the secretion of female hormones, and it will be broken down by pepsin after reaching the stomach, so it does not have the effect of breast enhancement. It can be understood that everyone wants to have a full breast, but if you want to solve the problem of small breasts, you still need to use scientifically based methods, such as prosthetic breast enlargement and fat breast enlargement. The shape and feel of fat breast enlargement after surgery are very realistic, even if It is not necessary for professionals and instrument testing to determine whether they have done fat breast enhancement. Those who seek “real breasts” can think about it~

What factors affect the survival rate of fat transplantation?

Autologous fat can repair the depression of some soft tissues, fill and shape the contours of the face, breast enlargement, buttocks, etc. At the same time, it is safe and non-exclusive, and it is sought after by the majority of beauty seekers. However, many people think that autologous fat transplantation has the problems of low survival rate of fat cells and easy absorption by the body. Today, we will explain the survival rate of autologous fat in detail for everyone. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Several factors that affect the survival rate of autologous fat 01 Fat extraction technology directly affects the fat cells Survival, professional doctors know more where to get high-quality fats, fully equipped hospitals can use more advanced technology, and play a huge role in ensuring the integrity and viability of cells. 02 Where is the survival rate higher after fat extraction? There is no obvious difference in the location of the fat source, which means that the survival rate of the fat pumped in different parts of the body is similar. Since the fat inside the thigh is evenly distributed, and the fat particles are smaller and the quality is higher, the fat inside the thigh is generally preferred. 03 Less body fat means lower survival rate. In addition to the doctor’s technique, the fat survival rate has a very important relationship with the individual’s physical fitness. The quality of fat is different from person to person. In the extracted fat, the content of fat stem cells is high. If the blood flow in the affected area is good, the survival rate of fat is high; if there are more fats and impurities in the fat, the survival rate of fat is poor. . For those who are thinner, their internal environment is less likely to survive fat than those who are fat. 04 The specific location of the injection filling survival rate involves many problems, the most important point is the specific part of the filling, because the survival of fat will also be affected by local blood circulation, and the fat survival rate of the part with good blood circulation is higher. 05Which part of the face is the easiest to survive? The most successful part of the transplant is the eye area and cheek with sufficient blood, and the survival rate is higher. On the other hand, the smaller the fat particles to be transplanted, the easier it is to survive, so thigh fat is preferred when choosing a liposuction site. 06 The more transplants, the higher the survival rate? The amount of one transplant is not as much as possible, because too much fat injection at a time will cause the injected fat to not get blood for oxygen supply, thereby forming indurations, calcifications, etc., which in turn will cause the fat to not survive. Self-fat filling needs to follow the principle of a small number of times. Depending on the individual’s physical condition, the fat survival ability will also be different; therefore, autologous fat filling surgery generally needs to be performed 2-3 times and will be relatively stable. Prof. Jianxing Song’s case of autologous fat breast enhancement The beauty seeker’s flat chest lacks beauty. The autologous fat breast enhancement technique improves the chest dimension. The postoperative breast is round and full, the lines are smooth and natural, and the material is safer from the body. Professor Song Jianxing’s case of self-fat breast enlargement This beauty seeker is upgraded to become a mother, the chest shrinks and sags, and is filled and improved through autologous fat transplantation to solve the worry after childbirth! Professor Song Jianxing Professor Song Jianxing has a lot of experience in fat transplantation, and is good at grasping the fineness of the operation; treating each operation has amazing perseverance and carelessness. It can be said that Professor Song on the operating table is to himself “Ruthless” people. He said: “Seed” fat for fat transplantation, injection, receiving area, postoperative care, etc., each link affects the survival rate of fat after transplantation; therefore, each link must be strictly checked. The survival rate of fat filling will determine the effect after surgery, so remind everyone to choose the perfect extraction technology and experienced doctor as much as possible, which is the key to improving the survival rate of fat.

Get rid of small thick legs, which one to choose between thin legs and liposuction

The summer is hot and cool, and it is also the time for the beautiful legs show. Every girl wants to have long, thin legs. However, some girls have tried various exercises to lose weight, but these are not very friendly to carrot legs and elephant legs. At this time, perhaps you can consider the stovepipe needle and liposuction. &nbsp. Stovepipe self-checking method&nbsp. For those who want to have skinny legs, skinny leg needles and liposuction surgery, how to choose, you need to first determine what causes the legs to be thick, and then develop your own stovepipe program. There are actually two reasons for thick legs, one is fat and the other is muscle. After you tighten the calf muscles, if you can squeeze thick fat, then this is a phenomenon of excessive fat, you can choose liposuction surgery for thin legs. If you can’t pinch, most of them are muscular. You can choose to inject a skinny leg needle. The principle of the skinny leg needle and the face thin needle is that the muscle is atrophic and paralyzed by botulinum toxin. Thick legs caused by obesity are ineffective. The principle of stovepipe acupuncture&nbsp. stovepipe acupuncture, namely A-type botulinum toxin injection, is an effective method for the treatment of muscular calf. It is through the use of fixed-point injection to block nerve conduction between nerves and muscles, so that the original hypertrophic muscles shrink and achieve the effect of thin legs. &nbsp. So, how effective is the stovepipe needle? What about the duration? &nbsp. The effect of botulinum toxin injection on skinny legs appears slowly. The effect is generally seen within one or two weeks, and the effect gradually appears and achieves better after about two weeks to one month after injection. The effect of the first injection may last 6-12 months. The effect of the second injection will last longer. About three injections will cause some muscles to form an irreversible and lasting effect. Advantages of stovepipe needle 1. Convenient operation: it can be completed in about 30 minutes without affecting any work and life. 2. Quick results: the effect can be seen within a week. 3. Less damage: only injections are needed to avoid the pain of surgical removal. 4. Obvious effect: The therapeutic effect is maintained for 6-12 months, and repeated injections are still effective; after injection, the legs become thinner and slender and beautiful. &nbsp. Why don’t we recommend the stovepipe injection? First, the obesity of the thighs is often dominated by an increase in adipose tissue, and playing thin legs does not work against adipose tissue. The main component of the stovepipe needle is botulinum toxin, which mainly causes the muscles to lose their muscles and produce atrophic atrophy, which can be used for stovepipe purposes. &nbsp. Second, if you need to play thighs, because the thigh muscles are very large and there are many, the effect of playing thin legs is not so good. If you feel that a certain muscle or a certain part of the thigh muscles is hypertrophy, resulting in poor appearance, you can also consider injecting botulinum. However, if a large amount of botulinum toxin is injected on the thigh, the amount required is very large, and the small amount does not work, and the larger amount may cause botulinum toxin poisoning. Therefore, there is basically no clinical thigh and thin leg project. Which parts of the thigh can liposuction? 1. The inner thighs and the inner thighs have thinner skin and softer fat. They are prone to bleeding during the operation and the postoperative effect is not as stable as the outer side. The operation must be careful not to suck too much fat to avoid the formation of larger between the thighs on both sides. Gap. 2. The accumulation of fat on the outside of the thigh and outside of the femur is often accompanied by hyperplasia of the upper part of the knee. Before operation, the thickness of the fat on the outside of the femur should be checked in detail, and the degree of protrusion of the fat should be plotted. Be careful not to suck the fat in the buttocks during aspiration to avoid deformity. The thickness of the skin and subcutaneous fat should be consistent with the surrounding area, not excessive suction, to prevent postoperative adhesions and prominent bone signs. 3. The accumulation of fat in the inner side of the knee is common in the inner side of the knee, and it is difficult to lose it by exercise. Liposuction on the medial knee is easier and there is less bleeding, and sufficient suction can be performed. &nbsp.

Preoperative design and postoperative effect of facial autologous fat filling

As a soft tissue filler, autologous fat particles are widely used in the treatment of facial volume loss aging due to their advantages of abundant sources, easy material extraction, good filling appearance, and no rejection reaction. Indications: Mild to moderate capacity loss aging. &nbsp. Severe facial relaxation. Unknown filler has been injected on the face. Infection, allergic reaction, granuloma after injection of the filler on the face. Multiple lipomas. Hyperthyroidism and other diseases are not suitable. &nbsp. Focus on the preoperative design and postoperative effects: &nbsp. 1. Full-scale fat transplantation preoperative design: &nbsp. Preoperatively mark the anatomical subunits, the frontal median area, frontotemporal transition area, temporal, eyebrow Arch, lower eyelid, middle face, nasolabial fold, upper lip, lip red, chin, zygomatic arch area, cheeks, mandibular margin. The solid line area is the area where the heart-shaped face is realized after filling, and the dotted line area is the combination of high and low light areas and facial anatomy for partitioning. 2. Postoperative effect The swelling reaches the peak within 4-10 days after operation, and the obvious swelling generally subsides within 10-20 days, and the shape is basically fixed in 3 months. The effect is stable in 6 months. Those who need 2 times of filling will be filled again 6 months after the operation . &nbsp. Facial soft tissue volume recovered after operation, the face has ideal soft tissue thickness, the sagging of the middle and lower part is corrected, and the skin texture is obviously improved. As far as possible, the operation should be supported by a relatively large amount of deep fat chamber filling, and a relatively small amount of shallow fat chamber filling for smooth transition, which not only takes into account the supportive lifting and facial volume recovery, but also through clinical observation The degree of swelling is relatively light. Fat filling is not limited to the concave part, but also includes the connection and transition of fine parts such as the hairline area, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, lips, nose, anterior tragus, earlobe, nasal base, especially to avoid excessive frontotemporal expansion , Over-protruding mid-face or over-bloated appearance of cheeks. While filling, the front side is shaped like a heart-shaped outline, and the front side is shaped like a “quote” curve. At the same time, it also needs to increase the three-dimensional sense of the face, pay attention to the highlights and dark areas Soft transition, grasp the balance between fullness and three-dimensional sense, and achieve the satisfaction of those who seek beauty.

How to choose double eyelid surgery for swollen eyes?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Swollen eye bubbles are divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is determined by genes, the fat in the orbital septum is overdeveloped, and the eyelids are fat and thick. Acquired swollen eyes are caused by age and eye aging, resulting in laxity of the orbital septum, protruding fat in the orbit, and eyelid drooping, plus age may not be good rest, will make the upper eyelid very swollen. There are three reasons for the formation of swollen eyes, and there are different plans for the three types of swollen eyes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Fatty swollen eyes Most people are fatty swollen eyes, and the excessive development of fat in the eyes becomes swollen eyes. This type of eye, single cut double eyelid is not good, because the upper eyelid has too much fat and the meat is too thick, the double eyelid can’t bear the fat, and it quickly turns into an inner double. Bloated eyes that still look very swollen. Need to “peel and degrease” first, remove excess fat and skin on the upper eyelids, thin the eyelids, so that double eyelids can be effective. So directly choose to cut, peel and remove fat, and sew the skin incision to the levator aponeurosis of the upper lid on the upper edge of the eyelid to form a scar-like scar adhesion. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Muscular swollen eyes and an uncommon swollen eye are caused by hypertrophy of the orbicularis oculi muscles. Muscular swollen eyes are due to excessively developed upper eyelid muscles, not because There is too much fat, so it is not suitable for fat removal. You can improve the swollen eye by cutting the upper eyelid skin and thinning the hypertrophic muscles of the orbicularis oculi muscle, and then make a double eyelid, the effect is in place. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. This type of swollen eye with loose upper eyelid is mainly due to acquired causes. With age, coupled with poor rest, the upper eyelid is loose, aging, sagging, forming swollen eyes. This type, in addition to solving the problem of swollen bubbles, also solve the aging of the eyes. During the operation, in addition to removing the excess skin of the eye, the three layers that mainly affect the orbicularis oculi muscle, the ROOF layer, and the orbital septum mainly affect the relaxation of the upper eyelid, and then cut the double eyelids. The effect will be very good. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “Double Eyelid Surgery”, you can ask me questions.

What is the reason for the flesh after the double eyelid surgery?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Some beauty seekers finish their double eyelids, and they are still very swollen after the recovery period. Just like the one just finished, for this kind of imagination, we commonly call it “meat strips”. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The reason for the existence of meat strips is generally divided into two aspects:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Innate factors: In fact, meat strips are not a medical professional term, just because of this All kinds of eyelids usually have thick upper eyelid tissues, and there is a problem of hypertrophy regardless of muscles and fats, which is called “strips”. In this case, we usually call it “swollen eye bubble”. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Acquired factors: technical issues related to doctors. For example, those who have thicker tissues in front of the meibomian surgery only remove one or a part of the tissue, and the remaining part is thicker, and there is a “meat strip” after recovery; or the suture technique is not correct. Repositioning suture technique will lead to meat strips to a large extent. Therefore, it is important to find the right doctor. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For the “swollen eye bubble”, if you want to form a stable and obvious double eyelid, there are mainly two methods of total incision and no surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Total cutting method:&nbsp. is not to advocate the removal of fat blindly, it is easy to cause sunken socket. It is to fix the excess fat in the eye area and remove it in an appropriate amount, so that the shape of the eye can be optimally improved, and the most ideal double eyelid can be formed. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. No surgery method: most swollen eyes have multiple characteristics of thick fat, thick muscles, and thick skin. If this kind of eye is used to do double eyelids without surgery, it is a very test of the doctor’s technology. . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. So if you want to avoid double-fold eyelid strips, beauticians must choose a good hospital and doctor before surgery! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “Double Eyelid Surgery”, you can ask me questions.

Can maxillofacial surgery be done with autologous fat filling?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Many times, a person’s facial problems are not single, for example, cheekbone protrusion problems are often accompanied by temple depressions. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. If you want the beauty to change better, you need to solve multiple problems. Let’s discuss today. Can facial contours be done together with autologous fat filling? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. First talk about the zygomatic zygomatic arch: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The zygomatic zygomatic arch plastic surgery is to reduce and reduce the hypertrophy of the zygomatic bone to beautify the facial lines. The zygomatic bone is a cone The skeletal structure of the body can be divided into two parts: “zygomatic body” and “zygomatic arch”, which determine two important visual angles and affect the beauty of the face shape. After the operation, not only the cheek reduction is large, but the visual The effect is obvious, and the operation is performed entirely in the mouth, reducing wounds. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Let’s talk about auto-fat filling: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Auto-fat facial filling is the use of liposuction technology to extract excess body fat. After screening and cleaning, the fat implant needs to be filled. 、Shaping the place, and then filling and shaping. Autologous fat facial filling surgery has less pain and faster recovery time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Generally speaking, these two surgeons are not recommended to perform at the same time. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. After zygomatic and zygomatic arch surgery, you need to wear an elastic hood to help shape and restore, which will squeeze the facial skin. If you do facial fat filling, it may affect the survival of fat, so It is best not to do it together. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Secondly, the simultaneous operation of two operations will cause more trauma to the body, the face may be swollen, and the swelling time will be longer. For some people, the body’s recovery mechanism may not keep up, causing pressure on the body’s recovery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 3. If there are not many parts you need to fill, such as just tear grooves, decree lines, apple muscles, which are located in the middle of the face, the headgear will not be squeezed, and it can work with the cheekbones. Zygomatic arch surgery was done together. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Generally speaking, contour surgery is performed first, and the interval between the two operations can be completed after 6-9 months after the bones have fully recovered. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. It is recommended that you make a decision based on your own foundation, consider the needs, and the severity of the recovery period, and decide which one to do first after the face consultation at the regular hospital. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “face modification surgery”, you can ask me questions.

Can ordinary refrigerators freeze and store fat?

Refrigerators are available in every home. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer is around 0°C to 4°C. In this environment, the growth rate of most bacteria will slow down. But it does not solve the problem of mold reproduction, and there are some cold-tolerant bacteria, such as Fanghai products, which are not afraid of the refrigerator’s refrigeration temperature. Therefore, food cannot be stored indefinitely. &nbsp. The temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator is generally around -18℃. At this temperature, the bacteria are generally inhibited or killed, so the food stored here has a better preservation effect. But freezing does not mean that it can be completely sterilized, and some bacteria with strong anti-freezing ability will survive. Therefore, relatively speaking, ordinary refrigerators can store fats frozen, but not more than three months, the hospital will require the second filling to be completed between 2-3 months, so as to better protect the survival rate of fats . In addition, fat collection is currently relatively simple and safe in clinical practice, so it is generally not necessary to store excess fat in the clinic for the next injection. With the development of medical and aesthetic technology, a new fat cryopreservation technology developed by the United States is to detect fat after liposuction, and after optimization treatment, use the US patent cryopreservation fluid to store fat at minus 180℃. Nitrogen can be stored for up to 20 years on the basis of maintaining high activity of fat tract cells. It is now a popular fat storage technology. Therefore, the fat frozen with new technology can not only be used for fat transplantation, but also avoid frequent liposuction. The most important thing is that fat contains a lot of fat stem cells, which can be used for the treatment of diseases. So now there are more and more people storing fat, and many medical and aesthetic institutions can store it. The ordinary refrigerators we use cannot freeze fat for a long time, because the ice crystals produced during the freezing process will pierce the fat cells and cause the fat cells to die. Professor Song Jianxing also expressed his opinion on the future development direction of frozen fat. Fat storage (frozen fat) is a subject that is now being developed in countries around the world. Professor Song Jianxing: Fat transplantation has an unpredictable fat retention rate, so it needs a small amount and multiple fillings to achieve the effect, and the adipose tissue is highly active for long-term preservation for the future Repeated use, on the one hand, can reduce the pain of beauticians repeatedly liposuction, on the other hand, it can also reduce the workload of doctors and surgical risks. Due to the large demand for fat cryopreservation and the high technological content, it has become a hot spot in the field of fat transplantation in recent years. Now all countries in the world are devoted to the development of this subject. From the current clinical practice and basic research, they all support the removal, transfer and storage of fat cells at a certain temperature, which can be stored for a long time and reused. The application effect of frozen fat is almost similar to that of fresh fat. At present, the technology of cryopreservation of non-crystalline fat has been invented. It can freeze the fat cells at low temperature without freezing, which is good for our future fat After absorbing it, it will open up a very broad prospect. For beauty seekers, in the future, you can enjoy a more standardized experience of fat transplantation and fat freezing.

What should I do with more hip fat? A good way to solve it easily

What should I do with more hip fat? A good way to solve it easily. People who love beauty often hope that their good looks can be displayed in a friendly manner, which will make people’s beauty more sincerely expressed. Therefore, too much fat on the buttocks will appear fat, so naturally this is not the case, so demand Improved. Beauty lovers feel that their hips are relatively large, so their buttocks are also large, and the overall appearance is that they are unsightly. In this case, the method of liposuction of the hips can now be used to make the hips look better and better show the charming temperament image. Here. It is not very troublesome to do liposuction on the buttocks. It is to cut off the position of the buttocks of the beauty seeker, and then absorb some fat content through the device, so that the fat in the buttocks is reduced, so that it becomes thin and sexy. The function of the buttocks after liposuction is very beautiful. Not only can the buttocks be thinned in a short time, but also the beautiful buttocks can be modified, the curves of the buttocks are charming and sexy, and the body becomes beautiful. Buttock liposuction can directly reduce the fat cells in the buttocks. The thin buttocks have a fast speed and a long retention time. If you do not go overeating after surgery, it will not rebound easily. The process of buttocks liposuction In the middle, buttocks can also be shaped, but the hips are more sexy and uplifted after the operation.

Milky soup, higher nutritional value?

   Rumor: Milky white soup has higher nutritional value.   The truth: it is higher in fat.  Identification points  The soup is white, in fact, it is because…there is more fat. Bone soup, pork trotter soup, crucian carp soup are all the same reason.   The reason why this soup is milky white is because the fat and protein in the ingredients have emulsified and are evenly and stably mixed in the water.   Therefore, the ingredients of this white soup are actually fat and cholesterol, as well as a large amount of purine and salt, plus a few amino acids, there are few other nutrients.   However, if you want to make a white soup, you can try to make a difference. For example: open the fire a bit and keep the soup boiling, so that fat and protein are combined and emulsified, and fully mixed with water…   Of course, it is not recommended that you drink it often. Fat is one thing, and salt should be more careful.

Does male breast hyperplasia need to lose weight before surgery?

The vast majority of patients with gynecomastia (hyperplasia of the breast or hypertrophy of the chest) are accompanied by accumulation of chest fat. Many patients believe that liposuction or mastectomy after weight loss will be better. This is not the case. Abdominal or thigh belongs to simple fat accumulation can rely on weight loss to achieve shaping effect, while breast fat contains mesh structure of breast tissue (similar to reinforced concrete) is fiber-hardened fat, weight loss is almost ineffective for such fat. A large number of clinical cases prove that even after arduous weight loss efforts, it is difficult to achieve the desired results! &nbsp. A small number of patients who lose weight and lose weight, the skin of the chest is sagging and sagging, the breasts are shriveled and the pockets are hanging on the chest. At this time, the subcutaneous fat of the chest contains a lot of fibrous gland tissues, which is not easy to be sucked out, and the possibility of skin retraction after liposuction is also very good. Small (the skin shrinks by about 1/3 after normal liposuction). &nbsp. In summary, if a male chest hypertrophy patient has determined to take surgical measures to improve the chest shape, it is recommended not to try to lose weight! Don’t wait until the weight loss fails before the operation, for both doctors and patients to lose weight before the operation, it will only increase the difficulty of the operation and reduce the postoperative effect!

Popular science|What are the sequelae after removing eye bags? Will the eye bags relapse?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Recently asked more and more beauty seekers to remove bags under the eyes, so today I will sort out the answers to some common questions about bags under the eyes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What should I do if the lower eyelid valgus appears after eye bags? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Answer: There are two possible causes of lower eyelid valgus after eye bags. One is the doctor’s level problem, too much skin is removed, pulling the lower eyelid causes the lower eyelid to valgus. The second is that the postoperative anti-infection prevention work does not pay attention to the way that leads to recessive infection. This infection does not have obvious redness and heat pain, and it will not purify, but the internal healing surface forms internal scars. Due to the role of scar contractures, eversion . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Q: Will the external eye bags scar after operation? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Answer: The incision of the outer eyelid is generally 1-2 mm below the lower eyelid eyelashes, which will not affect the eyelashes, and it is very close to the eyelid margin, and the closer to the eyelid margin, the more It is not easy to leave scars. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The vast majority of people will not leave scars after the external eye bags are removed. The incision is not obvious after 10 days after the operation. After 1 month, you may not see whether you have done it Eye bag surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Q: Why do many doctors recommend the orbital septum release to remove the bags under the eyes? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Answer: After the traditional eye bags are improved, with the increase of age, collagen fibers and elastic fibers break and reduce, the skin and fascia ligaments will become more and more loose and sagging, remove part of the orbital septal fat The remaining part will be drooping to form eye bags, but this eye bag is not the previous one. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In orbital septum release eye bag surgery, the orbital septal fat that forms the eye bag is not necessarily removed! Make an orbital septal fat release, these orbital septal fats from hernia can be refilled into the orbit Reducing and correcting the bags under the septum, if the bags are accompanied by tear grooves, you can release them and pull them down to improve the tear grooves. You can do both. It is safer and more natural to remove the bags under your eyes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What is the cause of recurrence of eye bags after surgery? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Answer: Ordinary eye bag plastic surgery is also called the traditional method of eye bag plastic surgery. This type of surgical fat bulge is highly likely to recur. The reason is that this procedure cannot strengthen the orbital septum, but simply removes excess fat. In fact, it is redundant and inaccurate. There is a lot of fat in the orbital septum. The reason for the bulging of the fat in the orbital septum is not that there is too much fat in the orbital septum, but that the orbital septum is weak, that is, the weak channel of the fat protrusion in the orbital septum causes the fat outside. Convex, so the fundamental solution is to strengthen the orbital septum and strengthen the channel for fat bulging, because ordinary eye bag shaping cannot solve this problem, so it is easy to relapse. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The solution is to use the surgical method of orbital septal replacement for any eye pouch shaping such as fat bulging. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Talk about how you feel during eye bags removal: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Before bag removal operations require anesthesia, usually local anesthesia, you don’t need to worry about any The problem, basically you have no pain. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Some beauty seekers are more nervous. Even under anesthesia, there is still a sense of tension in the operation. The beauty seekers need to eliminate this feeling, so that the doctor can have a smoother operation and have better results. . &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Feel after removing eye bags: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. There may be mild edema, pain and discomfort 3-5 days after the operation, the degree is mild and no special treatment is required. After removing the thread, it is slightly unnatural at first. It takes about 1 week to 10 days to become more natural!

The 8 traps of autologous fat filling, you must understand before doing fat transplantation

Breast enhancement and slim waist S-shaped angel face is the dream of every woman. Self-fat filling is a popular plastic surgery project nowadays. It can not only get rid of fat, but also have a devil figure + angel face. Since the material for autologous fat filling is its own tissue, it can be turned into “waste” as treasure. There is no rejection after transplantation. Therefore, it is a good soft tissue filling material. It is currently widely used in filling lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, Plastic surgery such as breast enhancement and hip enhancement. In spite of this, there are still many misunderstandings about it by many friends. Today, I will explain to you the 8 major traps about auto fat filling. Everyone must take it away! 8 traps for auto fat filling careful! If the autologous fat is excessively filled at one time, “big goose head”, “Shouxing male forehead”, “facelift” may occur. Traditional fat transplantation with too much fat injected at one time will result in the fat not getting enough blood for oxygen supply, forming induration, calcification, etc., which will cause the fat to fail to survive. Therefore, the filling of autologous fat needs to be carried out in stages. If there are too many depressions in the part to be filled, generally 2-4 times of filling can achieve a long-term fullness effect. 02 Will the face become bigger after autologous fat filling? After finishing the fat filling, the face will not only become larger, but also appear smaller. This is because after the fat fills the depressions or flat areas, the facial contours will become fuller and three-dimensional. The discordant look of the face is weakened, which not only modifies the face shape, but also makes the skin full, delicate and elastic, so it is visually more compact and exquisite after filling. 03 Autologous fat filling, high or low survival rate? The reason for affecting the fat survival rate is not single, mainly depends on the doctor’s technology and its own fat quality. The so-called technology refers to surgical instruments, doctor’s methods, liposuction level, liposuction site, fat purification process, etc. The fat quality varies from person to person. The density and viscosity of fat are just right, so the survival rate of fat is high. 04Can the fat be removed if the filling effect is not satisfactory? This is impossible. One week after the operation, because the fat has not yet been shaped, it can still flow. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can adjust it by pressing. If you don’t press for a long time, you can use massage to promote absorption and achieve adjustment. However, you must make an assessment in advance. If the fat is partially absorbed and you can achieve satisfactory results, do not rush to deal with it. You can wait for 3 months to stabilize before processing. 05 Will the liposuction site be uneven? This is mainly the technique of seeing a doctor. Doctors with good skills generally do not have this situation. Since the transplanted fat itself is granular, very few people will have transient bumps after transplantation. But these are also temporary, because subcutaneous fat will remodel and improve in about 3 months. 06 Will the skin get better after being filled with autologous fat? After the fat is extracted, it will undergo a centrifugal process. When the stem cells in the blood vessel wall and fibrous tissue around the fat are centrifuged, a part of it will be precipitated in the extract. When the stem cells are injected under the skin, it will stimulate some local fat cell proliferation. From the surface, the facial skin will look more rosy and smooth. 07 After the autologous fat is filled, it will disappear after a while? Autologous fat filling is a technical activity, which is equivalent to growing fat in another place. Therefore, as long as the transplanted fat survives, the effect can be maintained for a long time. Some people fill it once and get better results. If you are satisfied with the filling effect, you don’t need to fill it again. But there are also needs to be filled 2-4 times, the filling frequency is determined according to the survival rate of fat. 08 Self-fat filling will be successful? Not necessarily. Autologous fat transplantation belongs to higher technology and certainly has certain risks. The only way to avoid such problems is to find a professional doctor and perform surgery with a trusted regular hospital. Professor Song Jianxing is a versatile and Confucian style masterpiece of fat medicine Professor Song Jianxing enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese fat industry, has a cutting-edge aesthetic concept, a sharp aesthetic vision, a solid theoretical foundation, in medical beauty, fat transplantation , Art appreciation and other fields have high attainments in chest shaping, liposuction shaping, fat filling, facial micro-finishing, abdominal wall shaping, etc. The unique surgical method, precise plan design and subtle and ingenious techniques make the surgical clothing seamlessly formed at a time, and his artistic knife is also becoming more and more perfect. His case

What factors affect the effect of removing eye bags?

Eye bags are marks carved on the face by the marks of the years. Eye bags affect our beauty to a certain extent, so many beauty seekers are trying to remove the bags under the eyes. There are many ways to remove the bags under the current plastic surgery technology, but the effect of removing the bags Sometimes it is not ideal, so what are the factors that affect the effect of removing eye bags? The doctors of Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery Hospital are popular science for everyone. The reason for the appearance of eye bags: & nbsp. The pressure of work in life is high, often staying up late, facing the computer for a long time, and other factors cause people to have eye bags prematurely. Eye bags cause a lot of annoyance and affect our beauty. . The appearance of bags under the eyes has made many people look younger. &nbsp. But the formation of eye bags is not entirely the cause of aging, such as excessive use of eyes, etc., most office women have more or less contact with this. In addition, it may be simple hypertrophy of the orbicularis oculi muscle or increased fat of the orbital septum. For example, some people are younger, but when they smile, they can see that there are two obvious “tracts” in the lower eyelid. This is the orbicularis oculi muscle. . &nbsp. What factors will affect the effect of removing eye bags: &nbsp. 1. Treatment of the orbital septum. The orbital septum is a layer of fascia that tightly wraps the fat of the orbital septum. In the past, most of the surgery only removed the fat of the orbital septum without treating the orbital septum. But in fact, after removing fat, tightening the suture of the orbital septum can help restore its tension, which is also related to the effect of eye bag surgery. &nbsp. Second, master the amount of skin peeling. Excessive skin peeling can easily lead to valgus valgus. If the skin peeling is insufficient, the postoperative effect will be unsatisfactory. How to grasp the amount of skin peeling requires doctor’s experience and careful operation. &nbsp. 3. Treatment of the orbicularis oculi muscle. The orbicularis oculi muscle is the muscle that surrounds the eyelid. It is shaped like a wheel, and the eyelid closes when it contracts. Therefore, eye bag removal surgery not only needs to treat loose skin, but also the orbicularis oris muscle. For most patients with eye bags, the orbicularis oculi muscle needs to be tightened longitudinally and laterally to increase its tension. &nbsp.

What do I need to pay attention to before my eye bag surgery?

What do I need to pay attention to before my eye bag surgery? The skin of the eye area is fragile and sensitive, so the eye area is also prone to problems. If there is an eye bag, the eye will lose its original appearance. The removal of the eye bag by surgery can solve this problem and let you have a beautiful Eyes. Let’s ask experts from Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery and Beauty Hospital to come to Copthorne for you?&nbsp.What do you need to pay attention to before the operation of eye bags? There are many forms of bags under the eyes, according to the conditions of the eyelid skin, orbicularis oculi muscle and orbital fat , It can be divided into four types: 1, type only skin relaxation, subcutaneous fat atrophy. 2, type in addition to skin relaxation, subcutaneous fat atrophy, orbicularis oculi muscle also relax. Type III In addition to the above characteristics, there are Prolapse of orbital fat. 3. The type of orbital fat bulges more heavily, and the tension of the skin and orbicularis oculi muscles is acceptable. &nbsp. Pouchectomy is one of the common procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery. The surgical method is to cut the skin and lower orbicularis oris muscle along the arc of the lower eyelid margin at 2-3 mm below the lower eyelid margin, lift the skin muscle tissue, remove the fat ball that herniated by itself, and then remove the loose eyeball The orbicularis muscle is folded, sutured and suspended, and then the skin is stretched, and the excess part is excised, and the suture can be removed with a non-traumatic hairline-like cosmetic suture for 3-5 days. This operation is an outpatient operation and does not require hospitalization. As long as there are no hemorrhagic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases, surgery can be performed and the effect is also good. After the operation, you need to rest for 2-3 days and take antibiotics to prevent infection. &nbsp. What do you need to pay attention to before the operation of the bag under your eyes? There may be mild edema, pain and discomfort 3-5 days after the operation. The degree is mild and no special treatment is required. After removing the thread, it is slightly unnatural at first. It takes about 1 week to 10 days to become more natural. As time goes by, the surgical effect will become better and better. Of course, not everyone can perform the operation. You need to understand some common sense before the operation of the eye bags. The following three situations should be treated with caution: 1. Diabetics, because the wounds of diabetic patients are not easy to heal. &nbsp. Second, check the coagulation mechanism by drawing blood to avoid bleeding from the wound after the operation. &nbsp. 3. For patients with hypertension, avoid blood pressure increase due to surgery. &nbsp.

What kind of milk can kidney friends drink?

Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as white blood. In order to supplement nutrition, everyone now drinks a glass of milk every day. However, many kidney friends will always ask the doctor: I have kidney disease, can I drink milk? Doctor, I drink milk and diarrhea, can I drink it again? Doctor, there are so many types of milk, what kind of kidney patients should drink? For kidney As far as friends are concerned, milk is also a good choice for supplementing nutrition. Milk is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals, and moderate consumption of kidney friends can not only meet their own nutritional needs, but also not increase the burden. The content of high-quality protein in milk is about 80%, the protein structure is very close to the human body, and it contains a complete range of essential amino acids and a sufficient amount. The other nutrients in milk are also very friendly to kidney friends. The proper calcium and phosphorus ratio in milk can correct the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in kidney friends. However, in the face of the market, with a wide variety of shelves and a wide variety of “milk”, how many people are confused and can’t help but ask the soul: As a kidney friend, how should I choose? Fresh milk can be divided into full fat according to fat content Milk, low-fat milk and skimmed milk. Whole milk contains about 3% animal fat, which is saturated fat, suitable for kidney friends with normal blood lipids. Skimmed milk or low-fat milk removes most or half of the fat in the milk, and also loses some of vitamins A and D. Therefore, compared with full-fat milk, calcium supplementation is slightly less effective, but it is more suitable for dyslipidemia. Kidney friend. Lactose intolerant kidney friends can choose “low lactose milk”, that is, Shuhua milk, which is artificially added lactase to hydrolyze lactose in milk and preserve all nutrients. In addition to the advantages of fresh milk, yogurt also added lactic acid bacteria for fermentation. Yogurt contains a lot of active lactic acid bacteria, which can improve the intestinal bacterial flora, regulate the body’s immune function, and increase resistance. Lactic acid bacteria will break down some of the proteins in yogurt into amino acids, which is more conducive to human digestion and absorption. Laccase is produced during the fermentation of yogurt, and kidney friends with lactose intolerance can also drink with confidence. When choosing yoghurts, kidney friends should pay attention to the selection of only yogurt with fresh milk and various lactic acid bacteria. Add up to white sugar or sweeteners. Don’t be fooled by the colorful milk drinks. Lactic acid bacteria beverages are milk beverages made from milk, water and additives. The nutritional content cannot be compared with milk and can only be regarded as beverages. It should be noted that fresh milk and yoghurt are very rich in water, and about 90% of them are water. Nephrologists who need to limit water need to count this part of the water for a day. In addition, milk should not be cooked or heated too many times. Because when the milk is boiled and then continue to heat, the lactose in the milk begins to scorch and gradually decompose into lactic acid and a small amount of formic acid. The vitamins are also destroyed, and even the color, aroma and taste are significantly reduced.

Do you really understand autologous fat filling?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body area. It will gradually lose collagen under the skin as it ages. With the slowdown of metabolism, the skin’s efficiency of nutrient absorption will also decrease, and it will slowly begin to lose its elasticity and gloss. Especially the face, because of the gradual decline of the overall muscle structure, the forehead, temples and other places will look more concave, and a lot of fine lines and wrinkles gradually appear on the face…it looks really old! So now many beauty seekers will choose “self fat filling” to improve facial depression. But do you really understand autologous fat filling? Today, I will answer some common questions for everyone, let’s take a look! 01 What face shape is suitable for autologous fat filling? Autologous fat filling can help you hide your age, but not all face shapes are suitable for autologous fat filling. Generally speaking, there are mainly the following types of faces suitable for facial filling: 1. Temple depressions are different from the natural high cheekbones. Obvious temple depressions and cheek thinning will cause false cheekbones to protrude, making the cheekbones the widest. Point, so the face looks big, but when the apple muscles and temples are filled, the widest part of the vision will move up and become the frontotemporal area, visually producing a small face. 2. The forehead is too flat. The flat forehead will make people look old-fashioned. When the forehead is full, it is full of three-dimensional sense from the front or the side. The dissonance of the face is weakened. The modified face shape makes the skin full and delicate. Will make your sense of oldness weaken. 3. Narrow face, outline protruding, less cheek flesh and sunken, it will appear bitterness, the outline is not smooth when viewed from the front and side, and the visual effect is not good. After filling, the facial contours are much softer, giving a different image. 4. The cheekbones are slightly high. Some people have a little protruding mouth. Some people’s cheekbones are slightly high, and their mouths will appear prominent. After filling the face, it can improve some protruding mouth problems. At the same time, the slightly protruding cheekbones can also be hidden, the entire face is full, the lines are smooth, and the sense of age is reduced. 02&nbsp. How to fill fat so that there is no “inflatable feeling”? Everyone’s aesthetic is different, and some young beauty seekers will pursue more exaggerated effects and require more filling effects. But more babies are pursuing natural wind, which determines that if the effect is naturally not exaggerated, avoid “inflated feeling”. Doctors should pay attention not to overfill a certain part when filling, to avoid obvious protrusions, to achieve a natural overdose, to make the facial contours more natural and harmonious, so that it will be natural and avoid “inflated feeling”. In particular, the three parts of the forehead, tear groove, and apple muscles must be grasped: if you want to avoid fat accumulation, you must have thin needles, multiple levels, and three-dimensional cross injections. To follow the “three-layer injection method of the face”, first inject the deepest layer and reshape the entire skeleton, so as to have sufficient supporting force to make the face more three-dimensional; secondly, inject the upper periosteum, muscle layer, and fascia layer in turn, Such a layer-by-layer filling can make your face firmer. To inject layer by layer instead of hitting a mass of fat, the key point of the operation is that the injection must be layer by layer from the deep layer to the shallow layer, and the amount of injection in each part should be coordinated and even as much as possible, not more or less, In this way, unevenness can be avoided as much as possible. The fat on the periosteum of the forehead needs to be filtered with gauze, which can be filled after filtering. The fat under the skin needs to be processed more finely, because the skin under the fat is processed well, not only can it fill the contours, but also the skin will become better. The location of the tear groove also needs to be filled under the skin and periosteum, because there are not many soft tissues in the tear groove itself, and it needs to be filled with some finer fat. If the fat is filled with coarser particles, it will appear uneven and hard. The apple muscle is mainly filled into the soft tissue layer. The thing to note is that the inside of the apple muscle is filled, and there is a natural transition between the nasolabial folds, so that the apple muscle will look better when laughing after the operation. 03&nbsp. Does filling the nasolabial sulcus affect the height of the nose? Will not. When a person smiles, a gully will appear near the nasolabial fold. The nasolabial fold is itself a body surface mark. When filling, the doctor should pay more attention to modify the nasolabial fold, rather than just fill it up, that is not the case. It will look beautiful, but it will definitely have no effect on the height of the nose after filling. 04&nbsp. People with high cheekbones will look bigger after filling? For beauties who have high cheekbones, pay attention to the outer side of the apple muscle when filling, do not

After liposuction of the thigh/waist and abdomen, will the skin become loose and sagging?

Will skin loose after liposuction? &nbsp. Many people have such a thought before liposuction. Before liposuction, there is fat under the skin, so the skin is very flat. After liposuction, the subcutaneous fat will be removed, and the piece of support will definitely collapse and slack when the support is gone. It seems reasonable, but the opposite is true! Why do you say that? The skin laxity after liposuction is actually divided into cases. Young people have good skin elasticity, and there will be no problem of skin laxity after liposuction; if the skin elasticity of older people is not good, you can cooperate with gold micro-carving. Below I will Solve the confusion for everyone in detail. First, we must first understand the anatomy of the human body, fat is between the skin and muscles. When we suck the fat between the skin and the muscles, it is normal for the skin to immediately become a bit loose and loose, because the skin is empty. But under normal circumstances, fat and muscle will be re-fitted again to fill in the gaps. At the same time, the liposuction operation is multi-point and multi-faced, so the skin will not become slack. If it is not a lot of liposuction, the skin will be slightly slack. The beauty seekers can also proceed with confidence. In addition, the skin itself has a certain elasticity, and it will shrink after liposuction, especially for some beauty seekers with good skin elasticity, and with the help of body shaping clothes, the skin shrinks more and faster, and the skin will tighten. At the same time, the doctor will also accurately measure the fat thickness of the person seeking beauty before the operation to determine the amount of liposuction, to ensure that the operation is performed on the premise of safety and reasonableness. How to avoid sagging skin after liposuction and at the same time make the skin firmer than before liposuction? The ideal method is to cooperate with the “golden microcarving” to stimulate the skin tightening, so that the extra skin can not only retract, but also achieve a tighter skin state than before liposuction. About “gold micro-carving”: gold micro-carving, with a unique hollow plastic handle, the internal electrode and the external electrode generate RF current to act on the target tissue. At the same time that excess fat cells are liquefied and exported, RF energy will also cause the remaining fat cell tissue to coagulate and contract, safely dissolving fat cells, coagulating blood vessels and firming the skin to reshape the trio, so that the beauty seekers have no traditional equipment after removing fat Troubles with loose skin accumulation!&nbsp.! “Golden micro-carving” is to avoid skin relaxation after liposuction: it uses a stable high-frequency current to act on target tissues to liquefy and export excess facial fat cells. The precise and stable energy dissolves the surrounding fat and makes the skin more At the same time, it effectively stimulates the activity of fibroblasts in the dermis layer and promotes its continuous production of large amounts of collagen and elastin, thereby making the skin firm and elastic. Liposuction surgery is a dual art of fat removal and beautiful skin. For safety assurance, please choose a regular medical institution and a professional doctor.

Liposuction helps you say goodbye to bloated bodies

This girl is mainly due to serious accumulation of fat inside and outside the thigh. Before surgery, she said that because she had thick thighs, she basically did not wear shorts and slim pants. Because she was too fat, she chose liposuction to improve. Surgical anesthetics: During painless anesthesia, liposuction focuses on sculpture of thigh ring suction, groin, false hips, buttocks, and the liposuction volume is about 4000ml. The effect of liposuction is related to the thickness of your own fat, so the first one is to confirm your body fat rate and the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Generally, every 2000ml of fat can reduce the leg dimension by 3-5 cm. Fat is characterized by low density, light weight, large volume, and high elasticity, so there will be no major changes in body weight after surgery. Its purpose is to reduce the circumference and be suitable for local fat accumulation. The characteristics of the recovery period: ️ Day 1: Bandage with pressure, there will be exudate discharge. ️ Day 2: Close the needle and change the dressing, wear a sculpting suit and raise your legs to avoid standing for a long time. ️Day 7: It is during the swelling period that bruising may occur. ️Day 14: There was a little swelling and the bruises began to dissipate. ️Day 30: The liposuction part basically recovered. Half a year after the operation: After the liposuction, the lower part of the body has no bloated feeling, and the skin has become very tight. Shorts and skirts are worn casually. The body shape and temperament of the whole person also change greatly.

Must-see before facial filling: How to choose hyaluronic acid and autologous fat?

Everyone who grows upside down must have a full face. Some people are obviously less than 30+, but the impression is very old. why? In fact, it is all caused by facial depression. The appearance of facial depression: tear grooves, temples, apple muscles, decrees…the facial depression and skin relaxation and wrinkles are also called the three major signs of aging. Not only does it seem to have no affinity, but it is also older than its peers. What to do if the face is sunken? The appearance of depressions on the face is a trace of years, and can be restored to a young state through facial filling; there are two common methods of facial filling: one is hyaluronic acid injection filling, and the other is autologous fat filling; the former is convenient for injection, the effect is excellent, and the latter is taken Slimming, using beauty, turning fat into treasure. Which one should I choose? The ladies of beauty are tangled. Let the editor answer your doubts from a professional perspective! 01 Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is a linear polymer polysaccharide composed of disaccharide units. It exists in the connective tissues and dermis of the human body. It is a naturally occurring substance in tissues and is also a transparent colloidal substance. The earliest hyaluronic acid was used as a viscoelastic agent for ophthalmic intraocular lens implantation surgery, as a filler for joint surgery such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and can also be used to prevent postoperative adhesion and promote the healing of skin wounds. 02 Autologous fat Autologous fat is the fat meat that you dislike most. The magical self-fat filling is to move the fat on your body (such as the fat in the waist and abdomen and thighs) to another place, so that it will show the combined effect of slim waist and buttocks and thin legs and big breasts. What are the differences between them? 01 The hyaluronic acid filling area can remove static wrinkles (mouth corner lines, decree lines, etc.), and can also fill in facial depressions (forehead, temples, tear grooves, apple muscles, cheeks), and decorate the face (full lips, rhinoplasty, chin, feng Earlobe, etc.). Autologous fat can fill facial depressions (forehead, temples, tear grooves, apple muscles, cheeks), decorate the face (lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation) and reshape the body (breast augmentation, hip augmentation, artificial muscles), etc. 02 Filling effect Both are similar in filling effect, but in terms of shaping, such as rhinoplasty, the stiffness of autologous fat is not as good as hyaluronic acid, and in terms of overall improvement, autologous fat filling is better. Since autologous fat filling is to extract excess fat and place it in need of supplementation, such as filling the tear groove with the meat at the mouth, it can solve multiple facial problems, such as depression, wrinkles, loose contours, etc. at the same time. Hyaluronic acid only has an effect on the injection site. If you need a big face change, you should inject a lot and cooperate with thin face and other items. That is to say, in most cases, autologous fat is suitable for plump face, and hyaluronic acid is good at plump part. 03 Maintenance time The maintenance time of hyaluronic acid is related to the molecular weight of the injection selected by itself, and to the self-absorption of the beauty seeker. The maintenance time ranges from 6 to 12 months. If you want to maintain the effect for a long time, you can continue to make up. Autologous fat filling is generally long-lasting after 2-3 fillings, but autologous fat transplant filling involves not only the late absorption rate, but also the level of early survival rate, so it is very important to choose a doctor. 04 Recovery period Hyaluronic acid injection does not require a recovery period, and it immediately shows no swelling. So it is highly recommended for girls who are going to take a photo or interview tomorrow or see their in-laws the day after tomorrow~. The time for the autologous fat filling to reach the final effect is three months, and the swelling period should be spent about 10 days, which is more suitable for the potmates with sufficient time. 05 trauma risk Hyaluronic acid confirms physical health and no contraindications for treatment before surgery, you can prepare for treatment, just apply a topical anesthetic cream to the treatment site, and treatment can be started after 20-30 minutes. The injection time is about 10-20 minutes. It is a direct injection without any trauma and no pain after surgery. Autologous fat filling requires the extraction of fat from itself, centrifugation, purification and refining, and injection into the face. The location of fat extraction has a wound, and there will be pain when recovering. 06 Technical requirements Hyaluronic acid requires professional injection, convenient and fast. If the treatment result is not satisfactory, it can also be ablated by hyaluronic acid dissolving enzyme. Autologous fat filling has higher requirements for doctors’ technology and environment, and has a large technical content. It has more links than hyaluronic acid injection. Liposuction, purification, and injection have strict and professional operating specifications. So, how should we choose? 1. People with slight depressions and relatively tight skin are generally younger beauties, only because the middle of the face or the husband and wife palace are slightly depressed, but the skin