Application prospect of pirfenidone in treating keloids

The treatment of keloids is constantly updated and developed. At the same time, the research on the treatment of keloids is also constantly being carried out. Not long ago, some scholars published a related literature about pirfenidone inhibiting keloids. &nbsp. Keloids are benign proliferative skin lesions that are difficult to treat and are a source of distress for patients. As far as its mechanism is concerned, recent literature shows that the conversion of keloid epidermis to dermis is one of its important pathogenesis. In the past, by studying the effect of the antifibrotic drug pirfenidone on keloid keratinocytes, it was found that pirfenidone has a certain inhibitory effect on keloids. In the experiment, keratinocytes isolated from normal skin tissue and scar tissue were cultured in vitro, and the effects of pirfenidone on cytotoxicity, cell migration, cell proliferation, and EMT-related genes and protein expression were studied. The experiment found that pirfenidone can significantly reduce the levels of vimentin and fibronectin in normal and keloid keratinocytes, and hinder the migration of basal cells. When the concentration of pirfenidone was from 200-1000ug/ml, the proliferation rate of cell basal cells showed a significant dose-dependent decrease. When the concentration of pirfenidone was as high as 1000ug/ml, the experiment did not find any cytotoxic effect . This study suggests that pirfenidone may inhibit the progress and recurrence of keloids. The literature shows that pirfenidone may have the prospect of treating keloids, but it is worth noting that the response of the same cells to the same drugs in vivo and in vitro is usually different. The most important thing is the effect of pirfenidone on cells in the body. The experimental results still need to be supported by clinical application data.

Is there a misdiagnosis of AIDS?

It depends on which institution sent you the confirmation form. Under normal circumstances, large tertiary hospitals are only primary screening laboratories for AIDS, as well as disease prevention and control centers at the municipal or district level. Only the provincial disease prevention and control center is the laboratory for the diagnosis of AIDS. Then the result detected in the preliminary screening laboratory is not the final diagnosis. So they will not send you a confirmation test list. We will only tell you orally that there are suspected results in our laboratory. To ensure the authenticity of your experiment, we will send your blood to the provincial disease prevention and control center for a definitive diagnosis experiment. This will let you fill in the identity information in detail. Generally confirm that the experiment will be notified about 20 days after screening. During this period, you need to keep your mobile phone unblocked. After the diagnosis test is made, the CDC will further conduct experiments on the number of cd4 in your body to see if you need treatment, because AIDS carriers and AIDS patients are two other concepts. Therefore, the experimental results given to you by ordinary small clinics or other hospitals cannot confirm that you are an AIDS carrier or patient. This is clearly stipulated in the Infectious Disease Law. Therefore, you can ignore the results sent to you by the screening laboratory, but if it is the final confirmation of the results sent to you by the laboratory, there will be no misdiagnosis. If you have high-risk behavior, you will not be able to detect any antibodies during the window of AIDS within a month of exposure. After the window period, when the CD4 in our body is not attacked by HIV too much, this is called AIDS carrier. At this time, the body is not much different from a normal person and does not need treatment, but it is infectious and the test can completely detect antibodies to AIDS. When the cd4 cells in the body are scarcely attacked, there is a problem with the body’s immunity. At this time, it is called an AIDS patient and will be infected with various conditional pathogens. These conditional pathogens are usually able to The colonies or flora that coexisted peacefully with us became deadly weapons at that time. From the carrier to the patient, the time varies, some after two years, and some after more than ten years.

Don’t let this “verbal violence” become an invisible killer that hurts children

“Xunzi • Honor and Disgrace” said: “Speak with others, warm than cloth; hurt people with words, deeper than spears.” The meaning of this sentence is to say that friendly words to others are more than cloth. Warm; speaking bitter and harsh, it hurts more than spear halberd. The scars on the body can gradually fade with the passage of time, while the language damage is accompanied by a lifetime. The UAE should use a magical experiment to prove the power of language. This experiment was not very conspicuous at first, but the results of the experiment shocked the whole world… They picked two plants in their stores that were similar in length. Put a transparent cover on the plant and put it on the campus. Give them the same fertilizer every day, water the same water, and get in and out of the sun. The only difference is: the pot on the left says “This plant is bullied”, and the green plant on the right says “This plant is praised.” How is the plant bullying? The so-called “bullying” is to conduct a “language attack” on it. They found a lot of students, recorded the sound in advance, and then looped the audio next to the plant. As for these curse words, it is also very “ruthless”, but it is our usual “language”. “You’re a waste, you’re useless!” &nbsp. “You don’t look green at all!” “You look like it’s going to rotten!” &nbsp. “You don’t like people at all, what use do you want!” “&Nbsp. Compared to this, the plant on the right is treated like a paradise.” The words “Affirmation” and “Praise” are looped around next to it every day, “I like how you look like yourself!” “I am so happy when I see you!” &nbsp. “You are really beautiful!” &nbsp. “This world Change because of you!”&nbsp.”You are awesome!”&nbsp. On the one hand is the insult of language violence, and on the other is the heart-warming praise and praise. This experiment lasted for 30 days. The final result of the experiment was that the pot on the left was treated with humiliation for 30 days and was scolded as “withered”. The plant on the right, which is praised every day, is green and gratifying. This shows: how terrible the power of language! Plants can’t stand language violence, let alone humans. “You are just a waste”, “Why didn’t you die stupidly?”, “Stupid stupid like a pig”, “Pigs are smarter than you”, “You are a waste of food, and a dirty land”… these are all It is in life that we can often hear words that some parents often talk about in the process of educating their children. Under the attack of language violence, many children choose self-harm and suicide. Language violence is terrible because it attacks the human heart, leaving a haze in the heart. This kind of pain is far more unacceptable than physical pain. Many parents are very prone to make such mistakes when educating their children, thinking that only strict requirements on children can control good children. Even if the child improves, he will not be praised. The reason for parents is simple: humility makes people progress, pride makes people backward, and fear of praising children will cause children to have pride, which is not conducive to the growth of children. Therefore, the usual attitude towards children is either to attack or to ridicule or abuse. Children who have been ridiculed and abused for a long time are prone to form two extreme personalities, one is cowardly and inferior personality, and the other is aggressive personality. Cowardly inferiority is manifested in speaking only to promises, lacking confidence, and fearing that you will not do well in everything you do. &nbsp. The aggressive personality is irritable and irritable, and the heart is full of hatred. This emotion will be transformed into strong aggressiveness, hurting yourself or others. All, there is a saying that applauding a child is exaggerated. In the process of educating our children, we should pay more attention to the merits of the children, praise more, praise the children well, understand more and encourage more. For example, because of the carelessness of the exam this time, we can tell the children this way, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can be more serious next time, you will definitely be better than this time. Such encouragement will definitely be more than simple and rude scolding of children, “Why are you so stupid?”, the effect is much better.

Psychologist’s two marshmallow experiments tell parents to control their children’s self-control in this way!

“Why can children in other people’s homes write their homework quietly? My family is always wriggling. How can there be no self-control? How can we cultivate children’s self-control?” This is a friend in the background Message. Regarding self-control, I think of the different conclusions brought about by two marshmallow experiments. Stanford psychologist Dr. Walter Michelle has conducted a series of classic psychological experiments on self-control in marshmallows in 1966-the marshmallow experiment, and then proposed the theory of delayed satisfaction, and found that self-control and delayed satisfaction Affecting children’s future success, this discovery has had a profound impact on pedagogy and psychology. Later, Taylor Watt of New York University, Gregg Duncan and Quan Haonan of the University of California conducted the experiment again. This time the number of people in the experiment is much larger than before, and this experiment has a small change in details. First, they divided the children into AB groups. Before the experiment, the administrator first asked the children to make a game with the children, and then told the children to get them toys and come back later. The administrator of Group A came back after leaving, and really brought toys to the children, while the administrator of Group B returned with nothing, and then conducted a marshmallow experiment. Results Most of the children in group A did not eat cotton candy, while the children in group B mostly consumed cotton candy. From this they came to the conclusion that “the success of a child does not depend on the ability to delay gratification, but on the family behind the child.” The child’s family can give the child a stable feeling, that is, the child feels that he can get a second piece of marshmallow through patience, and the child will most likely choose to wait. If the child’s family economic background is not good, the child feels that even the first piece of marshmallow may disappear, then they will most likely not choose to wait. Therefore, when we train children’s self-control, we must consider not only the factors of children, but also the influence of parents as a role model to children. To improve the child’s self-control, we can start from the details of life in the following ways, let the child form good behavior habits to cultivate the child’s self-control, and the parents can start from the life habits. For example, children are required to get up on time, go to bed on time, eat on time, do not take part in food, not picky. As the child grows older, the child’s ability to control itself will be strengthened. In children’s school life, children can be required to abide by collective rules and discipline in the collective, not to infringe on others’ interests as they please. If parents can stick to the consistent requirements for a long time and do not make unprincipled accommodations, children will gradually learn to control and restrain themselves. Before parents talk to children about rules and regulate behaviors, it is best to list the behaviors and rules that children must obey every week, and understand the specific meaning of the rules, and then discuss with children and explain the meaning of the rules. This way the child is more willing to follow. Let the child only do one thing at a time. The child’s ability to control itself grows with age. Generally, the cerebral cortex in charge of self-control will be fully developed until about 30 years old. Prior to this, the child’s self-control parents can exercise through improve. And we often inadvertently undermine the development of children’s self-control. For example, if the child is quietly writing his homework, we will go in a while and either send fruit or check whether the child is quietly writing his homework. Such behavior will not only affect the development of the child’s self-control, but also cause the child’s inattention. We can cultivate children’s self-control by letting them concentrate on one thing for a period of time, such as painting, piano practice, and calligraphy. Human energy is limited. If you spread the limited energy to many things, you might not be able to do everything. Therefore, don’t distract yourself artificially. If you concentrate on only one of these things, it may have a greater effect than doing a few things. Dispersion and concentration are two completely opposite behaviors, avoid three minds and two minds. It is a headache for parents to play mobile phones as their children’s role models. Parents often think that their children are too fond of playing mobile phones and can’t control it. In fact, parents often make bows, and the children just follow suit. Children are good at imitating and are the most vulnerable to infection. Therefore, parents can make full use of some good role models to influence their children and guide them to learn from others good behaviors that strictly require themselves and overcome difficulties. A friend’s child likes to play with a mobile phone.

Can I drink milk tea during pregnancy and lactation?

Life is short, pregnancy is too long, and taboos are too absurd. It ’s okay to be good for your baby, and it ’s wrong to grieve yourself. In fact, you should not let down during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition to love, there are gourmet food, and of course there are certain “junk foods”. Very healthy foods are often not very tasty, and foods that are addictive and irresistible are often not very healthy. Milk tea is one of them. 01 Love is restraint, like to be arrogant, you love the baby in the belly and arms, but also like milk tea, what should I do? Love and liking can be achieved at the same time, but proper restraint is required. I know that many people find many reasons for drinking milk tea. For example, it would say: Milk tea is very healthy, because milk is healthy, tea is also healthy, milk tea is “milk + tea”, so milk tea is also very healthy. This excuse sounds good, but it’s a little far-fetched. If it’s really that simple, then you can drink English black tea + milk directly. Why don’t you want to drink English black tea + milk, but love milk tea? Because milk tea is sweet, milk tea is fragrant and milk tea makes you excited and addicted. (Photo source: Photographic Network) Milk tea is not “milk + tea” Milk tea is not “milk + tea”, milk tea is: protein + caffeine + sugar + fat, sugar and fat are responsible for sweet and fragrant, caffeine is responsible for making you happy and addicted There is not much protein in milk tea. Originally writing this article, I should personally go to the market to buy all kinds of milk tea for tasting and experimenting, but I’m afraid I can’t control it. Finally, I still search for the experimental results of others on the Internet to share with you. Some people went to the market to choose the most popular brands, and the most common 18 milk teas were tested. Below I will share the results of the experiment with everyone. Since there are too many experiments of the same kind, the results are also different, and the difference is not small, I chose one of the experiments as the basis and integrated the results of other experiments to make appropriate corrections. If the experimental results you see are different from what I have shared, this is also normal, and the formula will be different for different brands. In addition, when making milk tea with ingredients, the hand shake of the milk tea is different. The content will also vary greatly. 02 What’s in the milk tea? The average protein content in protein milk tea is 0.8g / 100g. The national standard of fresh milk / pure milk is not less than 2.9g / 100g. There is not much milk in milk tea, and there is not much protein content. Well, I admit, you drink milk tea not to drink milk. Caffeine A cup of 500ml milk tea contains 50mg-200mg of caffeine. The European Union recommends that adults consume less than 200mg of caffeine in a single drink, and pregnant women and nurses can drink coffee. It is recommended that caffeine does not exceed 200mg per day. A large cup of “* Buck” latte has a caffeine content of 150mg, and the caffeine in a cup of milk tea is equivalent to a medium or large cup of “* Buck” coffee. Well, I admit, I am also a coffee control. A cup of 500ml milk tea with fat contains 20g-30g fat. National recommended value: fat does not exceed 60g / day, but without fat milk tea it will not be fragrant! Well, I admit that people who love milk tea do n’t care about this little fat. Total sugar volume (carbohydrate) A cup of 500ml milk tea, the total carbohydrate content fluctuates relatively between different brands, between 2-13 pieces of sugar cubes (Taikoo sugar cubes, 4.5g / piece). On average, it is equivalent to 2-4 cubes of sugar per cup. Even “sugar-free” milk tea contains sugar, which is equivalent to 2-3 cubes of sugar. Well, I admit that sweet things will make you very happy. (Photo source: Well, I admit that it is difficult for you not to drink milk tea; well, I admit that my conclusion will make your mother-in-law and your mother a little disappointed. Like to be extravagant, you can drink milk tea indiscriminately during pregnancy and breastfeeding; love is restrained, drink milk tea during pregnancy and lactation should be restrained. Suggestions for drinking milk tea Although I am not milk tea control, I still often can’t resist the temptation to drink milk tea. I usually pay attention to develop a healthy lifestyle, try to eat healthy food, exercise, and control my weight. I did n’t do it for anything else, but to let myself have reason, qualifications, opportunity, capital, and confidence to occasionally go unruly, go on to build, go to eat “junk food”, drink Milk tea, drinking happy house water. In order to indulge and indulge occasionally, you must first learn to restrain yourself. & nbsp.PS: Tomorrow morning is my outpatient time. After reading the article, please do n’t bring a cup of milk tea to see you