How to make up qi and blood?

How to make up qi and blood? It is a topic that many women care about. Doctor Qian shares some views with you. First of all, you must understand whether you should make up, and how to make up: 1. Don’t make up. Speaking of tonic, it’s easy to think of Bazhen Tang, Siwu Tang, Sijunzi Tang, Astragalus Dabu Tang, Ginseng Yangrong Tang, etc.. Searching the Qi and Blood Recipes online is a lot, but whether it is suitable for you is another matter. Too. TCM talks about supplementation, and it is not stagnation, nourishment but not greasy, and the vitality is smooth; depending on the condition, those with evil stagnation should give priority to exorcising evil, and then correcting, then those with both positive and evil stagnation, when supporting Zheng to exorcise evil Combined use; also depends on age, frail old age, spleen deficiency in children, thin and weak people with a small amount of slow adjustment, slowly gaining power, large doses of supplements instead congested the Qi and increased the burden on the body; 2, seek the cause. It is easy to supplement qi and blood directly, but rebound after stopping the medicine. To allow the body to make its own Qi and blood back to normal, it is essential to have a full body of Qi and blood! Old saying: Those who get the Central Plains get the world. The spleen is at the center of the spleen, the five lines are soil, and the spleen is the middle soil. Healthy spleen and stomach, diet into the stomach, can anger and blood, swim out of essence, raise limbs, irrigation organs. Tonic qi and blood, often starting from the spleen and stomach, can obtain lasting good results. 3, deficiency of qi and blood disease, three-point treatment, seven-point support! With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to be cautiously recuperating, change the unhealthy life and rest, and develop and adhere to good habits. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: The ancient people, who knows, the law is Yin and Yang, and the number of operations. Have a diet, have a daily life, and don’t try to work vainly. Comply with nature, know how to maintain health, self-adjustment, regular meals, light diet, do not stay up all night, think less, do not work hard for a long time, and exercise properly. If you only rely on drugs, do not understand daily care, you don’t have to consume too much, I am afraid Qi and blood are hard to make up. Attached is a case of pediatric physical weakness: a 4-year-old boy. I have always been lean, with poor resistance, see cold and cold, easy to accumulate meat. 20 days ago, the diet was greasy and diarrhea, so far the mental and physical strength, irritability, low mood in the morning, repeated cough and runny in the middle, anorexia, sweating, morning sneezing, nasal congestion, purulent nasal discharge, coughing and phlegm, and biting finger clothes , Eyes are more, the feet are hot, the urine is yellow, and the stool is sticky for a long time before and after the dry and thin. The former doctor used a large dose of four gentlemen to fill the spleen and stomach while irritable crying at night, thirsty to drink. Tongue tip, red moss, white greasy thick patchouli 4 (posterior), Magnolia 4, almond 4, raw coix seed 10, white koehren 3 (poster lower), bamboo leaf 4, Tongcao 3, talc 10 (fried), Qingpinxia 4, Poria 6, Bupleurum 4, Scutellaria 4, Papaya 4, Parsnip 3 Alisma 4 Mung bean, a pinch of Hunan Meiyu in summer, hot and humid steaming, greasy diet hindering the stomach and moisturizing. First of all, Liuhe Tang and Sanren Tang combed the three burners to exorcise and correct the evil. “Clean the house and invite guests.” With the addition and subtraction of the card at the top, taking 13 medications, the sputum, nasal congestion and runny nose are all healed, and the appetite, spirit and mood return to normal. 6,21, the stool is sticky and smelly, the urine is yellow, and the eyes are shit. The tongue is red and white and smooth. Codonopsis 5 Poria 5 raw Atractylodes 5 raw white lentils 10 orange peel 4 raw coix seed 10 Agastache rugosa 4 (poster lower) Qing Pinellia 4 baicalin 4 windproof 4 Amomum 2 (poster lower) Sunburned licorice 3 coke divine song 8 talc 10 (package fried ) Houpu 4 Gardenia 2&nbsp.&nbsp.15 Fu Xie retreat, followed by righting. Righteousness stays inside, evil can’t be done. Today I am happy, my face is restored, and my height is good!