Risk of epilepsy surgery

&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What are the risks of epilepsy surgery? &nbsp.&nbsp. As with all surgical procedures, there are some risks associated with epilepsy surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp. First of all, patients and their families must be fully prepared before the operation. In view of the complexity of epilepsy lesion location, even after adequate preoperative evaluation, no one can guarantee that the surgical effect must be very good. &nbsp.&nbsp. Like medical treatment, surgical treatment is just another treatment, and there is a possibility of failure. The actual situation is that some patients have no seizures after surgery, most patients will have a certain degree of improvement, a few patients may not have any improvement, and in rare cases even worse than before surgery. &nbsp.&nbsp.Secondly, the operation itself also has certain risks. The specific situation depends on the way of the operation. Complications such as bleeding, infection, hemiplegia, aphasia, visual field defect, sensory disturbance and cranial nerve injury may occur. &nbsp.&nbsp. Our health is very precious, if we find that we are uncomfortable, it is best to go to the hospital to check.

Guiyang Epilepsy Class A Hospital Famous Doctors Joint Consultation and Public Welfare Assistance for Targeted Poverty Alleviation

&nbsp.&nbsp. The summer is coming, in order to cope with the peak period of summer patient consultation, help the majority of patients to seize the golden period of summer precision diagnosis and treatment, and reduce the burden of patient treatment, our hospital launched the “Summer Beijing Beijing Top Three Medical Association Association and Precision Poverty Alleviation Public Welfare Assistance “activity. Professor Wu Shengping from Beijing Tiantan Hospital is invited to come back to Guiyang Union to assist in the efficient summer treatment, so that the majority of patients can achieve a normal life as soon as possible. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Free consultation on epilepsy, online answers by famous doctors, click here to inquire &nbsp.&nbsp. diagnosis and treatment scope&nbsp.&nbsp.①Children’s epilepsy, adolescent epilepsy, adult epilepsy and other drugs refractory, difficult epilepsy Stubborn disease;&nbsp.&nbsp.②Children’s behavioral developmental diseases such as autism, children’s tics, hyperactivity and children’s developmental delay. &nbsp.&nbsp. There are many divisions of labor to help patients with epilepsy. It depends on the doctors in this hospital to solve various problems encountered by patients with epilepsy in a timely manner and to control the condition in time. Patients with epilepsy depend on whether the charges in this hospital are reasonable. Good hospital management standards will not cause arbitrary charges, so that they can better help patients with epilepsy to treat their conditions. &nbsp.&nbsp. Always pay attention to the nursing work of your condition, and can also have a good control of the treatment of the disease. Whether the environment is good or not is also important, so that patients with epilepsy can have a good mood, so that they can be better treated. If you want to treat the condition well, good treatment techniques can also find the cause of the disease in time, and then the doctor will analyze it and solve it. &nbsp. Try to take reasonable breaks to avoid lack of confidence in the treatment. Usually patients with epilepsy should maintain a happy mood and regular life plan. Do some exercise in an appropriate amount to improve the body’s resistance. Epilepsy patients should take scientific treatment measures to treat their diseases. Usually do good life care, exercise more, do not touch irritating things at ordinary times. Is it good to treat epilepsy in Guiyang? Is the cost of Guiyang epilepsy hospital expensive? Where is the hospital for treating epilepsy in Hefei? What is the best hospital for epilepsy? Wu Shengping, a professor of epilepsy, is back at the Guiyang epilepsy hospital joint consultation & nbsp. Beijing Guiyang top three epilepsy joint consultation , And public welfare assistance for targeted poverty alleviation. Is the cost of Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital high?

Professor Wu Shengping helps Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital to eliminate epilepsy

&nbsp.&nbsp. Looking for a famous doctor for epilepsy, Wu Shengping, as a well-known expert in the treatment of epilepsy with integrated Chinese and Western medicine, has great experience in epilepsy treatment. Timely control the onset of the disease, epilepsy patients must consider in many aspects when choosing a hospital, and do not easily believe in advertising. The incidence of epilepsy is gradually increasing, so patients with epilepsy should pay attention to the treatment of their condition and conduct on-the-spot investigations. They must choose a good epilepsy hospital. &nbsp.&nbsp. To find a hospital with a good reputation for treatment, also see if the doctors in this hospital have rich experience. If this hospital has a good reputation, is there a good team of doctors and a good reputation, then explain The treatment technology of this hospital is good, so the treatment effect of this hospital should be good. Patients should pay attention to taking medicines in time, and do not stop the medicine without permission. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Free consultation for epilepsy, online answers by famous doctors, click here to ask &nbsp.&nbsp. Introduction to experts&nbsp.&nbsp. Wu Shengping, a specialist in neurology with integrated Chinese and Western medicine, graduated from Capital Medical University. He is the chief physician, master tutor and professor of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing Neurosurgery Research Institute. Under the supervision of the chief physician Wu Zuojun, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, he has been studying clinical symptoms for more than 30 years. He has long been engaged in clinical and scientific research of neurology. &nbsp.&nbsp.Clinical is good at&nbsp.&nbsp.Long-term engaged in neurological disease research, clinical and teaching work. Two methods of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are used to diagnose and treat difficult neurological diseases. Good at cardio-cerebrovascular disease, dizziness, insomnia, epilepsy, dementia, brain tumors, pediatric neurological disorders, febrile convulsions, childhood epilepsy, children with ADHD, and brain retardation in children. &nbsp.&nbsp. won the United Nations National Division of China’s National Innovation and Technology Star Award&nbsp.&nbsp.·Ministry of Health Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Health Science and Technology Achievement Award&nbsp.&nbsp.·Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and other scientific and technological achievement awards&nbsp .&nbsp.· From 1986 to 2010, Professor Wu Shengping led and undertook the national “Eighth Five-Year”, “Ninth Five-Year” and “Eleventh Five-Year” major research projects, national “863” projects and international cooperative research and other multi-center research 14 topics. &nbsp.&nbsp. Why is summer a golden time for treatment? &nbsp. 1. Due to the increase in temperature, human body functions and internal functions are in a period of vigorous and high-energy operation, which has a great auxiliary and promotion effect on the treatment of epilepsy and children’s behavioral development diseases. &nbsp.&nbsp.2. Due to the repetitiveness of epilepsy, tics, ADHD, stunting and other diseases, there are many incentives, the treatment time is long, and the children are on vacation in the summer. During this holiday, standardized treatment can be carried out, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of children. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Due to the vigorous body function, the human body’s own immunity reaches the best period, which can effectively resist external stimuli and ensure the treatment effect. During this period of treatment, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort. https://yiyuan.120ask.com/clinic/5148/news/10438724&nbsp.https://yiyuan.120ask.com/clinic/7792/news/10438739&nbsp.https://www.jianshu.com/p/e135676ac5d1&nbsp. https://www.jianshu.com/p/5a8f3b8918da&nbsp.https://www.jianshu.com/p/25f8cf2fb324&nbsp.https://gyndyy.d17.cc/news/257402.html&nbsp.

What are the benefits of psychological counseling for patients?

&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: What are the benefits of psychological counseling for patients? &nbsp.&nbsp. In many cases, people’s attention to patients often exists in blind spots, even for parents. For example, parents may be more concerned about questions such as “What medicine should I take every day?” “Does the entire medicine have side effects?”, while fewer parents often care about the child’s true feelings and communicate with them. &nbsp. Successful psychological counseling helps people better understand what epilepsy means to children, including both the physical effects of epilepsy and the psychological and social effects often overlooked by people. &nbsp.&nbsp. More importantly, the core role of psychological counseling is to help patients and the whole family to face the challenges of epilepsy. Here are some examples: Some children have misunderstood epilepsy from the beginning, for example, fear that they will die or be seriously injured during the seizure. They often hide this worry in their hearts, and do not talk to their parents or doctors. Excessive fear, shyness, overprotection by parents, and ignorance of speaking methods are common reasons for children not to talk. &nbsp.&nbsp. In addition, the inferiority complex of children is also a problem often overlooked by people. Sometimes parents and teachers still feel that the children “look good”, but in fact the children are full of inferiority and lack of security. Out of the protection of parents and self-image, children often hide this feeling in their hearts or show it as over compensation. &nbsp. If the above two conditions are not corrected for a long time, it will inevitably cause huge psychological pressure on children, which is obviously not conducive to the control of epilepsy. Through psychological counseling, we can discover these blind spots, help children to correctly face various pressures from family, school and society, and ensure the development of mental health.

Can I have children with epilepsy?

Because of the tradition of the Chinese people, parents always say that there are three ways of not being filial, and that there is no future. Most parents hope that their children will be able to have a peaceful birth when they are young and strong. This situation is even more difficult for some special groups. For example, some epilepsy patients, especially mature female epilepsy patients, are already married and have reached the stage where they can have babies, but have not had children for a long time. A lot of people worry about one question. Is it true that I have epilepsy or my husband has epilepsy? If the condition has not been fully treated, will the pregnancy cause harm to the child to the mother, and even cause the child to have premature birth, teratogenicity, etc., will epilepsy be directly inherited to his own child, etc., are many pregnant patients with epilepsy The issues that were carefully considered before led to anxiety throughout the day. In fact, the issues that everyone is worried about are also some influencing factors that will indeed exist. For example, most people worry about genetic problems. There is indeed a certain relationship between the status of epilepsy and heredity. For example, there is a history of epilepsy between family members, or a family history. The probability of having a child who is born has epilepsy is higher than that of ordinary people. But there are also some patients who have no basis for worry, such as thinking that they are epilepsy, the older generation tells female epilepsy patients that they are infertile, and the children born will definitely have epilepsy, but this is not the case. The epilepsy patients are effectively controlled in their condition , And under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, most patients can have normal births. Only some of them have the characteristic of single-gene inheritance of idiopathic epilepsy. The incidence of the next generation of children is a little higher than that of ordinary children. As for whether you can have children with epilepsy, this has a clear understanding. Different patients, different treatment effects, different family conditions, etc. may have an impact on normal fertility, and should be dealt with according to the actual situation according to the specific examination. Doctors generally recommend that the sooner epilepsy is discovered, the better the treatment effect will be, and pay attention to timely treatment in the hospital. If it is determined that one of the couples or the female in the family has primary epilepsy disease and has a family history of epilepsy, it is necessary to pay attention to the heredity of the disease. In this case, it may be genetic to have children may. You need to be careful when preparing for pregnancy. And if both men and women are epilepsy patients, it is generally not recommended to be married. For secondary epilepsy caused by external factors, generally pay more attention to the condition of effective treatment of the disease, during the pregnancy pregnancy, obstetricians and epilepsy doctors can jointly develop a plan to help pregnant women effectively avoid possible risks. If a pregnant woman has seizures during pregnancy, or if the dose of epilepsy drugs taken after pregnancy is relatively large, it may affect the health of the fetus, and even excessive dangers need to be terminated according to the actual situation. Also pay attention to enough sleep and rest in life, and review the pregnancy test on time (including the review of epilepsy) to prevent the recurrence of the condition. Ensure that patients can have a healthy baby.

How to treat epilepsy correctly

Epilepsy is not terminally ill. Patients with epilepsy will no longer have seizures through regular and systematic drug treatment for a certain period of time. How can epilepsy be treated properly? Ordinary seizures can be reduced after 2 to 5 years until the drug is stopped. If there is no seizure within 3 years after stopping the drug, it will be cured. After ordinary treatment by the system, most people no longer have seizures, but not everyone has seizures. Research observations show that within 10 years, 100% of the patients who have been clinically cured have seizures again. So, how to treat epilepsy correctly? The treatment of epilepsy is related to whether patients and family members can actively cooperate with the treatment. The treatment of epilepsy requires a long-term process, and it is unlikely to achieve good results in a short time. The hardest thing in the world is perseverance. Antiepileptic drugs need to adhere to standard use for several years, which is a great test for epilepsy patients. Some patients are willing to reduce or change their medications because they are unable to persist, use the drugs for a period of time, or worry about the side effects of antiepileptic drugs, which is not conducive to the treatment of epilepsy. And the random withdrawal of drugs is also likely to cause status epilepticus, which seriously threatens the life and health of patients with epilepsy. If you feel that the antiepileptic drugs used are not effective, you should also follow the doctor’s instructions to change the drugs in order. And in the process of treating epilepsy, regular physical examination to detect side effects of antiepileptic drugs can help patients with epilepsy to reduce the side effects of antiepileptic drugs. The harm caused by epilepsy is very great, so after understanding the question of whether it is really possible to treat the epilepsy, people must promptly treat the disease correctly in order to avoid the aggravation of the patient’s condition. Patients who are ill should also pay attention to prevention in their daily lives to prevent seizures from recurring.

Treatment of secondary epilepsy

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Which method should be used to treat secondary epilepsy? Epilepsy is a clinically very complex disease. This disease can be divided into primary epilepsy and secondary epilepsy. The harm caused by epilepsy is very serious, which will cause great harm to our health and life. Therefore, we must actively treat this disease. Only in this way can we restore our health as soon as possible. body. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. So which method should be used for the treatment of secondary epilepsy? There are many latest treatments for primary epilepsy. Here are a few for you: 1. Diet therapy: diet therapy for adults Epilepsy mainly refers to ketogenic diet therapy. This epilepsy treatment method is to treat epilepsy by choosing a dietary formula with a high proportion of fat and a low proportion of protein and carbohydrates, so that the body can produce ketone bodies to simulate the body’s response to hunger. Which method should be used to treat secondary epilepsy? For epilepsy that is difficult to control by drugs, trial ketogenic diet therapy can be considered. Family members must be strictly in a qualified epilepsy hospital and strictly implement a diet plan to treat epilepsy. Because it requires certain technical monitoring and has certain risks, patients and their families should not implement them without authorization.   2. Surgical treatment: Surgery for the treatment of adult epilepsy is to safely remove the brain tissue that causes adult seizures. After the epileptic area is removed, no postoperative seizures can be achieved. The prerequisite for successful operation is the determination of the epileptic area, which requires a very professional evaluation team and neurosurgery team to work together to complete. At the same time, the risk of surgical treatment of epilepsy is high, and it is generally not recommended.   3. Drug treatment: Which method should be used to treat secondary epilepsy? Drug treatment of epilepsy is the most basic treatment method, and it is also the most common way of treating epilepsy in clinic. Most patients can be effectively controlled by medication. Moreover, the advent of many first-line antiepileptic drugs has increased clinicians’ choice of drugs.   4. Etiology treatment: For the treatment of epilepsy, the cause of epilepsy should be treated first. If the epilepsy is caused by meningitis, anti-inflammatory treatment should be performed first. For example, epilepsy caused by brain parasites must be treated with pioneer insects. There are also brain tumors that cause epilepsy, and surgery must be performed to remove the tumor. The question about which method to use for the treatment of secondary epilepsy is explained here. I hope to help you. As a disease that will cause us to suffer great harm every time, we must not ignore it The harm of this disease, when we find the symptoms of epilepsy, we should choose the right method to treat it as soon as possible. Only in this way can our condition be controlled in time and let us get rid of the damage of the disease as soon as possible.

Prevention of epilepsy

Epilepsy is very harmful, especially when it comes to seizures, it causes great pain to yourself and those around you. So in life, we must do a good job in preventing epilepsy, and don’t let this terrible disease happen to us. However, what is the prevention of epilepsy? How to prevent it? At this time, what people want to know more is this problem. There are many people with epilepsy and different ages, so the prevention of epilepsy should also be analyzed in specific situations: 1. For children (4 months to 5 years old): should avoid colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia and shock Fever, if the body temperature exceeds about 3℃ normal, should be treated symptomatically in time to avoid the occurrence of febrile convulsions, which is the pathological basis of epilepsy. 2. Actively prevent and treat various intracranial infections: such as various encephalitis and meningitis. Intracranial infections should be diagnosed early and actively treated to reduce the occurrence of sequelae and complications. 3. Pay attention to personal and traffic safety: prevent the incidence of traumatic epilepsy and post-traumatic epilepsy from 0.5% to 50%. The longer the coma, the greater the brain damage and the higher the incidence. For example, the compression of intracranial hematoma in the acute stage, intracranial hypertension caused by edema after brain parenchymal injury can cause seizures, injury after craniocerebral surgery, brain atrophy after brain contusion and laceration, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and dysfunction of brain cells. Epilepsy occurs. 4. Avoid epilepsy after alcoholism caused by heavy drinking. 5. In China, one of the common causes of epilepsy in adults is cerebral parasitic disease. Usually pay attention to diet and drinking water. If the patient has subcutaneous nodules and seizures, head CT and MRI examinations should be done as soon as possible to find out Focal lesions, early treatment. 6. The prevention of elderly epilepsy should pay attention to physical health: actively prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, avoid cerebrovascular accidents, and reduce secondary epilepsy caused by cerebrovascular disease. The prognosis of patients with cerebrovascular disease in the acute phase and with epilepsy is poor. The latter period is mainly due to glial hyperplasia, scar formation, brain atrophy, metabolic disorders, and cerebral blood supply disorders.

Causes of intractable epilepsy

 What is the cause of refractory epilepsy? The cause of epilepsy causes a lot of harm to many of us, and patients with epilepsy can choose a suitable method to receive treatment. Intractable epilepsy is a special type of epilepsy. It is difficult to cure and seriously troubles patients with epilepsy. Refractory epilepsy is not stubborn from the beginning. It may evolve into refractory epilepsy due to various reasons such as failure to treat it in time, incorrect treatment, and often factors that induce seizures.   Intractable epilepsy refers to those who still have convulsions after 2 to 3 years of long-term large doses of multiple antiepileptic drugs that still do not relieve. Some doctors further define the use of sufficient single or multiple drugs for epilepsy treatment after the diagnosis of epilepsy, and the blood concentration reaches the therapeutic level, it is still difficult to fully control the patient for a long enough time (2 to 3 years) , Which is called intractable epilepsy.   In order to better help everyone understand the origin of intractable epilepsy, let us first give a relatively easy to understand example. When a person returns home at night, he finds that the door of the house cannot be opened. This may be due to several reasons. 2. Going to the door of the house, but the key is wrong, and the wrong key has been used to open the door. 3. The home is right, and the key is right, but someone locked it from the inside, so it can’t be opened. Many simple epilepsy evolved into intractable epilepsy. Just like this example, there are mainly the following points. 1. At the beginning of treatment, the diagnosis was wrong.    2. The diagnosis was correct, but the treatment method was wrong.    3. The diagnosis was correct, the treatment method was also correct, but because it was a major attack and delirious epilepsy, or there was a brain node People with epilepsy who have sclerosis and diffuse neurological tumors tend to evolve into intractable epilepsy.   Through the above explanation of what is the cause of intractable epilepsy, you can understand it. In order to reduce the evolution of intractable epilepsy, it is necessary to promptly go to the regular epilepsy hospital for treatment when the epilepsy is discovered at an early stage. The diagnosis is clear, suitable for patients. The formal and effective treatment method is the cure and effective control of epilepsy. Guarantee.

Can epilepsy be completely cured?

  Can epilepsy be completely cured? Everyone should pay special attention to the harm of epilepsy during the rehabilitation of epilepsy patients. I believe that most people have seen the situation of epilepsy patients. However, because many patients cannot bear this pain, they give up treatment, especially It is in the diet, to develop a good habit of scientific diet, incorrect diet will induce repeated seizures.  Can epilepsy be completely cured? Girls who are angry should be careful about the appearance of epilepsy. Can epilepsy be completely cured? Although male epilepsy is currently higher than female, why does anger also cause female epilepsy? But because of female anger, the incidence of epilepsy is not rare. It is said that women are naturally careful and prone to anger. As everyone knows, behind the anger of women, it is also easy to cause epilepsy. Some women get sulky after a quarrel, which will cause the whole body to twitch, collapse to the ground, and induce epilepsy. Some women usually have large mood swings, and anger, anger, suffocation, etc. can easily induce seizures. Why does anger also cause female epilepsy? With time, patients are prone to cause qi and blood stasis, stasis, phlegm Heart, qi and blood dysfunction, visceral dysfunction, etc., cause sudden and transient brain dysfunction. The treatment of epilepsy for women is not complicated. As long as you maintain an optimistic and healthy mood in your ordinary life and then cooperate with the treatment, the condition of epilepsy can be easily controlled.  In fact, among the factors that cause epilepsy in life, men and women have some of the same factors. But the irritability of women to be mentioned here is also an important factor leading to seizures in women. Therefore, female friends should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and maintain a good mental state, which can not only prevent seizures, but also prevent other diseases. The above is an introduction to epilepsy. If the above symptoms occur, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time. Because epilepsy is a chronic brain disease caused by a sudden abnormal discharge of brain neurons, which causes transient impairment of brain function. If it is not treated in time, the harm will become more and more serious. It is best to take care of the patient actively during epilepsy. It is best to keep the patient in a proper posture to avoid foreign bodies entering the respiratory tract.

What are the common symptoms of traumatic epilepsy

 Experts pointed out what are the common symptoms of traumatic epilepsy: the symptoms of traumatic epilepsy are actually more obvious, but many patients do not notice it. Traumatic epilepsy refers to epileptic seizures secondary to craniocerebral injury, which can occur at any time after the injury. It is difficult to predict that the earliest will appear immediately after the injury, and the later may begin suddenly after many years of head injury. . Traumatic epilepsy is not much different from general epilepsy. Generally speaking, patients with epilepsy have pioneering symptoms before the onset of symptoms of epilepsy caused by trauma, such as abnormal sensation, chest tightness, upper abdominal discomfort, fear, salivation, and inaudible voices. , Blurred vision, etc.   Traumatic epilepsy symptoms are small, the patient shows a brief loss of consciousness, usually only a few seconds, no convulsions, white or red face, the child turns around in place, etc., it is generally easy to be ignored. If you find that you have the above symptoms, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment, and insist on taking the medicine as directed by your doctor.

What Chinese medicine is good for treating epilepsy?

 Chinese medicine treatment of epilepsy should not be excessively panic. The main use of medicine to treat epilepsy is persistence and choice. What kind of Chinese medicine is good for treating epilepsy? Chinese medicine treatment of epilepsy shows the advantage of overall treatment. From the group’s perspective, traditional Chinese medicine has been considered comprehensively. In terms of therapeutic thinking, it has considered the organic combination of eliminating evil and supporting righteousness. In terms of governance, the pursuit of both the symptoms and the symptoms will balance yin and yang. While alleviating the symptoms of the attack and controlling the attack, it will also strengthen Peiyuan Guben and improve the patient’s disease resistance.  In the process of treating epilepsy with traditional Chinese medicine, it not only acts on the cranial nerves and balances the viscera, but also is more conducive to eliminating the cause, preventing the conduction of the viscera disease into the brain, and aggravating the condition. Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in the treatment of remission period. In the treatment period of western medicine, the consideration of changes in dosage is different from that of traditional Chinese medicine. After the basic control of the attack or when the condition is significantly alleviated, the conditioning and supplementary effects of traditional Chinese medicine are very important. It can help patients to continue without interruption. Under the condition of treatment, restore physical fitness as soon as possible and increase disease resistance.

What is the newer treatment for sudden epilepsy?

Patients should not panic in the face of sudden epilepsy. There are many treatments for sudden epilepsy, and the disease can be effectively cured. The treatment of epilepsy must not be blind or eager to achieve success. It must be done step by step and scientifically. The process of treating epilepsy is a long and patient matter, but as long as you persist, you will be able to effectively control your condition. .  Epileptic epilepsy should be treated as soon as possible. Treatment is very important for patients. Patients must understand the common sense of the disease and make good detailed diagnostic tests. Only in this way can the patient be helped with treatment. The treatment plan is not to be selected by the patient, but must be determined according to the patient’s body and condition. In life, patients definitely want to be treated by a simple and fast method. This method is basically a drug treatment that people basically understand. This treatment has a better effect, but it has a certain harm to the patient, so Consider carefully. What is the newer treatment method for sudden epilepsy? If the patient chooses this treatment, the treatment method must be given according to the doctor’s requirements. Generally speaking, it is based on time and quantity. There is also the need to regularly go to the hospital where the patient is seeking treatment to avoid accidental harm to the patient by the drug.

What are the new methods of sleep epilepsy?

Sleep epilepsy needs people to pay attention to it, and pay more attention to the treatment of this disease. So what is the new method of sleep epilepsy? It is common to help the patient’s head to one side, so that the oral secretions can flow out by themselves, preventing saliva from entering the airway. , Causing aspiration pneumonia. At the same time, the patient’s lower jaw should be lifted to prevent the tongue from clogging the trachea due to the nest neck. Patients with epilepsy should not forcibly feed patients or force their limbs during seizures. They must stimulate or press points such as Zhongzhong, Hegu, Zusanli, Yongquan, etc. Family members should be accompanied by the patient at night. Once the illness occurs, immediately support the patient on the side to prevent falls and bruises, and then untie his tie, clothes button, belt, etc. to keep the airway open. Let the patient stand on the side of the head to make saliva and Discharge vomit as far as possible. In order to prevent the patient from biting the tongue, the handkerchief can be rolled into a roll or wrapped with a pair of chopsticks between the upper and lower teeth.  In addition to taking medication, patients should develop good El common habits to avoid excessive fatigue and even do not sleep all night. If you cannot sleep at night due to an emergency or are very tired during the day, pay attention to distinguish between seizures during sleep and some molar dreams during sleep. For example, some children have the latter performance during sleep, which is normal.

What should be paid attention to when entertaining patients with epilepsy in summer?

   With the coming of summer, many people take this time to relax, go out to play or visit relatives and friends. But patients with epilepsy should also pay attention to maintaining a good lifestyle while entertainment. Next, Professor Wang Chao of the Epilepsy Center of Tangdu Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University will talk about the precautions of patients with epilepsy during summer entertainment. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Epilepsy patients should pay attention to if they are on vacation at home:   When choosing entertainment items, you should avoid rich colors, strong light, huge sounds, and flashing images. The strong stimulation of vision and hearing. Work and rest should be arranged reasonably, taking medicines on time and in quantity. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Patients with epilepsy should watch less TV and movies. Before uncontrolled seizures, especially for patients who are prone to seizures when watching movies or television, it is best not to watch television or movies, because some sounds have strong stimulation to vision, picture, and hearing, especially some horror scenes. For some patients with epilepsy, it is easy to induce their seizures. It is best not to watch TV for more than half an hour every day, which is for patients with better control of the disease; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 2. For flash-induced seizures, video games should be prohibited; &nbsp.&nbsp .&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Some people with epilepsy should not participate in long-term brain entertainment, such as playing Go and Chess. After these activities, we must quickly do some physical activities and conditioning; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue is a major cause of seizures. Many patients have irregular lives, stay up late, and stay online all night after the holidays. Care should be taken not to let the patient be in a state of fatigue, to control the playing time, to rest fully, to ensure enough sleep, and not to be excessively fatigued by entertainment. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Patients with epilepsy should pay attention to visiting relatives and friends: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Learn self-discipline and avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol is very likely to induce seizures. Furthermore, alcohol metabolism mainly depends on Liver enzymes, if metabolic liver enzymes are too active, they will also hang up while hangovers, which will greatly reduce the blood concentration of antiepileptic drugs; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In fact, it is easy to induce seizures, which may be related to the high concentration of spirit and the closed and sultry environment. Staying up all night will also affect the daily routine. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Epilepsy patients should pay attention to when traveling:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. It is best not to go out before the seizure is not basically controlled. When the condition is basically controlled and it is necessary to go out, it is best to know how to care Companionship of family members of the family; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2, medicines to be taken regularly when going out and medicines that can work quickly; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3, to ensure that the medicines are taken on time and in the right amount during the tour ;&Nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4. Don’t overwork to ensure enough sleep; &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5. Avoid accidental injuries, don’t go to places where the attack may be life-threatening, such as swimming or climbing Wait, someone should accompany you.  Epilepsy patients should increase social activities, enrich their spiritual life and improve their quality of life. More contact with the society can help epilepsy patients get rid of their inferiority complex and depression. Social activities can make people feel comfortable and happy, which is conducive to the treatment of the disease and the stability of the disease. People with epilepsy should go to the natural environment. The breath of nature can make people feel relaxed and happy. As both patients and their families, they should understand the epilepsy related knowledge, they can effectively prevent epilepsy and know the condition as soon as possible, and be effectively diagnosed and treated to achieve the ideal level of rehabilitation.

What causes juvenile epilepsy

The reasons for inducing adolescent epilepsy are as follows:    1. Adolescent epilepsy caused by disorder of the seven emotions: The disorder of the seven emotions is mainly responsible for panic. Panic is chaotic. Experts point out that as long as patients can find out early, seek medical treatment in time, regulate medication and choose appropriate treatment methods, treat early, and maintain a good attitude, optimistic situation, epilepsy can go away from us.   Second, congenital factors cause adolescent epilepsy: a lot of epilepsy is common among adolescents and children, and epilepsy starts in young people, which is closely related to innate factors. There are two aspects of innate factors: one is that the fetus is frightened by the mother, which causes the maternal and fetal vitality to be disordered, and the liver and kidneys are damaged. The second is the lack of parental endowment. After birth, it is easy to produce phlegm and wind, leading to seizures. 3. Adolescent epilepsy caused by phlegm and mystery: Chinese medicine believes: excessive consumption of alcoholic wine and fat, damage to the spleen and stomach, subtle loss of cloth, wet and turbid internal cohesion into sputum. Liquid becomes phlegm, phlegm is turbid or reverses with the gas, or moves with the wind, blinds the mind, and congests the meridians, thus causing juvenile epilepsy.   4. Adolescent epilepsy caused by brain trauma: The epilepsy caused by brain trauma is mainly due to slamming, or birth dystocia, which can cause brain injury. After trauma, qi and blood stasis, blood flow is not smooth, then the mind is lost, the tendons are nourished, the blood is dysfunctional and convulsed.

The main cause of epilepsy

 What are the main causes of epilepsy? Because the causes of epilepsy involve many aspects, and we understand that these causes have an important role, which can prevent epilepsy and treat epilepsy well. Epilepsy is a common disease, which is often referred to as “claw wind”, which refers to a clinical phenomenon caused by abnormal brain nerve function and excessively synchronized discharge. What are the main causes of epilepsy? What are the main causes of epilepsy? There are many causes of epilepsy in life, mainly in three aspects. The details are as follows:    The main cause of epilepsy (1) Intracranial infection. It is a common cause of epilepsy, such as various encephalitis, meningitis and other diseases, causing inflammation and edema of the cerebral cortex, causing adult seizures. In the sequelae period, due to scar formation in the brain parenchyma and adhesion to the meninges, it can also cause seizures in adults.   The main cause of epilepsy (2) Craniocerebral trauma. The incidence of epilepsy after trauma is 0.5% to 50%. The longer the coma is, the heavier the brain parenchymal injury is and the higher the incidence is. It is also the cause of epilepsy. Such as acute intracranial hematoma compression, intracranial hypertension caused by edema after brain parenchymal injury, can cause adult seizures, injury after brain surgery, brain cell dysfunction, and adult epilepsy.   The main cause of epilepsy (3) Brain parasitic disease. With the development of society and the improvement of health conditions, adult epilepsy caused by cerebral parasitic diseases has decreased. As a result of eating food or water contaminated with eggs, the eggs enter the body and parasitize the cerebral cortex with blood circulation, causing adults Seizures are also the cause of epilepsy.  The main cause of epilepsy? Do you know the answer now? If you find that you have epilepsy, you should check and treat it as soon as possible to avoid the various complications caused by the development of epilepsy and increase the difficulty of recovery.

How to control the symptoms of epilepsy

  Epilepsy can be cured, but many patients are how to control the symptoms of epilepsy. In fact, the correct approach should be to choose a better hospital. There will be assistance channels for the cost of designated epilepsy hospitals, all of which are the benefits of epilepsy patients given by health units at all levels, and this is also to accelerate the popularization of epilepsy medical treatment. Guiyang Brain Epilepsy Hospital is used as a designated epilepsy hospital, with reasonable expenses and a poverty alleviation fund.   The progress of rehabilitation of this disease requires patients to develop good habits and rest habits. If you want to treat epilepsy without recurrence, patients with epilepsy should go to regular hospitals for regular review to prevent the disease from developing again. Rest assured that treatment will definitely come, and there will be no deceptive effects. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Free consultation on epilepsy, famous doctor online answer, click here to inquire ◆The treatment process of epilepsy patients is very important, regular hospitals have good equipment and experienced doctors, all of which can help People with epilepsy find out the specific cause of the disease and prescribe the right medicine.  ◆With the development of medical standards, family members of epilepsy must not choose hospitals casually, nor can they do without the usual nursing work, formulate regular life plans, and assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.  ◆This will get the effect. Epilepsy patients need to consider the hospital’s treatment environment. A good environment includes clean hospital equipment, better service attitudes of medical staff, a good greening environment in the hospital, and a doctor’s rich clinical experience.   ◆ Patients with epilepsy should communicate more with their parents to relieve their inner pressure. Self-closure will have a serious impact on the brain intelligence of patients with epilepsy, and will bring certain obstacles to the development of mental health of patients with epilepsy. Guiyang epilepsy hospital costs are not expensive How many hospitals have reasonable prices. Occasionally the body will twitch. Hefei is better. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6810443395&nbsp.https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6810438131&nbsp .https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6810435510&nbsp.https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6810432527&nbsp.

Video EEG check for symptoms of epilepsy Guiyang brain epilepsy thoughtful

  Epilepsy is a disease that everyone is familiar with. It is a brain disease. Video EEG examination of epilepsy symptoms can generally give results. However, the effect of mimic video EEG introduced by regular hospitals is better, so how to find a standard epilepsy hospital, and the service is also very thoughtful. There are many cases where epilepsy floats become unsafe, mainly depending on the strength of the hospital, as well as the strength of assistance. Regular specialized epilepsy specialist hospitals are more in place. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Free consultation for epilepsy, online answers by famous doctors, click here to ask    insist on treatment of the condition, the condition can be controlled, and then there will be a correct treatment. Many children with epilepsy have no friends, which is not conducive to the healthy development of children with epilepsy. Family members should insist on treating epilepsy, and the treatment of this disease requires patients to develop a good life and rest habits.  Parents should have confidence in the treatment, and the technology of epilepsy is becoming more and more mature. The treatment time for this disease is relatively long, so family members should insist on the treatment of epilepsy. Parents of patients with epilepsy should accompany their children, do not doubt the ability of professional hospitals, and be assured of treatment.  Must not choose a hospital casually, because there are many irregular hospitals, pay attention to the distinction to insure. There are many treatments for epilepsy, and there are many reasons for inducing the disease. Patients with epilepsy should be treated instead of taking them to an informal place. Patients with epilepsy should not easily believe in remedies to avoid being deceived.  Follow the doctor’s instructions and go to the hospital for regular review. Many aspects should also be considered when choosing a hospital, and do not choose a hospital for treatment at will. You should have confidence in the treatment and insist on treating the disease in order to restore a healthy life as soon as possible. How much does it cost for a 10-month-old baby to have epilepsy at Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital? After giving birth to a child who has epilepsy, Hefei, see which one has an effect? Where is the fair price of Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital? How much is the price of Guiyang Epilepsy Hospital?

How can epilepsy patients prevent seizures in the hot summer?

  The summer is coming quietly, and the temperature is rising. In this season, many healthy people will feel uncomfortable, let alone patients with epilepsy. Summer is the season of high incidence of epilepsy. Clinically, epilepsy will be affected by factors such as temperature, diet, color light, various lifestyles, and various seasonal diseases. So, how should epilepsy patients prevent seizures in the hot summer? Epilepsy patients have to prevent seizures and other risk factors in summer. Only by not missing any one factor that may induce seizures can they better prevent seizures. To avoid danger to the patient. Professor Wang Chao from the Epilepsy Center of Tangdu Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University made the following suggestions for the patients.   1. Reduce going out in hot weather. The summer sultry weather may cause electrolyte disturbances in patients with epilepsy. Therefore, patients and their families should pay attention to care and reduce going out, especially at high temperatures at noon, it is best not to go out.  Note: It is best not to go out when the seizures are not under control, to avoid unnecessary damage caused by seizures when going out. Even if it has been controlled, it is best to be accompanied by a family member who knows the common sense of nursing when going out.   2. Pay attention to add water. Patients with epilepsy should take care not to drink water until they are thirsty. They should be hydrated appropriately. If they sweat more, they can be supplemented with salt water to make up for the salt lost by the body due to sweating. Many patients with epilepsy will have the habit of drinking large amounts of water at one time. It is not known that too much drinking at one time will reduce the blood concentration of antiepileptic drugs in patients, which is not conducive to disease control and may increase the number of seizures.   3. Do not stay up late, work and rest regularly. The temperature is high, and many epilepsy patients develop the habit of sleeping late. However, patients should be aware that irregular sleep or lack of sleep is difficult to ensure that patients get adequate rest, and it is very likely to induce seizures.   4. Consciously avoid light stimulation. Patients with epilepsy may experience seizures due to light stimulation. In summer, the light is strong. Patients should be consciously prevented. They can reduce their outings while not indulging in light factors that may induce seizures, such as mobile games, televisions, and computer games.   5. Reasonable and regular medication. Except for daily and regular use of medicines, it is usually not allowed to change medicines or add or subtract medicines by themselves. If epilepsy patients have diarrhea and high fever in summer and need medication, it is best to consult an epilepsy doctor to avoid drug conflicts affecting epilepsy treatment.   6. Reasonable diet. On summer hot days, sometimes there is no appetite, and patients are prone to hunger or overeating. Diet is directly linked to blood sugar, regardless of the level of blood sugar may induce seizures in patients. Therefore, the friends of the patients should still eat three meals a day and eat regularly.   7. Maintain a good attitude. Most people feel ups and downs when the weather is hot, irritable, and easily induce seizures. Patients should pay attention to mentality and psychological adjustment to maintain a good attitude. Finally, remind everyone: during the summer vacation, many school-age patients with epilepsy may frequently surf the Internet, or even stay up online at night, and exposure to these glare lights on TV or computer overnight can cause disorders of the nervous system of the brain. These are all May be one of the reasons for frequent seizures. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to it, it is critical to prevent it.  Summer is one of the peak periods of seizures, so patients and their families should consciously do preventive work and pay attention to these precautions in life. Of course, for the patient, the most important thing is always treatment. I hope that patients with epilepsy can maintain regular reviews, make their own epilepsy records (epilepsy diary) and other good habits, receive regular medical treatment in time, and control the disease as soon as possible.