Can hydrosalpinx be a test tube baby?

  Can tubal hydrops be test-tube babies? Many patients with tubal hydrops will worry about not being pregnant, so they will consider other ways to conceive the baby. Test tube baby technology is a complex and mature medical assisted pregnancy technology that can help many couples who are unable to conceive pregnant with their baby.  Can tubal hydrops be test tube babies? Test tube babies technology is a complex and mature medical assisted pregnancy technique. In recent years, many infertile couples have requested to give up other treatments and directly use test tube babies technology. However, from a medical point of view, reproduction is a natural physiological phenomenon, the closer to the natural method of conception, the more beneficial to mothers and babies.   IVF technology has a strong indication. Not everyone needs to do infertility, nor is it suitable for every couple of infertility.   Strictly speaking, women with hydrosalpinx are not suitable for IVF surgery. The success rate of IVF is inherently low. If the patient also has hydrosalpinx, the success rate of IVF is even lower.   Therefore, if a female friend chooses to be a test tube baby, she must first solve the problem of hydrosalpinx. If the problem of hydrotubation is resolved, she can choose to conceive naturally or perform test tube baby surgery.  What are the hazards of hydrosalpinx?   The female fallopian tube is an important place for sperm and egg combination, and it is also responsible for transporting the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity. Once the fallopian tube becomes diseased, it will have a great impact on this transport process.   Fallopian tube hydrops is a common fallopian tube disease. The reason for the formation of hydrops is mainly related to the obstruction of the fallopian tube umbrella. This disease has a great impact on female pregnancy. And if it is not treated in time, it will cause blockage of the fallopian tube, fallopian tube closure, and fallopian tube adhesion and other diseases, affecting the chance of female pregnancy, and even leading to infertility.  When hydrosalpinx occurs, the fertilized egg cannot reach the uterine cavity smoothly, and stays in the fallopian tube to continue to grow and develop, and does not grow in the correct position, which forms an ectopic pregnancy. If it is found that it is not timely and the treatment is delayed, the female friend will have a life-long worry. How to prevent hydrosalpinx Female friends want to prevent hydrosalpinx, usually do the following:    First, usually pay attention to exercise, exercise makes the body function more powerful, can enhance the body’s resistance, it is to prevent disease Very helpful. Also remember to get up early and go to bed early, get enough sleep and breathe fresh air.   Second, try to stay away from some electronic products. Electronic products are ubiquitous now, and many female friends have developed many bad habits because of using electronic products. For example, the mobile phone has not left the hand, facing the computer all day long and so on. If you have to use a computer because of work, you must go out and walk more after get off work, and do not sit for long.   Third, usually eat more fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eat less chilly, spicy and spicy foods. Proteins such as walnuts and peanuts should also be eaten in moderation. At the same time, you can take some food supplemented with minerals in an appropriate amount to make the pyramid in the body more harmonious.

Electronic cigarettes are not a safe substitute for cigarettes, and the aerosol produced can also cause damage to the body

In the past few days, everyone’s attention has been focused on the convening of the two sessions. The proposal of the two sessions “recommends to gradually ban the production and sale of electronic cigarettes”, rushed to Weibo, and “prohibited the sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to minors into the law.” The suggestion also caused heated discussion. Many people have doubts about the great harm of cigarettes, so replacing them with electronic cigarettes is both healthy and can help quit smoking. Why should production and sales be banned? E-cigarettes are a sub-category of WHO’s collectively called “electronic nicotine delivery system” (ENDS). It is usually composed of electronic cigarette smoking set and electronic cigarette liquid (liquid oil). The mechanism is to heat the nicotine-containing electronic cigarette smoke liquid to evaporate into an aerosol for users to inhale. E-cigarettes are not safe and even unhealthy. The CCTV 315 party was exposed a few years ago: many people think that it is a safe alternative to smoking cessation. E-cigarettes will also release harmful substances, threatening the health of smokers and passive smokers, and may even be possible. life threatening. More and more evidence confirms the health hazards caused by e-cigarettes; as of February 18, 2020, the US CDC reported 2807 cases of lung injury related to e-cigarette use, of which 68 deaths have been confirmed. The e-cigarette’s e-liquid is a special material for fogging. The e-liquid contains nicotine, spices, stock solution, and some brands will add some so-called vitamin liquid. After the fog is made, these ingredients can form fine particles and be sucked into the human body. Even in the deepest alveoli. These ingredients are harmful to the human body. 1. The main ingredient in e-cigarettes is nicotine, which is the culprit leading to the addiction of tobacco products. Being listed in the “Category of Very Toxic Chemicals” in my country, excessive intake of nicotine is not only addictive, it may also be life-threatening. 2. The second-hand aerosols produced by e-cigarettes contain a large number of toxic and hazardous substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines. They are not just “water vapor” as many marketing campaigns do. 3. Research shows that the content of certain metals (such as nickel and chromium) in second-hand aerosols of electronic cigarettes is even higher than that of second-hand smoke produced by cigarettes. 4. Animal experiments have proved that electronic cigarettes can cause lung cancer and bladder cancer. In addition, e-cigarettes can also cause respiratory diseases, heart disease, stroke, epilepsy and allergies. 5. The aerosol produced by e-cigarettes is considered to be a new source of pollution, causing harm to the health of surrounding people, especially those with asthma and other respiratory diseases. E-cigarettes are not only extremely unhealthy, but also have no role in assisting smoking cessation. The WHO has made it clear that there is currently no sufficient scientific evidence that e-cigarettes can help quit smoking, and it is not recommended to use the electronic nicotine delivery system as a smoking cessation aid. However, due to the lack of effective supervision, the e-cigarette market has a wide variety of products with varying quality. And because of its “harmless”, “healthy” and other random propaganda and rich taste choices, more and more young people are falling into the sugar-coated trap of electronic cigarettes. Adolescents dared to try because of their bizarre mindset and herd mentality. Once nicotine is inhaled in a certain dose, it is easy to get addicted. Therefore, new e-cigarettes may become a way for young people to develop smoking habits, but accelerate the trend of younger smokers. In November 2019, my country issued the “Notice on Further Protecting Minors from Electronic Cigarettes”, which officially banned e-cigarette online sales. In order to protect young people and to prevent more people from being poisoned by e-cigarettes, the two associations put forward proposals to ban the production and sale of e-cigarettes, which is very timely and correct.

Is the electronic sphygmomanometer always inaccurate? Do these 2 points well, the family self-test blood pressure is as accurate

For friends with high blood pressure, many friends are equipped with electronic sphygmomanometers. Compared with mercury sphygmomanometers, electronic sphygmomanometers are more convenient for measuring blood pressure, and can display heart rate in real time. It is a blood pressure measurement device more suitable for home use. But there are always friends complaining: The sphygmomanometer I used, measured a number once, the change is quite big, do not know which is the accurate blood pressure, the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer is not good! Is this really the case? In fact, compared with the mercury sphygmomanometer, the electronic sphygmomanometer has different test principles, but there is not much difference in accuracy and accuracy. In the new version of the “Hypertension Primary Care Guide” released in China in 2019, for Family self-testing blood pressure, it is recommended to use an upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor certified in accordance with international standards for blood pressure measurement, and now in many hospitals, mercury sphygmomanometers are becoming increasingly rare, but electronic blood pressure monitors are used. Substitute. Regardless of whether it is recommended from the guide or from the increasingly widespread application in the hospital, it is not scientifically reasonable to say that the electronic sphygmomanometer is not as accurate as the mercury sphygmomanometer. Therefore, if you choose a verified electronic sphygmomanometer from a regular manufacturer, generally speaking, the blood pressure measurement is not accurate, the first thing you should suspect is not the question of the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer, but whether our blood pressure measurement has taken the correct way The problem. How to ensure accurate blood pressure measurement at home? For this problem, I will give you a brief summary of two aspects, one is personal preparation, and the other is the correct use of equipment. In terms of personal preparation, it is generally recommended to urinate before blood pressure measurement, if you want to urinate, to reduce the impact of holding urine on blood volume and blood pressure; at the same time, you should also avoid smoking, drinking coffee, do not exercise vigorously, do not be emotional, These factors may also cause large fluctuations in blood pressure measurement; it is generally recommended to sit still for at least 5 minutes before measurement; generally take a sitting or lying position for blood pressure measurement; during the measurement process, be careful not to move the body at will, do not speak , So as not to affect the measured value of blood pressure. Regarding the correct use of the equipment, more attention is paid. Do n’t look at the small electronic sphygmomanometer, it can be used correctly and accurately measure the blood pressure. The following aspects, if you do n’t understand or do not do well, it may affect the blood pressure. Accurate measurements. 1. Try to choose an upper arm sphygmomanometer with a cuff to measure blood pressure. This is the type of electronic sphygmomanometer recommended by the guide. Generally speaking, the upper arm sphygmomanometer has higher measurement accuracy than the wrist sphygmomanometer. 2. The choice of cuffs, the cuffs of the upper arm sphygmomanometer usually have standard specifications cuffs and large specifications cuffs. For general obese people, friends with arm circumference> 32cm, it is recommended to choose large specifications cuffs to measure blood pressure To avoid errors in blood pressure measurement due to short cuffs. 3. The cuff binding method, the direction of the air nozzle is needless to say, of course, it should be down, usually the position of the trachea is parallel to the direction of the middle finger of our palm, the lower edge of the cuff should generally be 2 ~ 3 cm away from the elbow joint, Keep the center position of the cuff flush with the heart, and measure the blood pressure more accurately. 4. The tightness of the cuff binding, the tightness of the cuff binding will also affect the measured value of blood pressure. If the cuff is too tight, the measured blood pressure value will be lower than the true value, and if the cuff is If the band is loose, it will cause the blood pressure value to be higher than the real value. Therefore, it is also important to maintain proper tightness when tying the cuff. It is an important guarantee for accurate blood pressure measurement. What is moderate tightness? It is appropriate to insert 2 fingers. Tightness. 5. Sphygmomanometer should pay attention to regular calibration. For measuring equipment such as electronic sphygmomanometer, it is generally necessary to perform periodic calibration. The period of calibration is recommended to be conducted once a year. Usually, regular manufacturers of electronic sphygmomanometers will have corresponding services For outlets, go to the service point for verification. In short, the family self-test blood pressure, it is recommended to choose the upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor, if you can choose a reliable electronic blood pressure monitor, follow some of the above measurement recommendations, and regularly check the blood pressure monitor, use the electronic blood pressure monitor family self-test blood pressure, completely The same can be very accurate, can reflect our true blood pressure level, and help strengthen our hypertension control.

Is the blood pressure measured by an electronic sphygmomanometer inaccurate? Do these 5 points well, the family self-test blood pressure is also very accurate

With the development of society, our living standards and medical and health conditions are getting better and better. Many friends are equipped with electronic sphygmomanometers at home, which can monitor and measure blood pressure at any time, but many friends worry that they are measured at home with electronic sphygmomanometers. Will blood pressure be inaccurate? Such a situation where the self-measured blood pressure of the family is not accurate, of course, exists, but if this inaccuracy is simply blamed on the use of an “electronic” sphygmomanometer, this statement is unscientific. It can be said that whether it is a home-use electronic sphygmomanometer or a clinic sphygmomanometer, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, an electronic sphygmomanometer that has obtained qualification certification and calibration, the blood pressure measurement is relatively accurate. In the process of measuring blood pressure, we should pay more attention to maintaining the correct blood pressure measurement method, which is more important than entanglement in choosing an electronic sphygmomanometer or a mercury sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure. If we observe carefully, we will find that even in hospitals, the application of mercury sphygmomanometers is less and less, and many hospitals have replaced blood pressure measurement with electronic sphygmomanometers. Therefore, who is the electronic sphygmomanometer or mercury sphygmomanometer? There is no need to discuss the more accurate problem. High-precision electronic blood pressure monitors are no worse than mercury sphygmomanometers in measuring blood pressure. Moreover, electronic blood pressure monitors are better than old-style mercury sphygmomanometers in measuring blood pressure. To be more efficient and convenient. Therefore, it can be said that compared with mercury sphygmomanometers, the widespread application of electronic sphygmomanometers is the result of scientific and technological progress. When the technology is very mature, the accuracy of electronic sphygmomanometers to measure blood pressure is also guaranteed. Is there a difference between the sphygmomanometer used in the clinic and the home sphygmomanometer? Of course, there are differences. This difference mainly comes from two aspects. The first is that the sphygmomanometers measured in the clinic are often of higher accuracy. Of course, the electronic sphygmomanometers used in the cost of the clinic measurement are of course higher, but usually speaking The measurement result of the home electronic sphygmomanometer will not show too much error. Compared with the measurement value of the clinic, the error of the home electronic sphygmomanometer is within 5 ~ 10mmhg, which is normal; The difference is that sphygmomanometers used in clinics are usually calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy, while household electronic sphygmomanometers generally do not have such conditions for periodic calibration. Although a home electronic sphygmomanometer does not have a more accurate sphygmomanometer for measurement in the clinic, as a blood pressure monitor, the convenience of the home electronic sphygmomanometer is unmatched by the clinic measurement. Sphygmomanometer, in the process of self-testing blood pressure at home, we should first measure blood pressure in the correct way. For the precautions of self-testing blood pressure at home, briefly summarize the following points-1. For home electronic blood pressure monitors, it is generally recommended to choose Upper arm sphygmomanometers, although wrist sphygmomanometers are more convenient for measurement, but in terms of accuracy, upper arm sphygmomanometers tend to be more accurate. 2. Generally use a seat or a lying position, keep the measurement site flush with the heart, the cuff should be moderately tight, and generally require bare arms or thin clothes. If the separation is too thick, it is often impossible to measure accurately. 3. Before the measurement, you should be careful not to drink strong tea or coffee and other beverages that affect the increase in blood pressure, do not exercise vigorously, and rest for 5 minutes or more. If you have urination, it is also recommended to urinate before measurement. These aspects may affect The measured value of blood pressure leads to the situation that the continuous blood pressure measurement does not turn well enough. 4. Pay attention to observe the power, charge or replace the battery in time. When the power is insufficient, it is of course difficult for the electronic sphygmomanometer to accurately measure the blood pressure. 5. Although there is generally no condition to regularly calibrate the electronic sphygmomanometer on a regular basis, it may be possible to compare the measured value of blood pressure with the measured value of the clinic regularly. Although the values ​​between will not be exactly the same, the range should be basically the same. If you pay attention to the above points, generally speaking, the home electronic sphygmomanometer can accurately measure blood pressure, and the measured value of blood pressure is relatively accurate and reliable. Of course, with the increase of the service life, such as more than 5 years of use or even more In the case of years, due to machine aging and other reasons, inaccurate measurements may also occur. If it is found that the measured value is obviously unreasonable or there is a large difference from the value measured in the clinic, electronic blood pressure monitors are often Has been updated and tested

Why do many people think that the electronic sphygmomanometer is not allowed? Experts analyzed these 5 points and found the reason!

Dr. Wang, I asked you to measure my blood pressure, and a mercury sphygmomanometer must be used! I often encounter this situation in the outpatient clinic, because when I go to the outpatient clinic, there are often nurses who will first measure the blood pressure with an electronic sphygmomanometer. But I can always meet some people who do not believe in nurses or electronic sphygmomanometers; they only believe in the blood pressure measured by a doctor with a mercury sphygmomanometer. Of course, this requirement is justified, and I will personally measure these patients with mercury sphygmomanometers; so when I am outpatient, I often reserve two sphygmomanometers: one mercury and one electronic. So is this electronic sphygmomanometer really untrustworthy? Is it really not allowed? 1. Mercury sphygmomanometers are about to withdraw from the historical stage: Dr. Wang has to tell everyone that almost all mercury sphygmomanometers will withdraw from the historical stage. With the advent of mercury-free medical treatment, we can only rely more on electronic sphygmomanometers in the future Too. This exists objectively, not to mention that most hospitals now use electronic blood pressure monitors, so everyone doubts whether electronic blood pressure monitors are accurate or not, which will be meaningless in the future, because only electronic blood pressure monitors will be available in the future. First of all, this suspicion is understandable, because many friends use an electronic sphygmomanometer to measure blood, and the results of measuring blood pressure twice are often very different, which inevitably makes people doubt the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer. However, the objective truth is that they will be electronic sphygmomanometers in the future. Another truth is that doctors and nurses cannot accompany you and follow you to measure with your mercury sphygmomanometer. The monitoring of blood pressure is a long-term task and can only rely on itself. Also, mercury sphygmomanometers can cause errors if they use incorrect measurement methods. This is why many friends believe in doctors and do not believe in nurses; in fact, nurses have more experience in measurement than us. Nurses measure blood pressure for many inpatients every day Our doctors only measure themselves when there is no nurse. Second, how is the electronic sphygmomanometer in the end 1. Principle: The electronic sphygmomanometer uses the oscillometric method, which obtains the blood pressure value by measuring the vibration of the blood vessel wall when the blood flows. 2. Numerical value: The electronic sphygmomanometer displays whatever value is measured, accurate to one place, unlike the mercury sphygmomanometer, it only reads even numbers, and there are no odd numbers. 3. Advantages: The new sphygmomanometer is easy to measure and can be operated by anyone. It is also convenient for me to operate, and there is no risk of mercury leakage. 4. Disadvantages: There is indeed a sphygmomanometer that does not have enough quality. It really brings trouble to everyone, causing everyone to distrust the electronic sphygmomanometer. 3. Measurement method of electronic sphygmomanometer: 1. First rest for 5-10 minutes. When measuring blood pressure, sit quietly and comfortably, with your legs naturally separated and your body relaxed naturally. 2. Take off the upper arm sleeve and the airbag bag is tightly bound to the upper arm. The △ mark should be aligned with the brachial artery; the lower edge of the bag should be 2 to 3 cm above the elbow fossa. The cuff should not be too tight or too loose for insertion. The tightness of one finger is appropriate. 3. The upper arm should be kept at the same level as the heart. Keep warm in winter to prevent shaking. 4. The upper arm circumference is> 32cm, it should be replaced with a large airbag of 16cm × 65cm. 5. In the process of automatic pressure measurement, the patient must not have any action, otherwise the false wave due to muscle movement will make the pressure measurement fail. 6. The interval between the two measurements is more than 3 minutes, and the position and position should be consistent. Fourth, the reasons for the inaccuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer: Theoretically, the measurement results of the electronic sphygmomanometer and the mercury sphygmomanometer should be the same, at least similar, but why do people always think that the measurement with the electronic sphygmomanometer and the hospital mercury sphygmomanometer are different? Is there so much trouble? 1. The accuracy of the instrument itself, it is best to choose products with big brands and good reputation when buying. 2. User operation problems, improper operation will cause large in and out of value. The cuff roll of the upper arm type electronic sphygmomanometer is too loose or too tight, which will cause the blood pressure measurement value to be low. The appropriate level is that after the cuff roll is tied, a finger should be free to extend between the cuff and the arm . People with peripheral circulatory system disorders (generally caused by diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis) may have large errors in the blood pressure measurement values ​​of the wrist and upper arm. It is recommended to use an arm-type electronic sphygmomanometer instead of a wrist-type sphygmomanometer. 3. If the human factor is not correct, even if you choose which sphygmomanometer is not accurate, mercury sphygmomanometer is even more inaccurate, why? If you think about it, mercury sphygmomanometers are listened to by humans, and the error itself is large. Secondly, this is a subjective data. You ca n’t see it at all. What the listener says is as much. The electronic sphygmomanometer is different, we can see the displayed data.

How to protect eyesight at home online class

Internet courses are afraid of myopia, is it useful to wear anti-blue glasses? Children use online lessons at home and use too much eyes. Parents are afraid of myopia. I heard that wearing blue light-proof glasses can prevent myopia. Is it reliable? I heard that blue light is harmful to human eyes. Should I wear it sooner? Can the eye protection mode in mobile phones and tablets be used? … What is No.1 Blu-ray? It refers to visible light with a wavelength of 400nm to 500nm. Most of it comes from our sunlight. When a rainbow appears in the sky, you can find its existence. No.2 So is blue light really harmful? Blu-ray actually has a dual nature, with a good side and a bad side. Because it can penetrate the cornea and lens directly to reach the retina, long-term blue light exposure may damage retinal cells. Harmful blue light is mainly concentrated in the 400-445nm band, while beneficial blue light is mainly in the 445-500nm band, which can suppress fading Melanin regulates human circadian rhythm. In addition, research evidence in animal experiments and humans shows that daily exposure to outdoor sunlight can effectively prevent the occurrence of myopia in children or reduce the incidence of myopia, and short-wavelength blue light may play an important role, so wear anti-blue glasses to prevent myopia It is actually a misunderstanding. During the evolution of our human eyes, we have adapted to sunlight. The built-in light protection mechanism can counteract the damage of blue light to the retina, including: pupil contraction, squinting, macular lutein, retina antioxidants and enzyme repair mechanism Wait. However, the widespread application of artificial lighting such as LED has brought us new troubles. Parents are worried about the blue light of electronic products such as computers, mobile phones and TVs. Although they cannot prevent myopia, it is better to wear it than not? In fact, it is not necessary. Our country has a recommended standard for photobiological safety (GB / T20145-2006 “Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems”). The safest level is the non-hazardous level (RG0), which requires radiance ≤100W · m- 2 · sr-1, direct view of the light source at a distance of 2 meters for a long time (t & gt.2.8h) will not produce blue light hazard. The radiance of most electronic products in life is within 1W · m-2 · sr-1, so don’t worry too much. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) believes that “blue light hazards” are not a problem for white light sources used in general lighting or even light sources rich in blue light. The China Consumers Association purchased representatives from the market in the first half of 2019 13 electronic products (including 5 mobile phones, 4 tablet computers and 4 TV sets) were tested, and the blue light hazard value of all products was within the safe range. When using electronic products, pay attention to time and distance. The viewing distance is recommended to be more than 3 meters for TV, and the computer tablet should be more than 50cm. Follow the 20-20-20 rule in time (look at 20 feet and look out for 20 minutes) 20 seconds), to reduce the use of long-term close-up eyes is the fundamental prevention and control of myopia. If so, can you wear blue light-proof glasses for adults to relieve eye fatigue? In fact, the eye fatigue often caused by electronic products is not caused by blue light, and this “pot” cannot be caused by blue light. Mainly because of dry eyes or video terminal syndrome, if you want to stop using or use less electronic products, you can usually use artificial tears to adjust the brightness of the screen reasonably, rather than blindly preventing blue light. No.3 Is the eye protection mode of electronic products good? In fact, when using electronic products at night, you can turn on the eye protection mode. It can reduce blue light, thereby increasing melatonin and helping sleep. In addition, because of the reduced brightness, it can moderate eye fatigue. Can the No.4 eye protection lamp protect against blue light? Everyone buys a table lamp to see if it meets the photobiological safety standard. The national standard GB / T9473-2017 “Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Table Lamps” also has this standard, which requires RG0 specifications. The recommended color temperature is usually controlled at 4000K because the The more high blue light components. No.5 Who needs anti-blue light glasses? If you have macular disease in your own eyes, you can consider wearing it. It is recommended to refer to the latest national anti-blue light standard “GB / T38120-2019 Technical Requirements for Light Health and Light Safety Application of Blue Light Protection Film”, which can block harmful blue light and leave beneficial blue light. This standard Implementation will begin on July 1, 2020. Finally, give you some tips: 1, no need to engrave