When I drink a beer, I always run to the toilet. I don’t even drink a few bottles of urine. Which is better?

Summer is here again, and many friends are in the season of drinking beer. Friends from three to five meet, drink cold beer, and live a happy life as a child. Many male friends will observe each other who will go to the toilet first, who will go to the toilet most frequently, and which will run frequently when drinking together, especially when drinking beer. People in the toilet are often ridiculed for having “kidneys”, and those friends who often run to the toilet often laugh at themselves and say “run and run”. People who frequently go to the toilet after drinking beer are really “kidneys are not Ok? Today we have come to refute the rumor. Beer itself is a drink with a high water content, and it is also an alcoholic beverage. The beer is drunk too much, so the urine is too much. In fact, it is not surprising at all. It is not necessarily related to the health of the kidneys. Why do some people always run to the toilet when drinking? First of all, beer itself contains a lot of water. Drinking beer is equivalent to ingesting more water in our body. During the process of filtration and reabsorption, the kidney naturally discharges more water. When urine is stored in the bladder When it is enough, it will stimulate the body’s urinary center, urination, and need to go to the toilet to urinate, drink more, and have more urine, which is not surprising. The alcohol contained in beer can pass through the blood circulation, pass the blood-brain blood-brain barrier, and enter the brain to affect the cerebral cortex. In addition to making people feel euphoria, excitement or drowsiness, alcohol will also affect the brain Pituitary formation is an inhibitory effect. The pituitary gland is an important hormone-secreting gland of the human body. Among the hormones it secretes, there is a hormone called “antidiuretic hormone”. The role of this hormone is to enhance the kidney’s reabsorption of water. Reduce the amount of urine produced, and alcohol will suppress the secretion of this antidiuretic hormone by the pituitary gland, which will cause the kidneys to reabsorb the function of water, so that more water will enter the bladder and form urine to be excreted. This alcohol The diuretic effect is also one of the main causes of frequent toilet running after drinking. In many cases, not only drinking beer frequently goes to the toilet, but some friends drink other wines and also frequently run to the toilet because of this reason. Therefore, some friends will go to the toilet soon after drinking beer, and often run the toilet frequently. This is not related to the health of the kidneys. People who frequently run the toilet do not mean that the kidneys are unhealthy. Those who are able to sit still do not necessarily have a healthier kidney. Why do some people drink a few bottles and do not go to the toilet? There are also a lot of people who are not going to the toilet after drinking a few bottles, so how does this difference come from? We will analyze it from various reasons. The first is the individual’s physique differences, whether it is the sensitivity of alcohol to the pituitary gland or the size of the bladder capacity, which requires factors that may lead to huge differences in urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends drink alcohol after drinking The pituitary’s hormone secretion inhibitory effect is not obvious, the bladder capacity is relatively large, and the natural urine is less. After drinking some friends, alcohol has a more obvious effect on the pituitary gland, which can obviously inhibit the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. There will be more. In addition to individual differences, differences in eating habits can also lead to differences in the frequency of urination. For example, when some friends drink alcohol, they like to drink water at the same time, while some friends drink alcohol alone, drink beer and then drink water, the natural intake of water is more, and the urine output will naturally increase. Some friends like to eat light vegetables and other foods when drinking, and patting cucumber is a good appetizer, while some friends like to eat high-protein foods when drinking. At the wine table, everyone eats food The difference will also affect the filtration reabsorption of the kidneys. In the same person, if you eat more high-protein foods, high-protein intake will accelerate the filtration rate of the kidneys, and it will also cause urine to increase, and some foods have A certain diuretic effect will also further promote urination. These factors may cause different people to have different urination habits after drinking beer. Some friends will deliberately hold urine on the wine table in order to show their “strong kidney function”. In fact, this method is the most undesirable. According to the relevant knowledge we introduced earlier, everyone should understand that urination after drinking beer More or less, sooner or later, there is no inevitable connection with kidney function, and forcibly holding back urine is a bad habit that will seriously affect kidney function, especially after drinking a lot of alcohol, there will be a lot of urine accumulated in the bladder.

Are Chongqing women often prone to psoriasis by drinking beer?

Psoriasis is a very serious skin disease. Both men and women have psoriasis. Generally speaking, women with psoriasis are mostly because women’s skin is relatively fragile. If they are often exposed to some chemicals in life Material irritation is likely to cause psoriasis in women. If women often drink beer, it may also cause women to develop psoriasis, so women usually drink less alcohol, so as not to induce psoriasis. So, do women in Chongqing often drink beer and are prone to psoriasis?   1. Women like to drink when they are upset, and then want to drink to relieve their depressed emotions. The result is not removed, but it will cause psoriasis. According to some studies abroad, if women often drink beer, it is easy to cause women with psoriasis disease. 2. Don’t drink beer. Women try to drink less beer as usual. Some women like to eat barbecue. The time to eat barbecue is inseparable from beer. Drinking beer often will cause women’s skin problems and some skin diseases, causing women to appear Psoriasis.  3. Drinking too much beer every week, drinking more than 5 cans a week, or drinking some bottled beer can cause psoriasis in women. According to research, for women who drink beer, women are about twice as likely to suffer from psoriasis as women who do not drink beer, so women should pay attention to drinking alcohol to avoid psoriasis. These are women who often drink beer and are susceptible to psoriasis. Psoriasis has a serious impact on women’s health. There are also good treatments for psoriasis. If women drink it regularly, it will cause psoriasis in the human body, so it needs timely inspection and treatment. , Usually pay attention to diet, do not drink beer, do not drink spirits, so as not to affect women’s health, usually pay attention to skin care, keep the skin clean, and can also prevent the appearance of psoriasis.

What is the effect of long-term drinking of beer on health? The doctor analyzes in detail and tells you the answer

The summer weather is hot, and more and more people like to drink a beer at night to quench their thirst. Beer is known as “liquid bread” and is a drink commonly used in summer. The alcohol content of beer is low, many people think that drinking beer is not harmful to the body, and even some people drink a 500ml can of beer before dinner every day. So long-term drinking beer is harmful to the body? Is drinking beer harmful to your health? Regarding beer and health, the early view was that drinking beer is good for health. In 2005, the domestic journal “Clinical Medical Engineering” published a paper that modern beer is based on malt, rice, hops, beer yeast and brewing water. The products brewed in the equipment for several weeks do not add artificial chemical agents, pigments and preservatives. Therefore, beer is a high-quality liquid food, and drinking it in moderation is beneficial to health. But at present, the academic community believes that as long as it is drinking, whether it is beer, red wine or liquor, it will not bring us health. This was confirmed by a study in the international medical top journal “The Lancet” as early as 2018. Drinking alcohol is harmful to the body even if it is a bite. Although beer has a low alcohol level, it is still harmful. Drinking for a long time is even more harmful. The most healthy way is to not drink. So what are the hazards of drinking beer? What are the hazards of drinking beer for a long time? (1) Gastroenteritis beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which can increase the tension of carbon dioxide in the gastrointestinal tract and damage the gastric mucosa, causing symptoms such as upper abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension, and loss of appetite, causing gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcers. (2) Obese beer is rich in energy, and people often eat some high-calorie foods such as barbecue and fried chicken when drinking beer, so people who often drink beer will be easily obese and have “beer belly”. Due to obesity, the probability of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke also increases. Some studies have pointed out that even people who drink beer every day have a 50% higher risk of stroke than non-drinkers. (3) Liver injury The liver is the main organ that metabolizes alcohol, although the lower the alcohol level, the less damage to the liver. It sounds like the damage of beer is smaller than that of liquor, but the energy of beer is higher, and people will drink much more than liquor. It will cause fat accumulation, cause fatty liver, alcohol liver, etc., causing damage to the liver. Especially patients with hepatitis should quit drinking. (4) Gout beer contains more guanylic acid, which will produce purine after metabolism. The final product is uric acid, and people who drink beer will cooperate with supper, seafood and other high purine foods. Over time, it is easy to cause gout. (5) Carcinogenic alcohol is classified as a first-class carcinogen by WHO. Beer contains more nitrosamines than other beverages, and long-term drinkers are more likely to get oral cancer and esophageal cancer. In addition to the five health hazards mentioned above, people often say “wrong drinking”. Many people think that they will not be drunk because they drink beer, and drive after drinking, causing accidents and affecting their work and family. In fact, beer contains more carbon dioxide, and at the same alcohol content, it will make people drunk faster than liquor and red wine. Conclusion Although beer is delicious, but alcohol is harmful to the body and not beneficial. Summer hunger and thirst, healthy friends can drink some beer properly, control the amount of drinking, do not drink every day, for friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or liver disease, you can eat more fruits and drink plain water to quench your thirst. Cherish life and stay away from alcohol. References: 1. Alcoholuse and burden for 195 countries and territories, 1990-2016: systematicanalysis for the GlobalBurdenofDiseaseStudy2016 [J]. TheLancet, 20182. From day to day. The danger of excessive drinking of beer [J]. Rural Mechanization, 2000 (05): 46.3. Zhang Gan. Excessive drinking of beer, Harmlessness is endless [J]. Scientific Health, 2009 (5): 20-21. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, Please contact me, I will delete.)