How powerful is maternal genetic hair loss? Three years of hair loss, one year of prevention and control!

Speaking of hereditary hair loss, it makes people feel big. As if hair loss is destined, how can you still struggle to escape the fate of hair loss? Maternal genetic hair loss has always been regarded as a “necessary” relationship. In other words, if the paternal line is losing hair, the child will not necessarily be inherited, and the maternal line will lose hair, then the child will lose hair in the future. Recently, there is a friend who has good hair, but his hair loss has reached Grade 3+ in three years. Upon careful inquiry, he learned that his mother has very little hair, and her grandfather and uncle have very serious hair loss. Do you think that you have found the reason for his hair loss? Although the probability of genetic hair loss is very high, there are many causes of hair loss. In other words, if there is hereditary hair loss, but it has not been induced, then it may also avoid or delay hair loss. There is an obvious hair loss site in the third stage of hair loss, indicating that the hair follicles in this part have shrunk and closed, which can only be improved by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation takes about one year to achieve a stable effect. Use this year to let the planted hair Good growth, so that the original hair will not take off, it is not a dream! Just do the following: &nbsp. Correctly wash your hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Do not wash your hair without special circumstances within 7 days after surgery. If necessary, wash under the guidance of a doctor. When washing your hair for the first time on the 7th day after surgery, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails. After moisturizing your scalp and hair, apply foam to the palm of your hand, apply the foam to the planting area, and then rinse with water twice . Regular diet and rest &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Avoid spicy, greasy and other irritating foods within 1 month after surgery, and do not smoke or drink alcohol, do strenuous exercise, can make the planted hair better adapt to the new environment, and help wounds After recovery, you can eat some grains, greens, fruits and white meat regularly. Using drug control&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. About 1 month after surgery, the planted hair will fall off to varying degrees, don’t worry, this is normal “changing stubble”, and the hair will grow again afterwards. For those who have atrophy of the original hair, they can also use minoxidil according to the doctor’s advice at 1 month after surgery. Male hair friends who continue to lose hair also need to take finasteride tablets internally. Note: Any medicine needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Use the medicine correctly. After washing your hair every day, spray or apply 1ml (approximately 6 to 7 times) of minoxidil to the atrophy area of ​​the hair follicle and massage it with your fingers for easier absorption. The postoperative shedding period will last for 2 to 3 months, that is, 1 to 4 months after the operation belongs to postoperative shedding. However, about 15 to 30 days after the use of minoxidil or finasteride at 1 month after surgery, there will be a drug shedding period, which coincides with the postoperative shedding period, and there is no need to go through two shedding periods. &nbsp. Reducing physical and chemical damage to the hair. Generally, hair can be trimmed after 1 month after surgery, but if you want to perm your hair, you have to wait 6 months after surgery. However, Xiao Dong here reminds me warmly that perm dyed hair is more harmful to the hair, ranging from scalp allergy and folliculitis, to worsening hair loss, and even causing serious skin diseases. In daily life, it is necessary to protect the scalp and hair from hair damage caused by external forces, such as bumping, pulling the hair, and pulling too tight braids. Don’t care about the rapid growth period of the planted hair 4 to 10 months after the operation. The hair will obviously start to become thicker and darker. This is also the time when the hair friends are easy to relax. The hair doctor reminds you to continue to maintain a regular diet and work habits, and insist on using the medicine for at least one year in the area where the original hair has shrunk. Under the guidance of the doctor, the hair growth is relatively stable 11 to 12 months after the drug is stopped. In addition to the consistent healthy life and medication, the original hair also grows very well, and there is no sign of hair loss. Many hairdressers who use medicine to cure off will have plans to stop the medicine. Xiao Dong reminds that the medicine needs to be slowly reduced under the guidance of the doctor, and it must not be stopped suddenly to avoid relapse. The doctor will formulate a withdrawal plan for the friend based on the actual situation of the friend.

Will autologous fat filling shift?

Many beauty seekers worry that they will shift and be absorbed after fat filling. Today, let’s take a brief look at the knowledge about auto fat filling. First of all, a science point: the fat extracted from fat filling is generally a single bubble fat cell. What is a single bubble fat cell? Single bubble fat cells are also called white fat cells. The center of the cell contains a large lipid droplet. The fat is stored in a semi-liquid state, mainly triglyceride and cholesterol ester. It is this fat cell that constitutes a large amount of fat in obese patients. It is worth noting that an average adult has about 30 billion white fat cells and weighs 13.5 kg. White fat cells can increase in volume by a hundredfold, and once the fat cells accumulate and swell and become larger, it is difficult to disappear or return to their original state. So unless the violent squeeze causes the “Berlin Wall” to rupture, there will be no single bubble fat cell “out of duty”. Why do you think fat cells may shift after filling? We must first figure out what is going on under the skin? The main components of subcutaneous tissue are fat cells, fibrous septa and blood vessels. The fat cells exist in the fibrous space in the form of fat lobes, and each fat cell is surrounded by capillaries. For the face, the general fat is directly transplanted into the subcutaneous tissue, first into the fat leaflet, because of the role of the leaflet fiber spacing, it will hinder the movement of fat transplantation. Coupled with the growth and further wrapping of the new blood vessels repaired by ACMETEA, the transplanted fat cells have no chance of moving to other places, so the transplanted fat will not be displaced. Although it does not shift according to normal, why do some people still shift after facial filling? Facial fat filling is also a test of the doctor’s skills than liposuction surgery. It seems simple, but it actually tests the doctor. The waist and thighs are liposuction, and there are not many nerves in the blood vessels, but the nerves and blood vessels on the face are dense and dense. But the doctor can’t see the inside, so the doctor needs to accurately grasp the facial anatomy knowledge and the direction and operation level of the nerve. If the doctor doesn’t know much about these, and doesn’t have much hands-on experience, then imagine the consequences of the wrong injection location? I think the filling shift means overfilling. The amount of filling doesn’t seem to be a big problem. In fact, many doctors don’t know well. Too many people have overfilled, including celebrities and internet celebrities. If the amount of filling is not well controlled, the fat will not achieve the desired effect once it is displaced, which will make the face worse and worse. I wish to fill in a little less and not overfill. If there is less filling, you can do a second filling, but if you meet a person with a high fat survival rate, filling too much fat will cause excessive facial fat. It will not be easy. Therefore, it is very important to say that fat transplantation is suitable for yourself. Don’t blindly follow the trend. Go to the hospital for more consultations and communicate with the doctor. You can get the point you want by talking about your details. Therefore, you must choose a regular hospital doctor for facial filling. You can not fill too much in a single filling, and follow the principle of uniformity for a small number of times. In order to avoid the phenomenon of excessive displacement of the filling, only experienced doctors can accurately change and effect the filling site during the operation, and reduce the postoperative risk.

Concentration of Public Welfare Questions and Answers (Otorhinolaryngology) 20200707

The time to answer questions about nasal problems once a week is up again. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these issues. See if yours is selected? Q&A rules 1. Questions: direct questions within the group (format: nickname + questions), see Zhiding Weibo for group entry 2. question time every Tuesday night 20:00-21:00 Q2 years and a half Yiyi rhinitis: girls two and a half years old, I spray Nesuna for one month continuously, and Shuna for one month the next day. The symptoms of rhinitis still exist. How do I use the medicine? In addition, there is an eight-month-old younger brother in the family who recently sneezes frequently and has no snot. How can an eight-month-old baby judge for rhinitis? What should I do if my baby is rhinitis for eight months? Dr. Oz: Hello, thank you for your trust. Two-and-a-half-year-old children: It depends on the specific symptoms of rhinitis. For example, the main symptoms are allergies, then you can add anti-allergic oral medicine, and nasal spray hormones should be used in place. Because Baoma did not provide specific symptoms, there is no way to give a specific plan, it is recommended to see a doctor again. Eight months old baby: Children less than two years old should be cautious in diagnosing allergic rhinitis. When symptoms of allergic rhinitis appear, parents can also pay attention to the environment first, such as whether there are irritating objects in the home, and whether anyone smokes , Does the child have a cold, etc. It is recommended to clean the environment first and continue to observe. Q Qiting boy is three and a half years old and has a history of allergic rhinitis and wheezing bronchitis. On May 25, he underwent adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy, and now he has 5 drops of cetirizine plus one spray per nostril every day. Shu Na’s medication controls allergic rhinitis, how long is the frequency of rechecks in the later stage of allergic rhinitis? : A 4-year-old boy with allergic rhinitis who was controlled by taking anti-allergic drugs intermittently. At the beginning of the year, one nostril was very red and left untreated. Later, both nostrils were red. There are no other obvious symptoms. May I ask the doctor, do you need medicine? If necessary, what medicine to take? Dr. Oz: Hello, thank you for your trust. There is no strict and specific review time. The severity and duration of each child’s symptoms are different. The time for review is determined according to the improvement of symptoms. If everything is improved and satisfied, it is not necessary to review. Of course, adenoids and tonsils should be reviewed according to the doctor’s requirements. Q Xiaoyu: Four-year-old girl with allergic rhinitis + adenoid hypertrophy. In the previous period, Shuna nasal spray and saline were used to wash the nose. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis were controlled. Recently, the dose was reduced to once every other day, and the reduction lasted less than a week. Rhinitis suddenly broke out again this morning, but it was better to take a nap at noon. In this case, do I need to resume taking medicine once a day? Dr. Oz: Hello, thank you for your trust. One day’s situation is not enough to change the medication regimen. Parents can observe for another 1-2 days. If allergy symptoms recur, they need to be restored to the original dose. Dr. Otis, otolaryngology doctor, attending physician, master of medicine, currently working in a top three hospital in Chongqing, is also a new father. Sina Weibo has signed a contract with the media, specializing in popular science authors on platforms such as Dr. Ai, Dr. Chun Yu, Fan Da, and Shukang. He has written more than 60 medical science articles, has 180,000 followers on Sina Weibo (@亲爱的嗏斯同学), about 6 million popular science readings, and provides nearly 10,000 online consultations.

Volunteer doctor’s knowledge of Africa (5) – China Power

The urology column of “Dr. Zhang Yi” with pictures and texts last time said that the drop was to go to Cheng Jianwen and the construction of Lusaka and the Chinese medical team. The book is taken back and we continue to talk about our influence. Hahahahahahahahaha Lusaka has a concentration of Chinese businesses, and the name is forgotten. The seemingly small courtyard gathers Chinese food markets, daily necessities supermarkets, Lanzhou ramen, Chengdu snacks, and even Chinese wedding companies. There are all kinds of domestic products, the old godmother bought it here, and the birthday noodles have a taste; here can also be consumed on WeChat, the RMB is directly exchanged for exaggeration (cash, WeChat, Alipay), and the exchange rate is kept fresh. Other places often encounter compatriots. A souvenir was bought at the market on Sunday, and a Chinese fat brother spoke in a proficient local language (not English) and chatted with the selling black guys; in another shopping mall, he was originally preparing to buy french fries to deal with the catering, and accidentally saw an Asian meal files. When I walked in, I saw Xiao Li, the owner of the beautiful girl in Jilin who has been rooted for more than 4 years. Our soy sauce fried rice and beef noodles have taught black people. We ordered back to eat, and Professor Graham and his wife were full of praise. On the day we went to the Zambezi River, we entered the exploratory journey from the border town of Chirundu (Chirondu-very well translated) and spent an unforgettable day at GreenFarm. On the return trip, I hurried to return the car. When I bought fast food in Chirondu, I found that there was a ChinaMall for daily furniture. The female boss of the Southerner (I guess it was Wenzhou) was loading the goods with the old black brother. He secretly admired the Chinese endurance. Powerful. My volunteer action soon came to an end. I took the Chinese medical team’s car, hung the government license plate (G prefix), and parked directly under the terminal. I took a photo with Li Jihua and Huang Meili to say goodbye and set off on my way home. There are naturally fellow travellers on their way home. This time it was Xiao Ang in Xi’an, Miss Sisi in Jiangxi and Xiao Liu in Henan. Little Angkor is an African connexion. I don’t know how many times I have worked in CCCC without a business trip. I have had malaria several times and made it into steel. Miss Sisi is a husband who came to Zambia to visit the mining industry. Her children are still very young, so she went back home early. We called her young grandma and complained that Africa could not do nails and SPA, could not spend money to spend, and wanted to bring a few black people back home for housework. The labor here is really cheap. Xiao Liu is a master at squeezing cottonseed oil. He went abroad for the first time, did not speak English, and was dizzy by plane. Therefore, he kept pace step by step, fearing that he might lose himself. A few people laughed and boarded the plane one after the other. The first half was via Harare and then to Addis Ababa. Check in in advance to sit by the window, overlooking the beautiful Zambezi River, and recall the bit of volunteering. Two black men from Zambia next to their neighbors studied at Xi’an Northwestern Polytechnical University. The next chubby learns that I am a volunteer doctor and talks with joy. He has been in Xi’an for 5 years and is currently a graduate student. His girlfriend (black) also attends medical school in Xi’an. He asked his girlfriend whether it is easy to find a job in China. The young man’s father was a high-ranking Zambian official. His mother did business with China. He and his two younger sisters both studied in China and hoped to stay in China. Suddenly trance, I had the same expectation when I went to America to study more than 20 years ago. Time really changed! It takes more than 5 hours to transfer to Addis Ababa. At the airport, Chinese people have half of the country. Duty-free shops have a variety of Mandarins intertwined. Tobacco, wine, coffee and chocolate have been swept away. Under the guidance of Xiao Ange, we quickly found the Chinese noodle shop paid by WeChat, beef noodles 59 yuan / bowl, drinks 9 yuan / bottle. The black chef looks good, but the taste is average. An old man who eats noodles next to me said: “It would be good if Africa could.” Yes, according to Chinese habits I treat guests, who makes the oldest age! Saying goodbye to Xiao Ange and Miss Sisi flying to Shanghai, I took Xiao Liu to continue the Beijing flight. The neighbor seat was replaced by the Shen girl in Shangqiu, Henan. She was at PetroChina in Niger. This time she returned to China for treatment due to stomach problems. She did not dare to do local medical treatment. Don’t look at her young age but she has been alone in Africa for 5 years. When she came, she came out for freedom. However, Niger is underdeveloped and generally law and order, usually staying at the station, which is gradually different from her previous imagination. Above are the compatriots I met on the road, and finally talk about our reputation in China. Not from my point of view, but from African friends I met. A male nurse in the UTH operating room greeted me “nihao” every time I saw him. I originally thought he could speak Chinese. I asked him why he said nihao? He said: It is great for Chinese doctors (visits or medical teams) to perform surgery, so say hello. When staying in Airbnb

What are the aesthetic elements of a good-looking nose? (1) Frontal angle of nose

In the field of rhinoplasty for more than 10 years, thousands of beauty seekers have been interviewed, and each person’s perception of beauty is different. As a doctor, I am often asked such questions: what kind of nose do I make look better? Does this nose suit me? and many more. &nbsp. Actually, this is an aesthetic problem. Every doctor has an aesthetic tendency that everyone is accustomed to. As we often see on the Internet, doctors prefer to create natural noses, and some doctors prefer to create net red exaggerated noses. Let’s be more precise, some doctors like to do nose-twisting, and some doctors like to do straight nose. And my aesthetic tendency of Lao Yang is often changing. And this “change” is based on the different nose foundation of each beauty seeker combined with the proportion of face shape, professional background, height, age, temperament, personality and comprehensive design to suit her nose shape. But no matter which kind of beauty is inclined, which kind of beauty is designed, it can not deviate from the standard aesthetic range. And rhinoplasty, as long as you master 4 key standard aesthetic angles, combined with everyone’s different nose basic conditions, it is your exclusive beauty nose. The key aesthetic angles include: nose frontal angle, nose-face angle, nose-lip angle, nose column-lobular angle. Today we first analyze the first: the relevant knowledge points of the nose frontal angle. (1) Where is the nose frontal angle? Refers to the angle formed between the line between the eyebrow to the root of the nose and the back line of the nose. The simple understanding is that the angle formed by the transition between the forehead and the bridge of the nose is the frontal angle of the nose. Its aesthetic standards are generally around 130° to 135°. The angle should be smaller for women and larger for men. At the same time, this angle is also related to race and region, and will be different. (2) How does the angle of the nose frontal angle affect the nose shape? 1. When the frontal angle of the nose is greater than the standard (130°-135°), a common collapsed nose bridge will be formed; we can raise the nose bridge by injecting hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty or cushion prosthesis. 2. When the nose frontal angle is less than the standard (130°-135°), it will form a iatrogenic nose; the solution is to take out the prosthesis, re-sculpt the appropriate height and curvature, and implant it into the bridge of the nose to form a natural Nose frontal angle. (3) How to accurately design the nose angle that best suits you? From three points of analysis: 1. Design the angle of the nose frontal angle, do not look at the nose alone. Beauty is whole to part. If you want the angle of the nose frontal angle to be natural, you need to look at these related aesthetic factors: forehead fullness, eyebrow arch height, eye socket depression, referring to these ratios, design the root point of the nose at a suitable height, generally in the two eyes The upper part of the inner canthus line and the lower part of the eyebrow arch (two eyebrows) line, the simple understanding is basically at the position where you make the double eyelids, so that the combination of the forehead fullness will design a natural nose-frontal angle with the bridge of the nose . 2. The importance of preoperative evaluation design Before each operation, I will make a fine line design for the face and nose of the beauty seeker, and estimate a suitable value, so that I will control it more accurately during the operation . 3. Prosthesis carving and implantation The prosthesis carving and implantation position affect the angle of the nose frontal angle. Generally, the prosthesis should be implanted at the lowest point of the root of our nose and then slightly higher, so that from top to bottom to play the role of a frontal nose transition, there will be a natural and beautiful arc, like natural formation. The control in this area mainly tests the doctor’s prosthesis carving technology, experience value and understanding of the nose. The above is a detailed analysis of the aesthetic angle of the nose frontal angle. If you have any questions about the nose, please feel free to privately trust Lao Yang to help you answer. This issue we continue to talk about another angle-the nose angle. &nbsp.

The same hair transplant doctor changed a hospital, why did the hair transplant surgery worse?

He was a hair transplant doctor. First, he was stable in a hair transplant hospital. The surgery he performed was good. The patients praised him. Later, he changed his job and went to another hair transplant hospital. As a result, the surgery was not good, and the patients complained constantly… One him. He was originally in a hair transplant hospital, and the operation was not good. Sometimes patients complained, and later he switched to another hair transplant hospital. As a result, the operation was done well… The above two short stories, there was no naming or surname, and no specific hospital. The name, but you can find the corresponding example, there is indeed such a phenomenon, the hair transplant doctor changes the environmental technology or has ups and downs, or even twists and turns. By the way, as a hair doctor, I just want to draw a truth: Is hair transplant surgery the first choice for doctors, or hospitals? Or the team in the hospital? The general hair friends think that hair transplants are done in hospitals, and ultimately doctors do it. Therefore, it is preferred to choose a doctor, especially the chief surgeon. In fact, this is one-sided. The doctor, especially the surgeon, is the leader of hair transplant surgery, and plays a pivotal role in the entire hair transplant. However, no matter how good the surgeon can’t play all the role in the entire operation, the hair follicle he raised is good, if the nurse is separated Hair follicles don’t need to be taken care of, and they are not elaborate when they are implanted. In this regard, the hair transplant team is more important than a single doctor. If every link is seamlessly connected, the final hair transplant must be successful. You may now think that the hair transplant hospital is empty, the key is to see the doctor and the team, yes, the team is only part of the hospital. Is that right? No. Otherwise, the two short stories at the beginning of this article do not exist. (Guangzhou Yonghe)&nbsp. The two short stories at the beginning of this article just explain the importance of the hospital. Although many patients chase the doctor and ignore this factor, we will correct it for you now. The same doctor changed to a hair transplant hospital, and the effect of the surgery was high and low, which reflected the importance of the hospital-not only the doctors and teams but also the hospital before the hair transplant. The importance of a hair transplant hospital lies in its system’s merits. A good hair transplant hospital ensures that doctors make fewer or no mistakes, and the quality of surgery is high, while a bad hair transplant hospital “indulges” doctors to make mistakes, and the quality of surgery declines. Our chief designer of reform and opening up said something similar. The general idea is that a good social system can restrain people, and will not let bad people run wildly. There are many loopholes in bad social systems, so that good people do bad things instead of gaining benefits. This is true at the national level, as is the hospital. We often say “brand hair transplant”, which refers to the doctors and teams in the hospital, but also refers to the hospital’s system. It is precisely the system guarantee that allows doctors and teams to abide by their responsibilities and strive to do every hair transplant surgery. In many cases, the system is more important than human nature. A good hair transplant hospital does not accept poor doctors, and even poor hospitals even accept a good doctor because of soil problems, good doctors become poor doctors. What is the importance of the hair transplant hospital system? First, scientific management. Ensure that the hygiene standards are met in environmental management, the absolute availability in device management, the maximum optimization of human resources in team management, and regular follow-up of patients in postoperative management. Second, the value of integrity, this is the entrepreneurial spirit that a good hair transplant hospital must adhere to. A good hair transplant hospital encourages truth-seeking, so doctors bring truth-seeking, good quality of surgery, and bad hair-plant hospitals encourage fraud, and doctors bring fakes together, quality of surgery Get worse. That being said, there is still some abstraction, just for example. If a hair transplant doctor jumps from a good hospital to a bad one, no matter how great your skills are, for example, the hospital will make you tired to fight for the number of operations in order to save you outdated equipment and substandard surgery environment. The hospital gives your assistants or teams uneven quality, the hospital’s unreasonable reward and punishment system makes you lose energy, the hospital forces you to “income” to fool patients, the hospital’s administrative staff rudely interferes with the clinical frontline… In such a hair transplant hospital, you can do surgery It’s so strange. Not only the doctors, but also the team is willing to “defeated” in this hospital. We often say that the accumulation of brand planting, more important is the accumulation of institutional aspects, the accumulation of high-quality culture. In the past, we often ignored the corporate culture of hair transplant hospitals and looked at specific doctors alone, which was biased. The same hair transplant doctor changed a hospital, and the hair transplant surgery was worse… Now back to the original question, you should understand the truth.

Where does the fear of oral treatment come from?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Many film and television works have mentioned people’s fear of dental clinics or stomatologists. So where do these fears come from? In addition to the pain caused by the treatment, the great reason for the formation of fear is due to the complex and sharp sound stimulation in oral treatment. Today, we will explore the sources of various “horror” sounds in oral treatment. This aspect is rarely mentioned in previous dental science. Dental treatment chair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. First of all, the moment we sit in the dental treatment chair, the heartbeat rate is often close to the peak. At this time the first low “um…” sound appeared, accompanied by a sudden backrest of the chair. At this time, we gradually changed from the “controllable” sitting state to the “helpless” lying state, and the heartbeat rate further increased. In fact, this sound is that the stomatologist adjusts the position of the dental chair for the convenience of treatment, so that the patient is in a position suitable for the corresponding treatment. The three-use gun &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Next, is the most common high-pressure blowing sound for oral treatment. The sound of “泏,泏” may also be accompanied by the impact of water mist. When the patient has a worm cavity, the pain will go straight to the root of the tooth, like a needle inserted directly into the deepest part of the bone. Sudden pain and tension may even cause the patient to jump directly from the dental chair. Of course, this is a non-standard inspection operation and the most common source of our fear. At present, professional stomatologists have long been aware of operations that may cause discomfort. High-speed turbo phone&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The operation of oral treatment has a characteristic turbo sound, which is the sound of our commonly used high-speed turbo phone. The sharp turbine is like the devil’s scream, accompanied by a violent water spray, like a waterfall falling down, two senses stimulate extremely strong treble, intertwined with the patient’s complex panic mood. In fact, stomatologists are well aware when using high-speed turbo phones for patients. How much to remove bad teeth, and to what extent should be designed. The patient only needs to relax completely and cooperate as required by the doctor without worrying about damaging other tissues in the mouth. Slow phones &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. After the patient is suitable for the turbo sound, the doctor will often change the nose with a much slower sound. Unlike the turbo, this nose has a noticeable vibration sensation and sometimes feels a little warm. This change may cause the patient to gradually calm the mood swings. In fact, this fluctuation is unnecessary, this replacement indicates that your bad teeth have been almost cleaned, and the doctor begins to remove the remaining humus in small amounts. At this time, you can put down the hanging heart and wait for the most comfortable filling process. Ultrasonic Debridement &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The above mentioned is mainly the sound during the filling process. In addition, there is another sound that cannot be missed, that is, the sound of the ultrasonic head touching the teeth when washing the teeth. This sharp “squeak…” may be accompanied by sudden tooth ache, brain bloating, and irritability. At this time, you can reflect with the operating doctor, or reduce the power of the ultrasound, or adjust the ultrasound head. The angle can generally significantly reduce tooth sensitivity. However, it is not possible to wash your teeth without feeling at all, because the more severe periodontitis, the more sensitive the teeth will be, which also indicates that you need more thorough periodontal treatment. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. It can be seen that the sounds appearing in oral treatment are not related to pain. As long as we understand the treatment operation behind the sound and relax, we can remove the fear of treatment.

Hangzhou removes bags under your eyes, so your eyes are no longer injured

The progress of the times has made many office workers more and more like staying up late, so their bags under their eyes have become more and more serious. That’s it. Many people also think of an operation to remove bags under the eyes. But there are a lot of recent failures and sequelae after the operation! The sequelae that may occur after removing eye bags, most of the formation of eye bags are caused by the pressure of life, and a small part of them are congenital eye bags. Looking for a variety of small tricks on the road, in fact, it does not require a lot of work to deal with eye bags. Hangzhou Time Plastic Surgery Hospital can help you. Will there be sequelae after removing the eye bags? Now let’s take a look at the popular science of Time Doctor. Dr. Shi Guang pointed out: Eye bag removal surgery is a relatively low-risk operation, but if the surgeon’s lack of experience may cause some sequelae, we cannot think of eye bag removal surgery as too simple and arbitrary. The sequelae that usually appear after removing eye bags are:    1. Postoperative blepharoptosis, separation of the eyeball, photophobia, tearing and other symptoms are all caused by the doctor’s excessive removal when cutting the skin, or because of sutures As a result, this situation is generally more difficult for postoperative repair.   2. The correction of the bags under the eyes is not enough. Most of the reasons are that the method is not selected properly. During the operation, the relaxation of the skin and muscles is not taken into consideration, or the eye socket is invaded because of the excessive removal of the orbicularis orbicularis muscle. 3. Hemorrhage after surgery. Generally speaking, intradermal and subcutaneous bleeding can stop bleeding, and will not cause serious after-effects. Only congestion and bruising will appear under the skin; if there are no measures to stop bleeding, often It can cause upper and lower eyelids, eyeballs, and even bleeding and bruises after the eyeballs. The condition is serious, and it can even cause vision loss.

You must know a few details to reduce the frequency of arthritis attacks!

Arthritis is more common with degenerative osteoarthritis, suppurative arthritis, and gouty arthritis. The early symptoms of degenerative osteoarthritis are usually joint pain, especially after long distance walking or strenuous exercise, which can be relieved after appropriate rest. The early symptoms of suppurative arthritis are generally fever, pain, and slight swelling of the joints. Gouty arthritis usually manifests as redness, fever, and pain in the joints at the early stage, which often occurs after drinking alcohol or eating seafood. Early symptoms of arthritis 01 After getting up in the morning, the activity is ineffective and the walking is unstable. But a little more activity will hurt the knee. This phenomenon is called “morning stiffness” in medicine, which is a manifestation of joint stiffness. 02 Squatting is more difficult. Many elderly people are not accustomed to using squat toilets because they can’t squat down, or it is difficult to stand up after squatting, and they need to support other objects. At this time, it is difficult to flex the knee joint. 03 When going up and down the stairs, there was knee pain and soreness. There is no such feeling at ordinary times, but only middle-aged and elderly people who have recently experienced knee pain on the stairs should get attention. The lifespan of joints is mainly determined by genes, and the general healthy lifespan is 60 years. If someone has lived for 80 years, but the joint has been “dead” after 60 years, then the next 20 years will have to suffer. Statistics show that about 120 million people in my country suffer from osteoarthritis, almost one in every 10 people. Pain and inflammation occur in the onset of arthritis, causing edema of the tissues around the joints, resulting in restricted joint movement. Chronic arthritis patients may suffer permanent joint function loss due to long-term limited joint movement. The following simple principles can help us protect our joints, and by doing so, we can reduce the risk of joint pain and inflammation outbreaks. Get continuous care Every time you report your rheumatoid arthritis test to a doctor, you must arrange for follow-up. Continuous medical care is the key to ensuring that you can reduce inflammation and improve symptoms. It will also help you prevent complications such as joint or organ damage or osteoporosis. In order to better understand your status, you should provide the doctor with as much data as possible so that they can make the most informed choices and provide you with the best care. If there are signs of arthritis attack or recurrence, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Only a doctor can determine whether you need to change the medicine, increase your dose, or take other corrective measures to avoid a relapse. Let your doctor know if you have trouble dealing with pain so they can recommend something more substantial or provide prescription drugs. The sooner you communicate with the doctor, the sooner you can control your condition. Adhering to medication for rheumatoid arthritis is usually your first line of defense. If you stop medication, your symptoms may recur. If it is a medicine with side effects, consult a doctor who will adjust your dose or provide another alternative medicine. Don’t think that your symptoms are gone, you can give up the medication. If you feel unwell, it may be that your autoimmunity and medicine have produced antibodies. Consult a doctor regularly to switch to alternate use of biological drugs, which can reduce the risk. Using Joint Relaxation Devices and Tools There are several tools that can help reduce joint stress. For example, you can use hand and wrist pain splints, or use tools like pull tabs and long handle shoehorns. Before use, please consult your physiotherapist or doctor for safe wearing. Surgery In some cases, surgery can reduce pain and increase joint function. Your surgery depends on the location and severity of your rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor will determine whether the operation is feasible based on your overall health and medical history. Surgery should be regarded as the last resort to manage your rheumatoid arthritis. Exercise regularly If you are overweight, you will put extra stress on your joints, especially your knees. To prevent this, keep moving. The doctor recommends exercising at least 2.5 hours a week. If you can’t reach this standard, there are other ways to stay active. If you can’t incorporate physical activity into your daily plan. For example, use stairs instead of escalators. Walk to the store instead of taking the bus. Exercise can also help you sleep better and improve your mood. At the same time, avoid excessive exercise. Relieve stress Take some time every day to do something you like. For example, reading books, playing games, or walking with your friends. Or do meditation, take a deep breath, etc., to help relax. Lots of

Do you understand the misunderstanding of online consultation?

Anti-epidemic has turned more offline consultations into online consultations. Through this stage of consultation, I found that some people have some misunderstandings about online consultation, which leads to dissatisfaction with online consultation. I want to explain some common misunderstandings. 1. The answer is too slow. Speed ​​is relatively speaking. The platform promotion is available for consultation 24 hours a day, there is nothing wrong with this. However, 24 hours of “anytime consultation” does not mean 24 hours of “anytime response”. Doctors have a lot of work, answering questions using “fragment time”, it is impossible to answer questions at any time online 24 hours. The general platform gives 24 hours, if more than 24 hours the doctor does not have time to answer then refund. Therefore, I think that it is normal to answer within 24 hours after asking a question, and it is quite fast to answer within 12 hours. I hope the questioner will give the doctor some time, and I hope that the platform can explain clearly to the questioner in advance. 2. The answer is ambiguous. The person who asked this question is a patient with low-gonadotropin amenorrhea caused by weight loss. Her question is “Can my menstruation recover?” How to answer this question? Weight loss causes amenorrhea, some people can resume menstruation, and some people cannot resume menstruation. Can you resume your menstruation, you can only “ride a donkey to watch a sing book and walk and see”. There are many similar questions, such as: “Can I have a miscarriage?”, “Can I have an ectopic pregnancy?”, “Will the embryo stop?”, “Can I still get pregnant?” Understand, who doesn’t want to get a positive answer? However, please forgive me. Medicine is medicine, and many medicines are unknown. A doctor is a doctor, and a doctor needs a basis to make a judgment. Please do not regard the doctor as a “Mr. Fortune Teller”. 3. No help. People often ask a symptom and ask what is going on. For example, a person asked “bleeding after the same room”, I can only answer various possibilities, need to go to the hospital for examination. There are many more: “Leucorrhea is not good, is there a problem?”, “What to do with genital itching?”, “What’s going on with abdominal pain?” “What’s going on without menstruation?” …, too much. What I want to say is that online consultation is not equal to seeing a doctor. Many problems need to be checked before a diagnosis can be made. I didn’t check it myself, I could only explain it based on the information you provided, and it might be missed. Therefore, we will often recommend the questioner to go offline for consultation. 4. The answer is not professional. The questioner who asked this question often had his own opinion before the consultation. When the doctor’s answer was inconsistent with hers, she suspected that the doctor’s answer was not professional. I don’t want to argue who is more professional. I just want to say that since you have consulted a doctor, as a doctor, you will definitely answer questions from the doctor’s own professional perspective. Even if the doctor’s answer is inconsistent with yours, please carefully consider whether the doctor’s answer makes sense, which is helpful for your final decision. In short, online consultation is a new thing and has broad development prospects. As a doctor, I will answer every question as seriously as most doctors. However, in order to create a good atmosphere for online consultation and improve the quality of online consultation, it is not enough to rely on the efforts of doctors. It is also necessary for the platform, doctors and questioners to understand and work together. Let us all “start with me”.

25-year-old I got kidney disease at the most beautiful age

This year is my third year with membranous nephropathy, and there have been too many in the past three years: I left a world-famous financial company due to illness and took a blood test every month to see the doctor, endocrine disorders for a long time, sudden weight gain, and immediately A series of complications… I saw many people on the Internet saying that the epidemic was going crazy for 3 months at home, and I have been sick for 3 years, 36 months, and 1095 days, constantly fighting the impact of illness. , Challenge the physical and psychological endurance, but fortunately, I haven’t retreated on my way forward… These 3 years are very long and seem to be very short At the age of 25… At the mid-autumn festival at the age of 25, I joined this favorite financial company. I always thought that I would get better and better in the future and bring more material wealth to my family. future! However, soon after I joined the company, during a routine company physical examination, I found that the urine protein had a plus sign. At that time, I didn’t know what it meant, but I was fully happy and dedicated to the work I love. It was not until New Year’s Day that I went back to my hometown and talked about the medical examination. My mother accompanied me to the local hospital for an examination. At that time, I was diagnosed with membranous nephritis. At this time, I really realized that the neglected medical examination was abnormal. , Regret not careless. The local doctor suggested that I start taking hormone therapy. If I don’t pay attention, it may develop into uremia later. I was ashamed, and our entire family was ashamed, and my sky collapsed. I am young and soft, why do I get this disease, I have no desire to cry, I am dumbfounded. Sickness has become a fact. Although this incident has hit me a lot, the family members who have always been with me have given me support. The whole family quickly discussed and decided to go to Beijing to start medical treatment. After making this decision, the whole family spent a very short period of time. On the road to treatment, after contacting more patients, I realized how correct this decision was. Many patients actually believed in various remedies. Or, it was a pity that the condition was delayed by the small hospital. So look back and find the best medical resources within the scope of your abilities, and don’t believe any remedies. Because I work in Beijing, I also chose to seek medical treatment in Beijing. If you are in the field, I also recommend going to a provincial specialist hospital for treatment. At this time, nothing is more important than your health, including your dreams, because these are based on you having a healthy body. Without this, everything is nonsense or mirage. . And you are like a meteor, quickly traversing the sky, fleeting. On that day, the doctor took many pages of the treatment plan confirmation and asked me to sign it. Treatment requires long-term use of hormones. Although these drugs can treat kidney disease, they will cause a series of complications: high blood pressure, renal bone disease, hyperlipidemia, and I may become a big fat man. This idea I can never Never had. Although there may be 20 or 30 hidden dangers in choosing a treatment plan, there is no way. For a positive life, I signed. I believe this is the right choice. After taking the medicine for one year, the indicators have improved significantly. However, due to the company’s business adjustments, overtime has increased, and the indicators of improvement have returned to the state of a year ago. The abnormality of the indicators made me have to pay more attention. After consulting with my family, I chose to leave this financial company with frequent overtime work. After that, it was three years of treatment, monthly blood tests, urine tests and other index results, see the doctor to adjust the medicine, such a day can not be finished in a few words, compared to physical discomfort, psychological torture is the real challenge. Recently, due to the epidemic situation, everyone has spent a lot more time at home than in previous years. Sometimes they even feel locked in their homes, and they may hear some complaints from time to time. In fact, for me, these days have lasted for three years. But these three years are also the three years I think about the most. Although I am limited by illness, I also have more time to study and not be driven by this society, which also calms my heart. In the past three years, I have experienced psychological exhaustion, torture of illnesses, torture of complications, and torture of psychology. I have learned that we people never know how strong we are and how much our mental tolerance is. Strong, our bravery is really beyond our imagination, many things that were previously impossible, have become possible after these 3 years. It’s painful to be sick, and it’s painful to continue life after being sick, just like just born

Why is the effect not good after the second synergistic operation?

This is a more tragic question. Patients who encounter this kind of thing can be said to be more difficult and more sad. “Who is worse than me?” The person who did not perform well after the first myopia operation was very painful himself, and he had to endure the consequences of poor visual quality while suffering psychologically. I have seen such a person, and everyone around him thinks he is crazy. People who have experienced an unsatisfactory operation will have more or less mental and physical problems. But there must be a cause for the accident. There is no love for no reason, no hate for no reason, and no patient who complains for no reason. I always think that those who feel that the postoperative effect is not good, and the result went to the surgery hospital or the surgeon, and the result was no problem, everything was answered well, not a trusted hospital, not a reliable doctor, or a doctor May not achieve the ability to solve problems without making mistakes or finding problems. If the doctor who gave you the first surgery didn’t do well in the first operation, it is very nervous to have the second surgery done by him. On the contrary, for a doctor who can do the second synergistic operation, his first operation must be very reassuring. The second operation is not effective, and choosing the same doctor in the same hospital may be a taboo. Secondly, the second efficiency surgery is not a separate operation. In the strict sense, there are many ways to have multiple laser devices. Each laser device will have a corneal topography guide and a general aberration guide method. To be honest, it is difficult for a refractive surgeon to master the skills of the first operation to ensure perfection as much as possible, not to mention the second increase. The operation is effective. It is said that a doctor can perform thousands of initial operations a year, but the second synergistic operation may not encounter a case for half a year. Practice makes perfect, practice shows the truth, so small number of cases also determines that it is difficult for doctors to gain experience from it, and make a second operation to the extreme. Third, if you use the wrong method and design the wrong plan for the second synergistic operation, it will definitely not work well. I remember that some doctors still use standard methods to increase patient efficiency. In some cases, the light area of ​​the second surgery is too small, or it is seen that the literature uses full femtoseconds to perform the second surgery, and ICL is used to perform the second synergistic surgery to solve myopia combined with corneal astigmatism. The result can be imagined. Fourth, it is still a question of expectations. Patients who perform poorly at the initial surgery often have high expectations. For this patient, the same is true for the second operation. Sometimes despite improving eyesight and improving the quality of vision, the doctor thinks that I have tried my best. You see, your glare, halo and night vision have been greatly improved. But the patient was still not satisfied. Just like some cosmetic surgery patients will go on to the point of non-stop cosmetic surgery and want to stop. I hope that every patient who wants to perform myopia surgery will not have problems, and even if there is a problem, do not rush to perform a second operation. If you want to perform second-efficiency surgery, you must find a reliable center and doctor for a comprehensive examination and evaluation. It is best to find a variety of expert consultations and listen to various suggestions. Finally, you need to understand the feedback of patients who have done this surgery. Finally make your own decision. But one thing, using painting as an example, the second synergistic surgery is definitely not to solve the process of restoring a bad painting to a blank paper, but to correct the wrong color and the strokes in the wrong position. Some paintings are easy to repair, while others are difficult. Even if they are repaired, they may not meet the requirements of collectors. Because, everything cannot be repeated.

Things you should know before doing medical beauty

Everyone has the right to choose to be beautiful, regardless of whether you already know about beauty. As a Korean doctor who has been practicing for more than ten years, I want to make it simple for everyone. Things you should know or understand before doing medical beauty. Don’t be impulsive when you are confused. After all, we have only one face, don’t ruin it easily. Medical beauty is a way to achieve the desired results in a short time, but it is not once and for all, we also need regular maintenance. If you don’t have enough psychological preparation, don’t do medical treatment for the time being. If you just want to try it, the dean suggests that you do the following steps first. 1. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Choose a hospital&nbsp. Don’t go to any informal micro-business clinic. Although the price is relatively cheap, the risk is also doubled. Just like we go to buy electricity, we will choose Panasonic, Haier, Gree, etc. Although the price is more expensive than other brands, the service life will be longer and the after-sales service will be more perfect. &nbsp. Therefore, when doing medical beauty, you can’t just consider the issue of money, everything should be focused on safety. The price of a regular hospital is higher than that of a small clinic, and this high place lies in its safety and subsequent guarantees. Many girls come here for medical treatment because they did not do well in medical treatment before. For example, hitting the face-lift pin in the wrong position hits the smile muscle. Sometimes you hear the laughter in her mouth, but the entire face is expressionless, which is the kind of skin that smiles and does not smile. Doctors in small clinics are generally not licensed as regular doctors. To be in the medical aesthetics industry, not only skilled skills but also abundant theoretical knowledge are required. When designing the plan in this way, there will be no mistakes. There are currently three types of medical aesthetic hospitals, one is a public hospital, one is a private hospital, and the other is a light medical aesthetic clinic. The public top three hospitals are more stable. They don’t have to be drastic on plastic surgery. In addition, their doctors often perform surgeries and have enough experience. It is recommended that you go for cosmetic surgery instead of medical beauty, because their knowledge in medical beauty will be a little lacking, and the effect is not as good as the latter two. &nbsp. In the choice of private hospitals, remember to circumvent the Putian Department. You can go to the official website of the Industry and Commerce Bureau to check and see which company is behind the private hospital. In addition, the quality of private hospitals varies. Before doing medical treatment, you must ask for a medical license to see a doctor. Let me give you the most popular science clinic. The Light Medicine Beauty Clinic is a bit similar to a beauty salon in structure. The Light Medicine Beauty Clinic advocates a fixed knife, special injections, and beauty treatment with some instruments. It can also be said that it is a miniature hospital, much more advanced than a beauty salon. The formal light medical beauty clinic business is not too wide, but it is very sophisticated. The doctors inside are licensed to practice medicine. Each doctor is good at different things. The items you choose are different, and the doctors who perform the surgery are also different. There is no one-size-fits-all program for you. Second, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Clarify the purpose to choose a good hospital, the second step is to clarify your purpose, what are you going to do. Many girls, after coming to the hospital, told us where they were not satisfied. I can’t say exactly what I want to do. There are girls who have done many projects at one time in other hospitals and have not achieved the desired results. Our hospital will customize the best plan according to the actual situation of the guests. We will give suggestions, the final decision is still in the guests themselves. But everything needs to be done step by step, following the laws of nature. Doing too much at one time also puts a heavy burden on the skin and is not very good for later recovery. The responsible doctor will plan the overall plan for the guests. 3. Choose a doctor&nbsp. Finally, this step is relatively simple. After confirming what needs to be done, there will be a corresponding professional doctor. After the doctor confirms, you can take a look at his medical license, previous cases and so on. The most important thing is to communicate well in advance so that the doctor can determine the surgical plan. Regardless of whether you have done medical treatment or not, if you happen to want to try it, you must do your homework first. Only after knowing clearly can you give your face to a trusted doctor and hospital. Reduce unnecessary mistakes and obtain the ideal medical beauty. If you have any questions, welcome private messages and comments, or add my assistant WeChat, appointments and consultations can be found

What should I do if my thighs are uneven after my liposuction?

It depends on how long after the liposuction of the thigh is done. If it is not done soon, don’t worry, because it is not the final state. Generally, it will recover almost half a year after the operation, and then it will be the final state. During the recovery period, you can apply appropriate hot compresses and kneads, because each doctor has different requirements, and you need to consult your doctor. If it is more than half a year after the operation, and there are obvious unevenness, you can find your own doctor to review it. If necessary, you can perform liposuction repair surgery on the thigh. Apply fat to achieve a smooth surface of the liposuction area of ​​the thigh.

See a dentist, why make a panoramic film?

   Many times go to the dentist to see the teeth. After the doctor’s preliminary observation, a nurse was arranged to take a film first…   The customer’s face was puzzled. Q: What film? Doctor’s answer: Panoramic film! Then the question is coming, what is the panoramic film?    Panoramic film is a complete and clear display of the full view of the maxilla and mandible on one film, the status of the upper and lower jaw dentition, teeth The condition of the groove bone can clearly show the conditions of the maxillary sinus cavity, sinus wall, sinus floor, and temporomandibular joint, and provide help for the diagnosis of diseases around the jaw bone. Because the panoramic film can accurately determine the tooth inclination angle, periodontal soft tissue condition, tooth root condition, and alveolar bone condition, the accurate measurement of anatomy can provide a panoramic image basis for the doctor’s preoperative diagnosis analysis and design. Design a treatment plan for patients. Why do doctors always let people take oral panoramic films?   Palm panoramic shooting is an important inspection process before oral treatment. Doctors can observe the health of teeth through the panoramic film. Alveolar bone resorption, gingival atrophy, whether there are tumors in the mouth, etc. Before doing dental implants, orthodontics, dental restoration, wisdom tooth extraction, etc., you need to take a panoramic oral cavity film.  What is the use of taking panoramic pictures?   Examination of tooth anatomy, density, periodontal status.  Position of buried teeth and neighboring neighboring relationship judgment.  Determination of dental development.  Analysis and measurement of cases before orthodontics to guide the formulation of orthodontic plans.  Evaluation of the quality and quantity of alveolar bone before implantation and determination of implant size and length.  Evaluation of complex anterior abutment with missing dentition.   Diagnosis of head and face trauma, fracture.  Review and evaluation of root canal filling, dental implantation, implantation, and correction effect.  Planning and risk assessment of surgical operations such as wisdom tooth extraction.  Screening and identification of head and facial tumors and cysts.

【Lanzhou Long University Male Department】Lanzhou Hospital foreskin Surgery?

  【Lanzhou Long Andrology Department】Lanzhou Hospital Foreskin Surgery? Men with too long foreskin should go to the hospital as early as possible to stop the foreskin.   Usually the price of circumcision is mainly determined according to the patient’s condition, treatment method and selected hospital. Because the patient’s condition is different, the recovery from treatment is also different, so the cost varies. In addition, there are many reasons that cause the foreskin to be too long. For different causes, different treatment methods must be adopted. The methods are different, and the cost of natural treatment also varies. There are also different hospitals for patients to choose. Hospital equipment, technology, doctors and other aspects are different, so the price of circumcision is difficult to generalize. However, the price of circumcision in regular hospitals is reasonable and the transparency is extremely high, so patients need to worry too much. Although circumcision is a minor operation, after all, the operation is also performed on male life, so male friends still try to find a regular hospital for circumcision. Regular hospitals cut the foreskin standard, which can greatly reduce the risk of surgery and avoid wrong operations threatening the safety and health of patients. . In addition, after circumcision surgery, patients should pay attention to life care to prevent bacterial infection of the wound.  As a medical institution, Lanzhou Longda Hospital always insists on giving back to the society and paying attention to the commonweal cause of the people. For example, during the Spring Festival every year, it organizes free health examinations and public consultation activities with doctors, which has been well received by the people. In addition, the hospital organizes large-scale doctor consultation activities, and communicates with other general hospitals and even foreign institutions in terms of management and doctor technology to make common progress, providing patients with more opportunities for quality diagnosis and treatment.  Lanzhou Longda Hospital doctor pointed out that it is not easy for professional hospitals to achieve parity and unevenness. The key is to take advantage of professional hospitals and be precise, specialized and meticulous in terms of diagnosis and treatment technology.  Using urological diseases as an example, usually doctors sit on the clinic, regardless of infection or other incurable diseases. After the patient is generally registered, he will be treated by the doctor he encounters. This is actually not scientific enough. Because each subject is a large field, doctors have their own strengths. If this discipline is subdivided, it is beneficial for doctors and patients to choose the doctors who have the expertise to sit on the clinic.  Lanzhou Longda Hospital, patients can receive special treatment, special summary, special observation, and doctors can also exert their expertise as much as possible. The road ahead is still long, but Lanzhou Longda Hospital already has sufficient human, material and financial resources to allow the hospital to go longer, more stable and further on the road of “uneven prices”. 》》》How much does Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital do foreskin surgery?

Does the doctor visually judge condyloma acuminatum

   The pathogen causing condyloma acuminatum is human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus has no symptoms at the initial stage of infection and will experience an incubation period of 2 weeks to 8 months, with an average of 3 months. There is no clinical manifestation during the incubation period. After the incubation period, local lesions began to appear.  If the infected person develops typical skin lesions, that is, cauliflower-shaped, comb-shaped or papillary-shaped neoplasms, or there are obvious prototypes of genital warts, an experienced dermatologist can confirm the diagnosis with naked eyes. Generally, it will not lead to misdiagnosis. Of course, the accuracy of the naked eye diagnosis depends entirely on the doctor’s clinical experience.  When the patient’s local lesions are not typical, the doctor can only confirm the diagnosis based on the naked eye, and further examination is required. Common tests include acetate white test and pathological tissue biopsy. The pathological examination has the highest accuracy and is the gold standard for the diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

The doctor troubled to help me to see, my face started a few chins before menstruation, more and more serious in a year, now more closed mouth, more acne, sometimes acne is painful, leaking whiteheads for a few days, I All squeezed.

#诊间故事#&nbsp.&nbsp. Fan problem: Female&nbsp.28 years old&nbsp. Condition description: Doctor trouble to help me see, my face started a few chins before menstruation, more and more serious in a year, now I have more closed mouths and more acne. Sometimes acne is painful, and I have squeezed my head for a few days. Now spray with La Roche-Posay, other useless doctors, my face and my face. This is the case in the morning, please. Please help me take a good look. The bad face is too scary, thank you. Hope for help: Doctor, if you have any questions, what ointment can you touch? Taboo? I am preparing for pregnancy. Will the baby be affected if the medication affects it? &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.@微博健康医疗&nbsp. The treatment of moderate to severe acne requires oral medications such as minocycline, erythromycin, etc., and heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs such as tanshinone capsules. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.@爱问医生科普&nbsp.Acne, acne, acne, etc., need external medicine treatment, according to the rash type acne, choose Huang Qin Acne Clearing Gel, etc., For papules, you can choose adapalene gel or benzoyl peroxide gel. For pustular herpes and cysts, choose antibiotic ointments such as mupirocin ointment and polymyxin b ointment. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.@爱问医生的dermatology&nbsp.Aesthetic methods can be used for conditions such as photodynamic therapy, lattice laser or photon skin rejuvenation&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp .&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Acne is commonly known as acne and can not go to the roots. It is necessary to choose a suitable treatment according to the specific situation. If it is serious, oral medicine is used. When it is light, it is treated with external medicine only. It is safe to pass through puberty. Leave scars, no marks. #名医服务月##成长炎#

Doctor, can I correct my teeth when I am 30?

As the public’s demands for their own beauty continue to increase, more and more adults want to improve their self-image through orthodontics. So the most frequently asked question by Dr. pp in the consultation room is “Do I still be able to correct my teeth in my 30s?” Doctor, is there an optimal age for orthodontics? “The point is coming! Orthodontics is medically no age limit, as long as the periodontal tissue around your teeth is healthy enough. For adults, the moment you are determined to start the correction is the best age. But for children In fact, different dental problems do have their own most suitable age for correction. This part of the content will be described in detail in subsequent scientific articles. So what is the difference between adult dental correction and childhood?&nbsp.&nbsp.1.The most significant The difference is that the speed of alveolar bone reconstruction in adults is slow, and the speed of teeth movement is significantly slowed, so the overall correction period will be longer than that of children.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.2. Adult dental problems are generally more complicated, and periodontitis, Porcelain teeth, missing teeth, temporomandibular joint disease, etc. require orthodontists to carry out comprehensive evaluation and plan design, and need to improve treatment in many other disciplines before starting correction.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Adult growth and development It has been stopped, so the facial bones will not change significantly. For some people who are also accompanied by bony deformities (such as small jaws and earth-enveloping), it may be necessary to cooperate with orthognathic surgery to achieve the desired effect.4 .After the correction is over, you need to wear a retainer for a long time to maintain the hard-to-get teeth. Having said so much, are some of the little partners who have easily rallied the correction courage? Correction also has many advantages, the biggest advantage is good medical practice. This means that your oral hygiene will be maintained very well, your braces will be worn for long enough, you will actively give up some foods that are not recommended to eat, in fact To a certain extent, it can help shorten the length of the entire correction. Because the success of the orthodontics depends not only on the level of the orthodontist, but also on the good cooperation of the patient. If you often do not return to the clinic on time, you don’t wear it for long enough every day. It may be with you for a long time. In addition, with the advancement of materials, in addition to traditional lip appliances, adults can also choose invisible and lingual appliances with better aesthetics, and they can get neat teeth quietly. It is never too late on the road to the pursuit of beauty. The little friends who are still hesitating about orthodontics, are not as good as action, let your beauty bloom from “teeth”.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Hometown cold food Tufa hair, lily fragrance deep mansion-Dr. Huang said lily

Speaking of lilies, everyone will definitely think of the pot of lilies in the house that symbolizes “a hundred years of harmony”. But Dr. Huang reminds you that the lily we are discussing today is not a flower we put in the house, but a medicinal material. What is really called a lily is a kind of medicinal material with “homologous food”, and the lily planted in the vase in our house should be called a lily, which is a flower cultivated through hybridization. The lily’s application site is actually the root of the plant lily, which is called the lily. &nbsp. “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” records: Lily has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, clearing the mind and calming the mind. Clinically, it is generally used for cough with yin deficiency and long cough, bloody phlegm, restlessness, and insomnia and palpitations. Doctor Huang also likes to use “Lily” when treating gout, the answer is revealed in the article. According to clinical research, Lily’s 4 main functions have proved that Lily mainly has the following 4 kinds of effects: 1. Ning Xin calms the nerves, promotes sleep Lily returns to the heart channel, has a slightly cold nature, and has the effect of clearing mind and removing sedation and sedation. It has a good effect for the treatment of insomnia caused by nervous tension and thoughts. 2.&nbsp. Ziyin Runfei Lily contains mucus quality. Although the medicine needs to be dried, it still has the effects of nourishing yin and moisturizing, clearing heat and quenching thirst, and cough and phlegm. 3. Anti-tumor lily is rich in various alkaloids, which has a preventive effect on leukopenia and a therapeutic effect on cytopenia after radiotherapy. And in the body can also promote and enhance the monocyte system and phagocytosis, with the role of stimulating and regulating the human immune system. So Lily has a better effect against tumors. 4.&nbsp. Alleviating gout lily is rich in colchicine, which can be used as an auxiliary treatment for gout attack joint pain. When treating gout, Dr. Huang used the “lifting and uncovering” method of traditional Chinese medicine, which contained the “lily” medicinal material, and had achieved certain clinical effects. Yam is a medicinal material of the same origin as medicine and food. Lotus Root Lily Pork Ribs Soup [raw material] 300g pork ribs, 2 lotus roots, 30g lily, 5 ginger slices, proper amount of seasoning. [Making] The ribs are cleaned, cut into pieces, and put in the pot to fly water to remove foam. Peel and cut the lotus root, cut the lily for 15 minutes, then pour the prepared ingredients into the pot, pour the right amount of water, cook for about 30 minutes, add the right amount of salt according to personal taste and eat. [Efficacy] Nourishing yin and moisturizing, clearing mind and removing annoyance. [Applicable people] Suitable for patients with irritability, insomnia and nervousness. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact and delete it, thank you!