Shi Shurong Medical Talk: How to treat chronic myeloid leukemia complicated with myelofibrosis?

Now, the treatment of many patients with chronic myeloid leukemia requires long-term use of targeted drugs to control the disease. Some patients have a significant therapeutic effect and the disease has been stable. Some patients may have some complications, such as bone marrow fibrosis. Director Shi Shurong’s WeChat consultation platform: zkxk9999 Disease description: The patient is 43 years old, diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia for three years, and treated with imatinib. During this period, the disease control effect is good. Later, the patient was found to have severe anemia, somatosensory weakness, weight loss, and the hospital review found “bone “Slim”! Now the patient has swollen legs, weight loss, splenomegaly, and severe anemia, how to treat? Doctor: In the case of no obvious effect of Western medicine treatment, it is recommended to combine Chinese and Western medicine. Oral targeted drugs are used to control the disease. If the splenomegaly is significant and the compression is obvious, the spleen can be cut for treatment. In addition, it cooperates with syndrome differentiation treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens the spleen and kidneys, promotes blood circulation, improves symptoms and relieves the disease, and at the same time, the effect of reducing the spleen is also obvious. In summary, chronic myeloid leukemia complicated with bone marrow fibrosis should be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine as early as possible. The combination of the two advantages will help the treatment of the disease, reduce the side effects of western medicine, and improve the microenvironment of the patient’s bone marrow hematopoiesis and enhance the patient. Quality of life and prolonged survival. More patient communication help can pay attention to WeChat public account: Slow Grain Patient Association

Before treating leukoplakia, what types of vitiligo should be understood?

   Vitiligo is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat. In addition to its complicated causes, it is also related to its diverse types. Vitiligo has a very big impact on patients, especially in appearance and body and mind. Some people who do not understand will feel that the skin disease is painless and itchy, and it does not have much impact when they are affected. In fact, some patients because of this Symptoms of depression appear in all skin diseases. So what kind of vitiligo should be understood before treating leukoplakia?    1. Scattered vitiligo is diffusive, and the leukoplakia will be scattered in multiple parts of the body with a certain symmetry. The total area of ​​the leukoplakia does not exceed 100% of the body area fifty. Second, the generalized type of vitiligo skin lesions cover multiple parts of the patient, the area exceeds 50% of the surface area of ​​the human body, and the leukoplakia is connected into a large piece, the shape is irregular, often because of limited type or sporadic vitiligo treatment is not timely As a result, the condition is more serious.   Three, localized type    localized type vitiligo leukoplakia is limited to one place, the area is small, the number is small, any part of the body may appear. Exposure can cause burning pain, erythema and blisters, and rarely disappear spontaneously. Most cases will gradually increase and expand, and may even spread to the whole body. After the disease, it is easy to cause homogenous reactions.   IV. Acrolimus   Acrolimus vitiligo initially occurs on human extremities, such as face, fingers, toes, etc. Most of them are symmetrically distributed, and some are arranged along the nerve stage. In addition to skin damage, some mucous membranes can also be involved. This kind of white spot is located in the position where the human body is exposed and has a large amount of activity, and the absorption of the drug effect is relatively weak, and the recovery of the disease is slow. 5. Hair follicle type vitiligo refers to vitiligo that grows on the hair site and the white spots have whitening symptoms, but not all hairs of the patient’s white spots have discolored, and the hair in a white spot can also be part or All turn white. The whitening of the hair at the leukoplakia indicates that the condition of vitiligo is aggravating, that is, vitiligo is in the advanced stage.  If you have vitiligo, you should go to the hospital immediately to avoid further development of the condition. Although early vitiligo is painless and itchy, if the disease continues to develop, not only will the area of ​​the leukoplakia expand, but also some complications.  

“On demand” or “on time”? Regarding the problem of rheumatoid medication, explain it once!

“Medication on demand” means to take some medicine when it hurts, but not to worry about it. “Take medication on time” is to take medication on time according to the medication list and medication course issued by the doctor. How to choose between “on-demand medication” and “on-time medication” for rheumatoid patients. In fact, after reading the following carefully, this problem will be solved. The condition of rheumatoid arthritis may develop from time to time, and pain or not can not be used as a measure of the degree of rheumatoid disease. Because, in the early and late stages of rheumatoid disease, patients may not feel obvious pain. But at this time, the condition is not not developing. If there is no pain in the early stage, and the patient does not take medicine, the condition will easily develop to the middle stage, causing the patient to miss the best treatment opportunity. If the condition is in the late stage, do not take medicine without pain. , The condition is very likely to continue to deteriorate, with a more serious impact. It may be that at this time you are just joint adhesion, causing joint deformation, reasonable treatment can still be recovered, but if not treated, it is likely to develop joint deformity, irreparable. “Take pain, take no pain” is a myth of rheumatoid treatment “Take pain, take no pain” is a big point in the treatment of rheumatoid patients. Many rheumatoid patients will have this kind of thinking misunderstanding in the process of dealing with the rheumatoid disease. But this really affects the prognosis of treatment, leading to a major cause of aggravation of the disease. Precautions for daily life of rheumatoid arthritis cannot be easily discontinued. Many patients are very anxious. They feel that this drug seems to have bad effects or too many side effects. They stopped the drug without authorization. This is very wrong. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should be exposed to the sun. Many patients with rheumatoid arthritis are deficient in vitamin D. Patients often have osteoporosis, so it is very important to spend more time in the sun and exercise more. Rheumatoid patients should pay attention to a good living habit in daily life, should quit smoking and alcohol, usually pay attention to keeping their body warm to avoid joint pain and swelling, and patients with rheumatoid diseases should regularly check their bodies. It is more difficult to pay attention to rheumatoid diseases. It is better to pay more attention to reasonable dietary arrangements at ordinary times. There should be a good law of life, which has a good effect on the adjuvant treatment of rheumatoid diseases.

How can epilepsy be treated?

The incidence of epilepsy is increasing every year. The damage of this disease to the patient is very great, especially the brain damage of the patient, so we must go to the treatment in time after the epilepsy condition occurs, but because many Even after the illness, people still have little knowledge about the treatment of epilepsy. Let’s make a specific introduction to how to treat epilepsy before it can be cured. The treatment of epilepsy must be carried out for the cause. Everyone’s condition is different, and the cause of the onset must also be different. If the patient wants to cure his own condition, he must go to the hospital to standardize the scientific examination in advance. After the etiology, condition, severity, type of occurrence, etc., choose the most suitable treatment method based on these. This is the most useful, and the only treatment method that can cure our condition. The treatment of patients must be adhered to, and the treatment of patients must be complete. According to the long-term query results of clinical patients’ treatment results, many patients have not cured their own conditions or patients with repeated conditions, and they do not insist on treatment. There is a great connection, the patient can very well abide by the doctor’s medical counseling at the beginning, but after a certain period of time, the patient’s erroneous understanding of the condition has been manipulated, and the beginning does not pay attention to treatment, or even depression Medical treatment directly leads to the recurrence of the condition. These patients and their families mistakenly think that only the patient’s condition does not occur, daily life can take care of themselves, and the disease does not need to be treated anymore. As everyone knows, the condition can be controlled because the patient insists on treatment As a result, once the patient stops the treatment, the condition will occur again because it cannot be controlled continuously. It is very simple to form a vicious circle, so the patient must insist on treatment. The selection of a hospital for treatment by patients is the primary process of treatment, and it is also a very crucial process. With the continuous increase in the incidence of epilepsy, the number of hospitals for the treatment of epilepsy is also increasing. These hospitals all claim that they can cure epilepsy. The medical level in these hospitals is different and there is a difference. If patients want to choose a standardized prestigious epilepsy hospital, they must carefully choose. Patients can choose from a hospital’s floor plan and medical equipment. , Service attitude, honor level, etc. have always been summarized to determine the strength of a hospital. Because large and powerful hospitals do a good job on these factors, small hospitals are not.

Shi Shurong’s medical words: Can aplastic anemia be cured? How to prevent recurrence?

Aplastic anemia is caused by multiple causes (physical, chemical, biological, or unexplained) and multiple pathogenesiss that cause serious damage to bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells and microenvironment, leading to the failure of bone marrow hematopoietic function and the main manifestation of the reduction of whole blood cells. The clinical manifestations are progressive anemia, bleeding, and infection, the severity of which is related to the degree of blood cell reduction and the speed of development. Can Director Shi Shurong consult with WeChat zkxk9999 to treat chronic aplastic anemia? At present, the overall treatment efficiency of chronic aplastic anemia can reach 80%-85%, and the remission rate is mostly around 50%. Its occurrence obviously affects the quality of life of patients, making it difficult for some patients to avoid repeated attacks of the disease, even The possibility of turning into a serious aplastic anemia. Difficulties in treatment: how to further improve the efficacy and prevent relapse? First of all, insisting on treatment to achieve this step requires the patient’s understanding and active cooperation. Persistently insisting on long-term treatment can receive better clinical treatment results. In the treatment of chronic aplastic anemia, patients often fail to adhere to treatment: First, due to the use of androgen, cyclosporine and other immunosuppressive drugs during treatment, patients with aplastic anemia have a longer course and long-term recurrence With the use of medicines, side effects gradually appeared, increasing the patient’s pain, and some patients could not persist to cause the recurrence of the disease to aggravate; Second, because of the long treatment cycle of chronic aplastic anemia patients, some patients require long-term blood transfusion to improve the condition, and after long-term treatment, the patient’s family economy The ability to withstand is limited, making treatment unsustainable and giving up treatment. In this way, there are many factors that cause the patient with aplastic anemia to repeat the condition and fail to improve the condition. Whether or not to continue the treatment can play a decisive role in the recovery of the patient’s condition. Secondly, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can improve the efficacy. For patients with aplastic anomalies, abnormal autoimmune mechanisms often become the root cause of the disease. Whether it is pure Chinese medicine or Western medicine treatment, most of them will only temporarily control the symptoms and cannot avoid the disease. Repeated or aggravated, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, “the symptoms are urgent, the symptoms will be cured”, can improve the efficacy of aplastic anemia and prevent repeated attacks. In summary, integrated Chinese and Western medicine has more advantages in the treatment of aplastic anemia, and targeted Chinese medicine can improve the bone marrow hematopoietic microenvironment of patients with aplastic anemia, improve the immunity of patients, and thus improve the quality of life of patients. For more aplastic disease knowledge or patient help, you can follow the WeChat public account: skg120

Does adult spinal deformity need treatment? Will it affect life?

In fact, this question should be answered in two situations. The first case is mild to moderate spinal deformity, and the second case is severe spinal deformity. For mild to moderate spinal deformity, because the bone growth and development has stopped in adulthood, the progress of his deformity is very slow, and it will not affect cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, in this case, no special treatment is needed, and only physical exercise needs to be strengthened. For the second case, which is severe spinal deformity (which means that the Cobb angle is greater than fifty degrees), it must be actively treated if this is the case. For this type of scoliosis that is greater than fifty degrees or more, even after the bone growth and development stops, the scoliosis will slowly increase, and to a certain extent, it will affect the patient’s cardiopulmonary function, and this cardiopulmonary function The impact of this will cause the loss of patient labor and shorten the lifespan. Patients often tell me that I am now in my twenties or thirties, and my scoliosis has been around for many years. Doesn’t it require treatment? This concept is wrong. Because when it reaches the age of 50 or 60, his lung function may be like that of a person in the age of 80 or 90, then this situation will seriously affect his life span.

Do allergic purpura have to eat hormones? Can you recover at the development stage?

Questions from local allergic purpura patients in Hunan-I heard that the disease is more and more difficult to treat, and it will definitely develop into purpuric nephritis later. Is this true? In addition, there are two additional questions-do you have to eat hormones for allergic purpura? Is it possible to recover at the stage of disease development? Does purpura relapse every time, will it further aggravate the condition? For the questions mentioned above, do related answers. Hormonal treatment of allergic purpura in most cases is relatively straightforward, but the cure rate is not impressive. In addition, the recurrence of purpura is not only cured by hormones, nor does it require long-term and massive consumption of hormones, and excessive treatment will not promote the recovery of the disease. The most worrying problem of recurrent purpura is affecting the kidneys, otherwise simple skin purpura will generally not have serious complications (except for some cases of local ulcers in the early stage). It is recommended to follow up urine routine and pay attention to the situation of purpura To adjust the treatment ideas, Chinese medicine who simply adjusts the body and does not aim at the problem of the disease is not recommended to eat, as this will only delay the duration of the disease. In addition, taboo is just a measure. In the long run, there are also unbalanced nutritional intakes. It is recommended to gradually add basic protein diets, including the control of activity, and the key is to treat, adjust the mental state and rest the body state. For every purpura, it will be worse than that, there is a certain basis, and most medical practitioners also agree with this statement. Purpura is a recurring process in the early days. Within this natural course, purpura may not necessarily be very heavy, that is, there are two phenomena: one is very serious before, and then gradually becomes lighter and lighter; the other The species is relatively mild before, and the number of repetitions is more than one, but the condition is getting more and more serious, which eventually affects the complications of organ damage. Once this part of the patient affects the kidney, the condition is also more stubborn. If targeted treatment is not done as soon as possible, continuous aggravation is possible. It is recommended to pay attention to treatment-whether it is early or the subsequent development stage of the disease, targeted treatment can achieve a complete cure. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and find out more: gmxzd1

[Vitiligo diet] What do you need to pay attention to in summer?

  Summer sales of various gourmet cold drinks, everyone can not resist the temptation to start to enjoy delicious, delicious and cool. Can patients with vitiligo eat, drink, and drink unscrupulously in summer? Experts remind that patients with vitiligo in summer are not like normal people, and there are many things to pay attention to.   “Ice cream ice cream can be eaten, but not more”    Ice cream ice cream can cool down, patients with vitiligo can eat it properly, but, do not overdose. Whether it is ice cream or iced drinks, eating too much is always bad for the stomach and intestines. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases, which leads to abnormalities in the body’s internal immune system and endocrine system, which affects the condition of patients with vitiligo, so it is recommended that patients Don’t eat more.   “Crayfish, Pipi shrimp, the best is not about”    As soon as summer, crayfish are abundant, all kinds of tastes, all kinds of practices, make people greedy. However, seafood belongs to hair products, and it is easy to cause skin allergies. Especially for friends with vitiligo, if they are allergic, it will easily cause the spread of white spots. , Vitiligo patients should eat less or not, to avoid affecting the condition. “Fruits with high vitamin C content, don’t eat more when you’re on time”    fruit is certainly a good thing. There are many fruits listed in summer, such as watermelon, nectarine, loquat, etc., but patients with vitiligo should avoid eating fruits with high vitamin C content, so as not to Affects the activity of tyrosinase, thereby hindering the recovery of the disease.   “No spicy or unhappy? You should change this problem”. “Spicy” is a must for many friends’ taste, even if there is no spicy or unhappy, a meal without chili, I feel uncomfortable eating. However, people with vitiligo must pay attention to avoid spicy irritating foods such as chili, garlic, pepper, etc. These foods will cause great irritation to the skin, affect the body’s function, and thus affect the normal production and metabolism of melanocytes. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should pay attention to proper avoidance for irritating food.   Warm reminder: Summer is the season of high incidence of vitiligo, so patients with vitiligo need to be especially careful not to get ill to cause aggravation. At the same time, vitiligo must also be treated in summer. Without treatment and without control, leukoplakia can easily spread, because factors such as strong ultraviolet rays in the summer and traumatic environment can easily induce leukoplakia.   Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about leukoplakia, white spots, vitiligo, you can leave a message or private message to consult me ​​and answer them for free

Condyloma acuminatum in the vagina, can podophyllotoxin be effective?

Condyloma acuminatum is mainly spread through sexual behavior. If you find pimples and granulosa neoplasms in the vaginal opening, you should pay attention. The symptoms of genital warts on the vaginal opening are hoped to be actively grasped. Early detection and diagnosis. Condyloma acuminatum is a skin disease caused by HPV virus, and in pharmacological studies, podophyllotoxin tincture was found to inhibit the division and proliferation of epithelial cells with verrucous proliferation caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection (inhibition of the wart body) Growth), causing necrosis and shedding, thereby playing a role in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum.     Clinically, podophyllotoxin tincture can only eliminate superficial symptoms, and cannot cure condyloma acuminatum. Podophyllotoxin tincture treatment can cause repeated attacks. Not only can it not be cured, but it will delay the condition and even cause cervical cancer. For a complete cure, not only the surface, but even the hidden virus must be annihilated. The key to the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is to remove the virus, and the patient’s simple medication effect cannot directly reach the lesion, only the surface virus (20% of all viruses) can be removed, and the virus (80%) in the patient is still breeding and spreading, doctors Credit card jrsyer can easily cause genital warts to be cured for a long time, and more patients will get worse. At present, traditional Chinese medicine, according to different patients’ constitutions and different conditions, is formulated with pure Chinese medicine. The cure rate is extremely high. As long as the patient does not have immune system diseases, such as: AIDS, lupus erythematosus, and kidney disease, all can be cured without recurrence. of.

What are the symptoms of anal fissure?

Anal fissure is no longer familiar to many friends. As a common anorectal disease, its incidence is second only to hemorrhoids. Because the harm of anal fissure is large and the probability of occurrence is high, and its symptoms are similar to the performance of anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, it is necessary to pay attention to distinction and differential diagnosis. The symptoms of anal fissure play an important role in better avoiding misdiagnosis of the disease.  &Nbsp. Typical symptoms of anal fissure  Although the symptoms of anal fissure are different in different conditions and at different stages, the symptoms of anal fissure are mainly different in degree and difference. Usually, an anal fissure has a small ulcer formed after a laceration of the skin layer of the anal canal under the dentate line, which is characterized by a fusiform or oval shape. Symptoms usually have different degrees, more or less such as pain, blood in the stool, constipation, itching and so on.  &Nbsp. Anal fissure symptom characteristics   Anal fissure symptom occurs in young and middle-aged people. In addition, according to the severity of anal fissure, it can usually be divided into many types. In diagnosis and condition judgment, it is usually necessary to combine related examinations. The symptom characteristics of those symptoms of anal fissure should pay full attention to the positive role of the judgment and diagnosis of the condition of seeing and touching. In addition, care should be taken not to use anal mirrors casually, thereby avoiding greater pain and lacerations in the anus. Through the above introduction, it is presumed that many friends have some understanding of the symptoms of anal fissures. Experts from the relevant parties pointed out that the symptoms of anal fissures are an important basis and reminder for patients with anal fissures to see a doctor in time. Attract enough attention, in order to ensure the effect, we must choose a regular hospital for inspection, and then better improve the relief of the discomfort of eliminating symptoms.

Can patients with lumbar disc herniation run?

    Lumbar disc herniation has a wide group of patients, and running is also loved by many friends. So, can patients with lumbar disc herniation run? What should be paid attention to when running?   Patients with lumbar disc herniation will get different answers from different patients or the same patient at different times when consulting a doctor about whether they can run. The main reason is that different patients have different conditions in different periods. Therefore, although scientific running can enhance the lumbar disc herniation of the lumbar muscles of the patient and is beneficial to the treatment and prevention of the patient, it is not suitable for all patients with lumbar process.   To give a simple example, if you run during the acute episode of lumbar disc herniation, nerve root stimulation may aggravate edema and aggravate the symptoms and conditions of the patient, so such patients are not suitable for running. However, if the patient’s condition is stable and he is recovering, he can run properly after consulting with a doctor! That is to say, whether he can run after lumbar disc herniation cannot be generalized, but personalized advice should be given according to the patient’s condition.   Patients with lumbar disc herniation need not say much if they can’t run, but if they can, patients must pay attention to the following points to avoid running aggravating the condition.   1. Choose the right shoes: It is best to choose professional running shoes for patients with lumbar disc herniation. The running soles are thick and can reduce the impact of the foot on the ground. It helps relieve the pressure of the most lumbar disc and avoid aggravating the disease.   2. Pay attention to the action during warm-up: Warm-up before running is very important, but the bending and pressing of the legs performed by people with healthy lumbar vertebrae will actually cause greater pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc, which is not suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation.   3. Step-by-step running: Don’t suddenly start running violently, or run too long or too fast, you should start from walking, gradually increase the distance and running speed, to avoid sudden high-intensity or excessive exercise to aggravate the disease.   4. Stop running when necessary: ​​patients with lumbar disc herniation are running to exercise the waist muscles. If the patient suffers from lumbar discomfort while running, do not force it. You should stop running and consider after the discomfort is relieved.  All in all, whether a patient with lumbar disc herniation can run requires a doctor to decide according to the condition, even if it can run, there are many precautions. Hope the patient can understand!

Why is vitiligo prone to repeated attacks?

   Vitiligo, a skin disease, is more harmful to people, not only the damage to physical health, but also the emotional and psychological effects. For example, the usual small cold and small fever will make people feel weak and mentally exhausted, not to mention vitiligo, a chronic skin disease that affects the appearance of patients, and will form psychological problems in the long run. Vitiligo is also susceptible to external factors. Many patients discover the spread of the disease soon after the disease improves. So why is vitiligo prone to recurrence?    Vitiligo is easy to spread and is more difficult to treat in the future, so it is treated in a regular hospital early in the disease It is very important. Generally, the treatment doctor in the regular hospital will help the patient to find the cause and perform symptomatic treatment according to the detailed condition. Many patients easily ignore this, which delays the treatment time and makes the condition worse.   Vitiligo has a lot of factors, so patients should pay more attention to all aspects. Many patients will eat, drink and play unscrupulously when their condition improves, but they do not know that this will also lead to the spread of the condition, and adverse stimuli such as mood swings, anxiety, nervous tension, irritability, and depression can easily induce vitiligo or aggravate the development of vitiligo. Some people always like to go to some small hospitals after getting sick, but their medical conditions can’t keep up, especially for the more difficult skin disease such as vitiligo, which can only have a curative effect. There are signs of improvement, but it cannot effectively promote melanin and cause melanocytes to grow and multiply quickly, which has no therapeutic effect.   There are many types of leukoplakia, which cannot be accurately distinguished from the external symptoms. After the patient is sick, he must go to a regular hospital in time for diagnosis. The etiology of vitiligo is extremely complex. In the later stages of treatment, not only will the cost be more difficult to treat, but the probability of recurrence will also increase greatly. Therefore, scientific and systematic treatment should be early.

Can vitiligo be cured?

  It is well known that vitiligo is a disease that is more difficult to treat, and many patients find it difficult to obtain the desired results after seeking medical treatment everywhere. This makes many patients desperate and even give up treatment altogether. Abandon yourself. This will only make the condition worse if you do not cure it! To know that vitiligo is not an incurable disease, after scientific treatment and good care, there is a possibility of good treatment. Vitiligo is a disease that is more difficult to be discovered at the beginning. Many patients miss the golden stage of treatment, which makes the treatment very difficult. So if you find that you have symptoms of vitiligo, you should go to the hospital for examination in time. So as not to miss the ideal treatment stage, it will add a lot of trouble to the treatment. Let me introduce to the patient’s friends whether vitiligo can be cured? Can vitiligo be cured in the early stage? First, it is certain that vitiligo can be cured, but the difficulty of treatment is generally different. Vitiligo is a disease that is relatively difficult to find in the early stage, so it is easy for patients to miss the ideal treatment stage. Generally, when patients arrive at the hospital, the condition is already in the developmental stage and stable stage, and treatment is relatively difficult, so if Vitiligo symptoms should be promptly treated in the hospital. Second, whether vitiligo can be cured is also a concern of many patients and their families. In fact, as long as the timing of treatment is taken, the correct method, regular treatment, regular medication, and regular attention to some self-care can be cured. Ok. This requires the patient and the doctor to cooperate well, as long as the strength is used in one place, combined with modern medical technology, there is no problem in curing vitiligo.   Third, in addition to drug treatment and surgical treatment of vitiligo, a good attitude is also very important. Vitiligo is not only a skin disease, it is also largely related to psychological factors. Vitiligo patients are often accompanied by psychological anxiety and irritability, so it is very unfavorable for their condition, so make sure to have a good Mentality will be of great help to the treatment of the condition.  Here I remind patients that as long as they receive regular treatment in the right way, vitiligo can be cured. It is recommended that you go to some regular hospitals for examination and treatment. Patients must usually take appropriate physical exercise, develop a good lifestyle, and strengthen the body’s resistance, which is very helpful for the recovery of the disease.

Saline nasal washing is really good, but the wrong method may also cause otitis media

Nasal wash with normal saline is a commonly used measure for rhinitis, but there are also some patients who report that “after saline nasal wash causes inflammation in the ear”, what is going on? In fact, it is very rare for physiological nasal washing to cause otitis media, but it is not impossible. The nose and ears seem to be unconnected from the outside, but from the anatomical structure of the inside, they are connected by the eustachian tube. This pipe is usually closed, about 35 mm long, and the height difference between the upper and lower channels It is 15-25 mm, so under normal circumstances, the liquid in the nasopharynx is difficult to flow back to the ear through the eustachian tube. But in some special cases, such as swallowing, yawning, singing or blowing your nose, such as external pressure, the eustachian tube will open. At this time, if our nasopharynx is inflamed, these contain bacteria Inflammatory secretions, it is possible to flow back into the ear through this eustachian tube. When the saline is washed with saline, the pressure to flush the nasal cavity is too high, it is possible to press the saline into the ear through the eustachian tube. However, this situation generally occurs when an electric flusher is used and the pressure is set too high. Generally, manual flushers do not have this problem. Therefore, when you usually wash your nose with saline, pay attention to adjusting the pressure of the flusher to avoid this situation. In addition, in order to avoid rhinitis caused by otitis media, usually pay attention to the posture of blowing the nose, try to block one side of the nostril with one finger, and gently blow out the secretions in the opposite nasal cavity to prevent nasal inflammatory substances from passing through the eustachian The tube enters the ear. If otitis media has already occurred, we’d better go to the hospital to actively check and treat, and strive to control the inflammation as soon as possible. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Is the anterior uterine wall fibroids serious?

Uterine fibroids are a common gynecological tumor disease in women, which often causes irregular menstruation, masses in the lower abdomen, increased leucorrhea, compression symptoms, backache and other physical discomfort, which more or less affects the work and life of the patient . As a common type of uterine fibroids, anterior uterine wall fibroids are usually different in location, whether it is serious depends mainly on the patient’s condition and other factors.  Is the anterior uterine wall fibroids serious? Influencing factors  Anterior uterine wall fibroids are common benign tumors of female genitals. The condition of anterior uterine wall fibroids is an important basis for judging whether the disease is serious. In addition to the size and duration of fibroids, the apparent degree of physical symptoms, treatment effects, and treatment costs are all factors that determine whether the anterior uterine wall fibroids are serious. Compared with patients with a long course of disease, large uterine fibroids and obvious symptoms, the disease course is short, the fibroids are small, and the symptoms are not obvious or no obvious symptoms are relatively mild.  Is the anterior uterine wall fibroids serious? Other factors affect   In addition to the above factors affecting the anterior uterine wall fibroids, the patient’s age, occupation, physique, physical health, etc. will affect the condition. Therefore, proper exercise, scientific diet, avoid bad behavior and bad habits, and improve body immunity. It has important significance and role in controlling the development of the disease and striving for good treatment effects.  Through the above introduction, it is presumed that many friends have an understanding of whether the anterior uterine wall fibroids are serious. Relevant experts reminded that the anterior uterine wall fibroids disease and treatment effect are affected by many factors, so in order to avoid their harm, uterine anterior wall fibroids in line with surgical treatment should be treated in a timely manner.

What epilepsy patients should pay attention to

After we have epilepsy, what should we pay attention to? In our daily life, we will see a lot of patients with epilepsy and see the symptoms when they are sick. It is particularly scary and deeply terrifying. In fact, it is not terrible to have a disease. What is terrible is that you do not exercise restraint and take care of yourself. Instead, you make your condition gradually worse, which eventually leads to powerlessness when you want to save. So what do we need to pay attention to in ordinary times?    In our usual life, we should not put too much work pressure on ourselves. Patients with epilepsy can work and be employed, but they should not be overworked. If overworked, it will lead to a decline in immune function and will cause illness. Relapse or worsening of the condition. Patients with epilepsy need to develop corresponding training plans for themselves, such as doing some aerobic exercises, walking and running, practicing Tai Chi, breathing exercises and other related sports, so that their physical health can reach the best state. People with epilepsy also need to pay attention to their sleep diet. Don’t overeat some greasy and spicy foods. Eat more nutritious foods of fruits and vegetables. Avoid excessive hunger or fullness. Overeating can cause morbidity. .

How do patients with vitiligo find a suitable treatment?

  Vitiligo patients should restore their skin health as soon as possible, they must choose a treatment method suitable for their situation when treating vitiligo, symptomatic treatment can make vitiligo patients play a multiplier role in the treatment. So, how to find a suitable treatment method for patients with vitiligo?    First, pay attention to vitiligo examination and treatment of vitiligo, patients should pay attention to early detection of vitiligo, because vitiligo patients can only understand the condition of their leukoplakia under the correct examination, and clear the cause, and then In the treatment, accurate symptomatic treatment can be achieved to avoid the delay of vitiligo patients by inappropriate treatment methods. Second, find the cause of treatment for patients with vitiligo If you want to find a treatment that suits you, you also need to actively cooperate with the doctor and explain the patient’s own daily habits and physical health so that the doctor can help the patient find a treatment plan suitable for the cause of their vitiligo. And suggest to the patient what needs to be improved in daily care. 3. Staging treatment When looking for a treatment method suitable for the condition of vitiligo, patients should note that there are different treatment methods for vitiligo at different stages. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should differentiate their conditions. Staging treatment must be carried out in stages to allow vitiligo patients to treat leukoplakia. You can avoid unnecessary injuries and achieve better and faster results.  Vitiligo patients want vitiligo to recover as soon as possible, they must choose the right treatment in the process of treatment, so that they can treat vitiligo in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

Farewell: medication for acute anemia of anemia, these details need attention!

Xiebeilu studio WeChat add369456 Aplastic anemia is a blood disease caused by the loss of bone marrow hematopoietic function for various reasons. The etiology is mainly divided into congenital genetic factors and acquired factors. The main pathogenic factors are viral infections, chemical drugs, radiation, and immune abnormalities. Therefore, during the medication, the following points should be noted: 1. Avoid contact with X-rays, radium and radionuclides, etc., which affects the production of bone marrow cells and leads to a decrease in hematopoietic stem cells. 2. The weather becomes colder, beware of colds, fever will increase the infection of the disease. 3. Regularly check the body, if there is discomfort, go to the hospital in time to prevent the condition from getting worse. 4. Do not over-exercise and fatigue, rest as much as possible, and avoid doing too much heavy physical work. 5. Don’t take drugs yourself, it may aggravate the condition. 6. Do not take spicy, deep-fried food, live regularly, rest regularly. To sum up, the treatment of diseases should obey the doctor’s instructions and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.

Where is Guiyang Core Epilepsy Hospital

The exact causes of epilepsy are diverse, and its incidence increases with age. It is a chronic encephalopathy. At present, there are no drugs that can reverse the disease, but early clinical detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment can delay the development of the disease. This persistent disease of epilepsy is good at repetition, and the condition is often uncontrollable. People’s lives are constantly improving, which brings double pressure on the patient’s body and economy. To a certain extent, it can be said that it is difficult to control. The technical equipment is rigidly supported. Without blind treatment for the cause and condition, it is easy to cause the aggravation of the condition. Free consultation for epilepsy, online answers by famous doctors, click here to ask In daily life, with age, there will be a slight decline in memory. If only occasional forgetting words, forgetting things, after recalling or reminding can be recalled If you learn social skills and your daily life ability does not decline, you don’t have to worry too much. It may be a mild cognitive decline, between normal aging and dementia, which may later develop into dementia. It is recommended that once memory loss occurs, it is necessary to go to the neurology department for evaluation and regular follow-up observation. Compared with general hospitals, professional epilepsy hospitals are more responsible. It will always leave a good impression among local epilepsy patients. The number of patients in such hospitals has been rising in recent years, and the advantages of easy treatment and short treatment period are well prepared. The interests of patients are put in the front and are widely praised by patients. To find the cause of epilepsy, the symptomatic cause, no scientific testing equipment, and no clear direction for diagnosis and treatment. The team of experts can provide effective guarantees for good results. This also requires medical equipment, otherwise doctors with rich experience and professional knowledge will be useless. Common sense issues are very important for everyone.

Condyloma acuminata can still be infected

  Condyloma acuminatum is terrible because it is highly contagious and has a high recurrence rate. In other words, if you have sexual relations with patients with condyloma acuminatum, you will be infected with the virus in 9 out of 10 cases. If you do not take good care after treatment and clean yourself, even if it is cured, there may be a relapse of 9 out of 10 cases.  After receiving treatment, local recurrence lasted for more than half a year (preferably one year), then healed, and some patients will go for HPV testing, and found to be negative. The warts no longer grow, and HPV also turns negative, indicating that they have completely recovered. At this time, there is no problem with sharing a room with a healthy partner, and naturally it will not be contagious.  After the patient’s condition is treated, the patient should pay attention to regular re-examination in the later period to help him understand more about the treatment of the body condition, so as not to worry the patient to relapse in the later stage of the condition. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.