Scientific vaccination to improve disease resistance

Children with antibodies from the mother within 6 months of birth are generally less susceptible to infectious diseases. This kind of antibody protection from the mother is called passive immunity. After 6 months, the antibody from the mother in the child is gradually reduced, and the antibody produced by the child is very small, so the resistance is the worst at this time, and there is a high possibility of infection. So, how can you improve your baby’s immunity? Vaccination allows your baby to produce its own antibodies, which is a method to deal with various infectious diseases, called active immunization. The importance of vaccination: Without vaccination, once infected with the disease will seriously endanger the health of the child, and even cause life-long disabilities and death. Therefore, vaccination should be carried out on schedule. After birth, the baby should be vaccinated according to the planned immunization sequence. Parents must pay attention to take the child to be vaccinated on time. Are there any adverse reactions to vaccination? After the child is vaccinated, the body is stimulated by foreign antigens, which will produce an immune response, which is inevitable and beneficial. If the fever is below 38℃ after inoculation, generally no treatment is needed, and it will return to normal after 1-2 days. Some babies have redness or induration at the injection site, which is also a common adverse reaction, and generally does not require special treatment. It will subside after a few days. What should children pay attention to when taking vaccination? 1&nbsp.&nbsp. should be carried out when the child is in good health. Suspension of vaccination while being sick; 2&nbsp.&nbsp. The body temperature should be measured before vaccination. If there is fever, the vaccination should be postponed, and the injection should be suspended before the full recovery of health. 3&nbsp.&nbsp. After vaccination, do not take a bath that day, nor let your child get too tired. 4&nbsp.&nbsp. Allergic constitution should be explained to the doctor. 5&nbsp.&nbsp. Individual children may have a high fever after vaccination, please ask the doctor to see and give symptomatic treatment. Which children cannot be vaccinated temporarily? If your child has a fever, suffers from acute infectious diseases, asthma, rubella, eczema, or other diseases, such as heart disease, nephritis, and hepatitis, do not vaccinate temporarily. Don’t take polio sugar pills when your child has diarrhea. You can’t eat it until two weeks after getting sick. Children with seizures whose seizures have not been controlled, and children with a history of drug allergies, need to be evaluated by a doctor to decide whether to vaccinate.

Why should children perform orthodontics as soon as possible?

In fact, in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, their orthodontics are very advanced. They all think that children should have dental deformities as early as 7 years old, because it is generally believed that it is better to prevent and block as soon as possible. What are the benefits of doing orthodontics for children? Orthodontics can be performed during the eruption period and replacement period of the child’s teeth. Through this period, the prevention and blockage of the wrong jaw deformity can be prevented and the chewing function can be improved, which is beneficial to the health of teeth and periodontal tissues. &nbsp. ● Orthodontics can help improve and restore chewing function. If the teeth are deformed, the teeth of the upper and lower rows are badly bitten, which has a great impact on chewing things. If the food is not chewed properly, it will affect digestion and thus affect our entire digestive system. If we go further, it will even affect the child’s physical development. ●Good orthodontics can prevent and avoid many periodontal diseases. If the teeth are deformed, there will be more dead corners than normal teeth. It is difficult to clean the teeth. In the long-term, it is easy to cause gingivitis, periodontitis, caries, and tooth decay. Find and correct! Children’s teeth have these problems must pay more attention! Medical statistics show that the incidence of staggered malformations in my country is as high as 90%, that is to say, most children have different degrees of dental deformities. What kind of dental situation does the child really need to do orthodontics? This problem may be different for each person. If you find that your child has a problem with his teeth, it is recommended to directly seek a professional doctor to check it, and analyze the specific problem. However, if the child’s teeth have the following conditions, it is recommended to take the child to the doctor directly to see if it needs to be corrected: ※The child’s deciduous teeth fall off too early or too late; ※There are long-term sucking fingers, biting lips, sucking pacifiers 3. The habit of mouth breathing; ※ The sound of the jaw joint when eating, sleeping and grinding teeth at night (indicating that there may be a bad bite); ※ Occlusal disorders. For example: anti-jaw, deep overbite, earth covering (anti-bite), deep overbite, buck teeth, etc.; ※The teeth are not neat. For example: crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, large teeth gaps, etc. Distinguish the condition of maxillofacial deformity. Is the orthodontics child hurt? Under normal circumstances, it is not too painful. If you need to extract your teeth, there will be a little pain when you pull out your teeth; with braces, eating, braces tightening, there may be dull pain and soreness when removing braces, but all will suffer Within the range, it usually disappears within a few days. In addition, wearing braces may cause poor comfort, inconvenience in life (eating, brushing teeth, etc.), wear/scratch the mouth, but for health, can still tolerate dripping. Although there is ample time and a convenient time schedule for summer vacation, dental orthodontics is a relatively cumbersome and relatively long process. During the orthodontic process, parents also need a lot of cooperation and close attention to supervise the child’s oral hygiene, and decided to take the child to do orthodontics It is necessary to prepare for a battle that is sufficiently long to 1/2 year~ At present, children who don’t see big problems in their teeth, parents should pay more attention to it. Remember to take children to check regularly during the tooth replacement period.

Leukemia Friends Association: The child’s condition has reached remission, can he go to school?

At present, all types of leukemia have been greatly improved through targeted treatment. Recently, we have received more consultations about concerns after treatment. Among them, the frequency of asking questions is the problem of the child’s integration into the schoolwork, especially for the sick groups who have achieved remission and after the treatment. One of the concerns after treatment of leukemia: the child’s immunity has not recovered, can he go to school? In fact, many children with leukemia returned to school after about a year of suspension, and participated in appropriate physical activities. In doing so, it can also promote the recovery of the child’s immune system, because the immune system (composed of immune cells) is our army (soldier analogy). -Only by allowing “soldiers” to fight against “enemy” such as viruses and bacteria from time to time can the “army”‘s combat effectiveness be improved. In addition, supplementary treatment of nutrition, psychology and social medicine is also very important. In western developed countries, the teams for treating leukemia include: doctors, nurses, clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, anesthesiologists (sheathing and bone penetration are performed under superficial anesthesia), psychologists/psychiatry Family, social workers, child life experts, technicians, teachers, religious pastors, etc. In China, there are only doctors and nurses to treat leukemia, but in order to make children recover better, many attentive experts and professors in this area will take the time to learn some knowledge about nutrition, psychology and pharmacy. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of doctors and patients, not only will children be able to recover from physical diseases, but also get mental health and a good state of adaptation to society, so that they will grow up and become talents for the motherland. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and search for leukemia patients: dxbby120

What are the good ways to treat eczema?

Before you understand a good treatment, you must first understand what is going on with eczema. He is a kind of skin inflammation caused by a variety of internal and external factors caused by itching. First of all, we should know that there are many factors inside and outside. Internal factors such as congenital susceptibility to allergies, chronic digestive system diseases, mental stress, insomnia, excessive fatigue, mood changes, endocrine disorders, infections, metabolic disorders, etc. External factors such as living environment, climate change, food, etc. can affect the occurrence of eczema. External stimuli such as sunlight, cold, dryness, heat, hot water scalding, and various animal skins, plants, cosmetics, soap, artificial fibers, etc. can be induced. Then the child is easy to get, in addition to his allergic physique, but also because the child’s skin is much more delicate than the adult. Easily affected by various chemical or physical external factors. You mentioned here that the children in your family mainly have eczema on their hands. So don’t let your child come into contact with water too much. Chlorinated compounds in the water and some of our commonly used detergents will cause excessive skin damage to the child’s hands and eczema reactions. In addition, he should pay attention to the toys he contacts every day. Some children are allergic to the eczema caused by the things he contacts. As much as possible to eliminate the cause of the child’s hand eczema allergy, then you can use some drugs accordingly. Eczema is characterized by intense harassment, and scratching will further aggravate the state of the rash. Therefore, it is very necessary to prevent further scratching with external medicine or oral anti-allergy medicine. The commonly used drugs are as follows: 1. If the child’s rash does not leak at this time, you can use ointment, but after using the ointment, it is still itching violently, and it should be used together with oral drugs. Ointments or syrups that do not contain hormones are: calamine lotion, which has a good anti-itching effect, but when the rash is heavy, it is not very useful to wipe calamine. Zinc oxide has weak convergence and moisturizing protection. At the same time there are hygroscopic and dry. It has a certain therapeutic effect on subacute and chronic eczema. But people with severe symptoms need to use it together with other ointments. Compound camphor ointment, because it contains camphor, menthol and other heat-clearing, cooling and anti-inflammatory items, can effectively relieve itching. There is a certain therapeutic effect for eczema. Tacrolimus, which is a calcineurin inhibitor, is widely used, not cheap, and has good performance in the treatment of specific dermatitis and eczema. Glucocorticoid ointment is necessary when the disease is serious to a certain extent. For children, weak soft hormones can be used. Dinaide Ointment Fluticasone Propionate Ointment Hydrocortisone Butyrate Ointment Although these ointments are hormonal ointments, they are relatively safe for the treatment of children, but no good ointment can be used for a long time. Under the guidance of the doctor, the medicine was gradually stopped. Skin protectant or moisturizer. To put it bluntly is moisturizer or moisturizer applied to the skin, which can be classified as cosmetics. It is very important for children with specific dermatitis or eczema, because these children’s skin barriers are not so healthy, and care should be taken. If there is no eczema, such protective agents should be applied. These skin care products preferably contain the following ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid ceramide panthenol. All have a good effect of increasing skin water content, water retention and anti-inflammatory. 2. Oral medicine When the disease is serious to a certain degree, oral medicine must be taken. Anti-allergic drugs, antipruritic cetirizine, chlorpheniramine, and loratadine antibiotics, are used to treat infections and are used when co-infected. Glucocorticoids, if generalized eczema occurs throughout the body, use glucocorticoids if necessary.

There are two or more characteristics that are autism

&nbsp.&nbsp. There are two causes of childhood autism, one is the acquired environment and the other is congenital. In fact, it is more congenital. However, no matter what the cause is, parents should take good care of their children and send them to the hospital in time to avoid exacerbation of the situation and the occurrence of extreme things. To show you the characteristics of several autistic children for parents to observe. &nbsp.&nbsp. 1. Social barriers. In the early stages of illness, the child will appear to be reluctant to contact and communicate with outsiders too much. Especially for children who were originally lively, if they suddenly reject others and refuse to communicate with others, then everyone needs to observe the child to see if he has autism, and if he is sick, he should be treated immediately to avoid the condition from changing. Is getting worse. &nbsp.&nbsp. Second, the language is slow. People with mild autism will suffer from language dullness, either they are unwilling to speak with others, or they have no logic to speak and can only speak in a single word. In this period, children no longer like to communicate with others in language, but are more inclined to use gestures to communicate with others. &nbsp.&nbsp. 3. Cognitive Impairment. If the child is particularly unresponsive in life and does not respond much to the actions and speeches that occur in the outside world, parents need to pay attention. After observing for a period of time, it is found that the child’s reaction ability and understanding ability are weaker than their peers. , The child is very likely to suffer from autism. &nbsp.&nbsp. 4. Narrow interests. If the child is not interested in anything or many things in the outside world, he likes to stay quietly in the corner by himself, excluding communication with the outside world, and the child is likely to suffer from autism. &nbsp. All the above characteristics are typical symptoms of autistic patients. As long as parents discover that their child has two or more characteristics, they should take the child to the hospital to check whether they have autism. Don’t be afraid of trouble, act quickly. Once the disease is found, effective treatment measures should be taken in time to avoid serious consequences caused by the deterioration of the disease.

Excessive spoiling of uremia is poisoning

Excessive spoiling can not only cause obesity, but also cause kidney disease and even uremia. The following real case is a living example. For boys who have just entered high school, their mothers are senior executives of foreign companies, and their fathers are civil servants. Grandma has died, and grandpa is a traditional old man in the countryside. The family is very good. The four generations have passed on such a grandson. Usually the parents are very busy, mainly the grandfather takes care of it. You can probably imagine how much this grandson is loved. He was accustomed to uremia. Too much spoiling was poisoning. Then, he was admitted to our department because of a lot of proteinuria. At that time, creatinine increased slightly, but the kidney was punctured, and most of the glomerular sclerosis, the renal interstitial was a mess. It is foreseeable that he will quickly progress to uremia and start dialysis. Because he was too young, we were still actively giving immunosuppressive treatment, and finally he was still alive. He was helpless to see that he quickly progressed to uremia within one year and started hemodialysis. He has no family history at home, he is not type 1 diabetes, and he doesn’t even have any basic diseases. He usually loves playing basketball and sports. However, he has a very different place from other children, that is, grandpa will give him various supplements. The reason is that the family thinks that the child is ill and needs to make up, so he is given various high-protein diets every day. After I discovered it, I told them that the child had a large amount of urine protein. The more you eat, the more you leak, and the faster your condition progresses. Tell them repeatedly to eat as little protein as possible. Then the climax came, and Grandpa scoffed at my words, insisting that the child is so young and sick again, and must strengthen nutrition. Then Yangyang is complacent, not exaggerated. It is really Yangyang who proudly told me that his baby grandson, for more than ten years: every day, eat 1 pound of walnuts, half a pound of red dates, 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, 2 bowls of ginseng Soup, 5 scoops of black sesame seeds; daily drinking gold partner, life No. 1; this is not finished, drink turtle soup once a month; and eat wild game such as wild boar, wild venison, hare from time to time. . . . . I still remember the feeling that I was stunned that afternoon when I was young. I eat so much every day, and I don’t know if there is a place to eat. I checked with the guy to verify that he had come here for more than ten years, and he had been used to it for so many years, and he didn’t feel anything strange about this diet. Eat so many so many supplements every day, they will not disappear out of thin air, they all need to be metabolized by the liver and then excreted through the kidneys or biliary tract. If you eat so many things for a long time, are you really afraid of hurting the liver and kidneys? It is estimated that I did not hide the surprise on my face. The father of the child repeatedly came to me afterwards and asked if the child’s kidney disease was eaten by these things. As a rigorous doctor, I have to take legal responsibility for every sentence I say. I can’t conclude for him that the child’s kidney disease must be eaten with supplements. Can only be repeatedly persuaded, these things must be excreted by the kidneys, since the kidneys are no longer good, let the kidneys breathe, don’t put such a heavy burden. In fact, it is particularly regrettable that this kid was only a freshman, and his life was not started, he was bound to the dialysis room. I have seen his parents and grandpa wipe tears in the corridor, and it’s uncomfortable to tell the truth. However, even during hospitalization, even when I repeatedly told me not to “make up the body” again, his grandfather was still bothering to come to me with all kinds of supplements, “Doctor, I heard that this thing can nourish the kidney, I I want to give my child some food.” Whenever this time, I really want to shout at him, “Although I have no evidence, there is a great possibility that your messy supplements have harmed him, can you stop making it up” This child is unfortunate, Also lucky. His family had very good economic conditions and his father was very capable. After a few years in line, he contacted him for a kidney transplant, and I haven’t seen him since. I wish I had persuaded so much to make a little difference. Otherwise, even if a kidney transplant is done, if Grandpa still gives special supplements as in the past, I personally think that the newly changed kidneys will not be able to sustain such a high load for a few years.

Can I have children with epilepsy?

Because of the tradition of the Chinese people, parents always say that there are three ways of not being filial, and that there is no future. Most parents hope that their children will be able to have a peaceful birth when they are young and strong. This situation is even more difficult for some special groups. For example, some epilepsy patients, especially mature female epilepsy patients, are already married and have reached the stage where they can have babies, but have not had children for a long time. A lot of people worry about one question. Is it true that I have epilepsy or my husband has epilepsy? If the condition has not been fully treated, will the pregnancy cause harm to the child to the mother, and even cause the child to have premature birth, teratogenicity, etc., will epilepsy be directly inherited to his own child, etc., are many pregnant patients with epilepsy The issues that were carefully considered before led to anxiety throughout the day. In fact, the issues that everyone is worried about are also some influencing factors that will indeed exist. For example, most people worry about genetic problems. There is indeed a certain relationship between the status of epilepsy and heredity. For example, there is a history of epilepsy between family members, or a family history. The probability of having a child who is born has epilepsy is higher than that of ordinary people. But there are also some patients who have no basis for worry, such as thinking that they are epilepsy, the older generation tells female epilepsy patients that they are infertile, and the children born will definitely have epilepsy, but this is not the case. The epilepsy patients are effectively controlled in their condition , And under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, most patients can have normal births. Only some of them have the characteristic of single-gene inheritance of idiopathic epilepsy. The incidence of the next generation of children is a little higher than that of ordinary children. As for whether you can have children with epilepsy, this has a clear understanding. Different patients, different treatment effects, different family conditions, etc. may have an impact on normal fertility, and should be dealt with according to the actual situation according to the specific examination. Doctors generally recommend that the sooner epilepsy is discovered, the better the treatment effect will be, and pay attention to timely treatment in the hospital. If it is determined that one of the couples or the female in the family has primary epilepsy disease and has a family history of epilepsy, it is necessary to pay attention to the heredity of the disease. In this case, it may be genetic to have children may. You need to be careful when preparing for pregnancy. And if both men and women are epilepsy patients, it is generally not recommended to be married. For secondary epilepsy caused by external factors, generally pay more attention to the condition of effective treatment of the disease, during the pregnancy pregnancy, obstetricians and epilepsy doctors can jointly develop a plan to help pregnant women effectively avoid possible risks. If a pregnant woman has seizures during pregnancy, or if the dose of epilepsy drugs taken after pregnancy is relatively large, it may affect the health of the fetus, and even excessive dangers need to be terminated according to the actual situation. Also pay attention to enough sleep and rest in life, and review the pregnancy test on time (including the review of epilepsy) to prevent the recurrence of the condition. Ensure that patients can have a healthy baby.

Do you want to circumcise your child? Hear what the doctor said

One day chatting with friends, she said that she planned to cut the foreskin for the children during the summer vacation. I asked, “Why should I cut it?” She asked strangely, “Don’t all boys need to be cut?” When I was in the clinic, parents often asked: “When should my child’s foreskin be cut? It’s late to cut.” Will it affect development?” Is the foreskin a superfluous design by the creator, which must be cut off? &nbsp. Parents have many questions about whether to cut the foreskin, when to cut, how to cut, and how to care after cutting. We invited Dr. Sun Junjie, Department of Urology, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital to answer readers’ questions. ——Zhuo Zheng Pediatrician Zhong Le Q1: What is phimosis? Will children have phimosis? When a child is born, 96% of male babies have phimosis, and the foreskin is tightly wrapped around the head of the penis (the glans), which is normal. If you don’t have phimosis at birth, you need a doctor to carefully check whether your baby has other penile deformities. As the child’s age increases, the foreskin will gradually loosen itself, and the foreskin will naturally separate from the head of the penis. Between the ages of 3 and 10, more and more children will be able to open the foreskin. A survey of 2,149 school-age boys in Taiwan found that 50% of boys had phimosis in the first grade of primary school, but by the first day of the year, the proportion had dropped to 8%. In addition, when the foreskin opening can be opened at first, you may see some adhesions between the foreskin and the glans. This is also normal and usually separates completely during adolescence. When there is no special need, it is not recommended to forcibly tear this adhesion, because the small wound surface formed by the tear may form a tighter adhesion after being bonded. Source: Mielke, Ruth. (2019). MaleCircumcisionandInfection.10.5772/Inbook: CircumcisionQ2: Do I need to turn the foreskin to clean it? Newborns and babies only need to clean the penis when taking a bath. There is no need to clean the inside of the foreskin, and it is not recommended to use sterile water to clean when there is no inflammation. As the child’s age increases, the foreskin opening will gradually loosen itself. At this time, the child can be taught to open the foreskin to reveal the glans, clean and dry, and then return the foreskin to its normal position. For children whose foreskin opening is still slightly tight, be sure to restore the position of the foreskin after opening and cleaning, otherwise it may cause incarceration, causing swelling of the glans and foreskin. Foreskin incarceration is an emergency and requires immediate hospital emergency treatment. In addition, it should be gentle when trying to turn the foreskin. Excessive force to turn the foreskin may cause tearing and bleeding of the foreskin, which may cause fibrosis and cause pathological phimosis. &nbsp.Q3: Will phimosis affect penile development? Physiological phimosis will not affect the development of the penis, just like wearing tights will not affect your weight gain. However, if the phimosis brings some discomfort to the child when the penis develops rapidly during adolescence, it still needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Physiological phimosis does not affect penile development, but the aforementioned pathological phimosis requires circumcision. Q4: What is too long foreskin? The foreskin can usually extend about 1 cm outside the glans to protect the urethral opening and the glans. However, there is no uniform standard for how long the foreskin is. In addition, because of the word “to”, people often mistakenly think that too long foreskin is a disease, but in fact, medical information in English rarely talks about too long foreskin, and does not think that this is a disease that needs attention. Q5: The foreskin can’t be opened, what should I do with the smegma? Foreskin dirt does not need to be cleaned when the foreskin cannot be turned. Foreskin refers to a white mud under the foreskin, formed by shed skin cells and oil secreted by the foreskin glands. Foreskin is harmless, not dirty, and does not irritate the glans. Sometimes foreskin can form clumps under the foreskin, which helps to separate the foreskin from the glans and does not require treatment. Q6: When the child urinates, the foreskin will swell a bag, and it disappears after the urine, is there any problem? This is related to phimosis, and generally does not need to be processed. When the foreskin can be turned out, the bulging situation will gradually ease. However, if you must squeeze your hands to completely expel the urine, or cause inflammation or rash on the perineum, you need to see a doctor for evaluation. Q7: When the phimosis child urinates, the urine is crooked or sprinkled, is there any problem? The direction of the phimosis’s urine line will be affected by the foreskin, which may be twisted to the side or shower

What should I do if the abnormal postural rehabilitation training of cerebral palsy is invalid?

The most typical symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy are abnormal posture of the limbs and walking disorders. For children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, they should be given early rehabilitation training in time. Early rehabilitation training can improve the flexibility of the joints, prevent muscle atrophy, joint stiffness and secondary joint deformities. And early functional training can stimulate the cerebral cortex, promote the development of sports center and intelligence, so as to maximize the development of children’s sports potential. Therefore, early rehabilitation is very important for children with cerebral palsy. However, as a parent, one thing needs to be understood is that early rehabilitation training only relieves the symptoms of cerebral palsy and relieves the spasm of the limbs. Once the inability to persist or the recovery time is not in place, the effect will rebound. Thus affecting the child’s overall recovery. Therefore, when non-surgical treatment is ineffective, the surgical intervention should be selected for the child in time. The purpose of surgical intervention is to prepare for post-operative cerebral palsy rehabilitation training. The operation uses FSPR surgery, which can be comprehensive Adjust the patient’s muscle tone to make the abnormal muscle tone tend to normal, and at the same time can stabilize, effectively and completely relieve the patient’s pain, will not rebound after the operation, and will not affect the child’s motor function. The effective treatment of the two can greatly improve the effect of cerebral palsy treatment. Dr. Chang Chongwang introduced: The surgical treatment of cerebral palsy is a method to completely relieve muscle tension, which turns the original passive training into active training. First, it can make the child autonomously cooperate with rehabilitation, and second, increase the degree of cooperation of the child in rehabilitation. Surgery plus rehabilitation training is currently the best treatment for cerebral palsy, because it is to relieve the child’s core problem, that is, the problem of muscle tone, and effectively relieve the problem of abnormal posture, because only muscle tension is completely and completely reduced Only later can rehabilitation really work.

Common treatments for tics

&nbsp.&nbsp. Common treatment methods for tics: &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Western medicine: Western medicine acts on neurotransmitters and receptors to control symptoms faster. Because of the non-selective pharmacological effect, it also has obvious control while controlling symptoms Side effects of normal muscle groups. Some patients had to stop treatment because of prominent side effects or could not be offset, which affected the treatment and prognosis of this disease. &nbsp.&nbsp.2. Chinese medicine: purposefully choose Chinese herbal medicine decoction, Chinese patent medicine acupuncture, massage, ear acupuncture, meridian therapy, etc. While controlling the symptoms, improve the child’s physique, eliminate the cause, and make the treatment plan vary from person to person. During the treatment process, the drug can be adjusted at any time according to the changes of the disease. After the symptom is controlled, the method of Fuzheng Yin can be used to consolidate the effect and reduce the recurrence. However, the taste of traditional Chinese medicine decoction is poor, and the child cannot accept it for a long time, which affects the treatment effect. &nbsp.&nbsp.3, Psychotherapy: &nbsp.&nbsp. Psychotherapy: Parents must first realize that the child’s abnormal performance is a morbid condition, and should master the correct treatment of the child, and must not be scolded. Parents should patiently educate and help their children on the basis of respect and love for their children. Parents should change their incorrect educational methods. In addition to actively giving their children medication, they should take advantage of family relationships, communicate more with children, talk with each other, understand their children’s difficulties and help them solve them; encourage every progress of children to mobilize them Positive emotional response makes it correct self-image and restore self-confidence and courage. &nbsp. Once the early symptoms of tics are found, they should be diagnosed and checked in the hospital as soon as possible in order to carry out targeted treatment and reduce the harm caused by tics.

The school should organize outdoor activities. Can children with epilepsy participate?

&nbsp.&nbsp.Q: The school should organize outdoor activities. Can children with epilepsy participate? &nbsp.&nbsp. This question is difficult to answer simply by “can participate” or “can’t participate”, and the answer will be different for each specific sick child. &nbsp.&nbsp. On the one hand, outdoor answers (such as outings, summer camps, etc.) have many benefits for the growth of children. Children can make more friends and cultivate independent thinking. The ability to overcome difficulties and manage yourself can also improve self-confidence, broaden horizons, get close to nature, learn all aspects of knowledge, etc. Therefore, it is obviously inappropriate to decide to restrict children to participate in such activities. &nbsp. On the other hand, due to the unpredictability of the time and place of seizures, there are bound to be some risks. The risk depends on factors such as the type of seizure, the type of seizure, the frequency of seizures, the size of the side effects of the drug, the presence or absence of other diseases, and the child’s ability to take care of himself. &nbsp.&nbsp. Therefore, the answer to this question is that the parents make the final decision after fully weighing the pros and cons of the above two aspects. Of course, in the decision process, doctors and school teachers can help parents to measure, such as doctors can assess the onset risk and possible harm, precautions during the event, emergency treatment during the event, etc., the teacher should inform the parents of the activity schedule The specific content should also be understood in advance of the child’s seizures, etc. During the event, the school can help to closely observe the child’s situation and provide various emergency treatments. &nbsp.&nbsp.If the child with epilepsy has never participated in outdoor activities before, or the child is not able to adapt to the environment, it is recommended to participate in short-term activities, such as activities that last one day (not overnight), and then consider participating in the future for a few days or Weeks of activity.

Are microtia deformities suitable for rib cartilage for ear reconstruction?

What to do with microtia? With the continuous advancement and improvement of medical technology, ear reconstruction technology has also been better improved, and more and more patients have also increased their acceptance of ear reconstruction surgery. But then the question also comes. At present, the most widely used ear reconstruction surgery is taken from the body costal cartilage as the ear bracket, and then the ear reconstruction surgery. Is this method really suitable for every small ear deformity patient? What are the conditions that need to be met to take rib cartilage for ear reconstruction? 1. The quality and quantity of costal cartilage Under normal circumstances, the hardness and quantity of costal costal cartilage when a child reaches seven years old is enough to make ears. With the increase of children’s age, the amount of cartilage becomes more and more and harder, and the difficulty of carving is reduced. However, in the twenties, some people’s rib cartilage begins to calcify, and the difficulty of carving will increase greatly. 2. Regardless of the method used to make the ear, the thickness and elasticity of the skin must use the skin of the residual ear area. Usually the skin of children before the age of eleven or two is relatively thin, but once they enter the stage of puberty, the thickness of the skin at this part immediately becomes thicker and the elasticity becomes worse, especially the skin within the hairline. Therefore, from the skin’s perspective, it is best for children to recreate their ears before school age. NO.3 Children’s psychological development Children’s awareness of the body is usually formed when they are 4 to 5 years old, which is the age when they start school. Therefore, it is ideal to complete the ear reconstruction surgery before going to school, so as to avoid the psychological harm caused by the companion mocking. Ear plastic surgery and repair medical expert-Professor Yu Wenlin, Professor Yu Wenlin, doctor and postdoctor in plastic surgery, and member of the flap flap group of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Surgery of the Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. After more than 20 years of practice, he has been deeply involved in plastic surgery and shaping the real “quote” ears. He continues to innovate in ear reconstruction technology, and has developed the self-costal cartilage ear reconstruction technology. The reconstructed ears have the same color, clear ear contours, and natural lifelikeness. They are recognized as currently less invasive, less costly, and less scarring. Ear reconstruction technology.

Brother Dong said that the baby is prone to constipation, can you eat probiotics?

“The baby has been constipated recently, and there are many kinds of complementary foods that don’t work.” “My baby usually drinks a lot of water, how can it cause constipation?” “I heard that eating probiotics can improve constipation. Has your baby ever eaten?” … Speaking of “probiotics”, many mothers must be very familiar, especially after the child has constipation, the first thing many parents think of is to add probiotics to their children. (Source: But are probiotics really so magical? Can children eat probiotics? Probiotics Big Secret 01 What are probiotics? Probiotics are living bacteria that are beneficial to the human body and can help maintain the balance of intestinal flora structure, improve the body’s immunity, promote the absorption of nutrients, and improve the body’s antioxidant level. In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined probiotics as “when giving sufficient quantities of live microorganisms, it has a beneficial effect on the health of the host.” (Source: Probiotics sound so good, then the baby is constipated Is it really possible to eat casually? First of all, parents need to understand whether the child is really constipated? “Constipation” is actually a situation often encountered by parents during the childcare process. (Source: Some parents believe that children who are not defecating for one day are constipated. But in fact, as long as the child has a normal diet and normal body development, does not have a bowel movement every day, or has two bowel movements a day, it is normal. If the child does not have bowel movements for more than three days, the stool is relatively dry, or even blood in the stool, then the child’s bowel function is abnormal, and external intervention is required. 02 Is it useful for constipation to eat probiotics? For this part of the child, it is okay to supplement it properly. However, children are also limited in taking probiotics. If they take it for about half a month, if there is no effect, it is recommended to stop it. And there are many types of probiotics, so moms should never add them to their children at will. If your baby has constipation, be sure to listen to a professional doctor for supplementation. For babies who are exclusively breastfed, there is usually no need to worry about constipation and no additional probiotics. The process of baby’s breast milk can help establish normal intestinal flora. (Source: Some parents often give them to children because they have heard that probiotics can help boost immunity. But in fact, for children who can eat normally and have regular bowel movements, there is no need to add additional probiotics. Excessive use of probiotics may also affect the development of the baby’s own immune system, resulting in the baby’s dependence on probiotics. Interaction Today: Does your baby often have constipation? How do you respond? Welcome to leave a comment in the comment area.

Communication of patients with aplastic anemia: signs, blood, and bone marrow

-I heard that children with aplastic anemia are better cured than adults? Understand physical signs + blood signs + bone marrow signs: about 1/3 of children with aplastic anemia can reach the liver, 1~3cm under the ribs. Adult patients are generally not reachable. Haematology: Child patients mainly show hemoglobin and thrombocytopenia. The leukopenia is less obvious, about 50% of the children’s leukocytes can exceed 4.0 × 109/L, which is more obvious in the range of less than 7 years old, but as the age increases, the number of cases of whole blood cells decrease gradually increases. Bone marrow elephant: The degree of bone marrow hyperplasia in children is more active and obviously active, which is different from adult aplastic anemia. The cellular components in the bone marrow, especially chronic aplastic anemia with good growth, the ratio of granulocyte and red blood cell system can be roughly normal, the granulocytes show maturity stagnation, and the proportion of middle and late red blood cells in the red blood cell system is even slightly higher than that of normal children. What is the difference between childhood aplastic anemia and adult aplastic anemia? Is it better to treat children with aplastic anemia? The percentage of granulocyte system and erythrocyte system in children with hyperplasia is significantly lower than adult aplastic anemia, and the proportion of non-hematopoietic cells such as lymphocytes, plasma cells, tissue cells, and tissue basophils is significantly higher than adult aplastic anemia. Bone marrow granules can be dominated partly by non-hematopoietic cells, partly by hematopoietic cells, or by both hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells, megakaryocytes are the same as adult aplastic anemia, and both are significantly reduced. Bone marrow in children is similar to adults. Normal children have relatively more hematopoietic bone marrow capacity than adults, and children’s bone marrow hematopoietic function compensation ability is also stronger than adults, resulting in the recovery rate of children with aplastic anemia will be higher than that of adult patients. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat.

How to treat cerebral palsy to achieve good results?

How can cerebral palsy be treated to achieve good results? It is known that cerebral palsy is a disease that occurs more frequently in infancy. Once a child has cerebral palsy, he must be treated as soon as possible. If not treated properly, it may very well interfere with the future In normal life, how can the cerebral palsy be treated to achieve good results? I believe this is also a topic that people are very concerned about. Below, I summarized a few treatments for people. 1. Family rehabilitation training. In the process of treating cerebral palsy, the role of the family cannot be ignored. Cerebral palsy rehabilitation is a long-term process. Short-term hospitalization is not able to achieve good results.There is a need to do a lot of treatment.Family, parents and doctors cooperate closely, formulate training plans, and conduct training efficacy guidance, which is correct and unreasonable. Training method. 2. Early treatment. Cerebral palsy is a very necessary early treatment of diseases, and it is more difficult after treatment. During the development stage of the infant movement system, early detection and abnormal movements in the early stage are easy to obtain a more comprehensive effect. Promote normal motor development, inhibit abnormal movements and postures, and follow step-by-step motor development laws and functional training, step-by-step children produce correct movements. Children use various effective means to provide comprehensive and diversified comprehensive treatment. In addition to the combination of the treatment of movement disorders, language disorders, mental retardation, seizures, and abnormal behaviors also need intervention, but they are also trained to face daily life. Learn to associate and engage in professional abilities in the future. The above is a good way to understand the curative effect of treating children with cerebral palsy. I hope that patients have their own understanding. In life, people must cherish their physical and mental health to avoid causing more serious injuries.

Life span of patients with cerebral palsy

The life span of patients with cerebral palsy? This is what everyone wants to know. We said: For cerebral palsy, everyone should be treated in time. Cerebral palsy is a disabling disease and the condition is more complicated. The survival time of patients and normal people is about the same. No one wants a disease like cerebral palsy to easily take the child’s life. So, how long is the life span of patients with cerebral palsy? First of all, in response to this problem, it is generally believed that children with cerebral palsy should have the same life span as normal people if there are no other complications. But this is a wrong concept. Some adverse symptoms of cerebral palsy not only affect the normal development of children, but also cause a serious economic burden on society and families. Children with cerebral palsy need to be actively treated, keep exercising, and perform rehabilitation training to help improve the condition, so that the life of children with cerebral palsy can be continued. Life expectancy of patients with cerebral palsy? According to investigations by relevant departments, nearly 90% of children can survive to adulthood or old age, but it is estimated that the average life expectancy is about 30 years old, and about 10% of children will die in infancy or childhood. . Therefore, for patients with cerebral palsy, how many years can live can not be taken lightly. For children with cerebral palsy, we should do early or timely treatment. Cerebral palsy is a terrible disabling disease and the condition is relatively complicated, but as long as you continue to continue treatment, don’t give up and don’t give up. The life span of patients with cerebral palsy and normal people is almost the same. The above is an introduction to the life span of patients with cerebral palsy. I believe that everyone has already understood through the above introduction. Once suffering from cerebral palsy, it is prone to many complications. After a long time, patients will still have psychological barriers. It is better to treat it in time. Treatment, I wish the patient a speedy recovery.

What to do if the baby with cerebral palsy is very thin

What should I do if the baby with cerebral palsy is very thin? In recent years, the incidence of cerebral palsy in children has been rising, which has caused heavy damage to the whole family. Many people will choose to take their children to a larger city to heal their children, hoping to get rid of cerebral palsy as soon as possible. Many children are severely affected after suffering from cerebral palsy, so parents must pay attention to nursing work to help their children recover as soon as possible. So, what should parents pay attention to in daily life? 1, skin care: patients with cerebral palsy who are seriously ill and unable to maintain a sitting position are often bedridden for a long time, and the lateral lying position is suitable for patients with various cerebral palsy. The daily care of cerebral palsy is to do Help patients turn over and minimize bed time during the day. 2. Life care: Daily life activities are the most basic activities for people to maintain their lives, such as eating, changing clothes, washing, and going to the toilet. Patients with cerebral palsy often have many abilities defects, so parents must carefully and routinely care for patients with cerebral palsy. For daily care, do not care. Hope parents remember. 3. Diet care: In the daily care of cerebral palsy, the children should be provided with high-calorie, high-protein and vitamin-rich, easily digestible food. Eating training should be given to children who have difficulty in eating independently. When feeding, do not pull out the spoon hard when the patient’s teeth are bitten to prevent damage to the teeth and cause unnecessary trouble. 4. Hygiene and education: guide family members to pay attention to the warmth of patients, and the clothes should be soft and comfortable. Tableware and milkware are regularly boiled and disinfected. Wash the perineum after urination to prevent eczema, and appropriate outdoor activities. There are many hospitals for treating cerebral palsy. You should choose carefully when choosing a hospital. Cerebral palsy diseases require relatively high levels of hospital technical equipment and expert experience. Therefore, you must go to a regular hospital and have a good reputation. Go for treatment, so that the child can get the most effective treatment. The above is the relevant situation introduced for you, I hope to help you. He said that children are the hope of parents, the continuation of love, and the future of the motherland. We must choose a good hospital and choose the right hospital, so that the children can return to health as soon as possible.

Dr. SUN| It’s not easy to be a man or a woman, just be happy. (

It’s not easy to be human. A mother in a big mountain who gave birth to her first baby, a baby boy, died inexplicably before and after the full moon. The second child was a baby boy again, and the child died inexplicably before and after the full moon. Then the third and fourth babies are all girls, and they are particularly good. In rural areas, it is understandable that I still want a baby boy, so I want this third child (fifth child), which is the child to be mentioned in this article. After birth, although he was a baby boy as expected, the situation began to be inexplicable like the first and second births mentioned earlier. This time, fortunately, there was a local pediatrician who had just returned from the provincial capital and felt that the child’s performance was very similar to a rare disease. The fact proved that the doctor was right. In more than 20 days, the child was diagnosed as a salt loss type of CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) in the Provincial City Hospital. After using hormones and correcting electrolyte disorders, the child’s life was saved. At the age of four months, the chromosomal result of the child also came out, 46XX, which is a normal female chromosome type, and the child is still raised as a boy. After the age of two, the child’s mother took the child to travel frequently between Dashan and Guangzhou, and the child finally received standardized medical treatment. At that time, I wanted to help my child recover his daughter. The first surgeon performed a laparoscopy on the child and saw that there were ovaries and uterus. He thought the operation was too difficult and did not perform vulvar plastic surgery. The child continued to be raised as the boy. At the age of five, he chose to continue to be a boy, and it took six months of drugs to promote the growth of JJ. When he was six years old, he also wanted to choose to be a woman, and went to the local police station to change the gender of his hukou from male to female. The second surgeon, who had done laparoscopic exploration again, combined with cystoscopy, did not perform vulvar plastic surgery. In addition to the difficulty of surgery, there is another reason that children refuse to be girls themselves. Time is passing, the child is growing up, and in the local living environment, the child’s gender dilemma is a secret. In the eyes of a local outsider, he was completely a boy, went to the men’s toilet, stood and urinated, and his appearance was as well as his character. It is difficult to be a woman, and it is not easy to be a man. Although his JJ is not younger than a boy of the same age, he is somewhat curved. After he is sensible, when he goes to the toilet, he will deliberately avoid the eyes of others. When he was nine years old, he found a third surgeon and wanted to straighten the child. After a few days in the hospital, the doctor refused the operation and let him be discharged. Now the child is almost eleven years old. The parents brought the child to my outpatient clinic. Before I spoke, all I saw was a little shy boy. Because of the special condition, the child was first received in the endocrinology department, and a detailed psychological and ethical assessment was performed. The parents and the child still chose a male with a different chromosome type. Turning back to the operation, the vagina and uterus can be seen under the cystoscope, and the penis straightening operation is done. On the fourth day after surgery, the bandaged gauze was removed and the urinary catheter was removed. After the child went to the toilet, the child’s mother came over and told me that the child was very happy today. It’s not easy to be a man or a woman, just be happy. &nbsp. For families with rare diseases in remote areas, they should not be blamed. The child’s mother is a very kind person, and even refused the kindness of a charity fund. She felt that she could also cover the cost of the operation. Review the child’s diagnosis and treatment process. Consider a few questions. 1. When did a person begin to determine their gender? What is the role? Gender is a complex issue. The child clearly expressed his gender awareness when he was six years old. His physical performance, the eyes of outsiders, and the positioning of his parents should all influence the formation of his psychological gender. Children with CAH should pay more attention to the cultivation of gender awareness from the day of diagnosis. &nbsp.2. When there is already a conflict between genital sex, internal genital sex, chromosomal sex and psychological sex, which one is dominant? The relatively normal vulva plays an important role in the psychological formation of children. This child’s psychological gender is just a special case. When there is conflict, I personally think that psychology is the most important and happiness is the best. &nbsp. 3. What about the child’s internal genitals (ovaries, uterus, and vagina)? Only penis straightening is done in the operation, and the internal genitals are still kept. There is a way out for children and doctors. It is easy to cut and wait for a few years to confirm

Tumor accounts for the second cause of death in children. Lung cancer can occur at the age of 2 years, and second-hand smoke is the most harmful

It is an indisputable fact that cancer is senile. However, cancer is not a patent for adults. Children also suffer from cancer, and all ages and all parts of the body may suffer from cancer. The incidence rate has increased in recent years. Although the incidence of childhood cancer is not high, it is about 1.5 per 10,000, accounting for only 0.6% of all malignant tumors, but the mortality rate accounts for 10.7% of the total mortality of children. Among the causes of death of children under 14 years of age in China, malignant tumors have Ranked second. Most of the children are under 6 years old, most of them are 3 to 5 years old, and the cancer rate of boys is significantly higher than that of girls. The most common types of childhood cancer are leukemia, lymphoma, nephroblastoma, neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma, etc. Childhood lung cancer is relatively rare, but it does exist. The smallest reported lung cancer patient is only 2 years old. In addition, there are cases of lung cancer in children aged 8 and 10. Why does such a small child get the lung cancer that old people often get? The cause of the disease is complex. 1. Inherited genes In young children, there must be innate factors for lung cancer. It may be that the parents have inherited oncogenes, or it may be that the fetal gene has been mutated for various reasons during pregnancy. The mutated gene carried by children has no dominant manifestation at birth, but due to external factors, the bronchial and lung epithelial cells mutated within a short time. Genetic factors play a big role in the occurrence of childhood cancer. 2. A survey on passive smoking shows that the proportion of adult men smoking in my country exceeds 70%, and the number of people suffering from second-hand smoke is as high as 540 million, including 180 million children under 15 years of age. Children are in the stage of physical development, the organs are not yet fully developed, the immune function is low, the detoxification and detoxification function is not as good as that of adults, and it is easier to accumulate harmful substances in the body. During pregnancy, whether a pregnant woman smokes herself or passively inhales tobacco smoke, her child’s likelihood of developing malignant tumors in the future increases significantly. 3. Other harmful substances In addition to the harm of second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke to children, the occurrence of lung cancer in children is also related to the damage of various harmful substances from outside to children. For example, excessive kitchen fumes at home; benzene and formaldehyde substances released in the decoration of homes or indoor playgrounds; children’s height causes inhalation of more car exhaust on the road; mothers are exposed to excessive ionization during pregnancy or children’s lives Radiation; usually eat puffed fried snacks and so on. These carcinogens play a supporting role in the generation of lung cancer in children. Children suffering from lung cancer in childhood basically have genetic defects. There is a theory in medicine called the second mutation theory. The first time is that genetic mutations occur on the germ cells, and they are affected by external factors within a short period of time after birth. Next, a second mutation occurred, and lung cancer developed. Therefore, parents should develop good living habits, actively control and quit smoking, reduce the opportunities for children to smoke passively, and create a good environment for children. The nutrition in the diet should be balanced and comprehensive, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat less spicy, greasy, barbecue and other irritating foods, so that children can participate in sports to enhance physical resistance.

Four-year-old baby’s blood in the stool is a long colonic tumor

   Recently, a four-year-old girl developed bloody stools. After examination, the child did not have anal fissures, not caused by constipation. Later, the doctor found through a fantasy colonoscopy that the child had a colonic tubular adenoma, which was benign. At present, after the operation, the tumor inside the child has been removed.   learned that more than half a month ago, a four-year-old girl had bloody stools every day (pseudonym). At first, the family didn’t care, thinking that it was caused by constipation. As a result, this situation lasted for about half a month. At this time, the family felt that the problem was serious and took the child to check it. It can be seen from the results of the examination that the child does not have anal fissures, that is, the child has blood in the stool, which has nothing to do with constipation.   Later, the medical staff made a fantasy colonoscopy every day. Huang Fengying found that in the colon at 25 cm from the child’s anus, there was a tumor of the size of a soybean, and a part of it was taken for pathological examination, which was diagnosed as a tubular adenoma of the colon. Although there is no malignant transformation, the rate of malignant transformation of this adenoma is as high as about 40%. Afterwards, the medical staff removed the adenoma every day through a fantasy colonoscopy. Currently, recovery is very good every day.  It has been found that children over 20 months old are suffering from this disease. If they are not treated in time, they may become malignant. A few years ago, an 8-year-old child was found to have colon cancer. It is recommended that the general public, in the absence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures, once blood in the stool appears, it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination.