Some lung diseases may cause “lung atrophy”, some of the lost lung function can be recovered, and some cannot

There is no such thing as lung atrophy in professional textbooks. Pulmonary atrophy actually refers to atelectasis. Sometimes for better understanding of patients and their families, it will say that the lungs have shrunk, the air in the alveoli is less, and the lung function has deteriorated. . On CT, atelectasis is usually accompanied by decreased light transmittance in the affected area, and adjacent structures (bronchial tubes, pulmonary vessels, interstitial lung) converge towards the atelectasis, and sometimes pulmonary consolidation is seen, and other lung tissues produce modern compensated lungs emphysema. There are many causes of atelectasis. The most common is airway obstructive atelectasis. The lesions that cause obstruction can be intratracheal, external tracheal compression, or tracheal wall lesions. When the airway is blocked, the outside air cannot enter the bronchi or enter very little, and the vascular bed in the affected lung tissue begins to absorb air, and then the alveoli gradually collapse. The most common clinical cause of airway obstruction is malignant tumors, and lung cancer is the most common, especially atelectasis in patients with central lung cancer. Tumor metastasis can sometimes cause atelectasis due to the compression of bronchi by enlarged lymph nodes. Lymphoma can also cause bronchial obstruction and atelectasis. In non-tumor diseases, bronchial tuberculosis, bronchial foreign bodies, bronchial sputum plugs, etc. can also block the airway and cause atelectasis. Bronchial tuberculosis is the most important cause of benign bronchial stenosis. Most cases of atelectasis occur in fibrous cavity type tuberculosis. Bronchial foreign bodies are more common in infants and comatose elderly in bed. For patients with neurological diseases or chest trauma, due to respiratory muscle weakness, limited thoracic mobility or coma, the lung’s ability to clear secretions decreases, and it is easy to form mucus phlegm to block the airway and cause atelectasis. In addition to atelectasis caused by airway obstruction, atelectasis caused by lung compression are more common. Lesions in the pleural cavity can push and squeeze lung tissue to make them atelectasis. Such atelectasis are generally mild or incomplete, but occasionally they can be complete lung collapse. Lesions in the pleural cavity include pleural effusion, pneumothorax, empyema and intrathoracic tumors. What about atelectasis? The treatment of atelectasis is mainly based on the reasons for its formation. Benign lesions cause acute atelectasis and can be cured. For example, atelectasis caused by inflammation or phlegm blockage can be cured by anti-infective treatment, drainage of the patient’s posture, and sputum patting on the back and atomization inhalation, etc. The sputum is drawn out with a bronchoscope in time if necessary And rinse to clear the airway. Cancer causes atelectasis. Even if the tumor becomes smaller after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, there is no guarantee that atelectasis can be improved. For severe airway stenosis, the stent can be used to re-expand the airway after a full assessment, so that the locally blocked lobes of the lung can be reopened and re-expanded.

Shi Shurong: Rheumatoid arthritis is easy to cause anemia of anemia, how to control it?

Shi Shurong’s studio WeChat xyk261 once had a female patient, 65 years old, with rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years. She took hormonal drugs every day, resulting in joint deformities in both hands. Suddenly one day there was dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus, and tiredness after activity. After arriving at the hospital, he was found to have severe anemia without lymphadenopathy. After bone marrow examination, rheumatoid arthritis with pure red blood cell aplastic anemia was diagnosed.   It is understood that anemia is the most common complication of rheumatoid arthritis, with an incidence of 16%-65%. Typical anemia of rheumatoid arthritis belongs to anemia of chronic disease, so it can be treated effectively and timely in order to avoid aplastic anemia.  This patient has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis for more than 20 years, and he has not received regular treatment. He is just taking the medicine blindly, causing the condition to worsen and the blood system to be damaged. The patient did not care and missed the opportunity for treatment.   Therefore, patients with rheumatoid arthritis need to effectively control the disease and prevent anemia, pay attention to these points:    1. Rest when you feel tired   Anemia will make you feel tired, and even shortness of breath after a little activity.   2. Avoid participating in sports   Because of low platelets, it is easy to cause bleeding. Patients should avoid participating in sports to avoid falls and injuries.  3. Protect yourself from pathogen infections  Patients should wash their hands frequently to avoid contact with the affected patient group and reduce the risk of infection. If the patient has a fever or other signs of infection, they should go to the hospital immediately.   4. Diet attention   First of all, you should not eat some unhygienic and cold food, because some unhygienic and cold food may cause foreign bacteria or viruses to enter the patient’s body. The number of white blood cells in patients with aplastic anemia is reduced, and the patient’s resistance is often very poor. Once some bacteria or parasites and viruses enter the body, it will lead to the occurrence of infectious diseases, and severe septic shock will also occur. Cause the patient to die. Do not eat grooved, thorny and hard foods, such as pork bones, fish bones and other foods. These grooved, thorny and hard foods may scratch the patient’s esophageal wall and gastric mucosa, causing gastrointestinal bleeding may. The number of platelets in patients with aplastic anemia is very low, and the ability to stop bleeding is very poor. Once gastrointestinal bleeding occurs, it may cause hemorrhagic shock and lead to death.   The current main treatment is immunosuppressive therapy, usually the actual effect of medication is not very ideal, but it can be relieved according to certain drugs, and now it is critical to use certain growth hormones or cyclosporine for treatment! Ability to eat certain male hormones, male hormones can promote hematopoietic function, but it will cause patients to have long beards, pay attention to the treatment! Therefore, Chinese medicine can be taken to regulate and reduce the side effects of hormone drugs on the body.

Specific causes of cerebral palsy

In view of the damage caused by cerebral palsy, patients must understand the knowledge of cerebral palsy, especially the cause of cerebral palsy, which is beneficial to the prevention of cerebral palsy. I hope everyone can understand this. In this case, do you know what the specific cause of cerebral palsy is? Let me talk about the common causes of cerebral palsy. In general, the common causes of cerebral palsy are: 1. Possible factors in the perinatal period: premature delivery is also the cause of cerebral palsy, low-birth-weight expired (more than 2 weeks) delivery, more than 20 hours of contractions before delivery, fetal heart rate 100 times/min or less 2 More than 2 hours of labor, placenta previa, early placental dissection, breech delivery, forceps delivery, cesarean section and various dystocia, twins, umbilical cord around the neck, green amniotic fluid, asphyxia at birth, postpartum breathing and circulation disorders , Huge fetuses, etc. 2. Hypoxia asphyxia: The causes of this cerebral palsy include hypoxia asphyxia in the mother’s womb, neonatal hypoxia asphyxia, respiratory distress syndrome, circulatory failure, and polycythemia. 3. Premature delivery and fetal dysplasia: Intrauterine infection, slow intrauterine growth, congenital malformation. Newborns weighing less than 2500 grams, the possibility of cerebral palsy is greatly increased (about 40% of children with cerebral palsy weigh less than 2500 grams), these are the causes of cerebral palsy. In summary, the common cause of cerebral palsy is hoped that patients with cerebral palsy and their families can keep in mind. If you find yourself suffering from cerebral palsy and don’t be nervous, you must go to the hospital for treatment in order to restore health as soon as possible.

What are the hazards of allergic purpura

Allergic purpura, also known as Henoch-Schonlein purpura, is an allergic vasculitis that invades the small arteries and capillaries of the skin and other organs. The cause is generally considered to be related to streptococcal infections, viral infections, drugs, food, insect bites, etc. The mechanism is that the antigen and antibody combine to form an immune complex that deposits on the blood vessel wall, activates complement, causes inflammation in and around the capillary and small blood vessel walls, and increases the permeability of the blood vessel wall to cause related symptoms.   Henoch-Schonlein purpura usually occurs in adolescents and children. Fever, headache, arthralgia and general malaise begin to appear. Afterwards, needles up to the size of soybeans, petechiae, ecchymosis, or urticaria-like rashes can gradually be seen. In severe cases, blisters, blood blisters, and even ulcers may occur. The rash is generally symmetrical and occurs mostly in the lower limbs and buttocks.  It can be seen from the above that allergic purpura can cause peripheral inflammation, which can cause inflammation in joints, extremities, and gastrointestinal tract during repeated attacks, and patients with allergic purpura are generally accompanied by high blood pressure and gradually increase. Long-term swelling and pain in the joints can cause lesions around the joints. Abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting may cause gastrointestinal inflammation. The greater harm is to affect the mental state, because allergic purpura will recur repeatedly, which will attack confidence, cause psychological burden, and affect normal life.   Therefore, if allergic purpura is found, it is necessary to receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid causing other diseases and minimize the harm.

How does anxiety affect the lives of patients

   Some people in daily life can manipulate their own mentality very well, but some people can’t control their mentality, and the mentality is up and down, which harms the personal behavior of the human brain and causes strange personal behavior. Anxiety and depression are mental diseases that will come to people’s hands, and if the condition of anxiety and depression increases, it will endanger people’s physical and mental health, resulting in people’s mentality can not control the plan, because anxiety and depression are mental diseases The damage to the human brain is quite large, and it will also cause considerable harm to our daily life. 1. Harm to people’s mentality: Anxiety and depression can harm people’s mentality, it is very easy to cause negative information mentality, very depressed, very depressed about everything, irritable, Making a very easy and uneasy mindset uncontrollable will also cause anxiety, restlessness, lack of energy, concentration, and no way to concentrate on doing things. Second, it will cause the appearance of human illness: Anxiety and depression occur on the human brain, resulting in low immunity of the human brain, which harms the physical and mental health of the head. Depressive mentality will harm the human brain’s proper discrimination and harm. As a result of human thinking logic, it leads to the appearance of head disorders, causing headaches and dizziness. The emergence of anxiety and depression is due to abnormalities of the nervous system, and abnormal disorder of the nervous system will cause the oxygen consumption of the human brain aspect ratio, resulting in poor breathing, which is a serious threat to the physical and mental health of the human body. 3. Let the patients suffer from insomnia: People suffering from anxiety and depression are very prone to insomnia. Because the mentality of depression will harm the logical thinking of the patients’ minds and their brains, it is also easy to cause the brain to be upset, And upset is very harmful to the human brain. When you fall asleep, you will also be upset and will not be manipulated, which will cause insomnia. Fourth, the occurrence of mental illness: Anxiety and depression will not only harm the physical and mental health of the human brain, but also the physical and mental health of the mental state, because of anxiety, grumpy, and has been upset, causing headaches The situation appears, and this will harm the heart of the patient, let the patient always care about their own condition, make the heart feel the horror of the disease, cause restlessness in the heart, worry that their anxiety treatment is not good, time Over time, it is very easy to cause mental illness.   Fifth, increase the fatality rate: long-term depression will cause myocardial infarction, and the aspect ratio depression will also cause people’s nerve disorders, twitching, and the symptoms of ventricular chemical fibrillation shaking, will increase the risk of death. Sixth, the occurrence of cancer syndrome: Anxiety and depression and other mental illnesses are not easy to cause cancer syndrome, but it is long-term depression, and the negative emotions caused will give psychological process physical and mental health and its mentality are actually quite large Work stress, as in the long-term past, will cause damage to human function, low immunity, and will increase the risk of cancer. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The harm caused by anxiety and depression is quite large, it will seriously endanger my physical and mental health, and will harm the personal safety of the person, so it is necessary to go to treatment as soon as possible. Don’t underestimate the anxiety and depression disorder. The anxiety and depression friends who look forward to daily life get rid of the illness as soon as possible and have a healthy body and mind.

33-year-old man with a blood pressure of 150/90, worried about his life and longevity! The doctor gives an objective explanation

There was a 33-year-old hypertensive patient in the outpatient clinic 3 months ago. He found that hypertension was not long, but he has been reluctant to take medicine. Today, he cannot be pulled by his wife to see a doctor. Because his wife read my science about hypertension yesterday, saying that if hypertension is not controlled, it will cause many diseases, and high blood pressure will have a big impact on men, and it will also cause male dysfunction and affect the lives of couples. Then he had to listen to his wife and see a doctor. He recently measured his blood pressure at the level of 150/90. I heard no heart murmurs and no big heart percussions; that is, I have been staying up late recently and usually have less activity. I told him not to take medicine for the time being, first to improve life habits, observe for a few months to see, if done well, blood pressure can return to normal after a while. But if you still don’t care, you may need to take antihypertensive drugs in the future, and even affect every bit of life. So whether a man’s blood pressure is 150/90 will have an impact on life, the key depends on his attitude. 1. Early detection and early control will generally have no effect. If you can find your blood pressure 150/90 in time, and immediately pay attention to it, start active control. Of course, controlling blood pressure does not mean that you must take medicine. First of all, you must live a healthy life. Quitting smoking and drinking, insisting on exercise, weight control, low-salt diet, reducing staying up, etc. Healthy lifestyles are conducive to blood pressure control. Even for newly discovered grade 1 hypertension, as long as there is no comorbidity, then you can temporarily not take medicine. Through a healthy lifestyle, blood pressure may return to normal in the future. Then there will not be much impact. A healthy lifestyle can not only lower blood pressure, but also prevent hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Second, even if the blood pressure is well controlled, the theory is that some men with high blood pressure may be affected. Long-term high blood pressure will cause arteriosclerosis to increase, then it will also cause the blood supply to be restricted, resulting in reduced blood flow to the testicles. Vascular diseases and low testosterone levels can affect erectile function. Thereby affecting the male function of some male patients with hypertension. There are also some antihypertensive drugs such as Lol, hydrochlorothiazide, spironolactone, and nifedipine that may also cause ED; even some people who have one or two dysfunctions will be psychologically burdened and have long-term ED. Therefore, we must adhere to a healthy life, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, reduce the risk of taking medicine, if you choose drugs, try to choose antihypertensive drugs that have little effect on men. So as to avoid these things happening. 3. Undetected or uncontrolled after the discovery will definitely affect If a person does not discover high blood pressure in time, then it will definitely affect life. Because most high blood pressure has no symptoms, if you do not actively measure blood pressure, you will not find out whether you have high blood pressure. The result is that long-term high blood pressure is not found, long-term high blood pressure is not found or unwilling to actively control after high blood pressure is found, let high blood pressure run for a long time. Over time, it will lead to, for example, enlarged heart, heart failure, dyspnea after eating and drinking, and sleep will not be able to lie down at night; for example, it will lead to stroke, if you have sequelae, you will have aphasia, hemiplegia, and hemiplegia; for example, it may cause kidney failure. Go to the hospital for dialysis twice a week; for example, if it leads to myocardial infarction, you may face death directly. These are the results of not paying attention to hypertension. You said that once this step is reached, this is not an impact on life, but an impact on life. A few months later, the patient came back to review and said that the blood pressure has been 130-140/85-90 recently. I feel that I am more energetic and not uncomfortable. I asked if I should take medicine. Blood pressure has also dropped to a relatively safe level, but it is not ideal. It is more ideal to continue to maintain a healthy life and lower the blood pressure below 130/80 as much as possible.

What makes you feel heavy when you sleep?

What makes you feel heavy when you sleep? Some people feel their heads are heavy when they sleep, what is the reason? There are many reasons why you feel heavy when you sleep. The main reasons are as follows: First, there may be insufficient sleep time and poor sleep quality caused by temporary blood supply to the brain and insufficient oxygen supply. Second, it may be caused by too long a sleep time. Too much sleep time can easily lead to numbness in the brain, thus giving people a feeling of heavy head. Third, it may be caused by cold head while sleeping. Fourth, there may be a problem with the cervical spine or cerebral arteriosclerosis, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and abnormal sensory function. Fifth, it may be caused by mental stress, excessive stress, and excessive fatigue. Sixth, it may be caused by peripheral vertigo. Peripheral vertigo is usually a lesion that occurs in the extracranial segment of the vestibular nerve and vestibular organs, or dizziness caused by dysfunction, usually accompanied by visual rotation, and in severe cases, nausea and vomiting. . Seventh, it may be caused by central vertigo, which is generally related to central nervous system ischemia and hypoxia, such as cerebellum, brain stem infarction or posterior circulation ischemia. Some placeholder diseases can also cause dizziness when they affect the cerebellum and brain stem. Eighth, it may be caused by chronic myofascitis, generally related to anxiety and cervical spondylosis. The patient has chronic stretching of the muscles in the back of the neck, muscle tension, chronic inflammation of the scalp cap-shaped aponeurosis, and a sense of contraction. The patient often manifests as feeling heavy, pressured, dizzy, and unclear head all day long. . Ninth, caused by external wind and cold, rheumatism, cold can stagnate qi and blood, and wet energy can cause the body to be heavy. Both will make the blood run poorly, causing dizziness and heavy head. Tenth, due to changes in one’s own constitution, high or low blood pressure will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, and there will be a feeling of dizziness and brain swelling. In addition, people with injury and dampness and humid constitution often also have this situation.

What are the common causes of azoospermia in men?

  Healthy sperm is the basic condition for an adult male to bear offspring. If suffering from azoospermia means that there is no ability to have children, because infertility males caused by azoospermia account for about 15% of all infertile patients. So, what are the common causes of azoospermia in men?   What are the common causes of azoospermia in men? 1. Epididymitis and vas deferens: long-term inflammatory stimulation will cause changes in the pH of semen and antibodies to male sperm Factors such as destroying the sperm’s living environment and causing sperm death. Therefore, under normal circumstances, doctors will ask to cure the infection of the accessory glands first to solve the problem of patients with dead sperm.   2. Inflammation of the reproductive organs: clinical cases of male infertility caused by delayed treatment of genital organ inflammation or long-term cure are not rare. This is because the infection of the reproductive system will promote the change of the seminal plasma composition. The reduction of zinc, magnesium, citric acid, fructose and elevated pH will directly affect the vitality of sperm. Diseases such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and epididymitis are all disease factors that cause dead sperm disease.   3. Prolonged abstinence can also cause dead sperm disease: long-term failure to ejaculate often leads to symptoms such as high sperm density, many dead sperm, and poor sperm motility. This situation is basically a normal pathological condition. 4. Spermatozoa caused by varicocele: varicocele will affect the testes and the epididymal blood circulation of men, causing some temperature rise and the accumulation of toxic substances, which will cause the sperm motility of men to be low and lead to death. .   There are many causes of azoospermia, there are congenital factors and acquired bad habits. The symptoms of azoospermia are not obvious, and the diagnosis can only be confirmed by going to the hospital for examination. Therefore, male experts recommend that male friends want to have a baby after marriage, it is best to go to a regular hospital for routine semen examination.

There are many possible causes of cerebral palsy in the perinatal period

In view of the damage caused by cerebral palsy, patients must understand the knowledge of cerebral palsy, especially the cause of cerebral palsy, which is beneficial to the prevention of cerebral palsy. I hope everyone can understand this. In this case, do you know what the specific cause of cerebral palsy is? Let me talk about the common causes of cerebral palsy. In general, the common causes of cerebral palsy are: 1. Possible factors in the perinatal period: premature delivery is also the cause of cerebral palsy, low-birth-weight expired (more than 2 weeks) delivery, more than 20 hours of contractions before delivery, fetal heart rate 100 times/min or less 2 More than 2 hours of labor, placenta previa, early placental dissection, breech delivery, forceps delivery, cesarean section and various dystocia, twins, umbilical cord around the neck, green amniotic fluid, asphyxia at birth, postpartum breathing and circulation disorders , Huge fetuses, etc. 2. Hypoxia asphyxia: The causes of this cerebral palsy include hypoxia asphyxia in the mother’s womb, neonatal hypoxia asphyxia, respiratory distress syndrome, circulatory failure, and polycythemia. 3. Premature delivery and fetal dysplasia: Intrauterine infection, slow intrauterine growth, congenital malformation. Newborns weighing less than 2500 grams, the possibility of cerebral palsy is greatly increased (about 40% of children with cerebral palsy weigh less than 2500 grams), these are the causes of cerebral palsy. In summary, the common cause of cerebral palsy is hoped that patients with cerebral palsy and their families can keep in mind. If you find yourself suffering from cerebral palsy and don’t be nervous, you must go to the hospital for treatment in order to restore health as soon as possible.

Professor Xie Lizi explained: How is the perianal abscess caused?

Professor Xie Lizi explained: How is the perianal abscess caused? There are several reasons for perianal abscess: 1. Infection, it mainly comes from bacterial infection, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, or anaerobic bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, these will enter When the patient gets to the anus, the bacteria will increase after a long time, which will cause the occurrence of perianal abscess. 2. Surgery in the anal area. Sometimes the operation is improper or the medication is used incorrectly, which causes some bacteria to cause submucosal abscesses, and even increases the negative pressure to cause abscesses in the posterior rectal space. Third, anorectal diseases, the cleanliness of the anus area is not enough, due to excessive moisture, or even eczema, may cause perianal abscess. Regardless of the cause of perianal abscesses, prompt and active treatment is required. In life, pay attention to fasting spicy, cold, greasy, irritating food, try to avoid diarrhea or constipation, and eat fresh vegetables and For fruits, eat more oatmeal and keep your stool as smooth as possible. Once symptoms appear, they should be treated promptly and targeted treatments should be taken to avoid delaying treatment.

Readme from folic acid: Folic acid is not a patent for pregnant women, these 7 groups of people, we must focus on supplementation

Hello everyone, my name is “Folic Acid”. The reason I am called this name is because I was a water-soluble nutrient extracted from spinach leaves by scientists in the 1940s, so it was named Folic Acid. If classified according to nutrients, I am also a member of the B-vitamin family. Among the B-vitamins, I rank the oldest nine, so it is also called vitamin B9. In addition to preventing fetal malformations, my physiological functions include these. I am a member of the B vitamins and an important coenzyme for maintaining normal physiological functions in the human body. Everyone knows that the division of the human body’s cells requires the replication of DNA. In this process, my participation is indispensable. It is precisely because of my participation that I can better maintain the normal proliferation and division of cells, and the body’s metabolism can be normal. get on. The fetus in the first trimester needs to undergo rapid cell division every day. If my mother lacks this nutrient, it may affect the division of the cells and cause the fetal neural tube defects. Therefore, many expectant mothers are preparing for pregnancy and the first trimester. , Pay great attention to supplementing folic acid nutrition, doing so can greatly reduce the risk of fetal malformation due to lack of related nutrition. Many friends think that this kind of nutrients only needs to be supplemented by pregnant women or women, but the actual situation is that in addition to the physiological functions of the human body, it can not only promote the normal development of embryos and reduce the acute incidence. Simple, in addition to the above functions, I also have the following important physiological functions-in the process of human growth and development, I am an important coenzyme involved in cell division and reproduction and promote nucleic acid synthesis. If the baby or child lacks sufficient body The folic acid will cause slow growth and development. I will also participate in the formation of hemoglobin and the proliferation of red blood cells and white blood cells. If the body lacks folic acid, it may cause megaloblastic anemia, especially children and pregnant women. In the synthesis and metabolism of various amino acids, such as the conversion of glycine and serine, the formation of phenylalanine to form tyrosine, the formation of histidine to glutamic acid, and the conversion of cysteine ​​to methionine, etc. With my participation and catalysis, these processes can proceed smoothly. If the body lacks folic acid, it will affect the conversion of homocysteine ​​to methionine in the body. Homocysteine ​​is too high, which will further increase the risk of atherosclerosis. In addition, I am also involved in the metabolic synthesis of the nutrient DHA in the brain. I am also an important nutrient in maintaining central nervous system stability and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, my existence is not just a supplement for women, to promote the normal development of the fetus. As an important coenzyme in the human body to participate in various physiological processes, I am an important nutrient to maintain the normal and healthy body. No matter whether it is a woman or a man, a child or an elderly, you should pay attention to adequate supplements for me. If the body lacks folic acid, it will bring about health risks of one kind or another. How to supplement it comprehensively, food supplement is the most recommended way. Thankfully, I can see my figure in a variety of foods in our daily life. Let’s summarize it for everyone-vegetables: such as cabbage, spinach, Celery, cucumber, cauliflower, green pepper, coriander, lettuce, tomato, various soy products, etc. Fruits: such as oranges, strawberries, cherries, hawthorn, grapes, pears, peaches, etc. Nuts and cereals: cashews, walnuts, almonds, corn, wheat germ, brown rice, etc. Other categories: animal internal organs, such as liver and kidney, and some seafood foods. Therefore, if we maintain a balanced and sufficient intake of nutrients in our daily life, do not pick and eat, and at the same time, the body does not have obstacles to the absorption and metabolism of folic acid, and there are no external factors that affect the absorption of folic acid into the body, we The body will not lack the nutrition of folic acid. If we are healthy, we want to supplement the nutrient of folic acid in an appropriate amount. In daily life recipes, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat foods rich in folic acid. . What conditions will cause me to decrease and lack in the human body? There are many kinds of foods in our daily life, so I have a normal and balanced, scientific and reasonable diet friends, usually do not have the problem of folic acid deficiency, but It should also be noted that there are many factors that may affect my

How do you extract a small tooth and lose your life? Experts interpret the deadly truth of tooth extraction

If it hadn’t happened, many people wouldn’t believe that tooth extraction would kill people. Recently, a 26-year-old young man in Changsha suffered from hemorrhage after pulling out his wisdom teeth. He died after several days of treatment by the hospital. The cause of death given by the hospital was cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral hernia. Many people are very puzzled, how to extract a small tooth and still lose their lives? But this is actually possible, although not common. The possible reasons why the Changsha guy lost his life after pulling out his teeth. Let us first analyze why the Changsha guy lost his life? First of all, since there is no definite evidence, the following analysis is based on clinical thinking to evaluate the possible causes of things happening. Although the cause of death given by the treatment hospital is cerebral hemorrhage and the formation of cerebral hernia, the reason behind the cerebral hemorrhage is worth thinking about. There seems to be no difference between tooth extraction and cerebral hemorrhage, but looking back, the young man still has bleeding a few days after tooth extraction. Anyone with some medical knowledge will think this is not normal. Although tooth extraction is an invasive operation, it will definitely bleed, but the wounds caused are not too large. Normal people will stop the blood soon when the blood coagulation and platelet function are intact, just like we bleeding after we extracted teeth when we were children. The elders will tell us to contain a few sips of tap water and then spit up the blood to stop it (off-topic: this approach is actually not correct, it is recommended not to refer to it). Therefore, there may be two reasons why the young man still has bleeding after a few days of tooth extraction. One is the use of anticoagulation or drugs that affect the function of platelets. The second is the existence of blood system diseases in the young man, which affects the function of blood coagulation and platelets. . First of all, in both cases, the dentist should inquire clearly before tooth extraction. The young man is 26 years old, has no history of cardiovascular disease, and the possibility of long-term oral anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs is unlikely. Then the remaining possibility is a blood system disease, and the young man may not know it himself. According to reports, after the young man was treated in the hospital, the doctor gave a diagnosis of suspected acute leukemia, which is possible from this diagnosis. Leukemia is a malignant tumor of the blood system characterized by clonal abnormal hyperplasia of hematopoietic cells, which can cause bleeding and other symptoms. If you perform tooth extraction or surgery, it will cause difficulty in hemostasis. And this young man didn’t go to the hospital when he couldn’t stop the blood, which caused delays in treatment and also a fatal indirect cause. What other causes of tooth extraction can be fatal? The above is just one of the reasons, there is another blood system disease, hemophilia. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder with inherited abnormal blood coagulation function. Due to the lack of congenital coagulation factors, patients with hemophilia also need to be cautious in tooth extraction, which may cause bleeding. There is also a fatal cause of infection. Hundreds of millions of bacteria are colonized in the human mouth, many of which are conditionally pathogenic. When an open wound is left after tooth extraction, oral bacteria will enter the blood circulation from the wound and cause bacteremia. According to statistics, about 50% of tooth extraction patients will have temporary bacteremia. If the body’s immunity is low, it will further lead to sepsis, which can be fatal in severe cases. In conclusion, not only is it a tooth extraction, but the seemingly normal squeezing of acne in life can also be fatal. Such cases have been reported at home and abroad. Therefore, whether it is tooth extraction or squeezing acne, it is best to find a professional doctor to help, if there is any discomfort afterwards, you should first go to the hospital for treatment. #小人死了憲頂應應買責費費 (Part of the source of the picture in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Taking these medicines can cause “osteoporosis”!

Taking these medicines can cause “osteoporosis”! Osteoporosis is a systemic bone metabolic disorder characterized by low bone mineral content, destruction of bone structure, decreased bone strength, and prone to fractures. According to statistics, 8% to 15% of the clinically common osteoporosis are caused by taking drugs, which is also known as drug-induced osteoporosis in clinic. The following drugs can cause “osteoporosis&quot.: 1, Tenofovir: Tenofovir, one of the backbones of antiviral treatment, is one of the drugs that many infected people must use every day. It is well known that tenofovir causes bone Mass loss and kidney damage, although the effect is slight, but still need to pay attention to long-term use, especially when used in combination with the following drugs, protease inhibitors: protease inhibitors may also inhibit the activity of hydroxylase, so that 25- (OH)D3 cannot be effectively converted to 1,25-(OH)2D3, which indirectly affects bone metabolism. (Common varieties: Kelizhi, Puzeli). 3. Glucocorticoids Glucocorticoids are the most common cause of osteoporosis The drugs are mainly related to glucocorticoids promoting protein breakdown, inhibiting its synthesis and increasing calcium and phosphorus excretion. It is more common in children, menopausal women and the elderly, and severe cases can occur spontaneous fractures. (Common varieties: dexamethasone, strong Pine). 4, tumor chemotherapy drugs Many chemotherapy drugs can have an effect on the skeletal system, such as methotrexate can cause osteoporosis by reducing osteoblast activity and increasing osteoclast production, and long-term high-dose application can even cause methotrexate Osteopathic bone disease (bone pain, osteoporosis, compression fractures); cyclophosphamide can cause osteoblast damage to cause bone dysplasia and affect bone metabolism; doxorubicin can inhibit bone marrow and bone cortex by inhibiting osteoblasts 5. The thickness of anti-epileptic drugs is long-term use of anti-epileptic drugs phenytoin sodium, phenobarbital, etc. can cause osteoporosis. Such drugs can promote the degradation of vitamin D, reduce the absorption of calcium ions, and reduce the body’s parathyroid Adenosine reaction, resulting in vitamin K and calcitonin deficiency caused osteoporosis. 6. The anticoagulant warfarin can also cause osteoporosis, which may be related to its inhibition of calcitonin deposition and promotion of bone resorption. It often occurs in The distal radius, spine, and hip bones are also found in the ribs. Osteoporosis caused by heparin often occurs in the spine and ribs. The mechanism of action may be related to increased collagen dissolution, hyperthyroidism to accelerate bone resorption, and inhibit bone formation. Low molecular weight heparin has a lower risk of osteoporosis than ordinary heparin. In addition, diuretics, isoniazid, lithium preparations, calcium phosphatase inhibitors, aluminum-containing antacids, thiazolidinedione hypoglycemic agents, partial resistance Cancer drugs, anticoagulants, and gonadotropin-releasing hormone drugs can also cause osteoporosis and increase the risk of fractures.

More and more young people have rheumatism? 3 reasons to pay attention to

Rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of “senile disease” in the impression of many people, a disease that only the elderly can suffer from. However, clinical data shows that the number of young rheumatoid patients is increasing year by year, and young people are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis. Reasons for young people to get rheumatism Diet factors: Daily diet is an important factor leading to the onset of rheumatism. Many people will consume excessive amounts of animal fats in their lives. Animal fats contain many substances that can cause rheumatism. Occurred, for some people who have rheumatism, excessive intake of animal fat foods will aggravate the symptoms of rheumatism. Immune factors: Our body will have some irritation to some exogenous or endogenous antigen substances, so it will activate the corresponding T cells. At this time, T cells will produce a variety of factors that lead to the production of inflammatory cells, causing a certain degree of damage to various tissues and organs, and some T cells will stimulate B-cells, which in turn will cause the body to produce a lot of antibodies and antigens. When combined, an immune complex is formed, which damages both tissues and organs, causing rheumatism. The problem of dressing: Many young people often have the concept of demeanor and no temperature in their lives. Will cause cold air to invade into the body, and over time will lead to rheumatism. Even when the weather is relatively hot in summer, it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm, especially for people who need to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Failure to pay attention to keeping warm will also lead to cold air intrusion and rheumatism.

Will long-term constipation cause bad breath? 5 tips to keep constipation away from you

   Constipation is medically defined as the number of bowel movements less than 3 times a week, and the process of bowel movements is difficult. The survey shows that in my country, one in every 10 people is affected by constipation, and 75% of patients are chronic constipation. No matter male or female, most people worry about constipation, constipation has become one of the common and common diseases. Does constipation cause bad breath?    Bad breath is a very embarrassing problem in our daily life. There are many causes of bad breath, but few are caused by constipation. The most common cause is the oral cavity, such as dental caries, gingivitis, pericoronitis, oral ulcers, etc. These diseases are more likely to cause bad breath. Of course, poor gastrointestinal function can also cause bad breath. An important manifestation of poor gastrointestinal function is constipation. Therefore, although there is no direct connection between constipation and bad breath, it can often be seen at the same time. Often, people with poor gastrointestinal function have both bad breath and constipation.  In short: constipation generally does not directly cause bad breath, but people with constipation are easy to see the problem of bad breath at the same time. Will long-term constipation cause obesity? Will long-term constipation cause obesity? Yes, it is really possible. In the classification of obesity, there is a type called constipation obesity. Although not all people with constipation can cause obesity. But some people will be more obese due to constipation. Chinese medicine believes that obesity is mostly related to spleen deficiency and phlegm dampness, and spleen deficiency can also cause constipation. The large intestine belongs to the spleen and stomach system of the human body. The spleen and stomach function is normal, the bowel movement is normal, and the spleen and stomach function is abnormal, and the stool will be abnormal. Constipation type obesity is when the spleen and stomach are weak and abnormal, on the one hand, it is constipation, and on the other hand, it is obesity. Therefore, some patients with constipation, when the constipation treatment is improved, the weight also slowly dropped. 5 small tricks to keep constipation away from you    First trick: drink warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning helps to enhance the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract.   Second trick: Cherish your will and seize the opportunity. The ideal time to defecate from time to time is because it is the easiest to discharge.   The third measure: a balanced diet, supplementing with lactic acid bacteria after a meal. Eat less fried foods and less high-sweet beverages. Be careful to drink a drink containing lactic acid bacteria after meals to increase the number of probiotics.   Fourth measure: drink plenty of water. Ensure sufficient water intake every day, it is best to maintain 2000 ml ~ 2500 ml.   Fifth measure: pay attention to exercise. Exercise helps intestinal motility and develops a good habit of actively participating in exercise.

Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility?

Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility? With the acceleration of the pace of life in modern society, many women still suffer from dysmenorrhea. At the same time, these young women who often suffer from dysmenorrhea will worry that will their dysmenorrhea cause infertility? Pregnancy and childbirth are dreams that every woman has had, so we might as well pay more attention to this issue. Does female dysmenorrhea really cause infertility? In fact, many relevant clinical medical data show that the relationship between female dysmenorrhea and infertility is very close. According to medical clinical observations, about one-half of female patients with infertility are accompanied by A history of dysmenorrhea with varying degrees of severity. There are also a large number of medical clinical data that show that more than half of the patients with infertility accompanied by dysmenorrhea, and found that these female patients with infertility once the dysmenorrhea phenomenon is eliminated, these patients can immediately become pregnant.  Will female dysmenorrhea cause infertility? This shows that the relationship between female dysmenorrhea and infertility is indeed very close, and it also shows that the ancients’ view that “seeds are adjusted first, and the pregnancy is self-contained” has a certain basis.   Will women’s dysmenorrhea heal after marriage?   Will women’s dysmenorrhea cause infertility? Most women with dysmenorrhea do heal after marriage or childbirth. Because the menstrual blood and the exfoliated endometrium cannot flow out smoothly through the cervix, which is one of the main causes of dysmenorrhea in women. However, when a woman gives birth, the woman’s uterine ostium will become loose, and menstrual blood and exfoliated endometrium will be easily discharged, so the dysmenorrhea will disappear. However, there are many reasons that can cause dysmenorrhea in women, such as excessive uterine dorsiflexion, uterine dysplasia or deformity, vaginal deformity, small hymen, pelvic mass, appendicitis, and endometriosis. So not all women with dysmenorrhea can heal themselves after getting married or having a baby.  In summary, did we scold us about women’s dysmenorrhea that would cause infertility? In any case, if there is a long-term dysmenorrhea, we must go to a professional hospital for examination and treatment in time, and we should not wait passively.

What are the causes of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological disease. At present, the number of people suffering from epilepsy has exceeded 90,000, and there is still growth every year. Epilepsy poses a great threat to the health of patients. It is found that epilepsy needs to be accepted in a regular hospital Treatment, then, what are the causes of epilepsy? Let’s take a closer look. 1. What are the causes of epilepsy? The cause of epilepsy may be caused by brain trauma. Since this disease has a great relationship with people’s living environment, if a brain trauma or tumor occurs, it may cause brain damage. The nerves are abnormal, so if these causes occur, you need to receive treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause epilepsy. 2. The onset of epilepsy may be due to ischemic stroke. This is because ischemic stroke may cause hypoxia of local nerve tissues, thus causing softening or necrosis of brain tissue, and then epilepsy, so this also triggers epilepsy One reason. 3. In daily life, the cause of epilepsy may also be nitric oxide poisoning or heavy metal poisoning, etc., because the neurotransmitters of these poisoned patients will be affected to a certain extent, resulting in increased excitability of neurons, and then abnormal neurological function situation.  What are the causes of epilepsy? These are the reasons that cause seizures. If you have epilepsy, you need to receive regular treatment as soon as possible.

What is the cause of epilepsy

What is the cause of epilepsy? Many people are not clear and understand that epilepsy is a disease that requires a long treatment time. The complex cause of the disease is a great threat to everyone’s physical and mental health. How to prevent and treat epilepsy disease, and how the cause of epilepsy is formed What? Let us understand together: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. There are many reasons for the formation of epilepsy, most of which are directly proportional to our own living habits, and some related diseases, such as intracranial tumors and cerebrovascular , Congenital diseases, etc. can cause seizures. For example: nutritional metabolic disease, which is a common disease that many people do not take seriously, the main symptoms are hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc., and these symptoms can cause seizures. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In general, we have understood the complex causes of epilepsy. We all need to ensure our physical health, keep the disease away from us, and let family and friends have good health, happiness and peace.

What should I know before treating vitiligo?

With the increase in the incidence of vitiligo, people also have a deeper understanding and clearer understanding of this skin disease in order to better prevent and treat vitiligo and prevent more people from losing their hopes for life due to vitiligo. So what should you know before treating vitiligo?    1. Vitiligo has many causes of vitiligo. The main reasons may be related to the following reasons: environmental factors, genetic factors, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, mental factors, etc., but the incidence of vitiligo It is not caused by one reason, and most of them are caused by a variety of reasons. Identify the cause, symptomatic treatment, and better treatment. Second, the treatment method With the continuous development of medical science, the treatment method is also increasing, and there are more choices in treatment. After the detection of vitiligo, it is necessary to check all aspects before treatment to understand their own causes and conditions. Treatment history, whether there are basic diseases, etc., and then choose a treatment method suitable for the patient according to different causes, conditions, and individual patient conditions. 3. Features of Vitiligo Symptoms Although the symptoms of vitiligo are not painful or itchy, but this skin disease has the characteristics of easy spread and recurrence. If it can not be treated in time, it is easy to cause the spread of vitiligo and leukoplakia due to various aspects of life habits. Deterioration, so while treating vitiligo, it is also important to prevent the spread and recurrence of leukoplakia. More understanding of the condition of vitiligo can enable vitiligo to be treated earlier. After all, treatment is not the only way to solve vitiligo, and the usual protection is also crucial. In clinical practice, some patients are not protected because they usually do not It only leads to the development and recurrence of vitiligo.

Which 4 foods aggravate coronary heart disease? Which 4 foods can reduce coronary heart disease? Cardiovascular doctor summary in place

The 4 foods most afraid of coronary heart disease? Will these 4 kinds of foods cause coronary heart disease worse? Or will these 4 foods delay and control coronary heart disease after eating? 1. Which four kinds of foods will cause coronary heart disease worse? Coronary heart disease does not have food that you can’t eat. It’s just that eating too much food does cause coronary heart disease to worsen. The essence of coronary heart disease is atherosclerosis, which foods will cause atherosclerosis to aggravate, is the most feared food for coronary heart disease. 1. A 2019 study of the high-salt food “The Lancet” showed that in 2017, the death of cardiovascular disease caused by high salt was as high as 3 million. Long-term high salt can cause high blood pressure, leading to increased atherosclerosis, leading to a high incidence of coronary heart disease. Therefore, coronary heart disease is most afraid of high-salt foods. When cooking, less salt is required for cooking. At the same time, soy sauce, kimchi, bacon, tofu, salami and other salty foods should also be controlled. 2. Trans fatty acids Trans fatty acids can cause obesity, cause blood lipids to increase, produce more vascular waste, aggravate atherosclerosis, form blood clots, and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Trans fatty acids can increase the taste and deliciousness of food. Fried foods contain trans fatty acids. Common foods also include margarine, margarine, coffee mate, Western-style pastries, potato chips, French fries, and pearl milk tea. Foods with hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocoa butter substitute, margarine, shortening, vegetable cream, and margarine in the ingredients list should not be eaten too much. 3. Saturated fatty acids are mainly animal foods, such as fat, animal oil, butter cakes, palm oil, etc.; foods with high cholesterol content, such as: animal offal, roe, squid, crab yellow, etc.; these foods contain a large amount of saturated fatty acids, will It causes an increase in blood lipids, an increase in vascular debris, and aggravation of atherosclerosis. So these foods should also be controlled. 4. Fine grains should not be too much. We modern people are almost always fine grains such as white noodles and white rice. Too much fine grains and fine grains are not conducive to blood lipid control. The same study of The Lancet showed that in 2017, the death of cardiovascular disease caused by too much fine grains and insufficient coarse grains was as high as 2 million. Therefore, fine grains should not be excessive. Of course, these foods should be controlled, not that they cannot be eaten! Second, what foods should I eat more for coronary heart disease? A healthy diet is conducive to the prevention and control of coronary heart disease. Without eating any specific foods, we can prevent coronary heart disease and treat coronary heart disease. A healthy diet is a comprehensive scientific low-salt, low-oil, and low-sugar-based diet. If you specifically say: 1, grains, 2, dietary fiber, 3, plant sterols, 4, ɯ-3 fatty acids. Staple food: Grain and coarse grains are gradually added, such as various beans, oats, corn, even potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, and taro can also be used as staple foods. These grains contain dietary fiber plant sterols, which can be eaten a little more and reduce fine grains. . White noodles, steamed bun noodles and rice do taste good, but they should be properly reduced to increase the proportion of coarse grains. This will help prevent and control coronary heart disease. Oils: The five oils with the highest saturated fatty acids: butter, goat oil, butter, lard, and palm oil; these oils are not recommended to be eaten, at least not often, which will cause atherosclerosis to increase; olive oil, Rapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, etc. are relatively healthy oils, and these oils can be used in daily life. Meat: mainly skinless chicken, duck and fish in life, especially deep-sea fish contains ɯ-3 fatty acids, which is helpful for blood lipid metabolism, so there is only deep sea fish oil to lower blood fat. Fresh vegetables and fruits: a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, without restrictions, can be added, the more varieties the better, the richer the better. Complementary food: appropriate nuts, such as walnuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, etc., but not excessive, about 20g per day is conducive to the prevention and control of coronary heart disease; proper dairy products or yogurt is also conducive to the prevention and control of coronary heart disease. In short, coronary heart disease does not have food that must not be eaten, but pay attention to proportion and food diversity. As far as possible, there are more than 25 food types per week, and these are the main types of food recommended to eat. It is recommended to control the food, it is not impossible to eat, eat less, occasionally eat without problems, but it must not be excessive.