Precautions after double eyelid surgery

In addition to individual differences, the speed of recovery of double eyelid surgery is also critical to the details of care in personal life. After the operation is anxious for nursing, let’s take a look at the precautions for double eyelids: 1. Cold compress and hot compress swelling can be used for local cold compress three days before the cold recovery, about 15 minutes, especially 3 hours after surgery. It can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain. Three days after surgery or after thread removal, local hot compress is applied. The hot compress is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that scars can heal quickly. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, do not let the water wet the wound. If the wound becomes infected, you must go to the hospital in time to check it. &nbsp.2. It is important to keep the wound clean and dry to prevent wound cleansing after infection. If the wound is not clean, there is a risk of infection. The eyelid blood is rich. Pay attention to cleaning to avoid infection. If infection occurs, the eyelids may be doubled The wound is healed and scar formation is delayed. So be careful not to wet the wound when washing your face after surgery. The dressing on the eye can be removed 1 to 2 days after the operation. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with medical sterile saline and do not flow into the eye. 3. Prevention and treatment of bleeding, congestion or hematoma in surgical wounds If small blood vessels are damaged during surgery or the hemostasis is not complete during surgery, the eyes will be subjected to external impact after the operation, and intense exercise or irregular mood will cause bleeding, congestion or hematoma in the wound. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned complications, the local wounds can be bandaged or cold-packed with ice packs, but the pressure should not be large, so as not to damage the eyes. Once hemorrhage and severe hematoma occur after the operation, you should go to the hospital for prompt consultation. 4. It is necessary to think about what wounds to eat and recover quickly. The diet should also be based on lightness. It is forbidden to stimulate spicy foods and seafood. For example, mustard, chili oil or garlic, etc. In addition, beverages containing caffeine and alcohol cannot be consumed. Such as strong tea, strong coffee and carbonated drinks. Try not to eat hair or food containing estrogen. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, which is beneficial to wound repair. Eat high-quality high-protein foods such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., to provide energy for the body to repair. &nbsp.5. Do not use painkillers easily. The wound will be a little painful on the day of surgery, but it will gradually ease over time. Don’t rush to take Qutong tablets, because analgesics will increase bleeding in the wound. &nbsp.6. Pay attention to the training of eye muscles after operation. Double eyelid surgery generally needs to cover the incision for 1 day, remove the gauze on the second day after the operation, and do eye opening exercise as soon as possible. Only by continuously strengthening the movement of opening your eyes can you promote blood circulation to the eye muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce and gradually eliminate the swelling at the surgical site, and promote the early absorption of surgical congestion. 7. Early prevention of scar hyperplasia at the surgical site Some people still use some anti-wrinkle sunscreens containing heavy metals such as mercury after double eyelid surgery. These cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals may aggravate the scar hyperplasia of the surgical incision, if it is scar constitution People will be even worse. Therefore, 3 to 6 months after the operation is the period of hyperplasia of surgical scars. During this period, cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals must not be used. Scar prevention drugs such as silicone drugs can be used as soon as possible. 8. Pay attention to the moisturizing and softening of the eyelid tissue. Some of the MM surgical incisions have been completely restored. I still feel a tight feeling in the eyes. I feel dull and others look awkward. In fact, this phenomenon is normal after surgery. As long as the local moisturizing and softening are done, the feeling of tightness will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, after the incision of double eyelid surgery is completely healed, you can use some regular manufacturers of moisturizing, softening tissue and skin care cosmetics that do not contain heavy metals. 9. After the operation, there should be a quiet and comfortable environment. The indoor air should be fresh and circulate and maintain a certain temperature. Do not watch TV or newspapers within 1 week after surgery. It is best to stay in a semi-recumbent position (push the pillow high) during bed rest to avoid excessive eye fatigue or low head position that can exacerbate wound swelling. You must not be exposed to strong light for a month, such as direct sunlight on your eyes or fire light emitted during welding, otherwise it will affect the effect. 10. Follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation, promptly the doctor’s follow-up visit, go to the hospital for a double-eyelid surgery, and follow the doctor’s instructions to regularly go to the hospital for a follow-up visit, so that the doctor can grasp the situation of the beauty lovers, and Choose the right plan in time.

How to choose Minoxidil? Is domestic production better or better?

Many friends will ask whether it is better to choose import or domestic production? In fact, these are different from person to person. The most widely used in the world is that the United States is in the country. You can choose to include Da Feixin and Mandy. There is no difference in effect. The sense of use and ingredients are different. The United States is a bubble. It is easy to use, does not flow, and removes the allergic ingredients of Asians-propylene glycol domestic minoxidil is a solution. After spraying, it flows easily and affects other hair follicles. The moisturizing ingredient contains propylene glycol. Use domestic minoxidil Afterwards, there may be allergic reactions. The price of imported minoxidil will be 3-4 times higher than the domestic price. If it is tolerant to domestic minoxidil, you can choose to make it domestically. If you are allergic to propylene glycol, use imported.

4 points are necessary for hair growth after hair transplantation

Hello, everyone, I am Liu Changchun, a hair doctor~ Everyone knows that hair transplanting is an effective way to treat hair loss, but if you want your hair to grow well, it is not enough to know that! Also know the following 4 points! First, the design before the operation of a hair transplant surgery can be done well, preoperative preparation is very important. Different people have different requirements on the hairline. Preoperative design needs to combine personal realities and aesthetic requirements. It is not the lower the better. 2. Whether the hair follicle resources are sufficient and the hair transplant area of ​​the hair friends and the available hair follicle resources are the decisive factors that determine the effect of hair transplantation. If the area of ​​hair loss is particularly large, the number of hair follicles will be in a state of “in short supply”, and the effect of hair transplantation will not reach the ideal state of the patient. Third, the doctor’s surgical technique and experience The doctor with rich surgical experience will protect the original hair from harm as much as possible during the hair removal process, and will be extra careful and careful when processing and classifying the hair follicle resources. Skilled instrument use will make the surgical effect more secure. Lattice dot matrix hair transplantation technology is different from traditional tweezers hair transplantation. lattice dot matrix hair transplantation is to place the hair follicle in the transplantation needle and implant the hair follicle through the transplantation needle. Compared with the traditional hair transplanting method using jewel knives and tweezers, the advantages of small hair trauma, high density and natural direction are widely recognized in the industry, and are recommended by the International Hair Transplant Congress (ISHRS). In China, the Barley Hair Transplant Chain Hospital is the hair transplant institution that preferentially introduces the technology. The technology was upgraded and improved in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2018, respectively, and corresponding national patents were obtained. Lattice lattice hair transplant is one of the current mainstream hair transplant technology in China. Fourth, the degree of postoperative care How effective the hair transplant surgery is, in addition to seeing the doctor’s skills and techniques, postoperative care can not be ignored. Good postoperative care not only helps recovery of surgical wounds, but also shortens the recovery period to a certain extent.

What exactly is the nose? Look at these 5 principles

Many people like to take their favorite star for plastic surgery, “I want a nose like XXX”. From the perspective of ordinary people, this is certainly their own aesthetic needs, but for doctors, this is not just the nose. Count. Whether the nose bridge is skewed, the nose is skewed can be seen at a glance. But many people don’t know why they are. Some skews require correction of the nasal septum, and some even require osteotomy. The central axis of the nose divides the face into two symmetrical parts, that is, the straight line from the interbrow area to the subchin point bisects the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, and the arch of the lips. This is obvious to the naked eye. The width of the nose wings The width of the nose wings should be approximately equal to the inner canthus spacing, which is about the width of one eye, which is the “one eye” in “Three Courts and Five Eyes”, as shown in the figure below. If the width of the nose is greater than the width of the eye (inner canthus), then it needs to be corrected by comprehensive rhinoplasty or nose reduction surgery. Nasal septum underdevelopment, nose drooping and other reasons will cause hypertrophy of the nose, so many people want to raise the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose to improve the condition of the hypertrophy of the nose, and it will make the entire nose much more beautiful. The normal shape of the nose tip There are four signs of the shape of the nose tip: the performance points on both sides of the nose, the upper corner of the nose tip, and the nasal column-lobular angle. Connecting these four points will form two equilateral triangles. If any of these four points is not in the correct position, you need to determine which mark is not in the correct position and the reason, and you need to perform nose tip modification surgery to correct this problem. Normal shape of the nasal column The position of the nasal column should hang just under the nose flange, so that the outline formed by the nose flange and the lowest part of the nose column behaves like a seagull spreading its wings gently. If this line is too curved, it means that the lower leaflet under the tip of the nose is too high and needs to be reduced; if it is a straight line, it means that the nasal column is too little exposed, and the nasal column needs to be filled or the nose flange is moved up. However, when viewed from above, the outline of the nasal column and the bottom of the nose should be an equilateral triangle, and the ratio of the nasal column to the lobular part is 2:1, so that the nostrils forming a drop shape are also very beautiful. There are several methods for calculating the nose tip protrusion and nose length when calculating the nose tip protrusion. One is to evaluate by drawing a line from the nose to the cheeks. When the upper lip protrusion is normal, draw a vertical line near the most protruding part of the upper lip. If sufficient nose tip protrusion is to be achieved, a certain percentage of the horizontal line should be located Before this vertical line. Of course, this only applies to the beauty seekers with normal upper lip protrusion. If there is a depression in the base of the nose, it is also necessary to consider the method of filling so that the surrounding of the nose is not “sinked”. Before the operation, Ji Xianlin, a real customer from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, shared the idea that stolen pictures would be necessary to improve the shape of the nose. The basic nose aesthetic is very important, but no matter which standard is just a reference example in medical education, everyone In the facial structure, doctors with rich experience in technology and aesthetics are still needed to check. Ji Xianlin, a real customer from the Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, shared after surgery that every fine adjustment of the nose should be able to change his temperament, and the higher the nose shape, the better the look. Of course, we still need to remind everyone that you need to find a professional hospital and a professional doctor for peace of mind.

Why are there so many young girls losing hair now?

Why do more and more people suffer from baldness and hair loss, and even the hair loss of the younger generation after 90s has become more and more serious? Hair loss manifests itself in that the speed of hair loss is greater than the speed of hair growth, and the balance between hair loss and hair growth is broken. In the final analysis, the growth of hair follicle cells is hindered. There are many reasons for hair loss. Genetic factors, seborrheic alopecia, chronic diseases, endocrine disorders, excessive brain use, stress, dietary malnutrition, hair style effects, etc., may all cause hair loss. &nbsp. Focus on this, why do girls lose hair? &nbsp. Reason one: Androgenic alopecia is also called seborrheic alopecia, AGA in English, and FAGA in women. Although male hormones are written, it is possible for women to develop the disease (don’t doubt, women also have male hormones), the probability is about 60%. Although compared with men, women’s symptoms will be slower and the symptoms will be milder. It usually starts at the age of 20, and the high incidence age is around 50 years old, which means that the young and middle-aged time is the key period. And this is a genetic factor, which is considered a genetic disease, so a cure is impossible. The whole process starts from the forehead or the top of the head, and the hair follicles of the original healthy hair begin to shrink into thin, short and fragile hair with atrophy, and then start to fall. &nbsp. Reason two: Nutrient metabolic alopecia Many girls will also diet and lose weight, in fact, this may be the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the business intake is not balanced, such as protein deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, etc. In addition, certain metabolic diseases such as arginine succinic aciduria, homocystinuria, hereditary orotic acid Urinary disorders and methionine metabolism disorders are also the causes of hair loss. So if you want to have a lush hairstyle, you must pay attention to the intake of nutrition. The girl who wants to lose weight and lose hair must be crying. Can she have both thin and hair? ! Don’t worry, Xiaoxiao sauce will bring you several medical and aesthetic methods to deal with hair loss. I believe there is always a way for you! &nbsp. Surgical Treatment-Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is to transplant the hair, and cut the tissues around the hair follicle together to remove it from the original position of the scalp, and then transplant it to the location where the hair needs to be increased. In fact, it is essentially a method of “demolition of the east wall to make up the west wall”, but at least visually it seems that the hair has become even and beautiful. There are two methods of hair transplantation-FUT method and FUE method. Remember, there are only these two methods in the world at present, and the rest of the strange technologies are mostly hospital gimmicks. The FUT method, full name follicleunittransplant, is the transplantation of hair follicle unit, that is, the hair follicle flap is extracted from the posterior occipital region, the hair follicle unit is cut and separated, and implanted in the receiving area. To be more clear, it is to cut a scalp about 1cm wide and divide it into hair follicle units with a magnifying glass. Each unit has about 3-4 hairs and is placed in the hair transplantation area with instruments. The damage to the scalp is small, but because the wound that needs to be sutured to extract the hair follicle flap will affect the donor area, leaving a strip of scar. But don’t worry too much, this is not so exaggerated, as long as you don’t shave your hair, you can only see the white scar. FUT hair transplant technology has extremely high requirements for the technical level and stunning of hair transplant doctors, but the adapted hair transplant area is also relatively large, and the survival rate of hair follicles is high. Generally, an operation can last 3000-4000 roots, and the price is relatively cheap. The full name is follicleunit extraction, also called hair follicle unit extraction, that is, the hair follicle unit is directly extracted from the back pillow part, and the hair follicles are separated and cultivated, and then implanted into the receiving area. In this way, the hair follicles are taken directly, and no special treatment is needed on the scalp. The scalp will heal automatically after taking out, without suture and suture removal, which is similar to the feeling of transplanting rice seedlings. This hair implant technology is more suitable for small-scale hair transplantation, more delicate, suitable for hairline, eyebrows, temples and other parts of the transplant, and the price is relatively high, the advantage is no scars after surgery, the wound is punctate, fully automatic healing pain. In addition, FUE surgery can be transplanted with hair from other parts of the body, such as chest hair, hand hair, leg hair, etc., but the characteristics of the hair follicles removed may not be the same as the original parts, so it may not be completely suitable. &nbsp. Tong reminds everyone that any operation is risky, I suggest you go to a professional and regular hospital to choose an experienced one

It doesn’t matter if the face is wide! Teach you to easily get a delicate face~

There are many factors that determine the shape of a person’s face. The mandibular angle and the cheekbones are important parts. If the jaw angle is too wide, the cheekbones are protruding and prone to become a pie face, which is not only not good-looking but also lacks refinement. So if you want to have a beautiful face, a delicate jaw angle and an appropriate width of the cheekbones are essential. The good-looking face has no sharp edges and corners, and no obvious sense of hypertrophy and eversion. Face modification projects are already common, but everyone still needs to pay attention to whether the hospital meets the requirements when doing it. The operation requires that the hospital must have a four-level plastic qualification. The younger sister’s jaw angle and cheekbones are relatively wide, and she very much wants to have a delicate face and experience the feeling of a small V face. The reason why I chose Shanghai Huamei Hospital for mandibular angle surgery is because Huamei made her feel at ease. Postoperative feedback from real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, stolen pictures will be investigated after face-changing surgery. Care should be taken, and neck and jaw sleeves should be worn. Patiently insist that you can clearly see the delicate jaw after the first few days. The effect is still Obviously ~ Postoperative feedback from real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, the stolen picture will be recovered after almost 2 months, and no special care is required, but be careful not to massage the surgical site. From the side, she has changed a lot, her face is smooth and natural, and the curvature is beautiful. Not only her face value has been improved, but her temperament has also been greatly improved. Postoperative feedback from real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, stolen pictures will be investigated. Let’s take a look at her front and side. The small V face is very touching, it is the face she dreamed of ~ no longer need to be said that there is no femininity. It’s that simple. Postoperative feedback from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, stolen pictures will be investigated. If you want to do face modification surgery, you must understand the hospital qualifications in advance, and you must not choose a hospital without qualifications. In addition, it is necessary to know the experts in advance. After all, maxillofacial plastic surgery is not a children’s play, I wish you all a beautiful one!

Having tossed for a long time and finally found asymmetry? Can it be saved!

A pair of charming eyes can really seduce one second. What efforts have you made to have beautiful eyes? The most direct thing is to cut your eyelids! But have you ever experienced this kind of experience after cutting and recovering and finding asymmetry? ! For example, this sister is from a real case of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated. The asymmetry on the left and right sides is very obvious and the eyes are still very helpless. Share, stolen pictures must see this clear and incomparable change~ So to say that a pair of beautiful eyes is simply an artifact of soaring face value The premise is that it must be changed by the correct professional! From the sharing of real cases of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, although the stolen pictures will be repaired again, the shape of the eyes of the younger sister is clearly visible. This naturalness is also natural. Oh, what is the secret to determine the success of the operation? The secret to success in beauty-choosing a regular institution and a professional doctor is the key! In addition to a strong team of doctors and professional skills, it is also very important to follow the doctor’s instructions. Preoperative and postoperative precautions ▽ Preoperative precautions: 1. Maintain good sleep, adjust your mindset, and don’t be nervous. 2.&nbsp.&nbsp.Do not take medicines containing aspirin within two weeks before surgery. 3.&nbsp.&nbsp. Women should avoid menstruation and pregnancy. 4.&nbsp. The face should be cleaned before surgery to prevent postoperative infection. Eye makeup cannot be changed on the day of surgery. Postoperative precautions: 1. After the operation, go to the hospital for disinfection, dressing change, and 2 to 3 times a week afterwards. 2. To avoid hyperplasia of scars, start using scar removal products 3 days after removing the thread. 3. Make sure the surgical site is clean to prevent infection. 4.&nbsp. Do not eat onion, ginger, garlic, spicy stimulation and other foods that promote scar hyperplasia within half a year after surgery. All the secrets of becoming beautiful tell you all~

How powerful is maternal genetic hair loss? Three years of hair loss, one year of prevention and control!

Speaking of hereditary hair loss, it makes people feel big. As if hair loss is destined, how can you still struggle to escape the fate of hair loss? Maternal genetic hair loss has always been regarded as a “necessary” relationship. In other words, if the paternal line is losing hair, the child will not necessarily be inherited, and the maternal line will lose hair, then the child will lose hair in the future. Recently, there is a friend who has good hair, but his hair loss has reached Grade 3+ in three years. Upon careful inquiry, he learned that his mother has very little hair, and her grandfather and uncle have very serious hair loss. Do you think that you have found the reason for his hair loss? Although the probability of genetic hair loss is very high, there are many causes of hair loss. In other words, if there is hereditary hair loss, but it has not been induced, then it may also avoid or delay hair loss. There is an obvious hair loss site in the third stage of hair loss, indicating that the hair follicles in this part have shrunk and closed, which can only be improved by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation takes about one year to achieve a stable effect. Use this year to let the planted hair Good growth, so that the original hair will not take off, it is not a dream! Just do the following: &nbsp. Correctly wash your hair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Do not wash your hair without special circumstances within 7 days after surgery. If necessary, wash under the guidance of a doctor. When washing your hair for the first time on the 7th day after surgery, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails. After moisturizing your scalp and hair, apply foam to the palm of your hand, apply the foam to the planting area, and then rinse with water twice . Regular diet and rest &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Avoid spicy, greasy and other irritating foods within 1 month after surgery, and do not smoke or drink alcohol, do strenuous exercise, can make the planted hair better adapt to the new environment, and help wounds After recovery, you can eat some grains, greens, fruits and white meat regularly. Using drug control&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. About 1 month after surgery, the planted hair will fall off to varying degrees, don’t worry, this is normal “changing stubble”, and the hair will grow again afterwards. For those who have atrophy of the original hair, they can also use minoxidil according to the doctor’s advice at 1 month after surgery. Male hair friends who continue to lose hair also need to take finasteride tablets internally. Note: Any medicine needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor. Use the medicine correctly. After washing your hair every day, spray or apply 1ml (approximately 6 to 7 times) of minoxidil to the atrophy area of ​​the hair follicle and massage it with your fingers for easier absorption. The postoperative shedding period will last for 2 to 3 months, that is, 1 to 4 months after the operation belongs to postoperative shedding. However, about 15 to 30 days after the use of minoxidil or finasteride at 1 month after surgery, there will be a drug shedding period, which coincides with the postoperative shedding period, and there is no need to go through two shedding periods. &nbsp. Reducing physical and chemical damage to the hair. Generally, hair can be trimmed after 1 month after surgery, but if you want to perm your hair, you have to wait 6 months after surgery. However, Xiao Dong here reminds me warmly that perm dyed hair is more harmful to the hair, ranging from scalp allergy and folliculitis, to worsening hair loss, and even causing serious skin diseases. In daily life, it is necessary to protect the scalp and hair from hair damage caused by external forces, such as bumping, pulling the hair, and pulling too tight braids. Don’t care about the rapid growth period of the planted hair 4 to 10 months after the operation. The hair will obviously start to become thicker and darker. This is also the time when the hair friends are easy to relax. The hair doctor reminds you to continue to maintain a regular diet and work habits, and insist on using the medicine for at least one year in the area where the original hair has shrunk. Under the guidance of the doctor, the hair growth is relatively stable 11 to 12 months after the drug is stopped. In addition to the consistent healthy life and medication, the original hair also grows very well, and there is no sign of hair loss. Many hairdressers who use medicine to cure off will have plans to stop the medicine. Xiao Dong reminds that the medicine needs to be slowly reduced under the guidance of the doctor, and it must not be stopped suddenly to avoid relapse. The doctor will formulate a withdrawal plan for the friend based on the actual situation of the friend.

When shampooing, the more shampoo foam means cleaner hair? Is it really?

Yesterday I received a private letter from a little fairy, saying: “Dr. Liu, when I first shampooed, I found that the shampoo foam I bought was not a lot! Is this the shampoo I bought on behalf of me? Not very easy to use! “A lot of friends think that a good bottle of shampoo, the more foam, the better, the stronger the effect! The cleaner your hair is! really? Today, let’s take a look with your friends! The more foam, the better the shampoo? note! Focus on it! It’s not that the more foam, the better the shampoo! The effectiveness of a bottle of shampoo is not directly related to the amount of foam it produces. The more foam, the more the shampoo can help foaming the more substances, which can’t prove its effectiveness. note! The main ingredient in the shampoo for cleansing is the surfactant, which has fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, the head is a hydrophilic group, and the tail is a hydrophobic group (lipophilic group). During the shampooing process, the surfactant-dissolved solution is in full contact with the air. If there is no oil pollution for the lipophilic group to take effect, then the lipophilic group will stay away from the water and form bubbles. Therefore, this is why it is difficult to produce foam when the hair is particularly oily, because most surfactants “solve the oil”, and there is no extra energy to “foam”. Foam generated during shampooing is only a manifestation during the shampooing process, which can reflect the cleaning power, but it is not the only standard for cleaning power. Shampoos with stronger scent are not necessarily better! Many little fairies like to have their hair scented, warm tips, the more fragrant shampoo is not necessarily the best! Xiaoyun suggests that when you choose a shampoo, you can smell it with your nose. The better the shampoo, the lighter it will taste and the more natural it will be.

Can baldness prevent cancer?

Another explanation for why only men are bald: probably to keep you from cancer! This is a very interesting explanation that I have seen recently and I share it with everyone. In the past, when we mentioned baldness and hair loss, it was accompanied by depression, ugliness, worry, and anxiety. I wanted to express a point of view from the past to the present, correctly face hair loss, actively treat, after all kinds of methods have been used, but still bald, I accept myself like this – really no big deal. Recently I also found a less mainstream view: Baldness can also prevent cancer! The cancer associated with baldness is prostate cancer, which is caused by DHT. DHT is high, so it will be bald, and it is easier to get prostate cancer. The mainstream view is that bald people are more likely to get prostate cancer, because they are caused by DHT! A foreign study selected 40,000 men aged 55 to 74 years old, recorded whether they were bald at the age of 45, and then conducted a statistical analysis based on their current prostate condition, thus obtaining the above conclusions . Statistics and analysis found that men who had baldness before the age of 45 had a 39% increased risk of prostate cancer than men who were not bald. But there are also studies showing that men who have had a hairline shift and bald spots before the age of 30 can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by up to 45%. So, science is not absolute, it really needs to be explored. The turning point is coming —In addition to the effect of DHT on the prostate, vitamin D also has an important effect on the occurrence of prostate cancer. Vitamin D is a vitamin that requires sun exposure to be synthesized. The bald person is obviously easier to get the sun than the person with hair! So let’s boldly assume that baldness has evolved to mitigate the fatal effects of DHT? Evidence 1: Peter Kabai’s point of view at the University of Eastfalen, Hungary: “In Europe tens of thousands of years ago, people were generally deficient in vitamin D at that time, and baldness may have helped many people absorb more UV rays. Produce more vitamin D” (This also explains why women are not bald because they do not have a prostate.) Evidence 2: Outdoor workers are less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who spend more time indoors . In the same way, there are those who are tanned, who have been basking in the sun since childhood, those who live in a warmer climate, or those who have more vacations abroad. This influence is so powerful that even the season when you are diagnosed: those who are diagnosed in the summer are less likely to die from prostate cancer. Evidence 3: “The relationship between serum vitamin D levels and the severity of benign prostatic hyperplasia” This article shows the effect of different levels of vitamin levels on the prostate: the results indicate that the level of prostate hyperplasia in patients with low levels of vitamin D is higher. Evidence 4: To further prove the effect of vitamin D on the prostate, Peter Carber also conducted such an experiment: Thirty-seven men with prostate cancer provided vitamin D supplements to some of them (almost seven times as much as recommended daily) Amount), otherwise provide placebo. Sixty days later, their prostate was removed. Those who have been taking vitamin D have their tumors shrinking; those who have not taken it have worsened their condition. Vitamin D supplements also altered the expression of key genes—turning off those expressions that involve inflammation, and as far as we know, inflammation promotes cancer development. In other words, baldness is not the cause of prostate cancer, but a remedy-baldness itself may help alleviate some of the risks of prostate cancer. Back to our point of view, bald people have a higher risk of prostate cancer-maybe some of them like to wear hats, some do not like to wear hats. Well, sharing is here, no one wants to lose hair and baldness, but Sai Weng loses his mind and is not blessed, don’t look at the problem with a fixed eye.

Why is my young hair loss so severe?

Recently, the age of my hair friend who came to consult me ​​has reached a new low, a 15-year-old junior high school student. It’s a shocking question. I don’t know whether I should lament the current child’s awareness of preventing hair loss, or whether I should explore why hair loss is so age-neutral. The child should be carefree, but he still has to worry about his hair. As a doctor, he is deeply distressed. Today, the hair loss population is sinking in age. There is a data from Netease and other three major portals in conjunction with Merck, which surveyed 10,000 netizens and found that 60% of men have hair loss before the age of 25, and hair loss before the age of 30. Accounted for 84%. Many scientists believe that male baldness may be an inevitable trend of human evolution, and another German scholar said surprisingly: “All adult men will become bald within 100 years.” The prediction may not come true, but the hair loss is younger The trend is true. Reasons for the youth of hair loss: Stress: Modern young people stay up late and have great mental stress, which is an important cause of severe hair loss. In addition, irregular lifestyles, insufficient sleep, and eating too greasy and other bad lifestyles may induce androgens. Secretory disorders, worsening hair loss or causing it to occur earlier. Some time ago, Professor Zhang Wenhong also talked about hair loss caused by young people. He believes that hair loss is the result of a comprehensive factor. Sleeping late and getting up late may not be the most important factor. The most critical factor is the pressure plus the current social culture. The importance of personal image and face value has been greatly improved, and hair problems have also been attached to it. In the previous concept, hair loss does not involve life and health problems, and now young people are more pursuing spiritual life and social entertainment. The problem of hair loss even touches the hearts of young people and makes people worry. Reason two: Androgenic hair loss in young people, most of them are male androgenic hair loss, I often use the son of natural selection to describe this kind of hair loss, because male hair loss is related to genetics, and genetic problems are inevitable. In addition to heredity, an important cause of hair loss is androgen, androgen testosterone in the body. When testosterone is catalyzed by an enzyme called “5α-reductase” into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it affects the hair follicles and causes hair follicles. Gradually shrink. The mechanism of androgenic alopecia is as follows: For young people, once they notice a hair loss trend, they should pay attention to it. Although it may not prevent hair loss, it is also very important to effectively curb hair loss. The relevant research of the First Affiliated Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital recorded the clinical data of 363 male androgenetic alopecia patients and 30 scalp scars without hair loss in the hair transplant center from 2008 to 2016. Conclusion: The average incidence of hair loss Those with a genetic history are 25 years old and those without a genetic history are 27 years old, suggesting that early intervention and control of hair loss should be made before the age of 25 years. Priority: Hair loss requires early intervention and control. According to my more than 11 years of experience, the effect of hair loss treatment also clearly shows that the smaller the age of hair loss, the better the effect. Treatment methods: There are three main types of treatment methods at present. Drug treatment and maintenance can be improved in the early stage. If the hair loss is serious, the medication and improvement effect is not great, or the timing of treatment is missed, then you can also choose hair transplantation. Of course, the treatment of hair transplant is not to say that it must be treated according to this process, all treatment should be based on the treatment effect and my satisfaction. ① Drug treatment: Minoxidil, Finasteride Applicable: The initial hair loss condition of hair follicle atrophy. These two drugs are believed to be familiar to many people. This US FDA (FDA) certified drug is not much authoritative. Controversy, from the past and present life of the drug, the drug is more stable and effective, so the use rate is more. Minoxidil, a liniment for external use, can be used by both men and women, with 5% for men and 2% for women. The principle is to open potassium channels, relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation, thereby prolonging the hair growth cycle and promoting hair growth. According to the summary of clinical experience, the use of minoxidil generally has an effect after 6 weeks of use, and a significant effect after 3-6 months of use. Note: There is also a difference in the effect of the drug when using minoxidil. Some people may have drug resistance after using it for a few years, and some people may have a lot of hair loss after stopping the drug. These need to be administered under the guidance of a doctor, and regular Withdrawal. Finasteride, taken internally, is only used for male androgenic alopecia. Finasteride is a 5α reductase inhibitor, the principle is

25-year-old guy transplanted 2000 units of hair, his girlfriend was stupefied that he did not

Mr. Du is 25 years old and he is very young. Everyone must have guessed that Yong He’s editor would like to talk about hair loss at a young age. Thinking about Mr. Du’s hair loss at the age of 25, it’s very young. In fact, it’s more than this young age. Push it forward for another 3 years, that is, when she is 22 years old, she is already bald. Hair loss in the middle age and young age. This has to start from 2017. Mr. Du of Hubei was 22 years old, but the hairline moved a lot backwards, and the backward movement was sparse, giving the impression of a large forehead. At the age of 22, he is still a doll in the eyes of many elders. In fact, he has a baby face, but it is the brain of the light. What can I do? Mr. Du is hereditary hair loss, there are people in the elders Hair loss. 22 years old is an age that has just entered the society. How do you fight for life with baldness? He is very anxious. He ran to know the solution of the hairline, so that he knew about hair transplanting, planting hairline, and then understand To Yonghe plant hair, and Wuhan has a direct management of Yonghe. Mr. Du ran to Wuhan Yonghe Hair Transplantation Hospital, listened to the doctor’s explanation of hair transplantation, and read many cases. Only then did he trust in Yonghe transplantation and decided the surgery. Du’s hair loss is relatively mild compared to people with large areas of hair loss, but it is severe hair loss compared to the age of 22 years. This is one of the reasons why he is anxious to plant hair. On December 19, 2017, Wuhan Yonghe planted 2000 units for Mr. Du with FUE, 450 hair follicle units with single hair, and 1550 hair follicle units with multiple hairs. The ratio of single to multiple roots for the average person is 1:1 , But the ratio of Mr. Du’s single root to multiple roots is 1 to 3, indicating that the quality of the hair follicles of the back pillow is very good. Some people may wonder, I and others are planting 2000 units, but the effect in the later period looks slightly different. In fact, there are differences in the quality of hair follicles. Your 2000 unit is 3800 hairs, and the other 2000 units are 4500 hairs. It’s 700 short. In addition to the hair transplant process, Mr. Du said that it was carried out in local anesthesia. There was basically no pain. The nurse and sister on the side still chatted with him to ease the tension. Immediately after the operation, the hospital sent delicious lunch and cared for the friends. Half a year after the operation, the image will change, the hairline will return, where will the new hair grow and survive, and in the next few months, with the final effect, the hair image is more handsome, plus the dress, the overall temperament Become handsome. Mr. Du has been planting hair for 2 years now, and because of his handsomeness, he has found a girlfriend. Guess what? Once, he told his girlfriend that my hair was planted, and his girlfriend touched his head and said that it was grown out by himself, not planted, otherwise the planted hair has one with the original hair The stubble…Mr. Du kept saying that the hair was planted, and his girlfriend kept saying that no hair was planted. (Mr. Du’s hair before surgery, hairline receding) (this makes it easier to see the hairline receding at a glance) (pillow hair before and after surgery) (long hair and short hair to determine the planting area) (hair follicles separated during surgery) (the day after surgery ) (Planting area on the day after surgery) (7 days after surgery, the blood scab was cleared) (7 days after surgery, the back pillow) (3 months after surgery, the hairline did not fall) (still 3 months after surgery) (postoperative Back pillow in March) (June postoperatively) (June postoperatively, lifted up to look, hairline fell) (October postoperatively) (October postoperatively) (October 1 year postoperatively) ( 1 year after operation (October 1) (Cheers for Mr. Du’s hair! Cheers for Mr. Du’s handsome) (Good hair, temperament male)

What are the possible complications of facial liposuction?

Now more and more girls want a small V face, with a lot of fat on the face, it will cause no chin, and the marginal line of the jaw will become unclear, and the whole person will look bloated and have no sense of lines. To make facial fat disappear quickly, the direct method is to perform facial liposuction. &nbsp. In fact, facial liposuction is not just for thin face, in fact, facial liposuction is a shaping process, can improve facial sagging, improve face shape, in order to achieve the effect of youthfulness. Combined with facial autologous fat filling, you can achieve a real facial lift. The distribution of facial fat The subcutaneous fat of the face is not a whole, it is a small piece, and it is mainly divided into deep fat and shallow fat. Like the buccal fat pad, it belongs to the deep facial fat. It shrinks and becomes smaller in adulthood. In some cases, it will extend, resulting in larger size and obvious sagging. At this time, surgical removal of the buccal fat pad will improve sagging. It should be noted that under normal circumstances, do not easily perform buccal fat pad removal surgery, because after the buccal fat pad is removed, the facial fat feeling will be significantly reduced, but some patients who blindly remove the buccal fat pad will feel that the facial skin is not full after surgery , Looks older. The distribution of superficial fat on the face is mainly in the middle face and neck, which is the main factor causing the sagging of the middle and lower parts. After drooping, it accumulates on the outer area of ​​the nasolabial fold (nasolabial folds), the cheeks on both sides (cheeks) and the double chin (mandibular pocket). This part of the fat is dense and can be removed by liposuction to improve sagging in the middle and lower parts. &nbsp. Who is suitable for people who have liposuction on the face and have more fat on the cheeks? The simple test method is to look in the mirror and look at the part of the face that you think is fatter (commonly the cheeks, cheeks, under the chin, etc.). The thick tissue that can be pinched by the thumb and index finger can be mostly improved by facial liposuction. Facial liposuction operation 1. Cheek liposuction. The cheek generally refers to the lateral part in medicine, specifically the facial area surrounded by the front of the ear to the zygomatic bone, the zygomatic arch to the margin of the mandible. Too much fat in this area makes the face look bloated and dilated. Liposuction on the cheeks is very different from that on the trunk and limbs. The biggest difference is that it has higher requirements, which is manifested by more facial nerve distribution, higher symmetry on both sides of the face, higher skin flatness, higher concealment of the skin incision site, and micro-trauma operation High technical and accuracy requirements. Therefore, it is very important to choose plastic surgery experts with rich experience and formal medical institutions with complete technical equipment to complete. 2. The “double chin” of liposuction liposuction is dubbed as “rich state”, but because the boundaries of the face are broken and the neck looks short and thick, it is extremely unsightly for both men and women. This is due to the accumulation of fat in the chin area. Chin fat liposuction can easily and quickly remove excess fat, restore the appearance of youthful vitality, and it is not easy to rebound after surgery. Liposuction process 1. Determine liposuction range 2. Local swelling anesthesia 3. Emulsify subcutaneous fat 4. Insert a small liposuction tube through a 2-3 mm hidden incision (earlobe groove, submental groove, etc.) and suck out evenly under negative pressure fat. The effect of the combination is more obvious. 1. Cheek liposuction + thread embedding. &nbsp.&nbsp. If the face is drooping severely, you can match it with thread embedding. You can thin the face while lifting and firming the skin. The contour will be clearer. &nbsp.2, Chin liposuction + chin up &nbsp. If the chin is retracted or relatively short and round, you can choose to use prosthetic chin up or hyaluronic acid to enrich the chin, which has a double effect and makes the chin become sharp and Pretty and full of three-dimensional sense, so as to achieve a harmonious and beautiful appearance with the entire face. Complications of facial liposuction 1. Peripheral nerve injury. The suction level may be too deep, which may damage the zygomatic branch, buccal branch, and marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve. Pay attention to the liposuction plane, and the suction action should be gentle. Facial nerve damage is generally temporary and can be gradually recovered. 2. Infection. Facial aspiration is generally not prone to infection, but it is also necessary to pay attention to aseptic and non-invasive operations to avoid leaving a dead cavity. If an infection occurs, it should be changed in time, if necessary, rinse with antibiotic solution, and antibiotics should be applied systemically. 3. Hematoma. It may be related to too deep suction level, too rough action, and improper dressing and compression after operation. The hematoma can be drawn through the original incision to extract it, and then re-compress and bandage. You can also apply cold pressure after surgery to prevent hematoma. 4. Necrosis of the flap in the operation area. If under the skin liposuction surgery

The hotter the weather, the larger the pores? Don’t panic, save!

The hotter the weather, the larger the pores? Don’t panic, save! &nbsp. How to judge whether you have large pores? Observe your pores at a distance of 0.5 meters. Level 1: Rarely visible pores Level 2: Slightly courseware pores Level 3: Clearly visible pores Level 4: Obviously visible pores or containing angle plugs smaller than the pore size Level 5: It is very obvious that the pores or the corner plugs with the same size as the pores are visible. Level 6: The corner plugs with obvious enlarged pores or with protruding pores are strawberry-shaped. If the severity of facial pore problems is ≥3, it can be called For enlarged pores. However, the incidence of enlarged pores in different parts of the face is different. For example, the pores in the alar region are most likely to be enlarged, followed by the position of the back of the nose, including around the nose. And the chance of having large pores on the cheeks ranked third. &nbsp. Two main culprits of enlarged pores 1. Excessive sebum secretion Excessive sebum secretion is the most common cause of enlarged pores. Due to the strong secretion of the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles, the pores become thicker. There are also two types of angle plugs in the pores and angle plugs in the pores. -Generally speaking, skin with more oil is also more prone to problems with enlarged pores, such as T zone and the middle of the face. However, the reasons for excessive sebum secretion are more complicated. In addition to oily skin, hormone changes inside the body can also affect sebum secretion. Some studies have found that as the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle are different, the pore size of female skin will also change. Excessive androgen levels and endocrine disorders may also cause increased secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, no matter what the cause is, regulating the oily condition of the skin is very helpful to improve the pores. &nbsp.2. Skin loosening and aging The pores caused by skin loosening and aging are enlarged, including natural aging and skin photoaging. When the skin’s elasticity is good, the pores will be pressed in the middle by the surrounding skin structure, which looks smaller. As we age, elastic fibers break and collagen is lost, the skin around the pores loses its supportive force, and insufficient squeezing force around it will cause the pores to become larger and deformed, which looks more obvious. Pore ​​problems caused by laxity are often not concentrated in a certain area like the large pores of oil secretion type. They are usually accompanied by obvious aging phenomena such as sagging skin. However, the problem of enlarged pores for many people is not caused by a single reason, and most of them are “comprehensive”. There are both internal and external causes, affected by many factors such as oil production, hormones, age, genetic inheritance, skin aging, acne and so on. Therefore, if you want to completely improve the problem of large pores, you can’t clean the oil control with taste, and you need to take a multi-pronged internal and external conditioning. &nbsp. How to deal with enlarged pores through daily care? &nbsp.1. Efficient facial cleansing to prevent pores from growing up &nbsp. Although washing your face does not make pores smaller, if facial grease and dirt are not cleaned, it may make pores bigger and bigger and may grow out due to clogging Acne. Therefore, be sure to choose a gentle and efficient makeup remover and cleaning product with the correct face cleansing method, and completely remove the excess oil and dirt on the face in time to prevent the pores from being blocked or continue to be enlarged. It is also very helpful for returning to the skin water and oil balance. . If the skin is more greasy and rough, you can regularly use an ultrasonic facial cleanser to help deep clean the pores. &nbsp.2. Deep cleansing conditioning keratin convergence pores hot summer, in addition to basic cleaning, it is recommended to perform deep cleaning care every 7-10 days, oil skin can be done every 3-5 days. Deep cleansing products can choose deep cleansing mud mask or exfoliating cleansing mask that can deeply absorb pore pollution, regulate skin texture, and absorb excess oil, regulate oil secretion, reduce skin oil, and make pores more detailed. At the same time, this kind of mask can clear pores and remove excess cuticle and sebum, which makes the skin more clean, delicate and soft, effectively preventing pores from being enlarged in summer. &nbsp.3. Choose the right ingredients to reduce sebum secretion. No matter what is the cause of excessive sebum secretion, it is recommended to pay more attention to the skin’s water-oil balance conditioning. Effective oil control ingredients, such as nicotinamide, not only have recognized whitening and anti-aging effects, but also repair damaged lipids and regulate skin water-oil balance. Salicylic acid and complex acid components can help clean up the oil in the pores, avoid excessive accumulation of oil, and have anti-inflammatory effects, can improve the pores and prevent acne and acne.

Precautions for open double eyelid surgery

The eyes are the windows of the soul. The eyes can express thoughts and feelings. Even the subtle feelings that are difficult to express in words can be expressed with the eyes, and they have a great impact on the beauty of the face. Many beauty-loving beauties want to have big eyelashes. Double eyelid, so many beauty-loving single eyelid MM have done double eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery can fundamentally change this phenomenon, increase the three-dimensional sense of the eye, make the eyes look big and divine. When discharging to GG, more power is available. However, many MMs do double eyelid surgery but do not know how to care, how to recover faster, and the effect is more durable. The speed of recovery after eyelid surgery, in addition to individual differences, the details of care in personal life are also crucial. Jimeis are anxious for nursing after surgery. Let’s take a look at the precautions for double eyelids: 1. Apply a compress to reduce swelling and recover quickly; use an ice pack for local cold compress in the early 72 hours, once every 15 minutes, especially after surgery Doing cold compresses for 3 hours can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain. Three days after surgery or after thread removal, local hot compress is applied. The hot compress is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that scars can heal quickly. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, do not let the water wet the wound. If the wound becomes infected, you must go to the hospital in time to check it. 2. Keep the wound clean and dry to prevent infection; it is very important to clean the wound after the operation. If the wound is not clean, there is a risk of infection. The blood flow of the eyelid is rich. Pay attention to cleanness to avoid infection. If infection occurs, the wound may be doubled. Delayed healing of scar formation. So be careful not to wet the wound when washing your face after surgery. The dressing on the eye can be removed 1 to 2 days after the operation. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with medical sterile saline. The growth factor gel can be applied externally and do not flow into the eye. 3. Prevention and treatment of bleeding, congestion or hematoma in surgical wounds; if small blood vessels are damaged during surgery or the hemostasis is not complete during surgery, the eyes will be subjected to external impact after surgery, and intense exercise or irregular mood will cause bleeding, congestion or hematoma in the wound. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned complications, the local wounds can be bandaged or cold-packed with ice packs, but the pressure should not be large, so as not to damage the eyes. Once hemorrhage and severe hematoma occur after the operation, you should go to the hospital for prompt consultation. 4. What wound to eat recovers quickly; if you want to get better, the diet should be light, and it is forbidden to stimulate spicy foods and seafood products; such as mustard, chili oil or garlic, etc., and beverages containing caffeine and alcohol are also not allowed. Drink, such as strong tea, strong coffee and carbonated drinks. Try not to eat hair or food containing estrogen. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and add vitamins, which is beneficial to wound repair; eat more high-quality high-protein foods such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., to provide energy for the body to repair. 5. Do not use painkillers easily; there will be some pain on the wound on the day of surgery, but it will gradually ease over time. Don’t rush to take Qutong tablets, because analgesics will increase bleeding in the wound. 6. Pay attention to the training of eye muscles after operation; double eyelid surgery generally needs to cover the incision for 2 days, remove the gauze on the third day after the operation, and do eye opening exercise as soon as possible. Only by continuously strengthening the movement of opening your eyes can you promote blood circulation to the eye muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce and gradually eliminate the swelling at the surgical site, and promote the early absorption of surgical congestion. 7. Early prevention of scar hyperplasia at the surgical site; some people still use some anti-wrinkle sunscreens containing heavy metals such as mercury after double eyelid surgery. These cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals may aggravate the scar hyperplasia of the surgical incision, if it is a scar People with physiques will get worse. Therefore, 3 to 6 months after the operation is the period of hyperplasia of surgical scars. During this period, cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals must not be used. Scar prevention drugs such as silicone drugs can be used as soon as possible. 8. Pay attention to the moisturizing and softening of the eyelid tissue; some MM surgical incisions have been completely restored, and still feel a tight feeling in the eyes. I feel stiff and others look awkward. In fact, this phenomenon is normal after surgery. As long as the local moisturizing and softening are done, the feeling of tightness will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, after the incision of double eyelid surgery is completely healed, you can use some regular manufacturers of moisturizing, softening tissue and skin care cosmetics that do not contain heavy metals. 9. There should be a quiet and comfortable environment for rest after the operation; indoor

Can you really make your nose taller by pinching the bridge of your nose with a nose clip?

Recently, on some social platforms that girls love to watch, I have noticed some headline articles such as “five-step pinch nose bridge, you can have a high nose bridge without surgery”, “I used to be a collapsed nose bridge, and later I pinched the nose bridge “”, “Magic essential oil massage to reduce the wing of the nose”, using a variety of plastic clips to pinch the nose can pinch out the nose and so on. I have to admit that these titles are not very satisfactory for many of my noses, but they are really very attractive for girls who are afraid of surgery. Every day, as long as you do some simple actions, you can have a female star’s nose without spending money or surgery? Is this real and effective? Come here today to “fake fake” for everyone! It is not possible to pinch the nose high: First, pinch the nose bridge. No matter whether you pinch the nose for five minutes or five hours a day, you cannot make the nose bridge taller, because the height of the nose bridge is determined by genetic factors, growth rate, and early stage. Nutrient composition, nasal trauma and other factors determine that there is no accurate scientific research basis at this stage to confirm that often lifting the nose bridge bone can make the nose straighten. In other words, the height of your nose bridge is actually fixed in the genes. People with high nose bridges also have high nose bridges. People who collapse their noses will not become high noses even if they pinch every day. Therefore, whether it is massage techniques or rhinoplasty essential oils and nose clips, it is an IQ tax that cannot allow our noses to “grow up against the sky.” It will even have a certain negative effect on the nose. Because the nose clip is pressed against the nose for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation, and the nose is a sensitive area, containing more sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and it is also a good place for acne, acne, etc. It may be pressed for too long or the local resistance is low. Acne and rosacea can develop. A lot of beauty seekers who come for nasal surgery. I often find that their nose is clearly the first nose before the operation, but they have various problems. I only knew that I had also paid such an “intelligence IQ tax” before asking, and finally hopelessly pinched Only came to surgery. The only real way to make the nose taller is rhinoplasty. This is the “right way” for those seeking beauty. If you want to have a pretty nose, it is more reliable to come to me! [Tips] Pinching the nose with a nose clip, so many lessons of blood and tears tell you that not only will the nose become taller and more stiff, but it may also cause a lot of damage to the nose, I hope everyone can “sympathize” with the nose . &nbsp.

Scars are not cured! relapse! Come see how many detours you have taken

Today, a patient with keloids consulted me: “Dr. Su, I got a three-year injection and relapsed in half a year. And the longer it gets, the more I tried it with ointment and laser, and it was really effective. Keloids are painfully tortured, is there any way to treat them?” Many patients suffer from keloids. To cure it, many methods have been tried, but the effect is not good, and many patients relapse after treatment. Happening. So, can keloids be cured? Why does it happen repeatedly? In fact, keloids can be cured. The reason for the poor effect and recurrence is because you have taken a detour when choosing a treatment. Why do some people think that keloids are not cured well? Keloids are essentially benign skin tumors, which generally appear as a continuous growth mass that is higher than the surrounding normal skin and beyond the original injury site. It is harder, has less elasticity, local itching or pain, and it is different from the wound boundary. The biggest feature of other scars. Many patients because of lack of understanding of keloids, mistakenly treat them as ordinary scars, and even go to the hospital in a hurry, blind treatment, such as going to the pharmacy to buy drugs at random or choose some unsafe prescription treatment. Because the internal tissue cells of keloids are more sensitive, if stimulated by external substances, not only do not remove the scar tissues, but also stimulate the proliferation of scar fibroblasts, resulting in the growth of keloids. In addition, dermatologists in many hospitals lack comprehensive knowledge of keloids or remain stuck in the traditional treatment concepts of the past. Therefore, in the treatment, it is still simply to adopt a certain treatment method, such as drug injection, surgery, laser, etc. This leads to recurrence of keloids after treatment. Without detours, comprehensive treatment is needed to get rid of scars! For some of the above reasons, some patients have lost confidence in the treatment of keloids. In fact, with the continuous development and advancement of medical technology, the treatment of keloids has been continuously promoted, and the treatment concept has also undergone a great change. According to the “Guidelines for the Clinical Treatment of Keloids” developed by the Scar Medicine Branch of the China Society of Plastic Surgery and Beauty in 2018, for keloids, drug injection, laser, surgery, freezing, radiotherapy, etc. should be taken according to factors such as location, age, area, and cause of disease. Chemotherapy and other comprehensive treatments can achieve a better treatment effect, and at the same time can greatly reduce the recurrence rate of keloids. Case analysis: Ms. Bai, due to folliculitis, two large keloids grow on the front chest, accompanied by severe itching symptoms. During treatment in our hospital, I recommend surgical resection, but the patient is somewhat resistant to surgical treatment. Therefore, according to the patient’s desire to “control the keloid pain and itch first, and prevent it from growing longer”, I developed a comprehensive plan for her with drug injection combined with SRT-100 shallow radiotherapy. After many treatments, Ms. Bai’s front chest scars have been effectively controlled. Not only have they become smoother, but the symptoms of itching have also disappeared. However, Ms. Bai feels that her appearance is not ideal and hopes to improve the appearance of scars. According to the patient’s situation, I decided to take a comprehensive plan of surgical resection plus SRT-100 superficial radiotherapy. The relatively large area of ​​keloids was surgically removed, and after a period of recovery, the overall appearance was very good, basically meeting the patient’s treatment requirements, and no recurrence after repeated visits. Finally, I emphasize once again that the treatment of keloids has a very high recurrence rate in the past, and the so-called remedies and secret recipes are more likely to cause aggravation of the disease. The longer the keloids, the greater. Therefore, scar friends should choose to go to a regular medical institution and take a variety of comprehensive treatments in order to avoid detours and obtain better treatment results.

as predicted! “Net Red Nose” still collapsed…

&nbsp. There has been a saying in the plastic surgery industry, “10 net red faces, 9 fake noses, 8 to be repaired”, and a recent net red group group seeking “change nose” incident in Guangzhou just verified this statement. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. According to netizens, on April 24, seven Internet celebrities organized a group to a large hospital in Guangzhou to seek a nasal repair, and live broadcasted the cosmetic surgery in a circle of friends. The “giant melon” immediately attracted a strong onlooker from the “melon-eating masses”. &nbsp. The younger sisters look young, but they are tall and tall. However, at first glance, I felt something strange. After a few more glances, it turned out that the original problem was on the nose. Some noses are very high, straight to the head, and look like Avatar: some noses are facing up, nostrils are exposed, the legendary pig noses: some nose tips are as sharp as knives, and passersby can feel the breath of the prosthesis about to pop out: even more terrible What’s more, some little girls’ noses are still crooked: almost all of these young ladies are engaged in the work of anchors, models, DJs, singers, etc. who need to rely on their faces to eat. Out of the pursuit of beauty, they had the courage to pour out their faces early, and had their noses adjusted in the early years, some were implanted with prostheses, and some were injected with rhinoplasty. But without exception, they all blindly followed the trend to create a “net red face”, thinking that copying a “net red nose” to their faces can become beautiful, but the result is even more ugly, even affecting their own Life and work. Speaking of net red nose, it usually refers to the nose with a tall nose and a pointed and long nose. Because the nose resembling a European or American nose is half-dimensional and exaggerated in front of the camera, it was once very popular among model net red groups. “Red Nose” got its name. Especially since 2014, Internet celebrity marketing has been prevalent on social media such as Weibo and live broadcasts. Young women with European-style double eyelids, high nose bridge, straight eyebrows, pointed jaws and other facial features can bring goods, take photos, etc. Successfully become an opinion leader in the field of fashion beauty, fame and fortune. “Net red face” and “net red nose” became popular with this “net red fever”, and even became a “plastic template” in the eyes of fans. However, no matter how much internet celebrities love “net red noses”, the general public can’t “love it”. After all, it is just an extreme aesthetic. Although many Chinese people dream of having a nose that is as tall as a Western person, the bones of Chinese people are generally flat, and they have to install a nose that is very tall, just like a tall building on a flat ground, which is extremely uncoordinated and looks like ” “Fake” is inevitable. Fortunately, in the past two years, the plastic aesthetic has begun to return to reason, and people’s pursuit of net red faces has gradually weakened. However, these “net red faces” that came out a few years ago began to “collapse.” According to statistics from the Chinese Consumers Association, in the past 10 years of the rise of the Chinese plastic surgery industry, there have been more than 100,000 cases of rhinoplasty failure, and the “repair rate” of rhinoplasty is as high as 60%, many of which are repairs of “net red nose” of. It can be said that the “net red fever” has spawned a deformed aesthetic “net red face” and “net red nose”, but when the fever has receded and the aesthetic returns to nature and reason, it has led to a large number of “net red nose” repair needs. This market demand has been clearly reflected in the outpatient data of some large hospitals. According to Professor Luo Yanping, director of the plastic surgery department of Guangzhou Meilai Medical and Aesthetic Hospital, nearly 70% of the rhinoplasty groups he received were nasal repairs, and nearly half of these were the “net red nose” population in the early years. “I have been in the business for more than 30 years. It has been rare to encounter three noses before. In the past two years, I have seen many people who have been repaired four or five times.”&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. According to Professor Luo Yanping, ” When the Net Red Nose was prevalent, there were even institutions on the market that specifically created the Net Red Face, and mass-produced it according to templates. In order to cater to the client’s simple pursuit of the “high and straight” nose shape, the operation uses a very thick L-shaped prosthesis to directly raise the nose bridge and nose tip, and the resulting nose is very stiff because it is not in harmony with the original face shape. The special “false”, even in the state of undressed, can’t bear to look directly. These “net red noses” that do not conform to the Chinese’s facial structure have buried many hidden dangers. There is no lack of “net red noses” for two, three, or even a year and a half, and they appear to be red, skewed, deformed, and even slide down until they penetrate the tip of the nose. now

What are the aesthetic elements of a good-looking nose? (1) Frontal angle of nose

In the field of rhinoplasty for more than 10 years, thousands of beauty seekers have been interviewed, and each person’s perception of beauty is different. As a doctor, I am often asked such questions: what kind of nose do I make look better? Does this nose suit me? and many more. &nbsp. Actually, this is an aesthetic problem. Every doctor has an aesthetic tendency that everyone is accustomed to. As we often see on the Internet, doctors prefer to create natural noses, and some doctors prefer to create net red exaggerated noses. Let’s be more precise, some doctors like to do nose-twisting, and some doctors like to do straight nose. And my aesthetic tendency of Lao Yang is often changing. And this “change” is based on the different nose foundation of each beauty seeker combined with the proportion of face shape, professional background, height, age, temperament, personality and comprehensive design to suit her nose shape. But no matter which kind of beauty is inclined, which kind of beauty is designed, it can not deviate from the standard aesthetic range. And rhinoplasty, as long as you master 4 key standard aesthetic angles, combined with everyone’s different nose basic conditions, it is your exclusive beauty nose. The key aesthetic angles include: nose frontal angle, nose-face angle, nose-lip angle, nose column-lobular angle. Today we first analyze the first: the relevant knowledge points of the nose frontal angle. (1) Where is the nose frontal angle? Refers to the angle formed between the line between the eyebrow to the root of the nose and the back line of the nose. The simple understanding is that the angle formed by the transition between the forehead and the bridge of the nose is the frontal angle of the nose. Its aesthetic standards are generally around 130° to 135°. The angle should be smaller for women and larger for men. At the same time, this angle is also related to race and region, and will be different. (2) How does the angle of the nose frontal angle affect the nose shape? 1. When the frontal angle of the nose is greater than the standard (130°-135°), a common collapsed nose bridge will be formed; we can raise the nose bridge by injecting hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty or cushion prosthesis. 2. When the nose frontal angle is less than the standard (130°-135°), it will form a iatrogenic nose; the solution is to take out the prosthesis, re-sculpt the appropriate height and curvature, and implant it into the bridge of the nose to form a natural Nose frontal angle. (3) How to accurately design the nose angle that best suits you? From three points of analysis: 1. Design the angle of the nose frontal angle, do not look at the nose alone. Beauty is whole to part. If you want the angle of the nose frontal angle to be natural, you need to look at these related aesthetic factors: forehead fullness, eyebrow arch height, eye socket depression, referring to these ratios, design the root point of the nose at a suitable height, generally in the two eyes The upper part of the inner canthus line and the lower part of the eyebrow arch (two eyebrows) line, the simple understanding is basically at the position where you make the double eyelids, so that the combination of the forehead fullness will design a natural nose-frontal angle with the bridge of the nose . 2. The importance of preoperative evaluation design Before each operation, I will make a fine line design for the face and nose of the beauty seeker, and estimate a suitable value, so that I will control it more accurately during the operation . 3. Prosthesis carving and implantation The prosthesis carving and implantation position affect the angle of the nose frontal angle. Generally, the prosthesis should be implanted at the lowest point of the root of our nose and then slightly higher, so that from top to bottom to play the role of a frontal nose transition, there will be a natural and beautiful arc, like natural formation. The control in this area mainly tests the doctor’s prosthesis carving technology, experience value and understanding of the nose. The above is a detailed analysis of the aesthetic angle of the nose frontal angle. If you have any questions about the nose, please feel free to privately trust Lao Yang to help you answer. This issue we continue to talk about another angle-the nose angle. &nbsp.

Double eyelid repair type

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Double eyelid repair type First: Eye function&nbsp.& .&nbsp.&nbsp. Eye function repair includes: closed eyes, tears in the wind, dry eyes (eyes without tears), lower eyelid valgus, &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Difference in the tail of the eye, lacrimal gland leakage, lacrimal gland occlusion, the second type: eye shape &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Eye shape repair includes: double eyelid shape (flat fan, open fan , Parallel, European style, crescent), wide and narrow double eyelids , The third eye lift: mechanical repair &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. balance muscle interaction force fourth: comprehensive repair&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp. Eye function, eye shape, mechanical repair