On the relationship between masturbation and impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatitis

The first sentence of many male patients who come to the male clinic for medical treatment is often: When I was a child, I often masturbated, which caused premature ejaculation, impotence, or prostatitis, and I believed in it. In fact, scientific research has proven that moderate masturbation is harmless and will not cause these problems. It should be noted that in the absence of sexual life, proper masturbation is beneficial to the body. If excessive masturbation is harmful to the body, psychology, sexual function and prostate. Just like running can exercise, no one will say that running will hurt the feet. If a person continues to run for 10 hours a day, what will happen? Friends who have masturbating behaviors should not blame themselves, let alone excessive psychological hints, otherwise it will increase the mental burden and cause psychological problems. Traditional culture regards masturbation as an ugly, unhealthy, and harmful body habit, which leads people to misunderstand masturbation. In fact, masturbation itself is not harmful. Uncontrollable desire for masturbation, as well as contradictions such as worries, fears and self-blame of masturbation are the root causes of sexual dysfunction. &nbsp.

Why do men who are prepared for pregnancy do not sit on the sofa for a long time?

Under normal circumstances, the male sitting position is supported by the two nodules of the ischium, so that the scrotum is suspended between the legs. However, if sitting on a sofa or other soft chair for a long time, the entire hip will fall into the sofa padding , The original fulcrum was sinking, so that the scrotum was compressed. When the scrotum was compressed, the venous blood flow was not smooth. Due to blood stasis, the blood vessels near the testicles thickened. When the blood was severe, the patient even caused varicocele. Symptoms are heavy testicular fall, dull pain in lower abdomen and so on. At this time, the spermatic cord vein pressure increases, thereby affecting sperm production and maturity, causing male infertility and male health problems? Click here to consult online as a common disease for young and middle-aged men, varicocele refers to the expansion of the flexure due to the obstruction of the veins in the varicocele. The pathogenesis is mainly due to the retention of blood in the varicose veins, which affects the blood of the testis Circulation, causing the local temperature of the testis to increase, making the testis lack the necessary nutrient supply and oxygen supply, affecting sperm production and varicocele mostly occurs on the left side of the scrotum, because the valve of the left spermatic cord vein is more than the right side Fragile, more prone to valvular disorders; in addition, the left internal spermatic cord vein enters the left renal vein at a right angle, the stroke is relatively long, the pressure is relatively large, and it is also prone to tortuous, valvular disorders are prone to occur and the left internal spermatic cord blood The reflux of the adrenal glands and metabolites secreted by the adrenal glands and kidneys, such as steroids, catecholamines, and serotonin, are brought to the testis. Steroids can inhibit spermatogenesis. Catecholamines can chronically poison the testis. Serotonin can cause vasoconstriction and cause immaturity. Sperm shedding prematurely, causing male infertility Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. Therefore, men should avoid sitting on the sofa for a long time during pregnancy, otherwise varicocele is prone to occur. So, how to treat varicocele? For patients with mild symptoms, conservative treatment can be used, that is, by taking more rest, wearing tight underwear, reducing vigorous exercise, using scrotal care, etc., in combination with drugs for treatment, while moderate or severe or accompanied by infertility or Patients with abnormal semen must undergo surgical treatment because the varicocele will block the blood return and cause testicular blood circulation obstacles, so that the testicular spermatogenesis and secretion function cannot be performed normally. Over time, it can lead to atrophy of the testis and loss of all men. Does the function have male health problems? Click here for online consultation

Unclean sex, in exchange for genital herpes

Primary genital herpes and recurrent genital herpes Symptoms of primary genital herpes: The incubation period of the disease is 2-7 days. The affected part will have a burning sensation. The primary damage is one or more small itchy red papules, which will quickly become vesicles. After 3 to 5 days, the vesicles will become erosions, ulcers, scabs, and pain. There will be systemic symptoms during and before the onset, including fever, neck stiffness, headache, general malaise, and sensory abnormalities in the 2 to 4 segments of the sacral spine. &nbsp. Recurrent genital herpes symptoms: nearly 60% will recur within 1 year after the first herpes virus infection. There were 4 to 6 relapses in the first year, and there were fewer and fewer afterwards. Fever, sex life, emotional excitement, indigestion, and changes in climate can all cause relapses. The recurrence is usually in the same place, the number of blisters, duration, and consciousness are lighter than the original, and the lymph nodes are not swollen. The symptoms of recurrent genital herpes are lighter than those of primary genital herpes. Recurrent genital herpes merges with sacral nerves, which can cause abnormalities in the buttocks, thighs, or sensations, urinary retention, and penile erection. Other comorbidities include proctitis, prostatitis, and urethritis syndrome. What should I do if I have genital herpes? ①Patients should pay attention and actively treat to avoid recurrence. ② Avoid smoking and drinking, eat spicy food. ③ Relax, do not have negative emotions of mental tension, and face positively, which is conducive to the recovery of genital herpes. ④Don’t have sexual contact during this period, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, it is best to take a bath every day, and have a good habit in other aspects of life. &nbsp.

Prostate Health Guardian-Lycopene

Have you ever eaten tomatoes? But everyone may have never imagined that it is a good thing for men. Some studies believe that the lycopene contained in tomatoes has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can prevent prostate disease and prevent prostate cancer. A foreign institution conducted a study and found from the survey results: the lower the lycopene intake, the higher the probability of suffering from prostate disease. This is because the decrease in the concentration of lycopene in the prostate makes it unable to resist the erosion of free radicals, causing the prostate to fission and aging, and lesions appear. In addition, lycopene is also a cardiovascular “nurse”, which can effectively protect low-density lipoprotein from oxidative damage, and thus can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Lycopene, how to supplement it. Pay attention to lycopene is a natural pigment component in food, composed of carbon and hydrogen, belonging to carotenoids. Our body cannot produce it, we can only eat it through food, that is, eating tomatoes. Raw and cooked foods have different effects. When you eat tomatoes raw, the cell walls in the tomatoes are still intact. Lycopene is like being blocked by a “wall”. It cannot be freely released, and the body cannot absorb the lycopene and carotene. When fried and eaten, the lycopene and carotene can be released freely after the cell wall is damaged, which is easier for the human body to absorb.

Summer urinary stones are prone to high incidence? To prevent stones, these 3 points are very important

The weather is hot in summer, and the water in the body is easily volatilized through the skin and breathing. If the water is not replenished in time, it will cause water shortage in the body, increased urine concentration, and the accumulation and precipitation of crystals in the urine to form urinary tract stones. Urinary tract stones do not have any feelings, and it will really kill people once they become ill. Many men describe it: the onset of urinary tract stones is like a red knife in the urethra. Some people feel that the pain caused by urinary tract stones is similar to that of women having children. How are urinary tract stones formed and how can they be prevented in daily life? Let’s take a look! The causes of urinary tract stones are currently in the medical profession, and there is no definite conclusion about the cause of urinary tract stones. Known causes of urinary tract stones include genetics, regions, eating habits, and urinary tract lesions, which can be said to be very complicated. How to detect urinary stones as early as possible? There is no obvious abnormality in early urinary stones. If the following two conditions occur, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible: 01. Pain When the stone stimulates the kidney and ureter mucosa, it will cause pain. When the stone is blocked In the ureter, the kidneys contract and cramp. This kind of kidney colic is usually unbearable. 02. Hematuria When the stones rub against the kidney and ureter mucosa, the blood vessels under the mucosa are damaged and ruptured, and blood flows out of the damaged area, and the urine is discharged from the body, resulting in hematuria symptoms. How to prevent urinary tract stones in daily life? If urinary tract stones are found, on the one hand, the symptom should be treated, on the other hand, it should be prevented in daily life, and the chance of recurrence of stones should be reduced. So what precautions should be taken in daily life? 1. Drink plenty of water When it comes to “drink more hot water”, many people smile and don’t speak, thinking that this is a perfunctory polite words, but for urine stones, more Drinking water is really its “nemesis”. The best way to prevent urine stones is to drink 2L of water a day. 02. Multiple stomping feet Many patients with urinary stones know that usually skipping rope can promote the discharge of small stones. Director Zhuo also pointed out that you can’t touch your forefoot to the ground when skipping, otherwise you can’t achieve the expected results. Therefore, you can stomp your feet in the same place, so that the body is in a state of vibration to help the stones be discharged. 03. The daily diet should prevent the recurrence of stones. After the stones are discharged, check the composition of the stones and improve the diet reasonably. Such as uric acid stones, avoid high purine food seafood, animal offal. Oxalate stones, avoid purslane, spinach, dried fruits and so on.

Single dogs should be careful: couples “love”, to avoid these 5 times!

For both husband and wife, proper intimacy is of great benefit to both physical and emotional needs. However, if you want to splash cold water today, if you do not avoid some minefields during the “bed exercise”, it will be self-defeating. If you are not interested in destruction, you may also have some adverse effects on your health. Let’s take a look at the specifics. Article! 1. Intimacy in early pregnancy? Can cause abortion. The pregnancy period is the implantation period of fertilized eggs before March. At this time, you need to be very careful. It is not recommended to be intimate between husband and wife at this time, because the implantation of the fertilized egg is not stable at this time. If it is intimate at this time, the implantation will be unstable, which will affect the normal development of the embryo. Seriously, it will also cause women to appear. abortion. 2. Intimacy during fatigue? Physical strength can not keep up with the fatigue referred to here refers to when the body is too tired, including both mental and physical aspects. Some people who stay up late or participate in heavy physical labor, when the body is too tired, the spirit and physical strength are not very good, which will affect the normal sexual function. At this time, if you are intimate, it will easily cause a very bad sex experience. Intimacy between husband and wife is itself a very exhausting thing, and reluctant to perform sexual intercourse under excessive fatigue is likely to bring some adverse effects on the body. 3. Intimacy during the menstrual period? Infection is not recommended for women during the menstrual period. Because the cervix is ​​wide open when the woman is in the menstrual period, if X life is carried out at this time, it is easy to bring some bacteria into the woman’s body, which will cause women to experience adverse menstrual symptoms. 4. Intimacy during satiety and hunger? Or affect function. When we have just eaten a full meal, the blood in our body will flow to the stomach and intestines, and the blood supply to the brain and other organs will be relatively inadequate, causing normal sexual function to be affected. When you are hungry, your physical strength will drop and you will not be energetic enough. If you go intimate at this time, you will not have enough physical strength and you will get a bad sex experience. Therefore, it is not recommended to act when full and hungry. 5. I’m sick and still affectionate? My partner also suffers. Some people have some organic diseases on their bodies. In this case, the doctor will tell you not to have sex. However, some people did not listen to the advice, and reluctantly went into sex. This approach is very wrong. If you have sex at this time, not only will you not get a good sex experience, but you will also be able to make your condition more and more serious and even infect your other half. The above are some taboos that you need to pay attention to when the couple is intimate. We must avoid these things. For your own health and good sex experience with the other half, you must not force yourself to have sex.

What is the relationship between prostatitis and impotence?

Prostatitis is a common male disease in urology. Because the organ is at the center of the male reproductive system, when gland inflammation occurs, male sexual function will be affected more or less. The specific reasons include two aspects: First of all, is the direct impact of prostate organic lesions on sexual function have male health problems? Click here for online consultation because the prostate is a large accessory gonadal body of the male body and is the gate to control male sperm discharge. Normal glands are sensitive to nerves, have good elasticity, and can be closed tightly, and can be opened well, and the gate to control sperm discharge is very sensitive. When inflammation occurs in the gland, the flexible and elastic prostate becomes stiff and hard. The blood vessels and nerves inside have been damaged to varying degrees, and the elasticity of the glands has disappeared. They neither follow the command of the brain nor switch tightly. This is the failure of the “gate”, which can not control the discharge of sperm, premature ejaculation, and impotence in severe cases. , When patients have prostatitis, if they do not go to a specialist hospital in time, they will often have inflammation of other sexual organs, such as urethritis, urethral bulbitis, paraurethritis, seminal vesiculitis, vas deferens, epididymitis, orchitis, etc. Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation&nbsp. Therefore, for prostatitis, it must be treated in time, otherwise the organs of the genitourinary system will be affected, and the sexual function will naturally be greatly affected. Even the phenomenon of “sexual incompetence” is followed by prostatitis. During the process, the patient’s mental pressure is too great, which aggravates sexual dysfunction. Because the outer layer of the gland of the prostate has a thick lipid envelope, it is difficult for conventional drugs to penetrate in a short time, so the treatment cycle is longer. If the patient does not With full psychological preparation, it is found that the condition of the illness has not been significantly improved, so that worrying, it is easy to have a great impact on their own spirit. Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. In this case, the gland inflammation is not eliminated, the pain recurs, and it is also easy to affect the mood, such as no atrial affair, or poor performance in gender integration. Therefore, it can be found that male prostatitis and erectile function There is a certain connection between the obstacles. For the symptoms of impotence caused by such organic diseases, you must go to a specialist hospital for treatment in time. Otherwise, psychological and organic factors will often interact, thereby slowing down the recovery cycle and aggravating the disease.

Stones ~ oliguria causes acute renal failure

Seeing the title, someone must say that I am title party. Don’t believe it, bilateral ureteral stones (obstruction) can easily cause acute renal failure (post-renal obstruction). A patient with bilateral ureteral calculi was received last Monday. The general condition of the person at the outpatient clinic was quite good, only one week of low back pain on the right side without fever. Asked about the medical history and found that the history of stone obstruction has been 6 months. In January this year, there was a diagnosis of left ureteral stones. After the pain was relieved, the disease was not further diagnosed. Asked about urine volume 200-400ml 24 hours before admission. After the bed doctor received the consultation, he felt that there might be acute post-renal renal insufficiency, and urgently checked the biochemical examination. When I got the report, I called Mr. Chang Shuang, and when I received the call, I heard that the reported data was very disturbing (creatinine 584, serum potassium 7.05). Emergency surgery! Such high creatinine and serum potassium may become irreversible after waiting for kidney function damage. Seize the time to prepare patients for fasting, and reserve green channel operating room arrangements for anesthesia and operating room communication for emergency surgery. After being assisted by the anesthesia fraternity department, the emergency operation was smooth, and the right ureter holmium holmium laser lithotripsy + ureteral stent tube was placed under hard ureteroscope in 30 minutes; the left ureteral stent was placed. The operation ended at 6 o’clock in the evening. At 6 o’clock the next day, the nurse counted the urine volume of the urine collection bag for 12 hours. Guess how much? The amount of urine less than 400ml was increased to 5200ml in 12 hours before the operation. The patient felt relaxed, and his discomfort was significantly relieved. The creatinine had recovered to 332 on the second postoperative day, and the serum potassium had returned to normal. The patient was discharged on Wednesday. It is recommended that the patient undergo a second-stage soft ureteroscopy to treat the left UPJ stone 2 weeks later. Let’s sum up: the patient’s bilateral ureteral stones ~ ~ obstruction ~ ~ oliguria ~ ~ acute post-renal renal insufficiency, emergency surgery to remove the factors of post-renal obstruction, the effect is immediate. If bilateral ureteral stones are combined with oliguria and anuria, you must be alert to acute renal function

What is the cause of backache after sex?

What happens to men who have back pain after sex? Maybe some men think they have excessive sex life, and some men think that back pain is a kidney deficiency problem. What is the truth? 1. Was there a diseased sex life? It belongs to manual labor. If the male has problems with the waist, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine sprain, and lumbar soft tissue disease, etc., after intense sexual life, the waist injury will increase and cause pain problems. 2. Sexual life is too frequent and frequent sex life, waist activities require greater consumption, causing lumbar muscle strain, resulting in sore muscles in the waist. Therefore, weak men still recommend more exercise, more nutrition, and sex must be moderate. 3. Interruption of sexual life In order to delay the sexual life, many men will suddenly interrupt their sexual life, but this practice will cause the congestion of the sexual organs and pelvis to not quickly resolve, and the cerebral cortex and spinal cord are still in a state of tension for a long time. The tadpoles haven’t been excreted yet. Combining these factors can cause low back pain over time. 4. Urinary system diseases Men’s urinary system is actually more prone to infections, such as urethritis, cystitis, etc., which will affect the pelvic organs deep in the prostate and cause back pain. Low back pain after sex will cause many problems for men and seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, if you find low back pain, you must not ignore it. Do preventive work in daily life. 1. Reasonably arrange the frequency of sexual life. Sexual life should be within our capacity. It must be planned every month, not too frequently. If the pain in the waist is more serious, it is necessary to stop sexual life for cultivation. 2. Pay attention to waist warming, usually pay attention to waist problems, do a good job of keeping warm, and do not let the air conditioner blow the waist for a long time in summer. 3. Daily exercise can’t fall. You can usually participate in some exercises to improve waist muscles and improve blood circulation, such as jogging, yoga, etc., to strengthen the waist ability. 4. Reduce prolonged standing or sitting for a long time, weakening the stretching ability of the waist tendons and ligaments, resulting in the accumulation of local lactic acid, affecting the normal metabolism of the waist muscles, which will cause the problem of low back pain. Therefore, you can go out for free in daily life and work to relieve the fatigue of your body.

Can men have children if they suffer from chronic prostatitis?

Men suffering from prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, will have a certain impact on fertility, because the prostatic fluid is a component of semen, when pathogenic microorganisms and inflammatory secretions in the prostatic fluid are mixed into the semen , It will affect the survival rate and vitality of sperm. Moreover, the influence of inflammation also leads to changes in the pH of semen, abnormal liquefaction, increased viscosity, and may cause immune problems. Will male fertility be reduced and male health problems? Click here for online consultation. However, when suffering from chronic prostatitis, it is not completely impossible to consider pregnancy preparation, because each patient’s own situation has certain differences. If you cooperate with treatment during rehabilitation and the recovery effect is better, you can prepare for pregnancy after recovery Therefore, after detecting chronic prostatitis, you must go to a specialist hospital for treatment. You can not let it go. Otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms and make it less conducive to fertility. So, how long can chronic prostatitis be cured? Generally speaking, the treatment period of chronic prostatitis is relatively long, a course of treatment is generally about 20-40 days, individual patients with severe conditions, even need longer time to control the symptoms, to achieve the effect of cure There are male health problems? Click here to consult the patient online. After treatment, the white blood cells in the prostate fluid drop to normal, and the bacterial culture changes from positive to negative, but the subjective symptoms do not improve, or when the symptoms have disappeared, the treatment cannot be stopped by yourself. Causes repeated symptoms, so patients with chronic prostatitis should be prepared for a protracted battle. In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis should pay attention to quitting smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating food, drink plenty of water; avoid holding back urine, sedentary and fatigue in the treatment In terms of methods, some antibacterial drugs will be selected according to the patient’s situation. For patients with severe individual conditions, physical treatment can be used to empty some concentrated secretions in the prostate to reduce the invasion of bacteria, which is very good for pain relief. The effect of chronic prostatitis rehabilitation can be better after thorough treatment, but it should be noted that after thorough treatment, it does not mean that the disease will not recur again. Therefore, patients need to maintain good living habits, usually more Pay attention to your physical condition, and if necessary, regularly go to a specialist hospital for examination to have male health problems? Click here for online consultation

What diseases are men most susceptible to in summer

Which male diseases are most likely to be affected in summer ① Prostatitis Summer is the high season of male prostate disease. When the temperature fluctuates irregularly, male friends do not pay attention to the cold protection and warmth of the lower body, causing the prostate to get cold, and it is easy to cause pain in the lower abdomen or lower body. These are often the culprits of prostatitis. ② Reproductive infections The weather is unstable in summer, the temperature is unstable, and a little carelessness of the genitals is easy to breed bacteria, which leads to male genital infections. Foreskin balanitis and urethritis are the most common. Although these two diseases are not serious, they are given to men. Brings a lot of troubles, which not only affects the normal life of men. If not treated in time, it will also lead to male diseases such as prostate disease and male infertility. ③ Sexual dysfunction A perfect sex life can reflect the charm of men and make them more confident, but many men are often troubled by sexual dysfunction. The appearance of impotence and premature ejaculation are the fuse of many family marriages. Therefore, for their own sake For the sake of health and family happiness, when suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation, you should establish a correct attitude to seek medical treatment, and go to regular hospitals for appropriate examinations and targeted treatment in a timely manner. ④The temperature in the foreskin is getting hotter in summer, which is the best time for foreskin surgery, and the human activity and sweating are relatively stable. Therefore, foreskin surgery in summer can promote wound healing and avoid the possibility of wound rupture and infection. Summer is just right Foreskin surgery is a good time. Don’t miss this best time when male friends have too long foreskin and phimosis.

[Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital] In summer, the four “men” of male diseases

  【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】In summer, the four major “males” of male diseases are off. [Lanzhou Men’s Hospital 24-hour free consultation telephone: 0931-4523019 Lanzhou Men’s Hospital official website: http://xyh.gsnj120.com]    1. Be careful of prostate “noisy”    For many people, especially young people, summer night is The best time to eat barbecue, seafood and beer. It can be followed by a high incidence of prostatitis in young men. It is very harmful to eat spicy alcohol. Especially for men aged 20-60, if they often hold their urine, feel nervous, drink alcohol, and do not clean properly, it will cause urine. The production of irritating substances, increased pressure in the bladder, and backflow of urine in the prostate can cause inflammation of the prostate. Furthermore, because of the high temperature in summer, most male friends are reluctant to go out. They like to sit for a long time at home or blow the air conditioner. They have relatively little exercise and do not pay attention to the cold protection and warmth of the lower body. It is easy to cause pain in the lower abdomen or lower body, causing inflammation of the prostate. 2. The temperature is high and the infection is coming, threatening the health of men. In the hot summer, many male friends have been troubled by repeated episodes of urogenital infections. The causes of urogenital infection diseases are extensive, and some are related to the male reproductive system. Some diseases are caused by the environment and bad habits. Bacteria and viruses are directly or indirectly transmitted through some channels to cause infectious diseases. In addition, coupled with the accelerated consumption of nutrients in the body when the weather is hot, the human immunity is relatively reduced, so summer has become a high season for urogenital infections. Relevant statistics show that more than half of the patients with urethritis and other reproductive infection diseases have the phenomenon of excessive foreskin. Therefore, foreskin balanitis and urethritis are the most common. Although these two diseases are not serious, they are given to men. It brings a lot of troubles, which not only affects the normal life of men. If it is not treated in time, it will also lead to male diseases such as prostate disease and male infertility. Male friends should remove the long foreskin as soon as possible, so as not to increase the risk of future diseases and harm their health. 3. In summer, not only prevent heat stroke, but also prevent sexual dysfunction. Perfect sex life can reflect male charm and increase self-confidence, but many men are often troubled by sexual dysfunction. The appearance of impotence and premature ejaculation is the breakdown of many family marriages. Fuse, therefore, for your own health and family happiness, when suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation diseases, you should establish a correct attitude to seek medical treatment, go to the regular hospital for appropriate examination, targeted treatment, and do not delay the delay Or blind treatment. Male friends should pay attention to: appropriate decompression, prevention of low libido, harmonious communication between couples, and do not take drugs that enhance libido or kidneys at will. 4. Foreskin men, it is time to let it breathe. There is a situation where the foreskin is too long. The glans are in the wrapping state of the foreskin for a long time, which reduces the stimulation of the glans to the outside world, which may cause short sexual life. In addition, the summer is hot and the glans are The package causes a moist environment, and it is also easy to breed bacteria, induce inflammation, and have uncomfortable symptoms such as reproductive odor, itching, and red spots. Therefore, summer is the best time for circumcision surgery. In summer, it will be more convenient to wear. It is more breathable. Appropriate exposure of wounds on the outside of the body is conducive to wound healing, and reduces friction and collision caused by exercise. It is an excellent period for foreskin surgery and recovery. 》》》Where is the specific location of Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital?

What are the effects of drinking sex on the body?

In the TV series, there will often be male and female protagonists drinking wine and starting the road of “sexual happiness”. There has always been a saying that “drinking aids sex”, and some people think that the erection ability after drinking is not as good as before, so does drinking really help the sexual life experience? Can drinking help sex? A few drinks are indeed OK. Because after a few glasses of wine, the blood flow of the penis will continue to increase, and the penis is more likely to support the “small tent”. On the other hand, alcohol can also play a certain role in paralyzing sexual nerves, so men will feel longer after drinking. So how much is this “a few glasses”? There is no specific number, and men can decide according to their own alcohol. If you belong to a “drinkable” person, it is best not to exceed 30 ml of white wine and 50 ml of red wine before sex. But alcohol needs to do what it takes. After all, long-term drinking can cause many harms to the body. In addition, after drinking alcohol, the brain is dim and unclear, the sexual central system is also in a state of suppression, sexual desire will be suppressed, and erection ability will be affected, which will lead to poor performance of men in sexual life. In addition, after drunken sex life, the cooperation between the two parties is often not as coordinated as usual, and it may also be injured due to poor control of the strength and movement range, such as genital contusion and so on. Therefore, old drivers who have sex after drinking alcohol should pay attention to it: there are risks after drinking, and for the other half, try to drink as little as possible. Three precautions for drunken sex life: 1. Don’t be irritable. Men who have sex after drinking may be more irritable. Skip the foreplay and go straight to the topic, causing women discomfort, and it will cause many problems such as male premature ejaculation. Therefore, you should slow down your sex life as much as possible. Before entering the main scene, you can chat, drink some water, and then enter the theme. 2. Don’t act too violently. The emotions of men that are usually suppressed will be fully released after drinking. The movements of sex life will be rougher than usual, and the movement amplitude and intensity will be greater. This will cause some accidents in sex life, such as Torn foreskin, damaged penis, female pain, etc. If there is such a situation, women can skillfully remind and appease. 3. The indoor temperature should not be too cold. Alcohol will make people boil blood, and even sweat after a few clouds. At this time, the pores are expanded. If you are greedy and cool and do not pay attention to keeping warm, you will easily get cold and get sick. So men and women have sex after drinking in winter, even if it feels hot, keep warm.

[Lanzhou Longda Male Hospital] What are the types of phimosis for teenagers?

  【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】What are the types of adolescent phimosis? Science believes that adolescent phimosis will not only affect male development, but also may cause male fertility problems. Lanzhou Longda Male Specialist Hospital? What are the types of phimosis? Let’s take a look!    [Symptoms of phimosis of young people]:    1. Difficulty urinating: patients with phimosis will have symptoms of dysuria, which is the most part Symptoms of the patient, the patient will be pinhole-like because of the narrow foreskin, which can cause different degrees of dysuria, frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence and other symptoms. 2. Infection of reproductive organs: If a patient with phimosis does not develop a habit of cleaning the reproductive organs frequently, it will cause smegma, and if it is not cleaned in time, it will produce an odor. In severe cases, it will cause infection of the reproductive organs and form a foreskin Inflammation and other symptoms. 3. Physiological changes: patients have premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, loss of libido or impotence during intercourse, resulting in poor sperm quality. Most patients also have symptoms of ejaculation pain and blood sperm. The influence of phimosis in male infertility is important Cause.   4. Psychological factors: The patient will have symptoms such as neurasthenia, insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue, dizziness, headache, and memory loss.  Reminder: What types of phimosis do teenagers have? After reading the above, how much do you know? If the phimosis is too long, it needs timely treatment. Don’t delay. If you have other questions, you can click on the online consultation. I wish you good health!

[Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital] Gynecological diseases are all the troubles caused by too long foreskin.

  【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】Gynecological diseases are caused by excessive foreskin. Men’s health, since you have always been with you, don’t let go, don’t pay for your health for a while, people can take a proper rest, and don’t spare health at the expense of success. The patient’s body and mind were severely damaged, and many men felt overwhelmed and sad about the foreskin disease. In the middle of the night, a healthy past is an inertial memory of foreskin patients. The patient does not want to struggle for the past, but must work hard for future happiness.  【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】Gynecological diseases are caused by excessive foreskin. Some hazards of too long foreskin 1. Easy to cause female infection: women in some special stages are more sensitive to carcinogens, and foreskin fouling causes cervical infections, which is easy to cause cervical cancer. In addition, because the foreskin is too long, it will cause premature ejaculation, so Will prevent women from reaching orgasm, thereby reducing the quality of sex life.   2. Induced foreskin balanitis: There are abundant sebaceous glands in the foreskin and secrete a lot of sebum. Excessive accumulation leads to the appearance of foreskin. Foreskin is very suitable for the growth of bacteria, so it causes penile head and foreskin balanitis.  3. Impaired kidney function: Due to inflammation of the penis, it can cause urethral opening or anterior urethral stricture, causing difficulty in urination. Long-term difficulty urinating, kidney function will be damaged, which is one of the effects of excessive foreskin.   4. Influencing sexual life: Since the glans mucosa is usually hidden under the foreskin, the friction and irritation usually received are less, making the glans mucosa’s nerves feel too sensitive, and it is easy to cause premature ejaculation, thus affecting sexual life. Recommended reading: too long foreskin will not affect the development of male penis    5, there is a risk of cancer: too long foreskin and phimosis, may cause penile cancer. Modern scientific research shows that smegma is a carcinogen. According to investigations, 85-95 patients with penile cancer are all phimosis or prepuce. 【Lanzhou Longda Men’s Hospital】Gynecological diseases are all the troubles caused by excessive foreskin. Gynecological diseases are all the troubles caused by excessive foreskin.    1. It affects the harmony of sexual life. Lushun’s treatment of male diseases doctors said that those who have too long foreskin and phimosis will not only cause foreskin balanitis due to unhygienicness, too long foreskin to wrap the glans will reduce the sensitivity of the glans to stimulation, cause impotence and premature ejaculation, and affect the sexual life between couples Harmonious and happy.   2. Induce cervical cancer. The husband’s foreskin is too long or phimosis, and it is easy to bring the foreskin into the female reproductive tract during sex with a female partner. Due to chronic and long-term stimulation of the cervix and endometrial epithelium, it is easy to cause cervical infection and serious cervical cancer.   3. Cause gynecological inflammation. Lushun treatment phimosis doctor pointed out that the main effect of excessively long foreskin or phimosis on women is that it is easy to cause genital tract infections. During sexual intercourse, the man brings the smegma into the female reproductive tract, which can cause inflammation of the female reproductive organs, such as trichomonas vaginitis, mycoplasma, and chlamydia infection.   [Reminder] “Gynecological diseases are the scourge of too long foreskin.” If the foreskin is too long, it will cause great harm to its own health or women’s health, so it should be actively treated. For the treatment of excessively long foreskin, the current better solution is to perform circumcision. If you still have questions after reading the above, “”” can answer you in detail through online consultation and communication.

Is the disappearance of Chenbo just impotence? Doctor: Sexual ability cannot be judged by Chenbo!

Morning erection is an unconscious natural erection of the penis when men wake up in the morning, and is an important indicator to judge whether male sexual function is normal or not. Is the disappearance of Chenbo a sign of impotence? To understand Chenbo, one must first understand how the penis erects. 3 cases of penile erection 1. Direct stimulation of a sexual organ or sensitive part will cause penile erection, which is caused by direct contact stimulation. 2. Fantasy stimuli send sexual signals to the cerebral cortex through sexual fantasy, video fantasy or other methods, causing male erection. 3. Nighttime erection There is no clear medical statement about nighttime erection. Under normal circumstances, men will have an erection for 2 to 3 hours during 8 hours of sleep at night. And Chenbo is actually an erection at night. Most nocturnal erections are undetectable in sleep, and wake up in the morning to find the erection, so it is also called early morning erection in medicine. There are many reasons that affect morning erectile dysfunction. The most important factors are age and physical fatigue. In addition, there are some diseases such as prostate inflammation, high blood pressure, mental fear, depression, and anxiety that can affect the erection status of men, leading to the disappearance of erection. . Chenbo cannot fully reflect male sexual ability. Many people find that they have suffered from impotence or sexual problems once they find out that Chenbo has decreased or disappeared, so they are worried. But the more worried you are, the easier it is to cause a reduction in Chenbo, because the aggravation of psychological factors will lead to physiological problems, which will enter a vicious circle. Therefore, although Chen Bo is important, it cannot be hung in my heart every day. Chenbo disappeared, how to improve it? Chenbo will also decrease with age, and it will decrease or even disappear due to fatigue, staying up late, alcoholism and other factors. So I found that Chen Bo disappeared occasionally, don’t panic, if there is a period of time, you can use the following methods to exercise. 1. You can eat some foods that are helpful for erection, such as donkey meat, fish meat, leek and watermelon. 2. Avoid excessive smoking and drinking, maintain regular work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, do not stay up late, and ensure adequate sleep time. 3. You can properly practice weight-bearing squats. Some studies have shown that weight-bearing squats are positively correlated with the number and duration of morning ebbs. 4. If the morning sickness disappears due to disease factors or psycho-psychological factors, active treatment or professional psychological counseling treatment is required.

Do you have cold sex? A simple formula to calculate the best frequency of your sex life

A good sex life will bring a lot of happiness to people and make people feel relaxed. But many people are not interested in sex life, so why do they obliterate their sexual happiness? Let’s take a look. What is the reasonable frequency of sexual life? American scholars have summed up a “sex frequency formula” based on the influence of age on sexual performance: sex frequency = the first digit of age * 9 digits, that is, the number of times, tens digits For example, the number of days: A28 years old, the best “popping” frequency: 2×9=1818=10+8, namely: 10 times 8 times B39 years old, the best “popping” frequency: 3×9=2727=20+7, namely: 7 times in 20 days……..According to the above formula, you can calculate your own frequency of sexual life. Is your sexual life in line? Is there a cold situation? 4 reasons for coldness 1 5. Really tired. “Don’t love” may be an old saying, but it turns out that fatigue has a much greater impact on our sex life than we think. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that one-quarter of Americans do not have sex with their partners because they are tired. The study also found that lack of sleep can negatively affect your sexual drive. Therefore, if you want to sleep with someone else, you must first sleep on yourself. 2. Stress is high because excessive stress can cause cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is an emotional killer that inhibits the production of testosterone and other hormones, making you less attractive to sex. 3. Poor eating Research also shows that a balanced diet can increase your libido, and fried and over-salty foods will make you “sexual” to nothing. If you have eaten a large plate of French fries, you will know that sex is the last thing you want. 4. Illness in the body itself has certain diseases, such as ovarian insufficiency, or dysfunction of endocrine glands such as adrenal cortex and pituitary gland, which can also cause people to become cold. A dietary treatment method, therapeutic coldness: a small rooster, 500 grams of glutinous rice wine, onion, ginger slices, and peppercorns. Remove chicken hair and giblets, wash and cut into pieces. Mix chicken with glutinous rice wine, peppercorns, green onion and ginger slices, put in boiling water steamer, steam until the chicken is cooked. Efficacy: The rooster has a good warming effect and can enhance the libido of the physically weak.

What makes the boy have to squat and urinate?

Under normal circumstances, after boys can urinate on their own, they will stand to urinate and shoot an arc, but some boys must squat down and urinate like girls, this situation should be paid attention to, there may be children with hypospadias Hypospadias is a common urological disorder in boys, which is a physiological deformity. Under normal circumstances, the urethra of the male fetus is closed from front to back. Does the urethral opening have male health problems at the end of the penis? Click here for online consultation. If the urethral groove on the ventral side of the penis is not closed to the tip of the penis during embryonic development, that is, the external urethral opening is not at the front of the penis head, but at any other part of the ventral side of the penis, even opening in the penis of the perineum Bent to the ventral side, the farther the urethral opening is from the head of the penis, the more serious the penis is bent. Generally speaking, the hypospadias of boys can be divided into 4 types: 1 The penis scrotal urethra opens at the root of the penis, the penis is short, flat, Severe bending, can’t stand and urinate 2 Urinary penis head The external urethral opening is located below the penis head, which is equivalent to the foreskin lace. The lace is often missing. Some urethral stenosis has male health problems? Click here for online consultation. 3 The penis-shaped urethra opens at any part of the ventral side (below) of the penis. When urinating, you need to lift the penis head by hand. The urine is often sprayed, which is easy to wet the pants. The type of urethra opens between the penis and the anus and is funnel-shaped. The penis is underdeveloped. The appearance of the entire external genitals is similar to that of the female. Seriously affect the erection of the penis, the combination of the sexes, can not make the semen into the woman’s body have male health problems? Click here for online consultation and, to a large extent, hypospadias is often accompanied by other malformations such as cryptorchidism, penile hypoplasia or cavernous hypoplasia, and scrotal splitting with a vulvar-like appearance. In order to recover patients with hypospadias Normal urination and sexual function should be treated with surgery. So what are the causes of hypospadias in children? In fact, there are many causes of the cause: 1 environmental impact If a woman is exposed to radioactive substances for a long time during pregnancy, or consumes a lot of food with high estrogen content, it may cause hormone changes in the body and affect fetal development. 2 Contraceptive pills, Fetal protection drugs If a woman takes a progesterone or other birth control drugs during pregnancy, it may cause fetal hypospadias and male health problems? Click here for online consultation

What should a male friend do to prevent BPH?

Prostatic hyperplasia is a common male disease. It occurs more frequently after the age of 40. From this age, human tissues and organs begin to decline. For example, the intermediate substance of human prostate tissue is relatively more active than epithelial tissue. When prostate hyperplasia occurs, the main manifestation is interstitial hyperplasia and prostate hyperplasia, but the cause is still unclear. Is it due to the destruction of the balance of epithelial and interstitial cell proliferation and apoptosis caused by male health problems? Click here to consult online. Androgen and its interaction with estrogen, prostate interstitial and glandular epithelial cells, growth factors, inflammatory cells, neurotransmitters and genetic factors may also be related to benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostatic hyperplasia must have functional testes and age growth. Prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease of elderly men. As long as there is a functional testicle after the age of 50, you may suffer from prostatic hyperplasia. The incidence of prostate hyperplasia in men over 50 years old is about 50%, and it increases with age. Therefore, before the disease arrives, men should do preventive measures and nursing work, which can prevent and relieve prostate hyperplasia to a certain extent. Symptoms, what are the prevention and care measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia? Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. On the one hand, couples should live in moderation, do not indulge or abstain from sex, otherwise the combination of the sexes will be too frequent, and the prostate will be congested for a long time, which may cause or aggravate the enlargement of the prostate. Therefore, especially in young people with strong sexual desire During the period, pay attention to restraint sex, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate, and give the prostate sufficient recovery and trimming time. In addition, eat chili and other irritating foods in the diet, drink as little as possible, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate and bladder neck, and avoid long-term suffocation Urine, so as not to damage the detrusor function. Ride bicycles as little as possible to reduce the pressure on the prostate to avoid aggravating the disease. There are male health problems? Click here for online consultation. Once the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia or related symptoms occurs, you should go to a specialist hospital in time for relevant treatment. If the symptoms are urinary tract irritation and other urinary tract irritation symptoms in the early stage, you can use oral drug treatment; if urinary retention occurs, Recurrent urinary tract infections with stones, hematuria, or severe symptoms that seriously affect the patient’s quality of life require surgical treatment, such as minimally invasive surgery

What kind of tests do you need to suffer from “premature ejaculation”? The doctor will tell you

Premature ejaculation is a common male sexual function disease, which refers to a short time to enter the vagina, or a sexual life disorder that occurs when a woman does not reach orgasm and ejaculate in advance. If premature ejaculation occurs, you should go to the hospital for inspection and treatment in time. What are the inspection items for premature ejaculation? First, the medical history examination can initially understand the cause of the patient’s morbidity and has certain guiding significance for the treatment. The initial examination mainly includes the following items. 1) Personal physical exhaustion, physical weakness, or physical discomfort, the body will instinctively take protective measures to end sexual life as soon as possible to protect physical health, premature ejaculation at this time is inevitable. 2) Whether the male has a history of acute and chronic diseases, surgery, trauma or psychological trauma, and has taken certain blood pressure lowering drugs, etc. 3) Whether the male with bad habits has a long-term stay up late, inappropriate sexual experience, long-term masturbation II, professional Physical Examination Physical examination is a necessary factor for judging whether men suffer from premature ejaculation. It can be used to distinguish premature ejaculation from other sexual dysfunctions, especially erectile dysfunction. Professional physical examinations include penile, testicular and epididymal examinations, prostate examinations, and seminal vesicle ultrasonography examinations. 3. Laboratory tests 1) Urine examination If men are suspected of having urethritis, routine urine examination should be performed first to exclude the possibility of urinary tract infection. If there are other necessary deliberate urine urine tests, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc., come Determine pathogenic bacteria. 2) Sex hormones six patients with premature ejaculation have a faster penile corpus cavernosal reflex than normal men. It may be due to the high testosterone content in the blood, which increases the excitability of the ejaculation center, and the threshold decreases. The ejaculation center is easy to be excited and premature ejaculation. 3) Prostate fluid examination By checking the PH value of prostatic fluid, the amount of lecithin, red blood cells, and white blood cells to determine whether men have prostate inflammation and the severity. Comprehensive scientific examination can help patients find out the true cause of premature ejaculation and treat the symptoms, so I hope that patients can actively cooperate with doctors.