Which is the main cause of high blood pressure, salt and sugar? Different situations for you

A friend asked, is the factor that causes high blood sugar or salt? In fact, there are many factors that cause high blood pressure, and sugar and salt are indeed two important aspects of life and diet.
What effect does salt and sugar have on blood pressure?
There are many hypertensive patients, which belong to salt-sensitive hypertensive conditions. In northern my country, about half of hypertensive patients have a close relationship with a salty diet. Why does eating too much salt increase hypertension? Too much salt eats, in the final analysis, is an increase in Na intake. Na is an important element to maintain the electrolyte balance of the human body. When Na ion intake is too much and the concentration is too high, it will affect the osmotic pressure balance of the cell fluid, resulting in Water and sodium retention occurs in cells. To put it simply, the water and sodium ions of the cells stay outside the cells and cannot be effectively discharged. In this case, it will lead to an increase in blood volume, a relatively increased blood volume, and blood vessels. Of course, the pressure on the wall will increase relatively, and the blood pressure will rise, which is the main reason for high blood pressure caused by high salt diet.
Will sugar intake cause an increase in blood pressure? Excessive intake of sugar has less direct effect on blood pressure than salt, but it cannot be ignored. Excessive intake of sugar, sugar will be further converted into lipids in addition to energy for the body, fat in the body increases, obesity, body metabolic stress, blood pressure will be more likely to rise, lipid in the blood Increased composition and slower blood flow will also lead to insufficient blood flow back to the heart, increased blood retention in blood vessels, and also caused an increase in blood pressure. In addition, if you consume too much sugar for a long time, the body will secrete more insulin in order to catabolize sugar. Excessive secretion of insulin will promote sympathetic nervous tension, resulting in faster heart rate, blood vessel contraction, and blood pressure will naturally rise.
In fact, no matter whether it is salt or sugar, it is originally a normal nutrient required by the human body. The Na ion in the salt is an important element to maintain the balance of the body’s cell electrolyte, and sugar is an important nutrient that supplies energy to the body. Under the premise of ingestion, sugar and salt will not have a big impact on blood pressure, resulting in the emergence of high blood pressure, but if long-term excessive intake, under the influence of long-term high sugar and high salt unhealthy diet, high blood pressure The chance will naturally increase greatly.
What is the effect of salt and sugar on hypertension? Two cases for your specific analysis
If you want to explore the effect on hypertension, whether it is more salt or sugar, you need to distinguish the specific circumstances of different individuals. For friends with salt-sensitive hypertension, the effect of salt intake on blood pressure is often greater. The so-called salt-sensitive hypertension refers to a type of high blood pressure that has a positive correlation with the increase in salt intake. The blood pressure situation, the hypertensive patients in this situation, belong to the situation of salt-sensitive hypertension, for patients suspected to be salt-sensitive hypertension, you can confirm the sensitivity to salt through the salt review test. If you are diagnosed with salt-sensitive hypertension, you should pay more attention to limiting salt in your life. Strict control of salt intake will greatly help the regulation of hypertension. At the same time, in the use of drugs, choose diuretics and dipine Medicines, etc. are all good choices.
If you are a diabetic patient or a hypertensive patient with an obese, high-sugar diet, the effect of sugar intake on blood pressure is more noteworthy. Controlling the intake of sugar is not just an important aspect of a healthy diet. It is very important for controlling obesity, strengthening blood sugar control, and regulating blood pressure. Therefore, if you want to control your blood pressure, you should also pay attention to control Sugar, in terms of antihypertensive drugs, it is generally recommended that friends without contraindications can choose antihypertensive drugs such as sartan/puli to strengthen blood pressure control. Such drugs can inhibit the activity of the renin-angiotensin system. It can help control trace proteinuria caused by mildly damaged kidneys.
In short, no matter whether it is sugar or salt, it should be restricted for patients with hypertension. Actively adhere to a scientific and healthy diet. The daily intake of salt should not exceed 6g. The intake of sugar should also pay attention to the appropriate amount. If you are a friend of obesity and diabetes, you must strictly control sugar and strengthen blood sugar and blood pressure control.

What is insomnia and how can it be improved and treated?

What is insomnia?
Insomnia is a problem of sleep. People with insomnia have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or do not feel rested when they wake up. Insomnia has nothing to do with a person’s sleep time. Everyone needs different sleep times.
What are the symptoms of insomnia?
People with insomnia often:
Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
● Feeling tired during the day
● Forgetting things or thinking
● cranky, anxious, irritable or depressed
● Less energy or interest in doing things
● Easier to make mistakes or accidents than usual
● Worried about their lack of sleep
These symptoms can be so severe that they affect a person’s relationships or work life. Also, this happens even in people who seem to sleep long enough.
Should I test?
May not be needed. Most people with insomnia don’t need testing. Your doctor may only need to talk to you to tell what went wrong. He or she may also ask you to keep a log for 1 to 2 weeks per day to record how you sleep each night.
In some cases, people do need special sleep tests, such as “polysomnography” or “calligraphy.”
● Polysomnography-Polysomnography usually lasts all night and is tested in a sleep laboratory. During the test, a monitor is connected to your body to record movement, brain activity, breathing, and other body functions.
-Recorder-The recorder records activity and movement through a monitor or motion detector normally worn on the wrist. The test is done at home. It will record how much time you actually slept and when.
How can I improve insomnia?
You can do this by following good “sleep habits”, which means you:
● Sleep long enough for you to rest and get out of bed
● Go to bed at the same time every day
● Do not try to force yourself to sleep. If you can’t sleep, get up and try again later.
● Eat coffee, tea and other caffeine-containing foods only in the morning
● Avoid drinking in the afternoon, evening and bedtime
● Avoid smoking, especially at night
● Keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet without any reminders of work or other things that may cause stress
● Solve problems before going to bed
● Exercise a few days a week, but not before bedtime
● Avoid looking at a glowing phone or reading device (“e-book”) before going to bed. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep.
Other things that can improve sleep include:
● Relaxation therapy, focusing on relaxing all muscles in the body
● Cooperate with counselors or psychologists to solve problems that may cause insufficient sleep
Should I go to the doctor?
Yes. If you have insomnia and bother you, see your doctor. He or she may have suggestions on how to solve the problem.
Are there medicines that can help me fall asleep?
Yes, there are some medicines that can help sleep. However, you should only try to use them if they still do not work after you have tried them. You should also not use sleep medications for long nights and evenings. Otherwise, you may rely on them to sleep.
Insomnia is sometimes caused by mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety. If so, you may benefit from antidepressants instead of sleep aids. Antidepressants usually improve sleep and can also help other worries.
Can I drink to help me fall asleep?
No, don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. Even though alcohol can make you sleepy at first, it can interfere with sleep later in the evening.

Obesity is bad for your health, diet, exercise, and behavioral corrections are even key!

Being overweight means that your weight exceeds the “normal” range. You can determine whether you are overweight by calculating your body mass index (BMI). BMI is defined as weight (kg) / height (m) squared. BMI at 25-29.9kg / m
That is overweight, BMI is greater than 30kg / m
For obesity, BMI is greater than 40kg / m
(Or ≥35kg / m
And co-existing disease) is severe obesity. For both men and women, adult obesity can lead to a significant reduction in life expectancy.
mortality rate
Impact of BMI on mortality

In general, the larger the BMI, the higher the all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality.
Incidence of complications
In addition to mortality, increased obesity and central fat distribution are also associated with increased morbidity. In fact, obesity has surpassed smoking as the number one cause of preventable disease and disability. Losing weight will improve most of these complications.
Metabolic risk
heart disease
Venous thrombosis
Gastrointestinal tract
Hepatobiliary disease
,Gastroesophageal reflux disease
: Endometrial cancer, gallbladder cancer, etc.
Reproductive effect
Obese women often have irregular menstrual periods and anovulation cycles, and their fertility may also decrease
Genitourinary system
Chronic kidney disease
Kidney stones
Urinary incontinence
Psychosocial function
The stigma of obesity
Respiratory system
Sleep apnea is the most important respiratory problem associated with obesity and diabetes
Obesity is associated with increased susceptibility to infections, including postoperative infections, nosocomial infections, and skin and soft tissue infections
Skin changes
: Swelling
Treatment: The role of physical activity and exercise
The best way to deal with overweight and obesity is to start with a combination of diet, exercise, and behavior changes. Although exercise alone may be difficult to lose weight, exercise seems to have some benefits in reducing body fat. Increasing exercise based on dietary control has important benefits independent of weight loss. Physical activity can reduce the decrease in muscle mass caused by dietary control, which can improve physical function and insulin sensitivity. After weight loss, exercise has been an important factor in maintaining weight loss.
Physical activity plan
Increased levels of physical activity are beneficial to all groups of all ages and are particularly helpful in preventing obesity. There appears to be a dose-effect relationship between physical activity and weight loss, and achieving significant weight loss without dietary control requires a high level of physical activity. The best weight loss strategy is to use a diet to control calories in combination with a gradual increase in physical activity. Although weight loss does not necessarily require exercise, it is important to increase physical activity during weight loss so that the patient can maintain sufficient exercise to maintain weight loss. In addition, physical activity during weight loss may prevent fat loss.
Evaluation before exercise

The design of any exercise program should be consistent with the individual’s health and physical condition.
time for excercise

For capable individuals, walking 150-250 minutes per week (≥30min / d, 5-7 days per week) is beneficial for preventing weight gain and improving cardiovascular health. During the weight loss maintenance phase, most people require moderate-intensity activities greater than 60 minutes daily to successfully maintain weight loss.
Exercise type

Multi-component exercise programs that include aerobic and resistance training are preferred.
medical treatement
Drug therapy must be accompanied by a healthy diet, physical activity and behavior correction. Medication alone is usually ineffective. Overweight people should weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to start medication.
Individuals suitable for medication

If BMI≥30kg / m
, Or BMI of 27-29.9kg / m
And if there is a weight-related coexisting disease, the weight loss goal is not achieved after a simple comprehensive lifestyle intervention (the overall weight is reduced by at least 5% at 3-6 months), and it is suitable for medical treatment.
Choice of drugs

Drugs for treating obesity include liraglutide (daily injection), orlistat, phentermine-slow-release topiramate compound (capsule), naltrexone-bupropion compound (sustained-release tablet), fen Temin, benzepheta

The new WHO warning: new crown pneumonia symptoms, do not take this anti-inflammatory drugs

WHO experts warn of the new virus crown medication, we are familiar with the fever of anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen onto the hot search.
For the novel coronavirus infections, WHO issued a new medication advice: When symptoms of heat-related pneumonia if the new crown appeared, cough, do not self-medication with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen.
Ibuprofen I believe we are not unfamiliar, if you do not know the name, then the children talk about the famous anti-fever medicine Merrill Lynch, also has analgesic effects, “Fenbid”, we necessarily familiar with it. These drugs are the main components of the drug ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a common drugs have antipyretic and analgesic effects, all in a fever, body pain, such as headache, toothache, dysmenorrhea, are likely to take this drug, in terms of antipyretic analgesics, Ibuprofen has always been relatively safe drug, how to face the new crown fever virus infection, wHO to remind you not to self-medication with ibuprofen do?
Ibuprofen is one of the old anti-inflammatory drugs, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting the body of the COX enzyme biosynthesis, reduce generation and release of inflammatory factors prostaglandins, so as to achieve the effect of antipyretic analgesic anti-inflammatory in the body by pathogens, the resulting prostaglandins are very active in the inflammatory response, which induces inflammatory cells, together with leukotrienes, chemotactic inflammatory mediators, induction of the immune system falls style chain reaction.
Thus, during the antipyretic analgesic, ibuprofen also mild and reduce the production of prostaglandins by inhibition of the COX enzyme engagement, since the anti-inflammatory effect of ibuprofen by decreasing prostaglandin synthesis is achieved, and Thus, the anti-inflammatory effects of ibuprofen in reality a slight inhibition of the body’s immune response system, in an ordinary fever caused by inflammation or pain relief during the body, the immune system ibuprofen mild inhibitory effect is at the same time can alleviate the symptoms, not worse, and in the process the new crown viral infections, ibuprofen impact on the body’s immune system, may lead to aggravation new crown viral infection.
A recent study in the journal “The Lancet” British academic journal also put forward relevant hypothesis, the hypothesis states analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, can strengthen the body of a certain enzyme, which may accelerate the disease virus infection of a new crown deterioration. France is also the Minister of Health issued a public appearance of new symptoms of pneumonia weekend crown, not to take anti-inflammatory ibuprofen to themselves; Coincidentally, the recent British newspaper Daily Mail reported that a 4-year-old girl Milner, in after the emergence of a new crown symptoms of viral infection, which my father gave him ibuprofen, the symptoms have not eased, but there are aggravating circumstances, after taking ibuprofen one hour, the little girl’s body temperature to 39.4 ℃, the disease appeared rapid heart rate, tremors and other symptoms, fever treatment be promptly taken to hospital only after eased. Milner’s mother put her case also made to social media, to remind parents to pay attention more.
WHO also mentioned in the warning, the studies on ibuprofen between infection with the new virus crown still in progress, and will be given further instructions based on case studies, but so far, from the relevant circumstances surrounding the case, and warning information related to national, institutional point of view, if we suspected the emergence of a new crown symptoms of viral infection, should avoid taking ibuprofen, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
So if fever occurs, uncertainty is not new crown viral infection, which can antipyretics to eat it? First, if conditions allow, under the premise of good protection, fever clinics to ask a professional doctor for diagnosis treatment is the most likely, and if the case does not have the condition, WHO experts recommend acetaminophen for this drugs, is also a common anti-inflammatory drugs, but because it is only antipyretic analgesic effect, there is no anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, if it is the case of the new crown viral infection, Bibuluofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs to be more secure .

Bad kidneys, foot prophet? Doctor: If the foot emergence of these signals, not negligence

Chinese medicine believes that the feet are run gas blood, contact organs, internal and external communication, and down through the important parts of beginning and ending twelve meridians, and maintain all the body organs (such as kidneys) in close contact. Wherein, renal reflex zone feet deep central portion. Someone asked, kidney bad people, foot what signal it?
Renal bad people, foot what signal it?
Kidney reflex zones on the soles of the feet, so that if a person kidney problems, which probably reflects some of the soles of the feet can condition the kidneys, the following abnormal foot appeared, not negligence, it is best to check at the hospital as soon as possible, rule out kidney disease .
(1) foot edema may
: We know that the kidney is the organ of the human metabolism of water, the kidney is not good, is not easy to discharge water body, water will accumulate. Some experts advise, find your feet if often get up early, swollen legs, should consider the kidney may be a problem.
(2) heel may hurt
: We know that kidney reflex zones on the foot, heel pain occurs if walking, most likely because kidney problems. And on the surface of this pain is not visible swelling of the phenomenon, but people feel pain.
(3) small toe may be thin weak
: Renal nerves are starting small toes, so if the kidney is not good, small toes would behave thin and weak.
(4) toes may easily be worn
: If you have kidney problems, easily expressed as body weakness, toes will be very easy to wear, leading to a foot injury. If this happens the body, we must pay attention.
How to conserve their daily lives to prevent kidney disease?
First, pay attention to diet, emphasizing
Balanced diet
: Time quantitative eating moderate protein, reducing fat intake, less salt, the daily intake amount nuts.
keep working out
Maintaining ideal body weight: Obesity can cause many chronic diseases, but also lead to kidney disease invisible killer.
Do not abuse drugs
: Many drugs metabolized by the kidneys, drug abuse and some of the remedies or herbal supplements ingredients is not clear will damage the kidneys.
Drink plenty of water
: Water helps the body remove metabolic waste, do not hold back when urinate, can maintain normal kidney function. Recommended intake of water about 2,000 milliliters per day.
Good habits
: Want to do the prevention of kidney disease, weekdays should maintain a healthy lifestyle, not smoking, not drinking, maintaining proper exercise and adequate sleep.
Finally, special emphasis is required, chronic diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia) may cause kidney damage. If the above-mentioned chronic diseases must receive regular treatment, take medication, diet, to reduce the chance of kidney dysfunction.
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The new crown viral nucleic acid check, by throat swab sampling risk, why not direct blood tests?

Since the new crown virus outbreak, the virus nucleic acid testing has been the most important detection method. Initially, Chinese scientists carried out through the nasal swab samples were collected for virus detection, with the crown after the new virus depth research and understanding found that, in addition to nasal swabs, sputum and other lower respiratory tract secretions, blood, feces, etc. samples can be detected in the new crown viral nucleic acid. So users will have to ask, why do not detect the new crown virus through blood it?
Role in the new blood test to detect the virus in the crown
No matter what the disease, blood tests are essential in clinical work in an inspection project. The new crown against the virus, blood tests can help doctors first identified bacterial infection or a viral infection, if the blood test white blood cell count in patients with normal or reduced, lymphocyte count decreased, it is very likely a viral infection, and the patient’s combination of pop Diseases and signs and symptoms, the doctor will be able to determine whether the patient is infected with a virus crown new suspected cases, we will have a follow-up of the virus nucleic acid detection.
So this respect, the investigation of new blood test for the virus crown is also helpful.
Viral nucleic acid detection blood test is not the first choice
If you say the use of blood tests to crown a new virus nucleic acid detection, it is not at the beginning of the epidemic as the preferred method of detection. This way mainly due to the mode of transmission of the new crown virus decision, we all know the new crown virus mainly through droplets and contact transmission, plus there is a new crown viruses necessary ACE2 receptor in the respiratory tract, the respiratory tract infection is the new crown viruses the main portal, and therefore infected people will often complicated by pneumonia.
So if you want to be for suspected cases of viral nucleic acid in the early detection of viral infection, then nose swabs, sputum and other lower respiratory tract secretions is the preferred testing specimens, these specimens obtained positive rate is the highest. Blood viral nucleic acid detection but at this time is likely to be negative result, since the beginning of the viral infection in the blood probably has not been viruses.
It is noteworthy that the latest version of the treatment program has a major change that increases the serological detection of virus-specific antibodies against the new crown IgM and IgG, and as one of the new crown confirmed evidence of viral infection, but also in the IgM 3-5 days after onset start appear positive. But All in all, there is the preferred specimens for virus nucleic acid can be detected by blood tests crown new virus, but not the blood samples.
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More than 20 consecutive days of zero diagnosis, but can not fully return to work, not school, and why

As China’s fight against the new virus crown with remarkable results, provinces and cities nationwide have consecutive days new cases cases and confirmed cases “double clear”, so users will have to ask: Why not return to work without opening it? The resumption of work related to daily living, on to state revenues, down to the ordinary people living expenses, the school is very concerned about a lot of treasure dad Baoma things, we almost all network class and bear children at home tortured to the brink of collapse, and why so far not fully return to work, no school does not notice it?
We need to promote an orderly return to work
In fact, the country’s epidemic prevention and control is a game of chess, every step we take will need to be very careful, because it will indeed affect the whole body, besides our current hard-won achievements, so the next move can not even go blind. Although many provinces and cities have been “double clear”, but risks remain and the epidemic is still grim, it is not the school can not return to work, but to return to work and orderly conduct of school, and it would not fully liberalized.
Since the resumption of work will involve the export of labor services and personnel input of liquidity problems, and even some companies have a large number of foreign workers, these issues need to be properly resolved in order to promote return to work, which is the local governments can not be taken lightly. Thus promoting orderly return to work before, local governments have also issued a document, first to divide the country according to risk level, return to work and then return to the field staff from different levels of risk areas, to conduct a physical examination prior to return to work or quarantine measures observed to ensure that foreign imported cases do not appear.
The school is an important position to prevent the epidemic
State education departments, school term need to meet the following three conditions: First, the epidemic basically under control. This is not determined by the school, but to judge by the state. Second, society and the vast majority of parents believe or agree to say that the school is safe. Third, after the necessary school supplies and prevention of conditions that should be in place. This is the school do to prepare.
Children are the future, but also because the child’s lower immunity in adults, more likely to be infected with the new virus crown. In addition school group classes, required dozens of people gathered faces sitting in a classroom, it is neither in line with prevention and control measures we do not gather, but also easy to cross-infection, so to promote the school to be more cautious than return to work. This is both for the education sector or the parents are very contradictory and headache, on the one hand can not normally open to learn so that students keep up with their studies, on the other hand they feared that opening a new crown virus will spread again in school, so education authorities around the trade-offs, now mostly let high school, junior college entrance examination and other needs in the exam, and relatively older school students, and then gradually minute time period in batches school.
So when the school really can not say, now the domestic epidemic basically under control, but the epidemic is not optimistic abroad, our country has become a national epidemic input from the epidemic exporter. Domestic and foreign with the gas branch which, if ignored, is still very dangerous.
Overseas situation is not optimistic
On the one hand we need to gradually return to work closely monitors school, on the other hand we want to prevent further input. Recent local diagnosis already in single digits, but has been found in confirmed cases outside input, even more than the local confirmed cases. Given the attitude of the Buddha system fight the epidemic in Europe and America and other countries, the more we want to prevent sticking, to prevent the outbreak of fire abroad back home.
So, we now anyway to keep the fruits of victory, even if not fully resumed school short term, but our long-term interests is necessary gradual, the current epidemic last victory coming, but still can not negligent, adhere to pay attention to protection, public places, especially in the densely-personnel, be sure to wear a mask, daily attention to wash their hands, while a balanced diet, nutrition, waiting for the arrival of the full return to work and school notices.
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Rural old saying “good men and blessed hairy, hairless a good female fat” really make sense?

The countryside is a very strong cultural tradition of the place, or in the slack hours of gossip, people like to get together to talk about family, laughter can always hear the saying goes, for example, the old man said: “Good man blessed a hair, female hairless a good fat “, which in the end is what does that mean? This really make sense?
Good men blessed hairy
In the past, men with sturdy for the United States, men’s Maofa Mao Sheng, shiny, indicating adequate blood man, full of energy. Since ancient times “hairless lips, work is not strong,” saying that the hair strong man giving a stable, mature, manly feeling, a woman married to such a man would think that would be useful to rely on, and very blessed. Both ancient and present, as a farmer, especially men, mostly relying on manual labor to get the fruits of labor, to feed a large family, then a strong and healthy, able to work in the natural man is a woman’s best mate candidates.
Good Women hairless a fat
“Good girl hairless” is that women smooth skin, “skin as creamy,” Bonnie skin better than beautiful clothes, whether ancient or modern, is the appearance of a person important part of the United States. “A fat” called “fat” is not simply referring to obesity, but that woman to be plump, strong robust. Ability in the past, body robust growth mean that a woman is good, plenty of blood, offspring of sufficient milk after having children, is conducive to healthy growth of children. In material deprivation era, women have “fat” also shows that the woman’s family was well off, with good living conditions, so in the past buns woman will be called “lucky” more likely to be men of all ages.
This statement is justified?
“Good man blessed hairy, hairless a good female fat” is actually a blind date to determine whether the use of the appearance of the object in the past material deprivation, poor health conditions, by observing people, a summary of results of health method. Although with some limitations and biases place, but it is not entirely unfounded. But with the progress of the times, people’s ideas, vision and knowledge of human perception has changed dramatically compared to the previous. Most women today are thin is beautiful, the pursuit of skinny figure and good looks, while men are more valued character development and career. Aside from these external conditions, more contemporary men and women mate pursuit of spiritual Affinities parties, Three Views consistency and so on, and this is a big step forward in the concept of human marriage.
We treat rural sayings, must take a cautious approach, combined with the historical background and the profound meaning of the language to understand. These words, in certain contexts, is justified. Today, times are changing, such as this saying, we understand the meaning of good, there is no need to treat it as a standard to judge a person.
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What is a drug allergy, rash and other allergic symptoms after taking how to deal with?

What is a drug allergy?
Drug allergies (also known as a drug hypersensitivity) adverse reactions to the drug. When the body’s immune system to respond to the drug, if it is dangerous intruders and tried to extinguish the same. Working immune system is to fight infection. Usually, it should not be like aggression agents that react to drugs, but some drugs can cause some people’s reaction.
Drug allergy symptoms may include rash, itching, swelling, or in severe cases – difficulty breathing or drop in blood pressure can cause people to faint.
Drug allergies and side effects of different drugs. Side effects are unexpected or harmful effect of the drug might cause. Side effects may affect anyone taking enough drugs. On the other hand, drug allergy affects only a small number of people.
What drug allergy symptoms?
There are several different types of drug allergies, each with its own symptoms.
A severe allergy called “immediately” allergies, because it was soon after taking the drug onset (usually about an hour). Usually it occurs in a person without any problems before taking the medication. Symptoms may include:
● hive bumps, redness of the skin, usually very itchy
● pruritus
● When flushing, when your skin turns red and feels hot
● face, hands, feet, or swelling of the throat
● tight throat, hoarseness, wheezing or difficulty breathing
● nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain
● dizziness
This type of allergy is very serious, because if you continue taking the drug, the situation may worsen. It can become a systemic threat to the life of an allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis.
Another drug allergy, known as “delayed” allergies are more common. This type is not very serious, often cause skin rashes, this rash will start taking a few days later. Rash usually spread over most of the skin. Sometimes itchy, but sometimes not. This type of drug allergy does not involve swelling, dyspnea, throat tightness or other symptoms listed above. This type of allergy is usually not deteriorate or affect anything other than skin.
Should I see a doctor or nurse?
That’s up to you what kind of reaction.
If you start using a new drug and any of the following symptoms, emergency medical treatment:
● wheezing or difficulty breathing
● chest tightness or pain
● faint or feel like fainting
● face, lips, tongue or throat swelling
● hives (usually on the skin very itchy raised red edge)
● feel they want to harm or kill themselves
● severe stomach pain or vomiting
● fever
● Skin Pain
● skin blisters
● eyes, mouth, pink vagina and other organs, moist tissue pain and irritation
How to treat drug allergies?
If you have a severe reaction to medication, you will receive treatment at the hospital. There, your medical team will try to make your body back to normal. To this end, they may have to give you medication to calm your allergic reactions.
You can prevent allergic to any medications?
If you already know your drug allergies, you can reduce the chance of problems again in the following cases:
● Inform your allergies to all your doctors and nurses as well as anyone you might prescribing. Tell your pharmacy. Drug may have more than one component, and having more than one name. Also, drugs are sometimes related to each other. If you are allergic to a particular drug, you may also be allergic to other drugs associated with it. If you tell the doctor or nurse your allergy, he or she can try to avoid taking any medication you may be causing the problem.

The importance of penicillin allergy skin test before treatment remember!

What is penicillin skin test?
Penicillin skin test is a test method for people allergic to penicillin. Penicillin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat bacterial infections. Penicillin there are many, including amoxicillin, amoxicillin Neff, ampicillin. Penicillin solution containing puncture the skin or injection, and observe the reaction. If the itchy red bumps appear in 15-20 minutes inherent skin test site, the test is considered positive, if nothing happens, it is considered that the test was negative. Skin testing is usually performed in a hospital.
The reason penicillin skin test
Penicillin skin test is carried out in a crowd may have “immediate type” allergic reactions to penicillin or related antibiotics. Allergic reactions usually start a few minutes to one hour after taking the drug. These reactions can be serious and even fatal, although most is not the case.
Symptoms of an allergic reaction may include:
● skin – itching, flushing, urticaria (hives), swelling (angioedema)
● eyes – itchy skin around the eyes, tearing, redness, swelling
● nose and mouth – sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, swelling of the tongue, metallic taste
● lung and throat – out of air is difficult, recurrent cough, chest tightness, wheezing or other respiratory difficulties voice, increased production of mucus, itching, or swelling of the throat, hoarseness, voice changes, a sense of suffocation
● heart and blood circulation – dizziness, weakness, pale, fainting, irregular heartbeat (fast or slow), low blood pressure
● digestive system – nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea (sudden onset shortly after taking)
● nervous system – anxiety, confusion, a sense of impending doom
Meaning negative penicillin skin test
If you make a skin test, but the result is negative, it means that the skin does not respond, then your system may not have allergy antibodies. However, since the test is not 100% reliable, so most allergies doctors will take additional measures, administration of a single dose of penicillin (or related antibiotics) under medical observation. This is to ensure that you do not have any reaction after the actual medication.
Predict future reactions to penicillin
Negative penicillin skin test does not mean you always will not react to penicillin (or related antibiotics). Skin tests provide information about the immediate reaction only. You may still have other types of reactions, these type of reaction has nothing to do with immediately. There is no reliable way to predict other types of allergic reactions.
Penicillin and antibiotics related to penicillin rash caused by drug treatment usually occurs a few days later. Rash for several days to several weeks, and may itch or may not itch. This may be annoying, but rarely dangerous. For most of penicillin, the incidence of rash about 2%, but for some penicillin (e.g., amoxicillin), the higher the frequency of the rash. In some cases, only when the patient also has a specific viral infection, rash appears, and then later when the use of antibiotics, the rash does not occur
Although penicillin skin test was negative, but still other, more severe allergic reactions can occur. Fortunately, these are rare. Symptoms of a severe reaction include:
● fever
● flu-like symptoms (muscle or joint pain, loss of appetite suddenly drops, extreme fatigue)
● swelling of the face or hands
● sensitivity to light (eye pain when looking at bright light)
● eye, oral, vaginal, or urinary tract (urethra) wetting liner have a pain or irritation, sometimes blistering
● dark spots on the skin begins to blister
If you have any of these symptoms appear while taking penicillin (or related drugs), stop taking the drug immediately and call medical institutions.

What insomnia is and how to improve treatment?

What is insomnia?
Insomnia is a sleep problem. Insomniacs difficult falling asleep or staying asleep state, or wake up already will not feel rested. Insomnia has nothing to do with a person’s sleep time. Everyone needs a different sleep time.
What are the symptoms of insomnia?
Insomnia often:
● difficult falling asleep or staying asleep
● feel tired during the day
● forget things or unclear thinking
● cranky, anxiety, irritability or depression
● reduce the work effort or interest
● more likely to make mistakes or accidents than usual
● worried that they get enough sleep
These symptoms can be severe and even affect a person’s relationships or work life. In addition, people even in sleep time seems long enough, this will happen.
I should test it?
May not be required. Most people with insomnia do not need to test. Your doctor may just need to talk to you be able to tell what went wrong. He or she also might ask you to record 1-2 weeks of daily log to record every night of sleep mode.
In some cases, people do need special sleep test, for example, “polysomnography” or “calligraphy.”
● polysomnography device – polysomnography instrument usually lasts all night, and tested in a sleep laboratory. During the test, the monitor connected to your body, to record movement, brain activity, breathing and other body functions.
● calligraphy – calligraphy recording activity and exercise are usually worn on the wrist by the motion detector or the monitor. The test is completed in a few days and nights at home. It will record how much time you actually sleep and when to sleep.
How can I improve sleep?
You can follow a good “sleep habits”, which means that you:
● sleep long enough to make you feel at rest, then get out of bed
● go to bed at the same time every day
● Do not try to force yourself to sleep. If you can not sleep, get up and please try again later.
● only edible coffee, tea and other caffeinated foods in the morning
● afternoon, evening and bedtime to avoid alcohol
● Avoid smoking, especially at night
● Make your bedroom kept dark, cool, quiet, and there is nothing to remind work or other pressures may cause
● bedtime to solve the problem
● exercise a few days a week, but can not exercise before bed
● Avoid watching the glow of the phone or reading devices ( “e-book”) before bed. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep.
Other things that can improve sleep include:
● relaxation therapy, focusing on relaxing all the muscles in the body
● counselor or psychologist and cooperation to solve the problem of lack of sleep may lead to
Should I see a doctor?
Yes. If you have insomnia, and bite you, see your doctor. He or she may have suggestions on how to solve the problem.
There are drugs that can help me to sleep it?
Yes, there are some medications that can help sleep. However, only after trying still valid after the above measures, we should try to use them. You should not be a long night of sleep at night using drugs. Otherwise, you may rely on them to sleep.
Sometimes insomnia is caused by a mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety. If so, you might benefit from antidepressants, sleep aids rather than agents. Antidepressants can usually improve sleep can also help other concerns.
I can drink to help me sleep it?
No, I do not alcohol as a sleep aid agents. Even if alcohol will make you sleepy initially, but it will interfere with sleep later in the night.

Britain’s “herd immunity” policy What does it mean? Doctor: This move to crown a new virus does not fly

Britain recently announced the vaccination policy, so that everyone stunned, especially their chief scientist dug a pit, the concept of “herd immunity” proposed, but caused controversy in all aspects. Recently, the British government and out of the rumor, saying only enter the second phase of the British government in the epidemic control – “Delay” stage, it refers to make relatively high-risk populations, such as elderly elderly relative isolation, thereby delaying the epidemic progress, centralized medical resources assistance infection, rather than take the “herd immunity” policy, and this argument has been the country’s Guardian story hit the face:
According to “The Guardian” reported The UK Department of Health under the “England’s Department of Public Health” (Public Health England) conveyed recently to the “secret” briefing British health system officials showed that Britain’s new crown virus outbreaks or will continue to spring of next year, and will result in 790 million people hospitalized due to infection.
The news is true we are difficult to trace, on what is herd immunity, to give you a brief introduction.
Herd immunity is directed to a passive epidemic control measures, in short, as more and more people are infected with the virus and recovered, ill body will produce antibodies to the virus immunity, in principle, the body crowd antibody production, will produce the viral immunity, reduce the risk of virus infection, the crowd the more people there are antibodies in the body, difficulty occurs naturally viruses spread is even greater, resulting in blocking the effects of the epidemic.
If you want to implement the so-called herd immunity, you can have a clear case of a vaccine capable of producing antibodies by way of universal vaccination to implement herd immunity, and this approach to produce antibodies by herd immunity so that everyone infected the face of mortality caused by a lower number of similar viruses like influenza virus, it might be appropriate, but for now it seems the spread of strong, high mortality novel coronavirus, is not really applicable.
For the novel coronavirus, take this non-resistance policy, really feasible? Although we have a variety of views, and even some people this kind of “survival of the fittest” policy and applauded, but a personal point of view, such an approach, the costs will be enormous, and it is a very inhumane.
Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, I believe we all have seen our current epidemic situation and prevention measures, and it turns out, you want to control the epidemic, on the one hand to actively take prevention and control measures to be blocked by means of human intervention spread of the virus, on the other hand, also on the treatment of infected persons actively to minimize the possibility of infection continue to spread the virus. In this strict control means dedication and selfless efforts and front-line health workers, which makes the epidemic has been effectively controlled.
If we do not practice and conduct epidemic prevention and control, to take the so-called “herd immunity” policy, large-scale public infection by producing antibodies to fight the epidemic and then, just to say that the country’s strict control measures in stark contrast to adopt this inaction of the United Kingdom, the current epidemic situation of non-resistance policy is the number of 1960 cases diagnosed, although not the top few, but if you do not take active control measures, I believe the secret briefing on possible really to be expected reality.
Once the case if the outbreak occurs, scientists estimate that their mortality rate is around 1%, while the mortality rate from now, the number will be much higher than this, we look at the most serious outbreak overseas in Italy, is currently diagnosed the number more than 31,000, while the number of deaths 2503, and roughly mortality rate has exceeded 8 percent, while our domestic Wuhan is the region with the highest incidence rate, which is the incidence is 50,000 cases, the death toll was 2490, the mortality rate is close 5%, while the situation if Britain really outbreaks, the number of infections reached a certain level, for the health care system test will be unprecedented, but the mortality rate can never be so low is only 1%, while the percentage is even one, could have been effective prevention and control of epidemic once, causing the government does not appear as a result of the outbreak of epidemic diseases, infectious diseases because those citizens who lost their lives, how to talk about what is fair and “herd immunity” mean?

British opposite: to allow people infected with the new crown, to obtain herd immunity! Experts tell you the truth

Different ways recently affected by the new European crown virus completely confusing, but our response to new viruses crown, Buddha Department of European countries fight the epidemic is really eye-popping, such as Sweden decided to stop counting on the new confirmed cases of pneumonia crown, but also the no longer for patients with mild and suspected patients were detected; British prime minister threw out remarks herd immunity, to make the whole British people infected with the new virus crown to deal with the virus, which in fact contains behind an extremely complex issue.
Highlights the advantages of our system
It can be said that measures to deal with the new world crown outbreak also highlights the country such as China from the side. Many users say China to the world provides a ready reference of the respondents, they even joked Chaozuo Ye do not understand, in fact, estimate their hearts probably had this to say: “? You think I do not want to copy it but his concubine ah” . Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, from the top down decrees able to do the same, united as one, 14 million people nationwide fight against SARS formed a unified front in order to be a successful fight against SARS. The other hand, the so-called multi-party system of Western “democratic” countries, if the ruling party declared national isolation, mandatory for people to wear masks, certainly there will soon come out against the opposition, the people will not agree, you say violations of human rights. In the face of human rights, the West can be described as rather die than surrender. Their governments are like this in the face of mere tens of millions of people, as if we are over one billion people, it is estimated the country would have to split up.
Fragile public health care system in the United Kingdom
Although the Western developed countries, but in fact the public health care system is very fragile. In the face of the sudden epidemic, government health spending will increase rapidly, while they lack strong financial support, on the other hand is not willing to pay a huge price. In the capitalist system, they will give priority to the interests of the elite. When unable to cope, civilians become their victim.
Different interpretations of the new virus crown
Prompting Britain to allow people to make the practice of herd immunity, as well as on the one hand because scientists believe their new crown virus like the flu every year probably will erupt, sooner or later people will be immune to it, and 60% infection rate is obtained herd immunity numbers. But I think this is also not desirable, because if you really 60% infection rate, it will therefore lead to how many people died? In the “human rights” the supremacy of the United Kingdom, is this part of the patient’s death will be no human rights yet?
In any case, I think the British approach is full of drawbacks, both their frustration, but also reflects the inferiority of their capitalist system.
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Nitroglycerin is a coronary heart disease emergency medicine, but the short duration of action! Medical experts to introduce you to a long-term medicine

Remember when a child, watching TV, often this scenario: when the old man was unworthy descendants angry chest pain, from his pocket two magic little pills in your mouth, will instantly relieve chest pain. Long before doctors know the magic of the University of nitroglycerin tablets is a drug treatment of acute angina pectoris attacks. Nitroglycerin onset is very fast, but also very short duration of action, will ask many patients, there is no role for a long time nitroglycerin?
Nitroglycerin efficacy characteristics: rapid onset, short duration
The main pharmacological effect of nitroglycerin is relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, direct expansion of the coronary artery, increasing myocardial blood supply, and thus play a role in prevention or amelioration of angina pectoris. Nitroglycerin tablets are mainly two formulations and injections, sublingual tablets onset for about 2-3 minutes, five minutes to reach maximum effect, duration of action was 20-30 minutes. Visible effect of nitroglycerin is very short, and therefore the clinical tablet which when used for emergency medicine acute attack of angina pectoris, which injection because short duration of action, used clinically to lower blood pressure and congestive heart failure, the require continuous infusion.
Brothers of nitroglycerin were: to maintain a long time
In fact, nitroglycerin, nitrates only one family member, it has a weakness, that is due to the significant first pass effect of the liver and oral invalid, it must sublingual. So, if you want a long-term drug use prevention of angina attacks, then it would turn to nitroglycerin brother -5- isosorbide mononitrate played. 5- isosorbide mononitrate is a new generation of nitrates, in fact, he had a brother named isosorbide dinitrate, but both in oral bioavailability or half-life, 5-isosorbide mononitrate should be more wins a chip, so now more commonly used. 5- isosorbide mononitrate almost completely absorbed oral bioavailability of close to 100%, and no hepatic first pass effect.
Unlike isosorbide dinitrate biotransformation as to go through the liver before onset, but play a direct drug effect after oral administration. Tablets from 30-60 minutes after taking effect, duration of 6 hours, sustained-release tablets from 60-90 minutes after the onset, duration of action, up to about 12 hours, and therefore can be used for long-term prophylaxis of angina pectoris, a the role of a real long time. “nitroglycerin.”
Further clinical 5- previously isosorbide mononitrate well as injectable forms, but compared with the oral formulation, or both the onset time effective oral formulations can not match. Although the injectable form still used in our country, it is recommended that the majority of patients in the face of a doctor’s prescription 5- isosorbide mononitrate injection, as long as the case of oral and gastrointestinal absorption function is normal, can be boldly refuse.
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How to do in order to maintain the pancreas and gall bladder health? Doctors advice: Remember two things can not be done

Pancreas and gall bladder are the two vital organs of the human digestive system, it plays an indispensable role in human health. Someone asked, what food is good for the pancreas and gallbladder? Before answering this question, let us first understand what is the pancreas and gallbladder. The pancreas is a very important human digestive gland, lying on the abdomen. Pancreatic juice of pancreatic enzymes in the intestine when activated may participate in the digestion of food starch, protein and fat. Gallbladder stores and concentrates bile, the body’s digestive system is very important, after eating gallbladder, bile discharge can help digest food, and has a role in regulating bile duct pressure and fluid mechanics maintain the balance of the bile duct.
Discussion on how to avoid the incidence of gallbladder and pancreas induced a greater sense
From the above description pancreas and gallbladder, pancreas and gallbladder we know are important human digestive system, the meaning of existence is to digest food, and studies have shown that gallbladder and pancreas are closely related, there is a lot of people at the same time cholecystitis and pancreatitis many patients have cholecystitis before the onset of pancreatitis. So, what food there is no good for the pancreas and gallbladder. However, in order away from pancreatic disease and gall bladder disease or pay attention to diet. So, how do pay attention to diet? We should note the following two points:
1. strictly limit alcohol consumption, in some cases need to Temperance
Excessive drinking is the biggest cause of pancreatitis, and therefore want to avoid the occurrence of pancreatitis, it is necessary to strictly control drinking, if a history of cholecystitis, the need for strict prohibition. At the same time a lot of alcohol tend to bite, but the wine itself will be metabolized into fat in the body, which can irritate the gallbladder and pancreas, once the excess, it will induce lesions of the gallbladder and pancreas.
2. Avoid overeating
We all know that overeating protease and acute pancreatitis is closely related to the pancreas produced, lipase for digestion play to help people, the content of the food people eat protein, fat, sugar is very high, if eating too much, it is necessary to increase the secretion of pancreatic digestive enzymes to digest food. If overeating, it will speed up the frequency of pancreatic secretion and work, the pancreas produces too much pressure in a lot of secretions, increased burden on the pancreas, eventually causing acute pancreatitis. Thus, far from pancreatic diseases such as acute pancreatitis, be sure not to eat too much, you want to light foods, eat less greasy food, paying particular attention to food hygiene.
Similarly, away from gallbladder disease should pay special attention to diet. In peacetime to develop good eating habits, so that whole grains and refined grains reasonable, meat and vegetables with a reasonable, not excessive intake of sugar and fat. At the same time, pay attention to eating three meals a day on time, not too long fasting or hunger full uneven, especially must eat breakfast; pay attention to food hygiene, away from the contaminated food. To eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage and so on; eat more bananas, apples and other fruits, to promote the metabolism of cholesterol and other substances, to avoid the occurrence of gall bladder disease (such as gallstone disease).
It is worth recalling, gallbladder and pancreas are closely related, chronic pancreatitis patients with a lot of people just because of a bad gallbladder disease, high fat diet can promote the secretion of bile, for cholelithiasis, cholecystitis patients, high-fat diet can cause illness aggravating a word, and then induced pancreatitis. All in all, pancreas and gallbladder balanced diet is the best care, away from alcohol, do not eat too much.
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Eat lettuce on the human body What are the benefits? Nutrition experts: At least five big advantage, eaten raw with stress

Lettuce, also known as leaf lettuce, leaf lettuce group, lettuce dish, the daughter of dishes, do not look very ordinary name, but it is exotic, it is native to Europe on the Mediterranean coast, domesticated from wild species. Lettuce nutritious, delicious and tender crisp, refreshing liqueur can bring good feelings, much like people.
Eating lettuce nutrition on the human body have any effect?
Chinese medicine, bitter lettuce taste sweet, cool, there is heat and cool God, Liver gallbladder, stomach effect. Modern research shows, lettuce containing dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid, carotene, folic acid, and a variety of minerals and other nutrients. Generally speaking, eating lettuce on the human body has the following benefits:
: Nutrients, mannitol, resins, protein factors such as lettuce and the lettuce can be contained in the emulsion stimulate digestion, appetite.
Help to eliminate fat
: Lettuce contains more dietary fiber and vitamin C, have a role to eliminate excess fat, so called weight loss lettuce. We usually eat fast food chain, often are added to the meat in lettuce, with such economic benefits, but also in line with the principles of balanced nutrition.
Adjuvant therapy hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treatment of neurasthenia
: Lettuce leaf lettuce contains elements, slightly bitter taste, with hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treatment of neurasthenia and other auxiliary effect.
Auxiliary diuretic
: Lettuce also contains mannitol, a diuretic effect and promoting blood circulation.
Auxiliary antiviral
: Lettuce against viral infections containing interferon inducer, which may interfere with incentives to act on normal cells, to produce antiviral substance. However, lettuce anti-viral interferon inducer at 100 ℃ high temperature would be destroyed, so that health effects will play a raw lettuce illnesses.
How lettuce eaten raw?
Raw lettuce, lettuce is first necessary to rinse, and then placed in the market, then put the hoisin sauce or sweet sauce with a high-quality snack plate, add some cooked flavor condiments such as peanut oil or sesame oil. Lettuce dipped in sauce, tender crisp fragrance, delicious taste, unique flavor, people of all ages. Preferably fresh raw lettuce leaves. In addition, lettuce salad dish can also be made, wash the leaves whole piece, after adding salad or spicy sesame oil, soy sauce or miso, can be used to clip the bread, steak or chicken consumption. In addition to raw outside, but also lettuce or fried with garlic, oyster sauce, tofu fry, a different mix, lettuce played effect is not the same. In general, fried lettuce may assist hypnotic analgesia, garlic lettuce can assist anti-inflammatory, lettuce with oyster sauce can assist in lowering blood pressure, tofu lettuce can assist moistening phlegm.
Lettuce is good, with a certain therapeutic effect on many diseases, but not a substitute for treatment. In addition, consumption of lettuce is a luxurious. In order to avoid residues of pesticides and fertilizers, must be washed before the raw lettuce. Whether fried or boiled lettuce, time is not too long, so as to keep the lettuce crisp taste. In addition, frequent urination, Wei Han people should eat lettuce.
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Those things abortion, how medication, whether sequelae after abortion?

Abortion is a way to end pregnancy, another special name called “pregnancy termination.”
There are two main ways of abortion:
● medical abortion – the pill can terminate the pregnancy. This is only valid before 10 weeks of pregnancy (that is, after the first 10 weeks of your last menstruation). Sometimes called “medical abortion.” Women medical abortion need to take two separate pharmaceutical.
● surgical abortion – doctors use surgical tools the end of pregnancy. This can be done in the first trimester or the second trimester. This process takes 15 to 30 minutes.
How do medical abortion?
You will be the first use of a drug called mifepristone. 1-2 days, you will eat another drug called misoprostol. You can take home a second drug. These drugs will terminate the pregnancy. It may take 4-6 hours after taking the second drug to appear vaginal bleeding. You may also see blood clots or tissue fragments.
After medical abortion Common symptoms include:
● After taking the second drug (misoprostol), will lower abdominal pain and cramps. These last up to six hours.
● bleeding from the vagina. A few hours after taking misoprostol, bleeding can be very heavy. Mild bleeding may last several weeks.
● fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
After the abortion
The following occurs
You should call the doctor or nurse:
● Many of your bleeding,
Per hour (at least 2 hours)
Penetration of a menstrual pad, while you are still bleeding.
● Your pain is very severe, and the use of pain relievers such as ibuprofen does not make you feel better.
● fever above 38 ° C.
● unpleasant vaginal secretions.
In some cases, abortion is not fully functional. Unfinished abortion signs include:
● no bleeding after medical abortion
● 1 week or more still feel symptoms of pregnancy after miscarriage, such as nausea and breast tenderness
● bleeding after abortion more than two weeks
● abortion after the first six weeks of no menstruation
Abortion is dangerous to do?
In general, abortion is very safe. But like any medical procedure like abortion does have some small risks. If you want to have an abortion, be sure to be carried out by a qualified hospital doctors. In the absence of prior consultation with a doctor or nurse, do not take any drugs or anything into the vagina.
After the abortion I should do another change?
Do not have sex or put anything in the vagina within two weeks after the abortion. Doing so could result in serious infections.
If one day I want to get pregnant again how to do?
Abortion does not increase the difficulty pregnant again. Abortion does not harm your health, it will not harm your baby’s future health.

Rumor: The new crown virus can not be detected by blood? There are three blood tests important for epidemic prevention and control

The new coronavirus epidemic continues to develop, many of my friends are also very concerned about the issues checks and confirmed the new coronavirus infection, we often see a variety of media reports mentioned words such a “positive nasal swabs were by nucleic acid testing,” some friends could not help but ask: novel coronavirus infection, not by blood tests? For this question, in fact, blood tests whether the preliminary examination novel coronavirus infection, diagnosis or follow-up to this, is a very important means of inspection.
For patients with associated fever, cough symptoms, in addition to investigating its history and the new crown pneumonia infected people in close contact outside the relevant preliminary examination and investigation is also very important, first thing to do is to check the blood, in the “novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment guidelines, “the seventh edition of the trial, the first for laboratory tests to check on the proposed general, early onset heart novel coronavirus infection occur peripheral leukocytes or reduce the total number of symptoms, lymphocyte count decreased, such as performance, some patients will liver enzyme lactate dehydrogenase, myoglobin increased and so on, these are blood tests to discover.
There are big data companies aggregate data on study found that blood in the shower grain ratio (NLR), that is, the ratio of neutrophils and lymphocytes, to distinguish the novel coronavirus pneumonia and non pneumonia new crown has certain comparative sense, the study found that the new crown with HIV particle shower is small compared to patients is not a new crown pneumonia about 42% with a maximum of only 44% of new non-crown patients with pneumonia, the overall significantly smaller and more focused, results of such studies, although not yet as an indicator of initial diagnosis for clinical use, but in a new blood test for viral infections crown preliminary screening of the new crown viral infections, or have some sense of inspection.
In clinical practice, confirmed virus infection, of course, not just about the preliminary results of blood tests, the doctor will be combined with the corresponding test results, combined with the actual patient’s symptoms, and readme epidemiological situation, to further confirm the need for a new crown virus detection.
Wants to confirm the new coronavirus infection, the most important of course is checked to confirm etiology, usually to confirm the infection, the general inspection strategy has two kinds: one is to check the pathogen itself, and the other is to check body antibodies against pathogens that occur during. Check the pathogen itself, we call antigen test, and the other we call the antibody test for viral nucleic acid we can also check, check these three ways, no matter what is found positive reaction, means have been Viral infection. For sample testing, the various body fluids can be used as samples tested, there are many present, China approved new crown virus detection kit, and some may be new crown RNA sequence detection of pathogens characteristic of the virus by testing swabs in the mouth , and some test kits can be whole blood, plasma or serum examination pathogens or antibodies, these inspection methods are feasible way is not the only novel coronavirus infection confirmed by nasal swab to check.
In the seventh edition of the treatment guidelines, also made clear that pathogen by checking the patient’s nasal swabs, sputum, lower respiratory tract secretions, blood, feces and other specimens, if able to detect nucleic acid positive novel coronavirus, can confirm novel coronavirus infection. Since the main novel coronavirus infection is by a virus and the patient infected airway epithelial cell binding, therefore, the use of the respiratory tract sampling, in particular the lower respiratory tract specimens sampling inspection, testing as soon as possible after sampling, detecting higher accuracy.
Blood tests novel coronavirus infection, a pathogen can be detected, antibodies may be checked, but the human viral infection, an antibody to the human body, typically take some time, and different individuals, where the production of antibodies also vary, therefore, antibody test normally takes 3-5 days to show positive after infection, but antibody tests there is an important sense, is to cure the patient epidemiological investigation, to understand infection and virus antibodies in different populations generate case characteristics, antibody testing is particularly important.
All in all, the idea is not novel coronavirus is through a blood test on an understanding of misunderstanding, a blood test for the new coronavirus first visit, diagnosis, prognosis and other aspects of epidemiology, has an important role.

Extraordinary times, the Chinese home treatment of pneumonia new crown free? Expert: Everyone can not free

Recently, the new crown epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, but has intensified in countries overseas, the rapid rise in the epidemic period. Due to various reasons such as limited medical resources abroad, many Chinese living abroad to return home infected selected for treatment. Among these, some returned Chinese deliberately conceal the truth, even taking antipyretics fever smooth return to China, to China’s current epidemic prevention and control is a big challenge. Someone asked, for living outside the infected Chinese home treatment, medical treatment and subsistence expenses of its provisions in place?
Beijing to return home for treatment policy of ethnic Chinese living outside the infected
A few days before the preliminary arrangements for the Beijing municipal government home treatment for Chinese living outside of infected medical expenses as follows, first class, foreign workers have participated in the national basic medical insurance: Individuals do not need to bear the associated costs; the second category, did not participate national basic medical insurance, immigration officers: costs associated with the personal burden of patients principle; the third category, who participated in the commercial insurance: You can pay fees according to the contract of commercial insurance. The fourth category, special circumstances, have difficulty finding identified: medical aid shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Control Act of infectious diseases. At the same time Beijing requires all immigrants to Beijing asymptomatic persons, shall be transferred to the centralized observation point for centralized observed for 14 days, in principle, at their own expense.
For these precautionary measures Beijing, I thought was very reasonable, and not let some of the air is sweet think foreign people to enjoy national treatment. The reasons include: First, the national security for the life of the people, invested heavily in the fight against SARS, the impact of economic development at great economic pressure. Secondly, when the country is in trouble, except for a small part, most of the overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to get a green card abroad should be Zhiwangbushang. Most of the overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to get a green card abroad, not to do what our obligations not to come back to China in serious epidemic, but it Qianwan Bai to return home as soon as the outbreak of serious foreign, occupying over China’s medical resources, enjoy low-cost high-quality medical services for every Chinese citizen is not fair, and it is very unreasonable.
Overseas Chinese citizens can be treated according to the identity of difference
Here, we have to mention three concepts: overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese. Overseas Chinese are Chinese citizens residing permanently abroad, even if the foreign country to get a permanent residence card, such as a green card, Canadian Permanent Resident Card. The Chinese is a broad concept, including overseas Chinese, “naturalized as a foreign national” Migration and Diaspora of Chinese people around the world. Among them, naturalized as a foreign national with a foreign nationality are called overseas Chinese and Chinese. So it must be Chinese citizens overseas Chinese, the Chinese may refer to a foreign nationality, native of China’s foreign nationals. It is noteworthy that, on official business abroad (including overseas labor service) staff and students studying abroad are not considered overseas Chinese, Chinese foreign nationality have not seen as overseas Chinese.
I believe that after clarify these concepts, for Chinese living outside the home treatment of infected medical expenses treated differently do the following: (1) public service abroad (including overseas labor service) staff and students studying abroad: free treatment. (2) participated in the basic medical insurance overseas: free treatment. (3) did not participate in the basic medical insurance overseas: their own expense mostly (such as two-thirds). (4) overseas Chinese and Chinese: Already a foreign citizen, should all at their own expense.
Motherland patriotic welcome with open arms every wanderer home away from home, but for wandering China has no heart, I felt foreign moon is round, not just want to come back will be able to come back. During this outbreak, hope that every Chinese would like to return home for treatment, can comply with the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control of the country. This view may be somewhat remote, please correct me, our common enemy is a new virus crown, let us work together to strive for an early end to the epidemic.
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Doctors advise: These anticancer drugs, there may be cardiotoxicity, to be especially careful when using

Cancer is a serious threat to human health class of common disease, is the world’s prominent public health problem. The method comprises treating a tumor, has its own advantages and limitations, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and other medical treatment. Among them, the use of anticancer drugs chemotherapy inevitable. Many worry about adverse reactions in patients with malignant anticancer drugs, such as cardiotoxicity. Someone asked, anticancer drugs, heart do not you? What have cardiac toxicity? Today I come to talk about whether there is cardiac toxicity of anticancer drugs.
Anticancer drugs, not good for the heart? What have cardiac toxicity?
Heart disease and cancer are the two main causes of the current cause of death, and when both occur simultaneously in a patient, it will seriously affect the patient’s prognosis and survival. And unfortunately, with the cancer incidence and mortality increase associated with the treatment of malignant cardiac toxicity is also increasing. Cardiotoxicity will seriously affect the quality of life of patients with malignant tumors, and may even lead to adjustments in anti-tumor therapy program or even stop.
Cardiac toxicity of anticancer drugs cause the performance of complex and diverse, the common manifestations such as arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, coronary artery disease, hypertension and cardiac dysfunction. Common cause of cardiac toxicity antineoplastic agents include: anthracyclines (e.g., doxorubicin, epirubicin, daunorubicin, etc.), alkylating agents (e.g., cyclophosphamide, etc.), anti-metabolic drugs (e.g. fluorouracil), interfere with microtubule protein synthesis (paclitaxel) or the like, targeted drug (e.g. trastuzumab).
Wherein the anthracycline easily lead to acute and chronic cardiac toxicity, may result in left ventricular dysfunction, heart failure. Alternatively vitamins may be employed, coenzyme Q, glutathione, or prevention or treatment of dexrazoxane. But the failure of doxorubicin and other chemotherapeutic agents may be invalid diuretics and cardiac glycosides; high-dose cyclophosphamide (more than 1000 mg / square meter) may occur in acute heart failure and death; fluorouracil (especially intravenous) It can cause coronary spasm, myocardial ischemia; paclitaxel caused by different types of arrhythmias, bradycardia among the most common (incidence thirty percent). Trastuzumab-induced cardiotoxicity mainly as tachycardia, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain and congestive heart failure, usually reversible after discontinuation.
For now, for the cardiac toxicity of anticancer drugs is no rescue medication effects, but at the same time the use of anticancer drugs, pay attention to monitor the patient’s electrocardiogram, blood pressure, heart function and other indicators of heart, if there are problems, timely adjustment of anticancer drugs Treatment programs. At the same time, some anticancer drugs and toxic dose of heart-related, which reminds us that this is not good for the heart function of people, you need to pay due attention to dose control, and intensive care.
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