Depression may be by your side, so be careful if you have these symptoms!

   Recently, news about depression has been frequent for several months, and the disease of depression has been pushed to the top of the storm again. Churchill once said: “The depression in my heart is like a black dog, and I will bite at every opportunity.” Not only are many people now plagued by depression, the sages of ancient great men are also inevitable.   According to data from the World Health Organization in 2018, there are more than 300 million depression patients worldwide, accounting for 4.2% of the total population. Among them, more than 54 million depression patients in China. There are far more people with depression than expected. However, some people have a wrong perception of depression.   Depression is not as simple as you can’t think about it. For a long time, the general public regarded depression as hypocritical, fragile, sensitive, and unthinkable. Some people even thought that depression can recover after a sleep and enlightenment.   Some people with depression have said: No one around me thinks I am sick, they just think I am thinking.   Depression is by no means unimaginable. Depression is a disease that is far more serious than imagined.   Depression is a lifelong illness, which may cause great harm to itself, family and society. Patients may lose their social and work ability, which will bring mental and financial burdens to themselves and their families, and may even lead to suicide.  Although depression is so terrible, it does not mean that there is no way. Identify the condition as early as possible, actively treat it, and have a good prognosis. If you want to discover depression early, you must first know the performance of depression. The following are the 8 major manifestations of depression.  The eight major manifestations of depression   Emotional depression  Long-term depression and depression, easy to cry, lack of pleasure in daily life. A few patients are cheerful and lively on the outside, and depressed and painful on the inside.  Xingzhiqianqi   is interested in everything, has no motivation and no motivation. Things I like can’t be lifted.  Slow movements  Slow movements, avoiding social interaction, not eating or drinking in severe cases, too lazy to talk, too lazy to move, and can also be manifested as irritability. Poor mental state, listlessness throughout the day, feeling physically exhausted, thinking obstacles, slow thinking, inattentiveness, reaction to this period, memory loss, low self-esteem, low self-esteem, self-blame, thinking that you are worthless, deviation in identity, self-mutilation, light life, feeling better than death , Other behavioral disturbances such as self-mutilation and suicide, difficulty falling asleep, and easy to wake up; decreased appetite, weight loss, can also be manifested as overeating, weight gain, seated at the same number, friends with one or more performances may want Pay more attention, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis to see if it is depression. If it is not, just depression, you can rest assured. If it is, aggressive treatment, depression is not terrible.

How does anxiety affect the lives of patients

   Some people in daily life can manipulate their own mentality very well, but some people can’t control their mentality, and the mentality is up and down, which harms the personal behavior of the human brain and causes strange personal behavior. Anxiety and depression are mental diseases that will come to people’s hands, and if the condition of anxiety and depression increases, it will endanger people’s physical and mental health, resulting in people’s mentality can not control the plan, because anxiety and depression are mental diseases The damage to the human brain is quite large, and it will also cause considerable harm to our daily life. 1. Harm to people’s mentality: Anxiety and depression can harm people’s mentality, it is very easy to cause negative information mentality, very depressed, very depressed about everything, irritable, Making a very easy and uneasy mindset uncontrollable will also cause anxiety, restlessness, lack of energy, concentration, and no way to concentrate on doing things. Second, it will cause the appearance of human illness: Anxiety and depression occur on the human brain, resulting in low immunity of the human brain, which harms the physical and mental health of the head. Depressive mentality will harm the human brain’s proper discrimination and harm. As a result of human thinking logic, it leads to the appearance of head disorders, causing headaches and dizziness. The emergence of anxiety and depression is due to abnormalities of the nervous system, and abnormal disorder of the nervous system will cause the oxygen consumption of the human brain aspect ratio, resulting in poor breathing, which is a serious threat to the physical and mental health of the human body. 3. Let the patients suffer from insomnia: People suffering from anxiety and depression are very prone to insomnia. Because the mentality of depression will harm the logical thinking of the patients’ minds and their brains, it is also easy to cause the brain to be upset, And upset is very harmful to the human brain. When you fall asleep, you will also be upset and will not be manipulated, which will cause insomnia. Fourth, the occurrence of mental illness: Anxiety and depression will not only harm the physical and mental health of the human brain, but also the physical and mental health of the mental state, because of anxiety, grumpy, and has been upset, causing headaches The situation appears, and this will harm the heart of the patient, let the patient always care about their own condition, make the heart feel the horror of the disease, cause restlessness in the heart, worry that their anxiety treatment is not good, time Over time, it is very easy to cause mental illness.   Fifth, increase the fatality rate: long-term depression will cause myocardial infarction, and the aspect ratio depression will also cause people’s nerve disorders, twitching, and the symptoms of ventricular chemical fibrillation shaking, will increase the risk of death. Sixth, the occurrence of cancer syndrome: Anxiety and depression and other mental illnesses are not easy to cause cancer syndrome, but it is long-term depression, and the negative emotions caused will give psychological process physical and mental health and its mentality are actually quite large Work stress, as in the long-term past, will cause damage to human function, low immunity, and will increase the risk of cancer. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The harm caused by anxiety and depression is quite large, it will seriously endanger my physical and mental health, and will harm the personal safety of the person, so it is necessary to go to treatment as soon as possible. Don’t underestimate the anxiety and depression disorder. The anxiety and depression friends who look forward to daily life get rid of the illness as soon as possible and have a healthy body and mind.

What are the reasons for controlling schizophrenia?

I firmly believe that everyone has a good grasp of schizophrenia. It is a common disease in clinical medicine. The occurrence of this disease is very harmful to patients. Generally, patients who have schizophrenia are suspicious. Laughing, forced illusions, and other illnesses not only cause harm to the patient’s mental health, but also harm the patient’s normal clothing, food, housing, and transportation. For every schizophrenic patient, medical treatment is necessary and is critical. The people below Let’s talk in detail.  The treatment of schizophrenia will also be divided into various treatment methods, such as group mental health education, counseling and psychological therapy or some mixed treatment methods. The purpose is to improve the ability to solve difficulties and formulate treatment plans. The development trend of social cognition of mutual help and mutual assistance, and its proper medication and side effects.  Patients with schizophrenia have no self-knowledge about the disease, do not recognize the disease, and do not accept medical treatment. The key problem is to reject injections and to take antipsychotic drugs internally. In the medical care, we first use the method of language communication with schizophrenic patients. The attitude must be affable, careful, and sincere in language, and strive to win the trust of schizophrenic patients. Use the method of vegetable diarrhea to let schizophrenic patients talk about their own ideas as much as possible, and give expression, comfort and appropriate specific guidance. In the treatment of schizophrenia, antipsychotic drugs play a key role. Supportive psychotherapy, improving the natural environment for the social development of patients and their rehabilitation treatment strategies for improving the social development adaptability of patients are also crucial. Generally in the subacute link, dominated by medication. In the diffuse link, the mental state social development rehabilitation treatment strategy has a very key effect on preventing seizures and improving the patient’s social development adaptability. There are many kinds of treatments for schizophrenia in clinical medicine. Patients must choose a proper way to carry out treatment. Drug treatment is very important. I hope that the content of the article can help everyone, and everyone The split patient can recover.

Several methods to prevent insomnia in daily life

In recent years, there have been more and more patients with insomnia, and not only white-collar workers in the office, but also many students have suffered from insomnia. Therefore, the prevention of insomnia must attract everyone’s attention. The following is about the prevention of insomnia. Experts will introduce several methods to prevent insomnia.  The main methods for preventing insomnia are as follows:   Methods for preventing insomnia 1. Maintain a good attitude: Try to avoid a high degree of mental tension and maintain a good attitude. Different people have different characteristics, arrange work and study, and do not expect too much. In this way, there may be unexpected effects.  Methods for preventing insomnia Second, try to maintain regularity in life: This is very important for a person’s health, because without a good rest, they can not work well. So if you want to have plenty of energy to deal with competition, you must live regularly and ensure adequate sleep. Ways to prevent insomnia Third, the pursuit of quality: Six hours of good quality sleep gives people a better rest than eight hours of low quality sleep, strictly control the sleep time within the required range, deepen sleep, and take a few hours of intermittent naps Don’t think that you have to lie down for eight hours, if you can energize you for five hours.  Methods for preventing insomnia 4. Do not stay up late in life as much as possible: At present, due to the fierce social competition, many people are working overtime and overtime. In the evening, drink strong tea and coffee to refresh and continue working. In the long run, it disrupts the body’s circadian clock, disrupts the sleep pattern, and causes insomnia. Therefore, you cannot drink strong drinks such as strong tea and coffee before going to bed.  Methods for preventing insomnia Five, we should exercise properly at ordinary times: for example, we can exercise appropriately in the morning and evening every day, such as walking, jogging, playing tai chi, etc., which is conducive to mental relaxation and makes the sleep center work normally and fall asleep smoothly. The above are several methods for preventing insomnia in daily life introduced by experts. One thing to remind everyone here is that everyone should learn to treat people and things in life calmly, learn to tolerate others, and tolerate others is released. In the end, I sincerely wish everyone a happy life.

What harm will insomnia cause us

With the increase of social pressure, more and more patients are suffering from severe insomnia. Many patients often have problems because of unsatisfactory life, which leads to the inability to sleep at night, or else they fall asleep Less than five minutes later, I suddenly woke up. If this disease is not treated, it will be a great threat to the health of the body!    First, the harm of insomnia is mainly manifested in easy to cause endocrine disorders. If you suffer from insomnia for a long time, it will cause some endocrine problems in our body, which will affect our physical and mental health and physical health. Long-term lack of sleep or stress in the human body will cause the nerve’s endocrine stress regulation system to be activated and gradually fail to cause regulation disorders.   Second, the harm of insomnia is mainly manifested in easy to induce heart disease. Our normal sleep time is about 7-8 hours a day. People who sleep an average of 5 hours a night are more likely to suffer from heart disease than people who sleep an average of 8 hours. Don’t believe it, it’s based on science. . In addition, long-term insomnia will accelerate the aging process of human skin, and female friends are also likely to increase the risk of breast cancer.   Third, the harm of insomnia is mainly manifested in easy to induce mental illness. Insomnia is a kind of mental illness. The occurrence of insomnia will seriously cause other mental illnesses. The most common ones are depression and anxiety. Because of insomnia for a long time, people’s psychology will cause fear and worry, which can easily lead to loss and worry. If we suffer from insomnia for a long time, our spirit will also be greatly affected.   Fourth, other diseases. If we suffer from insomnia for a long time, if we do not get good treatment and control, it will not only aggravate the onset of the disease, but also cause the emergence of other diseases, which will have a greater impact on us.  There are three main types of insomnia patients, namely female, elderly and students. Generally, the main reasons for sleep disorders are physical, psychological, and social. If insomnia is often the case, many patients are caused by these factors. Most patients with insomnia will have a deep fear of insomnia due to dizziness caused by insomnia and low work efficiency. The more worried they are, the more insomnia they will suffer from, resulting in a vicious cycle of persistent insomnia. After the introduction of the above article, it is the damage caused by insomnia to our bodies. I believe our patients have clearly understood that we must maintain a good mental state during the treatment of insomnia, and not excessive depression or excitement, This will lead to the development of the disease, I hope our patients have a good mood every day, I wish you all a speedy recovery!

Who is susceptible to anxiety

  Everyone knows that if you are in a bad mood, there will be a lot of psychological reactions. If you are serious, you will easily get some mental diseases, and anxiety disorder is one of them. So what kind of people are susceptible to anxiety?  Based on many years of clinical experience, I have pointed out that the following types of people are most prone to anxiety disorders, and I hope to attract everyone’s attention. 1. Those who care about themselves too much Some people turn to the spirit of worrying about external things to themselves. The most common manifestation is worrying about their physical condition and craving for the complete health and comfort of their bodies. Therefore, they should find that they have any When the symptoms of physical discomfort, they will be very nervous and immediately take various medical actions. Second, perfectionists tend to over-perfect pursuit of perfection. They require everything they do to be perfect, so they put all their energy on what they are pursuing, and often have a strong possessiveness and control. want. People with perfectionism tend to have a strong sense of anxiety when a thing is completed, and feel that there is something wrong with them. No matter what the situation is, they have to do what they do today. When you finish, you get nervous. If you are doing things with others, if someone else can’t meet his satisfaction standard, he will also feel that if he is sitting on a needle, he must be satisfied with his own hands. This is a major cause of anxiety disorders. 3. People with low self-esteem tend to have a low self-esteem. They feel that their appearance, physical characteristics, eloquence, academic performance, etc. are inferior to others, so that when they talk to others, they always feel that they have a great deal with others. Gap, research shows that over-concerning one’s own shortcomings is also one of the causes of anxiety.  If you find that you are one of the above three personalities, then you must pay more attention to psychological adjustment at ordinary times, so that you can minimize the probability of suffering from anxiety. If you already have an anxiety tendency, but you will not be psychologically adjusted, then it is best to take a look at a specialist hospital as soon as possible.

How to deal with family problems

In the psychiatric clinic, I often encounter family members instead of seeing a doctor or consulting, asking why I don’t bring the patient to see it directly. Many family members are in trouble, always saying that I don’t know what to do. Expert outpatient clinics are always afraid to make the patient angry or let the people around them know that they will be embarrassed at home. As everyone knows, this often delays the best time for treatment and sometimes affects the recovery process of the disease. So what should I do if I find that my family has mental problems?    First of all, you must keep calm, because mental illness is not as terrible as you think. Especially with the development of modern psychiatry and the popularization of knowledge, the curative effect of mental diseases has greatly improved compared with before. The vast majority of patients can be clinically relieved or cured after treatment?   Secondly face the reality, as long as it is in Professional mental health institutions visit them, and their diagnosis will not be easy. Since the diagnosis is made and you are clearly informed, there must be their basis. Accepting reality is a wise choice?    Third, maintain resilience and patience, some People cannot accept that the resolution of mental problems is a gradual process, eager for “quick battles and quick decisions”, and even shoot a shot for another place, and adopt the “dragonfly point to water” type of medical treatment method, the result is long-term cure and delay the condition. So the expectations are too high, and eagerness to “win” will hinder the solution of the problem. When you finally sit in front of the doctor, the important thing is to calm down and cooperate with the doctor to do everything. Like the cure process of many diseases, the treatment of mental illness also has a period from the acute stage to the consolidation period, and finally enters the maintenance effect The process? Don’t think that you’ll be successful if you improve a little. Forget it?    Fourth, to eliminate prejudice against mental illness? People’s understanding of mental illness in the past was mixed with a lot of superstition and unscientific dross. Until today, many People also think that suffering from mental illness is disgraceful and disgraceful? Due to various prejudices, many patients are reluctant to go to the hospital for treatment, and their families are also reluctant to send patients to the hospital. They are not forced to be treated until the symptoms have fully developed. , Which delays the timing of treatment?    To properly treat mental illness and mental patients, first of all, you must have the necessary knowledge of psychiatry, understand the general rules of mental illness and common symptoms, whether it is the patient’s family or other members of society, should be treated correctly And care about mental patients, give them timely treatment, create a good family and social environment, make patients feel warm, so as to enhance their confidence and strength in fighting diseases? Fifth, we must eliminate prejudice and misunderstandings in mental hospitals. To understand the working environment and work content of psychiatric hospitals, we must first carefully inform patients that there are no “electric batons” in psychiatric hospitals. This kind of false accusation makes many people feel terrified of psychiatric hospitals. Become a “fool”, and if the mental patient can not be found early, early treatment will become a real disabled person? The current treatment of mental illness is no longer a single antipsychotic drug treatment, there is behavior modification treatment? Physical therapy? Psychotherapy? Integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment? … to restore the patient’s social function as soon as possible?    Sixth, try to get the patient’s consent and the family’s cooperation. According to our experience, it is indeed not easy to obtain the consent of the patient, because mental illness sometimes directly damages the patient’s ability to understand their own situation, that is to say they do not think they are sick, if the patient refuses to see the doctor, it can be temporarily avoided There is a direct conflict with it, and it may also require more wisdom and some acceptable methods for the patient. If the patient usually said that it is uncomfortable, you can take this to take him/her to the hospital for examination and so on.    Sometimes family help Taking some measures or assisting with the police, safe delivery or hospitalization is also an option that can be considered? In short, one purpose is to allow patients to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and sometimes even have to take compulsory means to hospitalize them?

What should I do if I have anxiety? You have to understand this knowledge!

  Anxiety disorder will bring a lot of negative effects to people. Nowadays, many people are living and working under great pressure, and their emotions can not be controlled reasonably, so they are easy to suffer from anxiety disorder.  Clinical manifestations of anxiety disorder 1. Emotional symptoms: Anxiety patients are often in a state of nervousness, fear, vigilance, and anxiety. Not only that, but it also means worrying about the future, worrying about your loved ones, property, health and other aspects. 2. Somatic symptoms: patients with anxiety disorders often produce dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, sweating, flushing, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, throat occlusion, chills and fever, stomach discomfort, excessive frequency of bowel movements and restlessness in movement Symptoms such as dying, room breath or out of control.  What if I have anxiety? The most direct way is to go to the hospital and find a doctor. Early treatment, regular treatment, is an important means of relieving anxiety.  Because anxiety disorder is caused by comprehensive factors, the treatment should also be comprehensive treatment to get good results. Comprehensive treatment includes appropriate medical treatment, psychological treatment, and family rehabilitation treatment.   1. Medical treatment: It should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. What kind of medicine to choose and how to apply it all need to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. In many cases, some patients go to the doctor repeatedly, but they have no good effect, because although they have chosen the appropriate medicine, they have not taken it according to the proper method. Commonly used drugs are anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives, and some antidepressants, of course, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture therapy.   2. Psychotherapy: a better way to treat anxiety, of course, it must also be treated under the guidance of a regular psychologist.   3. Family rehabilitation: Because it is simple and cheap, it is easier for general patients to accept it, but it must be persevered under the guidance of a doctor to achieve better results. Home rehabilitation treatments include dietary adjustments, appropriate exercise, and self-psychological adjustment.   4. Diet: Based on the principle of a balanced diet, you can eat more crude fiber foods rich in vitamin B to avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol and other substances that easily cause nerve excitement. There are also some foods containing calcium, lecithin and other substances such as milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables rich in folic acid, bananas rich in calcium and magnesium, etc., or eat some foods that have a calming and heat-clearing effect, such as jujube, Lily, lotus seed with core, chrysanthemum tea, etc., can also play a better therapeutic role.   5. Sports and daily life: To be as regular as possible in life, to have a fixed time for eating and sleeping, and to ensure a certain amount of time for outdoor activities every day. Don’t be too violent, just insist on doing it for a long time.   For the treatment of patients with anxiety disorders, a better environment is needed. If there is such a patient in the family, the first thing we need to do is to understand that the patient’s performance is caused by disease, and they are not willing to do this themselves. Try to help them relax. Many times, don’t tell them what to do, just feel what they felt at the time, because they know what they should do, but they can’t do it. If we can provide some help instead of increasing their tension, it is the greatest help for them.  In short, anxiety disorder is a disease. Like other diseases, it has causes. It can also be treated and recovered with correct understanding and treatment. I sincerely wish that people with anxiety disorders can get rid of restlessness and panic as soon as possible and live a relaxed and happy life like everyone else.

Mania 丨Have you heard of it? What’s wrong with them

With the rapid development of the times, people’s life pressure is gradually increasing. When these pressures accumulate in the heart, they gradually form negative emotions. When they can’t suppress it, they will break through the sense and lose control. A long-term vicious circle will form a spirit. Psychological disease!  Especially for office workers, they will irritate the computer inexplicably, swear, and even vent their anger to colleagues and family members, causing a tense atmosphere. What is wrong with them?   Seeing this, Naokangjun reminds you to be alert to these abnormal emotions, which can easily lead to mania.   When it comes to mania, people may not be as familiar with anxiety and depression. In fact, they are both a type of mental illness, but mania is very different from anxiety and depression.  Typical symptoms of mania   ☉ Abnormally energetic patients   Maniac patients are more energetic than ordinary people, no matter what they encounter, they are extremely irritable, and a little bit of things will make them extremely irritable.   These people are very lively, have a wide range of interests, and like to make friends, but when many things happen, they are not thoughtful, what they say, and they often regret it afterwards.  ☉Thickness of thinking    Mania patients have jumping thinking and wide brains. Some ideas may even make people feel incredible. It is difficult to concentrate. When talking to others, there will be a sudden jump in the topic, or even remember what you said to him just half a minute ago.  ☉Emotional change  Emotional changes in manic patients are very obvious, they will become very arrogant, he does not pay attention to the suggestions made by others, he feels healthy and thinks quickly. Think of yourself as the most capable and the greatest.   Their emotions are extremely unstable and easily irritated by small things. When their opinions are dismissed and their demands are not met, they may have aggressive behaviors or sabotage behaviors, and some patients may also feel temporarily in a bad mood during the illness.  ☉Language thinking  Another manifestation of maniac patients is that they can’t keep up with the speed of thinking, which will result in increased language, continuous talk, and frowning, even if they are dry. But the content of their speeches is often superficial and lacks logic.  ☉Somatic symptoms  Manic patients also experience somatic symptoms. Due to their high energy levels, they rarely experience physical discomfort. They usually have a ruddy complexion and a faster heart rate.   The attention of other patients with manic episodes will increase, but it cannot be maintained for a long time, and daily activities increase, they are busy all day long, but there is no beginning and no end to doing anything.  ☉Lust becomes stronger  Everyone will have desires, but manic patients will have strong desire manifestations, these desires may be manifested in appetite, control desire, sexual desire and so on. And they have little time to sleep. Even at night, they feel energetic and do not need to sleep now.   Warm reminder:   Maniac patients look like normal people in their daily lives, but when they encounter something unsatisfactory, they will be angry, runaway, and have a strong desire to destroy. They will often have serious consequences and losses. Mania is a relatively serious mental illness, which brings a lot of trouble and pain to patients and their families. If you find yourself or those around you have manic symptoms, you should go to a regular hospital in time to avoid giving yourself and your family Bring irreparable losses!

[How to determine whether it is a mental disorder? 】

#秀出你的看家科普##名医服务月# How does judicial psychiatry explain the judgment of the capacity of “mental patient” in civil liability? &nbsp.&nbsp.[Civil Responsibility Ability]&nbsp. Civil capacity for short refers to capacity for citizens (natural persons) to obtain civil rights and assume civil obligations through their own actions according to their own will, thus having the ability to establish, change or terminate laws The qualification of the relationship, that is, the qualification of the individual’s behavior can produce civil legal effect. &nbsp. Civil behavior is characterized by “meaning expression”. Civil capacity can be divided into general civil capacity and specific civil capacity. &nbsp. General capacity for civil conduct refers to the citizen’s ability to recognize and express his intentions in all civil activities he participates in after the citizen obtains the qualification for civil capacity until the demise and termination of such qualification. &nbsp. Specific civil capacity refers to the ability of citizens to identify and express their own related behaviors in a specific civil activity or activities. &nbsp. 1. General civil capacity&nbsp.1. No civil capacity&nbsp. Medical requirements: Due to the influence of severe mental disorders, mental disorders here mostly refer to schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, moderate to severe mental retardation, etc. . Legal requirements: The patient’s ability to express his consciousness is severely affected, resulting in his inability to recognize his own behavior. At the same time meet one of the following conditions: (1) Cannot understand the meaning and nature of the representative of the civil act and the consequences and impacts on itself; (2) Cannot understand the legal procedure of the civil act; (3) Cannot exercise civil rights autonomously and undertake corresponding Civil obligations; (4) Loss of the ability to protect their legitimate rights and interests; (5) Unable to make independent subjective and objective expressions. &nbsp.2. Limiting civil capacity&nbsp. Medical requirements: Patients have certain mild mental disorders or are in incomplete remission period of severe mental disorders. Legal requirements: The patient’s mental illness has a certain impact on his ability to express his consciousness, which prevents him from fully recognizing his own behavior, and also meets one of the following conditions: (1) Can’t fully understand the meaning and nature of civil behavior representatives and bring Consequences and impacts; (2) Inability to fully understand the legal procedures of civil conduct; (3) Inability to fully exercise civil affairs rights and assume corresponding civil obligations; (4) Inability to fully protect their legal rights and interests; (5) Inability to comprehensively Make your own subjective and objective expressions. &nbsp.3, complete civil capacity &nbsp. medical requirements: the individual cannot establish a diagnosis of mental disorders, or suffer from some mild mental disorders or in a complete remission period of severe mental disorders. Legal requirements: The current state of the patient does not affect his ability to recognize his own behavior, and also meets one of the following conditions: (1) Fully understand the meaning and nature of the representative of the civil behavior and the consequences and impact on himself; (2) Understanding Legal procedures for corresponding civil actions; (3) Ability to exercise civil rights and assume corresponding civil obligations; (4) Ability to protect one’s own legitimate rights and interests; (5) Ability to autonomously make subjective and objective expressions consistent. &nbsp.

There are harbingers of mental illness, if people around you have this performance, please remind TA

When you mention mental illness, you will feel that you are far away from yourself. In fact, with the acceleration of life rhythm, many people have been in a mentally stressful environment for a long time. After a long time, they often feel depressed and psychologically overwhelmed by life. If the depressed and negative emotions are not relieved for a long time, the probability of suffering from mental illness will increase greatly.  Many friends in news reports often see that mental patients are not conscious when they are sick, and the actions they make are crazy, and may even hurt their families. If the person, friend or colleague around you has the following three changes or symptoms, please remind him quickly! 1. Speak upside down, difficult to communicate normally. When there is a mental problem, the brain’s activity will be disturbed. While communicating with others, although it can speak endlessly, the content is not logical. There is no obvious connection between the front and back speeches. It is difficult for ordinary people to communicate with them normally after listening. 2. When hallucinations occur, I always feel that someone around me is concerned about myself. Generally speaking, when there is an abnormality in the human spirit, there will be a self-protection mechanism psychologically, and it will become very sensitive to the observation of surrounding things. Some people say their bad words behind their backs, and sometimes they may even have hallucinations, fantasizing some non-existent people or things, but they firmly believe that those fantasies are true.   3. Abnormal behavior and indifferent emotions Many people with abnormal mental behaviors will become emotionally indifferent due to thalamic dysfunction and brain nerve disorders, and people who originally lively and laughter will become indifferent and grumpy. When dealing with family and friends, they often have a hostile psychology. They always feel that no one around them can understand themselves and think they are isolated by everyone.  The above signs can be done like this:    1. Self-intervention: You should pay attention to reduce and release your own pressure, find out the reasons and adjust your life rhythm.   2. Friend help: Ask friends or family members around for help, tell them about their troubles and pains, and let them help themselves to correct abnormal conditions together.  3. Professional treatment: After trying the above methods, if the symptoms have not been alleviated, you should go to the regular hospital for treatment in the company of friends and family, so as not to delay the condition!

Depression medication, 99% of people want to ask questions

   For depression, many people will have some doubts about medication when they are exposed to drug treatment. For some questions that many people doubt, I will do a simple combing here to help you answer your questions.  Four questions about 99% of people who are confused about medication for depression:    1. Will you become addicted after a long time? Stop medicine and rebound?  Medication for depression is mainly based on the right medicine. Some people are cured after a period of treatment, and some people do not cure for a long time, and relapse repeatedly. This requires long-term use of antidepressants. Any drug has a double-sidedness, both therapeutic side and toxic side effects.  As long as the treatment can be achieved under the guidance of a doctor, there is no need to worry about addiction and dependence. What we should be more concerned about is the disease itself, which can control the condition, which is very important for patients.   2. Is the symptom better than medication or psychotherapy?  Some people will think that depression is a kind of mental illness, and it is enough to receive psychological treatment. There is no need to take drugs. After all, it is a prescription drug, and eating too much may affect the body. In fact, drug treatment can help patients relieve our depressed mood in a short time. After all, depression is related to our neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Increasing the content of these neurotransmitters helps us to obtain more Happiness factor.  However, it is difficult to eradicate the roots by relying on drugs. If we do not change our thinking about external things, we will easily relapse once we stop using drugs.   3. What are the adverse reactions of the medicine? The possible adverse reactions of different drugs are different. For example, paroxetine may cause patients to experience insomnia, nausea, dizziness, etc.; taking citalopram may cause headache, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, drowsiness Adverse reactions. Taking venlafaxine may cause sexual dysfunction, such as decreased libido and lack of pleasure. However, the efficacy of drugs is much greater than the side effects. We cannot refuse to take drugs because of their side effects. We should weigh the pros and cons and choose the right treatment for ourselves.   4. What should I do if there is a withdrawal reaction after the depression drug is stopped?  Some anti-depressant drugs may show withdrawal symptoms when they are suddenly stopped. For example, some people take citalopram, and the more common withdrawal reactions are dizziness, headache and nausea. At this time, you need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and let the doctor treat symptomatically. Patients should note that when taking some drugs that may cause withdrawal reactions for a long time, they should take a gradual reduction to stop the medicine to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal.   In recent years, depression has been paid more and more attention, and it is no longer used as an excuse for others’ hypocrisy. To treat depression, we must have certain common sense of the disease. Whether it is ourselves or those around us, once the symptoms of depression appear, we must promptly go to a regular hospital for treatment and take the right medicine.

[How to determine whether it is a mental disorder? 】

#秀出你的看家科普##名医服务月# Regarding the definition of “mental patient” and the categories of criminal responsibility, how does judicial psychiatry explain? &nbsp.&nbsp. [Criminal Responsibility]&nbsp. In the practice of judicial appraisal of mental illness in my country, the assessment of criminal responsibility is carried out according to the principle of the combination of medical standards and legal standards, both of which are indispensable. &nbsp.1, the definition of “mental patient” in the Criminal Law &nbsp. “mental patient” in Article 18 of the Criminal Law includes both “mental patients” who have lost their discernment or control power, as well as those who have not completely lost their discernment Or control mental patients. The original intent of the legislation was to define “mental illness” as a broad-based mental disorder, including both severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and non-psychotic mental disorders such as neurosis, except for persons with personality disorders. &nbsp.2. Classification of Criminal Responsibility &nbsp. (1) No Criminal Responsibility &nbsp. Article 18 of the Criminal Law stipulates: “Mental patients cause harmful results when they are unable to identify or control their actions, and are appraised by legal procedures Confirmed, no criminal responsibility.”&nbsp. The medical standard without criminal responsibility is “mental patient”, and the legal standard is “unable to identify or control your own behavior”, that is, the identification or control is completely lost. &nbsp. (2) Limited criminal responsibility ability (also called partial criminal responsibility ability) &nbsp. Article 18 of China’s Criminal Law stipulates: “Mental patients who have not completely lost their ability to identify or control their behavior shall commit criminal responsibility, However, the punishment can be reduced or reduced.”&nbsp. The medical standard for criminal liability is “mental patient”, and the legal standard is “not completely lost identification or control”. &nbsp. (3) Ability to be fully criminally responsible&nbsp. Article 18 of our Criminal Law stipulates: “Intermittent mental patients who commit crimes when they are in a normal state shall bear criminal responsibility. Drunk people who commit crimes shall bear criminal responsibility.” &nbsp. Judicial psychiatry in China describes “intermittent psychosis” as follows: mood disorder, consciousness disorder caused by various reasons, hysterical mental disorder, schizophrenia and other complete remission periods. A natural person who is “normal in spirit” has a complete ability to recognize or control, and therefore belongs to a subject with full criminal responsibility when carrying out harmful acts. &nbsp. “Drunk” usually refers to ordinary drunkenness, excluding complicated drunkenness, pathological drunkenness, and chronic alcoholism. The latter is abnormal drunkenness and belongs to the category of “mental illness”. &nbsp.&nbsp. To be continued

What dietary problems may cause insomnia

If we have too many things to worry about in life, the problem of insomnia is more likely to occur. Because of this, insomniacs should not only learn to regulate emotions, but also improve their ability to deal with daily life problems, so our troubles It will be reduced. Of course, the daily diet also has a certain auxiliary effect on preventing insomnia.  What kind of dietary problems may be caused by insomnia? First, foods with satiety   Some foods will produce more gas during digestion, which will cause bloating and hinder normal sleep, such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, etc.  Second, caffeine  Many people know that caffeinated food will stimulate the nervous system and also have a certain diuretic effect, which is a common cause of insomnia.   Three, greasy food    After eating, greasy food will increase the workload of the intestine, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, keep it in a working state, and also cause insomnia.   Fourth, spicy food    Eating spicy food for dinner is also one of the important reasons that affect sleep. Peppers, garlic, onions, etc. can cause a burning sensation in the stomach, which can affect sleep.   Fifth, alcohol    Drink a small amount of alcohol before going to bed can promote sleep. Excessive drinking, although it can make people fall asleep quickly, but it keeps the sleep state in the light sleep period, it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period. Therefore, even if you sleep for a long time, you will still feel tired after waking up. Finally, experts pointed out that after the problem of insomnia occurs, if we become anxious because of the problem of insomnia, it will only cause a vicious circle, because the anxious mood will make the problem of insomnia become more serious, and patients with insomnia should relax Heart, think about something that makes people happy, so that insomnia is easier to stay away from us.

Why elderly people tend to ignore depression

An authoritative survey shows that 5% of the elderly people who have suffered from depression can spontaneously and independently live a healthy life, 15% of the elderly people tend to have chronic diseases, and more than 20% of the elderly people often think of death. Among older people with cancer, heart disease and stroke, depression is more common. The elderly are very easy to be ignored for the depression, usually for the following reasons:    1. Omission by the disease As the age increases, the elderly suffers from more chronic diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, old chronic bronchitis, gastric ulcer , Arthritis, diabetes, etc. These diseases are often prolonged for a long time, and the treatment effect is general. These will make people feel powerless, powerless, depressed, and helpless. In addition, some diseases have depression symptoms, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases can cause symptoms similar to depression, such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, pessimism, and loss of appetite. So sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the depressive manifestation of the disease and the depression complicated by the disease. Therefore, the elderly tend to ignore the existence of psychological problems when they pay attention to physical diseases. Prompt signs of depression are: withdrawal of social functions, increased hope of failure or punishment, lack of meaning in life, and frequent thoughts of suicide. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are closely related to depression. A study found that 50% of the former and 35% of the latter will suffer from depression.   2. Caused by drugs Many elderly people need to take a variety of drugs regularly to treat their own physical diseases. Some drugs can aggravate or cause symptoms similar to depression, such as cardiovascular drugs (propranolol, reserpine), hormones (adrenaline, glucocorticoids), methyldopa, levodopa, etc. However, the individual side effects of each drug vary greatly, so the degree of depression caused by the drug will also vary greatly.   3. Covered by discomfort. Typical depression has deep persistent emotional depression and negative sadness. The depression of the elderly is not very typical, does not see the bad mood, and does not want to commit suicide, but it is replaced by persistent fatigue, unexplained weight loss, sleep rhythm disturbances, poor appetite and stomach, five more Diarrhea often, pay attention to memory decline and so on. Therefore, the depression of the elderly is easily overlooked by family members and general doctors. Many elderly people also pay attention and emphasize that they just feel tired, wasted, and have poor sleep and other denials and deny that they have suffered depression.   4. Being neglected by widowed widows is the most psychologically damaging to people in stressful social life events. After widowing, the family structure, family relationship, economic situation, and living environment will change greatly. Adapting to a new environment and situation is a mental and physical test, and it will take another 1-2 years to pass this adaptive life stage. Therefore, we must understand that there is a risk of depression during this period. Don’t take it for granted that the widowed state of mind is not good. You should be soberly aware that the subsequent depression is a mental health risk that can be easily overlooked.

What are the ways to prevent insomnia in life

Insomnia, this is a disease that many people will encounter in life, and it is more common in middle-aged and elderly people. This disease actually has a very wide range and is prone to cause insomnia. There are also many causes for insomnia. There will be very serious harm. Here are some of the ways to prevent insomnia in life? First, avoid excessive excitement or excessive thinking before going to bed, otherwise insomnia symptoms will easily occur. If you don’t watch too intense movies, TV, novels before going to bed, and don’t think about excessive sadness to relax your mind, it will help you fall asleep.   Second, the diet must be reasonable: to treat insomnia, reasonable eating habits are very important. We have to guarantee three meals a day, eat less at dinner, and avoid big fish and meat and spicy spicy food. There is a famous saying in Chinese medicine: “Stomach discomfort, and restless.” It is said that eating uncomfortably will cause insomnia, so supper should not be overeat, and eat light, digestible food as well.   Third, create a sleeping atmosphere: This is also relatively easy to understand. Before sleeping, white-collar workers should choose a good bed and pillows, quilts and other sleeping items. The spring mattresses that white-collar workers usually prefer are actually not good for sleep. In terms of good health, it is better to have a wooden bed. If you want a spring bed, do not choose too soft.   Fourth, try not to stay up late: due to fierce social competition, many people work overtime every day. In the evening, drink strong tea and coffee to refresh and continue working. Over time, it disrupts the body’s biological clock, disrupts the sleep pattern, and causes insomnia. So do not drink strong drinks such as strong tea and coffee before going to bed. In short, the above introduces some common methods of preventing insomnia in life. In fact, many people are prone to insomnia. This disease is mainly related to bad habits. In fact, if you want to relieve it, you should develop early sleep. A good habit of getting up early, avoid strenuous exercise or extreme mood swings before going to bed.

Long-term insomnia can lead to mental illness

   Many people don’t really care about the appearance of insomnia. In fact, long-term neglect and inadequate treatment can easily lead to schizophrenia. Medical research shows that the early performance of insomnia is not typical, so it is easy to be ignored. Long-term insomnia can make people feel that their bodies are not very comfortable when they get up from bed, and even those who are severe are in poor spirits, which seriously affects normal life and work. Insomnia symptoms can cause schizophrenia if not treated in time, insomnia symptoms can easily lead to schizophrenia if not treated in time, insomnia symptoms can cause schizophrenia if not treated in time, and schizophrenia patients generally suffer from diseases During the recovery period and remission period, they get along well with family, colleagues, friends and other people who are in contact with them. They talk naturally, answer questions, and make people feel that there is no barriers in dealing with him. If the patient suddenly becomes lonely, out of gregarious, does not associate with others, stays alone, bows his head in contemplation, or has a brutal attitude towards others, has a short temper and irritability, and is reluctant to communicate and communicate with others normally, he may be ill.   Attitudes to their own diseases have changed: During the remission period, patients have knowledge of their own diseases, are willing to see a doctor, and cooperate with doctors. However, when the disease is about to recur, patients will become blind to their own disease, even believe that they are not sick, and refuse to see a doctor or take medicine. He has a hostile attitude towards doctors, nurses and family members, and regards everyone’s concern for him as an attack and persecution against him.   During the remission or recovery period, the patient’s facial expression is more natural, and his eyes are more flexible. Others can see normal joy, anger, sadness, and joy in their facial expressions. And the change of expression can reflect the corresponding emotion in his heart. When the patient is about to fall ill, the patient often has dull eyes and straight eyes. It is difficult for external stimuli to cause changes in his facial expressions. He even encounters corresponding external stimuli and shows the opposite facial expressions as usual.  The patient’s daily life has changed: when the condition is stable, the patient’s life is generally regular, and some patients can even go to the streets to buy food, do housework, and take care of their family members. When he was about to fall ill, the patient showed irregular life, did not sleep at night, did not sleep during the day, even went to bed without taking off clothes or shoes and socks for a long time, and rarely brushed his teeth to wash his face, change laundry, etc. Patients in remission period can generally stick to study and work. The academic performance is generally good, and many tasks can be completed. When you are ill, your performance will be reduced, your work ability will be reduced, you will often be late, leave early, or have a dispute with your classmates or colleagues.   Food is the main source of energy required by our human body to maintain our healthy life. With the development of the catering industry, there are more and more delicious foods, and poor eating habits have induced many diseases. When any disease occurs, a reasonable diet can help the recovery of the disease. Schizophrenia caused by long-term insomnia is a kind of mental illness, which seriously endangers people’s health.

Who is more prone to depression

   Depression is a very common disease in daily life. There are many causes of this disease, which are generally caused by the severe psychological stimulation of patients in life. When people get depression, it will seriously affect social. So who is susceptible to depression?   Which people are susceptible to depression? Experts remind the following people to do the prevention of depression:   (1) Patient’s relatives: relatives of those who have or suffer from depression, due to genetics Or the impact of family growth environment, the possibility of suffering from severe depression is twice that of the general population.   (2) Women: Women must face the effects of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and contraception on their emotions. Compared with men, the relationship between women and others is more clearly defined. As a result, frustration has a deeper impact on them and is more prone to depression. On the other hand, compared with single women, mothers are less likely to suffer from severe depression or suicide, and the close relationship between mother and child protects them from the heavy blows to emotions caused by other setbacks. Recent studies have shown that severe emotional shock in childhood also plays an important role in the depression of many women. About 37% of women with depression have been physically or sexually abused before the age of 21. In addition, female patients with chronic diseases are prone to depression, especially when chronic diseases cause pain and restrict activities.   (3) The generation at the peak of childbearing: They face unprecedented and fierce competition in college, employment, housing, etc. Many people’s dreams break, leading to disappointment, frustration, and loss of confidence, knowing depression.   (4) Old age: Special attention should be paid to the elderly depression. The depression that occurs in old age is often a reaction to physical weakness and loss of loved ones. Being in loneliness and weakness is very frustrating.   (5) Children: Depression rarely occurs in childhood. Frustrated parents with severe depression increase the risk of illness. Children may not show obvious sadness, and often have abnormal disturbances such as anxiety, aggression, and learning problems. In fact, many people have more or less a tendency to depression, but some people are not serious, and some people are very serious. This requires everyone to pay more attention at ordinary times. If you already have severe depression, you must be timely. Of seeking psychiatrist treatment.

How to correctly distinguish anxiety and depression

   Anxiety and depression are relatively common psychiatric diseases in daily life. The occurrence of these two diseases will affect the daily life and work of patients. Experts said that in fact, there are many people who can’t distinguish between anxiety and depression in daily life. Below, we will teach you to distinguish between anxiety and depression. 1. Depression: This is a lack of brain biogenic amines that leads to overall mental function depression and inhibitory psychosis. The overall clinical manifestations are psychological activity suppression, dysfunction, sluggishness and insensitivity, physical, energy and mental overall decline Anxiety disorder is a mental disease with increased alertness of brain function. The general clinical characteristics are panic, nervousness, and unstable autonomic nervous system function, which leads to anxiety and anxiety. If you use a short and popular analogy, depression symptoms are suppressed downwards, while anxiety and tension are panicked upwards.   2. Anxiety disorder: Frequent unnecessary worry is one of the typical symptoms of anxiety patients. For example, they will worry about their loved ones, their own property, their own health, etc., and these conditions are normal for ordinary people, that is, the reaction of anxiety patients is not consistent with the actual situation or the deviation is quite large.  Anxiety disorders can coexist with depression.    According to survey, about 33%-95% of depression patients also have anxiety symptoms. And the symptoms of the two overlap, such as decreased appetite, sleep disorders, heart and lung and gastrointestinal discomfort, irritability, fatigue and so on. The two do have a lot in common in terms of pathogenesis and pathological manifestations. But the two must be identified and cannot be confused. Because depression has a high suicide rate and is more harmful, when patients have both depressive and anxious symptoms, the diagnosis of depression is preferred. This principle is the result of many psychiatrists and experts summing up many years of experience. Following this principle can avoid the missed diagnosis of depression, treat depression early, and prevent the consequences of suicide and self-injury. Distinguish between anxiety and depression: Patients with anxiety are often in a panic hunch that is distracted, panic-stricken, and afraid of a scourge, accompanied by dizziness, sweating, hot flashes, tremor, numbness of hands and feet, gastrointestinal discomfort And other symptoms. Anxiety and fear are different. The threats and dangers felt by anxiety are unrealistic or unclear. Anxiety disorders often coexist with depression. According to clinical statistics, more than 80% of depression patients have anxiety symptoms. In clinical diagnosis, there is a principle of “priority diagnosis of depression”, that is, when there are both depression symptoms and anxiety symptoms, no matter how multiple anxiety symptoms, they should be diagnosed as depression. This principle is a summary of many years of experience of psychiatric experts and has become an international standard.   mentioning neurological diseases, we all know that this is due to the morbidity of our psychological emotions, and for this emotion, if we do not stop it as soon as possible, our lives will be greatly threatened. The above is a brief introduction about the identification method of anxiety and depression. I hope it will help you to distinguish these two diseases correctly.

Sleeping pills for insomnia? You also need to know these…

   It is really a very happy thing to be able to sleep until dawn, but with the pressure of work and life, more and more people feel that a good night’s sleep has become a very difficult thing.  The nights of insomnia: counting sheep, drinking alcohol, drinking milk, and people turning to medicine. So, can sleeping pills really help? Is there any good way to fall asleep quickly and get better sleep quality?   According to the latest data survey of the World Health Organization, 27% of people in the world have sleep disorders, and the incidence of insomnia in my country is 38.2%. After investigation by experts in sleep research in China, adults in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities have an average insomnia rate as high as 57% within a year. After severe insomnia exceeds 6 to 90, only about 20% of insomniacs feel sick Hospital visit.   Short-term insomnia may mentally cause some anxiety, restlessness, or affect memory, while long-term insomnia may cause depression or even mania. What kind of medicine is    sleeping pills?   For many people with insomnia, sleeping pills are an option, but some people think that it is drug dependent, and eating too much will have side effects. The history of sleeping pills as prescription drugs is very old. People started using sedative hypnotics such as barbiturates as early as the last century. However, due to their unsatisfactory hypnotic effects and many side effects, they have been The trend of elimination. It was synthesized in 1952 by Mian Ertong, also known as An Ning. This medicine was once popular because of its good hypnotic effect. Only a few years later, the most familiar Dian Ding came out. Due to its reliable effect and small side effects, Ding Ding is more and more widely used. , Has almost become synonymous with sleeping pills. There are many types of sleeping pills. So far, they have experienced three generations of development, including western medicine sleeping pills and Chinese medicine sleeping pills. Western medicine sleeping pills should be called sedative sleeping pills. The most commonly used sleeping pills are traditional Chinese medicines.   Indeed, most sleeping pills have side effects, so try not to use sleeping pills. The main and most common side effects of sleeping pills are dizziness, headache and drowsiness. Elderly people should pay special attention to the fact that if long-term sleeping pills are used, they will often be drowsy the next day, easily falling down and causing secondary injury. The first-generation sleeping pills are also the earliest batches, such as barbiturates and chloral hydrate. Their side effects are relatively large, especially barbiturate has a strong inhibition on the central and respiratory systems. If not used properly, it will cause very much Serious consequences; second-generation sleeping pills such as the commonly used benzodiazepine sleeping pills, such as diazepam, succumin, etc., can be divided into long-acting and short-acting. The side effects are much better than the first generation, but there are still relatively strong side effects. Such as drowsiness; the third-generation sleeping pills can selectively act on central receptors, and the side effects are smaller than the second-generation sleeping pills. The use of different types of sleeping pills has a lot of attention, and the time of onset and effect is often different.  Precautions for taking sleeping pills    1. Taking medicine without drinking   Alcohol will enhance the side effects of sleeping pills, it will prolong the time of side effects such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and even affect breathing. If the dosage is large, it will cause respiratory depression, which is very dangerous.   2. Indiscriminate use and abuse are not recommended.    Sleeping pills should be taken by the doctor according to the specific situation. If it is short-term insomnia in young people, it can be improved by adjusting the physiology, diet and lifestyle; for long-term insomnia patients who do need medication, short-acting sleeping pills can be used to help sleep first, then adjust to a better state and slow down Slow down or stop; if it still doesn’t work, you should switch to medium-acting or other types of sedative hypnotic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.  3. It is dangerous to increase the amount of medicine at random   The sleeping pills are dependent or tolerated. After a long time of use, the effect is not as good as the beginning, and the dose needs to be increased. However, large doses of medication can easily cause respiratory depression, and must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Do not increase the amount yourself.  A good way to help sleep    1. Develop regular work and rest habits and create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment.   2. Comb your hair before going to bed, soak your feet, or drink some hot milk or honey water. It can calm your nerves; you should stop your mental work and relax your mind 1 hour before bedtime.   3. Wearing loose pajamas or naked sleep helps to fall asleep; those who are prone to insomnia do not drink alcohol, tea or coffee before going to bed.   Sleeping pills can help