What are the hazards of cervical genital warts without treatment?

  In the early stage of women infected with cervical genital warts, the vaginal surface showed white, dirty or red warts. The roots of the warts are narrow and often have pedicles, the surface is very moist, and there are often exudates and erosions. The fissures are accumulated between the fissures because of purulent secretions, and it is easy for secondary bacterial infections to emit bad odor. Conscious symptoms can be itching, burning or pressure. Condyloma acuminatum in the anus and rectum can be painful. What are the hazards of cervical condyloma acuminatum?   1. Ulcers and bleeding: After the lesions increase and increase, they can cause local foreign bodies and discomfort. Because the site of the disease is mostly in the foreskin, urethra, labia, vagina, perianal, etc., these sites are susceptible to microbial infections, leading to ulcers, suppuration, bleeding, pain and swelling of the lesions.   2. Infecting babies, affecting fertility quality: pregnant women suffering from genital warts, during delivery, babies passing through the birth canal may be infected, causing infants and young children to bite the suction warts.   3. Carcinogenesis: Malignant tumor is the most serious complication of condyloma acuminatum. After HPV16 and 18 infections, if the treatment is not timely, it may cause penile cancer, cervical cancer and other malignant tumors in the future. Early and thorough treatment is the most effective way to prevent the canceration of condyloma acuminatum.

What are the symptoms of penile condyloma acuminatum

   Male condyloma acuminata occurs predominantly in the genitals and perianal areas, and is more common in the foreskin, laces, coronary sulcus, glans, urethra, penile body, perianal, intrarectal, and scrotum. Among them, genital warts in the anus are mostly spread among men and gay men, and the disease is mainly infected through unclean sexual behavior. Therefore, cleansing oneself is the fundamental way to avoid condyloma acuminatum of sexually transmitted diseases.   Male genital warts often have no symptoms, and some patients may experience local pain or itching. The basic damage begins with small, light red, small pimples, varying in size, distributed individually or in clusters, moist and soft, showing nipple-like, cockscomb-like, or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or dirty gray, often pedicled at the root, and prone to erosive exudate , Easy to bleed if touched.

How to avoid female cervical genital warts infection

   Cervical HPV is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. It is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. It can also be infected by contact with viral objects in wounds or mucous membranes of the body, and it is more common in young women. In addition, cervical HPV is also the main cause of cervical cancer, so female friends must understand cervical HPV and do a good job of prevention. So, how to avoid being infected with genital warts?   1. Pay attention to personal hygiene.  Condyloma acuminatum should develop good habits, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, wash the vulva every day, change underwear, and individual underwear. Even between family members, one person and one basin should be used, and towels should be used separately.   2. Pregnant women should pay special attention to illness.  If pregnant women are infected with genital warts, in order to avoid fetal infection during delivery, you can choose not to bathe with the baby after cesarean section.   3. Resolutely put an end to sexual disorder.  This is the most critical point to prevent condyloma acuminatum. Currently, 60% of patients with condyloma acuminatum are infected through sexual contact. One of the family members gets sick from society and infects the spouse through sexual life, and may pass it on to other people in the family through close life contact, which not only brings physical pain, but also causes family disharmony and bears mental pressure.

Condyloma acuminata treatment methods

Condyloma acuminatum is a relatively common sexually transmitted disease in clinic. It is similar to syphilis and gonorrhea, and is one of the eight major sexually transmitted diseases in my country. Due to the high recurrence rate of the disease, many patients suffer from it, especially some first-time patients who do not understand the disease and are easily treated improperly. Today, we will take you to know what are the methods of treating condyloma acuminatum?   1. Cryotherapy: The use of liquid nitrogen at a low temperature of -196 ℃, the use of cryotherapy to treat condyloma acuminatum, promote wart tissue necrosis and shedding, simple and efficient operation, patients are easily tolerated. This method is suitable for genital warts with a small number and a small area. It can be treated 1 to 2 times, and the interval is one week. 2. Laser treatment: CO2 laser is usually used to treat condyloma acuminatum by cauterization. It is feasible to treat single or a small number of multiple warts at one time, and 2 to 3 treatments for multiple or large warts. The interval is generally one week. .   3. Aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy: this method can selectively kill proliferative and prosperous cells, not only destroy the condyloma acuminatum visible to the naked eye, but also remove subclinical damage and latently infected tissues. It has the advantages of high cure rate, low recurrence rate, few and minor adverse reactions, and good patient compliance.   4. Immunotherapy: It is not recommended to be used alone, but can be used as an adjuvant therapy and to prevent relapse. Interferon can be used intramuscular, subcutaneous and damage base injection, interleukin-2 subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, intramuscular intramuscular injection and so on.   I hope that people can take precautionary measures as soon as possible, avoid drinking some food that stimulates the disease, maintain good habits, abandon bad habits, and wish those who have condyloma acuminatum to restore their health as soon as possible!

Can genital warts recur?

  Condyloma acuminatum can also be cured after recurrence. Condyloma acuminatum can usually be cured within three months to half a year, but the recurrence rate of genital warts itself is relatively high, so patients must have certain patience and confidence.  However, if the selected treatment is not appropriate, it only temporarily relieves the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum, and does not remove the wart body, then the chance of recurrence will increase. It is conceivable that the time bomb for condyloma acuminatum will always exist and break out at any time without removing its root. Therefore, we still choose a professional hospital for treatment, and fundamental treatment to avoid repeated attacks of condyloma acuminatum and increase trouble for ourselves.  Clinical treatment of condyloma acuminatum generally adopts physical and chemical methods, of which physical treatment is mostly used. Such as: laser, freezing, electrocautery, freezing or surgical resection, and later photodynamics, etc., all belong to physical therapy, these treatment methods have the advantage of rapid wart removal. However, after material treatment, drug treatment is necessary to prevent repeated attacks.

What does male genital warts look like?

Condyloma acuminatum mainly occurs in the vulva and perianal of men and women. The appearance is some new pink, skin-colored or even brown cauliflower-like protrusions or flat protrusions. The surface of the wart is uneven and pimples are uneven. After being infected with this virus, an average of three months can grow visible protrusions, if there are new protrusions in the vulva, you need to go to the dermatology examination.   Male condyloma acuminata mostly occurs in the external genitalia such as the foreskin, lace, coronary sulcus, and urethra. If there is anal sex, skin damage may also occur in the anus and rectum. Skin lesions appear as a single or cluster distribution, varying in size, moist and soft, showing nipple-like, cauliflower-like or cockscomb-shaped protrusions, red or gray stains, and often have pedicles on the roots. If it occurs in the coronary sulcus, it is easily confused with pearl rash. If it occurs in the perianal area, it is easily confused with external hemorrhoids.   First-time patients do not have to worry too much, they need to find a correct method to achieve the effect of removing warts and clearing poison. Detoxification is the second stage of treatment and the key. Don’t just buy cheap medicine for a while, and buy medicine online for treatment, which delays the best treatment time. Condyloma acuminatum is a viral infection! Mainly based on the removal of potential virus root pedicles, supplemented by the removal of surface warts, the virus can be completely removed before complete cure without recurrence.

Can genital warts be cured by taking medicine?

Condyloma acuminatum is a clinically hard-to-treat disease, not because of how complicated the treatment is, but because genital warts are prone to recurrence, so the treatment of genital warts should go to a regular hospital, do not just find a small clinic treatment. Many patients do not want to use surgical treatment, but choose medical treatment. The current drugs for condyloma acuminatum are podophyllotoxin tincture, imiquimod cream, recombinant human interferon α2b cream, etc. These methods can only temporarily inhibit virus proliferation and have side effects It is relatively serious, which can cause local ulcer pain and scarring of the dermal tissue, which cannot be completely cured, and the recurrence rate is relatively high. The key to the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is to remove the virus, and the patient can not directly reach the lesion with the effect of only using the surface virus, and the virus is still breeding and spreading in the patient’s body, which can easily cause the genital wart to be cured for a long time, and even more patients Will get worse.  With the continuous accumulation of medical workers’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in my country, there are already patented traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for condyloma acuminatum (patent number: 2011101665723), according to the individual’s morbidity, rational use of medicines and formulation of prescriptions. As long as the patients themselves do not have immune system diseases at the same time, they can be completely cured by this group.

Condyloma acuminata laser can be good several times

  Condyloma acuminatum is a very harmful disease, and it must be treated promptly after being infected with this disease. Laser treatment is the choice of many patients. However, laser treatment of condyloma acuminatum has a disadvantage, that is, laser treatment of condyloma acuminatum can only reduce the surface symptoms and cannot remove the virus, so it is easy to relapse.  How many times can the genital wart laser be good? There is no definite answer to this kind of question, and there is no scientific basis. The treatment of condyloma acuminatum is not a fixed number of times can be cured.   Other patients believe that sharp recurrence will be less than once, that is to say, it will be cured after several relapses. This is a big mistake. A sharp relapse is a relapse. It is not to say that the virus is reduced one by one. On the contrary, it may be even more serious and it is more difficult to treat. It is recommended that the combination of “oral + local foaming” using pure Chinese herbal medicine decoction through the national patent Chinese medicine formula (patent number: 2011101665723) can not only remove local warts, but also completely remove the HPV virus during the foaming process to ensure that The disease does not recur repeatedly. In order to reassure patients that our hospital is contracted for treatment, a full refund is not good.  The above article comes from the WeChat public account “Condyloma Acuminatum Patent Formula”, for reference only, infringement and deletion.

What is the harm of male anal condyloma acuminatum

  Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by direct or indirect infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, with male and female genital and anal hyperplastic lesions as the main manifestations. Most occur in young people between 18 and 50 years old. The incubation period is about 2 weeks to 8 months, with an average peak incidence of about 3 months.   If a man has genital warts, the probability of transmission to family members is also very high, because HPV virus is extremely easy to survive and reproduce in the human body and warm and humid conditions, especially around the genitals and anus. Therefore, if the healthy people at home are exposed to daily necessities such as panties, bathtubs, bath towels, toilet seats, etc. contaminated with viruses, it is easy to cause secondary transmission.   There is also an impact on male fertility. Not to mention that condyloma acuminatum itself will cause itching and pain around the genitals in men, leading to a decline in the quality of life of the couple. Secondly, the probability of transmission of HPV virus from mother to child is also very high. If the treatment is not timely, it will definitely cause serious harm to the family. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

What are the causes of recurrence of genital warts?

As we all know, genital warts are a terrible disease. Many patients and friends will have obvious improvements after treatment, but genital warts are particularly prone to relapse. About half of patients will have relapsed symptoms. Many friends are at a loss. I don’t know why it relapses. Once the relapse is difficult to treat, it is necessary to understand some of its causes. 1. Ignore the removal of the pathogenic HPV virus. The current treatment mostly destroys the warts visible to the naked eye, and does not pay attention to the removal of the pathogenic HPV virus, so it may be possible when the immunity is low or repeated physical friction Warts grow.  2. Cross-infection causes   Condyloma acuminatum has a strong spread. If one of the couples has the disease, then both parties should be diagnosed together and treated at the same time, which can effectively prevent the recurrence of genital warts. 3. The daily necessities caused by the daily necessities of patients with condyloma acuminatum, such as: bidet, bathtub, bath towel, towel, etc., will have more or less residual HPV virus. When the patient is cured, use these items again, then it is very easy Infect the disease again.  It is recommended that everyone choose traditional Chinese treatment at the beginning of the onset of the disease, and use Chinese medicine to remove warts, eliminate poison and treat both the symptoms and the symptoms.

How to cure genital warts to completely cure

Condyloma acuminatum, also known as genital warts or venereal warts, is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus. The incubation period is about 3 months, the shortest is 2 weeks, the elderly is more than 8 months, and the average is 3 months. It is mainly sexually active people, and the peak incidence is 20 to 30 years old.  Condyloma acuminatum has two major characteristics, namely, strong infectivity and high recurrence rate, which is why genital warts are so common. Especially the problem of recurrence. Many patients who have been infected with genital warts have had the painful experience of relapse. Traditional therapies for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, such as laser, electrocautery, freezing, surgery and other therapies, have incomplete treatments, long treatment duration, easy scarring, etc. The most important thing is the repeated attacks of HPV virus after treatment, like cutting leek Similarly, the root is still incurable.  Condyloma acuminatum can be cured with proper treatment. Condyloma acuminatum is caused by a virus. Simply removing the wart body has no meaning for removing the virus. Condyloma acuminatum virus, does not exist in the blood, the average observation period after removing the wart body is one year, no recurrence and recovery. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute adopts the “2011101665723” invention patent TCM formula (available from the State Intellectual Property Office) for various condyloma acuminata lesions, including in the cavity (such as: oral cavity, urethra, cervix, and anus ) The cure rate is high. The combination of the symptoms and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is the foundation of the motherland medicine, and it is also unmatched by Western medicine and Western medicine. The above article comes from the WeChat public account “Condyloma Acuminatum Patent Formula”, which is for reference only, and the infringement is deleted.

How to prevent genital warts from recurring?

Condyloma acuminatum damage and or HPV is not completely removed is one of the important factors that cause the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum. Some scholars have found that 45% of patients with latent genital warts spontaneously regressed or treated to remove warts still have latent HPV infection, and 67% of them have relapsed. This indicates that HPV has not been completely cleared by the body, and residual condyloma acuminatum lesion or latent HPV infection is the main reason for the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum.
In order to effectively prevent relapse, patients should also pay attention to the details of care:
One: Avoid unclean sexual intercourse and improper sexual relations. Patients with condyloma acuminatum are strictly prohibited from having sexual relations with anyone during treatment.
Two: It is forbidden to perform sexual intercourse during treatment. If necessary, the spouse should also be checked, and the husband and wife should be treated together.
Three: Care for local damage should be kept clean and dry to prevent secondary infections, wash hands frequently, and pay attention to personal hygiene.
Four: A healthy diet every day, adhere to exercise, and enhance their own immunity is an effective means to prevent the recurrence of condyloma acuminatum.
Therefore, patients with new onset or recurrence should understand from all aspects, choose a method that can cure both the symptoms and the symptoms, and the warts and viruses can be cleared to avoid falling into treatment mistakes and repeated attacks.
Warm reminder: In addition to paying attention to these problems in daily life, it is more important to choose the correct treatment method, not only to remove local warts, but also to completely remove the HPV virus after the warts are removed, to ensure that the disease is cured.

How to judge that genital warts have completely recovered

  Many people are very afraid of genital warts. Because the recurrence rate of genital warts is relatively high, they think that genital warts cannot be cured. This kind of thinking is wrong. Condyloma acuminatum is not an incurable disease. It is a kind of skin disease if it is simple, but its infection rate and recurrence rate are a little higher, but as long as the correct treatment method is selected, genital warts can be Radical.  How to judge that condyloma acuminatum has completely recovered:    First, without warts, I can’t be sure that the patient’s condition is thoroughly optimistic. Only if the virus in the body is completely removed is the fundamental cure for the disease.   Second, whether the patient is completely cured depends on how the patient is treated. If physical therapy is used, the disease is prone to relapse. The traditional treatments such as laser, cryotherapy, surgery and drug treatment, and topical application can only remove the warts that are visible to the naked eye.   Third, the follow-up consultation after treatment of condyloma acuminatum is very important, it should be reviewed regularly, especially in the first 3 months, because condyloma acuminatum is easy to relapse, any treatment can not completely guarantee that the HPV virus will not recur. Generally follow-up to 6 months is required. After the wart is completely removed, there is no recurrence of the wart after 6 months of follow-up. It can be judged that the condyloma acuminatum is basically cured.

Condyloma acuminatum is mainly caused by what

  Condyloma acuminatum is one of the types of hpv, caused by hpv6 and hpv11, so if the patient is found to be infected with these two viruses in the hospital, it is likely to be infected with genital warts.  Condyloma acuminatum belongs to the category of dermatology and venereal disease. It is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. There are also very few indirect infections, such as the use of toilets, bathtubs, and private items with hpv virus.  How to prevent genital warts    1, clean body and self    Condyloma acuminatum, the main way of transmission is sexual contact, so as long as clean body self-love, avoid extramarital sex and only have a sexual relationship with a sexual partner, you can basically eliminate genital warts. 2. Cleaning in time after the husband and wife’s life, cleaning in time can reduce the chance of infection and genital warts, because the genital warts virus takes a long time to enter the skin to reproduce and infect. If cleaned in time, it may be that the pathogen has not yet Remove it before “staying on your feet.” 3. Personal products must be used alone. We all know that some personal products, such as bath towels and towels, can be contagious, as are genital warts. Experts remind everyone that some personal necessities such as toothbrushes, razors and Shavers and so on must be used by themselves. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

What is the cause of recurrence of condyloma acuminatum

Condyloma acuminatum is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Condyloma acuminatum not only has a high incidence but also a high recurrence rate. Condyloma acuminatum is extremely harmful, seriously affecting the patient’s life and work, and threatening the patient’s physical and mental health. Next, we will talk about what may be the cause of recurrence of genital warts.  01. No formal and positive treatment methods have been adopted    The current commonly used treatment methods in the clinic are laser, freezing, photodynamics, and topical corrosive drugs, which can remove the warts on the skin surface in a short period of time. However, it is difficult to remove the virus from the skin and mucous membranes, and the warts will fall and grow again. 02. The patient’s daily sex life is unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy and too frequent sexual contact may cause the disease to recur. Some patients have finally ended the journey of genital warts, but because of sexual behavior accidentally contacted genital warts again Of patients, re-infected.  03, the patient’s poor daily diet   Condyloma acuminata patients should pay special attention to quit smoking, alcohol, spicy food, avoid eating seafood, these things are most likely to cause the recurrence of genital warts. The above article comes from the WeChat public account “Condyloma Acuminatum Patent Formula”, which is for reference only, and the infringement is deleted.

How do you get genital warts?

  It is well known that condyloma acuminatum is a common STD in modern society. Because it is very contagious, many people are very scared when they hear genital warts, worrying that they will accidentally get infected one day. In fact, genital warts are very contagious, but not everyone is easily infected. Let’s talk about how to get genital warts? 1. Dirty contact with condyloma acuminatum is a type of sexually transmitted disease. More than one in ten patients who are clinically infected with the disease are due to unclean contact with a third person other than a fixed partner, and the third person happens to carry HPV People with viruses or condyloma acuminata have a very high chance of direct sexual contact.   2. Indirect infection   Condyloma acuminatum virus will survive for several hours in a suitable environment after leaving the human body. It is more common on toilet seats, personal private bath towels, and public baths.  3. Mother-to-child transmission  Among infants and young children with condyloma acuminatum, some newborns suffer from laryngeal papilloma. Due to the diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum during pregnancy, the clinical recommendation is to choose cesarean section. If you choose to give birth in childbirth, it may infect the baby’s respiratory tract in the birth canal, resulting in laryngeal papilloma in infants and young children. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

How long is the incubation period of condyloma acuminatum

The length of the incubation period of genital warts varies from person to person, some people have a short incubation period, and some people have a longer incubation period. The incubation period of condyloma acuminatum is 2 weeks to 8 months. The incubation period of condyloma acuminatum in most clinical observations is generally about 3 months, the shortest incubation period is 2-3 weeks, and the longest incubation period is about 8-12 months.  There are no visible symptoms during the incubation period, and it is difficult to be noticed, so it is often ignored. The presence of the incubation period also promotes the spread and prevalence of condyloma acuminatum, and cross-infection between couples. Condyloma acuminatum is initially small and light red pimples, different sizes, single or cluster distribution, moist and soft, showing nipple-like, cockscomb-like or cauliflower-like protrusions, red or gray stains, the root is often pedicled, and prone to erosion, Bleeding easily. If the local symptoms are not typical and the diagnosis cannot be confirmed by visual inspection, you can apply a 3-5% medical acetic acid solution to the skin lesion and the surrounding skin mucosa with a cotton swab. If the skin lesion becomes white after 2-5 minutes, and Normal skin does not turn white around, it is judged as condyloma acuminatum.

In which crowds does genital genital warts easily occur?

Condyloma acuminatum is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which is more common in the genitals and perianal. Men are more common in the foreskin, laces, coronary sulcus, glans, penis, perianal, rectum, females Found in labia majora, cervix and perianal. Occasionally, it can be found outside the pudendal area and the perianal area, such as the armpits, umbilical fossa, mouth, breast and toes.  It is a small, light red papule at the beginning of the onset, and then gradually increases, showing nipple-like, cockscomb-like or cauliflower-like protrusions, and the color is often red or gray. Patients with condyloma acuminatum often have little feeling of their own, and some patients may feel foreign body, pain, and itching.   So, in which people are giant condyloma acuminata likely to occur?   1. Delayed treatment: Due to some special reasons or personal factors, without timely treatment, the diseased tissue in the affected area gradually proliferated and increased over time, and eventually formed a huge condyloma acuminatum.   2. Infection during pregnancy: If it is an infection during pregnancy, the warts will grow larger. It is mainly caused by factors such as a decline in the body’s immune function and changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.   Third, improper treatment: There are some patients who do not receive the correct treatment, not only the condition is not alleviated, but also lead to aggravation of the infection, the longer the warts, the longer the larger, the formation of relatively large warts.

What should I do if the genital warts recur repeatedly

Condyloma acuminatum is a virally transmitted sexually transmitted disease, mainly transmitted through dirty sexual contact. Although it is not a terminal illness, it is somewhat difficult to tell. It is very easy to relapse during the treatment process. There are a large number of patients who have been treated many times and are always repeated for a long time. What can be done?  Many patients with initial condyloma acuminatum do not understand the disease itself, clinical diagnosis and treatment, etc. At the beginning, it is easy to choose some treatment methods with a relatively high recurrence rate. For example: laser, freezing, electrocautery and other physical treatments, usually this treatment is mainly for local lesions of wart tissue, and cannot remove the HPV virus of the spine layer and basal layer of epidermal cells, so the recurrence rate is high.  Condyloma acuminatum relapses if it is not treated in time, it will continue to grow, enlarge, increase, and itching and pressure, if it is complicated by bacterial infections may have a foul odor. Compression of nearby tissues and organs will cause corresponding symptoms of compression, and there may be cancer, so it must be actively treated.  With the continuous accumulation of medical workers’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in my country, there have been invention patents for condyloma acuminatum (patent number: 2011101665723), according to the individual’s morbidity, rational use of medicines and deployment of prescriptions. As long as the patients themselves do not have immune system diseases at the same time, they can be completely cured by this group. Reprint please indicate: Nanjing Institute of gifted Ka medical wart virus Lixing Chun, otherwise declined to reprint.

Will genital warts be itchy at first?

  Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and mainly manifests as proliferative damage to the anal genital area. There are different subtypes of HPV. The most common types of HPV that cause condyloma acuminatum are 6, 11 and so on. HPV is easy to survive and reproduce under the warm and humid conditions of the human body, so the external genitalia and perianal are the most prone to infection.  Condyloma acuminatum initial damage is small and soft light red papules, which gradually develop and increase, and merge with each other to form different forms of neoplasms such as papilloma-like, cauliflower-like, cockscomb-like. Generally no obvious symptoms, if there is ulceration and secondary infection may be accompanied by pain, damage to the vagina and cervix may be manifested as increased vaginal discharge or bleeding after sexual intercourse. What are the treatment methods for genital warts?   The common treatment methods for genital warts are: drug treatment, physical therapy, surgical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Western medicine treatment, etc. Different patients take different treatment methods, and the specific treatment plan depends on the patient’s condition .