Is it good for a man to urinate? Which men are suitable to sit and urinate?

Everyone knows that when defecation, there is a difference between men and women, because women have to sit and urinate, while men stand to urinate. In fact, for the majority of men, it is possible to sit and urinate, but it is more troublesome. However, with the development of the times, more and more men now choose to sit and urinate, which can effectively reduce the chance of male diseases.
Is it good for men to sit and urinate?
When a man sits small, he can avoid urine spraying everywhere, and can also clean up more cleanly. When most men stand to urinate, they will shoot inaccurately, but when urine is discharged, it needs to pass through the bladder contraction and the urethra is unblocked, so that the urine can be discharged smoothly. Due to the physiological structure, it is easier for men to urinate when standing urinating, but some men will have urine remaining in the urethra after urinating. If they are standing, they will let urine flow out and drip in On the trousers, the male can take a posture of sitting and urinate, which not only reduces the pressure on the bladder and prostate, but also avoids the phenomenon of inadvertent shooting.
Which men are suitable to sit and urinate?
1. Slow-moving old men
For some older men, you can choose to sit and urinate. As the elderly and slow-moving people need to support the wall with one hand when urinating, in this case, it is easy to stand unsteady when standing on the urine, and the phenomenon of falling. If such a group of people would sit and urinate instead, they might be able to focus their attention on urination, which would allow urine to flow more smoothly and reduce the chance of falling.
2. Men who love hygiene
Many men feel that it is not necessary to sit and urinate, but for men who are hygienic, this kind of urination is still preferred. Because men stand to urinate, they will shoot randomly because of inaccurate sighting. In this case, urine droplets will be left outside, and unsanitary phenomena will also form. Therefore, in daily life, if you are a man who loves hygiene, you can choose to sit in a urinating posture. Sitting urinating will not only let the urine shoot randomly, but also make the whole look more hygienic.
3. Men with spinal injuries
For men with spinal injuries, it is best to choose to sit and urinate when urinating normally. The reason why a man urinates well is because standing urinates will increase the pressure on the spine, and will concentrate all the bearing on the spine. In this case, it is easy for the male spine to be injured, so sitting urinate can be very To a great extent, reduce the chance of spine injury again.
In fact, standing urination and sitting urination are common urination methods. If your health allows, you can choose to stand urination directly. If men have the above three conditions, it is recommended to sit and urinate. This can not only prevent the toilet from being unhygienic due to urine, but also avoid some males in need because they do not get help. Some other bigger injuries, especially older men or spinal injuries.
What posture a man chooses to urinate can be combined with his life habits, but for slow-moving men, hygienic men and spine injured men, it is best to choose to sit and urinate in peacetime. Finally, remind the majority of men to develop the habit of drinking plenty of water and urinating, and to toxins in the body to prevent some diseases.

What are the benefits of adolescent circumcision?

The body of adolescents is still in the developmental stage. Can congenital phimosis be treated with surgery? Presumably this is the voice of many young patients with foreskin phimosis. In fact, having surgery earlier can not only reduce the harm caused by the disease, but also have some benefits, such as normal development, effective prevention of infection, and tintin to be more beautiful. The hazards of foreskin phimosis in adolescents 1. Bacterial ascending infection in the foreskin cavity can also cause cystitis, pyelonephritis, and prostate inflammation; 2. Chronic irritation of foreskin can induce tintin disease; 3. Irritation of foreskin and foreskin, It is easy to cause masturbation, which is also the danger of excessively long foreskin; 4. Foreskin is too long, so that the foreskin can stimulate the Ding Ding head for a long time, especially the crown groove, and the young foreskin is too long. inflammation. 5. Because the foreskin secretes some substances, if the length is too long, it will cause these substances to be hidden in the foreskin, causing inflammation of the male reproductive organs, which will affect the male fertility. The benefits of adolescent circumcision 1, beneficial to normal development: patients with prepuce phimosis, usually pay due attention to the hygiene of private parts. If the foreskin is too long, it will affect the normal development of its reproductive organs, resulting in shortness of tintin and other phenomena. The period of adolescence is when the body is long, and it is also the development period of sex organs, and foreskin surgery is to cut off the foreskin that is too long, so that the reproductive organs develop normally. 2. Effective prevention of infection: circumcision is performed during adolescence, which can effectively prevent infection of private parts. The foreskin secretes a large amount of sebaceous glands every day, and the sebaceous glands in the foreskin cannot be eliminated in time. Sebum and sediments in the urine synthesize cheese-like strange “skin scale”, which will generally be white and smelly. It is easy to breed bacteria, which can lead to inflammation of Ding Ding. In severe cases, it may even cause the malignant transformation of Ding Ding, which will seriously affect the health of children. 3. Can make Ding Ding more beautiful: the phenomenon of phimosis also affects the appearance of private parts to a certain extent. When the foreskin is too long, tintin can be more beautiful and the glans exposed after the foreskin surgery. Tips: It is recommended that young people take care of their private parts, and they can choose a regular hospital to do circumcision. If the foreskin is too long for young people, it is recommended to pay attention to hygiene. You can wash it with warm water every day, and open the foreskin to clean it. Note that masturbation should not be too frequent.

80-year-old bladder cancer, surgery? How to choose?

The age of 80 is relatively old, but for diseases, especially malignant tumors, unless the general condition is too bad to be anesthetized. It still needs to be actively diagnosed. For bladder cancer, a definite diagnosis should be made by first performing magnetic resonance imaging or CT scan enhancement to determine the stage. If it is early, transurethral resection of the bladder tumor can be done, postoperative bladder infusion of chemotherapy drugs, regular review of the cystoscope, if the bladder muscle layer After infiltration, you should choose cystectomy, lymph node dissection, and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. Although the bladder is removed and the quality of life is reduced, it is worthwhile to live longer. Experts now believe that single tumors can be partially removed. Specifically, it requires careful communication between the doctor and the patient to inform the patient of the pros and cons.
80 years old is not a contraindication to surgery, nor is diabetes, it is the key to assessing physical conditions before surgery.
There is really no surgery, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also be used, but it is effective without surgery.

The composition and classification of kidney stones

Everyone knows that the most common disease in the urinary system is called “kidney stones”. What is the composition of kidney stones? What are their types according to the ingredients? What are their characteristics? Is it like the pebbles we saw by the river? Then I will give you a simple science-the composition and classification of kidney stones. 1. The composition of kidney stones is caused by the abnormal accumulation of crystalline substances (such as calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid, cystine, etc.) in the kidneys. 90% contains calcium, of which calcium oxalate stones are the most common. (Expanded knowledge: The main chemical composition of the pebbles we see on the river bed in our lives is silica, and ordinary stones are generally composed of calcium carbonate and silica). Second, the classification of stones (1) calcium oxalate stones&nbsp. calcium oxalate Stones are the most common in daily life, accounting for 71% to 84%. Urine is acidic. The characteristics of such stones are hard, unbreakable, rough, irregular, tan, easy to damage the tissue and cause hematuria. The X-ray is characterized by deep markings in the stones, irregular edges, and sometimes a kidney pelvis or calyx shape. (2) Calcium phosphate stones&nbsp. Urine is alkaline, characterized by brittle, rough, irregular, off-white, yellow or brown, often caused by urinary tract infection and obstruction. Mixed with calcium oxalate or magnesium ammonium phosphate to form stone. The X-rays are clear and the striae are more obvious. When filling the entire renal pelvis and calyces, they are staghorn. (3) Uric acid stones&nbsp. Urine is continuously acidic, characterized by hard, smooth, granular, yellow or brownish red, and abnormal uric acid metabolism. Most are composed of a single uric acid, and the development under the X-ray is lighter or not developed. (4) Magnesium ammonium phosphate stones&nbsp. belong to infectious stones, characterized by smooth, polyhedral or vertebral body, which increases rapidly, mostly related to repeated urinary tract infection and abnormal anatomy of urinary tract. X-ray development is clear, and the density of stones is uneven. (5) Cystine stones are rare genetic diseases. 82% of patients with cystinuria have cystine stones, and 35% occur in infants or children. It is characterized by soft, smooth, waxy, light yellow to yellow brown, and its crystal is hexagonal. It is easy to develop on X-ray film due to sulfur content.

What should I do if I become a “quick gunman”?

Premature ejaculation is generally referred to as the “fast gunner” in the male world. Once men have symptoms of premature ejaculation, the psychological pressure is great. At present, for the treatment of premature ejaculation, drug treatment and psychological treatment can generally be taken. During the treatment, self-exercise methods can also be combined to appropriately alleviate the symptoms of clinical discomfort. So, can premature ejaculation self-exercise be cured? Premature ejaculation is not an incurable disease, but with improper treatment, this clinical symptom will persist. Can premature ejaculation self-exercise be cured? In fact, it is the exercise process of a person’s motor function. Just like training a marathon, it needs a set of exercise methods. And after a period of balance and coordination exercise, the deliberate mandatory extended time control is transformed into subconscious habitual control. In the end, it will be the same as the marathon long-distance race. Once practiced, it will become a long-time master. There are many treatment methods for premature ejaculation, it is recommended to consider a comprehensive treatment method. Medical treatment of premature ejaculation mainly depends on drugs. However, in daily life, men can effectively change the state of the “fast gunman” by performing effective exercises and persevering. In addition to overcoming premature ejaculation, the following methods can also increase a man’s erection. 1. When premature ejaculation patients exercise themselves, they can choose some simple exercises to achieve the purpose of auxiliary treatment. Lie on your back and bend your knees to raise your legs, then use your left hand to grasp the right calf and slowly open and close to the sides of the body. If you do 5 rounds of exercise each time, you can do it once or twice a day. Be careful not to overdo it in one breath. Excessive force will cause muscle fatigue to become counterproductive. 2. Although these movements seem simple, the effect of long-term persistence is very good. For example, the patient can sit on the bed with his legs spread as far as possible and then stretch his hands forward to touch the mattress with the forehead and bend the body forward. . To treat premature ejaculation, if you do one round of exercise every three or five times, you can do two or three rounds a day. Although you will feel a little pain when you open your legs and then bend your hamstrings, you still have to be patient. Action is very important. Of course, when I just started, it is difficult to touch the forehead with the forehead. As long as you have perseverance for about 1 month, you can do it. After doing this exercise every day for 1 month, your erection can be greatly improved. 3. In the treatment of premature ejaculation, patients can also take abdominal anal breathing exercises. The specific operation steps are: first do a good kneeling position, then adjust the breathing, and then slowly inhale by the strength of the abdomen. While annoying, the anus gradually tightened. I thought in my head that I felt like I was going to inhale air from the anus. Among many exercise methods, do not ignore this breathing exercise. After the belly is filled with air, the action of compressing the abdomen is like squeezing the air to the back, and then bulging the abdomen is like squeezing the air from the back to the head. When you exhale, you want to squeeze the air into your heart and insert it slowly like the lower jaw, and the tight anus gradually relaxes with the air, and then pour out. As long as the abdomen is compressed, the degree of anal contraction is also tighter than expected. Repeat it and repeat the steps for about 10 minutes. Although the treatment of premature ejaculation can relieve symptoms through exercise, there are many clinical causes of premature ejaculation. If it is a pathological factor, it must be targeted to the reasons behind premature ejaculation and targeted treatment to avoid aggravating clinical symptoms. Patients with premature ejaculation must also be psychologically prepared. In addition to self-exercise methods, they also need to receive other treatment methods. Generally, comprehensive treatment will be better.

When males have strong “fertility”, they generally have these 3 “characteristics”, how many do you account for?

As we all know, after marriage, the most important thing is to get pregnant and have children. But for this matter, there are several happy and sad. Some people feel that it is easy to get pregnant, and even take some measures, but still pregnant unexpectedly, and some people work hard, but still can not see the “crystallization of love.” In fact, when males have strong “fertility”, there are generally these three “features”. How many do you account for? 1. Strong body hair Generally speaking, male body hair represents the secretion of hormones in his body. If a man is in good health, there must be a lot of body hair on the body, and his vitality is also in a relatively good state. If a man with this phenomenon doesn’t have to worry about himself, you must be able to have a particularly cute baby. When will you have it? It’s just a matter of time. Believe in your body~ 2. Healthy body Now people’s lives have begun Well, the men who women generally like to watch in short videos are those with good figure. Nowadays men are very concerned about their figure, and everyone has a habit of fitness. Like a man with a good figure, the resistance in the body must be quite good, and the fertility will be much stronger than other men who do not like sports. However, men who like sports are more likely to get their wives pregnant. 3. The high-density and smooth pregnancy, of course, depends on the ability of men. The ability to bring oneself is sperm. In fact, boys can observe the body at once. After you ejaculate, you can look at the consistency of your sperm. If the consistency of semen is very high, it will make it easier for your wife to get pregnant. Anyway, keeping a good body, quitting smoking and drinking are the most important.

There are odors under men, things may not be that simple

There is a smell in men’s private parts, especially when the weather is hot, it really can’t stand it. What the hell is going on? Is there any disease? Mingming usually pays attention to cleaning, but it won’t be long before it smells. &nbsp. Generally speaking, men’s lower body will have a little smell. Normal male odors are generally not great, and attention should be paid when the odors are large. &nbsp. What’s the matter with a big smell in the man’s lower body? ‍&Nbsp. Phimosis/Foreskin is too long&nbsp. Normal tortoise&nbsp. The oil, prostate fluid, and residual urine on the head are generally cleanable in time, but the phimosis/foreskin is too long for men, these substances will hide in the foreskin , Slowly forming red or yellowish foreskin. The smell of foreskin is very unpleasant. If it is not cleaned temporarily, it may easily cause inflammation of foreskin balanitis and prostatitis. In prostatitis, acute and chronic prostatitis, the secretion of the urethra often flows out, causing genital odor, accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and urethral discomfort. Urethritis is caused by retrograde bacteria and invasion of the urethra to cause urethritis. Acute urethritis will have mucus secretions. Later, a large amount of purulent secretions may appear. If it turns into chronic fever urethritis, the secretions will become a small amount Thin slurry. These secretions can cause odor in the lower body, and urethritis is often accompanied by frequent urination, hematuria, redness of the urethra, and uncomfortable urination. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sexually transmitted diseases are very susceptible to odor. Some patients may even have pus, especially when the temperature is high, and the odor is more obvious. Not paying attention to the hygiene of private parts. Usually, not paying attention to the hygiene of private parts may lead to inflammation of the penis, and then the smell will appear. When the male body is abnormal, you should observe your own symptoms and indicate whether it is accompanied by abnormal conditions such as itching, pain, redness and urination in addition to the odor. If you have similar symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time! So how to solve the problem of odor under the male? ? 1. The following odors need to be cleaned every day. If the foreskin is long, it must be surgically removed and the underwear should be changed frequently. 2. Appropriate to exercise more, enhance physical fitness, exercise more and improve body immunity. 3. When bathing, the glans cannot always be hidden under the foreskin. The foreskin must be opened to remove accumulated dirt and sebum. Because the inner skin of the foreskin is thinner than the outer skin and is more sensitive to chemical cleaners, when cleaning the glans of the foreskin, it only needs to be rinsed with clean water once a day. If you wash with soap and shower gel without washing the foam, many people will have an allergic reaction to the foreskin glans and feel uncomfortable. 4. When the winter weather is cold, wash your lower body with warm water before going to bed, and then wipe it with a hot towel. It can also promote blood circulation throughout the body. It has hypnotic effects and can prevent diseases. Men’s private parts are unhygienic. In addition to being uncomfortable, women will feel embarrassed! In terms of sexual life, both men and women must pay attention to hygiene.

Summer heat is easy to sweat, can’t hypospadias surgery be done?

Hypospadias is a congenital defect in the abnormal position of the male urethral opening. The urethral opening can be distributed on the line from the normal urethral opening to the perineum, and most patients can be accompanied by penile curvature to the ventral side. Hypospadias is a common malformation in the urinary system of children. The incidence rate reported abroad is as high as 3/1000, and this data is still rising. Parent 1: I heard that your child is preparing for surgery? Parent 2: Yes, it’s going to be operated at the end of this month. Parent 3: Now the weather is hot, I heard that surgery in summer is easy to infect parents 2: Our surgery was scheduled for a long time before it was listed. Parent 2: What should we do? What? Parent 1: Don’t worry, ask a professional doctor first! … (Source: Professor Liu Yidong: Hypospadias has little to do with the season, as long as the child reaches the surgical standard, the operation can be performed! The earlier the operation, the better the recovery after surgery! (The best operation time for hypospadias is 6-18 months, the child’s penis head width reaches 1.2cm, and the weight reaches 10 kg, you can perform surgery!) (Source: Hypospadias surgery is really not suitable Do you do it in summer? Some parents worry that children are prone to sweat when the weather is hot in summer, and sweat stains can affect wound healing and even cause infection. In theory, the temperature in winter is lower and the chance of postoperative infection is relatively small; the temperature in summer is higher and the chance of infection will be higher, but at the same time, the body’s metabolism is faster and the skin healing ability is relatively better. But now, the level of medical technology has matured. At the same time, with the improvement of people’s living standards, air conditioning and heating have basically been popularized, and the impact of the season on surgery has not been so great. As long as parents strictly follow the doctor’s instructions for care, keep the wound dry and ventilated, pay attention to cleanliness, and avoid sweat stains and urine contamination of the wound, you don’t have to worry too much. Some parents may also have doubts about whether they can blow the air conditioner after the operation: the child is weak after the operation, can it be done? In summer, children are also afraid of heat. Excessive temperature will make children irritable, which is not conducive to parental care and even affects physical recovery. Maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors will help your child feel better, sleep more soundly, and heal wounds faster! (Source: Precautions for blowing air conditioners in summer: When blowing air conditioners, you need to control the indoor temperature to ensure that the room temperature is maintained at 24 ℃ -27 ℃; avoid air conditioning directly blowing on the children; proper ventilation when the air conditioner is turned on, about every day 3-4 times; regularly clean the air conditioner to ensure indoor air quality; pay attention to keep warm and protect the baby’s belly when sleeping.

Will Tintin’s size affect Apricot’s quality of life?

Many people think that Xing’s life satisfaction is closely related to Tintin’s size. In fact, this is the same as everyone’s tall, thin and fat, everyone has obvious individual differences, but it has not caused much impact on normal work and life. Similarly, the size of Tintin will not affect the quality of life of apricot couples: 1. Thick Tintin will not affect the quality of life of apricots. Because women’s private parts are very flexible, they can deliver normally, that is to say, women’s private parts are extremely tolerant. Of course, the horizontal extension ability of female private parts exceeds the vertical extension. However, unless the difference between the two is so great that it causes the long drive to touch the cervix outside, it rarely causes pain. Since this situation is relatively rare, and the depth of entry can be controlled by both parties, the coarse Ding Ding will not affect the quality of life of the apricot. 2. Tiny Tintin is not very important for the apricot experience on both sides. Female sensitive nerves are mainly distributed on the surface and outer 1/3 of intimate parts. In Xing’s life, the pleasure of both parties mainly comes from the stimulation caused by friction. The depth is not a sensitive area, so it doesn’t help them get much pleasure. Many Tintin’s small men only make their partners unsatisfied, mainly due to lack of experience and skills and lack of relevant knowledge. At the same time, some women will blame the problem because Tintin is too small when they are not satisfied, which will inevitably cause a serious blow to men’s psychology. This will also lead to a discordant life between the two parties.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Kidney stones are a very common disease. The incidence of males is 3-9 times that of females. The age of high incidence is 21-50 years. The incidence of left and right kidney stones is similar. At the same time, about 10% of patients with bilateral stones . The clinical symptoms of kidney stones are relatively simple, either no symptoms, or some complications caused by pain or stones. The diagnosis of stones is not very complicated, and can be easily diagnosed by symptoms and imaging. What are the main symptoms of kidney stones? 1. Pain: Many people have a misunderstanding about the pain of stones. The bigger the stones, the more painful. In fact, the opposite is true. The bigger the stones, the less active the stones are. Kidney stones. The pain of kidney stones can be divided into blunt pain and colic. Blunt pain is often located in the rib ridge angle, waist and abdomen of the affected side. It is mostly paroxysmal and can be continuous. The pain is not very severe. When it is mild, it only has a sense of soreness, which can be aggravated after activity or work. Colic is caused by kidney stones falling into the ureter, causing acute obstruction. The pain is severe, and the pain is knife-like. The pain can radiate to the groin and thighs. When the pain occurs, the patient often cannot straighten the waist, the curl is difficult to control, and the expression is painful. Renal colic is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, paleness, sweating, and collapse. 2. Hematuria: Hematuria is caused by the stimulation of stones, but most of them are microscopic hematuria, and a few patients have gross hematuria. Hematuria often appears after pain. 3. Complications such as urinary tract infections and hydronephrosis: due to the stimulation of stones in the kidney, the risk of stone infections is often increased, and even some of the knots are caused by infections. Mild infection may have waist discomfort, mild urinary frequency, etc., and severe systemic symptoms, such as fever, chills, and even septic shock. Hydronephrosis is also a common complication of kidney stones. The main reason is that the urine output tract produced by the kidney is blocked, and there is often no obvious performance in mild, and the waist will be sore on the affected side. 4. Small stones are found in the urine: some stones are relatively soft, or relatively small, and may be directly discharged through the urine. Some patients with stones will find small stones in the urine during urination. This may be the case. It may also be caused by the shedding of larger stones, so this situation should also be checked to see if there are stones in the kidney. What are the inspection methods used to find stones? As mentioned earlier, many large stones have no obvious symptoms. In clinical practice, many patients with large staghorn stones are often seen. Such large stones are also very troublesome to handle, and the risk and cost of surgery will also increase, so Early detection of stones and early treatment are also very important. The commonly used examination method for stones is imaging: Ultrasound examination: Ultrasound examination is more convenient and cheap, and there is no radiation. It is a commonly used examination method for stones. It is more meaningful for some X-ray non-developed stone examination. CT: CT is a good imaging test for kidney stones, because CT is not affected by stone composition, kidney function, intestinal gas, and respiratory movement. It can find 1 mm stones and has a very good spatial recognition ability. Urinary tract plain film: Urinary tract plain film is an X-ray examination. I personally think that if you have a CT, you can not check the plain film. Plain film is only used when the condition is lacking, or when you review it after treatment. Enhanced CT, intravenous urography: This test is mainly used for some recurrent urinary tract stones, can indirectly determine the presence or absence of renal function, because many large stones long-term compression of renal parenchyma, resulting in renal parenchyma no longer function, this In this case, the kidney can be removed directly, and the CTU can roughly judge the presence or absence of kidney function. And can also determine whether there is a urinary tract malformation, which is very helpful for the selection of treatment methods. Summary Some stones have no obvious symptoms. If you are in a high incidence area of ​​stones, or there are many patients with stones in the family, it is recommended to regularly check the urinary color Doppler ultrasound to find stones in time. If the stones recur repeatedly, you can do a stone analysis, adjust your diet or do targeted prevention. The most important thing is to develop the habit of drinking plenty of water.

Why are most kidney cancer patients male, how to learn to detect kidney cancer early?

Why do most kidney cancer men? The ratio of kidney cancer to male to female is close to 2:1, the incidence in urban areas is four times that in rural areas, and the high incidence age is 50-70 years old. Although smoking is an important risk factor for kidney cancer, and there are more male smokers than women, it cannot be simply considered that the difference in the incidence of kidney cancer between men and women is entirely caused by smoking. Studies have shown that the incidence of kidney cancer may be related to sex hormones, but the specific reason is not fully understood. The main risk factors for kidney cancer are: Smoking: Smoking is a relatively certain risk factor. Heredity: According to whether inherited, kidney cancer can be divided into inherited kidney cancer and sporadic kidney cancer. Investigations have shown that in a family of inherited kidney cancer, there are 10 kidney cancer patients in three generations. However, most patients with kidney cancer are sporadic. Exposure to poisons: Long-term exposure to some chemical poisons and radioactive substances, such as harmful metals, printing, chemicals, dry cleaning, and petrochemicals, etc. These are also risk factors for kidney cancer. Drugs, diet, and obesity: Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid has been very determined to be related to kidney failure and kidney cancer. Many studies have shown that body mass index is related to kidney cancer (obesity), and long-term high animal protein, fat diet and lack of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet may be related to kidney cancer. Therefore, we can roughly conclude that men have different roles in social life, relatively more exposure to cigarettes and some toxic substances, and kidney cancer may be related to sex hormones. Under the combined effect of these factors, male kidney cancer The incidence is higher than that of women. How to detect kidney cancer early There is only one way to find kidney cancer early: that is physical examination. Early tumors have no symptoms, and people have no fluoroscopic eyes. How can they be found? It can only be found by physical examination. The main items of the medical examination are medical imaging: ultrasound, CT and nuclear magnetic. What kind of people need early medical examination? If there are several high-risk factors for kidney cancer, it is recommended to conduct an earlier medical examination. For example, there are kidney cancer patients in the family, long-term heavy smoking, working in chemical plants and printing plants.

Some people say that the essence of health care products is that food cannot cure diseases. What do you think?

What exactly is a health supplement? Our subjective point of view does not work, we can take a look at the relevant national regulations: GB16740-97 “General Standard for Health (Functional) Food” Article 3.1 defines health food as: “Health (functional) food is a type of food, with general The commonality of foods can regulate the functions of the human body and is suitable for consumption by specific groups of people, but not for the purpose of treating diseases.” Clearly stipulates that health care products are foods and cannot be used for the purpose of treating diseases! ! ! Therefore, in the promotion of health care products, there should be no words related to efficiency, success rate, and cure rate. What are medicines? Similarly, let’s look at the relevant national regulations: According to the definition of drugs in Article 102 of the Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China: drugs refer to the prevention, treatment, diagnosis of human diseases, and the purpose of regulating people Physiological functions and stipulate substances with indications or functional indications, usage and dosage, including Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese patent medicines, chemical raw materials and their preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, serums, vaccines, blood products and diagnostics Medicines, etc. We can see that the main purpose of medicines is to prevent, treat and diagnose human diseases, and it has essential boundaries with health products! ! What are the differences between health products and medicines? Differences in use: This article has made it clear that health products and medicines have a very essential difference, that is, health products cannot be used to treat diseases, and the purpose of medicines is to cure diseases. The procedures for reviewing and listing are different: the production qualifications and conditions of the drugs must be strictly reviewed by the relevant state departments, and the drug’s drug properties, toxicity and side effects require accurate data of the experiment, and clinical trials are required before the market, from the emergence of a drug to the real market It takes years. The review of health products is relatively loose and much more, and can be directly put on the market without clinical trials. It is already very clear whether to choose health products or medicines for treatment. It is definitely to choose medicines for treatment. Health products cannot be treated. The drug review is so strict, the effects and side effects are written very clearly, can you not worry? But there is nothing in the health care products, and you can’t rest assured by the salesperson’s mouth. Therefore, we must be rational in dealing with the problem and not pay more IQ tax. Why are health products so popular? Our living conditions are good, people are rich, and health awareness is constantly improving. At this time, health products have a certain market. I personally think that there are two main reasons for the good marketing of health products: although health products are food, there are still some differences from food, because health products are processed and extracted food, which seems very high-end and efficient. This feature is easy for businesses to promote and is a very powerful selling point. In fact, for normal people, the nutrition of ordinary food is completely enough, and no health care products are needed at all. The health care product review procedure is simple, and the product completion is also very simple. Laboratory research, animal experiments, and clinical experiments are not needed at all. Therefore, it is very simple to make a health care product, and the cycle is very short. Just spend it on advertising. If health products are subject to strict scrutiny like medicines, how many people are willing to make health products?

Is smoking the cause of lung cancer?

In fact, many people have some misunderstandings about smoking-induced lung cancer. Medically speaking, smoking-induced lung cancer is an epidemiological concept. Simply put, it is the concept of statistics, not a specific person but a group of people. Let’s use an analogy to explain how this conclusion was drawn: For example, I chose 2,000 people to do a survey. The living environment, eating habits, regional environment, age composition, and gender composition of these 2,000 people are similar. The difference is between smoking and not smoking. Then divide the smokers into a group and the non-smokers into a group. For better understanding here, I will stipulate 1,000 people in each of these two groups. The actual situation may be a group of more than a thousand or less. Then they investigated the incidence of lung cancer, and finally found that 200 of the 1,000 people in the smoking group had lung cancer, and 30 people in the non-smoking group had lung cancer. After statistical calculation and correction, it was finally concluded that smoking can cause lung cancer. Smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer. Specific to someone, “smoking causes lung cancer” has a certain chance. We often hear the words: XX old man smoked and drank all his life, and lived to more than ninety. This is a fact and does not need to be refuted, but in turn, can most people live more than ninety years by smoking and drinking? The specific cause of lung cancer is not very clear. The formation of lung cancer is the result of long-term joint action of many factors, but smoking is indeed a risk factor for lung cancer. When it comes to a specific person, this has a certain chance, not to say that smoking has nothing to do with lung cancer. No one can be sure whether a person will get lung cancer after smoking. Only when his life is over or when lung cancer does he come to a conclusion, but smoking will increase his risk of lung cancer. Risk means future possibility, not conclusive . Quit smoking or not? If you are willing to take risks to enjoy the fun that cigarettes bring to you, you can quit smoking; but if you want to live a healthier life, then quit smoking. Although some people smoke and drink to live to ninety-nine, can you be sure that that person is you? Certainly it is impossible. Since it cannot, then try to reduce the risk as much as possible. The rest is destined, and at least you will not regret it.

Come out with a smile, a cough and urinate? Take you to understand stress urinary incontinence!

When I was in the clinic, I often met some female patients, saying that they laughed a lot, coughed hard, and walked a little faster, and they shed some urine when they urinate, which is very distressing. Some of them are serious, and they dare not even dare to go out. It can be said that it has affected daily life and social interaction. So this article focuses on this more common disease-stress urinary incontinence. The vast majority of stress urinary incontinence are women, which is related to the female anatomy. Data show that 23-45% of the female population have varying degrees of urinary incontinence. The main clinical manifestation is that when doing exercises to increase abdominal pressure (including laughing, coughing, talking loudly, etc.) urine will flow out uncontrollably. The following factors are relatively clear risk factors and need attention. 1. Fertility: The more births, the greater the probability of the disease. People with older reproductive age are more likely to have the disease. Transvaginal delivery is more likely than caesarean section. 2. Age: With the increase of age, the prevalence of female urinary incontinence gradually increases, and the high incidence age is 45-55 years old. The reason is related to pelvic floor relaxation, estrogen reduction, and degeneration of urethral sphincter. 3. Obesity: This is a very clear risk factor that can cause and aggravate urinary incontinence. Losing weight can reduce the incidence of the disease. 4. Smoking, physical activity, hysterectomy, etc. Some of these factors have been shown to be related to the occurrence of the disease, but some studies have shown no obvious relationship, so they can only be summarized as possible related risk factors. Regarding the pathogenesis, diagnosis and typing, some inspection methods will not be detailed here, focusing on how to treat and self-manage. 1. Weight control: highly recommended, needless to say, everyone understands. 2. Pelvic floor muscle training: highly recommended, suitable for various types of stress urinary incontinence. Specific methods: Continuous contraction of pelvic floor muscles (lifting anus) for 2-6 seconds, relaxation and rest for 2-6 seconds, so repeated 10-15 times as a group, training 3-8 groups per day, lasting more than 8 weeks or longer . This method is simple and easy, and it can also enhance the female sexual experience. 3. Biofeedback, electrical stimulation therapy, magnetic stimulation therapy: these all need some equipment for treatment, with upper pelvic floor muscle training can achieve better results. 4. Duloxetine: 40 mg each time, twice a day for at least 3 weeks. More effective within 4 weeks of medication. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and constipation. 5. Estrogen: The use of estrogen is for local vaginal use, not oral. In this disease, oral estrogen cannot reduce urinary incontinence, and there is a risk of inducing and aggravating urinary incontinence. 6. Surgery: If the above methods are not effective, you need to consider surgery, and there are many surgical options. This needs to be decided according to the specific situation. Remind you, if you really find yourself suffering from urinary incontinence, the way you can intervene is to control your weight and pelvic floor muscle training. Other methods, such as drugs, need to be diagnosed and used under the guidance of a doctor. I hope everyone is in good health, happy life, and stay away from disease. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

Which kidney stones can discharge stones by yourself, do you know?

Kidney stones, kidney stones, little stones hurt into the soul. I believe that those who have experienced this experience absolutely do not want to come again. In fact, kidney stones are just a kind of urinary stones, as well as ureteral stones, bladder stones, urethral stones and so on. But most of the origins are kidney stones. Some stones require surgery, some stones can be conservatively discharged, and some stones do not even need to be bothered. So which stones can be left out, and which stones can go back to take the medicine and discharge the stones? Let me tell you. First talk about which stones need not be ignored for now. Renal stones less than 1cm in diameter and not causing hydrocephalus can be ignored temporarily. As for how to judge whether it caused hydrocephalus, you need to rely on ultrasound to determine. Because relatively small stones do not often cause discomfort in the kidneys, many people do not feel even if they block a certain calyx outlet and cause hydrocephalus. Most of them are found during physical examination. Therefore, if it is a kidney stone with a diameter of less than 1cm and it does not cause hydrocephalus, you don’t need to pay too much attention. Usually you only need to pay attention to drink more water to prevent the stones from increasing further. However, once the stones fall into the ureter, it often causes severe pain, which requires emergency treatment. In fact, we will encounter some friends who have kidney stones more than 1cm and less than 1.5cm because they have no symptoms. They do not take any treatment because they have no symptoms. Although there is a risk in this way, in theory, as long as the stones It does not fall into the ureter and does not cause hydrocele in the renal pelvis or calyces. It can also be observed closely. Of course, we recommend active treatment for stones over 1cm. Let me talk about which stones can conservatively row stones. As mentioned earlier, if stones fall into the ureter, emergency treatment is required. This treatment is usually to relieve the pain first, and then do the imaging examination after the pain is stopped, mainly ultrasound and CT. Multi-slice spiral CT diagnosis of stones is close to 100%. If you find that ureteral stones are combined with the following conditions, you can conservatively discharge stones first. 1. Stones not exceeding 1cm, preferably not exceeding 0.7cm. 2. There is no obstruction of the urinary tract below the stone, which means that the ureter and urethra below the stone are not narrowed, but this is often not a good judgment at the beginning, even after CT. 3. The stones did not cause complete obstruction and stayed in the local area for less than 2 weeks. So whether it causes a complete obstruction often requires some inspection methods to judge according to the degree of hydronephrosis. If the stone stays in a certain part for a long time, it will stimulate local inflammation and edema, and even produce inflammatory wraps. This is difficult to get rid of by yourself. 4. Auxiliary row of stones after some surgical treatment. For example, after some large stones are treated with surgery, not all of the stone debris can be removed. At this time, auxiliary stone removal is needed. 5. Smooth stone surface. This can make a preliminary judgment from the ultrasound and CT images. &nbsp. The above conditions are suitable for conservative row of stones. If it does not meet the above conditions, it is recommended to take more active treatment to prevent damage to kidney function caused by delay. Then the next article will introduce how to scientifically carry out conservative stone removal, which medicines and which actions can exert the most effect of stone removal, and how much water is enough to drink. These issues will be explained in detail in the next article. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

Have kidney stones and don’t want surgery? Want to row stones and only drink plenty of water? Tell you 5 scientific methods of stone removal

drink. The recommended amount is 2000-3000ml per day. Take the common 550ml of mineral water, which is 4-6 bottles. But this is not absolute. If the weather is hot and there is a lot of sweating, drinking these waters may not be enough. Let me tell you a standard of judgment, that is, each time the urine is very clear, clear means transparent, and the yellow is not visible to the naked eye. That’s basically enough. 2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: These drugs can relieve pain. In addition, they have a very important role, that is, they can relieve ureter edema and promote the discharge of stones. The drug recommended in our urology guidelines is diclofenac sodium, which is available in major pharmacies. 3. Tamsulosin: We are more commonly used tamsulosin hydrochloride, which can relax the smooth muscle of the lower ureter and promote the discharge of stones. It should be mentioned here that the main indication for tamsulosin hydrochloride is the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The instructions do not describe the stone removal effect of stones, but more and more studies have suggested that there is a clear effect of helping stone removal. All major pharmacies also have sales. 4. Chinese patent medicine: It is a Chinese medicine preparation, and common ones are “stone stones”, “kidney stones” and so on. The role of these drugs is mainly to remove stones through diuresis. The popular point is that more urine is produced, and there are antispasmodic and analgesic effects, but there is no effect of melting stones. 5. Movement: This row of stone movements requires the most effort to achieve the maximum stone rowing effect, you can choose to jump stairs, pay attention to jump from top to bottom. You can also drop your heels on the tiptoe with your heels on the ground. The principle is to produce a falling inertia to help the row of stones. After introducing the specific plan, it needs to be explained here that even if the stone meets the conditions for self-discharge, even if it is strictly implemented according to the above plan, sometimes the stone may not be discharged. There are two factors that we cannot fully control. The first is the shape of the stones. Sometimes CT does not accurately reflect the shape of the stones. If you encounter that kind of irregular stones, it may not be discharged. The second is ureteral deformity and stenosis. In some people, the ureter is long and tortuous, wide and narrow, and it just happens to encounter a narrow ring to catch the stones and it cannot be discharged. This is also more common in clinical practice. . Speaking of which, it is necessary to mention the time for self-discharging. Our guide says 1-2 months. However, it is very rare that you can’t discharge it after more than 1 month, so you can discharge it in the next time. On the other hand, stones are prone to form inflammatory wraps at a certain site for too long, which is also very unfavorable for subsequent surgical treatment. I hope this scientific and operable article can bring you some help. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

How to treat prostatitis Three external treatments for prostatitis

Men are very distressed by prostatitis. What are the common methods of suffering from prostatitis? Teach you how to treat without pain.  Prostatitis is now a common disease, which causes patients to have difficulty urinating and makes the reproductive organs painful. The most important thing is that the long-term inflammatory state may cause the patient’s condition to deteriorate further and become prostate cancer. Therefore, if you have prostatitis, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. Below, we first briefly understand the treatment of prostatitis. Three common treatment methods for prostatitis    First, surgical treatment    For severe benign prostatic hyperplasia, general prostatectomy is used. This kind of surgery is very difficult, and only large hospitals with conditions can do this kind of surgery. Some hospitals use open surgery to remove the prostate, and have achieved good results. However, there are certain risks and sequelae in surgical operation, so the operation should be carried out with caution.  Second, medical treatment    prostatitis can be treated with Chinese and Western medicine combined with sterilization and anti-inflammatory anti-infection treatment. Prostatic hyperplasia generally uses 5q-reductase inhibitors and q-adrenergic receptor antagonists, these drugs can relieve patients’ symptoms. Third, the application of new electronic technology often uses new methods such as electronic acupuncture, high-energy focused ultrasound and microwave hyperthermia, comprehensive treatment of prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia, foreskin phimosis, genital warts, cervical erosion, vaginitis, urethritis, nipple Diseases such as squamous tumors, cutaneous hyperplasia, small hemangiomas, axillary odor, and hemorrhoids have achieved good results, fully showing the advantages of high technology in medical applications. The characteristics of this therapy are no hospitalization, no surgery, no pain, and it is very popular with patients. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of prostatitis 1. Enema therapy Enema therapy is beneficial to the absorption of medicinal components by the local tissue of the prostate, and it will not lose its activity due to the damage of the gastrointestinal acid-base environment or enzymes. Dijincao decoction is often used for prostatitis enema treatment. Second, massage therapy    massage is conducive to the discharge of inflammatory substances in the prostate, increase blood circulation, promote inflammation absorption, generally once a week. After routine anal disinfection, the surgeon wears sterile gloves, inserts the index finger into the anus, pinpoints the prostate, with moderate force, and even pressure. Prostate massage is performed from the two lobes from top to bottom in sequence, and gradually moves from the outer to the inner to the central groove , Repeat 2 to 3 times on each side, and then press the thumb from the ball urethra to the urethral opening to make the prostate fluid overflow or drip out of the urethra. 3. Topical therapy takes equal parts of Achyranthes bidentata, Evodia rugosa, Azadirachta indica, fennel, and cinnamon. A total of 3 to 6g of each time is prepared. It is mixed with white wine to a paste and applied to the abdomen curved bone points (pubic bone joint) Margin), apply analgesic ointment for external use, and change the dressing once every 3 to 5 days.  Reminder: There are many small advertisements about the treatment of prostatitis. Patient friends should not believe that if the treatment is not correct, it will lead to the deterioration of the condition. If you want to treat prostatitis, you must go to a regular hospital for regular examination, and then treat it according to the cause.

You must be cautious when judging “lambtail” by yourself!

Now many people don’t know much about relevant knowledge, so they easily put on a “sheep tail” hat. In fact, to judge whether it is “sheep tail”, in addition to the self-evaluation scale, it must also meet the following three conditions: 1. The partner’s stimulation must be sufficient. This stimulus must come from a fixed partner and is sufficient. Clinically, normal men can often be seen just because they look at the reeds and do not get an erection and mistakenly think of a “sheep tail”. 2. Whether apricot life can be completed. Even today, there are still some men who misjudged the short-term weakness after the end as “sheep tail”. In fact, only frequent weakness in the middle is consistent with the “sheep tail” symptom. 3. Regular apricot life. Occasional unsuccessful times do not necessarily mean there is a problem. Only after a long period of practice (2-3 months), when the erection is not firm, often very soon, etc., is it possible to belong to the “sheep tail”. In addition, any abnormal apricot behavior (with strangers or cheating, etc.) may cause erectile dysfunction in the apricot life, which will also bias the judgment of “sheep tail”.

Love her to think too much-how to treat impotence and premature ejaculation?

Impotence and premature ejaculation is a common disease in andrology, which affects the physical and mental health of men, and also affects the relationship between husband and wife. So knowing the conditioning method of impotence and premature ejaculation can better prevent and cure impotence and premature ejaculation diseases, and make couples more loving! Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is a major disease that troubles the lives of male friends. Patients with this disease generally do not have strong medical awareness. According to online survey data, more than 70% of people choose to respond negatively. This coping aspect has played a negative role in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation. So, how to deal with impotence and premature ejaculation? How to treat impotence and premature ejaculation    daily care method   Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation patients should do the following points in daily life.   (1) It is not suitable for couples to live excessively. Frequently married couples’ lives can often cause impotence and premature ejaculation. Those who already have the disease should “enrich their essence” to restore normal couples’ lives.   (2) Avoid excessive fatigue and lack of sleep. Healthy people can also develop impotence and premature ejaculation when they are overworked and lack of sleep. Therefore, patients with impotence and premature ejaculation should not overwork and should maintain good sleep.   (3) Avoid masturbation. Masturbation can aggravate impotence and premature ejaculation, and should quit masturbation after illness. Common treatment methods for impotence and premature ejaculation    1. Strengthen sex education, understand sexual common sense, cultivate correct sexual consciousness, establish good sexual ethics, quit masturbation, have a diet, and have sex.   2. Actively treat other diseases that cause dysfunction. Drugs used with caution, especially those that interfere with function, should be selected carefully.   3. Husband and wife should respect each other, trust each other, and exchange feelings with each other. The wife should be gentle, considerate and active with her husband to create a relaxed, harmonious and pleasant atmosphere for the husband and wife. After getting sick, the wife should forgive, encourage, and encourage her husband, take the initiative to cooperate with her husband for treatment, and don’t talk coldly or ridicule. This will only be counterproductive. 4. Psychological adjustment: mental factors are the main cause of impotence. Therefore, in the treatment of mental impotence, psychological treatment is particularly important. Strictly keep the patient secret and work in a targeted manner, so that the patient can eliminate ideological concerns, the psychological state is comfortable, and establish a victory. Disease confidence.

Volunteer doctor’s knowledge of Africa (5) – China Power

The urology column of “Dr. Zhang Yi” with pictures and texts last time said that the drop was to go to Cheng Jianwen and the construction of Lusaka and the Chinese medical team. The book is taken back and we continue to talk about our influence. Hahahahahahahahaha Lusaka has a concentration of Chinese businesses, and the name is forgotten. The seemingly small courtyard gathers Chinese food markets, daily necessities supermarkets, Lanzhou ramen, Chengdu snacks, and even Chinese wedding companies. There are all kinds of domestic products, the old godmother bought it here, and the birthday noodles have a taste; here can also be consumed on WeChat, the RMB is directly exchanged for exaggeration (cash, WeChat, Alipay), and the exchange rate is kept fresh. Other places often encounter compatriots. A souvenir was bought at the market on Sunday, and a Chinese fat brother spoke in a proficient local language (not English) and chatted with the selling black guys; in another shopping mall, he was originally preparing to buy french fries to deal with the catering, and accidentally saw an Asian meal files. When I walked in, I saw Xiao Li, the owner of the beautiful girl in Jilin who has been rooted for more than 4 years. Our soy sauce fried rice and beef noodles have taught black people. We ordered back to eat, and Professor Graham and his wife were full of praise. On the day we went to the Zambezi River, we entered the exploratory journey from the border town of Chirundu (Chirondu-very well translated) and spent an unforgettable day at GreenFarm. On the return trip, I hurried to return the car. When I bought fast food in Chirondu, I found that there was a ChinaMall for daily furniture. The female boss of the Southerner (I guess it was Wenzhou) was loading the goods with the old black brother. He secretly admired the Chinese endurance. Powerful. My volunteer action soon came to an end. I took the Chinese medical team’s car, hung the government license plate (G prefix), and parked directly under the terminal. I took a photo with Li Jihua and Huang Meili to say goodbye and set off on my way home. There are naturally fellow travellers on their way home. This time it was Xiao Ang in Xi’an, Miss Sisi in Jiangxi and Xiao Liu in Henan. Little Angkor is an African connexion. I don’t know how many times I have worked in CCCC without a business trip. I have had malaria several times and made it into steel. Miss Sisi is a husband who came to Zambia to visit the mining industry. Her children are still very young, so she went back home early. We called her young grandma and complained that Africa could not do nails and SPA, could not spend money to spend, and wanted to bring a few black people back home for housework. The labor here is really cheap. Xiao Liu is a master at squeezing cottonseed oil. He went abroad for the first time, did not speak English, and was dizzy by plane. Therefore, he kept pace step by step, fearing that he might lose himself. A few people laughed and boarded the plane one after the other. The first half was via Harare and then to Addis Ababa. Check in in advance to sit by the window, overlooking the beautiful Zambezi River, and recall the bit of volunteering. Two black men from Zambia next to their neighbors studied at Xi’an Northwestern Polytechnical University. The next chubby learns that I am a volunteer doctor and talks with joy. He has been in Xi’an for 5 years and is currently a graduate student. His girlfriend (black) also attends medical school in Xi’an. He asked his girlfriend whether it is easy to find a job in China. The young man’s father was a high-ranking Zambian official. His mother did business with China. He and his two younger sisters both studied in China and hoped to stay in China. Suddenly trance, I had the same expectation when I went to America to study more than 20 years ago. Time really changed! It takes more than 5 hours to transfer to Addis Ababa. At the airport, Chinese people have half of the country. Duty-free shops have a variety of Mandarins intertwined. Tobacco, wine, coffee and chocolate have been swept away. Under the guidance of Xiao Ange, we quickly found the Chinese noodle shop paid by WeChat, beef noodles 59 yuan / bowl, drinks 9 yuan / bottle. The black chef looks good, but the taste is average. An old man who eats noodles next to me said: “It would be good if Africa could.” Yes, according to Chinese habits I treat guests, who makes the oldest age! Saying goodbye to Xiao Ange and Miss Sisi flying to Shanghai, I took Xiao Liu to continue the Beijing flight. The neighbor seat was replaced by the Shen girl in Shangqiu, Henan. She was at PetroChina in Niger. This time she returned to China for treatment due to stomach problems. She did not dare to do local medical treatment. Don’t look at her young age but she has been alone in Africa for 5 years. When she came, she came out for freedom. However, Niger is underdeveloped and generally law and order, usually staying at the station, which is gradually different from her previous imagination. Above are the compatriots I met on the road, and finally talk about our reputation in China. Not from my point of view, but from African friends I met. A male nurse in the UTH operating room greeted me “nihao” every time I saw him. I originally thought he could speak Chinese. I asked him why he said nihao? He said: It is great for Chinese doctors (visits or medical teams) to perform surgery, so say hello. When staying in Airbnb