Do you really understand autologous fat filling?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body area. It will gradually lose collagen under the skin as it ages. With the slowdown of metabolism, the skin’s efficiency of nutrient absorption will also decrease, and it will slowly begin to lose its elasticity and gloss. Especially the face, because of the gradual decline of the overall muscle structure, the forehead, temples and other places will look more concave, and a lot of fine lines and wrinkles gradually appear on the face…it looks really old! So now many beauty seekers will choose “self fat filling” to improve facial depression. But do you really understand autologous fat filling? Today, I will answer some common questions for everyone, let’s take a look! 01 What face shape is suitable for autologous fat filling? Autologous fat filling can help you hide your age, but not all face shapes are suitable for autologous fat filling. Generally speaking, there are mainly the following types of faces suitable for facial filling: 1. Temple depressions are different from the natural high cheekbones. Obvious temple depressions and cheek thinning will cause false cheekbones to protrude, making the cheekbones the widest. Point, so the face looks big, but when the apple muscles and temples are filled, the widest part of the vision will move up and become the frontotemporal area, visually producing a small face. 2. The forehead is too flat. The flat forehead will make people look old-fashioned. When the forehead is full, it is full of three-dimensional sense from the front or the side. The dissonance of the face is weakened. The modified face shape makes the skin full and delicate. Will make your sense of oldness weaken. 3. Narrow face, outline protruding, less cheek flesh and sunken, it will appear bitterness, the outline is not smooth when viewed from the front and side, and the visual effect is not good. After filling, the facial contours are much softer, giving a different image. 4. The cheekbones are slightly high. Some people have a little protruding mouth. Some people’s cheekbones are slightly high, and their mouths will appear prominent. After filling the face, it can improve some protruding mouth problems. At the same time, the slightly protruding cheekbones can also be hidden, the entire face is full, the lines are smooth, and the sense of age is reduced. 02&nbsp. How to fill fat so that there is no “inflatable feeling”? Everyone’s aesthetic is different, and some young beauty seekers will pursue more exaggerated effects and require more filling effects. But more babies are pursuing natural wind, which determines that if the effect is naturally not exaggerated, avoid “inflated feeling”. Doctors should pay attention not to overfill a certain part when filling, to avoid obvious protrusions, to achieve a natural overdose, to make the facial contours more natural and harmonious, so that it will be natural and avoid “inflated feeling”. In particular, the three parts of the forehead, tear groove, and apple muscles must be grasped: if you want to avoid fat accumulation, you must have thin needles, multiple levels, and three-dimensional cross injections. To follow the “three-layer injection method of the face”, first inject the deepest layer and reshape the entire skeleton, so as to have sufficient supporting force to make the face more three-dimensional; secondly, inject the upper periosteum, muscle layer, and fascia layer in turn, Such a layer-by-layer filling can make your face firmer. To inject layer by layer instead of hitting a mass of fat, the key point of the operation is that the injection must be layer by layer from the deep layer to the shallow layer, and the amount of injection in each part should be coordinated and even as much as possible, not more or less, In this way, unevenness can be avoided as much as possible. The fat on the periosteum of the forehead needs to be filtered with gauze, which can be filled after filtering. The fat under the skin needs to be processed more finely, because the skin under the fat is processed well, not only can it fill the contours, but also the skin will become better. The location of the tear groove also needs to be filled under the skin and periosteum, because there are not many soft tissues in the tear groove itself, and it needs to be filled with some finer fat. If the fat is filled with coarser particles, it will appear uneven and hard. The apple muscle is mainly filled into the soft tissue layer. The thing to note is that the inside of the apple muscle is filled, and there is a natural transition between the nasolabial folds, so that the apple muscle will look better when laughing after the operation. 03&nbsp. Does filling the nasolabial sulcus affect the height of the nose? Will not. When a person smiles, a gully will appear near the nasolabial fold. The nasolabial fold is itself a body surface mark. When filling, the doctor should pay more attention to modify the nasolabial fold, rather than just fill it up, that is not the case. It will look beautiful, but it will definitely have no effect on the height of the nose after filling. 04&nbsp. People with high cheekbones will look bigger after filling? For beauties who have high cheekbones, pay attention to the outer side of the apple muscle when filling, do not

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”?

What should women do if they encounter “diffuse hair loss”? In real life, there are many male bald men and many women with baldness, but women do not have so many hair loss problems. Men don’t pay attention to the obvious hair loss problem. If you don’t pay attention, there will often be a big problem. The big problem that women face is “female diffuse hair loss.” This type of hair loss often starts from adolescence, thick hair will gradually become thinner, gradually fade from dull and shiny to dull and dull, if at this time there is greasy scalp at the same time, menstrual disorders, it can be sure that the male hormone is the cause . Over time, the scalp growth environment will become poor, and the hair will become thinner and thinner. After understanding the forming factors of women’s “diffuse hair loss”, how can this phenomenon be prevented? First, you must maintain an optimistic attitude. When you meet many of these girls, especially those who suffer from love, they are entangled in the hair disaster every day. The tea is not fragrant, the sleep and sleep are uncomfortable, the work is unintentional, the depression is all day long. on. Second, administer the right medicine: reduce the androgens through regular hospitals if the hormones are too high; deficiency of qi and blood can be regulated through health care and physiotherapy; nutritional deficiencies quickly balance the diet, nutritional deficiencies caused by digestive problems must adjust the gastrointestinal tract; mental stress must find channels To release yourself; if parents, grandparents, cousins, cousins, cousins ​​and cousins ​​also have hair loss, such family problems, you have to recognize the reality, maintain and delay hair loss, from the early days, the sooner the better! Third, this type of hair loss must be strictly prohibited from dyeing and scalding once. It is dozens of times more destructive than the normal hair girl. You can’t stand this toss, don’t touch it! Fourth, choose big-name shampoos, mainly weakly acidic, supplemented by alkaline, cross-use; Fifth, comb the scalp thoroughly, dredge the meridians of the head, and promote blood circulation to the capillaries of the head. Add oil to the body to supplement the hair follicles!

How to “create” an enviable wild eyebrow

How to “create” an enviable wild eyebrow? The era of wild eyebrows is here-you can have the wild eyebrows you want by planting eyebrows. 1. Our hair grows downwards, and the upper edge of the eyebrows will be lighter once. The natural sense of wild eyebrows, so it is very important when taking the resources of the temporal hair follicles! ! Must be rooted. Second, the design of the entire eyebrow shape. Design a temperamental eyebrow shape according to the proportion of your three courts and five eyes. (1) The round face can raise the eyebrow peak and show the face long. It is suitable for the raised eyebrow or Curved eyebrows, to lengthen the visual effect of the face and modify the face shape; the tail of the eyebrows should be higher than the eyebrows; the eyebrow peak should be close to the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows, the shape should not be sharp, and it should be slightly raised; the eyebrow spacing is slightly closer (2) square The peak of the eyebrow is raised, and the face is long. The width of the head, cheekbones and jaws are basically the same. The thick eyebrow shape suitable for the upward type should not be too narrow. Brows are slightly thicker. The eyebrow peak is at 1/2 of the eyebrows, and the angle of the eyebrow peak is round and soft, which can appropriately lengthen the face effect and ease the angular face lines (3) The egg face is suitable for any eyebrow shape, especially with a slight curve in the softness, and the eyebrow peak is rounded Eyebrow shape. The brow is perpendicular to the inner corner of the eye, the brow and the tail are on the same horizontal line, and the peak of the eyebrow is better at 2/3 of the eyebrow. (4) The heart-shaped face is soft and has no obvious angle, it will look more gentle, suitable for flat eyebrows or slightly Curved eyebrows with a little curvature, because of the wide forehead, are not suitable for exaggerated eyebrows. (5) Long face and flat eyebrows, but shorter face. Suitable for long, straight and slightly flat Korean eyebrows, or short and thick eyebrows. The eyebrow peak starts at 2/3 of the eyebrows, as flat as possible, and the eyebrow spacing can be slightly widened. Straight eyebrows can divert attention to the length of the face, relax the face shape, modify the face shape (6) Awl face is suitable for softer, slightly thicker flat eyebrows, a little curvature of the eyebrows, can make the forehead appear narrower, to shorten the length of the face, highlight the pointed chin. The brow is parallel to the end of the brow. The eyebrow shape may be slightly thinner, and the eyebrow spacing should not be too wide. The eyebrow peak should not be too obvious, to neutralize the sharp feeling brought by the face shape. (Conversely, by increasing the sharpness of the eyebrow shape, the domineering style brought by the face shape can be strengthened.) (7) The eyebrows of the rhombic face should be curved, without obvious eyebrow peaks, the forehead is narrow, the cheekbones are the widest part of the entire face, suitable for slender eyebrows type. The lines are straight and natural, not too thick. The eyebrow spacing should not be too narrow, and the eyebrow peak should be as close as possible. Under real circumstances, the face is usually a combination of two or more face shapes. The actual eyebrow shape can be flexibly adjusted according to the standard, and the length, radian, and eyebrow peak position can be adjusted appropriately to achieve strength and avoid shortcomings. .

If the facial features are three-dimensional and soft, these two parts are the key!

A beautiful nose will not only make your face value soaring, but also full face contour, side face killing will also crush the passerby in minutes, but for the natural nose and face imperfect friends, the comprehensive operation of the nasal face is undoubtedly the magic weapon of transformation. ! Before the operation, it was shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture will be investigated. The nose and apex of the young lady are not ideal. The tear groove of the apple muscle is also sunken. The doctor’s overall situation of the young lady has developed a comprehensive nasal face comprehensive plastic surgery plan. 7 days nose The shape of the department first appeared from the sharing of real customers in Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen image will be investigated. The swelling will continue to disappear. The congestion has almost disappeared. The wound is also close to the healing state. The pain is slight. Wait for half a month to see the shape of the nose. After seeing the 1-2 weeks after the operation, the rapid swelling period came to share from real customers of Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. Everyone knows that the stolen pictures will be removed one week after the operation. In fact, after the stitches are removed, the rapid swelling period will be visible. The beautiful nose type continues to be avoided at this time, pay attention to the scar hyperplasia period of 3-4 weeks after anti-collision and anti-compression. It is shared by real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen picture must be touched within 1-2 months after nasal and facial synthesis It will feel hard because the nose is still in the swollen stage at this stage. The scars are also in the hyperplasia stage. The soft tissue is in the recovery stage. The feel will be relatively hard. The fat filled in the face is basically stable. The swelling sensation disappears after 1-3 months from Shanghai Huamei Medical Sharing with real customers in the beauty hospital, the swelling will disappear after 1-3 months of surgery. At this time, you can see the basic stable shape of the nose. If you want to return to a very natural state, then match it with a full apple skin They are very nice and very stereoscopic. After half a year, they will share with real customers from Shanghai Huamei Medical and Aesthetic Hospital. The stolen pictures will be investigated. The general nasal face will return to a stable state half a year after surgery. Although it is stable at this time, don’t vigorously touch the normal touch of the nose. Then there is no problem. In the process of recovery, you must listen to the doctor’s advice so that you can recover faster and better. What kind of care can be restored faster after rhinoplasty? [Remember the ice pack for the first three days] This can reduce capillary bleeding and reduce bruising and redness, but be careful not to overwhelm a towel when the ice pack is applied to the nose. Wash off and wash again with normal saline. Apply a small amount of ointment or spray growth factor to make the wound heal faster and wait for self-healing [treatment of the nasal face and back of the nose] keep the nasal face clean. Oily secretions on the face and back of the nose must be cleaned in time. Alcohol or Wipe the wet towel clean without touching the nose with your hands to prevent foreign objects from hitting your nose [Do not wear glasses for 2 months] and diet and other habits should also pay attention to it. In fact, these doctors will tell you to be careful after surgery. Obediently listen to the doctor’s words, postoperative recovery is completely no problem. For rhinoplasty, doctor technology and prosthetic materials are very important. Postoperative care is also critical.

Popular science | The static and dynamic of the philosophical connotation series of eye shaping

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In people-to-people contact and communication, the impression that motion brings is more profound than static. Although the surgical design is mostly based on the subject’s static aesthetics, the results will affect the dynamic balance of the overall system. Plastic surgery is a process of finding the dynamic and balanced beauty. When you do plastic surgery, you can find a dynamic balance of beauty for everyone to achieve a successful plastic surgery. Otherwise, surgery is blind. For example, in double eyelid surgery, the static design strives for the right proportion, the width is moderate, and the dynamic effect requires “liveness”. The eyelid looks “smart and not heavy”, looks beautiful, and moves more beautifully, it will discharge. Therefore, we advocate the use of minimally invasive surgery for double eyelid surgery to minimize scar formation. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Plastic surgery contains a lot of philosophical interest in life. Doctors can get nourishment from painting, sculpture, aesthetics, philosophy, music, art through learning, and this will undoubtedly nourish our professional philosophy, ” Kung Fu is outside the poem.” Therefore, the growth of a plastic surgeon is independent and three-dimensional, as Director Lu said: “Plastic surgeon is a polyhedron.” &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Chinese landscape painting master Huang Binhong has a saying: Chinese mountains and rivers are beautiful without water, and most people can only appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Only enough knowledge and education will find gems from the gravel.

Must-see before facial filling: How to choose hyaluronic acid and autologous fat?

Everyone who grows upside down must have a full face. Some people are obviously less than 30+, but the impression is very old. why? In fact, it is all caused by facial depression. The appearance of facial depression: tear grooves, temples, apple muscles, decrees…the facial depression and skin relaxation and wrinkles are also called the three major signs of aging. Not only does it seem to have no affinity, but it is also older than its peers. What to do if the face is sunken? The appearance of depressions on the face is a trace of years, and can be restored to a young state through facial filling; there are two common methods of facial filling: one is hyaluronic acid injection filling, and the other is autologous fat filling; the former is convenient for injection, the effect is excellent, and the latter is taken Slimming, using beauty, turning fat into treasure. Which one should I choose? The ladies of beauty are tangled. Let the editor answer your doubts from a professional perspective! 01 Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is a linear polymer polysaccharide composed of disaccharide units. It exists in the connective tissues and dermis of the human body. It is a naturally occurring substance in tissues and is also a transparent colloidal substance. The earliest hyaluronic acid was used as a viscoelastic agent for ophthalmic intraocular lens implantation surgery, as a filler for joint surgery such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and can also be used to prevent postoperative adhesion and promote the healing of skin wounds. 02 Autologous fat Autologous fat is the fat meat that you dislike most. The magical self-fat filling is to move the fat on your body (such as the fat in the waist and abdomen and thighs) to another place, so that it will show the combined effect of slim waist and buttocks and thin legs and big breasts. What are the differences between them? 01 The hyaluronic acid filling area can remove static wrinkles (mouth corner lines, decree lines, etc.), and can also fill in facial depressions (forehead, temples, tear grooves, apple muscles, cheeks), and decorate the face (full lips, rhinoplasty, chin, feng Earlobe, etc.). Autologous fat can fill facial depressions (forehead, temples, tear grooves, apple muscles, cheeks), decorate the face (lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation) and reshape the body (breast augmentation, hip augmentation, artificial muscles), etc. 02 Filling effect Both are similar in filling effect, but in terms of shaping, such as rhinoplasty, the stiffness of autologous fat is not as good as hyaluronic acid, and in terms of overall improvement, autologous fat filling is better. Since autologous fat filling is to extract excess fat and place it in need of supplementation, such as filling the tear groove with the meat at the mouth, it can solve multiple facial problems, such as depression, wrinkles, loose contours, etc. at the same time. Hyaluronic acid only has an effect on the injection site. If you need a big face change, you should inject a lot and cooperate with thin face and other items. That is to say, in most cases, autologous fat is suitable for plump face, and hyaluronic acid is good at plump part. 03 Maintenance time The maintenance time of hyaluronic acid is related to the molecular weight of the injection selected by itself, and to the self-absorption of the beauty seeker. The maintenance time ranges from 6 to 12 months. If you want to maintain the effect for a long time, you can continue to make up. Autologous fat filling is generally long-lasting after 2-3 fillings, but autologous fat transplant filling involves not only the late absorption rate, but also the level of early survival rate, so it is very important to choose a doctor. 04 Recovery period Hyaluronic acid injection does not require a recovery period, and it immediately shows no swelling. So it is highly recommended for girls who are going to take a photo or interview tomorrow or see their in-laws the day after tomorrow~. The time for the autologous fat filling to reach the final effect is three months, and the swelling period should be spent about 10 days, which is more suitable for the potmates with sufficient time. 05 trauma risk Hyaluronic acid confirms physical health and no contraindications for treatment before surgery, you can prepare for treatment, just apply a topical anesthetic cream to the treatment site, and treatment can be started after 20-30 minutes. The injection time is about 10-20 minutes. It is a direct injection without any trauma and no pain after surgery. Autologous fat filling requires the extraction of fat from itself, centrifugation, purification and refining, and injection into the face. The location of fat extraction has a wound, and there will be pain when recovering. 06 Technical requirements Hyaluronic acid requires professional injection, convenient and fast. If the treatment result is not satisfactory, it can also be ablated by hyaluronic acid dissolving enzyme. Autologous fat filling has higher requirements for doctors’ technology and environment, and has a large technical content. It has more links than hyaluronic acid injection. Liposuction, purification, and injection have strict and professional operating specifications. So, how should we choose? 1. People with slight depressions and relatively tight skin are generally younger beauties, only because the middle of the face or the husband and wife palace are slightly depressed, but the skin

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss?

What foods can I eat to prevent hair loss? How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Food supplement to prevent hair loss! 1. Black cereals such as black sesame, black beans, black rice and other grains have great benefits for hair, especially black sesame contains a lot of oleic acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, vitamin E, calcium and other hair needs Trace ingredients. It nourishes the scalp. Not only inhibits hair loss, but also allows hair to get rid of dry and yellow and restore softness and moisture. These cereals can be boiled into porridge, supplemented daily, long-term adherence, can prevent hair loss, hair quality will become better and better. 2. Nuts walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and other nuts. Cysteine ​​deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. The best way to supplement cystine is to eat nuts. But it is worth noting that the consumption of nuts should not be too much. 28g per day is the most suitable. If it is more, it will cause excessive intake of blood lipids, causing blood sugar fluctuations, and the nutritional value of nuts will be greatly reduced. 2. How to effectively prevent hair loss? 1. Staying up late Many people know that staying up late is the culprit of hair loss, because staying up late will affect the normal metabolism of the nervous system. Not only that, staying up late will also cause endocrine disorders, skin damage, and decreased resistance. 2. Reasonable diet Excessive dieting to lose weight will lead to hair loss, hair quality will become yellow, which is not conducive to the normal metabolism of the body. Weight loss should be achieved through a reasonable diet and reasonable exercise. Blind dieting will lead to a decline in body immunity, hypoglycemia, and hair loss. problem. 3. It is not advisable to over-perm and dye your hair. Many girls who love beauty want to toss their hair, and they are permed and dyed, dyed and hot, but they do not know that perming and dyeing will cause the hair protein to degenerate and damage, dry and yellow, hair loss and split ends, hair dyeing for one year No more than two times with perm. 4. Hair also needs sunscreen. We all know that skin needs sunscreen, but neglected that hair also needs sunscreen. In fact, the protein in our hair is also easily oxidized by light, especially when going out in the summer with extremely strong ultraviolet rays. Or wearing a hat can effectively block the ultraviolet rays to prevent hair from being burned by ultraviolet rays and causing hair loss.

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall?

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall? The hair transplant we learned is the process of dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. It is derived based on observations and known cell, factor and hair follicle cycle positions. The superior hair follicles are transplanted to the sparse area. Since the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not affected by androgens, they belong to long-lived hair follicles and can not fall for a long time. The long-lived hair follicles in the back of the head are less likely to fall off, but this does not mean that the hair in the posterior occipital area will never lose hair, and the physiological characteristics of hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia are not stable. So for hair loss patients, it is to transplant a hair that is unpredictable in the future to the hair loss area, which means that you may or may not lose hair in the past. There is no uniform answer to long-lived hair follicles. This difference with the individual is also related to the professional skills of the doctor. Faced with hair loss and hair transplantation, hair friends who are not familiar with them often have many misunderstandings. For example, for hair transplants, the first impression of many people is-“Don’t you just dismantle the east wall and make up the west wall?” Described as such. So, is this really the case? In fact, it makes sense to compare hair transplanting to dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. The principle of hair transplantation is to extract the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region, and then plant them in the area of ​​hair loss after separation and other treatments. That is, transplanting a part of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region to the hair loss area is like removing the east wall and repairing the west wall to facilitate understanding. But in fact, hair transplanting is not simply dismantling the east wall to make up the west wall. Because brick walls are made of bricks, and hair transplants are made of hair follicles, the distribution of hair follicles is completely different from that of bricks. According to statistics, the human scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles, and 80-120 hair follicles are distributed per square centimeter of scalp. Therefore, human hair follicles are very dense. Even if 20%~40% of the hair follicles are taken away, they will not appear to become thinner. Doctors usually use the decentralized collection method when extracting the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region. That is to say, take a point here and take a point there, which does not affect the overall density at all. Generally, the hair removal area after hair transplantation is basically indistinguishable. There will be no worry that the east wall will be demolished. In short, planting hair is far from a simple “demolition of the east wall to supplement the west wall”, but a scientific method of resource optimization and redistribution. So why do hair transplants have to use the hair follicles in the back pillow? This is the next question we want to discuss. How was the East Wall selected? How did the Eastern Wall choose? Since it takes a lot of money to transplant, it is of course necessary to choose the “East Wall” carefully. I don’t know if you noticed it. Generally, hair loss starts from the forehead and the top of the head until it develops into baldness, but the hair in the back of the head does not fall very much. The study found that the androgen receptor (AR) of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area is much lower than that in the forehead alopecia area, which means that the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not vulnerable to DHT attack and shrink. Moreover, the characteristics of the hair follicles will not change with the location of the hair follicles, so the hair follicles of the posterior occipital region will still retain the original characteristics when transplanted to other areas, and will not fall off permanently. Therefore, the hair follicle in the back pillow has become the primary choice for the east wall. Otherwise, if the hair follicles will shrink after transplantation, the hair transplant will be meaningless. Of course, if the area of ​​the hair loss is too large, the hair follicles in the back pillow cannot meet the demand, and there is no way to transplant the hair. Therefore, if the hair loss develops to the middle and late stages, the area has basically formed, and the hair follicles are difficult to recover through drugs. It is recommended that you treat them as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassment of “no hair can be implanted”. &nbsp.

Swollen eyes can’t wake up! Choose which double eyelid surgery is most suitable

&nbsp. Swollen eye blisters are more common because the upper eyelid is fat and sagging. It will cover the upper edge of the cornea, which makes people unable to open their eyes and gives them a sense of atheism. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Swollen eye blisters are actually too much fat deposited in our orbits, so to remove the swollen eyelids, first remove the excess fat from the eyes. &nbsp. Remove Click here to add a picture caption &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Whether it is congenital &quot.blister eye&quot. Simultaneously with the operation of opening the corner of the eye, the fat ball protruding from the orbital septum is removed, and the sagging lacrimal gland is reset and fixed, so that the shape of the eye can be ideally improved, and rejuvenate the youthful radiance. &nbsp. Suitable type: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.a. Suitable for any type of eyelid at any age, especially for those with loose upper eyelid skin and bloated upper eyelid. &nbsp.&nbsp. b. Those with heavy double eyelid folds become shallow, or have multiple layers of folds, or do not show up when opening their eyes (hidden double). &nbsp. &nbsp.c. Both eyes have double eyelid asymmetry, or both eyes have a single pair. &Nbsp.d. Those with mild upper eyelid inverting eyelashes. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.e. Those who failed suture method or embedding method double eyelid surgery. Preoperative design: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. should follow the principles of harmony and unity and bilateral symmetry. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.According to the individual’s age, personality, occupation, facial shape, eye shape and individual conditions of facial organs, design a specific and coordinated double eyelid shape. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.According to the corresponding eye examination (eye A/B ultrasound, anterior segment imaging analyzer, slit lamp microscope, etc.), the aspect ratio of eye crack length ratio, eyebrow height ratio, eye axis length, etc. are accurate Based on the data. Recovery time &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 5-7 days after operation, the swelling is obvious within one week, the swelling gradually decreases in 2 to 3 weeks, and the swelling is completely resolved in 1 to 3 months. Completely receded in the year, forming the ultimate natural double eyelid effect. &nbsp. Remove Click here to add a picture description text to answer questions &nbsp.1: Cold compress, hot compress, how to apply? Cold compress within 72 hours after surgery can effectively prevent postoperative edema. Start hot compress after suture removal to make the wound faster Ping Fu~~2: Try to lift your eyes even if you are not comfortable doing the eye-opening exercise!! This can make the double eyelid stereotype and the eyes recover faster 3: Important things are said three times, taboo, taboo, taboo! Don’t eat spicy food after surgery!

Popular science|Several surgical incision methods for mandibular angle surgery

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Now there are more and more beauties seeking mandibular angle surgery. Do you know who is suitable for mandibular angle surgery? What are the methods of surgical incision? Let’s take a look together. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Adapted people who do mandibular angle surgery:&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. The mandibular angle is obviously hypertrophy 2. The mandibular angle is protruding on one side or both sides, and the sides are asymmetrical. 3. The ratio of the upper and lower width of the face is not coordinated, and the distance between the two mandibular angles is large. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Five incisions for mandibular angle incision: &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Extraoral incision: Make a 3-5 cm incision at the mandibular angle to remove the mandibular angle. The operation is performed under direct vision, without complicated equipment and instruments, and the masticatory muscles can be cut off at the same time, which is relatively safe. But the disadvantage is that there are scars after the operation. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. 2. Post-ear incision: Make a 3-4 cm incision behind the ear to remove the mandibular angle. The incision is external, the position is not obvious, and the operation is relatively simple. Although the damage of the extraoral incision is smaller, only the removal of the mandibular angle will form a secondary angle in the appearance, and the width of the reduced jaw is limited, and the wound is larger than the intraoral incision. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.3. Intraoral and external joint incision: Apply 3 cm to 4 cm incision in the oral cavity and two 0.5 cm to 0.8 cm incisions under the jaw. The postoperative scars are not obvious, and the scars are smaller than the simple external incision, and almost no scars can be seen after recovery. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.4. Mandibular sub-mandibular micro-incision: use the internal and external oral incision to insert a small incision of 0.5 cm to 0.8 cm of the chainsaw to complete all the surgical procedures. After the period, the wound is not obvious. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.5. Complete intraoral incision: It is currently the most selected surgical method. The 3 to 4 cm incision in the oral cavity is used to cut off the hypertrophic mandibular angle. At the same time, the outer plate of the mandible and the margin of the mandible can be removed or ground, and part of the masseter muscle can be removed. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Intraoral incisions will not leave scars on the face. The surgical trauma is much smaller than the combined intraoral and external incisions. However, the intraoperative vision of the intraoral incision is limited. The operation is more difficult and the risk is relatively large. The recovery time is relatively long, because it is in the oral cavity, so postoperative care is required. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The operation of mandibular angle surgery is very difficult, and the aesthetic and technical requirements of the doctor are extremely high. There are fewer qualified hospitals for mandibular angle surgery, so you must understand whether the hospital has performed mandibular angle surgery before going. Qualifications, after all, safety is the first element! &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. For more information about “mandibular angle surgery”, you can ask me questions.


Hesitating valgus is commonly known as “big foot bone”, which not only affects the appearance but also brings many inconveniences to life. Hesitancy valgus can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as heredity and frequent wearing of pointed shoes. At the same time, women are more prone to hemorrhoids than men. &nbsp. Was conservative treatment of valgus valgus effective? At present, there is controversy in the treatment of valgus braces, and the effect is not clear. Surgical treatment is recommended for moderate to severe valgus with obvious symptoms. &nbsp. When is treatment required? Pain and deformity worsen daily life, and surgical treatment is recommended. &nbsp. Surgical treatment of valgus valgus There are many surgical treatment methods for valgus valgus. Comprehensive analysis is needed according to the patient’s condition and wishes. There is no so-called optimal surgical method, but the most suitable surgical method is selected. &nbsp. Postoperative recovery time? Simple soft tissue surgery generally takes 2 weeks to remove the stitches, and gradually moves after 3 weeks of braking; it usually takes 6 weeks to recover after the osteotomy, review the x-ray, and gradually move after the bone at the osteotomy has healed. &nbsp. Will the scar be obvious after the operation? Soft tissue surgical incisions are mostly located between the first two toes and the inside of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. The incision site varies according to different surgical methods; the scars are reddish early after surgery, usually 3-6 months The scar gradually reddens and can be recovered to a thin line, which is not easily observed. &nbsp. Will there be recurrence after surgery? At present, any kind of surgery has certain complications and recurrence probability, and braces should be selected according to the situation after surgery. &nbsp. The patient underwent soft tissue release and proximal metatarsal osteotomy, and the appearance of the foot 6 months after surgery

Popular scienceSymmetry and difference of the philosophical connotation series of eye shaping

The symmetry and difference of the philosophical connotation series of eye plastic surgery. Symmetry is a kind of beauty, which is often called “symmetric beauty.” The human body and the facial features are symmetrical and harmonious. But this symmetry is relative. If you look closely, our left and right faces are not completely symmetrical. There is also a morphological difference when you take a closer look at the left and right eyelids, but it doesn’t look awkward. Instead, the difference is a vivid and changeable expression, so double eyelid surgery must first be coordinated, and then balanced and symmetrical, but it is not absolute symmetry. Absolute symmetry is unnecessary and impossible. Based on such an idea, when communicating with customers, you can solve problems before or after surgery or when dealing with unreasonable requirements. Emphasis: It is a strategy for cosmetic surgeons to let customers understand and accept “difference”.

Will autologous fat filling shift?

Many beauty seekers worry that they will shift and be absorbed after fat filling. Today, let’s take a brief look at the knowledge about auto fat filling. First of all, a science point: the fat extracted from fat filling is generally a single bubble fat cell. What is a single bubble fat cell? Single bubble fat cells are also called white fat cells. The center of the cell contains a large lipid droplet. The fat is stored in a semi-liquid state, mainly triglyceride and cholesterol ester. It is this fat cell that constitutes a large amount of fat in obese patients. It is worth noting that an average adult has about 30 billion white fat cells and weighs 13.5 kg. White fat cells can increase in volume by a hundredfold, and once the fat cells accumulate and swell and become larger, it is difficult to disappear or return to their original state. So unless the violent squeeze causes the “Berlin Wall” to rupture, there will be no single bubble fat cell “out of duty”. Why do you think fat cells may shift after filling? We must first figure out what is going on under the skin? The main components of subcutaneous tissue are fat cells, fibrous septa and blood vessels. The fat cells exist in the fibrous space in the form of fat lobes, and each fat cell is surrounded by capillaries. For the face, the general fat is directly transplanted into the subcutaneous tissue, first into the fat leaflet, because of the role of the leaflet fiber spacing, it will hinder the movement of fat transplantation. Coupled with the growth and further wrapping of the new blood vessels repaired by ACMETEA, the transplanted fat cells have no chance of moving to other places, so the transplanted fat will not be displaced. Although it does not shift according to normal, why do some people still shift after facial filling? Facial fat filling is also a test of the doctor’s skills than liposuction surgery. It seems simple, but it actually tests the doctor. The waist and thighs are liposuction, and there are not many nerves in the blood vessels, but the nerves and blood vessels on the face are dense and dense. But the doctor can’t see the inside, so the doctor needs to accurately grasp the facial anatomy knowledge and the direction and operation level of the nerve. If the doctor doesn’t know much about these, and doesn’t have much hands-on experience, then imagine the consequences of the wrong injection location? I think the filling shift means overfilling. The amount of filling doesn’t seem to be a big problem. In fact, many doctors don’t know well. Too many people have overfilled, including celebrities and internet celebrities. If the amount of filling is not well controlled, the fat will not achieve the desired effect once it is displaced, which will make the face worse and worse. I wish to fill in a little less and not overfill. If there is less filling, you can do a second filling, but if you meet a person with a high fat survival rate, filling too much fat will cause excessive facial fat. It will not be easy. Therefore, it is very important to say that fat transplantation is suitable for yourself. Don’t blindly follow the trend. Go to the hospital for more consultations and communicate with the doctor. You can get the point you want by talking about your details. Therefore, you must choose a regular hospital doctor for facial filling. You can not fill too much in a single filling, and follow the principle of uniformity for a small number of times. In order to avoid the phenomenon of excessive displacement of the filling, only experienced doctors can accurately change and effect the filling site during the operation, and reduce the postoperative risk.

How to deal with girl hair loss?

How to deal with girl hair loss? The woman has a bright and thick hair, like a black waterfall pouring down from the top of the head, it is not soft and charming, but bodybuilding, free and easy, has a very simple and natural charm. What a tempting hair, what a striking temperament, what a beautiful picture. However, female hair loss severely damaged this beautiful picture, and made the woman lose her most beautiful back. It is just a saying: “A piece of rotten meat breaks a pot of soup.” So how does hair loss treat good? Let me take a look at my experience of preventing hair loss and hair growth. 1. Relieve stress. The long-term stress of the nerves that relieve tension will not be released, which will not only cause hair loss, but also cause lesions in various parts of the body. Effective relief of pressure can make your mindset change, and your thoughts are clearer and more Help to carry out the work. At the same time, it relieves nervous nerves, and also greatly benefits the hair growth environment, thereby increasing the effect of preventing hair loss and development. 2. Change the regularity of work and rest to ensure sufficient sleep time. Long-term staying up late is the biggest damage to the body. The best time for hair growth is from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. If sleep cannot be guaranteed during this period, it will seriously damage the hair follicles. The soil for metabolism and hair growth. Split ends, greasy hair, and broken hair ensue, eventually causing a lot of hair to fall. Third, adjust the diet to ensure nutrient supply. Hair growth, like other parts of our body, requires adequate supply of nutrients. Use more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. Of course, sufficient protein is also necessary. Only in this way can we ensure the supply of nutrients needed for hair, prevent hair loss and hair loss caused by insufficient nutrition. Fourth, care for hair properly, refuse to dye hair, and perm. Don’t underestimate the damage to scalp hair caused by external bad conditions. In order to prevent hair loss and hair growth, keep away from dangerous chemicals, such as hair dyeing and perming. The hair dyes currently on the market all contain high-risk chemical ingredients, which can easily damage the hair and hair. Seriously disrupt the balance of hair growth. Long-term use of chemical ingredients such as hair dye is the main reason for young people’s hair loss. The above method can effectively reduce the phenomenon of hair loss, but the effect of hair growth is that it is a little weak. To thoroughly prevent hair loss and hair growth, it is necessary to choose a professional product.

Glomus tumor

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Glomus tumors are benign tumors that involve more fingers and less toes; females have a significantly higher incidence than males. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The main clinical manifestations are blue-violet lesions under the deck, paroxysmal pain, and slight touch may be accompanied by severe pain. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Clinical examination: Pain stops when the pressure band placed at the base of the finger reaches 300 mmgh (Hildreth&#39.stest). The needle point test has 100% sensitivity and 78% specificity, which can cause acute pain when pressed precisely to the tumor location. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Auxiliary examination: In 50% of cases, osteolysis is visible in x-ray. Conventional B-ultrasound can detect glomus tumors larger than 3mm. MRI is more specific and can be used to locate the tumor. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The current treatment is surgical resection. Remnant or multiple glomus tumors during resection may recur after surgery. After the tumor was removed, the pain was relieved or relieved immediately, and the needle point test was negative. Figure 1&nbsp. Visible blue-violet lesions. Figure 2&nbsp. Local blue-violet lesions on the nail bed can be seen after the deck is raised, shown by the red arrow; Figure 3 MRI shows high signal under the nail bed; FIG. 4&nbsp.

Will there be a foreign body feeling in the reconstructed ears?

For patients with congenital microtia, having a pair of healthy ears is their biggest wish. Many patients with small ear deformities who come to consult will have some doubts before the operation, worrying that the reconstructed ears will have a foreign body sensation and will be too fake. So, does the reconstructed ear really feel foreign body? Before answering this question, let’s take a look at the current widely used ear reconstruction techniques in clinical practice. Commonly used ear reconstruction methods include direct embedding method, all-inclusive method and medpor stent. Among them, the ear embedding material used in the direct embedding method and all-inclusive method is autologous costal cartilage, and the medpor stent uses artificial synthetic materials. If you want to avoid the ears with strong foreign body sensation, if you want to be more realistic and natural, and feel more real, then it is very important to choose the right method and material. Self-costal cartilage ossification is a good method. Why do you say that? The autologous costal cartilage is taken from the patient itself, which is not only more similar in size, shape and outline structure in appearance, but also more realistic in touch. The ears made of autologous costal cartilage are similar in size, shape, and contour structure to the healthy side ears, and they can fully present the 14 subcontours of the ears, such as the ear wheel, the ear wheel, the tragus, the ark, and the triangular socket. Structure, ear-making effect is more similar and more realistic. In comparison, ears made of medpor synthetic materials will feel a foreign body through a layer of skin and feel hard. The two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For patients with costal cartilage calcification, medpor synthetic materials are a good choice. Ear plastic surgery and repair medical expert-Professor Yu Wenlin, Professor Yu Wenlin, doctor and postdoctor in plastic surgery, and member of the flap group of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Surgery of the Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. After more than 20 years of practice, he has been deeply involved in plastic surgery and shaping the real “quote” ears. He continues to innovate in ear reconstruction technology. He has developed the self-costal cartilage ear reconstruction technology. The reconstructed ears have the same color, clear ear contours, and natural lifelikeness. Ear reconstruction technology.

Do I have to wear a bodysuit every time after liposuction?

Although we say that after thigh liposuction, you need to wear a body shaper for shaping, it is not always necessary to wear a body shape after thigh liposuction. In the first month after surgery, especially the first two weeks, try to wear body shape at all times It helps to re-establish the blood supply relationship between the skin and deep tissues, which is conducive to the recovery of the operation, and avoids the pain caused by frequent wear and tear. It can be worn intermittently one month after the operation, without the need for 24 hours a day Wear it. Special attention should be paid here that there should be no discounts on the body shaper when wearing it, curling on the edges and openings of the body shape, or skin fat overflow, so as not to affect the surgical effect.

How can breast enhancement be more effective?

Breasts as a woman’s signature feature No woman would care that her breasts are as plump and straight as breasts are as important as delicate facial features. So, how can breast enlargement be more effective? There are currently two safe breast augmentation methods: prosthetic breast augmentation and autologous fat breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons at home and abroad generally use these two surgical methods. The advantage of prosthetic breast augmentation is that the surgical effect is ideal and does not require multiple operations. At present, the breast prosthesis has been developed to the fifth generation, and the materials and processes have been improved than before, but its feel is not as good as the self-organization. Secondly, prosthesis breast augmentation has surgical incisions in 3.5~4.5, most of them will choose the axillary site because it is more concealed here. Relatively speaking, after autologous fat breast augmentation, the shape of the breast is more natural. For beauty seekers who require high surgical results, it often takes several surgeries to obtain the desired results, but the transfer of autologous fat from other parts of the body to the chest has a very soft feel that the prosthesis cannot match. And fat injection does not require an obvious surgical incision, only about the size of a matchstick-sized injection needle eye, the main advantage is that slimming and breast enlargement can be achieved in one fell swoop. What are the advantages of autologous fat breast augmentation 1. It will not cause changes in the endocrine environment of the human body, will not harm the breast itself, and will not have adverse effects on fertility and breastfeeding. 2. The use of self fat as breast augmentation material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and the human body itself will not produce immune response and rejection reaction to the injected self fat tissue. 3. The breast after fat transplantation has a soft feel, real shape, and delicate skin. From the psychological feelings of women and her partners, the real feeling of breasts with autologous fat breast augmentation is better, and it is more acceptable to beauticians and their partners. 4. Autologous fat transplantation can achieve weight-loss and body-building effect while breast enhancement. 5. The transplantation of fat particles is easy to obtain, the source of tissue is rich, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, and it is easy to survive. Although autologous fat breast augmentation has many advantages, not everyone is suitable for this operation. For example, some women have too small breasts and almost no fat. If you forcibly inject too much fat, they will inevitably have complications such as lumps, calcifications, and cysts. In addition, because the blood supply in the recipient area is not good, blood circulation cannot be established in time after fat transplantation, resulting in a low survival rate of transplanted fat cells. Therefore, autologous fat breast augmentation is suitable for beauties who have imperfect breasts and excessive fat in other parts. For example, the buttocks, waist, abdomen, thighs, upper arms and other parts can be used to suck out the excess fat in these parts, and then injected into the chest through screening to achieve a good breast augmentation effect. Because of its own fat, there is no need to worry about rejection and poor compatibility after surgery. What is the effect of autologous fat breast augmentation? This is probably a problem that autologous fat breast augmentation seeks beauty. In simple terms, the key to improving the survival rate of fat cells after autologous fat breast augmentation is two points-to ensure the integrity of the fat cells used for filling and a good fat cell survival environment. Ensuring the integrity of the fat cells used for filling is a test for doctors’ liposuction and purification techniques. A doctor’s liposuction and purification technology affects the effect of beauticians performing autologous fat breast augmentation surgery. If you intend to do high-dose autologous fat filling surgery like autologous fat breast augmentation, then the liposuction technique of plastic surgeons is also what you need to investigate. A good fat cell survival environment can be said to be related to both the doctor and the patient. Let’s talk about the patient’s factors. First, the fat survival rate and effect of the “Yi Peng Xingren” are relatively better. For the whole body wasting “stars who don’t eat fat”, because they do not have a good environment for fat growth, no matter where the fat is filled into the body, there will be no obvious effect. Secondly, the patient’s original breast foundation has a great influence on the amount of fat injection that can be accommodated each time. Because granulated fat needs to be injected into breast tissue dispersedly, and the amount of transplanted fat that the breast can accommodate is limited, the larger the volume of your original breast, the more fat you can inject, and the better the filling effect. You can understand that fat cells are seeds and breast skin is fields. The larger the field, the more seeds can be planted. In our clinical experience, those who are completely flat chested, or have an A cup, but the skin is very tight, do not see a significant effect when doing a single autologous fat breast augmentation. Such patients generally need to do more than 2 fat fillings

Does the liposuction recovery period take 1 month to work?

First of all, the recovery period of liposuction surgery should be based on different parts. For small liposuction operations like facial liposuction, I have also encountered the situation where the upper half of the makeup can be worn normally the next day. However, different people have different physical qualities, and the recovery period must not only be judged according to their physical condition, but also to follow the doctor’s instructions. In general, the recovery period of liposuction surgery can be divided into 4 stages. The first stage: severe swelling period. This stage is mainly within a period of the first three days after the operation, because the liposuction operation cannot be performed without swelling fluid, so if the swelling fluid is not drained cleanly in the early stage, it will be in a serious swelling situation. The second stage: rapid swelling period. The rapid swelling period mainly focuses on the appearance of the week after surgery. At this time, the swelling will be faster, and some pain will gradually disappear. The third stage: continuous swelling period. The duration of this stage is relatively long, about one month after the operation, but the swelling will not be very obvious, which is equivalent to being in a relatively stable recovery period, which will not have a big impact on daily life. The fourth stage: the period of stable effect. 3-6 months after the operation belongs to the stable period of effect. Whether the body recovers or the surgical effect can be directly seen, it will basically not change much in the future. However, from these four recovery periods, the time it takes to return to normal life after liposuction surgery seems a bit too long. Facial treatment comparison So is there any way we can speed up recovery? In fact, in addition to changes in surgical techniques, the most critical place is the postoperative perioperative treatment and precautions. Here we will talk about the post-operative treatment and tips for our customers: 1. Do the disinfection and treatment of the incision on the day of the operation, including helping to expel the swollen fluid, helping customers quickly pass the severe swelling period of the first three days . (This is why our customers can go to work the next day after performing liposuction.) 2. Carry out some appropriate activities as soon as possible after the operation to help reduce swelling. 3. The incision can be soaked with water only 3 days after surgery. 4. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and half a year after the operation, contact the customer regularly to come to the hospital for re-examination, and if there is a complication, timely treatment will be taken. In general, facial liposuction is a rigorous plastic surgery, and it is not once and for all. Please be patient and follow your doctor’s advice to get the best results.

How to scientifically care after hair transplant to avoid inflammation and edema?

How to scientifically care after hair transplantation to avoid inflammation and edema? Many hair friends still have blind spots in the post-hair transplant care. Post-hair care is a key step in the recovery after the hair transplant. If the care work is not done well, it will affect the recovery after the hair transplant. The following points must be remembered: 1. Prevention of infection: In order to prevent infection after surgery, 2 capsules of cefradine are taken orally three times a day for 3 days. When pain occurs, fen must take one capsule and take it after meals. 2. Anti-swelling: The swelling is more obvious 2-3 days after the operation. You can apply ice locally ‘about 20 minutes each time after the operation to reduce the swelling alternately. 5-6 times a day. Note that the hair in the planting area cannot be scratched. After 3-4 days, the heat can be applied locally, as before. 3. Partial dressing change: After removing the back gauze on the first day after operation, apply iodine cotton swab three times and apply chlortetracycline ointment thinly. 4. Red and blue light treatment: To prevent infection and reduce swelling, local red light is irradiated for 10 minutes once a day. Can be irradiated for 5 days. 5. Shampoo: You can start shampooing on the 4th day after hair transplantation. Pay attention to use warm water instead of cold water. The correct method of shampooing is to reduce the water flow of the shower head and wet the entire head. Focus on the planting area for 10 minutes or more. After the scab is softened, put shampoo on it (note that you should put the shampoo on the palm of your hand) Knead the foam), massage the entire head with your fingertips, rinse the foam, and dry your hair with a towel. Pay attention to the moderate intensity when shampooing. Excessive force will cause damage to the scalp. 6. Exercise: Violent exercise is prohibited within 10 days after the operation, such as: running, playing ball, swimming, lifting heavy objects, etc. Although hair transplantation is an operation on the surface of the scalp, consuming too much physical energy is not conducive to recovery after hair transplantation, and it is important to maintain a good physical condition. It is recommended that hair friends maintain adequate sleep and a happy mood, which is more conducive to recovery after hair transplantation. During the postoperative recovery period, friends can choose to walk instead of strenuous exercise. 7. Diet: seafood, lamb, beef, chili, taro, mango and other spicy foods are forbidden to eat for ten days, because each person’s constitution is different, and some people will have folliculitis. Although folliculitis does not affect the growth of hair, itchy and uncomfortable. So it is recommended to eat these foods and fruits one month later. Many male friends prefer to smoke and drink alcohol. Generally speaking, smoking will not affect the growth of hair, but it is not recommended to drink alcohol after hairdressing. Drinking alcohol will slow down the recovery and growth of hair. It is recommended not to use it during hair restoration Drinking. &nbsp.8. The hair in the planting area gradually falls off after 3 weeks to 4 weeks after surgery, and gradually grows out after 3-6 months. The final effect is 12 months. Sometimes the hair just grows out and is soft and curled. Straightened after one year. 9. For patients with seborrheic alopecia (male), it is recommended that finasteride can be taken orally once a day after surgery for more than 6 months. (Used 2 weeks after surgery) 5% minoxidil tincture should be applied externally for more than 6 months each morning and evening. Can reduce the original hair no longer fall off.