Will you get stomach cancer if you are infected with H. pylori?

The infection rate of Helicobacter pylori in normal people is about 60%. Most people are asymptomatic and do not need treatment. After decades of clinical and basic research, it has been confirmed that Helicobacter pylori is indeed an important pathogenic factor for gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastric cancer. Whether Helicobacter pylori infection causes gastric cancer depends on whether it has damage to the gastric mucosa: 1. Helicobacter pylori is divided into type I and type II. Type I has strong virulence and is easy to cause gastric ulcers and gastric cancer. Type II is generally The result is gastritis. Therefore, there is a greater risk of gastric cancer from H. pylori infection. 2. Is the normal chronic gastritis or chronic atrophic gastritis, if it is chronic atrophic gastritis, the incidence of gastric cancer is higher. 3. Whether there is intestinal metaplasia in the gastric mucosa, especially moderate to severe intestinal metaplasia, the possibility of gastric cancer is relatively high. 4. Whether the gastric mucosa has dysplasia, especially moderate to severe dysplasia (now called low and high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia), the possibility of stomach cancer is very high. 5. Whether there are gastric polyps, especially adenomatous polyps, are also precancerous lesions, and there is a risk of cancer. The above is the basic condition for Helicobacter pylori to cause gastric cancer. As long as one of the five points is met, it should be highly valued and timely treatment can avoid or reduce the risk of cancer.

What should I do if I get pregnant and vomit badly? In addition to antiemetics, you should know this as a husband

Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy is a very common situation. About half of women will experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, usually the most serious in the 9th week, and 91% of women will relieve themselves after 20 weeks, so it is very important to understand this process , Psychological cues and stress will increase nausea and vomiting. Specific treatment methods are:
1) Diet and psychotherapy: Avoid contact with odors and foods that easily cause nausea and discomfort, avoid fasting, a small number of meals, and drink water between meals. At the same time, you need to build confidence and tell the patient that it will be good soon;
2) Antiemetic treatment: first use vitamin B6, if it is ineffective, add diphenhydramine, if it still has no effect, you need to add drugs such as metoclopramide, if there is dehydration, you need to hang water to add liquid

This method of “clearing liver and purging fire” is great!

The pace of life of people in modern cities is accelerating, and the pressure for survival is increasing dramatically. I often hear people say: you are angry, the liver is too hot. So, what are the symptoms of liver fire? How can we quickly extinguish the liver fire?
TCM talks: Liver is the main source of drainage, blood is stored, and liver is open to the eyes. Therefore, liver fire is mainly manifested as: dry eyes, fever of hands and feet, and irritability. Sometimes you sweat at night, especially when you fall asleep in the middle of the night. Liver fire is mainly caused by red, swollen, and painful eyes. Ribbing pain, bitter mouth, thirst, dry stool.
Liver fire is mostly caused by external stimuli, so it is very important to adjust emotions and stabilize emotions. Anxious emotions will add fuel to the fire, and keeping the mood comfortable will help regulate the fire in the body. Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality can also cause liver fire. Liver deficiency fire can use wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, or take Qijudihuang pills. Livers with strong liver can use fried cassia tea or wild chrysanthemum tea, or take Zhibo Dihuang Wan. It is not advisable to eat spicy, fishy, ​​too greasy and sour, fried food, as well as lamb, sea prawns, fatty meat, ebony, etc., so as not to add oil to the fire.
Among the five internal organs of the human body, in addition to the liver, there is the most important heart.
Irritability, irritability, thirst in the face, upset heart, insomnia, dry urine and blood in the stool, sores on the tongue, skin sores. There are two types of heart fire: virtual fire and insomnia, dreams, red tongue, low fever, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc.; real fire is blistering of the tongue, repeated mouth ulcers, dry mouth, short urine, and upset and irritable Wait.
For real fire, we can use lotus seed core to make tea, or eat bitter gourd, or take Niuhuang Qingxin pills; for false fire, we can use jujube kernel, wolfberry, plus schisandra, and boil water together to nourish Xinyin to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire. , Or taking Tianwang Buxin Dan.
People with a rise in the virtual fire can often drink Qingxin Runzao Bingtang Lotus Seed Soup, which has a good therapeutic effect on the irritability and insomnia caused by the fire in the heart. The lily is slightly cold and non-toxic, tonic the heart and clear the mind, remove the troubles and calm the mind. Those who are heart-burning can also often drink tea cooked from bamboo leaves, licorice, rush, native land, and Ophiopogon japonicus.
Among the five internal organs of the human body, in addition to the liver and heart, there are also the most important lungs.
Symptoms: dry throat pain, cough chest pain, dry cough without sputum or sputum and sticky, dry mouth and nose, hot flashes and night sweats, hot hands and feet, insomnia, red tongue. Chinese medicine believes that the main skin of the lungs may be to eat a bit of cold food, such as white radish, white fungus, Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, winter bamboo shoots, bananas, pears, apples, lily, star fruit, loquat, drink more water, eat less meat High-calorie foods such as chocolate.
Xiefeihuo can also be used to breathe and cough lungs, through deep breathing and active coughing, to help the respiratory tract to discharge secretions and enhance immunity. You can choose a place with fresh air, repeat inhalation and exhalation, try to expel the air in the lungs, and actively cough a few times a day. It is also a positive protective reflex action, which can effectively clean the lungs.

People with upset stomach, how to adjust their diet?

Many people in their lives have stomach upset due to irregular dietary life and other reasons. It is necessary to carry out timely rehabilitation, such as dietary rehabilitation, which is a good method. Next, let us understand how to eat stomach diseases! What is good for patients with stomach problems? 1. Milk Milk is not only nutritious, but also has the effect of diet therapy. It can treat yin deficiency stomach pain and constipation. Although milk is good, you need to be careful when drinking it. Some patients with diarrhea, spleen deficiency, etc. should drink as little as possible, otherwise it may cause the disease to worsen. 2. Porridge is very easy to digest, especially a bowl of eight-treasure porridge in the morning is nutritious and rich, add some egg custard, and boiled eggs are also a good choice. Third, the most nutritious food is noodles, rice contains too much acid, so eat less rice. Fourth, the soup is the most preferred thing to nourish the stomach is soup, it is best for patients with stomach problems to drink vegetable soup, spinach, corn, eggs and so on. Fifth, vegetables can eat green vegetables, pumpkins, white radishes, lotus roots, carrots, yam and other foods during stomach pain to nourish the stomach and stomach. 6. Fruits and fruits: You can eat apples, grapefruits, grapes, oranges, pears, prevent fat accumulation, and nourish the heart and qi. What do patients with stomach problems need to pay attention to? 1. Avoid irritation: Do not smoke, drink less alcohol, and eat less spicy foods such as chili and pepper. 2. Eating law: eat regularly, quantitatively, and when the time is up, no matter whether you are hungry or not, you should take the initiative to eat to avoid being hungry or overfull. 3. Drink plenty of water. Due to excessive water loss due to vomiting and diarrhea, only drinking plenty of water can supplement the loss of water. Do not drink sugary drinks, so as to avoid excessive acid production and increase abdominal pain. 4. People with stomach problems should not exercise after meals. You can take a break and wait for the food in your stomach to digest slowly before you start working. 5. Cold winter: It is a good season for stomach ulcers, gastritis, gastrointestinal neurosis and other diseases. At this time, patients should be careful to avoid wind and cold, in addition to good maintenance, they can also take warm stomach diet therapy to relieve pain, adjust function, and maintain stomach gas.

The tragedy caused by a fishbone

No matter it is the southern part of the “hometown of fish and rice” or the northern part of the icy frost, fish is a delicacy in the eyes of diners. Especially today, a healthy diet is admired. As one of the “white meat”, fish are increasingly respected by people and are indispensable. . However, when everyone is solving the worms and enjoying themselves, a danger is also approaching us secretly, and may even take your life! 1. The fishbone caused the tragedy. On September 21, 2017, Ms. Chen happened to be at home. At noon that day, my father cooked vegetables and made bream. She ate a bit of meat on the back of the fish and took a bite or two, possibly swallowing the fish bones together. “At that time, the fishbone swallowed it, but she didn’t feel very painful and didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable, so she went with it. Until the next day at work, when she was about to eat lunch, she suddenly felt dizzy and uncomfortable. So she called. Give her husband, and let her husband take her to the hospital.” Ms. Chen’s cousin Ms. Wang said that when she arrived at the nearby hospital, her cousin’s condition was no longer correct. Her voice became weaker and weaker, and she soon became unconscious. The doctor found that the cousin’s neck was a little thick, and the examination found that it was caused by a carotid artery rupture and bleeding. Immediately, 120 ambulances drove them to the emergency department of the big hospital. “In the emergency department, my cousin was already unconscious. The doctor rescued him immediately and went in for surgery. Before the operation, the doctor saw the fishbone during the inspection, but the operation was carried in, but the fishbone was not found.” Ms. Wang said, because There was too much bleeding, and almost all the blood in the body was changed. Later, because the amount of blood transfusion had reached the upper limit, the family members in the circle of friends urgently mobilized relatives and friends to come to the hospital to donate blood before they were supplied. Ms. Wang said that the previous two operations were performed on the neck. But after the operation, the bleeding did not stop, and a lot of blood accumulated in the chest cavity. Later, a third operation was performed, which was a thoracotomy. After the third operation, the bleeding was finally under control, and the person was awake and was able to communicate with doctors and nurses. It was just that everyone thought that Ms. Chen had turned the danger into danger, and she would be discharged soon. Unexpectedly, more than 5 o’clock in the morning on the 29th, the family received a hospital call again, saying that hemorrhage occurred again. “I performed the fourth operation yesterday. Until about 10 o’clock last night, the doctor said that the cousin’s pupil had dilated and the heartbeat stopped. Because the amount of aortic hemorrhage was too large, the blood could not be supplied to the brain. Even if it was rescued, it was very good. It may be vegetative…” Ms. Wang said that her cousin had been in good health before and had no other diseases. So young, it’s gone… and because of such a small fishbone… Because of a fishbone, he lost his life at a young age, which makes people sigh. Others like Ms. Chen who punctured adjacent organs due to accidental swallowing of fish thorns, emergency rescue, or surgery were encountered almost daily in the hospital, and it is not uncommon to have serious consequences requiring major surgery, so it is also fatal. happens sometimes! In December 2016, 29-year-old Ms. Quzhou Tian underwent a general anesthesia operation to remove a fishbone. After the operation, an oxygen aspirator monitor was hung up, 10 bottles of saline were hung, and she was hungry for 30 hours. . In March 2015, Professor Li of the Department of Otolaryngology, a hospital in Hangzhou City, received a man in his forties. He was stuck in the esophagus because of a fish throat stuck, and approached the adjacent aorta. . In January 2015, in his early forties, Mr. Zhang, after eating braised crucian carp, suffered from severe edema of the throat due to the stuck throat of the fish, and caused severe suffocation due to throat edema until midnight. After several days of rescue, he was still unable to rescue him. In November 2014, 64-year-old Aunt Qiu of Shaoxing traversed the second narrow part of the esophagus with a fish spur about 2.5 cm long, and pierced the front and back walls of the esophagus, approaching the heart, and finally performed a thoracotomy , Spent tens of thousands of dollars, and almost lost his life. In December 2013, a 2.5 cm long crucian carp stabbed on the esophagus of Sister Li in Huzhou, pierced the aorta close to the esophagus, and blood continued to flow out, and was shocked when it was sent to the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical College. The hospital immediately organized the rescue and dispatched emergency departments, anesthesiology, brain surgery, otolaryngology, cardiac and vascular surgery, facial features, gastroenterology, and thoracic surgery. The eight rescue departments finally rescued Li from the ghost gate. 2. Small fishbone can be deadly?  

There are four manifestations of people with heavy moisture. See if there is you?

1. Some people who sweat like rain are very prone to sweating, even in winter. After a little movement, they sweat like rain. After sweating, the skin is sticky and very uncomfortable. This is actually a manifestation of heavy moisture in the body. Second, loose stools such as water and heavy people’s stools are not formed, some are as thin as water, and carry food that is not well digested, and some are as soft as mud, smelly, and unpleasant. 3. Frequent urination and urination are the main ways to eliminate excess water in the body. If the humidity is too heavy, they will urinate frequently, and people with severe conditions will urinate every ten minutes or so. Symptoms of urination and urgency often occur during urination. 4. People with dizziness, diarrhea, and moisture often feel their heads are heavy, often in a state of drowsiness, and their bodies sometimes feel very heavy, and they are not willing to exercise at all. 5. Elderly eczema has eczema on the skin, has a bad appetite, tastes nothing, and becomes sticky in the mouth. There will be tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, and the tongue is thick and greasy. This is how to deal with severe spleen deficiency, dampness, and heavy moisture? Chengshan Cave is a dehumidified cave. In the middle of the back of the calf, between Weizhong and Kunlun, when the calf is straightened or the heel is lifted, there is a sharp angle depression under the stomach of the gastrocnemius muscle. Pressing Chengshan acupoint has obvious soreness and pain. This is because there is moisture in the body. After pressing Chengshan for a while, you will feel a slight fever on your body. This is because the yang on the bladder is working, and the body is wet and evil. , Is being discharged with a slightly elevated body temperature. Wormwood foot bath. Use 30 grams of wormwood, boil it with water, soak for 15~20 minutes, and sweat a little. It is not recommended to sweat heavily to avoid dizziness for people with insufficient blood. If people with severe dampness and cold can replace wormwood with peppercorns, the effect is more obvious! In terms of diet: you can eat red rice porridge with barley, red bean water with barley, red tea with poria

In the summer, the spleen and stomach are weak, how to adjust the most reliable? Learn these 2 tricks, simple and practical

Recently, Guo Yi received many fan messages: “When the weather is hot, I have a bad appetite every day, I don’t want to eat anything, what should I do?” In Chinese medicine, we call this phenomenon “loss of appetite.” The above is caused by the hot weather, but in fact it is due to the weak or damaged spleen and stomach, and poor luck. Especially in summer, when spleen and stomach diseases are high, but many people are regarded as ordinary “lost appetite”, so no matter young or middle-aged, the following three phenomena should be paid attention to. 1. What will happen if you have a bad spleen and stomach? 1. Are you a “yellow face woman”? Once the spleen and stomach are defective, it will first appear on the face. If the spleen and stomach cannot be digested and absorbed properly, it will cause people to eat the food and drink the water. They will not be able to transport it properly, and they will not be able to supply the nutrients of the internal organs, so the blood will be reduced. The result will be a pale and yellowish complexion. Chinese medicine believes that if there is a disease, the first thing to consider is a problem with the spleen and stomach. 2. Suddenly fall in love with “heavy-tasting” A person with a spleen deficiency will feel bland and tasteless, and will suddenly fall in love with heavy-tasting food. At the same time, if you eat the same dish as other people, there will be a difference in taste. Others are so spicy that they stick their tongues out, and he will also feel very dull. 3. People with spleen deficiency often have a feeling of bloating. The spleen is a courier to transport nutrients. The spleen is tired and paralyzed. The courier is naturally piled up. The spleen is unable to transport food in time. 2. Have you ever trampled on this trap for spleen and stomach? Spleen and stomach diseases are divided into three parts and seven parts. Once spleen and stomach are upset, many people will buy some hawthorn and come back to eat, but there are actually misunderstandings. Hawthorn is raw and cooked. If you buy raw hawthorn soaked in water, it will play a role in promoting blood circulation and reducing fat. Adding raw hawthorn sour will not only relieve spleen and stomach discomfort, but will irritate the stomach. Sour people eat. So be sure to buy cooked hawthorn, like dried hawthorn and fried hawthorn for better digestion effect. Three, the two real magic weapon for spleen and stomach maintenance 1. The first step of spleen and stomach conditioning: proper diet should be regular, regular, quantitative, and not overeating. It is mainly vegetarian, with meat and vegetables. It is necessary to eat vegetables and fruits frequently to meet the needs of the body and keep the stool smooth. Should eat less irritating and difficult to digest food, such as hot and sour, fried, hard and sticky food. 2. Diet adjustment is the key to maintaining the spleen and stomach. After knowing the taboos of food, then, what food should I eat to maintain the spleen and stomach? In the theory of Chinese medicine, the five elements of the spleen belong to the soil, and the corresponding color is yellow, so the yellow food is into the spleen soil. You can eat more yellow millet to maintain the spleen and stomach. This is my most recommended, and it is also very good for the spleen and stomach. There is also the most important point in the maintenance of the spleen and stomach, and the most easily overlooked point is the “use of oil”. Especially those who prefer to eat lard, because it is rich in saturated fatty acids, excessive intake will not only increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, but also increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so the World Health Organization and Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines recommend the control of saturated fatty acids. Ingest. How to “healthy oil” in the maintenance of spleen and stomach? In recent years, walnut oil has been loved and admired by many healthy people and Baoma because of its alcohol and light taste and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and other nutrients. It can be said to be a suitable choice for all groups to adjust the spleen and stomach. Speaking of the “king” in walnut oil, one must mention Yufu’s early-squeezed walnut oil. The biggest characteristic of this walnut oil is “fresh and not greasy”. The raw materials are selected from the deep-grained walnuts of Yangbi Mountain, Yunnan, 3000 meters above sea level. They are fine-grained and use a low-temperature physical double-pressing process to effectively maintain the nutritional active ingredients of the raw materials. The linoleic acid contained in it can also relax the bowel, relieve constipation to a certain extent, and reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the major source of the internal organs. With the fast pace, high pressure, and irregular work and rest of the modern people, the symptoms of poor spleen and stomach are more likely to occur. To strengthen the spleen and stomach, start by adjusting the diet to use good oil.

Medical common sense that you don’t know.

Have you or your family members or friends had diarrhea after drinking milk? If so, please pay attention to the possibility of the following two diseases. The first and most common is lactose intolerance, followed by milk protein allergy. Lactose intolerance is a decrease in the secretion of lactase in the body. Lactose in milk cannot be digested and absorbed and fermented in the intestine to produce lactic acid to stimulate the intestinal motility and cause diarrhea. Milk protein allergy is a disease of the immune system. The human immune system produces an excessive immune response to milk protein, causing abnormal intestinal function and causing diarrhea. Lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy are not easily distinguishable in clinical symptoms. The common symptoms of the two are diarrhea, abdominal pain, mucus stool, nausea, and vomiting. But you can go to the hospital for laboratory tests to make a differential diagnosis. Hydrogen breath test and abnormal urine lactose or galactose measurement can diagnose lactose intolerance. Determination of increased levels of milk protein-specific antibodies in human blood can diagnose lactic protein allergy. If diagnosed as one of these two diseases, it is recommended to stay away from cow milk powder or milk products. Patients with lactose intolerance can eat milk powder supplemented with lactase or lactose-free. Patients with lactose protein allergy can eat hydrolyzed milk powder or amino acid milk powder. But the most effective and reliable way is not to eat milk powder and milk products.

The older you get, the easier it is to constipate? Do you know the golden timing and scientific posture of bowel movements?

“Constipation” is a kind of pain that can’t be described by words. As a natural physiological activity, it becomes an invisible psychological burden, torturing many people. 1. Am I actually constipated? Constipation refers to a decrease in the number of bowel movements (<3 bowel movements per week), hard stools that are difficult to dry, or difficulty in defecation if the stool is not dry. 2. Who is prone to constipation? If the patient's friend has the following diseases, constipation is easy to occur, such as: colorectal cancer, intestinal obstruction or stenosis, anal fissure, internal hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, perianal abscess and other digestive system diseases. Spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, brain tumor, autonomic neuropathy, myotonic dystrophy, amyloidosis and other nervous system and muscle diseases. Diabetes, hypercalcemia, hypokalemia, hypothyroidism, parathyroid function Endocrine and metabolic diseases such as hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma. Some people have done a lot of inspections and have not found the above diseases, but constipation has also occurred. We clinically classify this constipation as functional, mainly including constipated irritable bowel syndrome, functional constipation, opiates Induced constipation, functional defecation disorders (insufficient propelling power for defecation, uncoordinated defecation), etc. In other words, constipation can exist independently as a functional disease, or it can be seen as a symptom in a variety of organic diseases. Patient friends should be diagnosed and treated under the guidance of a professional doctor, and do not delay the condition. 3. The older you get, the easier you are to have constipation? Studies have shown that the prevalence of constipation among the elderly in my country is 18.1%, and the prevalence of the general population is 8.2%. Young people suffering from constipation may have chronic constipation due to relatively fast life rhythm, lifestyle issues such as less drinking water, less exercise, and more refined food. The constipation of the elderly will become more complicated. A study published in "Gastroenterology" indicates that increasing age will lead to a decrease in cholinergic function and an increased incidence of muscle relaxation in the ascending colon, so the risk of constipation will increase accordingly. At the same time, because elderly patients will also be accompanied by a variety of diseases, such as many elderly people with diabetes, diabetes will be accompanied by some dysmotility, and many elderly people take many drugs, these drugs will affect gastrointestinal motility, this time the situation It will be more complicated, so chronic constipation will obviously increase for the elderly. In addition, for the elderly, there is also a very important thing to note is that as age increases, the incidence of colorectal cancer also increases. Elderly patients with chronic constipation should rule out constipation caused by malignant tumors, because such constipation is actually an organic constipation. Therefore, according to the constipation of the elderly, some stool occult blood tests should be done, and if necessary, enteroscopy to exclude organic lesions. 4. There are golden opportunities for bowel movements. Many modern people are busy with their work and often ignore or miss the bowel movement signals issued by the human body. They develop bad bowel habits over time. In fact, the human body is very arrogant to send a bowel signal. Normal people only have about 2 times a day. It usually occurs after the posture of getting up in the morning and after eating, so please seize the golden opportunity and don’t miss it again. 5. Which defecation posture is more scientific? The human body has a U-shaped pubic rectum muscle, which starts from one side of the pubic bone, wraps around the back of the rectum, and connects to the other side of the pubic bone, forming a loop that just pulls the rectal hook to make the rectum form a pointed forward angle , This is the anorectal angle. Opening the anorectal angle is the key to defecation. In terms of physiological structure, squatting bowel movements are more in line with human physiology. In theory, bowel movements should be smoother. However, if you squat for too long, in addition to being prone to numb feet, it will also increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Today, toilets are becoming more and more popular. Compared with the squatting position, the sitting position does not have the gravity effect of the abdomen facing down, and the emptying time is longer, the abdomen is harder and more time-consuming. But for the elderly and pregnant women, it is very inconvenient to switch to a squat. In fact, just add a stool. This can not only achieve the effect of squatting, but also retain the convenience and hygiene of the toilet. When defecation, you should also concentrate, reduce interference, and gradually establish a normal defecation reflex. Please stop playing with your phone or reading when you defecate! 6. Chinese medicine's understanding of constipation In addition to "constipation", the names of Chinese medicine include "post-unfavorable", "difficult stool", "spleen appointment" and "secret". "The large intestine, the official of conduction, changes out." So the disease is mainly in the large intestine. The function of the large intestine and the function of the small intestine are related, the small intestine mainly decomposes and absorbs, and the large intestine is the main conduction

Myth of love: shackles in the name of love! / Author: Dr. Hou Baoquan (known psychological warm heart)

Myth of love: shackles in the name of love! / Author: Dr. Hou Baoquan (known psychological warm the soul) in life, we either used to being taken care of, either accustomed to take care of people! No matter who seems to have complaints on that side, contradictions and wars will take place on the ground of “disobedience”! Often this kind of injury is unforgettable. You can even use “disappointed” and “heart-cold” to cover the sad tears in it! In life, love is selfless! In life, our love is often attached! It is easy for us to fall into the misunderstanding of love, thinking that children are their own and love is their own, how should we treat ourselves? If this standard is not introspected, it will lead to the expansion of desire, and it will fall into the trap of desire unconsciously: the final result must be that everyone owes it to themselves; all their efforts and efforts have not been rewarded! In fact, lovers or children, they are all living lives, relatively independent individuals, and have their own ideas and opinions! It is impossible to live exactly as we wish, just as we once rejected this love from our parents! In the same way, we cannot completely control ourselves, we cannot be as perfect as we request, nor can we not be as angry as we request, neither can we fully make ourselves happy, and how can we make lovers and children according to our wishes Alive? Love is OK, that is your responsibility! Suggestions are also acceptable, that is your duty! Don’t use love as a constraint, don’t use love as a power! Give others space and give yourself time! No desires, no surprises, only surprises, only Pepsi! &nbsp.

Enteroscopy without fear-painless endoscopy

June 1 Children’s Day is a happy day. Unfortunately, the two patients who were doing this afternoon before leaving work were very lucky and very helpless. It is said that they were uncomfortable for a long time. The male patient has a weight of 240. He has had blood in the stool for a long time and said that he has not lost his weight. This examination was due to acute appendicitis (awaiting diagnosis?). By the way, the blood markers were checked and the tumor markers were super high, so I had to check it. The results are not necessarily optimistic. So once again, I would like to remind everyone that people who are over 40 years old who have not had gastrointestinal endoscopy should remember to add this test to the physical examination project. Painless endoscopes let you terror-free. . .

You can’t take it lightly

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. I often hear people say, “Being a man must be responsible. You see, you don’t dare to do big things with farts. How can you do big things in the future!” But sometimes the “fat” thing on your body really needs to be taken seriously, but you can’t resist it casually. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Who has fart, you have fart. Do n’t worry, no one does not fart. If you really do n’t have any fart one day, then it ’s not a big deal, but you may have a big deal. Anyone who has had surgery or cared for their family members knows that the first sentence that the doctor asks after the operation is “Did you fart?” Is this really so important? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. People eat whole grains. The food we ingest enters the digestive tract. In addition to the action of various digestive enzymes, the decomposition of normal flora is also indispensable, but it also produces a lot of gas, and the gas follows the gastrointestinal tract. The tract squirmed and ran down, and was finally expelled from the anus. So farting is a manifestation of normal intestinal movement and digestion. No one never farts under normal conditions, and no one needs to worry. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. We eat every day to ensure the energy required for normal activities. Food is digested and absorbed in the intestines, and the remaining waste remains in the intestines. The waste is fermented by the decomposition of intestinal bacteria, during which gas is inevitably produced, and finally discharged out of the body by fart. Generally speaking, fart has no peculiar smell. As for the culprit, it is ammonia, volatile amino acids, short-bond fatty acids and other malodorous gases that account for less than 1% of the culprit. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. It is normal to fart 5-20 times a day, and proper fart can properly exclude waste gas accumulated in the intestine, even toxins and a small amount of garbage. If you do n’t fart a day, or more than 20 times, or have abdominal discomfort, or a lot of farts at one time, or a bad smell, or have a special smell such as rotten eggs, rotten apple smell, etc., it is possible It is the disease that is causing the trouble, and it should be taken seriously. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. So, some people fart more, what are the main reasons? 1. The method of eating is not general. Many people leave their meal time for leisure because of their busy work. So eating is anxious, gobbling, and even talking while eating, will cause a lot of air to follow the food into the intestine. Some of the gas will be expelled by hiccups, and the other part will go down with the intestinal motility, resulting in frequent farting. In addition, the speed of eating is too fast, and the food is not chewed carefully, which will increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract and cause indigestion, which causes the intestine to produce too much gas and increase the number of farts. 2. Stool excretion is not smooth & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. Now because of various reasons, there are more and more people with constipation. Most people with constipation will be accompanied by increased number of farts, which is mainly related to the poor diet structure and work and rest. Overeating or eating too many gas-producing foods, lack of exercise or staying up late will weaken the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and cause constipation. People with constipation can accumulate too much trash and toxins in their intestines, which can cause them to fart. 3. Irregular gastrointestinal movements In general, people who have discordant spleen and stomach or weak stomach have more farts. Abnormal spleen and stomach can affect the normal digestion and absorption of food, so that a large number of viruses and bacteria breed, produce too much gas and cause frequent farting. 4. If you are unaware of the disease, in this case, you will usually discharge a particularly smelly or smelly fart. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. After suffering from gastroenteritis, the flora in the intestine changes, or there is a bacterial infection in the intestine, the intestinal mucosa is destroyed by bacterial toxins, and the stool also discharges the exfoliated necrotic epithelial cells. Symptoms such as intestinal cramps, tenesmus, fever, etc. appear. Digestive tract bleeding. Bleeding from the digestive tract produces fart that smells bad. This blood accumulates in the patient’s gastrointestinal tract. Stomach acids and intestinal bacteria break down the blood, and sometimes the excrement is like asphalt. In addition, when there is a malignant tumor in the intestine, due to the erosion, flaking, and bleeding of cancer tissues, coupled with the decomposition and fermentation of bacteria, the

Hypertension, stability is more important than blood pressure

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Patients undergoing hypertension treatment are most concerned about the degree of blood pressure drop. In fact, many complications of high blood pressure are caused by fluctuations in blood pressure. Therefore, hypertensive patients not only need lifelong treatment, but also it is necessary to prevent large fluctuations in blood pressure. Maintaining stable blood pressure is more important than blindly pursuing lowering blood pressure to normal levels. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. If the range of blood pressure changes is too large during the day, especially during the day, the blood pressure fluctuations are too large, which can not only cause headache, dizziness, head swelling and heart, brain, kidney and blood vessel damage in patients with hypertension It can also induce acute attacks of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Diseases of important organs such as heart, brain, kidney, etc. caused by hypertension are not only closely related to the increase of blood pressure level, but also to the amplitude of blood pressure fluctuations. Activities, emotional changes (such as happiness, sadness, tension), eating, and bowel movements can all raise blood pressure. Vigorous exercise can increase the systolic blood pressure by about 20 mm Hg. Older people’s blood pressure is more likely to fluctuate, and small mental stimuli can also raise blood pressure. This is because arteriosclerosis reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and cannot adapt well to changes in cardiac output. In elderly people, due to the decline of baroreceptors and blood circulation regulation, blood pressure drops significantly when the posture changes suddenly, and postural hypotension (also known as orthostatic hypotension) can occur. In addition, smoking, eating, drinking, drinking coffee, eating a lot, eating types and salty, and taking medicines can cause blood pressure fluctuations. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Antihypertensive therapy should not only make the blood pressure measured in a single drop satisfactory, but also make the blood pressure stable for 24 hours. First of all, it is best for conditional patients to take long-acting antihypertensive drugs. The antihypertensive effect of these drugs is long, so after taking the drug, the patients’ blood pressure changes within a day. Secondly, the medicine should be taken according to the law of blood pressure fluctuation, which is more important for patients taking short-acting antihypertensive drugs. Short-acting antihypertensive drugs can only be maintained for a few hours. Even if you take the drug before going to bed at night, the blood concentration in the early morning is very low, often raising the blood pressure in the early morning. Unable to control, and an increase in blood pressure in the morning is an important cause of cardio-cerebrovascular emergencies. Generally, antihypertensive drugs should be taken before the peak of blood pressure. The best time to take medicine for the first time of the day is when you get up at 6 a.m. Taking antihypertensive drugs according to the effective blood drug concentration time and blood pressure fluctuation law of antihypertensive drugs is also an important measure. If you are taking short-acting antihypertensive drugs, those who have increased blood pressure during the day should take one more drug at 12 o’clock and 17-18 o’clock; long-acting antihypertensive drugs that only need to be taken once a day should be in the morning at 6: 00-7: Taken at 00, the medium-acting antihypertensive drugs that need to be taken twice a day should be taken from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning and 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, so that the drugs can effectively play the therapeutic effect during the two peak blood pressure periods. For hypertensive patients with unstable blood pressure, the combined use of two or more antihypertensive drugs is beneficial to stabilize blood pressure. In addition, those with elevated blood pressure at night, it is best to use long-acting or intermediate-acting antihypertensive drugs. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. In addition, you must maintain a balanced state of mind to avoid the ups and downs of emotions, and choose drugs that can better control excitement and increase blood pressure during exercise.

Can yogurt be eaten warm?

Patients who often encountered intestinal dysfunction and colitis in clinical work consulted me that the yogurt could not be heated. Many doctors and patients introduce that drinking yogurt is indeed effective for intestinal dysfunction and colitis (my experience is also effective), and some doctors say that yogurt must be cold to be effective, but drinking cold will cause gastrointestinal discomfort; but heating Fear of killing Lactobacillus and changing the physical properties of yogurt, reducing the function of yogurt should not know how to balance this pros and cons. In fact, yoghurt can be warmed, but it ca n’t be heated by steaming. You can use warm water below 40 degrees to sit hot yoghurt. It will not kill the lactic acid bacteria in the yoghurt. , Its unique health care value is greater. It is recommended that patients with intestinal dysfunction and colitis limit the temperature and warm yogurt to drink until they feel cold without touching it, which can significantly improve intestinal function and inflammation.

Friends with a bad stomach can give it a try

A friend has had a stomach problem for many years, and it has gone through various treatments. He had a stomachache when eating together, and it hurt badly. He said: “I have had gastritis for many years, and it often hurts. My stomach is really bad.” I asked him if he said this often. He said that he often said that his stomach was bad. I said to him, can you change the way of speaking, for example, you say to it: I’m sorry to make you work hard for decades. You are really amazing, I have to thank you. And so on. A friend said: Is this useful? I talked about the results of my research. He shook his head and said he was in severe pain at the moment, unable to speak. I said, just talk about it now, don’t worry about how painful it is, if you say yours, try to speak to it with a smile. Under my persuasion, my friend started talking while holding his stomach in pain. The first time there was no effect, I told him the technical essentials here, do it again, do it again, the miracle happened, the stomachache gradually eased, and finally stopped. He was a little unbelievable for a moment, he touched and touched, realized and realized, and felt “it’s weird ~”. After that, he practiced every day. Not only did he never commit a stomachache, he used this method to treat his eyes and cervical spine. After years of visual fatigue and cervical spine pain, he also cured. Another friend had problems with his prostate for many years. After drinking tea together, he went to the bathroom many times and could n’t help laughing at himself. His prostate was a little “uncontested”. I asked him if he could change the word. I told him that the prostate and the entire male department are organs that are particularly easy to talk to. You have to say gratitude and praise to it. Think about it, how easy is it to serve you for decades. The friend said that he couldn’t find “the feeling of talking with the prostate” for a while. I told him how to find this feeling and instructed him to do it on the spot. As soon as he did it, he felt that the part was surprisingly comfortable, which surprised him. He further discovered that his inner “prostate anxiety disorder” (his own term) disappeared. He said that he had been “anxious” for the prostate for many years. “This kind of psychological change is really wonderful.” This friend insisted on practicing after returning home, frequent urination Symptoms such as urgency have gradually disappeared. “You can drink tea with your friends to the end.” What made him particularly proud was that he was able to get through and used the method I taught him to successfully lose weight, minus ten kilograms. There are many examples like this. Everyone seems to cherish the body, but what is true love, we “love the body” is often expressed in dissatisfaction with the body. For example, the two friends mentioned above had bad stomachs and said that they had bad stomachs. If they had bad prostates, they said that they were not satisfied. Some people were frustrated when they saw wrinkles on their faces in the mirror. If you have a headache or cervical spine, which part of your body is uncomfortable, you will frown, sigh, and anxiety, which means dissatisfaction. Just like those parents who seem to love their children, they are anxious, complaining, nagging, nagging, and urging at the sight of their unsatisfactory performance. In fact, they are all a lot of dissatisfaction. No matter how much such parents devote their efforts to their children and how hard they work with them, they do not really love their children. It is difficult for children to improve. And if you are really good at understanding and appreciating the praised children, the enthusiasm is mobilized, and the child’s performance will immediately be judged by two people. If you want, you can treat your stomach as your child. She is a part of your body in your body. She has accompanied you and accompanied you for so many years. Usually you eat and drink or do not pay attention to diet. Satisfied with her taste buds, but she has been overwhelmed by her work, she tried to talk to her, sincerely apologize to her, praise her, praise her, I believe that with your praise and praise, she also It will get better soon.

The doctor reminded that this kind of mole on the body may be related to cirrhosis of the liver.

55-year-old Mr. Deng went to the outpatient clinic for unexplained bloating. The doctor told him that the reason he had bloating was because there was a lot of fluid in the abdominal cavity. A large amount of fluid caused Mr. Deng ’s abdomen to swell up. As for his inability to eat at all, let alone eating, he dare not drink water, because only by eating, his abdomen swells more. What on earth is causing so much peritoneal effusion? During the medical examination, the doctor found Mr. Deng’s face and chest, and there were many red moles scattered on his chest. So he asked Mr. Deng, when did these moles start to appear? Mr. Deng said that he discovered these abnormal things as early as half a year ago, but he was not painful or itchy, and his stomach was not bloated, so he did not attract attention. He asked the doctor, what are these things? The doctor told him that this is a typical spider nevus. The reason why it is called a spider nevus is because there are small radial blood vessels branching from the center of the mole to the surroundings. It looks like a spider, so it is called a spider nevus. Spider moles are different from the black moles on most people. It is actually an idiopathic vasodilatation. It is formed by the expansion of the branch end of the small arteries of the skin and is likely to occur in areas where the superior vena cava is distributed, such as the face and face. Neck and chest. Speaking of which, I believe many people have the same confusion as Mr. Deng. What kind of disease does the emergence of spider moles suggest? That is liver cirrhosis. In patients with liver cirrhosis, due to decreased liver function, the liver’s inactivation of estrogen is weakened, and the level of estrogen in the blood is increased, which will cause the end of the small artery of the skin to expand, forming a so-called spider nevus. Through further examination of Mr. Deng, it really confirmed the doctor ’s inference that the doctor found that Mr. Deng not only had liver cirrhosis, but also hepatitis B, but for a long time, Mr. Deng knew nothing about his condition. The doctor reminded that In China, the main causes of liver cirrhosis are hepatitis B and long-term alcoholism, so if there are these two high-risk factors, when there are spider moles, you must go to the hospital in time for inspection, and do n’t turn a blind eye. However, not all spider moles are necessarily caused by liver cirrhosis. If you do not have hepatitis B and do not drink alcohol for a long time, spider moles may also occur, especially pregnant women and children. This is because when pregnant women are pregnant Estrogen levels will increase, and children develop relatively high levels of estrogen.

Five Steps Family Life / Author: Dr. Hou Baoquan (family concept of the new thinking)

Five Steps Family Life / Author: Dr. Hou Baoquan (family concept of the new thinking) the composition of the family is the smallest unit of society unit, family life is an important part of our entire history of growth, due to the successful family life and a successful our life! Why do you say that? The first step: life taken care of by loved ones: We came to our family as an independent individual, witnessed the crystallization of love, injected new vitality into this family, and we carried on the continuation mission of this family! We are the little prince and princess of this family, accept the love and care of our family! We are the objects of care, enjoying the life of rice to open the mouth to reach out, used to the love and care of others! At this stage, we realized that the world with love is very warm, and the family with love is very sweet! The second step: take care of your own life: As we grow, we are no longer satisfied with the bondage brought to us in the name of love, and we look for the so-called “freedom and equality” with youthful rebellion! When we always have relative freedom, it also proves that we have grown up and started our work and study career! Everything needs to be done by hand, learn to be strong, and be brave to face pressure and challenges! This stage allows us to recognize that value and ability are created by our own efforts, not what our parents can give! The third step: take care of each other’s life: When we love and love, it means that we want to start our love life, from independent individuals into two people’s love life! With the success of love, the achievement of your family life also means that from the life of being cared for, to the life of taking care of yourself alone, to the life of taking care of each other, this requires testing a person ’s ability to adapt and the determination and perseverance to accept the test. How big! This life allows us to learn that giving means harvesting, and dedication can bring happiness! Step 4: Life with cooperative care: If you successfully pass the test of singleness to marital life, and learn to understand, act, tolerate and live together, you will soon usher in the witness and crystallization of your love, and then learn from the life of mutual care Share collaboration and take care of the daily life and growth of the next generation together! This experience allows us to learn selfless dedication and pay without asking! Step 5: Life under the care of family members: With the continuous refreshing of time, we will gradually enter the life of old age, from reluctance to trouble the children to have to accept the care of children, this is not only a change in daily life, but also a psychological extreme Great transformation stage! During this period, it was from ignorance to ignorance to a rich experience to regain the meaning of being cared for! Five steps for family, let us complete a reincarnation of life, see that family life is actually our entire trajectory! What we give, we will get what we end up with; we don’t have anything, we always demand something; what we show off is always squandering; what we get, we will lose what we end up with! We are always passers-by in the lives of others, the world is only in the part that we can perceive; we are the practitioners of life, we are the directors of our lives, the protagonists of our own theaters of life, all other people are intentionally or unintentionally The supporting role chosen; it seems that there are many injustices in the world, but in fact we should be responsible for ourselves! When you understand this sentence, you will agree rather than rush to refute … & nbsp. & Nbsp.

The number of hepatitis B in China is as high as 100 million. Doctors advise to prevent liver cancer.

China is a country with a high incidence of liver disease. The data shows that the number of new liver cancer patients in China is as high as 466,000, and the number of deaths due to liver cancer is as high as 422,000. China is a major liver cancer country, and 55% of liver cancer patients in the world come from China. . Speaking of which, many people have such doubts, doctors, why is the incidence of liver cancer in China so high? The real reason is hepatitis B. Data shows that 70% -80% of liver cancers in China are caused by hepatitis B virus infection. From hepatitis B to hepatitis only “three steps”, that is hepatitis B, cirrhosis and primary liver cancer. The reason why hepatitis B can cause liver cancer is that for a long time, the hepatitis B virus continues to replicate, resulting in abnormal immunity, and abnormal immunity will lead to the necrosis of liver cells, the formation of false leaflets and regenerative nodules, and ultimately lead to the occurrence of liver cancer. As a hepatologist, he often tells hepatitis B patients that he must not ignore hepatitis B. The number of hepatitis B in our country is as high as 100 million. If you have hepatitis B, you still insist on bad habits every day, and you are not willing to go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment. Over time, the risk of developing liver cancer is high. First, if hepatitis B patients want to prevent liver cancer, they must not drink alcohol at night. If you have hepatitis B, and you still drink alcohol every day, then you are really joking about life. If hepatitis B is the primary cause of liver cancer, alcoholism is ranked second. By the way, the two cancer-causing factors add up to make you more at risk of liver cancer. Secondly, for hepatitis B patients to prevent liver cancer, they must not stay up late at night and stay up late to hurt the liver. It is best for patients with hepatitis B to stay up late. This is because staying up late will cause immune abnormalities and it is easy to make the hepatitis B virus more active. Third, if hepatitis B patients want to prevent liver cancer, they must insist on not eating marinated and smoked foods at night, not eating moldy foods, eating more light meals at night, and eating less fish and meat to make your liver healthier. Fourth, if hepatitis B patients want to prevent liver cancer, they must insist on not smoking at night. Long-term smoking will also cause great damage to the liver, because tobacco contains many toxic substances, which are directly detoxified and filtered through the liver or lungs. Detoxification function will be relatively poor, a large amount of toxic substances will accumulate in the body, it is easy to cause abnormal liver function.

What is the standard weight of a person, if calculated by the formula, it is normal in this range

As an endocrinologist, a value I often use is the BMI index. Many people do n’t understand what the BMI index is. In fact, BMI is just an abbreviation of the English alphabet. Its full name is BodyMassIndex, which is also called body mass index in Chinese, and many people also call it. Is the body mass index. The BMI index is a commonly used international standard to measure the body’s fatness and thinness and whether it is healthy. Because this standard is very scientific, it is widely used in clinical practice. In reality, few people come to calculate their own BMI index. They It is often measured directly on the weight machine, and many people believe that weight is more than 150 pounds to be obese, and it is normal to be within 150 pounds. One important factor that is overlooked here is height. The BMI index is a perfect combination of weight and height. The data obtained by dividing your own weight (kg) by the square of your height (m) is the BMI index, so if you want to know your BMI index, you must not only measure Weight, but also measure height. The normal value of adult BMI is between 18.5-23.9, if the BMI is lower than 18.5, consider the underweight, BMI reaches 24-27 is overweight, BMI is between 28-32 is obese, if BMI exceeds 32, it is Very obese situation. For example, yesterday I saw a male patient in the outpatient clinic with a weight of 65kg and a height of 1.7 meters. According to the formula, his BMI index is about 20.76, which is a standard weight. There is also a male with a weight of 75kg and a height of 1.83 meters. According to the formula, his BMI index is about 19.46, which is also the standard weight. For example, a woman with a weight of 75kg and a height of 1.6 meters. According to the formula, his BMI index is about 29.29. Then according to the standard, she belongs to Obese. So, if the BMI index is abnormal, what harm will it cause? First, if the BMI index exceeds 28, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will be greatly increased, because the fatter, the higher the risk of hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and high blood fat. Second, the BMI index is less than 18.5, or even lower. Be alert to possible malnutrition, tuberculosis, or cancer. Although it is not too heavy, it is not good if it is too light.

Li Nan, actor of National Theatre, died of ovarian cancer

Anyone familiar with Li Nan knows that she is an actor at the National Discourse Academy. She graduated from the Performance Department of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera, and then began her career as an actor. Works, as well as film and television dramas such as “Snail Action” and “Criminal Scene”. Unfortunately, at 1:40 a.m. on May 7, Li Nan, an actor of the National Theatre, died of ovarian cancer due to inadequate rescue. He was only 39 years old. According to multiple media sources, Li Nan ’s physical condition has not been very good. , But she never paid attention to it. Until August last year, Li Nan was found to have abnormal ovarian lesions, but because she was about to participate in a drama performance, Li Nan was reluctant to give up the opportunity, plus the surgery cost required a lot of money, Li Nan failed Receive treatment in time. During the Spring Festival, Li Nan again found that he had advanced ovarian cancer and started hospitalization. Unfortunately, because it was advanced ovarian cancer, he had lost the chance of radical surgery. As an obstetrician and gynecologist, when it comes to ovarian cancer, I can’t help but think of three sevens. The ovaries are actually not large, but this small organ is cancerous. It will die within five years, and 70% of ovarian cancer patients will be over 50 years old. However, the younger the patients with ovarian cancer, the worse the prognosis. There are about 225,000 new cases of ovarian cancer in China every year. Unfortunately, many patients still delay after obvious discomfort, which eventually leads to a late diagnosis. As a doctor, we should remind everyone that there are four This signal, please note that the ovaries may be bad. First, there is a large amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity and pelvis of unknown cause. Be warned that it is caused by ovarian cancer. This fluid is a malignant fluid. In the fluid, tumor cells from the ovary can often come. Second, pelvic masses, many ovarian cancers are often found on both sides. Bilateral growth of malignant ovarian tumors accounts for 75%, while benign ovarian tumors account for only 15%. Although the ovaries are small, they are due to cancer. The lumps continue to grow, so that doctors can often palpate the lumps in the patient’s lower abdomen. Third, abdominal pain. Over time, ovarian cancer may rupture, hemorrhage, reverse, and necrosis. At this time, it may cause severe abdominal pain. Many women go to the hospital because of acute abdomen to find out that it is caused by ovarian cancer. Fourth, decreased appetite, weight loss, and increased frequency of urination and urination. In advanced stages, ovarian cancer can cause significant loss of appetite and weight loss. As the tumor oppresses adjacent organs, patients will also experience increased frequency of urination.