What should I do if my baby vomits milk? Many mothers are wrong in the first step! Have a quick look at you?

&nbsp. Appointed to go to her house. Entering the door, she saw her holding her baby and walking gently in the room. The baby’s eyes were confused, as if she was going to sleep in the next second. Ming Ming nodded towards me, begging me to sit next to it for a while. “Ah! Quickly, draw me some paper towels!” I cried before I even sat down. It turned out that the baby was vomiting milk. “My little ancestor eh, I’m about to fall asleep, why did I suddenly vomit?” She said that she took the natural hurry and changed the baby from a horizontal hug to a vertical hug. The child’s back. It can be seen that as a novice mother is obviously a little flustered, and I quickly rushed over to relieve the situation: “Dear, don’t worry. The baby is normal to spit milk, you can see that he is not crying, it means nothing uncomfortable. But you don’t want it next time Hold the child upright immediately. Come, let me help you.” The baby’s body is not fully mature, spitting milk is a common behavior, and it is also a problem encountered by many Bao Da Bao Bao moms, generally do not need to worry about it . However, when babies spit milk, they must pay attention to the methods and methods. It is not a correct demonstration to immediately hold the baby upright like this. So what should the baby do to spit milk? 1. Don’t hold your arms immediately, observe first. The most fearful thing about spitting milk is that when the milk flows back from the esophagus to the throat, it accidentally enters the trachea at the moment of inhalation, causing a strong reflex, causing the baby to cough, which is choking milk. The baby’s nervous system has just developed, and some reflexes are still weak. When the baby chokes milk, if the parents still hold them upright, the milk will not only be coughed out easily, but may also choke into the baby’s lungs, causing choking more serious. And severe choking may endanger the baby’s life safety. Therefore, when babies spit milk, they must first observe whether there is choking milk. 2. If there is no choking milk, do this: under normal circumstances, mild spilling and spitting milk, usually the baby will adjust the breathing and swallowing movements themselves, there is no danger of inhalation of the trachea, mom and dad only need to use the spit milk in time Wipe off the clean gauze and observe its breathing closely. 3. The baby choked on milk. Do this: If the baby just coughed gently, parents can hold the baby sideways, and then let the baby turn his face to the side, help him pat the back, and let the milk flow out from the corner of the mouth. Then help the baby clean the mouth and check the nostrils at the same time. If there are also nostrils, you need to clean them with a cotton swab. If your baby coughs badly, or even suffers from poor breathing or a sudden change of face, it may be that the milk has choked into the trachea. At this time, the mother must not panic. You can let the baby lie on the mother’s lap and increase the back of the back. Strength, let the milk flow out first. Or pinch to stimulate the sole of the foot, make the child feel pain and cry or cough, which is helpful for the baby to cough up the milk in the trachea and ease breathing. If the above methods cannot be relieved, the baby appears purple or suffocated, and immediately dial 120 for help at the same time of self-help. 4. Is it normal for the baby to spit milk? Generally speaking, it is normal for babies to spit milk. It does not matter as long as the baby gains weight and is in a good state of mind. The amount of milk spit out is usually “excess” milk, which will not cause insufficient intake, so parents need not worry. Most babies are six or seven months old. After learning to sit up straight, they no longer spit milk. However, if the baby spit milk with abnormal performance: such as painful expression, inability to appease, refuse to eat, weight loss (no significant increase), back arch (especially during eating), and choking, coughing or vomiting while eating, etc. It is necessary to consider whether the baby has other diseases of the digestive tract and needs medical treatment to confirm the diagnosis. Do you have any thoughts on today’s topic? Welcome to leave a comment and communicate with us. Writing is not easy, please help me forward a lot of messages, Dr. Raindrop thank you! Disclaimer: My science, science content is my personal point of view, for reference only, has nothing to do with my employer. If my science content is wrong, please leave a message to tell me, I am very willing to verify and correct. Part of the picture source network, if it involves your copyright, please contact me to delete.

Come out with a smile, a cough and urinate? Take you to understand stress urinary incontinence!

When I was in the clinic, I often met some female patients, saying that they laughed a lot, coughed hard, and walked a little faster, and they shed some urine when they urinate, which is very distressing. Some of them are serious, and they dare not even dare to go out. It can be said that it has affected daily life and social interaction. So this article focuses on this more common disease-stress urinary incontinence. The vast majority of stress urinary incontinence are women, which is related to the female anatomy. Data show that 23-45% of the female population have varying degrees of urinary incontinence. The main clinical manifestation is that when doing exercises to increase abdominal pressure (including laughing, coughing, talking loudly, etc.) urine will flow out uncontrollably. The following factors are relatively clear risk factors and need attention. 1. Fertility: The more births, the greater the probability of the disease. People with older reproductive age are more likely to have the disease. Transvaginal delivery is more likely than caesarean section. 2. Age: With the increase of age, the prevalence of female urinary incontinence gradually increases, and the high incidence age is 45-55 years old. The reason is related to pelvic floor relaxation, estrogen reduction, and degeneration of urethral sphincter. 3. Obesity: This is a very clear risk factor that can cause and aggravate urinary incontinence. Losing weight can reduce the incidence of the disease. 4. Smoking, physical activity, hysterectomy, etc. Some of these factors have been shown to be related to the occurrence of the disease, but some studies have shown no obvious relationship, so they can only be summarized as possible related risk factors. Regarding the pathogenesis, diagnosis and typing, some inspection methods will not be detailed here, focusing on how to treat and self-manage. 1. Weight control: highly recommended, needless to say, everyone understands. 2. Pelvic floor muscle training: highly recommended, suitable for various types of stress urinary incontinence. Specific methods: Continuous contraction of pelvic floor muscles (lifting anus) for 2-6 seconds, relaxation and rest for 2-6 seconds, so repeated 10-15 times as a group, training 3-8 groups per day, lasting more than 8 weeks or longer . This method is simple and easy, and it can also enhance the female sexual experience. 3. Biofeedback, electrical stimulation therapy, magnetic stimulation therapy: these all need some equipment for treatment, with upper pelvic floor muscle training can achieve better results. 4. Duloxetine: 40 mg each time, twice a day for at least 3 weeks. More effective within 4 weeks of medication. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and constipation. 5. Estrogen: The use of estrogen is for local vaginal use, not oral. In this disease, oral estrogen cannot reduce urinary incontinence, and there is a risk of inducing and aggravating urinary incontinence. 6. Surgery: If the above methods are not effective, you need to consider surgery, and there are many surgical options. This needs to be decided according to the specific situation. Remind you, if you really find yourself suffering from urinary incontinence, the way you can intervene is to control your weight and pelvic floor muscle training. Other methods, such as drugs, need to be diagnosed and used under the guidance of a doctor. I hope everyone is in good health, happy life, and stay away from disease. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

Which kidney stones can discharge stones by yourself, do you know?

Kidney stones, kidney stones, little stones hurt into the soul. I believe that those who have experienced this experience absolutely do not want to come again. In fact, kidney stones are just a kind of urinary stones, as well as ureteral stones, bladder stones, urethral stones and so on. But most of the origins are kidney stones. Some stones require surgery, some stones can be conservatively discharged, and some stones do not even need to be bothered. So which stones can be left out, and which stones can go back to take the medicine and discharge the stones? Let me tell you. First talk about which stones need not be ignored for now. Renal stones less than 1cm in diameter and not causing hydrocephalus can be ignored temporarily. As for how to judge whether it caused hydrocephalus, you need to rely on ultrasound to determine. Because relatively small stones do not often cause discomfort in the kidneys, many people do not feel even if they block a certain calyx outlet and cause hydrocephalus. Most of them are found during physical examination. Therefore, if it is a kidney stone with a diameter of less than 1cm and it does not cause hydrocephalus, you don’t need to pay too much attention. Usually you only need to pay attention to drink more water to prevent the stones from increasing further. However, once the stones fall into the ureter, it often causes severe pain, which requires emergency treatment. In fact, we will encounter some friends who have kidney stones more than 1cm and less than 1.5cm because they have no symptoms. They do not take any treatment because they have no symptoms. Although there is a risk in this way, in theory, as long as the stones It does not fall into the ureter and does not cause hydrocele in the renal pelvis or calyces. It can also be observed closely. Of course, we recommend active treatment for stones over 1cm. Let me talk about which stones can conservatively row stones. As mentioned earlier, if stones fall into the ureter, emergency treatment is required. This treatment is usually to relieve the pain first, and then do the imaging examination after the pain is stopped, mainly ultrasound and CT. Multi-slice spiral CT diagnosis of stones is close to 100%. If you find that ureteral stones are combined with the following conditions, you can conservatively discharge stones first. 1. Stones not exceeding 1cm, preferably not exceeding 0.7cm. 2. There is no obstruction of the urinary tract below the stone, which means that the ureter and urethra below the stone are not narrowed, but this is often not a good judgment at the beginning, even after CT. 3. The stones did not cause complete obstruction and stayed in the local area for less than 2 weeks. So whether it causes a complete obstruction often requires some inspection methods to judge according to the degree of hydronephrosis. If the stone stays in a certain part for a long time, it will stimulate local inflammation and edema, and even produce inflammatory wraps. This is difficult to get rid of by yourself. 4. Auxiliary row of stones after some surgical treatment. For example, after some large stones are treated with surgery, not all of the stone debris can be removed. At this time, auxiliary stone removal is needed. 5. Smooth stone surface. This can make a preliminary judgment from the ultrasound and CT images. &nbsp. The above conditions are suitable for conservative row of stones. If it does not meet the above conditions, it is recommended to take more active treatment to prevent damage to kidney function caused by delay. Then the next article will introduce how to scientifically carry out conservative stone removal, which medicines and which actions can exert the most effect of stone removal, and how much water is enough to drink. These issues will be explained in detail in the next article. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

Have kidney stones and don’t want surgery? Want to row stones and only drink plenty of water? Tell you 5 scientific methods of stone removal

drink. The recommended amount is 2000-3000ml per day. Take the common 550ml of mineral water, which is 4-6 bottles. But this is not absolute. If the weather is hot and there is a lot of sweating, drinking these waters may not be enough. Let me tell you a standard of judgment, that is, each time the urine is very clear, clear means transparent, and the yellow is not visible to the naked eye. That’s basically enough. 2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: These drugs can relieve pain. In addition, they have a very important role, that is, they can relieve ureter edema and promote the discharge of stones. The drug recommended in our urology guidelines is diclofenac sodium, which is available in major pharmacies. 3. Tamsulosin: We are more commonly used tamsulosin hydrochloride, which can relax the smooth muscle of the lower ureter and promote the discharge of stones. It should be mentioned here that the main indication for tamsulosin hydrochloride is the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The instructions do not describe the stone removal effect of stones, but more and more studies have suggested that there is a clear effect of helping stone removal. All major pharmacies also have sales. 4. Chinese patent medicine: It is a Chinese medicine preparation, and common ones are “stone stones”, “kidney stones” and so on. The role of these drugs is mainly to remove stones through diuresis. The popular point is that more urine is produced, and there are antispasmodic and analgesic effects, but there is no effect of melting stones. 5. Movement: This row of stone movements requires the most effort to achieve the maximum stone rowing effect, you can choose to jump stairs, pay attention to jump from top to bottom. You can also drop your heels on the tiptoe with your heels on the ground. The principle is to produce a falling inertia to help the row of stones. After introducing the specific plan, it needs to be explained here that even if the stone meets the conditions for self-discharge, even if it is strictly implemented according to the above plan, sometimes the stone may not be discharged. There are two factors that we cannot fully control. The first is the shape of the stones. Sometimes CT does not accurately reflect the shape of the stones. If you encounter that kind of irregular stones, it may not be discharged. The second is ureteral deformity and stenosis. In some people, the ureter is long and tortuous, wide and narrow, and it just happens to encounter a narrow ring to catch the stones and it cannot be discharged. This is also more common in clinical practice. . Speaking of which, it is necessary to mention the time for self-discharging. Our guide says 1-2 months. However, it is very rare that you can’t discharge it after more than 1 month, so you can discharge it in the next time. On the other hand, stones are prone to form inflammatory wraps at a certain site for too long, which is also very unfavorable for subsequent surgical treatment. I hope this scientific and operable article can bring you some help. &nbsp. Want to learn more related knowledge, make your life healthy and colorful? Then please follow me!

How to remove condyloma acuminatum in the male urethra

  Urinary genital warts in the urethra can also occur in the urethra, such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and changes in urine flow curve. If the urethral lesions seriously affect the bladder, bilateral ureteral obstruction may occur and cause hydronephrosis, renal infection, and renal insufficiency. Damage to the pelvic cavity can cause intestinal obstruction and lower limb edema. Try to avoid laser, electrocautery, freezing and other treatments. First, the focus of these methods on removing warts, HPV virus that cannot act on the skin and mucous membranes, is very prone to relapse. Second, the surgical process is painful, which can easily lead to urethral discomfort Does not subside for a long time, even causing urethral scars. Condyloma acuminatum grows in the urethra, anus, laser, electrocautery recurred twice, what medicine can be used to treat genital warts, there are many methods, mainly: cryotherapy, laser therapy, electrocautery therapy, microwave therapy, And methods of drug treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. At present, the most effective treatment for condyloma acuminatum is traditional Chinese medicine. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute adopts 2011101665723 national patent Chinese medicine formula, pure natural Chinese medicine formula. The wart body will automatically fall off without scars after 3-5 days of washing, and the cure rate is high. Although there are many treatments, but because of the special site of the disease, not all treatments are suitable, such as laser, electrocautery, freezing, photodynamics, etc., it is not suitable and cannot be cured, because even if the wart is removed The virus is still there, so recurrence is inevitable.

The main content of learning Chinese medicine! ! !

[Learning Chinese Medicine] To learn Chinese medicine, you must learn the physiological functions of the five internal organs and six organs. The physiological functions of the five internal organs and six organs are the basic core of traditional Chinese medicine and the key to learning and treating diseases. After learning well, after mastering it, you will know where the disease originates, where the disease occurs, and what causes it. It is very simple to treat the disease. Study Qi and blood fluid, yin and yang are false and true, surface heat and cold syndrome must be clear and accurate, treatment can be used accurately. To treat various types of disease syndromes, first outline the outline, carefully identify the symptoms, summarize the syndrome types, distinguish the order, and formulate prescriptions. Use programmatic thinking for treatment of critical illnesses, do not restrict treatment ideas, use medicine based on syndrome-type prescriptions, do not cure the disease by the dead, and learn the thinking mode of treatment. According to the disease syndrome, the prescription is based on the sickness. The key is to cure the disease. The key is to cure the disease, not limited to which medicine is used, which can be used according to the disease.

I am dissatisfied with the completion of my double eyelids. Can I repair it within a week?

Some beauty seekers do not feel the expected results after double eyelid surgery, and even feel that they have failed the operation. They are very anxious to ask whether they can perform repair surgery within a week? They can only say that this only depends on the situation. Repairing surgery within one week after double eyelid failure: severe postoperative morphological and functional problems. For example: after the operation, the eyes cannot be closed, cannot be opened, severe eyelashes, drooping eyelids, deformation or obvious asymmetry. ️If it is a failure that seriously affects daily life, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Double eyelid failure after three or six months of surgery: If you only have high requirements on the shape of the double eyelid, it is not recommended to repair it prematurely, because the double eyelid surgery will have swelling, Bruises and poorly formed eyelids. At this time, it is difficult to judge whether the operation really failed. ️ However, if the following conditions occur after the swelling subsides, then it is recommended that you perform repair surgery three or six months after surgery. Double eyelid asymmetry, large and small eye TIPS: large and small eye repair method: redesign according to the ideal side of it, and raise or lower the upper eyelid and meibomian plate on the poor side. Double eyelid is too wide, triple eyelid TIPS: double eyelid is too wide, three eyelid formation and repair method: cut along the original incision, fully peel off the skin below the double eyelid line, remove the orbicularis oculi muscle and the pre-tensorial tissue in front of the eyelid, use the upper eyelid For the stretchability of the skin, the incision was lifted and sutured to increase the width of the double eyelid. These are the common cases of double eyelid failure. Everyone’s situation is different. Before repairing, you must first understand what is wrong with your eyes. Finally, it is recommended that those who seek beauty should choose a doctor carefully for double eyelid surgery to avoid eye repair.

Analysis of the medical history of “Pain on the right shoulder and back aggravated for 20 days with right upper limb weakness for 3 days”

Medical record analysis: This patient is a middle-aged and elderly woman with a long history of strain (playing mahjong), right shoulder and back pain, soreness, reflex, aggravated with right upper limb weakness, and the degree of cervical spine degeneration is generally seen from X-ray, C5/6 segment Vertebral foramen stenosis; MRI showed: C3/4, C5/6 intervertebral disc protrusion was obvious, and the dura sac compression was obvious, C6 vertebral endplate inflammation was present, and the sum was consistent with the diagnosis of cervical spondylopathy, but in the end it was nerve Root type or spinal type? The patient’s symptoms are mainly shoulder and back pain on the right side, and radiological symptoms exist. Combining X-ray and MRI have C5/6 segment and intervertebral foramina symptoms. Therefore, cervical spondylotic radiculopathy should be considered more, although C3/4 , C5/6 segment disc herniation, dural sac compression notch exists, but we can see the structure of the spinal cord is clear, there is no circuitous phenomenon and ischemic degeneration, although there are symptoms of weakness in lifting, but it does not rule out the aggravation of pain, and C6 vertebral endplate inflammation also exists, comprehensive analysis considers: cervical spondylotic radiculopathy. Therefore, conservative treatment such as dehydration and nutritional neurotherapy should be effective!

Precautions after double eyelid surgery

In addition to individual differences, the speed of recovery of double eyelid surgery is also critical to the details of care in personal life. After the operation is anxious for nursing, let’s take a look at the precautions for double eyelids: 1. Cold compress and hot compress swelling can be used for local cold compress three days before the cold recovery, about 15 minutes, especially 3 hours after surgery. It can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain. Three days after surgery or after thread removal, local hot compress is applied. The hot compress is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that scars can heal quickly. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, do not let the water wet the wound. If the wound becomes infected, you must go to the hospital in time to check it. &nbsp.2. It is important to keep the wound clean and dry to prevent wound cleansing after infection. If the wound is not clean, there is a risk of infection. The eyelid blood is rich. Pay attention to cleaning to avoid infection. If infection occurs, the eyelids may be doubled The wound is healed and scar formation is delayed. So be careful not to wet the wound when washing your face after surgery. The dressing on the eye can be removed 1 to 2 days after the operation. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with medical sterile saline and do not flow into the eye. 3. Prevention and treatment of bleeding, congestion or hematoma in surgical wounds If small blood vessels are damaged during surgery or the hemostasis is not complete during surgery, the eyes will be subjected to external impact after the operation, and intense exercise or irregular mood will cause bleeding, congestion or hematoma in the wound. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned complications, the local wounds can be bandaged or cold-packed with ice packs, but the pressure should not be large, so as not to damage the eyes. Once hemorrhage and severe hematoma occur after the operation, you should go to the hospital for prompt consultation. 4. It is necessary to think about what wounds to eat and recover quickly. The diet should also be based on lightness. It is forbidden to stimulate spicy foods and seafood. For example, mustard, chili oil or garlic, etc. In addition, beverages containing caffeine and alcohol cannot be consumed. Such as strong tea, strong coffee and carbonated drinks. Try not to eat hair or food containing estrogen. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, which is beneficial to wound repair. Eat high-quality high-protein foods such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., to provide energy for the body to repair. &nbsp.5. Do not use painkillers easily. The wound will be a little painful on the day of surgery, but it will gradually ease over time. Don’t rush to take Qutong tablets, because analgesics will increase bleeding in the wound. &nbsp.6. Pay attention to the training of eye muscles after operation. Double eyelid surgery generally needs to cover the incision for 1 day, remove the gauze on the second day after the operation, and do eye opening exercise as soon as possible. Only by continuously strengthening the movement of opening your eyes can you promote blood circulation to the eye muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce and gradually eliminate the swelling at the surgical site, and promote the early absorption of surgical congestion. 7. Early prevention of scar hyperplasia at the surgical site Some people still use some anti-wrinkle sunscreens containing heavy metals such as mercury after double eyelid surgery. These cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals may aggravate the scar hyperplasia of the surgical incision, if it is scar constitution People will be even worse. Therefore, 3 to 6 months after the operation is the period of hyperplasia of surgical scars. During this period, cosmetic skin care products containing heavy metals must not be used. Scar prevention drugs such as silicone drugs can be used as soon as possible. 8. Pay attention to the moisturizing and softening of the eyelid tissue. Some of the MM surgical incisions have been completely restored. I still feel a tight feeling in the eyes. I feel dull and others look awkward. In fact, this phenomenon is normal after surgery. As long as the local moisturizing and softening are done, the feeling of tightness will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, after the incision of double eyelid surgery is completely healed, you can use some regular manufacturers of moisturizing, softening tissue and skin care cosmetics that do not contain heavy metals. 9. After the operation, there should be a quiet and comfortable environment. The indoor air should be fresh and circulate and maintain a certain temperature. Do not watch TV or newspapers within 1 week after surgery. It is best to stay in a semi-recumbent position (push the pillow high) during bed rest to avoid excessive eye fatigue or low head position that can exacerbate wound swelling. You must not be exposed to strong light for a month, such as direct sunlight on your eyes or fire light emitted during welding, otherwise it will affect the effect. 10. Follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation, promptly the doctor’s follow-up visit, go to the hospital for a double-eyelid surgery, and follow the doctor’s instructions to regularly go to the hospital for a follow-up visit, so that the doctor can grasp the situation of the beauty lovers, and Choose the right plan in time.

Imaging examination of bladder tumor

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In the diagnosis and treatment of bladder tumors, imaging examinations are indispensable, and X-ray imaging, ultrasound, computer-aided tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other examinations are excellent. Disadvantages. 1. X-ray examination&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.X-ray examination of urinary system includes abdominal plain film, venous urography, retrograde urography, antegrade urography, cystography, urethra, angiography and lymph Contrast examinations. In the imaging examination of bladder tumors, intravenous urography and cystography are commonly used. Angiography can be applied to the interventional treatment of advanced bladder tumors that cannot be surgically removed. With the increasing use of CT, MRI and other examinations, the importance of X-ray examination has declined. 2. Ultrasound examination Ultrasound examination is widely used in the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and postoperative follow-up of bladder tumors because of its advantages of quickness, no damage, low price, and ability to be repeated. Transrectal ultrasound is a special probe inserted into the rectum. Through a series of scans, tumors in the posterior wall of the bladder, triangle, and neck can be clearly displayed. In particular, pedicle tumors near the neck can be clearly observed, and the seminal vesicles can also be explored at the same time. 1. The condition of the prostate. Transurethral ultrasound is to put an ultrasound probe into the urethra and probe after the bladder is full. Due to the need for cystoscopy at the same time, patients will feel pain and need anesthesia. Color Doppler (CDFI) can display the hemodynamic changes of bladder tumor blood vessels, including tumor blood flow richness, peak velocity, resistance index, etc., which can provide more information for clinical diagnosis. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. It should be noted that the clinical application of ultrasound has many advantages, but the final diagnosis of bladder tumor still needs to rely on cystoscopy and pathological biopsy. Some patients with bladder tumors have small lesions or do not protrude from the mucosal surface, so for patients with obvious hematuria and no abnormalities on ultrasound examination, cystoscopy must be performed to exclude bladder tumors. 3. CT examination CT is an important method for diagnosing bladder tumors and determining the clinical stage of the tumor. CT scans can not only detect lesions, determine the location, size and number of lesions, show the extent of tumor involvement in the bladder, but also show the invasion of the bladder by the lesions. The degree shows whether the lesion has invaded the adjacent tissue and whether there is lymph node metastasis. Compared with cystoscopy, CT examination is less invasive and time-saving. For those who are contraindicated in cystoscopy, it can be used as a candidate examination. It can also show the invasion of the tumor outside the bladder, which is helpful for clinical treatment. Fourth, MRI examination&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In the diagnosis of bladder tumors, MRI and CT have their own characteristics. MRI has the advantages of no X-ray radiation, no gas and bony artifacts, many imaging parameters, multi-slice imaging, high resolution of soft tissue, and the ability to observe the characteristics of blood vessels without the need for contrast agents with the aid of the flow void effect, but it also has The shortcomings such as high price, long scanning time and interference of motion artifacts, its spatial resolution and anatomical details are inferior to CT. MRI is generally used in patients with contraindications (such as contrast media allergy and worry about radiation exposure) on CT scans.

How to treat prostatitis Three external treatments for prostatitis

Men are very distressed by prostatitis. What are the common methods of suffering from prostatitis? Teach you how to treat without pain.  Prostatitis is now a common disease, which causes patients to have difficulty urinating and makes the reproductive organs painful. The most important thing is that the long-term inflammatory state may cause the patient’s condition to deteriorate further and become prostate cancer. Therefore, if you have prostatitis, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. Below, we first briefly understand the treatment of prostatitis. Three common treatment methods for prostatitis    First, surgical treatment    For severe benign prostatic hyperplasia, general prostatectomy is used. This kind of surgery is very difficult, and only large hospitals with conditions can do this kind of surgery. Some hospitals use open surgery to remove the prostate, and have achieved good results. However, there are certain risks and sequelae in surgical operation, so the operation should be carried out with caution.  Second, medical treatment    prostatitis can be treated with Chinese and Western medicine combined with sterilization and anti-inflammatory anti-infection treatment. Prostatic hyperplasia generally uses 5q-reductase inhibitors and q-adrenergic receptor antagonists, these drugs can relieve patients’ symptoms. Third, the application of new electronic technology often uses new methods such as electronic acupuncture, high-energy focused ultrasound and microwave hyperthermia, comprehensive treatment of prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia, foreskin phimosis, genital warts, cervical erosion, vaginitis, urethritis, nipple Diseases such as squamous tumors, cutaneous hyperplasia, small hemangiomas, axillary odor, and hemorrhoids have achieved good results, fully showing the advantages of high technology in medical applications. The characteristics of this therapy are no hospitalization, no surgery, no pain, and it is very popular with patients. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of prostatitis 1. Enema therapy Enema therapy is beneficial to the absorption of medicinal components by the local tissue of the prostate, and it will not lose its activity due to the damage of the gastrointestinal acid-base environment or enzymes. Dijincao decoction is often used for prostatitis enema treatment. Second, massage therapy    massage is conducive to the discharge of inflammatory substances in the prostate, increase blood circulation, promote inflammation absorption, generally once a week. After routine anal disinfection, the surgeon wears sterile gloves, inserts the index finger into the anus, pinpoints the prostate, with moderate force, and even pressure. Prostate massage is performed from the two lobes from top to bottom in sequence, and gradually moves from the outer to the inner to the central groove , Repeat 2 to 3 times on each side, and then press the thumb from the ball urethra to the urethral opening to make the prostate fluid overflow or drip out of the urethra. 3. Topical therapy takes equal parts of Achyranthes bidentata, Evodia rugosa, Azadirachta indica, fennel, and cinnamon. A total of 3 to 6g of each time is prepared. It is mixed with white wine to a paste and applied to the abdomen curved bone points (pubic bone joint) Margin), apply analgesic ointment for external use, and change the dressing once every 3 to 5 days.  Reminder: There are many small advertisements about the treatment of prostatitis. Patient friends should not believe that if the treatment is not correct, it will lead to the deterioration of the condition. If you want to treat prostatitis, you must go to a regular hospital for regular examination, and then treat it according to the cause.

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall?

Is hair transplanting the process of dismantling the east wall and making up the west wall? The hair transplant we learned is the process of dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. It is derived based on observations and known cell, factor and hair follicle cycle positions. The superior hair follicles are transplanted to the sparse area. Since the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not affected by androgens, they belong to long-lived hair follicles and can not fall for a long time. The long-lived hair follicles in the back of the head are less likely to fall off, but this does not mean that the hair in the posterior occipital area will never lose hair, and the physiological characteristics of hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia are not stable. So for hair loss patients, it is to transplant a hair that is unpredictable in the future to the hair loss area, which means that you may or may not lose hair in the past. There is no uniform answer to long-lived hair follicles. This difference with the individual is also related to the professional skills of the doctor. Faced with hair loss and hair transplantation, hair friends who are not familiar with them often have many misunderstandings. For example, for hair transplants, the first impression of many people is-“Don’t you just dismantle the east wall and make up the west wall?” Described as such. So, is this really the case? In fact, it makes sense to compare hair transplanting to dismantling the east wall and repairing the west wall. The principle of hair transplantation is to extract the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region, and then plant them in the area of ​​hair loss after separation and other treatments. That is, transplanting a part of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region to the hair loss area is like removing the east wall and repairing the west wall to facilitate understanding. But in fact, hair transplanting is not simply dismantling the east wall to make up the west wall. Because brick walls are made of bricks, and hair transplants are made of hair follicles, the distribution of hair follicles is completely different from that of bricks. According to statistics, the human scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles, and 80-120 hair follicles are distributed per square centimeter of scalp. Therefore, human hair follicles are very dense. Even if 20%~40% of the hair follicles are taken away, they will not appear to become thinner. Doctors usually use the decentralized collection method when extracting the hair follicles in the posterior occipital region. That is to say, take a point here and take a point there, which does not affect the overall density at all. Generally, the hair removal area after hair transplantation is basically indistinguishable. There will be no worry that the east wall will be demolished. In short, planting hair is far from a simple “demolition of the east wall to supplement the west wall”, but a scientific method of resource optimization and redistribution. So why do hair transplants have to use the hair follicles in the back pillow? This is the next question we want to discuss. How was the East Wall selected? How did the Eastern Wall choose? Since it takes a lot of money to transplant, it is of course necessary to choose the “East Wall” carefully. I don’t know if you noticed it. Generally, hair loss starts from the forehead and the top of the head until it develops into baldness, but the hair in the back of the head does not fall very much. The study found that the androgen receptor (AR) of the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area is much lower than that in the forehead alopecia area, which means that the hair follicles in the posterior occipital area are not vulnerable to DHT attack and shrink. Moreover, the characteristics of the hair follicles will not change with the location of the hair follicles, so the hair follicles of the posterior occipital region will still retain the original characteristics when transplanted to other areas, and will not fall off permanently. Therefore, the hair follicle in the back pillow has become the primary choice for the east wall. Otherwise, if the hair follicles will shrink after transplantation, the hair transplant will be meaningless. Of course, if the area of ​​the hair loss is too large, the hair follicles in the back pillow cannot meet the demand, and there is no way to transplant the hair. Therefore, if the hair loss develops to the middle and late stages, the area has basically formed, and the hair follicles are difficult to recover through drugs. It is recommended that you treat them as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassment of “no hair can be implanted”. &nbsp.

Precautions after freckles

Precautions after freckles 1. Sun protection. Sun protection is very important, because stains are most afraid of sun exposure. Exposure to sunlight or excessive exposure to X-rays and ultraviolet rays can promote and exacerbate color spots. Even fluorescent lamps used for indoor lighting aggravate the stain due to the excitation of ultraviolet rays, so it can be considered that the stain is a physically damaging skin disease. Sun exposure can increase the activity of melanin, which leads to an increase in melanin content in the basal layer of the epidermis and the formation of spots. In the summer, there is sufficient sun exposure, frequent spots, the number of spots increases, the color deepens, and the damage becomes larger; in the winter, there is less sun, the number of spots decreases, the color becomes lighter, and the damage shrinks. It can be seen that sun exposure is a necessary factor for the occurrence of color spots, so patients should try to avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in summer. 2. Prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation. Including various glass bulb display screens, various fluorescent lamps, X-ray machines, ultraviolet irradiators, etc. These undesirable stimuli can have similar consequences of strong sunlight exposure, even greater than the damage caused by sunlight exposure, resulting in aggravation of color spots. 3. The use of “fast-acting freckle cream” containing hormones, lead, mercury and other harmful substances is contraindicated. Because there are too many side effects! 4. Quit bad habits. Such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc. 5. Pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep. 6. Maintain good mood. Rejuvenated skin is good, and bad mood will have the opposite effect. Keep the mood comfortable and happy. Avoid the mental state of worry, depression. 7. Avoid irritating food. Irritating foods tend to age the skin. Especially coffee, cola, strong tea, cigarettes, wine, etc. The more you eat, the faster the aging will cause melanin molecules to float on the skin surface, causing dark spots to expand and darken.

How much do you know about progesterone (P)?

By measuring the hormone levels of six sex hormones, you can understand the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, and understand the basic state of the ovary, used to diagnose and differentially diagnose diseases related to endocrine disorders. The six sex hormones are mainly to determine the hormone levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), testosterone (T), prolactin (PRL), and according to The value of various hormone levels to judge the patient’s condition. What does it mean for patients to get confused about these cumbersome data when they get the test form? Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to one of the popular progesterone (P). What is progesterone? Progesterone (P) is a natural progesterone secreted by the luteal cells of the ovary. It has a significant morphological effect on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body and is an essential hormone for maintaining pregnancy. What is the difference between progesterone and progesterone? Progesterone can also be called progesterone, English is Progesterone. Progesterone generally emphasizes the progesterone produced by the body itself. Progesterone emphasizes exogenous progesterone, which is a kind of medicine. The normal value range of progesterone is the normal value of male progesterone. The normal value of male progesterone is between 0.1 ng/ml and 0.84 ng/ml. The normal value of female progesterone The range of normal value of female progesterone changes according to the different stages in which the woman is, and is not a fixed value. In the follicular phase, the normal value of female progesterone is between 0.6 nmol/L and 1.9 nmol/L; in the ovulatory phase, the normal value of female progesterone is between 2.4 nmol/L and 9.4 nmol/L; after ovulation, The normal value of progesterone in women is between 20.7 nmol/L and 102.4 nmol/L. The clinical application of progesterone to screen for pregnancy-related diseases Progesterone is a necessary sex hormone to maintain pregnancy. Progesterone can cause secretion of the endometrium proliferated by the action of estrogen, cervical mucus becomes viscous, and it can suppress the mother’s immune response and prevent miscarriage. During ectopic pregnancy, due to thin fallopian tube muscle layer, poor blood supply, fewer trophoblast cells and low vitality, low corpus luteum stimulation leads to dysplasia of the corpus luteum, resulting in decreased progesterone secretion. Patients with early threatened miscarriage have poor embryonic development, the role of ovarian corpus luteum changing into gestational corpus luteum is also reduced, and the concentration of progesterone produced by trophoblast cells and gestational corpus luteum is also reduced. Progesterone can also directly reflect the function of the corpus luteum, which can diagnose ovulation, corpus luteum dysfunction, in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer, abnormal pregnancy, placental function, infertility, etc.

What should a male friend do to prevent BPH?

Prostatic hyperplasia is a common male disease. It occurs more frequently after the age of 40. From this age, human tissues and organs begin to decline. For example, the intermediate substance of human prostate tissue is relatively more active than epithelial tissue. When prostate hyperplasia occurs, the main manifestation is interstitial hyperplasia and prostate hyperplasia, but the cause is still unclear. Is it due to the destruction of the balance of epithelial and interstitial cell proliferation and apoptosis caused by male health problems? Click here to consult online. Androgen and its interaction with estrogen, prostate interstitial and glandular epithelial cells, growth factors, inflammatory cells, neurotransmitters and genetic factors may also be related to benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostatic hyperplasia must have functional testes and age growth. Prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease of elderly men. As long as there is a functional testicle after the age of 50, you may suffer from prostatic hyperplasia. The incidence of prostate hyperplasia in men over 50 years old is about 50%, and it increases with age. Therefore, before the disease arrives, men should do preventive measures and nursing work, which can prevent and relieve prostate hyperplasia to a certain extent. Symptoms, what are the prevention and care measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia? Have male health problems? Click here for online consultation. On the one hand, couples should live in moderation, do not indulge or abstain from sex, otherwise the combination of the sexes will be too frequent, and the prostate will be congested for a long time, which may cause or aggravate the enlargement of the prostate. Therefore, especially in young people with strong sexual desire During the period, pay attention to restraint sex, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate, and give the prostate sufficient recovery and trimming time. In addition, eat chili and other irritating foods in the diet, drink as little as possible, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate and bladder neck, and avoid long-term suffocation Urine, so as not to damage the detrusor function. Ride bicycles as little as possible to reduce the pressure on the prostate to avoid aggravating the disease. There are male health problems? Click here for online consultation. Once the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia or related symptoms occurs, you should go to a specialist hospital in time for relevant treatment. If the symptoms are urinary tract irritation and other urinary tract irritation symptoms in the early stage, you can use oral drug treatment; if urinary retention occurs, Recurrent urinary tract infections with stones, hematuria, or severe symptoms that seriously affect the patient’s quality of life require surgical treatment, such as minimally invasive surgery

Problems that should be paid attention to when using medicine to treat vitiligo

   Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease that is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat. Therefore, many patients with vitiligo will feel anxious and uneasy, and do not know what to do. In this regard, give you some suggestions, I hope to help.  Patients must first stabilize their emotions, because emotions will affect the development of the disease to a certain extent. After stabilizing emotions, patients with vitiligo should choose a treatment plan suitable for their condition and treat it so that the disease can be effectively controlled.  Vitiligo patients should clearly realize that if they only want to receive effective medical treatment for vitiligo, it is impossible. Patients with vitiligo should be treated on the basis of drug therapy and supplemented by lifestyle habits. Because the treatment of drugs can only effectively control the deterioration of the disease to a certain extent. In order to effectively prevent the onset of vitiligo, it is necessary to cooperate with daily life habits.   In order to make vitiligo patients achieve good results through medical treatment, they must maintain good habits in daily life. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should strive to adjust their bad habits in their daily lives. Only in this way can the drug treatment achieve the expected results, and at the same time, it can also effectively prevent other diseases in patients with vitiligo.  After suffering from vitiligo, patients should maintain an optimistic attitude, establish a correct treatment concept based on drug treatment, and actively participate in sports activities, which is not only conducive to the control and treatment of vitiligo, but also beneficial to the health of vitiligo patients.

#The root cause of abnormal sweating is actually it#[一千零一肩】之595

Chinese medicine’s understanding of sweat can be traced back to the “Inner Canon”, “Su Wen·Yin and Yang is not the same” cloud “yang is added to the sweat of yin”, indicating that the phenomenon of sweating is caused by the body’s yang into the yin essence. Under the action of yang qi gasification and warming, yin essence spreads out formed by stomata on the body surface. “Su Wen· Comment on Fever Discourse” cloud: &nbsp. “People who are sweating are born in the valley, and the valley is born in the essence.” Explained that the material basis of sweat liquefaction is the subtle water valley that enters the human body. The theory of Tibetan elephant in traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the heart is the main blood line”, and the sweat is derived from yin essence, but it is different from the form of blood. Therefore, the theory of “sweat is the fluid of the heart” has been proposed since ancient times. The qi and blood function of the heart plays a major role in regulating the production of sweat. The heart is full of qi and blood, and the sweat can be solidified without leakage. This theory can be first seen in the “Su Wen·Xuanming Five Qis” “Wu Zang Hua Ye, the heart is sweat”, which lays a theoretical foundation for the treatment of sweat syndrome by future medical doctors. Disclaimer: “One Thousand and One Armpits” series is a graphic series of axillary odor theme series launched by Dr. Tianfang Axillary Tan Group, and may not be reproduced and used at will without consent. If reprinted, please indicate the source. #狐臭#&nbsp.#臂臭#&nbsp.

Classical moment-Dr. Haishu rereading the internal classics-outer speculation 0710

[Original] Huang Di said: I would like to hear about it.   Qi Bo said: Sun and moon Yan, water and mirror Yan, drum and ring Yan. The sun, the moon, and the moon will not lose their shadow; the inspection of the water mirror will not lose its shape; If you are shaken, you should be at peace and do your best.   Huang Di said: embarrassed! The obvious is not to be concealed, it can not be concealed, and the yin and yang can also be lost. Check it together, try it out, and see it, if the clear mirror is still in its shape. The five notes are unclear, the five colors are unknown, and the five internal organs are undulating. If it is, it will strike each other inside and outside. Therefore, those who are far away are inside and outside, and those who are near are outside, which is the pole of Yin and Yang, and the cover of heaven and earth. Please hide the room of the Linglan, Fu dare to make vent. [Translation] Huang Di said: I want to know the truth immediately.   Qi Bodao: There is a close relationship and influence between things, such as the relationship between the sun and moon, water and mirror, drum and sound. When the light of the sun and the moon shines on the object, a shadow will appear immediately; both the water and the mirror can clearly reflect the image of the object; when the drum is drummed, it will immediately make a sound, and this sound will not lag behind the sound of the hit. If you shake your finger, there is a response. Understand this principle, then the theory and application of things are fully mastered.   Huang Di said: It is really difficult to master these! But light cannot be concealed. The reason why light cannot be concealed is because it does not leave the principle of yin and yang relative. During diagnosis, it is necessary to observe the patient’s various conditions, use excisional examination to check the change of pulse, and use the observation to learn the external signs, just like the clear water mirror will not lose the shape of the object and accurately diagnose the disease. If the human voice is not loud, and the color is dark and unclear, it means that the internal organs are shaken and unstable, like this is the performance of the interconnection between the inside and the outside, just like the drum and the drumstick corresponding, the drumming and the sound of the drum, the shadow and the body Follow the same. Therefore, observing the color of external sounds from a distance can infer the changes of internal organs, and observing the changes of internal organs from a close distance can also infer the external performance of sound and color. These principles can be said to be the highest point of Yin-Yang theory, the fundamental law between heaven and earth. Please let me treasure it in Linglan’s room, and dare not let it leak out easily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: Political theory is not easy, medical treatment is not easy. The therapeutic effect is hard-won [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] If you study medicine, you must be willing, not recommended by others

Rheumatic disease lingering, recurrent? Combined with diet conditioning, the effect is more effective

As the saying goes: People take food as the sky. Chinese people are very particular about eating. There are hundreds of ways to eat a chicken. However, in addition to the pursuit of delicious food, eating health is the most important. Reasonable nutritional collocation and conditioning is one of the methods to prevent or reduce the recurrence of disease. Especially for patients with rheumatism, the disease is lingering, recurrent, sometimes controlled by non-pharmacological treatment, but if combined with food conditioning, you can often get twice the result with half the effort. So, what should we pay attention to in the diet of rheumatic patients? Today I will make it clear to everyone. 01 Nourish the stomach first, and stay away from heavy tastes. Since wind-like is an inflammatory response, avoid or eat foods that induce inflammatory reactions, such as: fatty meat, high animal fat, high cholesterol foods, sweets, chocolate, cheese, toffee, Alcohol, black coffee, strong tea, etc., because they are easy to stimulate related inflammatory mediators or pathways, cause joint pain and swelling. The latest research indicates that desserts and sugar-soda soda are associated with increased rheumatoid symptoms. Excessive salt intake may be a risk factor for autoimmune diseases. This prompts us to do a light diet and stay away from heavy tastes. Secondly, given that the disease is a chronic disease, long-term medication is an inevitable means. The spleen and stomach of patients are often damaged. At this time, we must be cautious about hard, cold, greasy, and spicy foods. Only by maintaining good eating habits can we ensure a healthy spleen and stomach function, enhance disease resistance, and stabilize the disease from recurrence. 02 Pay attention to dialectical diet Many people think: “Every medicine is divided into three poisons”, “medicine is not as good as food tonic”, so too much tonic in diet, this is also a wrong dietary rule. Medicine supplements must be conducted under the guidance of a doctor, and food supplements must be properly coordinated according to the condition and the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. The food needs to be fresh, all meats are available, and the amount should not be excessive. The individualized diet, which is the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, needs to guide the daily diet according to the patient’s syndrome, and avoid random supplements. A reasonable diet is of certain significance for maintaining normal metabolism of the body, enhancing immunity and disease resistance, adjuvant therapy, and promoting rehabilitation of rheumatism. 03 It is recommended that patients with rheumatism in food list are often accompanied by other organs, such as gastrointestinal system and blood system. Some patients may have clinical manifestations such as upper abdominal discomfort, nausea, and anorexia due to taking anti-rheumatic drugs or small cell hypopigmented anemia. For gastrointestinal symptoms, it is recommended to eat soft and rotten digestible food, try to use semi-liquid food such as rice soup, lotus root powder, fruit juice, egg soup, porridge, noodle soup. People with anemia also need to pay attention to supplementing foods rich in high-quality protein, iron, vitamin C and vitamin B family, such as spinach, seaweed, eggs, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. Rheumatism is a chronic wasting disease. The variety of food should be comprehensive. The cooking method should be steaming, boiling, stewing, and boiling. The general principle of diet is to dialectical diet, regular and appropriate diet. Don’t be hungry and overeating, and overeating. Choose high-protein, high-vitamin and digestible foods to ensure comprehensive and reasonable nutrition. References: [1]&nbsp.Liu Junli.Dietary conditioning of rheumatism[J].Health Expo,2003,(8):32.[2]&nbsp.Lu Jing.Diet philosophy of rheumatic patients[J].2013, 20(4):64-65.[3]&nbsp. Liu Xide. Rheumatism patients should avoid food and drink[J]. Health Expo, 2004, (7): 41. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact to delete it, thank you!

How to choose Minoxidil? Is domestic production better or better?

Many friends will ask whether it is better to choose import or domestic production? In fact, these are different from person to person. The most widely used in the world is that the United States is in the country. You can choose to include Da Feixin and Mandy. There is no difference in effect. The sense of use and ingredients are different. The United States is a bubble. It is easy to use, does not flow, and removes the allergic ingredients of Asians-propylene glycol domestic minoxidil is a solution. After spraying, it flows easily and affects other hair follicles. The moisturizing ingredient contains propylene glycol. Use domestic minoxidil Afterwards, there may be allergic reactions. The price of imported minoxidil will be 3-4 times higher than the domestic price. If it is tolerant to domestic minoxidil, you can choose to make it domestically. If you are allergic to propylene glycol, use imported.