Which part of the whole tooth can be saved?

I really want to have a whole tooth…. But the whole tooth is really expensive, it costs tens of thousands at every turn! Especially for the student party, it is really unaffordable. Is there any way to save some money for the “poor” humble boys? So when many patients find an orthodontist, they try to save money for themselves: “Doctor, I only have irregular lower teeth, can I only correct the lower teeth?” “I only have two teeth that are crooked, so I can just do it. Are these two teeth corrected?” “I only correct the upper teeth. Can I save half the money?” “Can I buy brackets online for the doctor and save some material costs?”… Wow, it seems that everyone really has ideas and can save money. Unfortunately, these methods are completely infeasible… The price of orthodontics is generally affected by the following factors. Let’s analyze them one by one. Where can you save money? Strive to spend the money on the blade: 1. Doctor’s skills can not save the current stage of orthodontics. No matter what kind of correction method you use, leaving a professional orthodontist is risky . An excellent orthodontist must have a wealth of clinical experience and a solid theoretical foundation, and the direction and speed of each tooth in each cycle are under his control. Both at home and abroad list orthodontics as a course of continuing education after graduation, or further education or continuing education can be used to master the knowledge and skills of the subject, and the degree obtained after graduation is a master’s degree or a doctorate. For example, this is definitely not feasible: 2. Doctor’s experience, according to your own situation, the doctor’s qualifications, reputation, and reputation will affect the charges. Some experts need to pay additional expert fees for visits, and hundreds of thousands of correction fees are not in China. No. But if you are not a difficult case, this money can be saved. Just like the ¥29999 all-inclusive package I often recommend, it is suitable for cases with less than 4 tooth extractions and within 2 years. If it is a difficult case that is much more complicated, Dr. Zhou is required. 3. Doctor’s time can be saved. Offline follow-up visits by doctors account for the bulk of orthodontic expenses. For follow-up visits with uncomplicated conditions, even basic operations take the doctor’s time. This intangible cost is often overlooked. In the same way, there is the time cost of the assistant. Therefore, online consultation is more cost-effective than offline meetings. So if you have taken an X-ray, you can directly send a private message to the doctor for consultation, first ask if you can do the correction, and make sure that you can, and then perform the offline face-to-face consultation, saving the cost of traveling and consulting, and avoid running out. 4. Choose the corrective method wisely and do not waste money. Regardless of the material of the appliance, the imported brand is generally more expensive than the domestic one, and the cost of invisible braces is much higher than the cost of brackets. If the individual does not have high requirements for aesthetics, you can choose metal self-locking braces, which is more cost-effective and more efficient. Of course, in addition to the above, generally speaking, the older the age, the more complicated the oral situation may be. The number and degree of tooth decay and periodontal conditions may not be as good as those of adolescents. The price of related adjuvant treatments is also higher. some. The more serious the deformity of the teeth, the more expensive bone screws, flat guides, and expansion of the arch. The other is the retainer after the orthodontic treatment is completed. If it is damaged or lost, it needs to be remade. Many orthodontic accessories are the same. You must take good care of it.