What are the causes of hand vitiligo?

   Vitiligo likes to occur on exposed parts of the body, so the face and hands are common parts of vitiligo. These parts are very harmful to the patient’s appearance, so the patient needs timely treatment. However, patients cannot be treated blindly, and should be treated symptomatically according to their own causes. So what are the causes of hand vitiligo?    1. The exposed parts of the hands are easily exposed to sunlight, especially when working outside in summer, the skin is exposed to long-term sun exposure and UV damage. For patients with vitiligo, an appropriate amount of ultraviolet light has a good effect on the synthesis of the body’s pigments. However, excessive ultraviolet radiation will cause excessive activity of pigment cells in the skin of the affected area, and accelerate cell metabolism, leading to rapid cell aging , Unable to synthesize color pigments normally, thereby inducing vitiligo. 2. Everyone often uses hands, so the hands are easy to be injured. If the wound is not treated in time, inflammation will appear in the wound, causing the pigment cells in the wound to be damaged, forming pigment cell antibodies, and causing damage to the surrounding pigment cells. , Leading to the occurrence of vitiligo. 3. The hands of some patients are exposed to chemicals for a long time during work. Long-term exposure will cause the chemicals to penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin and cause damage to the pigment cells, resulting in a reduction in the synthesis of pigments in the skin of the hands and white spots on the hands. , Leading to the appearance of vitiligo.   When leukoplakia appears on the hands, it is easy for the patient to find out in time, but it is important not to blindly use drugs after finding out, and to go to a regular vitiligo hospital for treatment in time.