These symptoms indicate that the liver has become cancerous, so be careful

   Cancer is a major disease that seriously threatens people’s lives and health. The thought of cancer discoloration has been deeply imprinted in our minds. Among many cancers, the incidence and mortality of liver cancer are among the top. The symptoms of pre-liver cancer are not obvious, it is difficult to be detected, and they are often mistaken for other diseases, so that many patients are diagnosed as liver cancer only after the appearance of chest and ascites, and have reached the middle and advanced stages, and will be treated It is very difficult, so in daily life, we must understand the early symptoms of liver cancer, and actively take preventive measures to strangle the disease in the cradle.  What are the symptoms of early liver cancer?  1, abdominal pain  Pain is a symptom that most cancers will have in the early stage. Although it is not obvious, it can be felt. When we have pain inexplicably, especially when we have multiple pains in the same location, these pains are not big, because they are in the early stage of cancer, so they are not obvious. If the abdominal pain worsens after a meal, it may be a precursor to liver cancer. Just in case, go to the hospital to determine the cause.  2, jaundice   There are many causes of jaundice, the most obvious being liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. No matter what the cause of jaundice, you should go to the hospital in time. The most obvious symptom of jaundice is yellowing of the eyes and skin. When jaundice first appears, the body will not feel uncomfortable, so many people do not take it seriously, thus delaying the best time for treatment. 3. Indigestion Indigestion occurs in almost everyone, so it is very easy to be considered as a gastrointestinal problem, but the cause of poor digestion is not only gastrointestinal problems, liver cancer patients with severely damaged liver function, which will cause digestive system disorders. , So patients will also feel the symptoms of low appetite and anorexia. When the patient has a poor appetite for a long time, or even loses weight, do not take it lightly to avoid delaying the condition.  4. Lower extremity edema    Patients with liver cancer with ascites often have symptoms of lower extremity edema, mild cases occur in the ankles, and severe cases can lead to edema of the entire lower extremities. The main reason is that liver cancer causes a large amount of ascites in the abdominal cavity to oppress the veins of the lower extremities, which hinders venous return. 5. Cancer-associated syndrome is caused by abnormal metabolism of the tumor itself, and the body is affected, resulting in endocrine or metabolic abnormalities. Clinically, it has become a “cancer syndrome”. The main manifestations are polycythemia and hypoglycemia, as well as relatively rare hypercalcemia, hyperlipidemia, gonadotropin secretion syndrome, carcinoid syndrome, etc.