The value of sitz bath for anal diseases

Sit bath is of practical value in the treatment of anal diseases. Or warm salt water, or potion, or simply warm water. It is recommended for anal fissure; anal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, and anal fissures after surgery; conservative treatment of perianal abscesses and anal fistulas; anal sinusitis attacks; anal discomfort after diarrhea or constipation. Clean after going to the toilet on weekdays, you can wash the perianal instead of sitting bath. Not recommended-internal hemorrhoid bleeding; internal hemorrhoid prolapse; external hemorrhoid thrombosis; external hemorrhoid edema; varicose veins when external hemorrhoids prolapse. The water heat and water infiltration of the sitz bath relieve anal pain. Studies have found that when immersed in warm water (40 degrees), the resting pressure of the anal canal is significantly reduced. When immersed in lower temperature water (5 degrees and 23 degrees), there is no change in the resting pressure of the anal canal, and people with certain anal diseases such as anal fissures Or patients with incarcerated hemorrhoids often have higher pressure in the anal canal and sphincter spasm. Therefore, lowering the resting pressure of the anal canal may improve the patient’s discomfort and speed up recovery. However, bleeding and prolapse of internal hemorrhoids are caused by the blood vessels of internal hemorrhoids being filled and compressed, blood vessels are active, internal hemorrhoid mucosa is damaged, and the fibrous connective tissue supporting internal hemorrhoids is loosened. Therefore, hot water fumigation and bathing are not recommended. Running or taking a bath will affect the circulation, hinder the return of blood, and the blood vessels will become more filled, which will aggravate internal hemorrhoid bleeding. The same applies to varicose veins and external hemorrhoids. Prolapse of internal hemorrhoids and varicose veins and external hemorrhoids should be returned to the anus in time, levator anus exercise, and then rinsed with cold water. External hemorrhoids thrombosis External hemorrhoids edema, circulatory disturbances, and anal pressure, so it is not recommended to take a bath, but it is recommended to lie down on a hot towel and apply heat, which can reduce the resting pressure of the anal canal with the help of heat. For thrombotic external hemorrhoids, it is recommended to apply 48 hours after the occurrence It is recommended to apply ice compress to stop bleeding within 48 hours after the occurrence of thrombotic external hemorrhoids.