The five major care methods for leukemia patients, patients and their families must do

Leukemia, a malignant tumor of hematopoietic stem cells, is often referred to as “blood cancer”. In recent years, as the incidence of leukemia has increased year by year, more and more people have begun to pay attention to this type of disease. In fact, leukemia is not so terrible. As long as the treatment is done in time and the later care is in place, there is still great hope for the recovery of leukemia patients. So how should patients be cared for? &nbsp.&nbsp.1. Leukemia is a serious blood disease. After the illness, many patients will lose confidence in treatment. Therefore, family members must psychologically dredge the patient to help patients build confidence in treating the disease and help improve the patient’s treatment Quality of life. If the mood is poor for a long time, it will not only affect the immune ability, but also easily affect the endocrine function, which will have certain side effects on the treatment and rehabilitation. The patient can also do some things that make the body and mind pleasurable in daily life, which will help the recovery of the disease. &nbsp.&nbsp.2 ​​For patients with leukopenia, special attention should be paid to food hygiene. The dishes and utensils used should be blanched with boiling water before use, and mouthwash should be carried out after meals. Do not eat raw or cold dishes, do not eat leftovers, and not much fruit. Eat, for patients with thrombocytopenia, do not eat hard foods, so as not to scratch the esophagus and cause gastrointestinal bleeding. At the same time, avoid exerting force and keep the stool unobstructed. If the stool is dry and clumpy, use some anti-intestinal drugs. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. During the treatment of patients, avoid activities of leukemia patients in densely populated public places, because dense populations can easily breed bacteria, which can make the patient catch a cold and cause the condition to deteriorate again. Remember to wear a mask when you go out. The air contains a lot of fine dust and toxic substances, and a large number of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are attached. When the body’s immunity is low, inhaling these toxic substances may aggravate the infection and cause the disease to relapse. . &nbsp.&nbsp.4. The living environment is also very important. Leukemia patients should often open windows for ventilation to remove carbon dioxide in the room. A large amount of fresh oxygen enters to keep the patient’s breathing unblocked, which is beneficial to strengthen the patient’s immunity and help the patient’s condition Get better. &nbsp.&nbsp.5. Closely observe the vital signs of the patient. After treatment, patients with leukemia should also closely observe various vital signs, observe whether there are symptoms of fever, infection, observe urine output, the number and color of urine and stool, and accurately determine the recovery of the condition. When any When abnormal, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. &nbsp.&nbsp. Although leukemia is a relatively serious disease, as long as they are treated properly and receive the correct care, most patients can gradually recover. Therefore, both the patient and the patient’s family must master the correct nursing method. Pay attention to the intervention of living habits and diet in daily life, which will help improve the quality of life of leukemia patients.