The daily care of ankylosing spondylitis, need to keep these 4 points in mind

Ankylosing spondylitis is a common clinical disease and frequently-occurring disease. It mainly affects the axial bones, and also involves the joints of the extremities other than the hips and shoulders. In severe cases, spinal deformities and joint stiffness may occur. If not actively controlled and treated, the disease will progress very quickly. Quickly, it can gradually develop into the rigidity of the entire spine from top to bottom. Therefore, the daily care of patients with ankylosing spondylitis is particularly important. 01 Psychological care Ankylosing spondylitis occurs mostly in young and middle-aged men. It is a chronic progressive disease. After the advanced stage of skeletal rigidity, the condition is irreversible. The patient is often depressed, negative, and depressed, and it is easy to lose confidence in treatment and recovery. . Therefore, medical staff need to focus on different patients, pay attention to using different methods to talk, reduce patients’ worries about the disease, establish an optimistic attitude towards life, and increase confidence in recovery. Cooperate with medications and functional exercises, and actively adhere to treatment. 02 Drug care The clinical treatment of rigidity mainly includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, disease-improving drugs, adrenal cortex hormones, and biological agents. 03 Functional exercise 01 The specific operation of the chest expansion exercise: Practice deep breathing with chest and abdomen 5 to 6 times, 20 minutes each time, use more abdominal breathing. 02 Specific operations of cervical spine activities: slowly do left and right side flexion, flexion, extension, and rotation. 03 Specific operations of lumbar spine activities: stand bending, rotate left and right, back extension exercises, lying five-point support method and Feiyan exercise: (five-point support method in lying position) (Feiyan exercise) to maintain the physiological curvature of the spine and persist Lie on your stomach 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. You can stand with your back against the wall and maintain a good posture. 04 Specific operations for squatting activities: hip flexion, knee squatting, training focus should be selected according to the affected joints. In the acute phase, such as high fever, joint swelling, and systemic active lesions have not been controlled, training activities are prohibited. 04Characteristic Therapy Ankylosing spondylitis is considered by most Chinese medicine practitioners to be insufficient kidneys and governor channels. Wind, cold and dampness invade by taking advantage of the opportunity to cause bone damage, tendons, and lumbar pain. The waist and back belong to the place where the sun passes through and belong to the surface. When the yang energy is damaged, it is the first to bear the brunt. Therefore, the method of invigorating the kidney is often used to treat this disease. Sanfu paste is very suitable for tonic patients with kidney deficiency and supervising cold. Here we introduce two “enhanced” sanfu pastes-fire dragon moxibustion and Dumai moxibustion. It is very suitable for fire dragon moxibustion for patients with kidney deficiency, superfluous cold and rigidity. Fire dragon moxibustion is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion. It is a kind of spacer moxibustion performed on the lower back, that is, adding medicine between the skin passing through the Governor Vessel and Bladder Meridian and moxa to enhance the warming and strong of moxibustion. effect. The Du Channel moxibustion, also known as the Long Snake Moxibustion, is a strip spreading moxibustion from the Dazhui point to the Yaoshu point of the Du Channel. The Governor Meridian, the Governor’s yang moxibustion, can act on the acupuncture points on the Governor Meridian to stimulate the meridian to run Qi and blood, cultivate the essence of the body, reconcile Yin and Yang, warm blood, remove cold and dehumidify, and prevent cold and cold diseases. The course of ankylosing spondylitis is long and the condition is easy to recur. It needs to be persistent. Comprehensive care can reduce symptoms, improve and stabilize the function of the affected joints to the greatest extent, improve the patient’s life processing ability, and effectively reduce the patient’s psychological pressure and enhance The confidence to overcome disease. Therefore, in the nursing process, individualized programs should be used for nursing treatment for different individuals and different psychological states. References: [1] Research progress in epidemiology of ankylosing spondylitis [J]. Journal of Anhui Medical University, 2013, 48(8): 988-992. 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