The appearance of these symptoms indicates that lung cancer has reached an advanced stage, so be careful

Among all cancers, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer in my country are relatively high. One reason is that the aging of the population in my country is increasing, and cancers are more common among the elderly, and the other reason is that my country is in a period of rapid development. With the continuous industrialization and modernization of cities, there are also many pollutions such as: air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, especially the haze weather in the northern region. These are important reasons for the high incidence of lung cancer.  Patients with early lung cancer will not have obvious symptoms, nor will they feel obvious discomfort, so they miss the best time for treatment. When lung cancer is discovered, it has reached the advanced stage of lung cancer. What are the symptoms of patients with advanced lung cancer?   1. The pain is very strong. When lung cancer patients have obvious chest pain, it means that they have reached the middle and advanced stages. You may feel dull or dull pain, especially at night. If it is not treated in time, the pain will become more severe and become unbearable day and night. 2. Ulcers appear, which are caused by the rapid growth of cancer cells, insufficient nutrient supply in the body, and tissue necrosis. 3. Bleeding. Cancer cells in patients with lung cancer will invade blood vessels and capillaries, which will lead to rupture of blood vessels and capillaries. It is manifested as hemoptysis, blood in sputum, blood in stool, etc.  The symptoms of patients with advanced lung cancer are very obvious. Now my country’s medicine has developed rapidly. It is no longer the era when lung cancer was discussed. Although lung cancer is difficult to treat, active cooperation can still extend the patient’s life cycle for the longest. Therefore, if you have these symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time, the earlier you find the treatment, the less difficult it is.