Skeletal mixed dentition

Skeletal mixed type of dentition
The upper anterior teeth and the lower dentition are crowded, showing a type III malocclusion; the mouth is protruding, the mental muscles are tight, and the chin is retracted. At the same time, the dislocation of the upper and lower dentition resulted in traumatic wear, which caused many teeth to be shortened early and exposed the dentin.
In order to allow the upper anterior teeth to retreat and contact the crowding of the lower anterior teeth, one first molar (No. 4 tooth) was extracted up and down. The space provided by tooth extraction is enough to rearrange the dentition structure into a Type I occlusal relationship, which greatly improves the health and function of the occlusal, and also prevents premature wear of the teeth. After the dentition is rearranged, the mental muscles can be relaxed and the chin shape can be more prominent.