Preparation before circumcision

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The foreskin is too long when the foreskin covers the glans when the penis is soft, but the foreskin can turn up to reveal the glans. Phimosis means that the foreskin is relatively small, or the foreskin is partially adhered to the glans, so that the foreskin cannot be turned up to reveal the glans. People with phimosis need timely surgery. When the foreskin is too long, in order to pursue this quality of life, and for hygiene, circumcision can be performed. You should make corresponding preparations before surgery, as described below. 1. Psychological preparation. Understand what is the purpose of this circumcision surgery? In order to improve the hygiene of the foreskin of the penis, reduce the occurrence of foreskin balanitis and urethritis. Circumcision surgery does not improve this sexual function. Some people are for the treatment of impotence or premature ejaculation. This is useless. During the operation, anesthetics are given to eliminate fear, anxiety, and tension. When the anesthetic was administered or after the surgical anesthetic was dispersed, the penis still had a certain pain. 2. Preparation of human and financial resources. For minors, parents or guardians must sign for surgery. It is best to have a caregiver after the operation. The cost of surgery, the cutting stapler used in regular hospitals, is about 1,500 yuan. It is best to bring a medical insurance card if you have medical insurance. Three, prepare the skin. If adults say that there is pubic hair at the base of the penis, shave all the pubic hair, including the pubic hair above the scrotum, to prevent incision infection. 4. If a minor, especially a child who does not cooperate, needs general anesthesia, fasting for 8 hours and drinking for 4 hours before the operation. 5. Others: After the operation, the glans exposed is very tender and uncomfortable, plus the pain of the incision, so it is best to rest for about a week and be prepared to ask for leave.