People with poor liver are forbidden to eat these foods, otherwise it will add fuel to the fire

   The importance of the liver is self-evident. The liver not only plays a role in digestion, but also plays a vital role in detoxification. But the liver also has its drawbacks. The liver is usually not good at “expressing”, which means that the early symptoms of liver disease are not obvious, which also causes many liver disease patients to have advanced liver disease when they are discovered. If you want to maintain the liver, you must pay attention to your daily diet in your daily diet. Do not eat more of these foods.  What foods should people with poor liver avoid? 1. Pickles and other pickled foods Pickles and other pickled foods often appear on people’s tables, especially at breakfast time, they often eat some pickles. It will be particularly fragrant to eat with them, but for people who want to maintain liver , Pickles and other pickled foods are inappropriate, because these foods contain a lot of salt, and intake of too much high-salt food will increase the liver’s metabolic function. In addition, there are many preserved foods that are not standardized during the pickling process or the ingredients are relatively inferior, which will produce substances such as nitrite, which may cause cancer.  2, all kinds of seasoning sauces   The principle of seasoning sauce is the same as that of pickled foods. They are all high-salt products. The salt content of a spoonful of seasoning sauce may exceed the total amount of salt a person needs in a day. Such foods should still be avoided in daily life. If the liver is severely damaged, such foods should be eliminated. 3. Alcoholic patients with liver damage must stay away from alcohol, because after alcohol enters the body, it will be converted into acetaldehyde and acetic acid. These are metabolized by the liver, and liver damage will cause liver damage. The metabolic capacity is reduced and the toxic substances cannot be metabolized. These toxic substances will stay in the body, causing liver cell degeneration and necrosis, and even the proliferation of fibrous tissue. 4. Hard food mostly refers to nut foods, because patients with liver damage often affect the digestive tract organs, making the blood vessels in the stomach become weaker, eating hard foods may cause the stomach to be cut, so it is not recommended Patients with liver disease eat. If you want to eat this kind of food, you can grind hard food into powder, which can satisfy the patient’s stomach and effectively prevent the stomach from being cut.