No detours for rhinoplasty! Have a beautiful nose for 1 month

The beauty seeker said: Maybe many people don’t like a flat nose, but I have an ugly nose that everyone dislikes. This was a nightmare for me, and I felt uncomfortable when I woke up and looked in the mirror. Not to mention hypertrophy of the nose, the nose wings are quite wide. Just one nose lowered the value of the entire face, which can’t be overstated. Therefore, I especially hope that through rhinoplasty surgery, the nose will be more straightened. Analysis of preoperative problems: 01 The nose is low and round, 02 The nose is short and flat; 03 The nose is low and flat, and the nose is high. Surgery plan: Unilateral ear cartilage + silicone Operation method and characteristics: 01 Use unilateral ear cartilage for stent design and construction, at the same time Treat the cartilage of the nose alar to create a beautiful nose with natural uprightness. 02The silicone prosthesis is a medical organic silicon polymer material, which is resistant to high and low temperatures, stable chemical properties, and has good compatibility with the human body. Postoperative recovery: 1 month after the operation, the postoperative recovery was very good. There were no traces of rhinoplasty surgery. I felt that the bridge of the nose was elongated a lot. Not only the nose is rounded, but the bridge of the nose is elongated, and the nose has become taller and taller. After 3 months after 02, there is a girlish nose curve and curvature. Not only the seagull line is elegant, but the nose is exquisite and small; the nose has become rounded 4 months after the 03 operation, not only has confidence, the nose has become delicate and exquisite, and the nose has become beautiful after the nose is adjusted.