Isn’t it a blessing to have ears? Why do so many people have to be surgically removed?

Attached ears Many people heard adults say when they were young that the “small meat ball” on their ears is a blessing, which means blessing and wealth. However, in recent years, more and more people choose surgical resection. Why is this? Dr. Yu Wenlin, director of Guangzhou Gaoshang Medical Beauty Center and executive director of the Technical Committee of China Plastic Surgery Association, told us that from a medical point of view, ear attachment is a manifestation of ear deformities. It is caused by abnormal development of the first branchial arch. Although it is not painful or itchy, many people will require surgery because it affects the appearance. So how is the appendage resection done? Dean Yu Wenlin: The operation of appending ear resection is actually very simple. You only need to remove this “small meat ball”. If it contains cartilage tissue, it should also be removed together, and the wound suture should be adjusted appropriately. Is it necessary to remove the appendage? The appendage will grow up with age. Maybe it was only the size of a mung bean when it was born, but it will become the size of a soybean a few years later. If there is a requirement for appearance, it is recommended to remove it. There is a saying among the folks that the roots of the auricles are tied with a thread. After a long time, the auricles will become necrotic and fall off. But this method will not only leave obvious scars, but also may be infected by bacteria, which may cause sepsis in severe cases. Therefore, medical treatment recommends surgical resection. Ear resection is simple and has low risk, and is very worthwhile. Is it general anesthesia or local anesthesia for ear resection? This depends on the age of the patient. It is not recommended for patients aged 0-1 to avoid unnecessary risks of anesthesia. Children aged 1-3 are more afraid of surgery, and general anesthesia is recommended. Local anesthesia is mostly available for 3-6 years old, but some children who are seriously afraid and uncooperative can undergo general anesthesia. All children over 6 years old are treated under local anesthesia. Nowadays, many people have higher and higher requirements for the exquisiteness of the face, so that the beauty of the eyes, nose, and lips is not as good as that of the ears. If you want to get rid of the attached ears, you can rest assured and choose a good medical institution for treatment.