How terrible is “braces face”?

If you have friends who know about orthodontics in advance, the terms “loose teeth”, black triangles, and “braces face” are certainly not unfamiliar. Then today, Dr. Zhou will talk to you about what is going on with braces! There are always people who experience “off-track” after orthodontics, such as increased cheekbones and sunken cheeks, which is the so-called “braces face”. So what is a braces face? Simply put: during the correction process, the cheeks are sunken, the cheekbones protrude, the temples become sunken, the face becomes thinner, and the nasolabial folds become deeper. In fact, there is no need to worry too much. The face with braces happens to a small number of people who straighten their teeth. In other words, not everyone can have a “braces face”! Do you have a “braces face”? Now that we have realized that the “braces face” is mainly due to the loss of muscle and fat, we should realize that it is an age-related change in itself. After the age of 20, facial fat will gradually decrease even if there is no orthopedic. And if you are under the age of 20, there is almost no need to worry about “braces face”, because the “baby fat” on your face is enough to resist. On the other hand, even if there is no orthopedic teeth, weight loss and weight loss will have facial changes similar to “braces face”. But if you are a cute fat person with an enviable babyface, should you worry about “braces face”? We don’t need to regard “braces face” as a scourge. According to rough statistics, less than 5% of adult female patients in my country have the phenomenon of “braces face”, which is a “small probability event.” Why is there a face with braces? The “braces face” is caused in many ways, mainly due to the following reasons: the chewing function is reduced. During the orthodontic process, some friends will naturally reduce their diet or eat some soft food because of the soreness after the teeth are strengthened. The decrease in mastication will cause masseter and temporal muscle atrophy. The main masticatory muscles responsible for raising the mandible are the temporal and masseter muscles. As a direct consequence of masseter atrophy, the mandibular angle will soften and the face will become smaller. The effect of “needle” is what many female friends dream of, but it is not a good thing for patients with thinner faces~ (this customer’s “braces face” after correction has the effect of face-lifting needles) Except for the chewing muscles on both sides of the jaw The masseter muscle, and the temporal muscle in the temple. The cheeks and temples are thinner, and the cheekbones are protruding. Orthodontics is the process of aligning teeth slowly under the action of long-term continuous correction force. In the process of aligning, tooth acid is certain, but the degree and time of “acid” vary for each person. It is especially obvious when eating. I can’t feel as happy as before. I start to reduce my eating spontaneously and choose foods that are easy to chew. Eating less food and reducing facial muscle fat, such as “apple muscle” atrophy, may also cause facial depression. How to prevent and treat “braces face”? First of all, since muscle atrophy is the main reason, the masseter muscle should be exercised regularly every day. Some people will ask: “Since you are exercising the masseter muscle, wouldn’t it be better to bite up and down with your teeth every day?” That would be wrong. If you do this, your braces will probably be laid off in advance! Although the bite force is large but the strength is uneven, it is difficult to evenly force each tooth by biting the upper and lower teeth by themselves. Not only will it not help but it may cause the braces to be “injured”, let alone exercise the masseter muscles. If you want to exercise the masseter muscle, you need a special “chew stick” for orthodontic braces (as long as the joints are normal), which is specially produced for invisible braces such as Invisme. In addition, for beauty, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom. In European and American countries, everyone appreciates the beauty of the bones, and the pursuit of contours is different from that of the Chinese. Therefore, many of the blockbuster films presented by them have “braces face” that the Chinese people are frightened. So don’t demonize the “braces face”, treat orthodontics correctly. The classic case of Dr. Zhou, a green city grows from a barren land, what should I do if I have four teeth pulled out? ——【Secondary correction without tooth extraction】can also open up a broad road! The start was in Hard mode. The chief complaint was that four orthodontic teeth were extracted, the chin was still tense, and the protrusion was not resolved. The examination revealed that there was no space for adduction at all, the maxillary protrusion was III degree, the lower jaw was severely retracted, and the gums were exposed III degree. No space means that it can only be solved by moving the whole back. The case took about 2 and a half years, and the whole body was moved back 7-8mm in a large amount. A large number of anchorage nails were used for vertical control, and the upper and lower back teeth were depressed to offset the clockwise rotation that occurred. At the same time, the maximum counterclockwise rotation was achieved, and the chin was more warped. . The final result is gratifying, despite the conditions