Facial depression scar for more than 20 years, teach you how to smooth it

Have you had any experience like this? ◎When applying for a job, the interviewer stared at your face for a while, and then started to perfunctory… ◎Walking on the street, you can feel the strange look of many people… ◎Love at first sight is only from other people’s stories I heard it inside, or only watched it when I was browsing Moments…In life, such clips are not uncommon. One of the reasons for these problems is the scars on the face! The so-called love of beauty is common to everyone, especially the old facial scars for many years. How to deal with it? Mr. Zou has been troubled by old scars for more than 20 years. He was lively and active when he was young, and he often played with his friends everywhere. Once, I was accidentally injured and left a dented scar near the right temple, about 4 cm, in an irregular shape. At that time, medical conditions were limited, and the parents felt that the boy had a scar but it was nothing, so he did not repair the scar. In this way, this scar has been following him for more than 20 years. When Mr. Zou grew up, the troubles of scars followed one after another. When looking for a job, he was often asked by interviewers what caused the scars. After joining work, colleagues often asked him how his scars were caused. On blind dates, girls are often rejected because of the scar on the face. A lot of troubles made Mr. Zou aware of the serious impact of scars on it, and regretted why he didn’t get treatment earlier? So, Mr. Zou went to seek medical treatment in order to get rid of this sunken scar on the face. He used a lot of scar removal ointments, tried some remedies, and drank Chinese medicine, but the effect was not obvious. Mr. Zou is very depressed, why hasn’t he tried so many methods? Is this scar really impossible to remove? Surgery + subcutaneous loosening, easy to smooth the sunken scars. Mr. Zou’s friends also know his idea of ​​removing scars. While encouraging him not to lose confidence, they also helped him to consult about how to remove sunken scars. After being recommended by a friend, Mr. Zou learned that I have a wealth of clinical experience in scar repair, so he came to the hospital with the mentality of giving it a try. After detailed consultation and examination, I pointed out that the internal tissue of this kind of old depressed scar has been fibrosis, and there are adhesions under the skin. The external application of scar medicine is ineffective, and more effective scar removal methods must be adopted. In response to Mr. Zou’s situation, I decided to perform surgical resection and release the subcutaneous adhesions at the same time, so that I can get a better appearance after the operation. After the operation, the depressed scar that had troubled Mr. Zou for more than 20 years was successfully removed, and a cosmetic suture was performed. After a period of recovery after the operation, from the photos he reported, the appearance has improved significantly, with only a linear trace, which is close to the skin texture. In the later stage, laser light can be used to further dilute, to obtain a better appearance. Facial depression scars, because the internal tissue has been stabilized, simple topical scar removal medicine is difficult to be effective. Therefore, if you want to get rid of such scars, you need to go to a regular hospital to formulate a targeted scar removal plan based on the specific scar situation, so that the scar can be smoothed.